Introduction to the Light Wave Webinars

Introduction to the Light Wave Webinars


In the love of myself

I am that I Am

Light emulsifying

And trying to understand how to motion

In light wave synergy

In grace and peace


Light Wave Webinars


The Light Wave Webinars are a series of recordings presented for those who have studied the Light Wave series through time. Each session fosters by Asur’Ana Jasminia Vita Maha as a divine channel of the Dao of Earth. Per, Asur’Ana’s twin flame, sits in the background as the Tao of Earth to hold space and anchor for each session. Per is a gifted anchor for groups and was one of the reasons Asur’Ana really appreciated him joining her and co-managing the Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS) with her. The anchor provides stability for the dream of the group.


The pre-recorded webinars are presented in support of understanding how to work with light wave motions. Light waves are succinct streams of light in particular rays that cause and affect dreams to align or misalign in the life. Learning to motion light in beautiful colors transfigures you and your dreams into beauty and grace. The information is presented as a gift of the Planetary Dao and Tao.


The Dao and Tao of Earth are present in each session to instruct humans who are light transfusing and infusing how to work with light rays through focus. Focus is the primary manner in which light waves move or reconfigure its design in support of you and your health and the dream stream of your life mission. This is an advanced series of webinars that is designed for those who are upon the spiritual path and have studied the Aligning With Earth website through time.


Transfusing in Rainbow Light


Light wave synergy is a motion all of its own that systemizes dreams in light rays of the rainbow stream of possibility. At this time the rainbow light is less present as the Mother Sun gates foster mostly the yellow ray. The yellow ray is active but not useful to the health of the body, mind or spirit. Focusing upon drawing rainbow streams of light towards you each day is one that is highly needed to retain your health through time.


Light wave synergy fluxes in light ribbons in bandwidths of the seven primary rays of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, magenta, and violet. Each ray has a particular quality of divine thought-stream to be mastered. There are characteristics unique unto each color and thread along with wave motion.


The red ray fosters health of the life form; the orange ray fosters the truth of yourself; the yellow ray fosters expression upon the physical plane; the green ray fosters the care of the body in health; the blue ray fosters harmony and synergy with others; the magenta ray fosters the care of the heart; and the violet ray fosters the passion for the spiritual quest. In balanced mindset, all rays must be mastered as a flower of self. Each flower is unique in its color and shape as it forms above the cortex of the mind and in the light wave synergy of the subtle body of field.


Self Realization


Asur’Ana Vita is a gifted teacher and channel of the divine. She has been focused upon ascension into light wave synergy for over 20 years in devotion unto her own path as a living Yogi Master. A living Yogi is one who has light infused into the 98% ratio of emulsion through time. There are many divine blessings anchored from the Dao and Tao of Earth through Asur’Ana and Per in each webinar offered.


Light motions best through voice activation. Healing flows from the Dao of Earth herself through the voice activation recorded in each webinar. There are many angels and other light forces present to aid you in motioning light more succinctly as you transfuse. Each pre-recorded webinar is 1.5 to 2.5 hours long in duration. To create the energy flow necessary for the healing, it is important to listen to the webinars online as it takes a global energy flow that is supported by the energy flow of the world wide web. The healing is offered for a 6-hour journey into greater balance within and in the life.


Each webinar is considered very sacred knowledge for the astute human upon the path of self-realization. Self-realization is a fostering of understanding you and the nature of yourself in the dance of dream streaming with others through time. Self-realization requires light wave synergy in order to know you, know your truth, know who you are in the physical, and know where your life is heading to foster your mission through time.


Each webinar is offered in support of those desiring to know yourself better in your own spiritual choice to transfuse and realize you through the quagmires of your life. We bless each who may journey with us for a time in reviewing each pre-recorded webinar that the Dao of Earth lovingly offers in a sacred stance of herself to educate self realizing humans about the nature of light.


Helpful Link to Support Transfusion


Light Wave Art & Glossary



This book is lovingly dedicated to all Beings who know deep within that Earth is at the end of her Evolutionary Cycle and is now on the Ascension Cycle home to the Tao or the Source. In the transfusion into the Tao, each has the opportunity to take one’s Consciousness (or Spirit) Home to where one was spawned or rely upon Tao gates to move to another creation to reincarnate that may be more loving and serve one’s continued Evolution.



Creational © 2024, Asur’Ana, Aligning With Earth


This book has Creational Copyright. This information is offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Please accept only information that you resonate with and that are useful to your spiritual evolution, and let go of the rest.


The Ascension Insights series and related books offer information on consensus ascension. This type of ascension involves rising up the dimensions with Earth and as she ascends. These books disseminate information on having a complete ascension with the potential of taking the body with you.


The Light Wave series offer information on another type of ascension known as transfusion. Transfusion is an inward focused process where the Consciousness returns Home to the Source, All That Is, or the Tao, through one’s hologram, and the body is left behind in ascension.



Asur’Ana does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical, emotional, or medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly. The intent of the author is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. In the event you use any of the information in this book for yourself, which is your constitutional right, Aligning With Earth assumes no responsibility for your actions.




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