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Intents For Manifesting Soul Vision


The following intents are from Chapter 17 of Ascension Insights, Volume 1:


Soul Vision


We would like to share with you nine intents for manifesting one’s soul vision. Soul vision is often different from vision that is ego driven. Soul seeks to express itself in form in a manner that brings joy to oneself and joy to others. Soul is not interested in fame or fortune, only creative self-expression out of joy and love. Therefore, visions of fame and fortune cannot be manifested in the manner that we share. Nor can possessions be acquired that soul deems unnecessary to one’s evolutionary pathway through what we share. Only that which soul wishes to become a part of one’s life experience becomes possible as one surrenders to soul manifestation.


As soul manifests, soul will handle the details. One need not concern oneself about anything, but simply to surrender to soul’s will and intend to ascend. Soul will bring forth the correction of the missing bits and pieces of subtle bodies to allow one’s manifestation to be brought forth. All that is required is the intent to ascend, and the intent to serve soul and God Goddess /All That Is in all that one does.


Nine Intents for Manifesting One’s Soul Vision



Envision your heart’s desire. Allow yourself to see the vision come to fruition upon the physical plane. Leave the details to Soul, Oversoul and Source. Note: You can create as many visions as you wish.



Fill each vision with the symbols of the Language of Light. Such thoughtform is unity-based and will bring forth only those creations that support one’s soul and continued choice to ascend.



Feel the emotions of joy and success as each vision is made manifest in the physical.



Allow soul to edit or add to each vision as soul wishes. Sometimes soul has an alternate plan that will be more joyful than one would allow oneself to make manifest. Sometimes that which is not in alignment with the Divine Plan must be edited out of one’s vision, or karma would be created otherwise. In aligning all visions for manifestation with soul, one ensures that their creations are in alignment with God Goddess /All That Is and all species upon Earth.



Intend each vision into manifestation by stating “I intend to create my vision!” The vision shall be delivered to the sun and then relayed back to the seven planes of manifestation surrounding Earth to begin their descent into physicality. Know that your vision shall be made manifest in due course as long as it is continued to be supplied with enough chi to allow it to be so.



Visions can become distorted, or manipulated by others whom have unconscious jealousy or harmful intent. Visions appear as a hologram outside of one’s etheric body near the throat chakra. Such holograms need to be cleansed daily with the Language of Light so that they do not become distorted, and repaired if they become cracked or damaged. One’s visions also need to have creative energy added to it so that it will continue to step down the 7 planes and become physical. One can envision the energy flowing from their creative centers into each vision.



Manifestations can provide the fertile ground for many lessons for the spiritual aspirant. Sometimes manifestations will occur not in the manner in which one desires. So, one may need to seek out and clear unconscious patterning that would distort or block one’s manifestations from coming to fruition. In allowing such patterns to come to consciousness, and consciously choosing to clear such patterns along with all related karma, one is more likely to manifest their vision.



Each manifestation is an ascension opportunity. All manifestations teach something about oneself and mirrors one’s own unconscious state of being. For aspirants upon the spiritual path, each manifestation provides clues as to what needs to be released or cleared in order to continue to ascend. So, one surrenders to whatever is made manifest, and allows the manifestation to teach oneself that which one has manifested such an experience to come to understand. In so doing, one can learn from each creation and allow future creations to be more joyful as one clears the patterns at cause of a distorted outcome.



Soul has contributed to your life by bringing forth the manifestation of your vision. Although it may not be exactly as you had hoped, it was what one was ready to receive, or something else would have been made manifest. So, one extends love and gratitude to one’s soul along with God Goddess /All That Is for bringing forth whatever manifests in the greater understanding that it serves one’s evolutionary path.


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Asur’Ana. Ascension Insights, Volume 1. Aligning With Earth, 2018. Digital.

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