Lotus Mandala as a symbol for the Multidimensional Self

Integrating Our Multidimensional Self


The next great leap in human evolution will come from a recognition and awareness of the many aspects of the Self.


Perhaps many of us are aware that we are experiencing a huge shift on this planet. We can feel higher aspects of ourselves beginning to integrate within us, as we are more aware of the many sensations and presences we had not noticed before.


We ALL have many higher expressions of our Multidimensional Self in the fifth dimension and beyond. During this time of planet Earth’s ascension, our expressions of Self in higher dimensions of reality are reaching out to assist us to return to our true Multidimensional Self.


Communicating with Our Higher Expressions


Our Infinite Self or Multidimensional Self operates on many dimensions. What we view as ourselves on the earth plane is just a tiny fragment of our true nature. In truth, we exist beyond the confines of time and space.


With practice, we can learn to tune into higher expressions of our Self quite effortlessly and very successfully. This helps our whole Multidimensional Being to evolve, as well as lift all others on the evolutionary path, as we are all connected.


Allow your higher expressions to communicate with you in whatever fashion that best suits you. Some of you will best communicate with words. Others will communicate with their higher expressions via prayer, meditation, art, music, dance, athletics or working with Nature. Trust that your imagination, insightful dreams, love-filled or uplifting thoughts and emotions, and sudden creative ideas are direct messages from your Self.


Integrating Our Multidimensional Self


For those of us on the path of ascension or on the journey Home, integrating all aspects of our Self will assist us in regaining our multidimensional  consciousness.


In order to fully integrate our Multidimensional Self, we must completely and unconditionally love, forgive and embrace all fragments of ourselves that have been controlled by fear. As we refuse to participate in any form of fear, we release the hooks of duality, and so are clear to see our Self as we truly are. We shift dimensions and come from our Divine Presence, from all levels and dimensional aspects of Self.


We are not just the ground crew for the Guardians and their plasma light ships; we are the Guardians, the ships, the crew and here all at once. We are the Founder Creators (Eternal Gestalts of Consciousness beyond space-time and dimensional structure), Creator Gods/Goddesses, Plasma Beings, members of the Councils of Light, members of the Galactic Federation, members of the Great White Brotherhood, Ascended Masters, Celestial Beings, Cosmic Guides, Sky Borne Command, enlightened Angels, Light Beings, the Dark Lords, Elementals, Nature Spirits, the many ET aspects of Self, such as Andromedan, Arcturian, Pleiadian, Sirian, Orion, Lyran.


There is no beginning of you. Also, there is no end of you. You are infinite, timeless Beings of multidimensional Light and all-encompassing Love that adheres to whichever versions of reality attracts you within the NOW of the ONE!


As we love, forgive and embrace all the renegade parts of our Self (the Dark Lord, the Magician, the negative ET in us), we realize that aligning with Divine Will is a lot easier for our evolution as creator of our reality. We have learned the hard way by getting burned many times, misusing our power in trying to control and run the energies that separated from the Source and decided to create on our own will.


When we realize our Divinity, and that we are responsible for what we create, we will choose to align with Source’s Will, and to consciously work with the Guardians and the Councils of Light. We choose to honor Mother Earth, consider her welfare and align with her will for all of our creations while living on the planet. We choose to serve the Light.


As we love and accept others, and ourselves, seeing the ONE within us, all beings and creation, we integrate all fragments of our Multidimensional Self. We have compassion and love for the human condition and for all beings in creation without judgement, regardless of whatever step on the evolutionary ladder they may be at.


Return to Our Expansive Multidimensional Being


The duality paradigm of life in the third dimension has served a great purpose as we explored all the limitations of separation from Source. Time-bound worlds of the third and fourth dimensions force us to grow, whereas timeless worlds of the fifth dimension and beyond allow us to expand. We are now ready to return to more expansive versions of our Self. As we leave our limitations behind and step through the doorway and into our Infinite Self, we move into a whole new paradigm of love and creation, out of chaos and into harmony, and onto new happier and more blissful stories.


In the choice to return to our expansive Multidimensional Self, the constant self-judgement, fear and struggle will disappear. We become the unlimited being we truly are.


Once we have chosen to return to our higher expressions of Self, we will regain a freedom that was lost with our first physical incarnation. We can access wonderful gifts, talents and skills that we can use to enrich our own life and all of humanity. We as Divine Beings illuminate ALL with Light, as we co-create the New Earth with love and joy!




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