Image of Inner Earth. These sub-subterranean lands were originally called Ar-Ratoth, later Agratath and since about 3,000 years ago have been referred to as Agartha.

Inner Earth




During the Third Seeding, about 65,000 years ago, the Melchizedeks appeared in Atlantean culture, and prior to the sinking of the Atlantean islands (30,000 – 11,500 Years Ago) retreated to an underground haven deep below the Earth’s crust within a three-dimensional frequency modulation zone that exists between Earth and her anti-particle double. This area is known as the Inner Earth, and large civilizations exist in these lands since times prior to Atlantis, when the Melchizedeks and others began to retreat from surface life.


These underground civilizations exist to this day, and occasionally members interact with surface Earth through the hidden caverns that link Earth’s surface to the modulation zone of the Inner Earth. Both Cloister Family Melchizedeks and Templar-Melchizedeks reside within these lands, under the primary guardianship of the Speakers of the Blue Flame and Melchizedek Priesthood, and Priesthoods of Ur and Mu from Tara.


These sub-subterranean lands were originally called Ar-Ratoth, later Agratath and since about 3,000 years ago have been referred to as Agartha.


Location of Agartha


The civilizations of Agartha, the Inner Earth, which exists in a frequency modulation zone between Earth and its parallel-universe double, between Dimension-3 (D-3) and Dimension-4 (D-4) time bands, actually exists at the core of Earth’s Sun, within the 3.5-Dimensional frequency level.


Particles in the D-3.5 vibration spin at a 22.5° reverse angular rotation to the particles in D-3 (Earth’s atmosphere) and at a 22.5° angular rotation to the particles in D-4. (D-4 particles spin at a 45° reverse angular rotation to D-3 particles.)


The gold core crystal of Earth’s D-4 Merkaba Field appears as a Sun to those of the Inner Earth. This D-3.5 area is called Inner Earth because one must travel through the Earth’s external portals, downward through the Earth into the D-2 Earth morphogenetic field, then to D-1 iron core crystal in the center of Earth (which in reality exists inside of the sphere of the Sun) in order to re-emerge within the D-3.5 frequency level of the Sun where Agartha exists.


Crystal Pylon Temples and Free Energy


There are locations on Earth called cue zones or cue sites that directly connect to the crystal pylon temples of Inner Earth. Crystal pylon temples are massive selenite quartz crystal structures that run the photo-radionic energies of the star gates through the planetary rock bed and through the planetary template. They keep the Inner Earth star gates opened at all times so that the Inner Earth does not have to wait for a Star Gate Stellar Activation Cycle in order to benefit from the frequencies that come through the star gates.


It’s all right to leave your star gates opened if they’re being properly maintained and kept in balance. The opened star gates provide a massive free energy system for the planet that has awesome power, and that doesn’t create any nuclear wastes. It’s a power that is in harmony with Source because it’s built upon proper use of Source energy and natural use of Source element.


The Eieyani and Rainbow Roundtables


The Eieyani is one of the Guardian Founder Races in the Inner Earth. The Eieyani groups regularly maintain the crystal pylon temples by doing Rainbow Roundtables. They assembled together to run the “Rainbow Ray” or “Khundaray” Primal Sound Current from beyond the 15-Dimensional Time Matrix to help bring in more frequencies through the star gates. It’s amazing to hear them when they’re doing this. They’re so in sync with each other as a group consciousness, as well as holding their individuality that it sounds like an orchestrated choir. They all harmonize and blend, with incredible spontaneous tones.


By the time Inner Earth Guardian Races’ children can stand and walk, they’re taught how to spin their Merkabas. They’re taught how to use their Merkabas to fuel themselves. By the time they’re about 12 years old, most of the children take certain tests they have to pass as far as being able to hold their pillars stable and hold their Merkabas stable and in the right speed. Then they’re invited to join a grown up Rainbow Roundtable.


Some Interesting Information


  1. There are 2 Suns in Inner Earth.
  2. Inner Earth people and Guardians are huge. They have more DNA. They’re between 7-15 feet tall; plants are huge; fruits are gigantic.
  3. When Inner Earth people walk across the beach, they are aware of everything that’s going on around for blocks. They’re not thinking about it; they’re just fully aware of their NOW moment of awareness. If they want to, they could tune their consciousness and hear any conversation that is going on between any of the kingdoms. They could hear insect talk to each other; they could hear birds talk to trees; and people talking to each other if they wanted to. We’re evolving toward this consciousness.
  4. The Inner Earth time cycle is a time cycle all on itself, like a universe that cuts through between our universe and our parallel universe; it’s on a higher evolutionary scale; it’s a higher evolution than this one. Inner Earth D12 Merkaba is a lot bigger; they will have 24 dimensions instead of 12 because they have double; they have what’s in our parallel and what’s in our universe put together, so they have 24 star gates instead of 12 in their Universal Kathara grids.
  5. Inner Earth is considered one of the inner Lower God Worlds. It’s the entry point to the God’s Worlds. These are the worlds where they are the Eternal Life Worlds. Beings or things who live in these worlds are eternal life beings. There is only one area where the lower density (D-1, D-2, and D-3) of the Inner Earth that has some finite life forms.


By Invitation Only


We cannot get to Inner Earth without an invitation, and it’s not because the Inner Earth races are being mean. It’s because for their very own survival and the survival of their Krystal’s civilizations that this protocol is implemented. They have had to for many thousands of years keep their gates closed because humans and the things that live here on Earth became so out of control that they would have decimated Inner Earth’s civilizations by now. This is not allowed to happen because Inner Earth’s civilizations have held for us all this time the Krystal’s society model (The Law of One).


Thus, once we got through with our growing pains and possibly wouldn’t destroy those civilizations, we could be invited back home and back in. We held knowledge of “the Fall” while they held knowledge of the “not Fall”, and together that’s a lot of knowledge of helping other races. There will eventually be a program of invitation for virtuous and spiritually matured individuals.


2000-2017 Time Continuum Shift


At present (in 2000), Earth’s D-2 elemental body is at 1.5 accretion and its D-1 particle base is at .5 accretion. Agartha’s atmosphere is at 3.5 accretion, its elemental body at 2.5, thus Agartha’s elemental body is located within Earth’s atmosphere at a different angular rotation of particle spin than that of Earth’s particles, and so appears invisible. Agartha’s particle base is at 1.5 accretion, thus Agartha’s particle base is located within Earth’s elemental body.


During the Bridge Zone transition, when Earth’s atmosphere is shifted from 2.5 accretion to 3.5 accretion, it will be merged with the atmosphere of Agartha. Earth’s elemental body will shift from 1.5 accretion to 2.5 accretion, Earth’s elemental kingdom will merge with that of Agartha. Earth’s particle base will shift from .5 accretion to 1.5 accretion, Earth’s particle base will merge with Agartha’s particle base. When Earth merges with Tara’s grid in the D-4 time cycle between 2012 and 2017, the Earth’s morphogenetic field temporarily reaches a height of accretion level 4, then returns to its natural 2.5-accretion level following 2017.


In the Bridge Zone Project, Earth’s morphogenetic content will peak at accretion level 4 when merging with Tara’s grid between 2012-2017, then instead of returning to its natural 2.5-accretion level/D-3 time cycle after 2017, Earth will return to the 3.5-accretion level. The 3.5-accretion level represents the time cycle between D-3 and D-4, in which Agartha’s reality takes place.


In the Bridge Zone, Earth Merges with Agartha


In the usual process, Earth’s particles would undergo a 45° shift in angular rotation of particle spin to enter the D-4 cycle, then shift back 45° to return to the D-3 time cycle. In the Bridge Zone, Earth will undergo the 45° shift of angular rotation of particle spin to merge with Tara. Instead of shifting back 45° to return to the D-3 time cycle, Earth’s particles will shift back only 22.5°, placing Earth within the 3.5-accretion level, the time cycle between D-3 and D-4, merging Earth and Agartha. Earth will become the Inner Earth, Agartha, through the 2012-2017 transition.


Separation of Human Populations


In 2017 human populations will completely separate into two groups, each perceiving a different set of events. These events will take place in two separate fields of particle pulsation rhythm. It will be as if part of the population “switched the channel on the television set of manifest events,” one group remains watching the old channel, and the other group switches the channel of perception to a new station.


Bridge Zone Perceptual Station


Humans in the Bridge Zone will perceive this transition as the emergence of new lands and structures on Earth, and the literal disappearance of some of the existing Earth structures. Humans not on the Bridge Zone will perceive a different reality entirely.


Between 2009-2017 those in the Bridge Zone will begin to see certain pubic organizations, businesses and institutions either reach their natural ends or begin to take their operations in a more enlightened direction.


Some of the Bridge Zone people will become aware that the Inner Earth portals have opened and will have invitation to explore those realms. Some of the structures of the Inner Earth geography will begin to emerge on the Bridge Zone Earth, new islands will be discovered on Earth during this transition period, and new organizations of spiritual and social order will begin to emerge. Some groups of individuals will have open contact with various guardian ET and metaterrestrial Visitors.


In the Bridge Zone particle base, the angular rotation of particle spin will be altered by the Guardians, in order for it to be transferred into the pulsation rhythms of the Bridge Zone-Agartha time continuum in 2017. The angular rotation of particle spin of Earth’s higher vibrating particle base will be shifted 22.5° in reverse from the angle of particle rotation of Earth’s lower vibrating particle base. This separation of particle pulsation rhythms will reach completion in 2017, just when Earth’s grid is in full alignment with that of Tara and the Holographic Beam passes through the Photon Belt into direct alignment with Earth’s seventh vortex/chakra. The higher vibrating particle base will complete its 22.5° reverse shift in angular rotation of particle spin and fix its pulsation rhythm at the 3.5-accretion level of the Bridge Zone-Agartha time continuum.


The populations who shift into the Bridge Zone will experience more obvious phenomena of change as the two particle bases of Earth complete their 2017 separation. Many structures of inorganic substance, composed of lower-vibrating particles, will simply appear to vanish, as well as populations having lower accretion levels. New island land masses will have appeared to emerge out of the oceans, seemingly overnight.


New passageways into the Earth will be found that lead into the Inner Earth territories. The most amazing phenomenon to manifest in the Bridge Zone will be the sudden appearance of buildings, roads and other structures of civilization that one did not remember having existed prior to this shift.


Earth’s Bridge Zone populations will find themselves in old familiar territories having the new twist of people, organizations, landscapes and social structures that resemble what was, but which are operating at a higher level of vibration/pulsation and enlightenment. In 2017, portions of the Inner Earth, Agartha civilizations will suddenly be visible, and it will seem as if they had always been there. This may create a bit of temporary time-space and memory disorientation to the populations of the Bridge Zone.


Little Changes for D-3 Human Populations


The most notable occurrence will be that numerous groups of people will seem to have vanished from the Earth without a trace. There will be no explanation for these vanishings in conventional terms. For Earth in the D-3 continuum, little will have appeared to change, and populations will move forth into their D-3 evolution. The Halls of Amenti will be closed to them, as will the portals to the Inner Earth.


The Age of Enlightenment


In the Bridge Zone, more open relations with Guardian Visitors will begin, and humanity will continue to evolve along a more enlightened, accelerated path. New fuel sources, such as photonic energy containment, will be discovered as well as many new technologies based upon light, sound and Keylontic science.


As the Bridge Zone Earth will receive the infusion of D-5 through D-9 energy during the 2012-2017 period, the populations will have the opportunity to assemble the fifth DNA strand to become Voyagers and enter the path of time travel/ascension to Tara. Some will also have the opportunity to assemble DNA beyond the fifth strand and enter the accelerated path of mastery to ascend to Gaia or the Meta-Galactic Core.


Bridge Zone populations will be completely free from intruding ET Visitor manipulation. Perceptually the sensation of lightness, or less weight, will be felt in the atmosphere and within the body and a greater feeling of peace, optimism and personal vibrancy will be experienced. Higher chakra centers in the human bio-energetic system will come into activation and the conscious integration of soul awareness will accelerate.


Another part of humanity will move into the Age of Enlightenment within the Bridge Zone-Inner Earth time cycle, 2213 years in the future and a relative few will voyage into the lands of Tara, within the D-5 time cycles, a position in space-time 5532.5 years in the future of present day Earth.




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