Image of an Indigo Future Human from the Stars. Indigo Races

Indigo Races


Indigos are ancient Oraphim Elder Race Stellar Humans incarnating now as part of a contemporary human hybridization program evolutionary experiment, through which the 12-Strand Diamond Sun DNA potential can be re-awakened within the Earth Human lineage.


The original Angelic Human 12 Strand DNA is called the Diamond Sun DNA. The Oraphim original prototype for Angelic Humans that was created by the Founders has a 24 Strand DNA and is called the Double Diamond Sun Body DNA. Further there is a 48 Strand DNA Founder race line called the Emerald Sun.


Indigo/ Oraphim carry the Double-Diamond and Emerald Sun DNA Matrices that allow for expression of 24-48 frequencies of consciousness and complete Transmutative Ascension. They have the potential to awaken as fully embodied Avatars with Ascended Master  consciousness by age 33 if their DNA activates properly.


Indigos are considered a “future race” because they enter Fetal Integration with the 5th and 6th DNA Strands activated, a characteristic of the Melchizedek and Yunaseti Cloister human lines that exist in the future time continua of HU-2 (Harmonic Universe 2, Dimensions 4, 5, 6). Indigos are born through Palaidorian Birthing Contracts – Rishi Agreements. They inherit genetic distortion from their Earth parents via the Fetal Body and need assistance in reverse-mutating the parental DNA imprint if they are to fulfill their potential.


Genetically they are defined as an ET-Human-Hybrid race from the future. They qualify as ET because their genetic code is that of the Original ORAPHIM (Lyran-Anuhazi+Sirian-Azurite+12 Stellar Lines), the Seed Race through which the Original Turaneusiam-Human lineage of HU-2 was created. 


Indigo Races


The Indigo Races refers to souls with the 6th dimensional frequency band of consciousness activated which is the 6th Chakra and its brain complex. Indigos are born with an active 6th DNA strand that gives them the Indigo Color Spectrum of Frequency in their Auric field. These races were sent to the Earth as representatives for the Guardians and protectors of the Living Light Library, and to prevent this Planet from descending into the Phantom Matrix.


The Indigos are here to fulfill this planet’s Ascension cycle by holding the higher frequency and light codes required to support the planetary grids into activation of higher DNA coding.


Indigos have a larger group purpose as a task force for the Sirian Council (6D Gatekeepers) and Guardian races to be the Agents of Transformation as well as having a unique special skill set for individual soul purpose. They are incarnate here to be the system busters and harbingers of the huge paradigm shift of consciousness leading into the Mother principle to restore energetic balance.


Many are energy placement holders preparing for a certain time and space to bolster planetary frequency for the 2012 cycle and beyond. A large Indigo awakening ascension wave transpired in May 2006 and May 2007. This was to prepare for the Galactic Time Cycles being exposed to the planetary body, thus the human race collective.


Types of and Purpose for Indigo Children


There are 3 Primary Types of Indigo Children, each with a different version of the Oraphim genetic code and each serving a different purpose, within the present evolutionary experiment.


Indigo Recessive Type-3 is the most common type of Indigo Child presently incarnate on Earth. Type-3 Indigos began birthing in very small numbers about 200 years ago. There are about 2,500,000 Indigo Recessives incarnate now, many adult and of childbearing age, having Palaidorian Birthing Contracts to parent more Type-3 Indigo Children in years to come. Another 15,000 Indigo Recessives are scheduled to birth between 1999-2017.


Dominant Type-2 is the next most common type of Indigo Child. Isolated numbers of Type-2 Indigos birthed 75-100 years ago, most since the late 1950’s. There are about 500,000 Indigo Dominants incarnate now and another 130,000 scheduled to birth between 1999 and 2005.


Indigo Composite Type-1 is the most uncommon type of Indigo. Most entered incarnation in the 1960’s-1970’s. There are presently about 350 Type-1 Indigos on Earth, with another 5,000 scheduled to birth between 2005-2017.


Between 1999-2017 another 150,000 Indigo Children will incarnate on Earth as part of a Planetary Protection agreement. The Birth Wave of the Indigo Children represents the Return of the Emerald Order. The Ancient Elder Race Oraphim return to Earth to fulfill the Emerald Covenant, an agreement made 248,000 years ago that promised Earth humans assistance in re-evolving to the 12-Strand Diamond Sun DNA Matrix.


The contemporary “UFO Movement with ‘Contactees'”, claiming to be abducted by aliens, is part of the hybridization agendas taking place at this time. Elder Race Humans visit from future time to assist in fulfilling the Emerald Covenant and our ancient Intruder Visitors have returned to attempt to hijack our evolution into unintended hybridization programs that violate the Emerald Covenant.


Indigo Recessive Type-3


Type-3 Indigos are part of an Oraphim-Nephilim hybridization program through which ancient Nephilim (Anunnaki + Cloister Human from Seeding-2) are provided with a new race line to evolve within, in order to clear Fire Letter/DNA distortions so their Codes of Ascension can be regained.


Type-3 Indigos have an Oraphim 24-Strand Double-Diamond +11-strand Reverse Templar Sun DNA Matrix which gives them a maximum potential of the 12-Strand Diamond Sun DNA Matrix.


Type-3 Indigos are literal incarnations of 2 different avatars in one body, an Oraphim avatar overseeing a Nephilim avatar spirit essence. The core of their life purpose is to mend the extremes of polarity between the reversed 11-Strand DNA Matrix and the 12-Strand potential, but their lifetimes serve an important role in the greater plan of healing the DNA distortion within the Nephilim, Anunnaki and Human genetic lines.


Type-3 Indigo Recessives have the most extremes in polarity issues of all of the Indigos, are highly intelligent, mathematically inclined and athletic, and may have difficulty with emotional bonding issues. May seem like “angel & devil” in 1 body.


Indigo Recessives are unique in that the incarnation involves more than one family line of consciousness. Indigo Recessive spirits are literal composites of two entirely different Avatars, incarnating into one body.


The Oraphim Avatar possesses the 24-Strand Double – Diamond Sun DNA and remains as the dominant force within the personality, if the gene code activates properly. The second Avatar spirit is that of an 11th-dimensional Nephilim, the race of giant Anunnaki-Cloister Humans who were banned from Earth in the 2nd Seeding.


The gene code of the Nephilim is that of the 11-Strand Reverse Templar Sun. The Nephilim race has been trapped between HU-1 (Harmonic Universe 1, Dimensions 1, 2, 3) and D-11 manifestation cycles for many thousands of years due to Fire Letter reversal and DNA distortion from the Anunnaki Lines. The 24-Strand Oraphim DNA imprint is the only coding high enough to retain its integrity when combined with the Nephilim Templar Sun DNA and so, the Type-3 Indigo Recessive imprint has been created to allow Nephilim avatars, who desire, to evolve back into their Ascension Codes a new race line for evolution.


The incarnating Nephilim avatar must agree to function in subservience to the Oraphim Avatar until the Nephilim regains the D-12 Fire Letters that will allow them to connect with their Rishi collective, so they may evolve to experience the frequencies of love, genuine bonding with and compassion for other life forms.


Indigo Recessives have the most difficulty in balancing polarity in consciousness, due to the reversed Nephilim Fire Letters. They are most vulnerable to obsessive-compulsive behaviors, bi-polar disorders and extreme polarity in perspectives. The Nephilim imprint tends to activate first in the Type-3, often creating an aggressive, hyper-active child that spends most of its early life testing the extremes of the boundaries between right and wrong, constantly challenging authority.


Just as a Type-3 may sometimes seem like the “Child from Hell”, it may do a complete turnaround into nearly angelic, loving behavior. At times it may seem as if the Child has an “evil twin” that emerges, a dark side to the personality that is capable of extreme thoughtlessness and cruelty. The negative characteristics of the Type-3 Indigo emerge as the DNA imprint of the Nephilim activates and shortly thereafter the Oraphim part of the identity attempts to clear the distorted DNA imprint by counterbalancing it with its opposite Fire Letter sequence, creating the more extreme and rapid shifts of polarity within the behavior and attitude.


The polarity extremes in the personality of a Type-3 often lead to self-destructive behaviors and substance addiction as the identity tries to numb itself from the near constant feeling of internal conflict and apprehension. If the Nephilim avatar identity attempts to over-run the identity, the Oraphim avatar will assert its authority, shutting down the communication facilities if necessary.


Most cases of autism occur in Type-3 Indigo Children, as a result of the Oraphim avatar “unplugging” some of the Nephilim DNA codes to retain control over the body. In these cases the conscious personality usually feels “stuck in the middle of an internal battle it cannot comprehend” and experiences great fear, dread, apprehension and depression and the chemical imbalances that result from this morphogenetic disharmony. The Type-3 may also display the opposite polarity qualities, being an excessively “good” baby and child, then having a reversal into the “dark side” during adolescence or adulthood.


Ideally the two avatars, that share the body and personality structure, work to balance the polarities in the DNA, the “light” side of the personality guiding the “dark side” into healing as the reversed Fire Letters of the Nephilim Code reorder and progressively connect to the Harmonious frequencies of the Oraphim Avatar and Rishi awareness.


Usually Type-3 Indigos will not complete Soul Integration by age 12 or be able to activate their latent Oraphim physical ascension potentials. The core life purpose of the Type-3 Indigo is for the Oraphim avatar to progressively restore the Fire Letter Sequences in the Nephilim DNA and morphogenetic field. Once this is accomplished through re-assembly of the 12th DNA Strand (which usually occurs after bodily death), the Nephilim avatar is re-connected to its own Rishi and the Oraphim Avatar withdraws its morphogenetic field, disengaging the 2 identities.


When dealing with Type-3 Indigos, it is best to realize that 2 different Beings are literally inhabiting one body, and that frequently they disagree.


Tough love and clearly defined boundaries are often necessary with the Type-3, but must be administered with fairness and democracy. Belief therapy and attitudinal healing toward Unity Consciousness can facilitate healing and growth.


There is usually too much distraction by internal emotional and perceptual conflict to allow true conscious understanding of what is taking place. They are better off not consciously knowing they house 2 separate Beings and function best when in calm environments without many distractions or unnecessary interactions with others.


Due to the Nephilim imprint, Type-3 Indigos tend to be very gifted in math, languages and technological sciences and can be drawn to competitive endeavors, especially those involving ‘good vs. evil’ and related polarity dramas. The softer side of the Type-3 can be very innocent and childlike at any age, with a quizzical desire to learn and especially to experience emotion involving bonding and its physical expression. Emotional bonding is a new experience for a Nephilim and the Type-3 may have difficulty with polarity extremes over bonding issues for life.


Though Type-3 Indigos may seem as highly conflicted souls, it is important to realize that their lives are not wasted; they have incarnated to assist in the creation of a new race line, through which an ancient race can re-evolve back into the light. They are doing a great service for both the Nephilim and the Human lineage, in terms of realigning Annunaki genetic distortions in both races. We need to honor these beloved ones with the gift they bring humanity.


Usually the worst extremes of behavior take place at the beginning and ending of the life cycle. These Indigos tend to have a stronger physical constitution than other Indigos and have strong athletic abilities. If the Nephilim imprint is strong, the physical body may grow to exhibit elongated proportions, characteristic of the Nephilim physique, and the face often has distinctive, more chiseled boned-structure, even if these traits are not within the parental genetic line.


Like all Indigos, Type-3’s often feel out of place, bored or disinterested in earthly affairs and can benefit from being acknowledged as Visitors from Elsewhere that “march to their own drummer”. That is precisely what the Indigos ARE.


Indigo Dominant Type-2


Type-2 Indigos are part of the Oraphim-Human hybridization program, through which the 12-Strand Diamond Sun DNA Matrix is reinstated within the Earth Human genetic lines, in order to restore the Codes of Ascension to the Human lineage.


Type-2 Indigos have an Oraphim 24-Strand Double-Diamond DNA Matrix, which gives them a maximum potential of 24-30 Ascension Codes, through which the Avatar identity may embody and the consciousness may expand into the Rishi identity level.


Type-2 Indigos are one Oraphim avatar in 1 body so they do not display extremes in polarity imbalance as is often displayed in Type-3 Indigo Recessives. The core of their life purpose is to assist in raising consciousness within the Earth Human lineage, to build critical mass of the Diamond Sun DNA Matrix, within the Human gene pool and to assist Type-1 Indigo Composites in holding and running higher dimensional frequency for planetary grid work.


Type-2 Indigo Dominants have advanced psychic development and may have open interdimensional contact from birth throughout life. They are gifted in linguistic translation, the arts, music and interpersonal diplomacy, but may become excessively introverted due to fear of the earth environment. Type-2’s are the most personable of the 3 Indigos and enjoy human bonding if sheltered.


The Indigo 2’s are specifically working to regenerate and activate the Human DNA template’s to its highest potential. This will be the group of healers, the energy transmitters, working directly in the healing arts in some way. Each one has a specific gift of healing tools, light codes to assist humans in healing distortions embedded in the physical and energetic bodies. These distortions have been created and inherited from the karmic patterning resulting from all the incarnating evolutionary cycles.


Many of these Indigos are the teachers of the New Energy and will emerge to discuss openly about the Ascension Process and it’s meaning for the evolution of the human species. Some will be recruited to create Wellness Centers with various holistic healing technologies based on spiritualenergetic principles. These groups are the bridge between the Old Energy world and the New Energy world. They are the way showers for embodying the principle of “Unification” and “Integration” and serving as the example of how to live in harmony with all things. They will teach by being this example.


Indigo Composite Type-1


Type-1 Indigos are part of the Oraphim-Human hybridization program, serving to accelerate and expedite, reaching critical mass of the Diamond Sun DNA Matrix within the race gene pool, before 2012.


Type-1 Indigos have an Emerald Order Oraphim 48-Strand Emerald Sun DNA Matrix, which gives them the maximum potential for 30-48 Ascension Codes, through which the Avatar identity may embody and the consciousness may expand into the Ascended Masters identity levels.


Type-1 Indigos always incarnate through WALK-IN agreements, whereby a smaller Soul essence, from their own Over-Soul collective, begins the incarnation to raise the frequency of the body and once the DNA is sufficiently activated, the original Soul “walks out” into Ascension and the Avatar identity walks-in (transfers the spirit essence into the body) to awaken within the body and fulfill its world service contract. The walk-in usually occurs at age 12 or 22 and must occur by the age of 33.


Type-1 Indigos have advanced psychic and occasionally direct manifestation abilities, usually have physical contact with their Elder Race family in childhood and have a core life purpose to fulfill advanced planetary grid work contracts. They are sensitive to everything and often remain detached from human issues to focus on their service contract. They hold great love within for all life forms.




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