Image of a beautiful golden sunset at the beach. Incantations for the Divine Partner

Incantations For The Divine Partner


Fostering the Path of the Two:

Poetic Prose for Divine Partnership


Shaktar Tantric Union Fable Incantations:

Igniting Twin Flame Love




Incantations foster all dreams of life. Incantations are divine poetry that is incanted through time that fosters all life experiences or dramas that we dream through time. Life is an unfolding dream that flowers in the care of the heart. Incantations for beloveds foster two that unfold and flower as one in deep care of a twin flame union through time. Twin flames are pairs of humans that oscillate in motions of deep love together in the heart accolade of self. Twin flames are biological pairs of male-female, male-male, or female-female genetics that resonate and flourish and are born from the same archetype in variant families through time. Twin flames are notorious for fostering unions of a lifetime and loving one another above all else. Twin flames also incarnate as monadic duet soul infusions of the same origins of spirit through time.


Twin flames foster a union of sublime motions of love and care of the heart. Twins can also occur between parents and children or friendships of deep love through time. The love of twins is mesmerizing to experience within. The love of twins is often a sought after notion to dream in life though time. Twins heal one another of many ailments including the loss of health or love of the love within. It is very painful to lose one’s twin through dejection or death. The heart can breach in the loss of a twin through time.


No twin union lasts forever due to the difficult biology that often concludes a life through disease or accident. Twins who remain following a deep loss of the care of two often face suicidal flavor of life within and must rebirth to rise again. Those who surmount the loss of a twin foster the gift of deep understanding to foster compassion and forgiveness of self through time to survive and surmount the grief within. The love of twins is a sacred notion of life fostered by spirit and soul. Spirit and soul share in the dance of love amongst those who foster the care of the heart in twin flame formations. The following prose reflect the journey of the heart in the choice to cause a partnership of a divine ordering of love of the two through time.


Opening the heart is a difficult stanza of truth to be fostered into compassionate action of a journey of life in this era. The incantations of life foster each experience upon the path. Some incantations are delightful and exquisite to experience. Others are heart wrenching or filled with strife. The opening of the heart requires both sides of the polarity of light and dark to be experienced through time in order to be fulfilled upon in a life of spiritual mastery in this era.


Love and Spirit’s Blessings,

Shaktar Dreaming



Fostering a Dream for the Beloved


Fostering a Dream for the Beloved

I am the one of the two

Who fosters the dream

Of a duet

In the infinite desire

To cause the two

Who become as One

In a bliss kiss of our Souls

In a mellifluous crescendo

Of ecstatic reunion

That fosters the Beloveds

In the oceans of the Divine

Igniting the chalice

Of our hearts

In a sonnet of a cadence

Of the care of the two

In the forever of the Eternal

Throughout time


Enraptured Lily


Enraptured Lily

The bloom of the lily

Of my heart

Ignites a superlative occasion

Of a passionate embrace

Of the two

In which the dreams

Of our hearts

Express the Love

Of the Beloved within

In endless waves of Oneness

Suspended in a sonnet of Forever

Embraced in the chalice of the Infinite

In an orchestration

Of the eternal care of our Souls

And the nurturing of Spirit

In a Union Divine

In an ecstatic bliss kiss through time


Divine Partnership


Divine Partnership

I am the one of the two

Fostering a luscious union

In the arms of my Beloved

Betrothed unto me

In a bequest for marriage

In a Divine oscillation

Of the care of the heart

To be fostered

Through time

In which the partnership is blessed

In a cascade of Self-Realization

Actualizing each

In a mastery quotient

Of Divine Union

Where two hearts

Syncopate as One

In the life

In an epic sojourn

Of the Souls of the two


Love of Who I Am


Love of Who I Am

The flower of my heart

Is a delicate repose

Of myself

Attempting to foster

The care of the One

In the reflection of the shadow

Of long lost lovers

Who betrayed the heart

Dare I open unto you?

I must love myself

In all the beauty of who I am

In the forever of my Divinity

In my ancestral birthright to love

And care for myself

Through time

In the Love of the Love within

I am that I am that I am


Twin Flames


Twin Flames

I am the one

Of the two

In a melodious duet

Of truth

To foster a union of the heart

In light wave motions

Of a Divine ordering

Suspended through time

In the flowering of you

And me

Together and Forever

In an oscillation of deep and sincere Love

In the care of the pair

Fostered in sacred actions

Of sublime notions

Of twin flame lore of Self

Generated in the mastery of the two


Love of the Masculine


Love of the Masculine

You are that I am

On a sacred sojourn

In which the yin loves the yang

Unfolding in a rapturous motion

In the fostering of a union

In a notion

Of superlative light synthesis motions

In which the Divine may express

And experience each

As Spirit unites with matter

In Oneness within

That honors each through time

In the deepest level

Of sincerity of care

In the love of the two

That fosters the beauty and bounty

Of the feminine in life

And always in the Eternity

Of our hearts


Love of the Feminine


Love of the Feminine

You are the one of the one

In the path of the two

Who cascades a gentleness of Spirit

And tenderness of Soul

In an oscillation of the Divine

In a sacred essence

That nurtures the heart

Of the masculine

In the love

Of the beauty within

In the dreams of the Beloved

In an epic sojourn of fate

Of a life of partnership

In the care of the yin

And the fostering of the yang

In a superlative union

Through time


Crescendo of the Two


Crescendo of the Two

I am the deep blue sea of Self

Fostering the duet of the Eternal

Of the caress of the two

In cascading waves of unity

That fosters the longing of our hearts

To beat as One

In an equinox of time

In the heightened motion

Of ecstatic reunion

That fosters the flowering of the heart of the two

In a sonnet of the Infinite

That cascades and blossoms

Igniting the Flame of the Divine

Within the Self of ourselves

In an inspirational kiss

To be cherished always

In the forever of the forever of the forever


Sculpture of You


Sculpture of You

Your face is chiseled

In the memory of my Soul

In an Infinite Splendor

Of a sonnet through time

That captures the essence

Of the beauty of who you are

Within myself

As an inspirational moment

Of a Divine explosion of our hearts

Into the Oneness of our Souls

In infinite care

Of the yin and the yang

In an expansive caress

Of the Eternal Love of the two

Fostering the birth of a sacred sojourn

Of Divine partnership

Now and through time


Valley of You


Valley of You

You are the crest

Of my heart

Syncopating a rhythm

Of the Divine

In a sojourn of fate

In which two hearts

Beat as One

In the love of the yin

And the truth of the yang

To repose a journey

Of Divine Beloveds

In the care of the two

As the fostering of Spirit

In the love of Soul

In this heart of mine

In the valley of you


Mountains of You


Mountains of You

I am the one

Of the two

In a Divine ordering

Of fate

I lie in the arms of my Beloved

In the sublime notions

Of the beauty of a union

Expressed in Oneness

Surrounded by the mountains

Of you

In a cascade of melodiousness

In a sonnet

Of a mele

That enchants the ear

And fosters the Soul

In the care of the two

In the Beloved of the Beloved within


Waters of Time


Waters of Time

You are the one

That I fall in love with

Through time

You are that you are

The ocean of my heart

In a syncopated rhythm

Of the Divine care

Of my birthright to love

I am that I am that I am

A fostering of Spirit

In the love of the Divine

In a kindling of Soul

Sustaining myself

In the care of who I am

In the love of who you are

As eternal twins

In a mesmerizing voyage

Of two hearts that beat as One

In the waters of time


Care of the Three


Care of the Three

I am the truth of myself

In a repose of the three

With a child in my arms

Searching for a Divine mate

To foster my offspring

And myself

In a beautiful dream

Of the love of the three

In a superlative union

Of the Divine

In an oscillation of temperance

To soften the change

Into a beautiful twin lore union

Of the three

In a mentorship

Of self-realizing itself

Within and without

In a family happenstance of fate


Beloved of the Three


Beloved of the Three

I am the beloved

Of myself

In a syncopated motion in time

Fostering a symphony

Of ourselves

In a sonnet of the Forever

Of the love of the two

And the care of the three

Ignited in an equinox in time

To repose Divine Love

And the care of the Soul

In a majestic union with Spirit

In a love bonnet of the sublime

Fostered within

I care that I am

In love with you

And your child





You are the one

Of the two

And of the three

To be so sublime

To oscillate a sincere

Motion of the Divine

In the heart of myself

And my child

In an incantation

Of a magnificent ordering

That fosters the dreams of a family

Of a life of mastery

Through sacred incantations

That realizes each

In graciousness

And through sweet dreams

Causing actualization

Of a trilogy

In Divine oscillations of Self


Love Lives On


Love Lives On

I am the one of the one

That is a reflection of you

In a sonnet of time

Of a never ending repose

Of a moment of the non-sublime

In which my heart is dejected

By the one who is most precious

Unto myself

The Love lives on

In the Eternity of my heart

In a cascade of care

From my Soul unto yours

In the memory of the truth

Of infinite forgiveness

And you are only one

Who reflects my lost divinity within


Shadows of Myself


Shadows of Myself

I am in the shadow

Of a sojourn

Of the non-sublime

Notions of life

In which the care of the two

Is not fostered

In the dreams of life

As the sonnet of love

Has died within

In the yin and the yang

Of my heart

And is reflected

In the loss of care of you

In my life

And is expressed

As a loss of beauty


In the shadows of myself


Apartheid of You


Apartheid of You

I am the one of the two

Fostering something new

In apartheid of you

In notions of the non-divine

Sustaining you and not me

I cannot believe

The non-sublime of you

In a reservoir of non-truth

In a succinct motions of hate

Of the care of my heart

That fosters non-joy

In a love bonnet of not

I am that I am

A notion divine

Within myself

In succinct rhythms of care

Of the heart of my Soul

I am that I am that I am


Apartheid of Family


Apartheid of Family

I am that I am

In a succinct rhythm of the three

Fostering a dis-unity of the family

For the sake of the feminine

That hurts within

In a grim oscillation

Of the non-sublime

Of subordination unto the masculine

Of herself

My heart ceases to foster

A Union Divine within

I apartheid the union

Of the two or three

To foster myself

And heal my heart

In a momentous change

In my life

To learn to love myself above all else

Always and through time


Sunset of You


Sunset of You

You are there

And I am that I am

In the fatal crash

Of your life

In a renunciated habitat

Of the life dream of death

Of my Beloved

The one that my arms miss

Holding me at night

In a sad plight

Of the loss of my truth

As the one of the two

In a cascade of grief

Experienced as the loss of my heart

Syncopated through time

Will I survive?

Oh my Beloved


The Waterfall


The Waterfall

I fall into you

In a repose of care

Of the two

Are you there for me?

Am I here for you?

I am that I am

And you are that you are

In a flight of fancy

Of a desirous moment

Experienced through time

I hope to uncover

A love sublime

Oscillated in the now

Are you the one for me?

I care that I am

You care that you seduce

I am betrayed

In the waterfall of you

I am the love that I am


Valley of Death


Valley of Death

I am the non-crescendo

Of the loss of the care of the two

In a renunciation

Of the Love of the heart

In the loss of my Beloved

Through time

I am that I am that I am

In a remorse of grief

That incants a dream

For the recovery of my heart

As a Divine supposition

Of whom I am

In this life of mine

As a warrior of Spirit

In the sublime oscillations

Of a fate to exist

Beyond this grave of yours


Canyons of Our Hearts


Canyons of Our Hearts

I am that you are

In the tundra of you

In a superlative light motion

Of the two

In a union of the heart

In a mellifluous incantation

Of the Love of the Beloved within

In the graciousness of Spirit

In a fostering of Soul

To unite the pair

Through an equinox of time

In the love of a voyage

Reflecting the care of the heart

Eternally in synergy

In the canyons

Of our hearts


Loss of the Beloved


Loss of the Beloved

I am the one of the two

That gives of my heart

In a deliberation of care

In an infinite stanza

Of the fostering of the two

And not myself

And you are not here for me

I am that I am

Alone upon my path

In a symphony of apartheid

As the one of myself

In the loneliness of a loss of heart

I am a warrior of Spirit

In the Divine constellations

Of the fate of my heart

To open and flower again

Beyond this life of ours


Sunrise of Myself


Sunrise of Myself

I am the one

Fostering a new life

By myself

In a superlative notion

Of a single happenstance of fate

Will I meet my twin flame?

Or will I be a spinster forever?

I am that I am that I am

In an incantation

Of Divine forces and resources

Weaving the dreams of my life

In the theme of my truth

Of the yin and yang within

In which my heart flourishes

And my life unfolds

In the sunrise of myself


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For My Beloveds throughout Time and Space

Pure Love


The Inspiration for this treatise on the Forever Love between Twin Flames and Divine Counterparts.



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Asur’Ana. Light Wave 3: Divine Counterpart and Twin Relationship. Aligning With Earth, 2020. Digital.

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