Image shows the stars, universes and cosmos within the human body.

The Human Body Is Precious


The human rebirth is very precious as one has the opportunity to attain enlightenment and become liberated from the cycle of repeated death and rebirth or reincarnation. For the initiate upon the path of Inner Light and Sound Meditation, liberation is attained when one’s Consciousness has ascended (not mental projections, but true spiritual travel) to the 3rd Level of Creation. This is also known as Self-realization.


Complete Enlightenment


Complete enlightenment or total realization is achieved when one’s Spirit or Consciousness is reunited with the Source from which one originated from. This is also known as God-realization, or return to the original Home on the Fifth Level of Creation.  Once departed from the physical plane, the God-realized initiates can continue to realize higher Levels of Creation—which are infinite and eternal—or take up heavenly assignments and projects as Co-creators (including creating new worlds with their creative power) with Source-God.


The Wheel of Eighty Four


The “wheel of eighty four” or “chaurasi ka chakra” is the theory that the individual, accompanied by the mind and its load of karma, moves on through almost endless ages from birth to birth, passing through 8,400,000 different kinds of living beings. These living beings include plants species, insects species, birds species, water animals species, land animals species, humans, devas and deities.


Devas are known as angels and demons by Westerners. This constitutes the eternal awagawan or ‘coming and going’. It depends upon the person as to how many of these living beings, (s)he may have to pass through. It is very difficult to escape from this wheel until one meets the Living Master and learns to contact the “Sound Current”, by practicing the Inner Light and Sound Meditation.


The Temple of God


The human body is the temple of the living God. God resides within us and can only be realized in the human body. We cannot attain God-realization in rebirths as plants, insects, and animal because they’re unable to reason logically. We also cannot realize God in the higher worlds of the devas, angels, and deities because they tend to indulge in luxury and comfort, and barely understand the problems of rebirth until those lives come to an end. Existence in these higher realms can be extremely long, but when one’s karma runs out, rebirth into lower states of existence with apparent suffering will occur again. This realization of the problems associated with rebirth is usually blocked from one’s memory once one is reborn into a lower state of existence.


The human form is a replica of the entire cosmos of universes on a very small scale. Each of us has the ability, when our faculties are awakened, to hold conscious communication with different levels of the higher worlds and to explore the most distant regions of space and time. Each cell in our body is a smaller universe, and each atom in each cell is still a smaller one. Thus, our precious body is a vast and complicated system of universes clustered together in a single unit.


By practicing this method of meditation and going within, we will gradually be able to awaken our sleeping faculties and come into conscious contact with many worlds and universes. The human form is truly a storehouse of treasures and wonders!


Please click here for the Inner Light Meditation.




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