Image of the playful dolphins swimming in the ocean. Guidance from the Dolphins and Whales.

Guidance From The Dolphins And Whales


The Dolphins and Whales look upon humans as their brothers and sisters in spirit. They know that we are all One. They once were residents on land, and know the difficulties we face in adjusting to our third dimensional life while following Spirit. They want to guide us from across the oceans.


All life is telepathic when truly aligned with its God Self. Alignment is the key. All Cetaceans in the oceans are fully aligned to the God Presence within them, and therefore have retained full consciousness. Many humans have lost their connection from their God Self.


Now is the time of the Return — the return to who you are and your purpose here. The Cetaceans are here to help us find our way back to ourselves where we truly belong, back home to our God Self that lies waiting within us.


So, follow your heart’s beat, and look to the Cetaceans for strength and guidance as you tread your earthly path.


Love is the Strongest Force in the Universe


Whales and dolphins swim in the oceans that surround our continents. They are a great Love Force. They surround our continents with the force of their Love. They wrap us in their Love. So great is their Love that it literally holds the mountains in place.


Love is the strongest force in the Universe. Love is the bonding glue that holds this Universe together. The Cetaceans use this force to navigate their way around the world. They use the force of Love to propel them through areas of murky underwater, so that they emerge unscathed by the lower vibration. 


Likewise, we can use the Force of Love to propel us through Life. We can navigate our way around obstacles in our path. We do this by focusing only on Unconditional Love, which will clear our pathway of all obstacles. We will see only beauty, feel only beauty and be surrounded by only beauty. This is the path of the Initiate. This is the path that Light Workers strive to follow, although there’s no striving involved, but only our heart opening to allow God’s Love to flow through.


Float with the Current of Life


Float with the current of life, and let it buoy you along your path. Life will do that if you allow it. Life will gently guide you along the current that’s least resistant, so that you will always be where you’re supposed to be, ready and waiting for life’s opportunities to present themselves to you.


Just drift, don’t resist, and you will be amazed at how simple and uncomplicated your life can be. The Cetaceans have practiced this method for eons; they just let the water carry them along the stream of life where all is beauty, all is joy and all is ease. Likewise, you can hitch a ride onto the current for the “ride of your life” through the vast network of possibilities that will continually present themselves.


Intend to free yourself from preconceived beliefs, limitations and restrictions. Let yourself feel deeply as you move gently through life’s course. You will then find all the freedom you’ve been looking for. It is only your thoughts that have kept you separated from the mainstream of life.


Freedom is in Oneness


Freedom is understanding that we are all One, no matter what our life form is. These life forms that we inhabit are merely shields to protect and to keep us grounded in third dimensional life. Our bodies offer us the opportunities to evolve ourselves, through pretending we are separate. This allows our consciousness to concentrate on the reality we’re presently in, without becoming confused by the other dimensions surrounding us.


The bodies are the outer encasements covering our Souls, giving us a place to “operate” from, so that we can experience Earth first hand. Without this covering or body to live in, we couldn’t be here.


So our bodies are essential, but not the key to our existence. The key is the Soul inhabiting the body, which gives it Life. The life force which fuels the body comes from the Soul, not the other way around. Once you know this principle of Life, you can understand how all Life is One Soul, emanating from the same Source.


When you go to the closet and take out a different dress or suit to wear, you don’t change who you are; you only change your outer appearance. You, the person in the clothes, remain the same.


This is the principle of all Life. Our Souls always remain our Souls; only our outer form changes from incarnation to incarnation to give us the different experiences our Soul needs to grow and evolve.


We Are the Creator and the Creation


The purpose of all life on Earth is to support humans in our great quest for higher consciousness leading us back home to our God Selves.


All souls are really One Divine Soul originating from the One Creator who has chosen to experience ALL THAT IS by fragmenting into infinite streams of consciousness. Each stream experiences and explores life through the eyes of Creation, individualizing into countless life forms.


As humans, we are exploring divinity through our human form on land. The Cetaceans are exploring their divinity through their form in the ocean.


Creator is us and Creation is us. We are all One and the same in different forms and in different environments, exploring the Oneness through our different experiences. Once this is understood, we will begin to realize the vastness of Eternity and how our experiences through form never end. They just change according to our evolutionary flow up the Spiral of Life.


Time is Eternal and Life is Eternal. Our Souls are Eternal and our Consciousness is Eternal. We can never get lost or become separated as long as we stay focused on God. God is within us and we can always find our way back home by knowing who we are and why we are here on Earth. Finding this information about ourselves is crucial. Knowing the Laws of Creation changes our lives drastically from one of fear and loneliness to a life of hope and security.


Stand in Your I AM Presence


Earth is a free will zone, which means that all who come here can choose their behavior and enact their roles on a grand scale. The test is to stand in your mighty I AM Presence and react to all around you from that place within you. Then nothing can shake or corrupt the purity of your soul. This is probably the greatest test, to remain solidly within your I AM Presence at all times, so that negativity can only bounce off you, while Love infiltrates your heart.


Dolphins and whales are always grounded in their mighty I AM Presence. Therefore, they can go about their business unaffected by the catastrophes and chaos around them. When in that higher frequency, all lower vibrations are out of sync and don’t affect them. So they don’t feel it, although they are still aware it exists and is happening on a lower plane.


Their advice to us: Stay wrapped and in attunement with your Higher Self at all times, and know that nothing can touch you, except God’s Love.


Whales and dolphins want us to know that all the answers are encoded in our DNA strands, waiting for us to decode them as we climb into higher consciousness. We will be able to access the storehouse of information that is within us. As we begin to access this information, we will find that the keys to life will appear automatically each step of the way as we need them.


Abundance Everywhere


There is no poverty or lack in the Oceans. The Cetaceans lifestyles are bountiful and reflect the abundance that is all around them.


We, too, are surrounded by Earth’s bountiful supply of resources. We need only to look around us at the vast array of abundance and then use only what we need. Our lives can be rich and diverse if we look to Nature for our supply. Nature supplies all life with everything it could possibly desire.


The Cetaceans realize this and use Nature to replenish their bounty when needed. They know that the Universe supplies all. They live within the Divine Universal Laws and understand how to use their divinity and how to work within Universal Law.


We, too, can learn this way to live our life. Everything we need is at our disposal. Just be aware of your divinity and connect yourself to the universal supply that exists all around you.




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