Image shows the sunflower to symbolize the golden shift within.

The Golden Shift Within


Whether you are spiritual or not, most of humankind knows that we are going through unprecedented and transformative times on our planet. Even developed countries that were once politically and economically stable are experiencing chaos and strife. The Great Shift or Turning of 2012 has challenged us in unparalleled ways. When will the hardship and upheaval end? Reality is changing so quickly. When will it get easier for the planet?


The Ancients have always talked about a Golden Age coming when the Earth would experience 1,000 years of peace.


Let’s shift our consciousness to another perspective. This is what the Great Shift is all about – evolution, new paradigm thinking and living at a higher level of consciousness. While a Golden Age is yet to manifest globally and may be years away for our entire planet, it can actually happen within you if you are not attached to the chaos of the world.


The Golden Age will happen in small pockets in communities of those who are seeking to be enlightened. It started with the advent of the New Age. Leaders of this movement, in answering their calling, are being of service to steward the planet through massive transformation. However, first, change has to happen within us, before it can reach a critical mass to impact the planet.


The Golden Age is actually within us and is our birthright. It remains dormant until we know that we are divine and that God-Source is within. It requires much soul work and needs to be earned since gold is a very precious commodity. Let’s look at some of the essential tenets to live a golden life:


Alignment to Source


A natural stream of well-being flows through us when we are one with God-Source. When we have a strong connection to Source we feel centered, expanded and are living in the present moment. We feel harmony within and with those around us. Our minds are still and quiet of incessant chatter. We have that “All is well feeling.”


Spiritual Guidance


It is our spiritual birthright to have direct contact with the Divine or the All-Embracing Spirit, anywhere at any time. We make the connection through our Infinite Self. Infinite Source and spiritual beings such as Angels, Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters are always ready to listen.


The Art of Co-Creation 


We know how to co-create what we need in our lives. The difference between co-creation and manifesting is that we partner with the Divine to create what our soul, not our ego, wants in life. We align with our Infinite Self, with Divine Will and with Mother Earth in creating and manifesting our dreams.


Co-creation is mutual, reciprocal sacred contract with the Divine. It is part of being of service to humankind – as we serve the universe, the universe will serve us. When we ask for abundance in our life, we ask for abundance for all and the planet.


Higher Octave Emotions


We have a choice, most of the time, about our feelings. We make the choice to reside in higher, vibrational emotions such as love, joy, optimism and hope. We choose these states over fear and doubt which cause us to fall from grace. We adeptly know how to move ourselves out of the denser emotions.


Being-ness and Unity 


When we are focused in the present, we are not thinking and are being. We are connected to Source and are one with ourselves. Our psyche is not fragmented with a multitude of voices going off in our head. Being-ness helps us to connect to unity consciousness which honors that we are all one and interconnected. We are able to transcend duality, feeling peace and harmony.


So we can bring more ‘heaven to earth’ by becoming golden. Aspire to holding this energy for it will exponentially spread when more do so. This will be our contribution in the birthing of a New Earth for humanity.




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