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Free Yourself From The Matrix


Humans are spiritually born free, but in the global Matrix net, we suffer at the hands of the Controllers. They create fear in us, while they tap our phones, hack our computers and watch over us with a million cameras. Meanwhile, they legislate endlessly to impede every commercial activity, while feeding themselves and their importance.


We have a spiritual duty to try and break free.


What is the Matrix?


The matrix is designed to keep you asleep, to keep you a slave to yourself and to your job. While inside the matrix, you live a life of fear, and you drown in debt as a superficial commercially driven consumer. It is designed to keep you living a mundane existence, completely unaware of your Infinite Self, and unlimited potential.


Think of the way most people live: they force themselves to wake up in the morning, dress up, drive straight to work, drive back home about 8 hours later, watch TV, and sleep, only to repeat the same routine next day for almost their entire lives.


We consider this kind of living as normal and even healthy, but if you stop and think about it, it’s not healthy at all. Life is very sacred and wonderful, and instead of making the most out of it, we choose to waste it just because we have been programmed to do so. 


Traditions, habits and belief systems have turned us into mindless automatons who just follow a predetermined path that was handed to us by society. This programming, however, can be broken, and then, life can be turned into a beautiful celebration filled with love, laughter and play.




Geometry teaches us that a dot (zero dimension), a line (one dimension), and a plane (two dimensions), have no volume, nor do they exist. But somehow, six “non-existent” planes tied together make a three dimensional cube that somehow does exist.


How can something that is non-existent equal existence? An infinity of dots make a line, two intersecting lines define a plane, and multiple intersecting planes produce a three dimensional shape made up of dots.


What if it’s the other way around? What if the dot is a singularity of infinity? If we go one step further: what if a single thought is a singularity of infinite potential?


Infinite Potential


What if a dot or a single thought is a singularity point of infinite potential, a point of density that can be divided into infinity, like a hologram that is both nowhere and everywhere?


Essentially, we’re all just vibrating wave-particles, existing and non-existing simultaneously. In physics, this is called half spin particle variable. Each one of us is the leading character, starring in our own real life movie called the Matrix, where multiple Universes exist, where matter and anti-matter are in a state of existing and non-existing at all times.


Double Slit Experiment


The double-slit experiment proves without a shadow of a doubt that the mere act of observation can completely change the outcome of an event at any given second. In this double slit experiment, when a camera was observing electrons, they acted as particles. However, when there wasn’t any camera or recording equipment used to observe the electrons, they acted as waves and particles simultaneously, only collapsing on one or the other once there was an observer to observe it. This means that matter can act as both a wave and as a particle depending on whether or not there’s an observer observing it.


How to Break Free From the Matrix


Below are 8 tips that will help you to break free from the Matrix that you’ve been trapped into since the day you were born:


1. Go beyond fear or at least accommodate fear and agree to be a bit scared for now, and eventually go beyond it. Fear must not dominate.


Much of the fear we experience isn’t ours. Once we learn that, we can get on top of it more readily. If you are suddenly scared ask yourself, is this me? If there is no logic to it, then it’s a fear hit from the Matrix. Dismiss it.


The Matrix is frenetic, neurotic, and full of fear and pain; that is its control mechanism. To spin away and be different and eventually escape, you have to be centered and develop a deep calm.


2. Meditation helps you develop deep calm, as it shows you things about you and the situations around you. Calm comes from detachment; detachment is not indifference, it is just observation without emotion.


Meditation also helps us to connect to our inner Self and to develop mindfulness. Living in the present moment is a great way to break free from our conditioning. By being mindful of the here and now, we’ll be able to respond to whatever happens each and every moment spontaneously, without being a victim of our past.


3. Embrace the philosophy of ‘live and let live’, or you’ll get sucked into the Matrix response of indignation, and other people’s stuff. Indignation is one way it locks you down and traps you in the emotion of things you usually can’t fix.


4. Time alone is vital. So is silence and time in Nature.


5. Be mindful of what you put into your body. Embrace a vegetarian or vegan diet.


We are our bodies. Is what you’re eating contributing to your health or is it poisoning your physical organism? Is what you’re eating environmentally sustainable, or is it negatively impacting the natural world? These are some important questions that everyone should ask themselves.


Most people choose to eat foods which are filled with sugar, preservatives, and which are empty of nutrients or contain animal-derived products, unaware that their food choices are detrimental to their health, contribute to the suffering and death of tens of billions of animals, and have a tremendously negative impact on the environment.


6. Discover your life’s passions and pursue them.


7. Escape the herd mentality. You are a unique individual with unique talents and gifts to offer to the world.


Unfortunately, society has suppressed our individuality since birth. We’ve been programmed to doubt ourselves and conform to what is considered as normal. This, however, prevents us from embracing ourselves and creating our own path in life.


Distance yourself from the herd mentality and start paying attention to your inner voice; doing so will allow you to follow your calling and live the way you truly want to live.


8. Creatively express yourself.


A great way to deprogram yourself from the normalcy of modern life is to focus your attention on creativity. We’re all born creative, but slowly our creativity has been suppressed so much that we’ve almost forgotten that we’re creative beings. To be creative means to think outside the box and see life from different perspectives. Most importantly, to be creative means to find out new ways of living and realize that you have the power to manifest the kind of life you desire.




Stuart Wilde

The Unbounded Spirit

Adept Initiates


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