Image of a delicious raw, vegan cheesecake to represent food production and consumption in Inner Earth.

Food Production And Consumption


Image of a delicious raw vegan cheesecake


In the Subterranean Cities, all foods and commodities are free, and are freely given or bartered for. Everyone has everything they need to live a life where all necessities are met. This results in freedom of time for all to live and develop their creativity. Citizens of the sub-cities don’t think about money or taxes, so their thoughts are free to roam the universes.


Honor and Respect Earth’s Resources


Inner Earth inhabitants cherish the Earth. All of their food production is carried out in honor and respect for the Earth’s resources. They don’t use paper or plastics, nor do they wrap their food in any way. They do use containers to store their food, and these containers are used over and over again. The food is produced and then delivered directly to the distribution centers. This way, all that they use can be immediately replaced. It is all computerized through a master food computer that keeps all of their dietary requirements in mind. It is all guided and directed by their people who take turns in shifts in different areas of household work.


Nature, in her glory and abundance, bears great quantities of food. Nature, left alone, produces abundance. Therefore, residents of the subterranean cities live close to Nature, and follow her rhythms and cycles in their food production. All their foods are organic, as they are in tune with Mother Earth, and she personally directs their growth.


Their fields of grains sparkle and thrive and are perfectly touched by the Sun and rain to produce the most luscious of crops. Their food pulses with the force of life, and when eaten by them, transfers the Life Force into their very cells, which results in perfect health and longevity of years.


Hydroponic Farming


There are many kinds of hydroponics in the Inner Earth, since there are many different Inner Earth civilizations residing there. Some hydroponic facilities are huge, depending upon the society’s population, and some are small, depending upon the community it serves.


Each community grows everything according to its citizens’ bodily needs. They use very advanced instruments to determine what their bodies need. Then they program them into their hydroponics to produce the vitamin and mineral content in their vegetables and fruits to meet their requirement for perfect health.


In the subterranean city of Telos, food production takes priority. Everyone is trained in growing and producing food. All work in the hydroponic gardens to grow their foods. They all take turns developing and experimenting with their crops. Once the food is grown, it is then taken to the distribution center where everyone comes to pick up their supplies.


They grow all their own food using the water and sunlight from the Earth. Their water is sparkling clear, pristine and clean; their sunlight is the full spectrum of light, which nurtures and nourishes both their plants and bodies.


Recycle and Reuse


All that Hollow Earth inhabitants use in the production for food consumption is re-used. They have no land fill sites as we do on the surface, because all they use is recycled over and over again. They never discard anything, nor do they ever bury anything in their soil; for the Earth is alive also, and they respect and protect her.


There is no waste produced. If there are any ingredients left over that they cannot use, then they just dematerialize them. So this frees up all their land space for living space, parks and streams.


This is the advantage of having advanced technologies. Nothing is wasted or over-produced. All is in harmony with Nature, and all they do supports Nature.


Organic Vegetarian Diet


All meat is banned in Inner Earth. Its residents have a very varied diet, eating only those foods that contain the Life Force in them. Hence, they only eat vegetables, grains, fruits and nuts.


They don’t freeze food as we do on the surface. All their food is eaten fresh, for this is the way that all nutrients are consumed. Every day people pick up their food for the day. It is easier for them to “shop” every day for their food because their workday is only four hours long. They have much more time available to tend to their nourishment and health.


Organic Gardening


All inhabitants of the subterranean cities practice organic gardening, as it is the only way to survive and still retain their full consciousness. Their land, water and air are of the purest form, and result in only the highest quality foods possible on a planet. All food is pure, and free of chemicals and contaminants.


Advanced Technology


Hollow Earth residents are technologically advanced when it comes to food production. They know how to grow the healthiest foods using the best farming methods. Their technology allows the land to breathe and maintain all its vital vitamins and minerals that are so necessary to good health. They use crop rotation and hydroponic farming to grow all their food. They don’t import or export foods as we do; they eat only locally grown crops.


How is Food Prepared?        


In Inner Earth, food is very delicately prepared and it is all “live” and freshly picked. Its citizens eat mostly fruits, vegetables and grains. Their soy products are fermented out in the open air. They do “cook” some of their foods, but their type of “cooking” is much different from ours, because they don’t use fire, electricity, microwaves, skillets or ovens. They use technology that funnels heat into the food causing it only to warm up without changing its molecular structure in any way. They have technology that warms, without harming the Life Force. However, they eat most of their foods at room temperature.


They prefer cool foods that have just been picked and prepared in salad variations. They do have “baked” goods, but they are “baked” in a different way, much like the food dryers we use to dry banana chips. They can make delicious cakes this way that still maintain their Life Force and keep their enzymes intact.




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