Image of a beautiful yellow lotus or water lily. Flower Essences of Self #2

Flower Essences of Self #2


Apothecary of Herbs and Diet For Light Synthesis and Transfusion


The Light Within


The light within

Is a beautiful synthesis

Of the self of the self within

In the love of the now

In the perseverance of realization

Of the unity of all of life

In which the dreamer and the dreams

Of wholeness may unfold

In collaboration with all kingdoms

In the new dream


About Transfusion and Self Realization


Transfusion is an ancient energy system that is associated with self-realization. Transfusion is a flow that oscillates the self of the self within into interplay with spirit such that consciousness can understand the nonphysical in life perceptions. Life for many is devoid of the expanse of spirit. Self has been cut off from spirit for eons of time in human expression. The loss of spirit is a direct happenstance of loss of knowledge and direction to allow life to unfold in ease.


Transfusion is an adroit equation of light that spins over and through the biology augmenting diffusion of density into particles of gaseous substances of self. The gas flows through the pores and other gateways of self to dissipate on the exterior leading to a system of ascension of the vessel that augments self infusion of self. Self infuses into the biology where the density departs leading to a self and soul driven exposé of life.


Transfusion is not an oscillation possible without a rendition of light synthesis of self. Self of the self within is an energetic formation of seven layers of field that synthesize consciousness into self-awareness. Few understand the nature of self and it is a region of field that can be damaged as realization begins to transfuse. Transfusion light synthesizes the striations of the self of the self within into an ignition or spark that ignites truth to be exposed and expressed in life.


Realization is a theory that the consciousness of self is to understand, forgive, find compassion and oscillate into divine expressions in life. The seven layers of synthesis of self are synthesized surrounding the heart accolade of self in the heart chakra region of field. The heart must be first renditioned to develop the thousand petal lotus of the Bodhisattva in Buddhist terminology. The lotus expands into 700 petals and syncopates a rhythm that allows the chalice of the divine to open in the heart. The chalice of the divine seats the self of the self within to abridge into a formation for those mastering.


Self of the Self Within


Many have opened the chalice divine but may or may not have seated the self of the self within to date; or potentially the self within was seated and then due to lack of light synthesis withdrew or failed to be synthesized within. For those mastering, choosing to synthesize the self of the self within is a means of renditioning the mishap in development of further mastery. Self is fostered through the archetype of the life happenstance.


Self is the expression of the archetypal relay of dream of the life. Without self there is not the guidance of the archetype to foster the life. Most humans are devoid of archetypal sequences of support in life dreams. Self masters as divine presuppositions for existence. Divine mastery has twelve aspirations of self to be expressed in continued life evolutionary fulfillment. Each of the twelve aspirations are annotated in Buddhist lore of self-realization.


Self of the self within fosters seven layers of development in striations of synthesis rooted in the chalice of the divine and completing around the creative body. Self of the self is a striation of formation of light that is synthesized like a rainbow into a shimmering substance of consciousness that causes understanding of compassion and divinity within to take flight. Compassionate action is a formation of striation of tones that emanate in the green to purple hues of self. Divinity is another series of colors of striations that are fostered in a series of twelve sequences of mastery levels of self-realization.


Nutrients and Mindset Development


Mindset development requires nutrients in order to be fostered for those ascending into the next wave of evolutionary fulfillment. Most food resources are in lack of subtle nutrients to develop the synapses required for mindset into compassionate action or divine aspirations of life. There is a requirement for many substances to rendition the biology into special oscillations of mindset. Those destined to this goal must pay special attention to the dietary needs for evolutionary fulfillment of self. Many substances are found useful as follows.


Colloidal Gold


Gold is a substance that lines the synapses of the mindset of compassionate action and divine theory of self. Synapses of divine expression are octagonal in shape and special divisions in the cortex of the brain need to be carved in order for divine mindset to develop. There are many other substances required to allow for the cortex to part appropriately for mindset to develop.


Amino Acids of L-Arginine and L-Tyrosine


The cortex of divine mindset develops in sequences of layers of proteins that are often non-prevalent in human diets. The addition of amino acids of L-Arginine and L-Tyrosine are useful for most. Amino acids are to be taken sparingly and only as kinesthetically tested as they can become poisonous to the biology otherwise over time. Generally, one month of small dosages is adequate to supplement a particular mindset level of development. Further developments are generally spaced one year apart; and therefore, taking the amino acids 12 months later is adequate to prevent a toxic reaction. Amino acids taking to excess can damage the liver or spleen due to poisonous formations of acids in the blood.


Colloidal Silver


The brain is often loaded with yeast and other toxic substances that can oscillate disturbances in development of divine mindset. Larger dosages of colloidal silver to aid in the release of yeast is suggested for a short period until healed. Small dosages of colloidal silver are useful to the immune function of self on a daily and continuous basis. Colloidal silver aids in the formation of the synapse junctures of the relays of nerves of the brain to oscillate the mindset into formation of self interpretation of self.


Cell Food


Cell food is a substance developed by a nuclear physicist that allows more oxygen and other colloidal substances necessary to the presence of stem cells to become prevalent in the physicality. Stem cells inaugurate cell regrowth and new cell formation. Cell food is a useful daily substance of use for life as well as mindset development. Mindset of divine presupposition requires more oxygen to balance the waves fostered in the thoughts of life.


Fulvic Acids


Fulvic acids are a prevalent nutrient required for development of the relay systems of neurons and transmitters in the synapse junctures of the brain and nervous system of the biology for divine mindset expression. Fulvic acids are often offered through a substance known as Zeolite. Fulvic acids also allow the repose of the nerves to serve in sustenance of health throughout the body. All decay or disease originates with failure of a nerve to repose its synapses to cause stem cells to regrow. Fulvic acids aid in renewal of all levels of mastery of biology.


Herbs for Sustenance of Health


Light synthesis is often difficult upon the biology over time. Light synthesis will stress organs and glands that are less than healthy due to age or toxic exposure in life. Herbs are the best resolution for most physical imbalances whether of western or eastern predisposition of health orientation. General tonics for each organ, gland and system are a useful recurrent series of substances for support of light wave mindset health. Working with a nutritional specialist may be useful in the capacity to discern or kinesthetically understand the body’s special requirements at each phase of development of mindset. Herbs found useful include:


1. Ginseng and maca for sustenance of the adrenals


2. Wild yam and prickly ash bark for the pancreas


3. Schisandra and shitavara for the liver


4. Dong quai and evening primrose for female hormones


5. Dong quai and saw palmetto for male hormones


6. Boswellia and pelargonium sidoides root extract for the lungs


7. Arjuna and triphala for the heart


8. Mangosteen and astragalus for the immune system


9. L-Lysine amino acid and Oregon grape root for the spleen


10. Cranberry and pumpkin seed oil for the bladder


11. Uva ursi and nettle for the kidneys


12. Liquid minerals for the intestines and bone structure


13. Medicinal mushroom of chaga sustains the repose of the nerves


14. Medicinal mushroom of turkey tail sustains the synapses of the new mindset development


15. Medicinal mushroom of lion’s mane sustains the skin of the nerves


16. Medicinal mushroom of birch bark sustains the ganglion of the nerves and brain stem


17. Medicinal mushroom of Zhu ling sustains the health of the blood and lymph and the nerves associated with the heart function


18. Medicinal mushroom of mycelium sustains the nervous repose of the mindset


Please kinesthetically discern all dosages of any herb or substance consumed over time. Not all herbs are necessary at all times of further mindset development. Physical symptoms will determine what organ, gland or system is exacerbated in light synthesis to discern what may be required next to support and sustain health.


Detoxification and Light Synthesis


Detoxification of density is a necessary happenstance for light wave synthesis to sustain health. Light synthesis burns off density through application of molecular systems of light. As light burns, carbons and heavy metals along with petrochemical substances ignite and turn into gas. The field will burn bright and possibly sparkle and crackle if attuned unto as toxic substances and carbons ignite. Toxins are renditioned into gases that flow out of the body through various avenues of escape such as the hands and feet and nape of the neck along with apex of the crown.


Assuring adequate ventilation in the bedroom or home is necessary as some gases renditioned through the field may asphyxiate the lungs for a time if inhaled extensively. Smells of methane, gasoline, burnt wood and rubber are common gases produced in early light synthesis through octaves of 300 and under. Beyond this, gas smells are more etheric and less subject to asphyxiation of the biology. An open window and fan is a good accoutrement for the environment in times of heavy light synthesis. In general, ventilation is an ongoing need for enough oxygen in light synthesis. Indoor environments are best landscaped with house plants year round to augment indoor oxygen supply. Oxygen is a necessary substance for light wave mindset to develop.


Light synthesis is measured in octaves. Biological systems of self rely upon octaves of light as a measure of synthesis of striation into the chalice of the divine in the heart accolade of field. Octaves of 70 to 140 are beginning levels of light synthesis and cause the density of toxic substances to be dissipated. Beyond octave 140, other carbons are released associated with toxic thoughtform of non-compassion and non-divine expressions of self. Each toxin is a mind bend phenomenon leading to incarcerated dream happenstance in life. As toxins dissipate, a lighter and more peaceful and sweet dream can be caught in the life lore script.


Detoxification in the physical is a health preservation focus for those choosing to mindset develop into divine expression in this life. Light synthesis will exacerbate acidic wastes in the blood and lymph. Acidic waste may be the single most hazardous material in the blood in association with health regardless of path. Fasting on alkaline water and fresh fruit and vegetable juices is useful in times of high levels of light synthesis of self to prevent over acidosis of the biology. Juices recommended include:


1. Juice of greens such as organic kale and swiss chard provide many micronutrients and alkalinize the blood.


2. Juice of organic celery sustains the salt balance of the blood if the body has become bloated. Celery juice also aids in the balance of blood sugars and metabolic function of the pancreas.


3. Fresh apple juice renditions the kidneys and spleen ducts of acid waste.


4. Juice of organic fennel aids in healing the intestines of formations of gas.


5. Juice of organic carrots provide vitamins useful to sustenance of the mucous membranes. Carrot juice also provides nutrients that aid in the release of forensic systems of dysfunction in the nervous repose of self.


6. Juice of organic beets is a useful tonic to sustenance of the blood supply.


7. Juice of organic watermelon balances the pH of the blood if alkaline water systems of support are unavailable.


8. Juice of lemon and lime aids in alkalinizing the blood. Lemon and lime are a juice of fruition function for nervous repose to repose.


9. Ginger warms the intestines for easier digestion of micronutrients while sustaining a juice fast.


Vegetable Stock and Soups


Vegetable stock is also a useful hot drink that renditions the blood to cleanse. Stocks made of organic fennel and celery stalks, onions, carrot and beet tops, fresh ginger, and cayenne pepper made with pH positive water forms a rich potassium broth that can be taken throughout the day or used as a stock for other soups or dishes. The broth will aid in balancing the pH of the blood and to heal the muscular systems to repose with the nerves more readily for mindset development. All nervous repose requires the muscles to function properly which requires potassium as a micronutrient of the blood.


Soups can also be made of organic fresh juice that is heated in the cold of winter for warmth during periods of fasting. Juicing organic tomatoes, celery, carrots, potatoes, asparagus, fennel, or sweet greens such as swiss chard or spinach as preferred can be very nurturing during a fast. A small amount of shoyu or liquid aminos added to the soup is useful to sustain salt balance of the blood when consuming other juices or broths that are potassium rich. A sprinkle of cayenne or chipotle chili powder or ginger powder warms the intestines nicely for thorough digestion of all nutrients ingested in the day.


Fasting is one rapid manner to remedy acidosis or other ailments due to malfunction of nervous repose of self. Light synthesis reposes self into the biology as density dissipates into gaseous formations. As density lifts, the nerves can repose in excessive to loss of motion. Excessive motion will cause pain in the physical. Excessive loss of motion leads to sensations of extreme cold or tiredness. Fasting will allow the biology to cleanse each region associated so that the repose of the nerves will be fostered in balance leading to a recovery of the sensations of health.


Light synthesis can lead to periodic sensations of disease that mimic many conditions. The disease may or may not be synthesized into the physical. Some conditions that can be experienced include, sporadic asphyxiation or inability to breathe, headaches, heart palpitations, stomach and intestinal distress, kidney or liver malfunction leading to retention of fluids, or aches and pains in the spine, hips or neck.


The pain associated with light synthesis development of mindset is due to an insufficient repose in the nerves related to each region struggling in the biology. In choosing to fast and rest through difficult moments of light wave development, the body will repose back into health in as short as a week to a few months within the nerves. As the nervous repose is restored, the symptoms disappear. Some nerves require transformation into new DNA in order to rendition the nervous repose of self.


Toxins and Mind Bend


Mind bend is a function of light wave development of self. Mind waves oscillate in motions that lead to balance of mindset. If mindset warbles in small variations of oscillations, mind bend occurs. Mind bend is an adroit sensation of strife within. Strife within can be defined as nervousness, anxiety, health concerns, life concerns of fear, feelings of depression or suicide, or feelings of remorse or grief. Anger oddly enough is a response that often renditions mind bend into balance again.


Anger is a response to a violation of self. Self of the self within is often violated in a variety of happenstance in energetic foray of exchanges amongst humans. Mind bend occurs as the oscillations of self match the oscillations of others. Some are gifted at bending the mind of one into parallel precepts of thoughtform of self. Those mastering divine presuppositions will discover the requirement to cease to be mind bent into the thoughts of others to sustain a state of compassionate action or divinity in life. Mind bend ceases as the nervous repose is sustained adequately in the cortex through thorough development of the synapses of the brain and self.


Mind bend is subject to the nutritional foray for the biological dream. Mind bend can occur through consumption of food source that fails to resonate with the new mindset or fails to provide the correct series of nutrients. Mind bend can occur in association with individuals that require renditioning out of the life in karmic completion. Each human realizing self walks a unique path that requires understanding, forgiveness and action to sustain the path of mastery into health and non-mind bend ahead.


Alcohol and Drug Use


Alcohol is not useful in mindset development except for small amounts of wine. Alcohol in high content such as hard liquors shut down synapses leading to mind bend of self along with tiredness. Tiredness is a symptom of mind bend and not necessarily a function of divine mindset. The evening cocktail is not useful to those reposing into divine precepts of self.


Drugs of most happenstance of humanity including those that are prescription to those that are for pleasure can cause an interference in mindset development. Some drugs such as ecstasy can interfere with the production of necessary substances in the pituitary that are required for mindset synapse development. Marijuana tends to dull mindset into mind bend in use. Mind bend can include fantasies of deep aptitude of motion that are to be renditioned through rather than happenstanced through in sustained chemical use.


Diet and Light Synthesis


Light synthesis requires not only a refined diet but also small amounts of food to cease to exacerbate digestive disturbances that lead to constipation, gas, and fermentation into probiotic deficiencies of the intestines. If extreme enough, a condition leading to blood poisoning through gastric dysfunction can develop. The mindset functions best on small amounts of fine food, herbs, pH positive water or other fluids such as fresh juices to sustain its divine insights of self.


Light waves oscillate food in the intestines into gas as light synthesis is applied to the body. In over consuming of too much food resource, purification can occur leading to extremely toxic substances in the mucous membranes of the intestines. The toxins can enter the blood leading to an infection or other problem in the biology.


Food source that best sustains light synthesis is primarily vegan and adroit in its exemplary requirements to support the body in complement to the digestive repose of self. Most food resource today is devoid of nutrient level of worth. Consuming just to consume is not advisable in light wave mindset development. Consumption of meat is not useful as a self-development postulation of harm. Meat is a forensic reaction (including fish) that includes destruction precepts of thoughtform. Self will not develop in a destructive happenstance of life.


Fasting is a recurrent theme for most in mindset development octaves of self above octaves of 140. Fasting may occur for sustained periods out of each 24-hour cycle; or for several days per week if the body requires a motion of lift. Motions lift the light in octaves renditioned through in layers surrounding the holographic repose of self. Food is a factor of density and something to light synthesize in addition to the molecules of the biology. The more food consumed the less light that can be synthesized in any given 24-hour cycle.


Small amounts of organic fresh juices, organic fruits, nuts, nut butters and oils, and vegetables, raw or roasted is the main resources of food for those upon a light synthesis system of diet. One to three cups of cooked or raw food is generally enough in any given day (not including pH positive water or fresh fruit juices or other beverages of choice). If intestinal distress occurs, organic potatoes, pasta or other starches are useful to absorbing noxious substances. The intestines can be subject to inflammation and a form of psoriasis if the mucous membranes become too acidic through raw food consumption. Balance is the key to a light synthesis diet with small amounts of the right foods each day that synthesize and digest readily.


Recommended Meals for Non-Mind Bend


Organic food resources useful to non-mind bend function of self. Here are some suggested meals for non-mind bend of self:


  1. Hot breakfast cereal of whole kamut or quinoa flakes with goji berries and coconut or hazelnut, rice or almond milk. Hot cereals of this nature rendition the mindset through purification of the intestines and blood.


  1. Fresh fruit compote of apricots, berries, cherries, mangos, and plums topped with yogurt and goji berries and a drop of stevia for sweetness. Sugar in excess can be a mind bend and stevia herb is a nice substitute. Fresh fruit renditions the gall bladder and stomach to repose and digest better in light synthesis. Certain fruits do not synergize well but the above generally digest best in light motions of self. Yogurt may be one of the few milk products useful to aid the digestion through proper bacterial formations in the intestines. Those who are vegans can have vegan or non-dairy yogurt.


  1. Salad of organic bitters of arugula and other greens, blueberries, cherry tomatoes, fennel root, fresh herbs of basil and rosemary and a dressing of sesame oil, shoyu and rice vinegar. Greens are good blood cleansers and synergize the lymph. Blueberries are useful to the hormonal balance of self. Tomatoes clear the intestines of waste. Fennel root is a good digestive aid. Basil and rosemary aid the nerves in healing as a biological relay of self.


  1. Organic quinoa pilaf with shiitake, maitake and oyster mushrooms with roasted hazelnuts, fresh rosemary, and chili peppers. Quinoa is a high protein grain when blended with medicinal mushrooms. Protein heals and renditions the major organs, glands and systems in their repose of self.


  1. Coconut curry with coconut milk and Thai red or green curry paste, baby carrots, baby potatoes, and red and yellow capsicum and fresh ginger served over brown rice. Lightly steamed or cooked vegetables are preferred for light wave mindset. Whole coconut milk is a good overall substitute for milk. All milk products including cheese and eggs or organic half and half are subject to mucous producing substances in the blood. Mucous in the blood causes mind bend if it gathers and snuffs out synapses developing in new mindset.


  1. Organic stir fry of snow peas, black mushrooms, bamboo shoots, bok choy, broccoli and mung bean sprouts with toasted cashews in a spicy ginger sesame sauce over brown rice or rice noodles. Wok cooking is delectable and preferable due to retaining the nutrient value of the food resource. Snow peas aid in the mind development repose of self. Bok choy is a delicate nutritional foray with many substances that blood cleanse and prevent petrification of the digestive tract. Broccoli hosts substances that aid in the repair of the physicality in wave burn. Waves can sometimes overload the circuitry leading to a burn in the forensic motions of self realizing itself.


  1. Roasted asparagus in olive oil and balsamic vinegar with polenta cakes with whole coconut milk and lime chili sauce. Asparagus is healing for the eye synapses of self. Eyes are subject to mind wave oscillations that can burn the mucous membranes leading to poor eyesight. Asparagus contains many substances necessary to the repair of the eyes and cleansing of the blood. Polenta is a useful colon cleaner and when paired with whole coconut milk and lime, it aids in the renewal of the lower intestinal tract.


  1. Miso soup, seaweed salad in sesame oil, and avocado maki dipped in shoyu and wasabi served with pickled ginger. Miso is another fermented food like yogurt interestingly useful to mind bend not. Miso will soothe the intestinal tract in times of infection or struggle to digest without gas. Seaweed is an excellent resource of minerals for nerve development. Pickled ginger fosters renewal of the bowels. Avocado provides useful fats to mind bend not symptoms of self.


  1. Whole coconut milk ice cream and chocolate grand marnier flambé with a cappuccino made with almond milk served with almond dipped chocolate biscotti. Chocolate is a non-mind bend substance if organic and dark. Milk chocolate is not recommended due to fats that are insoluble for light wave mindset. Coffee is a good stimulant of mind wave thoughts to allow another level of divinity to emerge.


  1. Deep fried banana with coconut ice cream covered in mango syrup. Bananas are another non-mind bend food resource filled with potassium.


  1. Coconut water with lime over ice. Coco water is a pure form of nutrients and enzymes for digestion that is useful to the rendition of the mindset.


  1. Mango lassi with fresh mango puree and yogurt with a dash of salt. Mangos and yogurt synergize into a formation of truth of the truth within for continued self realization.


  1. Banana bread made with quinoa and kamut flour, whole coconut milk, stevia and baking soda. Whole coconut milk simulates eggs and can be added to flour with leavening agent (baking soda) to produce a delicious cake that is egg-free.


  1. Tortilla chips with guacamole and salsa. Avocado is a beautiful food for synergy along with digestion of the intestines. Avocado hosts oils, enzymes and many substances useful to development of new mindset.


  1. Tzatziki (yogurt cheese) with fresh rosemary, salt and chipotle chili powder served with gluten free organic pita bread. Yogurt or yogurt cheese is perhaps the only milk and cheese product that resonates in small amounts with new mindset development. Flours of wheat may be less useful as the gluten associated can cause mucous that is associated with mind bend.


  1. Baba ghanoush or roasted eggplant dip with lemon, roasted garlic and tahini (sesame butter) with organic gluten free pita bread. Eggplant is filled with micronutrients useful to mindset development. Roasting the eggplant unto black offers charcoal that can aid the digestion systems in renditioning gas out of the system.


Dietary Choices for Light Synthesis of Self


Some vegan food resources are less useful due to a tendency to putrefy the intestines. Beans and tofu can cause fermentation of the intestines in some people, but not everyone. The skin of the bean has enzymes useful to digestion. The skin ferments when the beans are pureed in a sauce or dip leading to indigestion. Tofu does not contain the skin of the soy bean and therefore can be difficult to digest in some individuals. Miso on the other hand does contain the soy bean skin and is a fermented food easier to digest. Beans in small amounts may be useful for vegan protein intake in light wave synergy diet but only if they are whole and complete and not pureed (except miso).


All foods are either pH neutral, basic or acidic. Vinegar, lemon and lime are pH positive substances. The enzymes of the digestive system cause the acids of such substances to invert into pH positive nutrients. Pineapple, oranges, tangerines and grapes are acidic in nature. Breads, pastas, potatoes, polenta and other starches are pH acidic. Vegetables are generally pH basic. Altering the diet to be more pH neutral to basic is another means of transforming acid wastes in support of light synthesis of self.


Eating out during periods of light synthesis of self can be reduced to a glass of wine (or juice, tea, or non-alcoholic wine for those who abstain from alcohol) and a small plate of something fresh organic or roasted to complement life for those choosing to socialize. Life should not be put on hold but is present to be enjoyed and lived always in the love of the love within expressed without. The senses of the biology are always the key to what works or does not work in a light wave diet.


Cell food and herbs can complement times of fasting for more rapid relay of substances to where they are required in the physiology. Super foods such as macro greens or reds are also useful to supply antioxidants and other key substances to the biology without the requirement for large meals to sustain life. Super foods complement light wave mindset kindly. Health food junk should be avoided unless something within self is craved.


All dietary choices are personal. Light wave mindset functions best with less in the stomach. The resources for digestion augment mind bend during the day. Larger proportion meals may be best to be consumed in the evening prior to times of rest. Light wave mindset may not rest a full night and often 2-3 hours of sleep is adequate in times of light wave synthesis of self.


Hot and Cool Transfusion Systems of Self


Light synthesis waves occur in hot and cool transfusion systems. Hot transfusion systems spin light formations in yellow, peach, pink, gold, silver and white formations of self. Cool transfusion occurs in green, blue and purple octaves of light. Hot transfusion occurs 80% of the time during the day or waking hours of life. Cool transfusion occurs 80% of the night or dream time hours of life.


Periods of hot transfusion burn off the density of the biology and triggers mindset to rendition into further levels of compassionate action and divine precepts of life. Contemplation is often an aptitude of periods of hot transfusion in which deep introspection over life occurs. Hot transfusion will peak in moments of rapture into the divine known as tantric rush. Tantric rush is a system where the synapses of light ignite within the biology and field leading to rapture due to the element of light synthesis of fire taking hold within. Tantric rush may produce beads of sweat on the sternum and along the spine. Tantric rush is not a hot flash although it may feel like one for those who have gone through menopause. The difference is the nature of the fluid produced during tantric rush.


Tantric Rush


Tantric rush forms a fluid that is associated with light synthesis of self. Tantric rush fluid only occurs during hot transfusion and not cool. Tantric rush fluid allows the mucous formed due to light synthesis to flush out the pores of the skin. The fluid generally vaporizes quickly and disappears except when overdressed. Tantric rush is a sign that the light synthesis is occurring as it should during periods of hot transfusion. A lack of rush is a sign that there is something missing in the transfusion system of self. The intention to gather back all systems of transfusion generally will remedy the happenstance. Tantric rush helps to hold the vibration and temperature evenly throughout the biology. Even temperature of biology is indicative of health that is sustainable in the life.


Light synthesis of fire leading to a tantric rush occurs many times per day depending upon level of mindset development. In early mindset development, rush may occur twice per day often upon awakening and at mid-day. In later mindset development, rush occurs hourly to sustain the temperature and vibration of biology and expanse of self in the awareness of the field. Mindset development oscillates in particular wave motions that transfuse in complementary manners with the self of the self within drawing unto itself the necessary elements of fire and air to cause enough heat to offset loss of body temperature.


Balance of Temperature


Loss of temperature not only leads to mind bend phenomenon of self but also can lead to difficult health conditions if severe enough and over time. Loss of temperature can cause a rapid decay of compromised regions of the biology. Hot transfusion that ceases will lead to cold to icy sensations in the biology. The intention to add more light wave motion to wherever a coolness of self is felt aids in retaining balance of temperature everywhere in the field and form. The intention to retrieve lost pallets (light grid centers), synapse junctures and rendition the transfusion bodies into wholeness is also a useful intention if a sudden drop in temperature occurs that is severe.


The biology should sustain no more than one to two octaves of variance between each organ, gland or system. More than two octaves of variation of temperature will lead to a problematic pattern that can cause an ailment in the physical over time. The intention to transfuse the region that is lower than the average more times per hour is a useful intention to allow any part of the body lagging behind to catch up. Light synthesis of biology requires even disbursement of light throughout all cells. Any group of cells that fall too far behind will degenerate. Sometimes there are difficult toxins or genetic patterns in some regions that do not transfuse evenly with the rest of the biology. The resolution is to detoxify the biology and also transfuse the region left behind more greatly until it catches up.


Cool transfusion is a system of light that allows for integration of self and renewal of the physical cells. Renewal is another helpful means to rendition all parts of the biology to the same octaves mastered in the light synthesis throughout. Long nights of rest may occur if the biology is suspected of creating a potential future physical series of problems. The cool transfusion allows the sick cells to renew and regrow as the stem cells are oscillated into motion through repose of self in the nervous system. Nutrients may need to be consumed to repair the stem cells and renew the structure.


Transfigurative Action of Self


Hot and cold transfusion can rendition the biology into health through transfigurative action of self. Transfiguration is an action of self that allows time to be utilized to modify the biology. Self can suspend each organ, gland, or system into moments in time when better health was lived within. Self can cause organs, glands, and systems to light synthesize into new and healthy DNA. The motions of time are a recurrent attribute of transfigurative action of self. Transfiguration is a gift of self of the self within to cause the body to retain its health.


Transfigurative action beautifies and causes the third dimensional laws of existence to be transfused through. The laws of existence include time, space and form along with density and tribulations of life happenstance. As time, space and form is transcended, life becomes more ethereal and magical leading to moments of ecstatic reunion of self. Ecstatic reunion causes the mansion of self to expand into divine expression in life.


Divine experiences may include deep meditative interludes with the nonphysical that can appear as alive as any other happenstance in the physical. Divine experiences will allow the magic of the nonphysical to collide with the physical in moments of expanded awareness and understanding of self. Self in its divine percolations will experience aspirations beyond the physical suspended in time, space and form. The mindset and biology is renditioned to allow for the cessation of the law of third dimensional existence for short to expanded moments, depending upon aptitude of self.




Life of the divine is an experiential affluence of dream. Divine affluence is a subject all of its own to be shared in other materials offered ahead. Divine affluence includes the beauty of self expressed through ckantor prose. Ckantor is a special language of dragon derivation of thoughtform. Dragons are a nonphysical foray of consciousness that drives the act of self-realization into the physical. Dragon dreaming occurs through prose incantation that renditions the dreams to realize compassionate action and divine expressions of life.


Self is a conscious attribute of field that oscillates in motions of the divine to understand, expand, provide gifts and talents unto physical expression of life, and dance with others in the love of the love within. Love is the foundation of the mansion of self. Love fortifies the dreams and visions of the happenstance of those realizing into divine motions in time. Motions of divinity cause succinct relationships with others founded upon experiences of common mindset of affluence.


Mindset development allows others to oscillate in common thoughts amongst those developed in parallel attributes of self in synergized states of being. Common thoughts unite humans into a foray of divine union together. Divine union allows complementary relationships and associations rather than diversity that abridges into disunity of the two or the group. Divine union also allows divine partnership to become a possible foray for a life relationship of the two. Divine partnership oscillates a motion of a synergy of the hearts, igniting a flame of union between the two if mastered.


The ignition of the flame within requires spirit and self to succinct in divine oscillations to cause a motion of light that inaugurates the truth of the truth within. The truth within is a union divine between aspects of Dao (feminine) and Tao (masculine) attributes of archetypal sequences of dreams. As Dao and Tao unite, a meticulous motion is caused that allows divine expression to occur within. As divine expression occurs within many, synergy of truth can occur between the two and within the group.


Mastery of divinity is a light oriented motion that requires light synthesis of field. The field must ascertain when to transfuse to sustain self of the self within in its aspiration of continued realization. Full consciousness expression causes the requirement of the mindset to understand the spiritual aspirations of life. Understanding requires introspection and internal focus to discern. Discernment of self is an attribute of mastery in which divine choices are oscillated unto in lieu of other influences in the life. Divine choices may preclude sharing in many common dreams of the human marketplace. Divine choices suspend life in a state of ongoing realization.


Divine choice is a preoccupation of self. Self chooses to realize itself alongside realization within the physical. The consciousness of the life must defer its goals and life choices unto the direction of self. Self directs through many tests that must be mastered through. Mastery is an ongoing direction of self to foray for dreams that fulfill upon realization in the life. Mastery of divine aspirations is measured in the heart accolade of self. The heart expands and realizes octaves of love of the love within expressed without. The love of the love within is also an internal oscillation that is a beautiful happenstance to synergize within.


The flower essences of self allow the love of the love within to expand. The flower essences of self are a series of oscillations of mindset that foster divine expression in life. The essays to follow will share of each flower essence of self for exploration, healing, new mindset development and to aid in the expanse of the love of the love within.


In the love of the love within,

The Dao

The Flowers of Self


The Light Within


The light within

Is a beautiful synthesis

Of the self of the self within

In the love of the now

In the perseverance of realization

Of the unity of all of life

In which the dreamer and the dreams

Of wholeness may unfold

In collaboration with all kingdoms

In the new dream


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Light Wave Art & Glossary



This book is lovingly dedicated to all Beings on their Journey to Self Development and Self Realization.

May the Love and Joy of All That Is embrace you on your Path.



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The Ascension Insights series and related books offer information on consensus ascension. This type of ascension involves rising up the dimensions with Earth and as she ascends. These books disseminate information on having a complete ascension with the potential of taking the body with you.


The Light Wave series offer information on another type of ascension known as transfusion. Transfusion is an inward focused process where the Consciousness returns Home to the Source, All That Is, or the Tao, through one’s hologram, and the body is left behind in ascension.



Asur’Ana does not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a form of treatment for physical, emotional, or medical problems without the advice of a physician, either directly or indirectly. The intent of the author is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. In the event you use any of the information in this book for yourself, which is your constitutional right, Aligning With Earth assumes no responsibility for your actions.




Asur’Ana. Light Wave 7: Mindset Development and Self Realization. Aligning With Earth, 2022. Digital.

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