Image shows a fairy communicating with a ladybug to represent open communication with the spiritual worlds in fifth dimensional communities.

Fifth Dimensional Communities


Small fifth-dimensional communities will be formed, and here people will live together for the highest good. Within several decades or even earlier, people will be attuned to each other, many communicating telepathically, so there will be no leader, just Oneness.  Words like ‘decision’ or ‘leader’ will not be required because the inhabitants will be living harmoniously and mostly telepathically together so choices will evolve automatically for the benefit and satisfaction of all.


Within these small communities people will become co-creators with each other and the Divine. All choices will arise for the highest good.


Open Communication with the Spiritual Worlds


Because many people will have opened up spiritually and psychically they will be seeing angels, fairies and other elementals. Gardeners and farmers will be communicating with the elementals to help the plants grow, as well as to learn from them. They will discover the bounty that Nature bestows if treated with respect and love.


Because everyone is working for the highest good of all in the fifth-dimensional communities, the older generation will once more be honored and people will listen to their wisdom. With good organic food, cleaner air, pure water, more peace and quiet, higher frequency satellite communication and a good feeling of belonging, senior citizens will once more become healthy, alert, alive and productive, which will raise the consciousness of all.




Fifth-dimensional communities on all continents will engender a sense of belonging, caring and cooperation. Open-hearted exchange and sharing promotes togetherness, generosity and higher love. Creativity of all sorts is encouraged, as is spirituality and Oneness.


As the veil between the physical and spiritual world lifts there will be a feeling of Oneness with animals, plants and fellow humans. People will begin to remember and feel their brotherhood/sisterhood. This will contribute to the success of small communities with a sense of belonging.


Communities Are Not For Everyone


It is perfectly fine for those of us who choose not to join communities! Listen to your heart and inner guidance in all matters. Perhaps you will feel drawn to join a community at a future time.




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