Image of a green leaf at the beach. Extraordinary Life Reflections

Extraordinary Life Reflections


The key to living an extraordinary life is to identify and appreciate the extraordinary things that are already part of your life. I would like to offer some simple reflections for living an extraordinary life.


The Beauty of Nature


Spend time in nature to experience its magnificent beauty and splendor. Nature rejuvenates and supports our frequency and energetic make-up.


The oceans, mountains, streams, rocks, trees and leaves release high vibrational rays of light that both calm and energize the soul at the same time. The power of nature is boundless, for it also centers our being and supports our intuitive faculties, bringing through important insights, downloads, creative breakthroughs and spiritual directives in our life.


As we awaken to our interconnectedness with Nature and All That Is, we merge more fully with Divine Consciousness, creating a better world for all souls and creatures of the planet.


Nature is a reflection of humanity, so take the time to be a steward of the Earth. Mother Earth is ALIVE and assesses every step we take on her sacred ground, gauging our level of commitment and willingness to be of service.


As we open up to Mother Earth and communicate our intention for being alive, our path is lit. So love, tend to, honor, cherish, commune and replenish the glory that she has so graciously provided, as she has faithfully supported and held watch over us while we have journeyed on this planet.


Love Is the Answer


LOVE is the most powerful force in the Cosmos. It dissolves all separateness. When we speak with the voice of our heart, we embrace the uniqueness of everyone on the planet, joining together in a unified global cause.


As human beings, we each have a basic soul purpose to love. As we allow ourselves to love and be loved, we open up the secret chamber of our heart, revealing our deeper personal mission and divine spiritual blueprint.


LOVE is the most precious gift in the Universe. When we realize this, we activate a dormant password well known throughout the cosmos. As we activate this portal of higher light knowledge, we place ourselves in the direct flow of the universal language of light, and our path is lit, for our heart is the seat of wisdom and connection to the Source through the subconscious mind. Through our heart, all of our questions shall be answered.


LOVE is the constant steady stream in the Cosmic tide of energy. As we love ourselves and others, we raise our energetic vibration, allowing our Eternal Self to shine light on humanity. As we open up and merge with this I AM Presence, we become our Eternal Self.


Everyone that we encounter on our journey came to Earth to awaken to the Light of Spirit, to bask in the divine energy of Oneness and to evolve into a higher dimensional being.


LOVE transmutes all negative energy. Be kind and gracious to one another, all around the world. Where there is forgiveness, there is calm. Where there is peace, there is love. Where there is tolerance and equality allowing all people to be who they are, there is unity.


The Seventh Golden Age is upon us! Shower love on all of our planetary brothers and sisters, for this will assist Mother Earth immensely in making her shift into the higher dimensional atmosphere.


Live Your Light


You are a Magnificent Being of Light placed on Earth to assist the planet’s transition into The Golden Age. You emanate light to all you meet, preparing them to awaken and activate upon their divine timing in days to come.


As you shine, meditate and pray you become an Ambassador of Light in the evolutionary plan for humanity. Do not be pulled away and distracted by the chaotic energies of the world around you. Send love and blessings to all people and beings everywhere, and to the planet.


Humanity has become distracted from Self through busyness and outside forces. It is time to turn inward to the quiet space within and bask in the glory of the Divine.


You are born to Shine. Your soul is infinite and continually guides and nudges you in every moment to expand and glow in the immensity of the extraordinary Being that you are. The greatest gift you can give to humanity is to Live Your Light.


You manifest your infinite reality when you empower yourself to live your dreams. Every moment you are given on the planet is a gift. As you live your light, you assist Mother Earth as she makes her Ascension in the Great Shift.


As you live and share your marvelous talents with the cosmos, you transmute your energy to a higher vibrational state and automatically assist the Ascension of the planet.


As you hear the call of your internal song and honor the truth within your heart, you automatically serve others.




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