Image of a figure in meditation pose with brilliant light shining through its aura to symbolize Enlightenment.



Enlightenment is not some unattainable goal only for the saints and those who retreat from the world. Some people might fear that after enlightenment, they have to forsake their family, that they cannot get married, that they cannot do their business, that they have to practice austerities, that they cannot show human feelings. This is the wrong concept of Enlightenment.


God Is Love


After Enlightenment, we will be happier in our life; we will experience more love and harmony with our partner (or spouse) and family members; we will be much more efficient in our career and in everything we do; we will enjoy things much more in this world, but in moderation; we will love more. We will not lose anything that is truly ours. We will follow God’s will instead of our ego. We will know that Source-God truly exists and takes care of us in all ways and in any situation. We will feel God’s overwhelming Love and protection for us. We will understand why “God Is Love”.


Life After Enlightenment


After Enlightenment, we live in the world but not of it. We still have human feelings and emotions, but we are not ruled by them. We view life from the vantage point of eternity, without much of the drama associated with the world. Like watching a movie, if someone dies, we know that it is only a movie. We do our best to contribute to the betterment of society, but have no desire for material wealth or praise. However, if they come our way, then we would enjoy them, but are not attached to them.


Enlightenment is comparable to waking up, because we suddenly experience a complete transformation of body and mind when we wake up from sleep. It is the unblocking of our obscurity to our own nature, to the Spirit or God connections within ourselves. An enlightened person really understands the Truth, whereas normal human beings live life in an illusionary dream that prevents many of us from understanding reality properly.


Two Kinds of Power


There are two kinds of power or energy in this world: positive and negative. We have both positive and negative energies within ourselves. This world is mainly a negative world because it is on the lowest rung of the ladder of Creation, where materialism is in abundance and not much Spirit. This negative world overwhelms us with physical needs of survival (food, shelter, clothing) as soon as we’re born. All these physical necessities immediately from birth have taken most of our time and energy. That’s why we forget about our positive side of nature and how to tap into this positive energy.


Enlightenment is a natural way of positive living, of tapping into all the positive qualities existing inside us. It is like waking up the driver of the car so that (s)he can drive it properly. The driver is our inner Self or the conscious Soul/Spirit within us.




Transmigration is an Eastern terminology for reincarnation. If there is anything that we have not finished in our life, or that we still desire, then when it’s time to depart this physical world, we will transmigrate or reincarnate into another body to finish our duty or fulfill that desire. We keep coming back again and again until one day we will have finished all of our duties and fulfilled all of our desires. At that time, we feel that we have nothing more that we want to do in this world. We feel that our mission here is finished. We want to return to the Heavenly worlds, to the Higher Worlds of advanced civilizations, or to our original Home, on the 5th Heaven or Level of Creation.


That is when we want enlightenment. However, enlightenment cannot be forced on anyone as there is absolutely free will  for each individual to choose between this physical world, the Heavenly Worlds, or our true Home.


Freedom of Choice


Even if we choose to return to Earth to help others or to fulfill any desire, how would attaining enlightenment be useful to us? Enlightenment gives us the freedom of choice. Once we are enlightened, we have the freedom to choose to return to Earth to help sentient beings, to live in the Heavenly Worlds, or to return Home to take up heavenly assignments or projects as Co-Creators with Source. But if we are not enlightened at the time of death, then we have no choice but to transmigrate.


If we are enlightened at the time we depart the physical plane, we can choose to reborn or to reside in any world that our consciousness has realized and actualized in this life. We can reside in much Higher Worlds of Light, even if we don’t want to return to the original Home, yet. Perhaps we want to explore and enjoy living in the Heavenly Worlds or Higher Worlds of advanced civilizations, on the way to the true Home.


Perhaps we want to satisfy our desire to materialize objects with our thoughts, to fly in starships, to create with Light and Sound, to teach earthly souls during their sleep or meditation times, to rescue souls who are lost in their astral or mental travels, etc. Perhaps we want to join the Guardians and Higher Races to guard and protect this planet, this galaxy, this universe and other planetary/galactic/universal civilizations, and the list goes on.


Being of Service with Our Enlightenment


If we truly prefer to stay here on the planet to be of service to humanity, then let us consider some conditions, without which our life in this world would not be very pleasant. Our beautiful planet gives us a lot of comfort and joy, gives us a lot of treasures, and sustains our lives through many ways and means. We have the responsibility to take care of our beloved Mother Earth and Planet for these precious gifts. We only use 5% of our brain power; 95% is still unused. If we wake up this power of intelligence by becoming enlightened, then we will know so many more things; we can also create and invent numerous things to properly care for the planet, to beautify our world and bring peace to all nations and co-citizens.


To attain Enlightenment, please click here for the Inner Light Meditation.

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