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Eco-Friendly Gift Wrapping Ideas


According to the EPA, wrapping paper from holiday gifts is largely to blame for a 25 percent spike in curbside trash volume between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. Ease the load going to the landfill by wrapping your gifts with these creative green alternative tips. We hope that you will find the following eco-friendly gift wrapping ideas useful for the holidays!


1. Cereal Boxes


A cereal box is a great option to use as a container for clothing, accessories, and gifts on the thinner side.


2. Newspapers


Why spend money on wrapping when you already have what you need? Make it creative by cutting out images from magazines, comics, children’s drawings or old greeting cards to give your newspaper wrapping package an artistic flair. You can also use crayons to decorate and make it colorful.


3. Recycled Gift Bags


Many of us probably have a stash of gift bags saved from presents we’ve received. Put them to good use; you don’t need to wrap up presents that are given in these recycled gift bags.


4. Paper Grocery Bags


You can create unique gift bags from materials found around the house. Decorate paper grocery bags with crayons or markers, or decoupage them with magazine cut-outs. You can cut the sides and make a sheet out of them to wrap your gifts in. Use markers or crayons to jazz up and personalize the wrapping.


5. Maps


Use old maps that are obsolete or that you no longer need as wrapping for a package. The recipient will be intrigued by the cool design, not to mention that it’s also educational.


6. Fabric


Do you have scrap fabric lying around? What about old shirts you never wear but that have lovely patterns? Old scarves, handkerchiefs, t-shirts, thin towels, and washcloths are great for wrapping gifts.


7. Junk Mail


Are you frustrated with all that junk mail? Put them to good use. They can be colorful and exciting wrapping material.


8. Jars, Cans and Containers


You can save the spaghetti sauce glass jar or the coffee can for use as a gift container. Decorate the jar with fabric or recycled paper, or just toss a bow on it. The jar and can come in handy when giving candies or other homemade treats. Small baby food containers are great for jewelry gifts.


9. Gift Basket


When a gift bag just won’t do, try a gift basket. You won’t need additional wrapping.


10. A Gift in a Gift


One great way to make a present extra special is to wrap it in another gift. A hand-crocheted scarf, a lovely table cloth, a hand-made purse, or similar items are all great things to use for wrapping a gift within a gift.


11. Clay Pots


Clay pots can make a gift look interesting and are a reusable item for the recipient. Place your gift in the pot and use the drainage dish as the lid to hide the present from view. Tie it together with a reused ribbon or strips of scrap fabric. You can also decorate the pot to personalize it using ceramic markers available at craft stores.


12. Nature


Some of the best decorations for your gifts can be found in backyards, beaches and fields. Sprigs of berries, branches, shells and pinecones are naturally beautiful and don’t require any manufacturing at all.




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