Image of a spectacular waterfall to symbolize Earth's Glorious Future.

Earth’s Glorious Future


Family of Light


We are meant to live in joy, and learn only from joy. Many of us on planet Earth at this moment are Starseeds, and not originally from Earth. We have volunteered to incarnate as Earthlings many times so we can be prepared for this final time. We are members of the ‘Family of Light’.


We are here to firmly anchor Light onto the planet. Our work is honored by so many Beings in the Universe, that we will wear the colors of gratitude for eons to come. The colors of our Auric Field will say ‘I Was There’. No matter where we travel in the Universe, we will be flocked by Entities wanting to find out how it was done. How did you lift the Earth out of the darkness and turn her into a Star?


The Human Experience


For the next two thousand years, Earth will be the brightest Star in the Milky Way Galaxy. Her Goddess Essence will illuminate our part of the Universe. Her rays of Light will carry the language of Love — the one true emotion of Creation. She will become the main hub for our Galaxy. She will become a Living Library that will attract Beings from the outer reaches of the Universe who are seeking knowledge in order to enhance their evolution — knowledge that can only be accessed by the Human experience.


Every experience is unique, but the Human experience holds the keys to ancient information of many Star Nations that worked together to seed the Earth with the best their civilizations had to offer. Hence the saying ‘every Human is perfect’.


We Are On Universal Television


In the past, many Galactic civilizations had given up on her. But not the Family of Light. We knew deep within our souls that Earth was a gem we could not afford to lose. So we swung into action, and devised a plan that was so brilliant it even caught the attention of Prime Creator. We are on Universal television! And the ratings have become so high that millions of civilizations have put their evolution on hold to see the final episode.


So stick around, because after the final episode we are throwing a party of Galactic proportions. Every Being that has ever walked on planet Earth will be there.


Unity Consciousness


When we reach Unity Consciousness, then the world will open up to us and we will experience the joy and freedom of being in unity with All of Us in the Universe. We will benefit from all our wisdom and all our accomplishments. This is how planets, solar systems, galaxies and universes evolve — by uniting in one consciousness and evolving together through Eternity. We climb the Spiral of Evolution together, one step at a time, bringing everyone along so that all evolve and all benefit and no one is left behind. Unity Consciousness carries us all, so that all life advances according to its Divine Plan, and all life is in harmony with its Home Planet. This is the best way to evolve.


The Light is expanding in surface humans’ mass consciousness. Soon we will feel its intensity which will drastically move our vibration into the higher octaves where the frequency will bring us all into Unity Consciousness without our realizing it. One day, we will just open our eyes and we will be there with Inner Earth Beings and marvel at it all. It will seem as magic to us and seem as if it always was. All the suffering of the past will be obliterated and erased from our cells. We will rejoice at finding our Self at last.


Inner Earth residents will enfold us in their arms, and they, too, will rejoice in reuniting with us, their brothers and sisters, at long last.




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