Image shows Planet Earth as an ascending Star in the Heavens.

Earth Is The Showcase Of The Milky Way Galaxy


Ascending Star


Soon harmony will surround the entire Earth, as she rises in consciousness, as an ascending Star in the Heavens.


As Earth floats through space, her weary travelers climb the ascension ladder that will bring all souls into the knowingness of their beings. Due to the enormous amounts of energy being directed to Earth, a flame has been ignited in the hearts of humankind. This Light is awakening humankind to the remembrance of who they are, and the knowledge of the Universe contained in each tiny body cell.


The Light, as it pours forth onto Sacred Mother Earth’s body, is igniting her atmosphere into a blazing Light that penetrates the body cells of all life on her surface. All on the planet are being blessed by the luminous Light show as Earth’s aura gleams through the density that once kept her hidden in darkness.


Now Earth’s Light is seeping through the vast expanses of space, where all eyes (Ascended Beings, Angels and Cetaceans) are focused on her amazing birth into Light.


The Light Has Already Won


Although most of the Earth’s population are loving and yearn only for peace, there are still thousands who wish to control the population of Earth, including all her resources. They do this through war and threats.


Don’t get caught up in the news or the skirmishes between the Light and Dark that are erupting. They will soon reach a crescendo and then decline and fade away. Those souls working for the Dark Force will finally step down from their positions of power and be removed from the Earth, never to reappear again. Their time is up. Soon the Earth will have a new beginning. It is a new beginning free of coercion, where every species will thrive through Unity Consciousness, and be able to bring all their dreams to fruition.


We are all in for exciting times ahead, as all knowledge that has been kept from us will be revealed. We will bask in the Light of our Infinite Divine Self, and remember our purpose for being here. As Unity Consciousness envelopes the Earth, she will rapidly rise in frequency to burst through the third dimensional barrier of density into the Light of the fifth dimension, carrying us all with her.


Freedom is Close at Hand


Residents of Inner Earth are free people living free lives. It is this freedom that keeps them eternally young in heart and young in body. For they have resolved to never deviate from Source-God’s laws. God’s laws are what keep them in superb health and wealth, and that perpetuate their life spans.


All is quickening on Earth. Beings in the Inner Realms watch in amazement as more and more humans are awakening to the call of their souls daily, and opt for love, freedom, peace and all that is their Divine Birthright. The Earth is the Showcase of the Milky Way Galaxy, for it is bringing all life back to the heart of God, to be reunited in one great Wave of Ascension.


Hollow Earth’s inhabitants will remain hidden in the Earth’s core until Unity Consciousness prevails on the surface. At which time we will find them in the midst of us, guiding us and loving us and welcoming us home.


The Great Rebirthing Process


A great rebirthing process is taking place on planet Earth. Tremendous amounts of energy are catapulting to Earth, bringing all life into greater attunement with Source. The shift that is taking place on our planet is the shift from Outer Consciousness to Inner Consciousness, away from travel to Outer Space and into travel to Inner Space. This is where the Great Exploration takes place. This is where we will find all the answers we are looking for.


An Edict from Mother/Father God


Mother/Father God of this Universe has sent an edict that Earth has to move on, and can no longer hold the rest of the Galaxy back. All the other planets in our Solar System have already ascended, and it is only Earth that the whole Milky Way Galaxy has been waiting for. The laggards won’t be able to hold Earth back any longer. From now on, all laggards will incarnate on an isolated planet where they won’t be allowed to interfere with the evolution of a species, planet, Galaxy, or Universe again.


Our planet is making the great trip with the rest of the Milky Way Galaxy into a higher state of evolution. The location of our new position in the Milky Way Galaxy has been prepared and is waiting for us all to return home to.


Soon we will be feeling only bliss, as all negative forces and destructive entities will be leaving en masse and exiting out of the Universe. The long suffering is over; we will be free at last, and will experience life as it was always meant to be experienced.




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