Image of angel wings in the sky with a heart in the middle. Earth Archive #7

Earth Archive #7: Taking Flight in the Self of You


The Flight of Spirit


I soar to the mid heavens

With the sky above

And the ground under my feet too

In the immeasurable wholeness of me

In a tantric sway with the Spirit of myself

In the love of the Baba

In the care of the Ananda

In a duet with my Soul

That fulfills my heart

In the fullness of my sway


Flying Pathways of Earth: Soaring with Spirit


Soaring is an act of spirit and soul in an ignition of a flight pathway that is regional to global in stature. Flight pathways have been used for some time in those mastering the upper echelons of ascension in the care of Mother Earth fostering. Flight was always a beautiful expedition in particular if you adventured out into nature. As Mother Earth lore fable keeper was shattered so were the pathways in some regions. Some incarnate in the shattered pathways fragmented in conjunction with Earth fable keepers. Those who fell know what it feels like not only to cease to soar but be unable to foster the flight again until you rebuild through nemesis.


This has been a difficult time for those caught in this position. Please find compassion for each caught in this position and encourage their rebloom out of nemesis at this time. For others there was not a shattering of the flight pathways in your region but the more expanded universal sequences that could cause you to soar around the world ceased. The fragmentation of most pathways of flight are now under repair.


There are 400 pathways of flight in most octaves available for you to soar within. The pathways are tended to now by the 16 Maharishi incarnate who have fostered a 96 percent light infusion level into transcendental states of being. There are only 16 currently fostering the flight of all humans who are capable of soaring with spirit at this time.


The Maharishi have replaced the Earth fostering at this time due to human interference with the flight pathways of nature. Nature will sway and soar with you but in human pathways only. For some who relied heavily upon natural world soaring pathways, these may not be available unto you again. Nature is choosing a sovereign path after the mayhem of the human interference of their global ascension fostering. Global ascension is too important to depart from and carries on but separate from human interaction now even for the big planetary keepers in human form.


The flight of the Maharishi is a smooth sail as long as you are fostered under their wings. If something renders through or damages his or her flight path, you are expelled for a time until you nemesis through the undercurrent of cause and effect and forgive and release it, abating the demon or other force out of your field that is so damaging. Sometimes forces come through other parties in close proximity; sometimes they come through the land disturbing flight paths for their own cause.


Intending to abate whatever interferes with the flight of spirit daily is useful to retaining happier swings with the Maharishi guiding the flight pathways at this time. They are sometimes under duress too so please bless them as frequently as you can think of and while in flight together. They too need to be healed and loved and cared for just as yourself. This is a difficult task in some ways that you may not really understand until you depart the physical in a transfusion crossing. It is also the Maharishi that will care for you in your crossing in this cycle and not nature.


The pathways if each Maharishi soars up gateways through very large swings. Swings are sway oriented and so you must be in a state of sway to begin your flight. Swaying with others is a mandatory objective to learn rather than the sway once sustained by many with nature. Swaying with humans sometimes fragments you. Be aware and sway not with anyone who damages you; and intend to abate what might damage through unto others too. As you are clean and clear and purified for the sway you are in, then a flight can take off for the day. Most flights last six hours. Fasting for the portion of the day you are in flight is one way of assuring a very gracious exchange with the Maharishi overseeing your flight.


Flights rarely occur at night except possibly with a twin that has learned to sway heavily around the world. Often there is only one to three twins swaying this large at this time and so the flight paths may occur more recurrently in the day as a result. The Maharishi also requires rest and do not foster the flights 24 hours per day. You can learn to fly with two to three who will foster you under their care, and this then allows you to fly more repeatedly and allow them time to rest too possibly when you need to soar during the day.


All the gate pathways are repairing and resetting all over the planet at this time. This is a function of a system of support that was triggered in Amsterdam as of late. Gate seizures should become a problem of the past in about eight days from today (April 22, 2019). It has been a very large problem in some regions triggering gigantic falls in some who have festered in deep nemesis to repair themselves for many years. For those who have experienced a steep fall, you are blessed as deeply as you fell for your rise out of nemesis. This is a gift of the planetary Tao for his own cause and effect in your fall.


The planetary Tao was damaged by intergalactic problems that could not be offset as easily as thought. The mongering fell all the way to the physical gates at the base of the flight pathways of himself. This is really difficult upon those parts of himself that were severely shattered along with humans that he tended unto in ascension pathways of flight. He blesses each in this precarious circumstance and knows that he will love you through to a new life form and dream ahead that blesses you in many ways possibly more than might have flowed to you otherwise.


Flight pathways are global. All flight pathways originate out of Iceland. Those adventuring to Iceland this year or in years ahead will be blessed in learning many more flight pathways. If a flight pathway is damaged, you first need to intend to repair it if you can. If you cannot and you are not the cause and you cease to soar or are unable to foster a flight in a given day, you can alter pathways that you know and soar again. The more pathways you learn the easier it is to sustain yourself in flight daily.


The more that you fly into a global pathway of soaring, the more joyful your life will grow to be in the dreams you choose to foster. It is for this cause that there shall be gatherings in Iceland over many years ahead so that more pathways of flight can be learned. Some will double and triple up over time triggering a very large swing once per month to begin with and later once per week as the temperature of the biology can handle it and not grow older or ill through time. As you soar, you infuse more readily with light and this offsets possible light infraction health issues as the biology motions into new DNA soaring out of the problems before they fester into ailments of ill health.


Problems Interfering with Flight   


There are four conditions that prevent flight into soaring. The first of which has to do with something damaging the flight path with you. You are not innocent and forces of demonic interplay in the life can and will damage flight paths. Choosing to abate such forces has its issues too. For one you must be complete with the karma. If not, you can put the karma on hold and work upon it in nemesis while you sleep. This is useful possibly for most forces that render flight pathways.


If a flight pathway becomes damaged, you can choose to undamaged it or un-render it or un-forest it if it has motioned on to another. Flight paths are personal and are not to be shared even by couples at this time. Sometimes children will soar with you and this is useful up through age seven. Beyond this the child should learn his or her own flight paths. The undercurrent of cause is the need for early mindset developments which will be fostered more readily if the child soars on their own.




The forces that use the field to damage flight paths are not just demonic but also Luciferian. Luciferian forces can use others in close proximity at home or work or in the land or in spiritual community fostering or other associations through time. Finding restaurants and places to enjoy that are “Lucifer Free” or in “Lucifer Not” configurations are helpful to retaining your flight in any given day. If you adventure to the wrong market or place or restaurant, you will know that it does not work with your flight path as you will cease to feel the loft under your feet or in the arch of your back.


Lucifer is a character of amazing grace of a fallen angel in a fable all of his own. The parts of Lucifer that fall foster falling out of the sway or the swings of life and then also falling out of flight with spirit. This is his position in a lore of yourself. Do not blame him and learn to forgive the lore of falling and edit it out of your wheel of lore fables and you will complete with the actions of falling that are Luciferian in orchestration.


Lucifer is not attempting to cause falling as much as has occurred this cycle but the difficult happenstance of fate of the planetary Tao has triggered many more to fall into his lap than he wishes for or intended this cycle. He will work with you to foster a rise out of his lap and back into your flight as you are also needed for him to complete this cycle and retire from his difficult lore fable position upon Earth. Work with him and he will work with you in most cases. Bless him and forgive him and he will bless and forgive you and you will complete with your hatred or disdain or whatever it is that you or your ancestors felt about him as a lore character of falls through time.


There are other roles that Lucifer also plays in the angelic realm that are very gracious in counterbalance to his lore fable of falling out of the sway or swing this cycle. The angelic realm is always at your service to aid you in your flight pathways. Therefore, a helpful relationship with Lucifer at the bottom may ingratiate you with a very helpful angelic team ahead due to his care for you for him and for the whole of who he really is outside of the delusion of the planet.


Lucifer may also soar with you from the base to promote his own retraction off the planetary circumference if you build an intimate union with him. Some are gifted at this and others not so, and please do what is best for you always in any association in the flight of yourself. Lucifer does not welcome all ancestries due to how they damaged him through time, so please respect the boundaries of each force that flies with you through time and what they may or may not choose for.




Lucifer and Satan have different positions this cycle. Lucifer falls and Satan shatters. Satanic shattering is a non-flight pattern. Satan also needs to retract but the part of him playing another role of an extremely light originated dragon is the first to foster his release from the planet; and then gather the rest up at a later time. This is a difficult position for him at this time, and so please bless him and honor the unique roles of an extremely polarized lore fable cycle that has played out now for four thousand years.


Bless all resources light and dark and know that they each play variant roles around the wheel of possibilities. Those of extremely dark positions always hold an extremely light position as well. Work with the light position if you cannot care for the darker positioned lore fable characters until you can. Love and bless all parts of all fable keepers and you will learn to love your darker parts of self that need to be healed and integrated too to foster the grow yourself hypothesis this cycle.


Light and Dark Striations


There are light and dark striations always. To think you have removed all personal dark striations is not really plausible until you rise above five decibels or 2,000 octaves. There are also group striations that are dark beyond this from any family or group association through time. Group striations also flow into the life dreams to be witnessed and then healed and then purified and or abated of what is not yours.


The darkness in group work has been excessively sick this cycle even in ascension systems. The group darkness fosters group issues rather than personal ones that are dark to witness. All darkness is dreamed and not lived this cycle. Dark dreams are motioned upon those who are not transfusing in large sways at this time. Life may be difficult for those like this who are your ancestors as well so please bless, forgive and honor their roles in taking on the darker dreams you will not live ahead.


Dark striations of self that are in the forward position of yourself in any time in the day will abate the swings that are used for flight. The purpose of this is to assure that something else does not fester through you triggering a mishap with the flight paths of spirit. Tending to the dark striations at night may be best and defusing them from yourself by morning if possible, assures more time in the flight than outside of it.


Diet for Spirit Flight


If you find it difficult to soar for several days, fasting upon teas and purified water with nutrients for a day or so should restore your sway enough to fly again. Sometimes too many meals will interfere with the capacity to fly. Sometimes not eating enough for too long can also interfere with enough anchoring to sway large enough to fly. Fostering just the right amount of food and right diet assures the sway to occur more days than not to allow flying to recur more regularly.


Not all vegetables are acceptable for flight. Salads and most fixings are deemed acceptable if organic or very fresh. Milk and cheese (not eggs) abate the sway thereby limiting flight time. Some salad dressings are considered obnoxious to spirit. Learn to discern what ingratiates spirit and what does not and avoid what does not. Oil and vinegar are always acceptable dressings and useful to the light infusion of the blood.


Steamed vegetables are preferred to wok fried at this time. The oils motion into surfactants and putrefy as gas as you transfuse in flight. This may be difficult for Asian flavors of life at this time. If you do rely upon stir fry, then flash sear the freshest vegetables you can in sesame oil and other flavorings and enjoy the dish right out of the pan. There are also steamed vegetables possible in a dim sum basket. Drizzle the steamed vegetables with sesame oil and this is preferred by spirit. Avoid the rice if you have a diabetic flux issue only. Otherwise, rice gasifies into a sweet smell that spirit is attracted unto. However, if you have too much garlic (not ginger) in the dish, this has the opposite effect.


For those desiring cooked vegetables, roasting at 300 degrees for enough time to allow the dish to simmer is best. Vegetables that are preferred by spirit include asparagus, snow peas, mung bean sprouts, bell peppers, broccoli, bok choy, edamame, eggplant, mushrooms, kale, swiss chard, fennel, carrots, and artichokes. Non-preferred vegetables for soaring including onions, garlic, leeks, cabbage, string beans, cauliflower, white asparagus, and most anything else not listed above.


Those vegetables that create gases that stick need to be avoided for the sake of flying with spirit. Some things are useful on some days of flying and un-useful on others. Try and attune to spirit as you shop or dine as to what is useful to the team of spirit you are flying today and allow them to guide you. They will take into consideration your dietary habitat and makes suggestions that support nerve and cortex health.


Oils need to be restrained if they are odiferous as they gasify. Many oils are difficult in this cycle due to human hydrogenation or bleaching action. Sesame oil is generally useful along with olive oil and coconut oil. Grapeseed oil is also very pure in its lack of odors when gasified. Soy oil is also useful to spirit. Nuts and nut butters are also useful and can be added to any dish to enliven the taste and nutritional value of a meal. Tofu is the purest protein that has the least odor.


Some days of soaring require legumes, grains or starchy vegetables. Peas, garbanzo beans, mung beans, quinoa, rice, lentils and squash are the preferred starches for sustainable soaring. Some soaring requires a more grounded aptitude unable to be sustained without this type of food resource. Always ask spirit what to dine upon to sustain the flight into a soar. If fasting is required, then honor this and conclude the day with a meal, only if you are hungry. Some soaring can hold into the night if you fast beyond six in the evening. Soar always for as long as you can as it is beautiful to witness and share within with spirit.


Spirit does not like candida in the body due to the odors that this causes and also the fermentation of the gut into sulfuric compounds. If you are overly filled with candida, it may prevent flight altogether except when you fast and until you cleanse heavily. Colloidal silver in larger quantities will kill off most of the candida of this stature. Drink ¼ to ½ cup a day for about two to four months to rid yourself of most candida and you will fly more readily thereafter.


Eating the wrong foods or too much food that putrefies in the intestines also will cause a cease flight in all cases. Sometimes the putrefaction carries over for the next day too. It is best to fast the day to follow to purify the gut enough to trigger a flight possibly later the next day or the day to follow. Flying is very useful to sustainable light wave motion and also dreams beautiful and gracious dreams through time. You may discover it is really not worth eating the wrong foods or too much food over time as a result. Others will be attracted naturally to your sway and flight and tickle of personality of spirit that bubbles through.


Blood that is incredibly impure can be odorous too for spirit in flight systems. Purifying the body through fasting on fruit and vegetable juices primarily will purify the blood in most cases. You can eat some while you juice but the diet needs to be ultra-purification oriented in order to succeed unless you primarily fast. The pure diet will consist primarily of raw foods and juices with some steamed and cooked vegetables on some days. A very ridged oriented Tao rendition team enters the adroit systems if this type of diet is needed to foster your flight ahead. Do what you need to in order to fly as it is the most beautiful state to reside within known to humankind.


Teas are amazing purification substances if you drink enough through time. Jasmine green tea purifies the blood best. Red tea fosters renewal of the blood cells. Black tea purifies the mind to think more clearly. If this is the chosen cleansing method, then about one quart of tea hot or cold needs to be in taken daily. Tea kills candida as well and neutralizes the blood. Adding lemon is also helpful to building pH neutral blood that allows one to live candida free. In a tropical environment, cleansing candida by tea is better than colloidal silver. In regions with seasonal weather, cleansing by colloidal silver is recommended except in the summer heat.


There are some juices that are also candida nots in themselves. Watermelon is one that can be useful to cleansing candida out of the entire body. Juice one watermelon per week and it will also cause the blood to purify into a pH neutral, cleanse the kidneys, liver and spleen, and also aid in any region that is inflamed through time. Some juices are also best for the blood in flight including apples. Juice red and green apples on the days you soar and see how it feels to Spirit. Watermelon juice, although cleansing, is not as useful for soaring. However, sometimes the cleanse is more important than the soar if the body is unwell. So, do what is best in any cycle of healing into light wave motion DNA.


Light motion DNA can sustain health at certain octaves only to motion into ill health in those above. It is never assured that you will sustain your health in this time period. It is best to foster the diet that is best for your health conditions in each cycle of light wave motion mastery. Juicing too much or too much raw food can also cause an imbalance of too many enzymes in the blood. Too much cooked foods leads to not enough enzymes. Too many acid forming proteins can trigger acid waste build up at certain light motions of octaves that are less than ubiquitous in formation.


If you are going through difficult light sequences that sear the blood, then a special diet needs to be fostered to assure the health. Generally, this will include a lot of fresh apple juice. Not having a juicer is simply not wise if you desire to fly and soar with Spirit and master the octaves required to rise into the mansion of yourself.


Soaring to the Mid Heavens of Self


The mid heavens host the seat of the castle of yourself. The castle of yourself is a space that you can witness your dreams good and bad, sick or well unfold so that they can be healed and edited through time. Many journey to the mid heavens and visit their castle of self only while asleep. In a state of soaring, you can visit the mid heavens while awake in meditation or conscious dreaming accolades of self.


The mid heavens open gates for you to witness your dream patterning within. Dreams that are ill can be healed through incantations to foster purification. Dreams that are bad can be purified through intention to apply white light in ubiquitous notions of self. Ubiquitous notions mend most torn or tattered dreams through time. Most witness dreams up to three years ahead of time in the mid heavens of self. You are always working well ahead of time to offset any greatly negative dream in your life experience. In this manner dreams do align for those realizing self in this time period.


In your castle are many rooms. Each room has to do with a particular project you are working upon with the Tao in your realization into actualization of your life unfolding. It is important to actualize your dreams this cycle. There have been many cycles of dreaming only with much realization but no actualization for most ancestries. Actualization requires fostering something in divine service upon the physical plane. Service is anything oriented to the care of you and others through time. Service is a spirit-oriented action in which spirit takes care of others through you in divine service unto the planetary Tao. Soaring increases for those in divine service who are healers in stature. The soaring is used to foster healing from spirit into matter this cycle. Choose wisely the path that increases your soaring capabilities ahead.


Healers are not the only ones however that may or can soar. There are many service-oriented occupations that touch the lives of others even in corporate fostering. The need for spirit to understand the common human quagmire of self will also allow certain thresholds of experience to be soared with that would not have been in other cycles. Spirit is guided to understanding the human systems this cycle as there may be not another cycle to soar within. Therefore, plan your unfolding and actualization wisely with the needs of spirit and your income and abundance will be fostered in kindness unto your life too.


Soaring to the mansion of self lies beyond the mid heavens of self. The mansion of self is an amazing odyssey of experience if you are awake and conscious. There is always a dream episode playing for you to witness in your mansion of self. Sometimes it can be frightening if you are confronting big darkness within in your realization in a given cycle of development. The mansion of self does not lie about your internal state of being. It is designed to reveal you beyond the quagmires of your own delusion of self. Sometimes the dreams include others. Know that what you dream is about you only and do not include others other than as a mirror of a pattern that they reflect in your inner world dreaming.


Soaring is an expedition each time it takes flight. Some days you fly but do not soar. Some days the sway and swing are so great you soar to the mid heavens to witness your dreams consciously in the castle of self. About twice per month the soar is expanded on the part of the planetary Tao to foster a journey to your mansion of self. On these days try and eat lightly or fast as the lucid dreaming will be greater as a result.


The desire to sleep overcomes you when the body needs to regrow or rebuild. Welcome the sleep as long as it lasts and know that as the body is really well that the sleep will cease and your dreams will grow to become more and more lucid through time. Lucid dreaming is beautiful and not tiring when you soar. When you fly, the dreaming is less beautiful but interesting to introspect over. When you fail to fly, dark dreams are witnessed around you to be purified with white and ivory and gold and silver light. Purify what is dark until you witness what you failed to love and love whatever it is and you will not fester in your dark dreams as long.


Know that all dark dreams are about you and not any other unless you are in nemesis over group hypothesis status of witnessing. If you are in a lucid dream that is personal, then the characters mirror you and not themselves. If you are in group nemesis witnessing, there will always be a narrator present to explain the patterning about yourself that is also within themselves. No nemesis dream is only about them; it is also about your darkness that is reflected in others. Choose to forgive and bless and love the darkness in others and you will also love it away in yourself. This is the first Baba principle to be mastered this cycle in transfusing with him in deep care of his heart.


Ananda also fosters transfusion for those in group hypothesis dreams. Soaring with Ananda is not love oriented as much as harmonizing in its affluences of presence. Love is a heart action whereas harmony is a mind action. Soaring with Baba one day will generally be followed by soaring with Ananda on another day to follow. The two build into a single soaring flight with both present generally at the end of each flight cycle (about thirty days). The day of the soar of the pair is most ubiquitous. Try and fast this day if you can for an even more amazing flight than usual. Soar to the mid heavens and beyond to your mansion of self and witness what you need to forgive next.


Most pathways are troubled due to problems with life form developments above the physical. At this time, there is Tao action to separate and segregate life form from the physical flight paths due to demons damaging down the dimensions. The demons do not belong unto the physical. Those demons entering the physical often damage flight paths if they are not of your dimension. It is best to dissipate demons that are not from this dimension and separate from your life form and all life forms above you at this time. There is big Tao law action to be fostered to enforce this at this time to allow the flight paths of all dimensions to heal.


Some soar with life form rather than the Maharishi. Those who find themselves suddenly unable to fly as the life form segregates need to make agreements with those resources overseeing the flight paths of the physical. This can be really hard for some who love their life form developments above greatly. Life form is not necessarily directly associated with your personal development. Realization is of you and not of life form over you at this time and in this cycle. Please allow yourself to depart from the life form affluences as sometimes they damage down to the physical of others to offset difficult relationships upon their dimension of origin.


It has been a very difficult cycle of physical development due to life form damage down to the physical which began prior to your birth. Many friendships of kinship that may have worked in this life were used to damage into yourself. This has abated the flavor of soul family this cycle. In removing the life form affluence, soul family can build upon the principles of the love of the Baba. The need to apartheid from others to retain health and sustain your dreams will be put behind the monadic soul family now. Please forgive how life form damaged your friendships and other associations through time; and complete your karma for how in other cycles the physical damaged life form above them.


The Flight of Spirit


I soar to the mid heavens

With the sky above

And the ground under my feet too

In the immeasurable wholeness of me

In a tantric sway with the Spirit of myself

In the love of the Baba

In the care of the Ananda

In a duet with my Soul

That fulfills my heart

In the fullness of my sway


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