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Earth Archive #6: Soul Family Fostering


The Dreams of the Soul Family


The dreams of the soul family

Assert themselves as tales of the Baba

Into a grand design of Self

That fosters each and the whole

Into large life scripts

In the care of the two three and many

In the love of the Tao

And the fostering of the Dao

And in the care of the monadic duet

That fulfills each heart through time


Soul Family Dreaming: The Love of the Many


Soul family dreaming is a design for the soul infused life of a shared monadic duet. The shared monadic soul duet fosters dreams in unison with the clan. The clan carries forth the dreams in a wheel of possibilities that supports each into finding fulfillment in the life in the creative expressive projects fostered through time. There is no end to the possibilities within soul family dreaming.


To envision the dream is the first project for each in this dreamtime study program. Take inventory for each dream that would foster fulfillment within. As the dream is envisioned, it is projected upon a soul family template of a holographic system of dreaming. The monad suspends the holographic template for each to dream upon within the soul family. Each participating is motioning into soul family configurations. The soul family configurations are a direct dreaming project that fosters instant results if one dreams at the speed of light.


Dreaming at the speed of light occurs as you transfuse beyond 800 octaves. Dreaming at the speed of light is an orientation of self. Self descends in order to foster the dreams envisioned each day, week, month or year ahead. Dreams are scheduled in yearly increments to foster the realization of you. Dreams will align to what is envisioned within.


Envisioning dreams is equivalent to imaging what you wish to occur in the play of your life. Imagination is a fostering of self to envision your dreams. Often in childhood we were told imagination was not real. Imagination is real only if the dream envisioned is drawn into the life to be experienced. The dreams experienced are always chosen by the Dao and Tao within although many may be envisioned through time. The Dao and Tao choice fosters dreams that are useful to fostering realization into the life experiences including those that fulfill you within and through time.


In order to dream with your Dao and Tao, first envision your dreams in detail. Imagine each dream as you would like it to unfold ahead in your life play. The holographic template will relay the dream as you can have it and not necessarily as you desire it. Focus upon what you see and then intend to transfuse through the karmic habitat of fate that aligns the dreams as you witness it and not necessarily as you wish it to be. Witness the dreams change as you transfuse through the lore fables that misalign your life play ahead. Intend to forgive the karma in the habitat of fate too. Seek inward with your Dao and Tao to understand what you are realizing within as you forgive. As the karma is forgiven, the dreams will align in another direction in your future ahead. Intend to foster your conscious dreaming aptitude as this is useful to soul family dreaming and fostering the fulfillment you desire in your life through time.


Dreaming with the soul family aligns dreams into positive horoscopes of fate as long as kinship is retained within the clan. Kinship is a state of being in which the well self of each prevails in the dance of life between the monadic soul family members who adjoin. Kinship triggers deep care of the heart, the flavor of joy in the dreaming together, and a sense of peace with one another through time. Kinship is a beautiful dream to foster with your soul family. There are also many karmic issues to transfuse through to retain the flavor of kinship with your soul family through time.


Sixteen Conjunctions of Self That Abate Monadic Kinship Through Time


There can be sick dreams in the karmic habitat of fate for the soul family. The sick dreams may play out as possibilities of accidents or ugly encounters or loss of income or loss of friendships or losses of any kind. The ugly dreams are not to be lived but transfused through. Each day ugly dreams present themselves for the day ahead at about four o’clock in the morning. The body begins to transfuse through the ugly dreams so that they abate no later than six o’clock or as you foster your day. Often you will awaken in a transfusion heat with ubiquitous fluid upon the skin as you abate the sick dreams from the forefront of your daily fostering. The ubiquitous fluid protects the skin as the searing heat melts the sick dreams of the day out of the possibilities of your life flux.


There are sixteen patterns that foster ill will within monadic systems of soul family. The sixteen patterns require transfusing through in order to rebuild the monadic family through time. The sixteen conjunctions of self are what fostered soul family to fall apart in times past. Many have witnessed soul family emerge in the life stream in this lifetime. Often the soul family abated through time triggering deep feelings of loss within. Often soul family appeared as friendships or beloveds of twin orientation of self in your life. The love is deep, the monadic duet begins to flow only to be abated generally in two years’ time concluding the kinship of the friend or beloved. The loss of twins of friendship or of beloved stature of self is deep this cycle due to the conjunctions of self playing out in demonic systems in this cycle.


1. War Bonnet of Self. The War Bonnet of Self often calls dreams into the monadic family of strife through argument and disagreements about the perceptions of the clan. The war bonnet of self can explode into a drama that drives the monadic family apart through time. Separation of family and friends is the outcome of the war bonnet of self.


2. Blossoming Not of Self. The Blossoming Not of Self fosters a cessation of the light synthesis of yourself. In the blossoming not of you, you fall out of the sway of the soul family. In the not-sway, you feel unwell and retreat from others. One who becomes reclusive through time is the outcome of the blossoming not of self.


3. Truth Not of Self. The Truth Not of Self fosters a motion that triggers the center point of the field to misalign. In the misaligned center point, the transfusion ceases leading to a sinking of yourself. As you sink, the capacity to sway with the soul family ceases. As the sway ceases, one feels dejected within and dreams of experiences of dejection of yourself through time.


4. Love Not of Self. The Love Not of Self fosters a contraction of the flowering of the heart accolade. As the heart accolade ceases to flower, the capacity to remain in the flow of care of the soul family ceases and one retracts feeling dejected through time.


5. Care Not of Self. The Care Not of Self fosters a motion that ceases to allow the light to flow between the heart accolades of two or more in the clan. The care not triggers a disallowance of one or more out of the sway. The dreams turn sour and you deject another that you no longer care for in your life.


6. Exodus of Self. The Exodus of Self fosters the self to abate that is kind and loving and be replaced by that which is angry or violent. The anger or violence may be expressed in someone other than you or yourself. The anger may trigger an abatement of the friendship or monadic soul family member through time.


7. The Not You of Yourself. The Not You of Yourself is a striation that puts you into a not you which is as if you are not present to sway with others. In the not you you sink into despair and depression and depart the monadic duet. In the depression you cease to care for yourself or others through time.


8. The Gorge of Self. The Gorge of Self is a very dark self alliance that fluxes the you of you into a hellhole of emotions that makes it difficult to repose in care of the heart for another or for oneself. The gorge of self if dominant can cause a hellacious dream to manifest through time if not abated.


9. The Sciatica of Self. The Sciatica of Self is a region that the sick self dwells. As sciatica of self dominates the dream, the dreams of life become filled with ill-fated friendships or partnerships that fail to care for you or for your life purpose.


10. The Festering of Self. The Festering of Self is a region that the distraught self dwells. As the festering of self dominates the dreams, the dreams of life become filled with difficult scenarios of ill fate or losses of all kinds.


11. The Kinship Not of Self. The Kinship Not of Self is a region that the non-friendship of self dwells. If the kinship not of self dominates the dreams, one loses friends or beloveds that one cares about through time.


12. The Trust Not of Self. The Trust Not of Self is a region that non-alignment of dreams dwells. If the trust not of self dominates the dreams of life, life dreams fail to align as one desires them to.


13. The Sickness of Self. The Sickness of Self is a region that the ill health self dwells. If ill health of self dominates, the dreams of life turn sour and can trigger disease to manifest in the physical.


14. The Apartheid of Self. The Apartheid of Self is a region that separates self in itself. If the apartheid of self dominates, the self of the self loses its capacity to foster the life dreams. Life dreams depart and become minimalized through time.


15. The Swell of Self. The Swell of Self is an oscillation that orients the self of yourself into the self of another. Your dreams manifest in another’s life is the swell of self dominates through time.


16. The Antagonism of Self. The Antagonism of Self is a festered series of emotions that triggers behavior that is less than kind towards another or many others. The antagonism of self if dominant leads to passive aggressive behavior that others may deject the self of themselves ahead and through time.


The above self striations can be abated through the field as the karmic habitat of fate is forgiven for those that pertain to one’s own anthology. No one individual will foster all sixteen of the above patterns. There is generally two that have played out in the life script to date and through time. As you identify which of the sixteen patterns pertain to your life stream, you can choose to forgive and transfuse beyond the lore fables associated abating the sick self from you forevermore. The sick dreams that abate soul family systems will then cease to play out in your life dreams ahead.


Sometimes others will abate one or more of the above sixteen patterns into the self of yourself. If the pattern is not sincere to your anthology of fate, the sick self can be abated back to the individual of cause. Self is so intertwined in this cycle that it is not uncommon for some to discover several additional of the above conjunctions of self in the self of yourself. If the conjunctive self is not of yourself, it cannot be melted as it belongs unto another. It is best therefore to abate self that is not originated in your archetype back to where it originated. The abate command is always used in relation to your Tao within. Call upon your Tao within in motioning through the soul family issues that may be called to the forefront of yourself at this time.


As the sixteen patterns associated with sick soul family systems are transfused through, the lore of the Babaji can begin to take flight in your life. The lore of the Babaji are fables that foster realization into actualization of your dreams. At this time and due to the soul infusion underway in this dreamtime study program, self is to descent to foster each into a major or minor arcana Babaji lore fable ahead. Major and minor lore fables will be witnessed as ingratiating and will foster the dreams of your life into kind positions that are abundant and well to experience. Ill self is to be abated and not lived in any Babaji lore fable of fate. As all ill self is abated through time, the Babaji lore of your fate will begin to take flight fostering more merriment and delight in your life.


Soul Family Monadic Groups


The soul family transfuses together fostering the continued rise in octaves and the melting of difficult karma that could plague the life otherwise. Most regions are receiving monadic infusions of soul related unto you nearby. Soul families have agreements in keys that were offered at the time that you were born. Click upon all your soul family keys through intention and you will begin to inaugurate an infusion of a new monadic duet for your life stream.


There are four types of soul family descending at this time in the west to foster transfusion. In the east, there are six types of soul family. Soul family is an inauguration of the planetary Tao to allow those who are to self-realize in transfusion lore to foster monadic journeys together in the dreams of life. Only 20 percent of the population is destined to transfuse in this cycle. It is important for those transfusing to find one another for partnerships or community fostering ahead and this is another purpose of the monadic duet.


Monadic duets are reposes of music that cascade continuously over the dreams of the life. The songs realign the dreams to be for fostering realization into partnerships of the divine or other life preoccupations that foster a spiritual sojourn. The monadic duets will attract others who sing parallel songs or are in a monadic relay of another soul family through time. Those in parallel monadic families will find one another and begin to dream together a new journey ahead.


The new journey has many possibilities of grander dreams than the average human upon the spiritual path can foster. The possibilities may foster funds to cause communities or other adventures to motion towards the clan. Soul families are regional in light orchestrated regions only this cycle. Moving to a light orchestrated region is helpful to finding your soul family if you are in a non-oriented region at this time.


The four soul family groups are clustered near one another generally in birth keys. You can trigger the birth keys of those like you nearby too. Generally, the soul family is orchestrated in 300-mile segments of light infusion gate regions only. Reach out 300 miles and click upon all the monadic soul family agreement keys and see what can be fostered in your life and theirs too. Most will be highly aware and upon the spiritual path in this cycle. Soul family will be dragon and not demon based and will be Tao originated. Tao origination draws those together who are twins and counterparts to foster soul family agreements. Intend with your Tao to meet others of your soul family origins nearby and witness what may unfold as a result. Most families of one or more who are to realize self are infused with the same monadic system at this time.


The Four Types of Soul Family Orchestrations


  1. Soul family for Realization of Self in Divine Partnership or Family Configurations
  2. Creative Artisan Expressions and Experiences of Soul Family Origin Concepts
  3. Soul Family for Purposeful Action of Self
  4. Soul Family for Spiritual Action of Self


Most in our dreamtime study program associations are choosing for the first soul family group to foster a network of divine partnership and family rearing understanding in light wave motion of field. There can be creative and enterprising dreams fostered nonetheless in each soul family origin of self. The self-striations realign to foster monadic self that then infuses the soul into the soul cavity. The soul cavity is behind the heart in both the subtle body of field and the physical transfusion vessel. The soul cavity will abate the former soul and infuse the new soul in a monadic duet of its own. The chest may feel weak for up to four hours as the infusion occurs.


The self of the self then abates striations that are deemed un-useful to the monadic duet to repose in the field. New striations are woven in over a 2-week period to augment the birth of oneself as a soul family member. Soul family infusions are to occur over the coming four years amongst those who pass their self-development dragon dreaming tests only.


Light Wave Synergy


Light Wave Synergy is a large term that augmented soul family infusion in times past. In Atlantean terminology, Light Wave Synergy translates into “finding the heart of the peoples of my truth”. Baba lore prevails in Light Wave Synergy and soul family only. Baba lore is to be expanded upon for each to understand and interpret the unique arcana of fate for your life soon. Baba is infusing into each in the soul family this cycle.


Baba is a rose to pink colored ray that blesses the body in deep care of the heart. Deep care of the heart is necessary to each entering the monadic duet of the soul family to all the wounds and losses of twin friends and beloveds experienced through time in this cycle. Most enter the system with deep wounds of the heart to be absolved. Baba is present to aid each healing of the wounds of the heart so that the love of the soul family can be restored upon Earth.


Baba is fostering lifeline clearings and healing with erasure of the cortex of extremely discordant memories that interfere with receive the love of his care along with foster the love of the soul family to fruition. Most require the lifeline clearing to find peace within in this cycle. The erasure is succinct and is a blessing of the Baba for a new life to flourish in the grandness of who you really are as a mastery level human. The demons abated much of the truth of mastery this cycle such that it cannot flux to the foreground of the life. As the timeline clearing unfolds, the truth of yourself will motion forward to foster another dream for your future to unfold. Look at your dreams sincerely and plan where you would like to be and motion towards the joy and care of the heart to be fostered ahead in the rebirth of you.


Seven Dreamtime Event Locations for Light Wave Synergy


The soul family of Light Wave Synergy was inaugurated in dreamtime at Princeville on Kauai in March 2019. The dreamtime events to follow will allow for a succinct rhythm of soul infusion to expand the self and dreams of each in the clan. Expansion of self requires major gates of regions that are dominant in the goal of light wave soul infusion capabilities. Those involved with the dreamtime study program will orchestrate events only in regions that can soul infuse in the deep care of the Baba ahead. Events are to be rotated amongst seven regions primarily with variant functions that foster self-realizing itself into actualizing your dreams ahead and through time. To attend any of these events in dreamtime, the simple intent to participate just prior to drifting off to sleep will allow you access.


  1. Aland, Finland hosts gates of ubiquitous formations that foster renewal through time. Those adventuring to Aland in dreamtime will receive a boost into your youth ahead. Youthing is a function of a variety of fluxes of light wave motion. The gates teach each how to transfuse to renew and not age ahead.


  1. Taos, New Mexico fosters gates of sacred ordering of dream. The sacred ordering of dream fosters light wave biological sequences that transfuse into health rather than disease. The truth of the physiology is enhanced leading to well-being of self through time.


  1. Sedona, Arizona fosters gates that cause the interrelationship of the soul family dreams to coincide through time. Soul families need to learn to find one another and dream together. The Sedona gates allow dreams of those attending (in dreamtime) to arc in particular bandwidths to find the soul family of others in the region that you live or travel through time. The dreams foster can include finding the soul family beloved of twin or counterpart stature of truth too.


  1. Augustine, Florida hosts superlative light synthesis gates to foster a restoration of karmic fate for light wave motion of field. Most adepts are still operating in karmic fate of sound based originated nodules of self. The St. Augustine region will rearrange the karmic habitat of fate to foster light motion design of dream. The dreams will then flux forth to foster the next wave of transfusion lore of self.


  1. Maui, Hawaii hosts the origins of all light wave motions and notions upon Earth. Maui is a sincere velocity of light that is soporiferous to ubiquitous in stature. Light motions in Maui like no other location upon Earth except Iceland. Maui hosts time gates to re-syncopate time with dream notions of self that foster itself in a sequence that works for the lifetime ahead.


  1. Iceland hosts gates of superlative to soporiferous light notions of self. The gates foster a restoration of the path of realization if it has gone astray through time. Iceland fosters large gate sequences that can rearrange the life fate if need be through time.


  1. Stockholm, Sweden fosters gates of superlative to soporiferous hues that trigger awareness to increase to foster realization within. Vision, perception, clairaudience, clairsentience, and superlative octaves of dreaming easily flux open from Stockholm gates. Stockholm is a good region to visit to foster clearer perception of self and capabilities as a conscious dream weaver of your life.


There are many other regions also to give consideration unto as more light gates motion on in about six years. The above gates will foster soporiferous light wave dreams in the lives of each attending, whether in dreamtime or in the physical. Soporiferous light wave dreams align the experiences of life with one’s heart’s desire in deep care of the heart and joy of the senses.


Larger than life dreams are also only possible in soporiferous light motion of field. Learning to transfuse into soporiferous light wave motion fosters self-actualization. Realizing self is an internal process. Actualizing self is an external process that requires soporiferous transfusion systems to descend in order to foster the dreams of one’s heart. As soporiferous light motion of field takes flight, another dream of life of merriment and joy can unfold actualizing all the difficult inner work into something beautiful that fosters you into your truth.


Be blessed by the Baba who feels called to be present to witness a conscious group of aspirants that foster realizing within through incantations and focus and not simply in living the life dream fostered by the self of themselves. Self will foster realization that is semi-conscious in many this cycle. Few may actualize self fully conscious and aware of what they are fostering in their lives. You are a rare breed today due to all the training for full consciousness received on the part of the Earth Lore Keeper desiring to witness humans who know what they are actualizing without; and who choose for what they desire to foster in their actualization theory of life.


Bless the soul family emerging around you and within Light Wave Synergy. Intend to find those of soul family origins in your region. All soul family origins of all four categories of self are to share in the life stream together finding one another through time. Choose to find your beloved twin flame as a friend as well as beloved if this is what you wish. Allow the soul family in Light Wave Synergy also to grow. The more that emerge in the soul family of Light Wave Synergy, the larger the possibilities of dreams of each may grow. Be willing to choose for larger than life dreams this lifetime as blessings of the Baba. Be willing to foster the love of your lifetime and the dreams you desire to witness. Receive the love and care of spirit and bless back and your dreams will all align ahead and through time.


The Dreams of the Soul Family


The dreams of the soul family

Assert themselves as tales of the Baba

Into a grand design of Self

That fosters each and the whole

Into large life scripts

In the care of the two three and many

In the love of the Tao

And the fostering of the Dao

And in the care of the monadic duet

That fulfills each heart through time


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