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Earth Archive #5: Practical Self Assertions To Foster Your Life


Assertions for Your Life


The assertion of you

Is to be in you

And not in anyone else

To foster your life

And not anyone else’s life

In the love of the Tao

In the care of the Dao

In the life form of yourself

And not anybody else’s life form

In the care of the whole of Earth


Simple Assertions: Fostering the Self for the Dreams of Life


Simple assertions redirect the self of the self to striate into notions that cause dreams to align as you design them within and in your life. Simple assertions are not complex but need to be programmed into the psyche. The psyche is a mechanism that resides above the cortex of the mind. The mind is the psyche. The heart mind interplay occurs in the psyche to align the emotions with the thoughts directing the life. The psyche forms as octaves 1,800 are transfused through. A light quotient of 65 percent is required infused into the biology in order for the psyche to form. As the psyche forms, assertions and prose prevail to direct the life. The psyche directs the dreams of life through intention. Intention is conscious. Assertions are subconscious. Prose incantations to foster the dreams are also subconscious in stature of direction.


Assertions and prose realign the self of the self in positive striations to direct dreams into positive endeavors each day, week and month lived. A 65 percent light infusion level requires a primarily vegan diet high in protein and low in carbohydrates to maintain the life in health. Fresh fruits and vegetables and juices are a daily requirement to maintain the health of the blood.


The blood becomes the measure of health in light motion of field. Blood is measured in the ethereal in the subtle body. If the blood is golden, then it is healthy. If the blood begins to foster other colors such as grey to brown, it is unhealthy and requires purification. Unhealthy self attracts dreams of strive and negative emotional responses such as anger, depression or suicidal feelings. Unhealthy self can be purified through transfusion. Purification requires white, ivory, silver and gold striations to form to melt the dark colors to allow the self of the self to remain well as each series of octaves are mastered through time.


Purification occurs from the physical up as it is infused at the 65 percent light thresholds of self. As the body transfuses, the light motions up and purifies the blood of the subtle body to sustain health through time. The physical blood also purifies through light motions of field. The physical blood requires certain nutrients to foster recurrent health.


Daily Nutrition Requirements for Sustainable Health


There are some substances required daily to foster healthy physical blood as light transfusion takes flight. The list of what is required is not long. Ester C from supplements or berries is a daily requirement. Ester C is also obtained from juice of fresh watermelon or kiwis. Fulvic and humic acids through supplements is a helpful blood transfusion aid that balances the mind. Most health food resources foster fulvic and humic acids as a tincture. The tincture is better than capsules for this supplement.


B vitamins are also very important to the transfusion of the blood. Ginseng is a useful resource for B vitamins as a daily substance to ingest. The herbs hoodia, maca and rhodiola aid in the sustenance of the hormones that cause the synapses to flux properly in the cortex and are good to ingest daily to retain a state of mind bend not. Mind bend can be defined as an unwell state of being within that can be depressed to angry in stature of the emotional body.


Colloidal silver is also needed daily for sustainable blood and to conquer the recurrent problem of breeding bacteria or viruses that can motion out of control at certain body level temperatures risen into. 1 teaspoon of ionized or hydrosol silver daily is suggested and more if an infection is breeding somewhere in the biology. Attuning to the adroit Tao within and muscle testing or using the pendulum is a needed skill to sustain health in light wave biology as doctoring today may be sometimes useless as the system does not always understand light as in Atlantean times. There are some doctors however beginning to study blood and it may be wise to seek out such gifted individuals to assess your blood if a physical disturbance occurs in the health ahead.


Additional herbs may be required to grow light wave biology or heal afflictions through time. The adroit Tao assesses this at each level and may draw a dream for a visit to the health food store each month. Pay attention and obtain those herbs you are in need of in each stage to foster sustainable health.


Vegan diets are best due to the use of tofu and soy. Soy milk is a good daily substance to drink and heals the blood of light burn. Tofu is useful daily or every other day cooked and raw as it heals the cortex of light burn. Light burn occurs due to fluxes that are uneven upon the land. At this time, the light is so uneven that most are experiencing the symptoms of light burn as one transfuses above 1,800 octaves. It is best to consume tofu without carbohydrates and with digestive enzymes if not sprouted to assure non-distress of the digestive tract. Sick fermentation in the gut is to be avoided by proper food combination for sustainable health in light transfusion.


Carbohydrates need to be consumed separate or with vegetables and need to be minimized to avoid diabetic flux. Tofu and vegetables are best combined together as long as they are non-starchy. Proteins do not combine well with carbohydrate due to enzyme conflicts that cause gastric distress. When gastric distress occurs, it is best to fast on fluids such as soy milk, nut milks or coconut water and teas over the course of the day.


Certain teas are very useful to healing the intestines through time. Chai tea in particular is very supportive of healing light burn of the stomach or intestines. Reds and greens powders or protein powders can be added to other fluids and will go straight in the blood on a liquid diet feeding your dietary needs for the day. Foods can be pureed into soups if the stomach is unwell and this will generally resolve most digestive disturbances if fasted upon for a 24-to-36- hour period.


Diabetic flux can begin to grow to be a problem after the 65 percent threshold of light infusion. It is at this point that carbohydrate consumption must be reduced and watched. The body temperature warms and the cells consume less simple sugars derived from carbohydrates such as bread, rice and pasta or crackers and tortillas. Most carbohydrates are unhelpful to the blood and cells after this point. Carbohydrates from legumes such as garbanzo beans, lentils and peas are useful however.


Quinoa or corn such as polenta is useful and fosters simple sugars that feed the mind primarily. Raw salads are useful daily to offset diabetic flux. The green substances in salads absorb excessive blood sugar carrying them to the waste management systems of the biology. Daily raw fruit and vegetable juices are a sustainable notion to foster for long term overall health of the blood through time.


One symptom of diabetic flux is blurry vision. Another is recurrent diarrhea of the bowels. The body may reduce the blood sugar by motioning it into the intestines en masse. The intestines become agitated by the excessive sugar and rushes the bowels. Over time if the carbohydrates are not reduced, irritable bowel syndrome may be the result.


There may be a time however that the bowels do require carbohydrates. One time may be in order to repair the bowels or stomach from light burn. If too much light surges through the gut, the stomach and intestinal walls may char. Light burn will cause the stomach and intestines to ache daily and each time a meal of raw vegetables or fruits is consumed. If this occurs, consuming small amounts of pasta and sour dough bread and no raw vegetables for a 3-week period will aid in the healing and regrowth of the light seared intestines. Continuing to consume these types of carbohydrates as the bowels heal will lead to diabetic flux and therefore are to be avoided thereafter.


Cooked vegetables and tofu are best for the blood if roasted at lower temperatures such as 300 degrees or less for a two hours or more. High temperature roasting or flash searing in a wok causes gases that putrefy the intestines if ingested too frequently in any given week and need to be avoided. The temperatures of the body may reproduce the bacteria in any raw food excessively unless treated with colloidal silver ingested recurrently through time.


Living in regions of higher hertz is also helpful if possible. Regions that foster higher hertz are generally in the high mountains or out to sea in an island dream at this time. In 10-15 years more regions will raise in hertz. You can also intend the region to raise in hertz with sacred motions fostered through the planetary Tao at this time.


Fifteen Positive Self Assertions


Assertions aid in the reprogramming of the self of the self to foster many aptitudes in the life dream. Self-assertions are not affirmations or intentions. Self-assertions use the command “Be” as this word fluxes a motion that fosters the striations of self to edit itself in actions of your Tao within. Self-striations can be fostered in notions of many dark or disturbing thought streams in this cycle. Humans have entered an electrical energy system due to all the techno development society that each lives within. The electricity fostered in urban living causes self to grow to be black to grey in color. Black to grey consciousness fosters notions of death and disease along with fear and terror within.


As you transfuse into black or grey notions as most will at first, the desire to die or pass or not live the life fully or fearful expressions may grow to be the emotions of yourself. The black and grey striations must be edited out of the self of the self and then the fear-based thought stream will depart the awareness and psyche. Depression is another sign of black to gray striations of self. Anger is also another sign for those who mind bend to the right. Depression and fear occur as you mind bend to the left. Non-mind bend is fostered when the mind waves are circular and above the head in even motions that are balanced sustainably. Positive assertions cause the mind to flux where it should in order not to bend in either direction.


All assertions are subconscious and programmed into the psyche. There are many focuses that program the psyche in this cycle. Reading the media or watching the television programs the psyche. Teachers and others gifted can also program the psyche. Some may program the psyche in positive manners and others in negative genres of thought stream. Those programming others into negative assertions often like to polarize into positive assertions against yourself. Negative assertions lead to mind bend of all types.


Negative assertions that are volatile in stature cause mind bend to the right triggering anger or anxiety. Negative assertions that are death-oriented trigger mind bend to the left and trigger fear and depression to unfold in the emotions of self. Negative assertions need to be abated from the psyche of yourself daily to foster a recovery. Positive assertions need to be added so that new striations of self form to replace those that are dark and sick in stature. Negative assertions attract dark and sick self into yourself that is unwell. Unwell self causes unwell attitudes in life that attract difficult dreams to be lived. All unwell self can be edited through positive self-assertions that reprogram the psyche to foster another attitude within and in the life and in relation to all others.


The best means of reprogramming the psyche for positive self-assertions is to write each required for the month upon a different colored post-it note. Place the post-it notes in three places that you will walk by throughout the day such as the bathroom mirror, refrigerator, the computer, in the car or upon your calendar. Each time you witness the notes, you will reprogram the psyche with the associated assertions to grow yourself in positive directions that will cause positive dreams in life to unfold. Here are 15 useful assertions to reprogram yourself with today.


1. Be Well. The Be Well assertion fosters the unwell self to be edited out of the striations of field.


2. Be Sweet. The Be Sweet assertion fosters sweeter self of the self to replace the unwell self that is departing.


3. Be in Harmony. The Be in Harmony assertion fosters harmonious striations to align to foster harmony in the life dreams and associations each day.


4. Be in Truth. The Be in Truth assertion fosters the self of the self to align into the truth of the Tao within to foster dreams of truth each day lived.


5. Be in Health. The Be in Health assertion fosters healthy self of the self that supports the health of the biology and mind as you transfuse each day.


6. Be Alive. The Be Alive assertion fosters a lively and sometimes humorous dreams to unfold with others as striations of self of this stature are infused.


7. Be Aware. The Be Aware assertion fosters enough consciousness to do what you need to in order to foster your life each day at work or at home or in your life associations.


8. Be in Yourself. The Be in Yourself assertion fosters an editing of the self of others out of your light motion of field so that you do not feel or behave as another.


9. Be in Themselves Not. The Be in Themselves Not assertion withdraws self of you out of the light motion of field of others so that they do not feel or behave as you would.


10. Be in the Care of the Tao. The Be in The Care of The Tao assertion fosters the flavor of care within blossoming in your life. Dreams of life realign to be more caring of you and each through time.


11. Be in the Love of the Dao. The Be in The Love of The Dao assertion fosters the love of the love within to flower so that dreams that are loving in stature are magnetized into your life.


12. Be Free. The Be Free assertion fosters freedom to flow to where you are needed each day, week or month. Self of the self that imprisons is edited out of the light motion of field.


13. Be Wise. The Be Wise assertion allows the wisdom of the archetype to be infused into the self of yourself for better understanding and direction of your life dreaming ahead.


14. Be Magical. The Be Magical assertion fosters self of the self to align dreams into motions of the divine that foster beautiful dreams through time.


15. Be Joyful. The Be Joyful assertion fosters self of the self to align dreams into motions of the divine that foster joyful dreams through time.


Assertions need to be programmed each month to foster the next sojourn upon your path. Some assertions may remain. Others may need to be added. The poetic prose in the “Waves and Poetic Prose” Chapter fosters another type of assertion that can realign the self of yourself daily or monthly too. Pick three for the day and read them to realign the self of yourself in new directions that you require to be at peace. Pick six for the month and post them upon the refrigerator and read them daily to transfigure the self of yourself to foster beautiful dreams for a thirty-day window.


Prose foster nine assertions within each as they were spoken unto in any chapter. Some chapters may foster prose that are useful in particular times of distress in the life to redirect the dreams into new and bountiful directions of support of you. Prose can also be written by you for your own personal needs using the stanzas of lines from those written in the Light Wave series. It is not advisable to make up stanzas for your own prose due to possible negative assertions uncalculated by you when spoken.


Please assert what you need to in order to find your way through the strife that can unfold as light motion of field takes flight in darker striations of self. The self of yourself may not be well for many environmental problems as well as archetypal exchanges through time. The archetypal selves melted together causing self that is un-useful to the fostering of dreams that align. The light will melt the intertwined self with others to abate and the assertions will edit the self to foster your life in new directions and into new magical moments of heightened awareness and experiences ahead. Please be well always.


Assertions for Your Life


The assertion of you

Is to be in you

And not in anyone else

To foster your life

And not anyone else’s life

In the love of the Tao

In the care of the Dao

In the life form of yourself

And not anybody else’s life form

In the care of the whole of Earth


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