Image of a huge forest with several naturally formed lakes. Earth Archive #3

Earth Archive #3: Demon And Dragon Affluences


Dragons of the Lake


The dragon dreamers foster union

In a unity divine

In the sea of Self

To cadence an accord

Unto the dolphins and whales

In soma mindset

For happiness and gratitude

For all of life

And love of each upon the path

In the love of the whole of the Earth


Demons of Care: Spirits of the Natural World


The natural world hosts spirit that fosters dreams of the whole of the planet. The Demons of Care are a fostering of the planetary Tao to sustain natural world dreams. In recent years, the Demons of Care were badly shattered. They are choosing to retract off the planet due to the high thresholds of damaged fabric of self that requires recasting elsewhere. The star system Sirius is absorbing the Demons of Care as they had fluxed here from Sirian escapes of natural world dreaming.


Sirius continues to play a vital role in the development of humans here upon Earth and incarnate in their worlds. Sirian worlds number three when Earth is only one. Many forces of nonphysical mastery pursuits foster dreams of strife and extreme polarity to learn large spiritual lessons from Sirius and here upon Earth. Often developments from Earth that are successful return to Sirius to foster something else that is kinder in stature of life ahead. Some fail tests here and are prohibited from reincarnating in Sirius through time.


The Demons of Care foster care of humans who develop in dragon dreaming through time. So many demons of strife from other creations damaged into the Demons of Care that they collectively abated the support of humans in mastery octaves exceeding four decibels. Many humans chose to damage with the outer demonic forces maiming the Demons of Care. For those of deep care of the whole in wholeness theory of self, the loss of the love of the Demons of Care has been very difficult to overcome. Many dragons were also wounded attempting to save the Demons of Care. The overall loss is deep and those who loved the dragons and Demons of Care feel a deep and sincere hopelessness sometimes within.


Inner hatred often occurs in a deep threshold of emotion as the natural world and Tao of the planet appears to have abated a union with oneself. Those at lower octaves beneath wholeness levels of self theory also may find oneself depressed or feeling lost or residing in deep darkness of nemesis in an attempt to understand what went wrong upon Earth and within your mastery. Many dream nemeses deep asleep and not in the life or conscious attributes of self.


Although easier, those who are willing to nemesis some in the physical are more adept at motioning into another union that is to be sustained now through the Dragons of Fate along with the planetary Tao. The Dao infuses the Dragons of Fate into each who has re-mastered their dragon tests at this time. The re-infusion should abate the flavor of sadness or suicidal issues within as it is fulfilled upon.


False Ascension and Failing Dragon Tests


Many are failing their dragon tests. Those failing dragon tests are turning demonic at this time. Some procured the dragon coats of others and festered a disturbance towards the natural world order dreaming. Yet others allowed demons of destruction to flux through in deliberate action at the Demons of Care. The festering of false ascension is the primary cause along with failed nemesis tests. Many chose to abate nemesis altogether obtaining false test records from futures.


The lack of nemesis causes humans to become increasingly harmful through time due to lack of understanding of the nature of destruction. The ego surged within each false mastery to a point that deliberate action was taken to obtain dreams and dream keys from others to foster a life direction outside of karmic habitat of fate. Many have fostered mates or life moves or new jobs that pay better at the expense of many dragon dreamers sincere in their nemesis fostering of a harmless state of being.


Those who have succeeded at passing their dragon tests number one out of six attempted developments this cycle. This is the largest attrition of dragon dreamers that the Tao of Earth has ever witnessed in any creation. The attrition is so great that demon affluences shall now run over the planet through demon-phonic action unless abated. Demon-phonics is a repose of sound that levels the extremes between humans and between regions. As dreams are leveled, those with larger than life dreams shall lose and those with very little dream shall gain. For those in the greed bank of demonic action, the wealth shall flux towards the poor.


For those self mastering, one hosts large self of the self to flux consensus dragon dreaming systems that emulates the wealthy. The life may not reflect the large dream that one fosters in care of the whole. The demon-phonic system began to abate dreams of those who were key aspirations of dragon dreaming consensus keeping developed by the planetary Tao. The falls of the consensus keepers as the result of demon-phonic action is steep. Each must resurrect out of the fall to restore what was at this time.


Some are older and may have fallen too ill to recover. Those who are strong are to be light infused to recover the planetary sequences of consensus level keeping for the sake of the planetary Tao. The demon-phonics are to be abated in the fields of those who passed dragon tests so that the self of the self can be rebuilt to foster the continuation of planetary keeping through this cycle of light motion.


The light motion cycle ahead is only to be fostered for three hundred years following which the planetary Tao is to retract and motion back to Sirius from which he extended in deep care of the whole of Earth. He is vastly wounded and in need of care himself. Dragons now entering the voyage of Earth to aid the planetary Tao in its recovery have many causes and effects to witness and heal within themselves. Some are entering from creations of strife not unlike Earth. Some are coming from creations of affluence where they failed their mastery thresholds due to a need to understand the extremes in polarity to a deeper level. Dragons motioning to infuse those who have passed their tests have a wide variety of aptitude. They appreciate each who cares deeply for themselves.




Those who fail to bless or care for the new dragons entering the planetary affluences of self are not to be blessed or cared for in return at this time. The Demons of Care often blessed everyone regardless if one blessed in return. The planetary Tao often used consensus keepers to bless humans who failed to bless. Humans of developments who went demon-phobic used the art of blessing to damage consensus keepers and the planetary Tao back along with the Demons of Care. The new approach is to only bless that which is harmless and blesses in return at this time. Those failing to be blessed may feel very uncared for through time until their blessing motions grow to be harmless again. The blessings from the Demons of Care often fostered care for those who failed to bless in return in all circumstances. The new stance of all dragon dreamers is that one must bless them to be blessed and helped through time.


Dragon dreamers generally aid one another through time. Many dragon dreamers not only went demon-phonic, but hid the truth and then failed to give in return for what was given by other dragon dreamers. The result is a loss of many planetary and personal patterns required to sustain the dream of each along with the whole. What was taken when nothing was given is to be retrieved and restored to whom and where it belongs at this time in Demon of Truth action.


Soon regions will recover some of the dragon dreaming dreams for those of this stature remaining upon Earth. Some regions are badly overrun by demons and may turn demon-phonic ahead. If too many dragon dreamers of mastery turn demon-phonic than those who succeeded, the region will mostly turn demon-phonic at this time. Dragon dreamers are guided to motion towards regions sustaining dragon dreaming ahead to offset an early death.


Demon Phonics


Demon phonics is hard upon the cellular structure. The sound reposes recurrent stress upon the body. Some may find diabetic flux more a problem due to the stress of demon phonic sounds in the land or in those nearby or close in proximity unto oneself. Demon phonics is a low-grade sound that levels dreams and levels life spans. In the cycles ahead, humans may live not much more than fifty-five years. The demon phonics will not life extend nor will it allow mastery to extend the life either. Demon phonics is an extinction paradigm of leveling into wholeness that is borg-like or in commonality with one another. Archetypes of mastery levels of threshold are to retract following the coming three-hundred-year cycle of light synthesis as a result. What will remain will be mostly Tao-less archetypal stature of humans that foster demonic fanfare ahead.


Many regions will be overrun by demon-phonics in the coming forty years. Some dragon regions shall abate and flux towards demon-phonics due to the needs of the Dao of Earth to retain some dragon dreaming in purity of herself. Dragon dreaming is a function of the planetary Dao and not the Tao. The Tao sustains the flux of the motions of the planet whereas the Dao fosters the dreams of each and the whole. The Dao and Tao cause union to allow the care of the whole to be witnessed by those mastering in each cycle. The care of the whole ruptured as the divine union of the Dao and Tao was shattered due to a demonic affluence from outside the creation of our solar sun. The cycle now must be given closure unto early due to planetary strife that may not be ever overcome in full ever.


Demon Issues and Realization       


Demon issues accord via patterns that are light infused or defused on top of oneself. The self of the self of that mastering self-realization theory infuses light and ex-fuses that which is not of oneself or of one’s archetype. Ex-fusion is an art all of its own as one must melt the patterns that are of one’s archetypal nature in order to expand the self of the self in the knowledge base of one’s inheritance. The knowledge is fostered as striations of self that expand within the subtle bodies through time. The more that one knows, the larger the subtle bodies grows due to containing archetypal wisdom to foster continued realization of self.


Ex-fusion is not an abatement of all that is to be transfused through. Ex-fusion melts what is one’s knowledge and returns what is not and to the other archetypes and not on top of other bodies. Demonic ex-fusion abates an entire sequence of archetypal intertwining on top of some bodies. The bodies become ill through time if the demonic action is not overcome and transfused through. Demons abate patterns and rise in light without integration of archetypal knowing in order to dominate and subordinate legitimate masters.


The dominance and subordination of the demonic game is an age-old issue for dragon dreamers to overcome through realization. The demon-phonics are troublesome as they abate patterns outside of karmic habitat of dragon-demon issues. The demon-phonic system should not enter the dreams of Earth until it is time to cease to foster mastery. The demon-phonic system was called in by humans mastering and then choosing to go demonic themselves.


Generally, dragon dreamers do not choose to go demonic as they do not understand demonic systems of development. Demonic development oscillates into Demons of Care from which they can then begin a new level of development into Dragon-Aid systems of self. There are succinct tests for all levels of nonphysical development for both dragons and demons. The demon-phonic system is not development oriented.


Demon-phonics do not evolve. They enter creations to foster extinction. Everything does have a purpose and so do demon-phonics. The demon-phonic leveling causes consciousness to fall to the floor of creation and recycle. Recycling of consciousness is also a part of realization of self. Consciousness transcended recycles in the floor of self. Consciousness however is not leveled but allowed to expand and abate what no longer serves. Demon phonics abates consciousness useful to life in its action towards extinction. Demon phonics is very difficult to participate in as a dragon dreamer at this time. Please learn to abate the demon-phonics out of your field and the planetary Tao and new Dragons of Truth will assist in your recovery from the associated damage.


Traditionally, demons puff up the ego into hate, abuse, avoidance and dejection as a means of subordinating others. Some demons deflate into suicidal tendencies. Demons are the backdrop of notion for dragon dreamers to realize through the experiences with in life. Demons damage in karmic habitat of fate. The damage is undone as one transfuses through and realizes something about the exchange that triggers forgiveness and compassionate action within. The demon-phonics rest outside of the normal and standard demon-dragon aptitude of exchange. It is for this cause that the strife upon the physical is great in some regions over run by demon-phonic systems.


If you are living in a demon-phonic turned region, the planetary Tao will restore your karmic habitat of fate to allow for a recovery unless one has fallen too ill to survive. Using measures of good nutrition in combination with light infusions to rise above the demon-phonic sounds is the main approach of the Tao of each archetype suffering from the demonic interplay of the demon-phobes.


The planetary Tao is witnessing a difficulty already with the loss of four gifted consensus keepers in the past year. The gifted consensus keepers abated life due to the difficult stanza of demonic affluences in larger organizations suspended in demon-phonic sounds. The demon-phobes may outnumber the dragon dreamers in some organizations sixteen to one. Many dragon dreamers may find it difficult to sustain life without becoming demonic ahead. Some dragon dreamers in regions now fluxing into demon-phobic affluences of self are resorting to becoming demonic in order to sustain some semblance of ordering of personal dreams. The demonic affluences rarely support Tao or Dao of Earth or of each archetype.


Dragon dreaming is falling apart at this time for many. Only regions of dragon dreaming magnitude of a threshold of 400 percent may survive for the coming cycle in its affluence of ordering in Tao law. Failing Tao law is very difficult upon the bodies of dragon dreamers. Tao law is sustained by dragon dreamers global wide and triggers the karmic habitat of fate to align so that forgiveness fosters a release of the patterns associated between dragon and demon interplay.


Retracting from Earth


(NOTE: The following information was channeled several years ago. This is one probable scenario of Earth going extinct. Please read with discernment. Nothing is set in stone. Things can change because we have many forces of Light from many Creations and Beyond helping our beloved Planet Earth. A lot also depends on the transformation of humanity within the next 3 decades.)


Demon-phonic systems work in demon law and not Tao law. A restoration key for Tao law is available unto all dragon dreamers once each re-passes their dragon dreaming tests. The Tao law key will flux the subordination nodules of self off of oneself in a re-bloom into one’s dragon truth. It is the subordination systems in demon-phonics that injure the life form. If the injured life form steps into the etheric, the pain can grow to be physical until the subordination systems are released. The Tao law keys can be dispensed to other dragon dreamers in the region also passing their tests to rekindle the dragon dreams of each. It is very important to foster a restoration of Tao law within at this time regardless of where one lives. The demon-phonic individuals may travel and begin their pursuits in kind dragon dreaming regions ahead too.


The 100-100 gate keepers are the only ones who can restore regional dragon dreaming. Not all regions host 100-100 gate keepers at this time. Some have perished in the wake of demon-phonic systems. Unless a 100-100 gate keeper fosters a repair of the dragon dreaming region, the region may go demon phonic now. Dragon dreams will continue to flux in former dragon regions in the 12-12 through 18-18 gate thresholds for about eight more years. The 14-14 is to become the base level of dragon dreaming after 2027. In eight years to follow or by 2035, the base will rise again to the 18-18 level for the foundation of all dragon dreamers. Those underneath will flux into demon phonic systems. Many in demon-phonic systems may perish as light motions heavily upon Earth. The dense sound motions of demon-phonics will lead to disease in the physical as more light is applied unto most.


Humans who are fostering developments are choosing to retract from Earth with the planetary Tao if the archetypes are complete with all karma here. The planetary Tao shall retract in less than one hundred years ahead. Some are to return to Sirius and reincarnate there to complete a passage of right between the two existences. Some are to motion on to Thulsa or other creations if the cause and effect is suited in the archetype.


Many humans who are non-Tao originated are to remain upon Earth to foster her extinction through demonic systems of equality. Those remaining will witness Earth emerging a galaxy of abatement in about one thousand years. The entire solar system is to enter a galaxy remaining from the physical strife of a nuclear blow up. The galaxy is filled with flying comets that will hit all third dimensional planets along with the sun. The Earth will be blown apart in two at some point and go extinct. There are many motions to abate the solar system also underway at this time as a result.


How to Handle Demons in Your Life


Some demons from outside this galaxy have entered the planetary systems and are very angry and hateful. Some humans are becoming overrun by very unkind nonphysical forces in demonic interplay. This type of demon needs to be abated from the planet through the dragon dreamers. The planetary Dao is offering keys to allow the demons of hateful stature to retract out gates unto the solar sun. This type of demon has no home upon Earth as it did not originate here nor is it from any creation associated with the archetypes of Earth. Some actions may occur in deep hatred between humans as a result of the affluence of these demons. Fostering a release throughout the region that one exists in accord with other dragon dreamers is the best recourse of intention to make at this time.


Demon phonic systems are not hateful. The resources of demon-phonics do resound a deep music of composition. The deep sound resounds leveling dreams. The demon-phonic system is kind and does not destroy per se; only levels dreams. However, leveling dreams can lead to accidents or loss of friendship or loss of homes or possessions as the self of the self, sustaining the dream is also lost. It is best to retrieve all dreams lost to demon-phonic people daily by transfusing up beyond the light quotient of each and calling the notions back to be lived and witnessed ahead.


Demon-phonic systems are not useful in dragon-demon unions. The dragon dreamer may become ill in the sound of their partner if they have become demon-phonic in stature of self. There are keys from the planetary Dao to abate demon-phonics out of spouses or children or grandparents or friends with too much close association unto each dragon dreamer. Take the keys from the Dao and distribute them to each you know and motion the demon-phonic system away from your life. The motions are so perilous that disease or accidents will be the outcome otherwise.


The planetary Dao is very upset by all the damage to sincere dragon dreamers at this time. She is supporting and aiding each in a sacred recasting through the Babaji. The Babaji is fostering a life line clearing and healing to enforce boundaries of karma that has been released to abate if it has already been forgiven in one’s personal ascension or development archives. Demon-phonic humans do not abide by time. Archives are also treasonous and need to be reconstituted. Demon-phonic humans often destroy personal archives to level dreams.


The planetary Dao now has a plan to foster a restitution of one’s karmic archives to abate false interactions that should not occur due to demonic interplay that is out of control at this time. The Babaji life line healing will restore the karmic habitat of fate so that what has been forgiven is honored and what has yet to be worked upon remains as a future possibility and not an action against one’s field.


The Babaji time line healing is fostered as a searing heat that runs through the bones and nerves to abate karmic systems that have entered the physical that are non-legitimate unto one’s karmic habitat of fate. The searing heat may trigger one to rise to a dripping sweat for about four hours per night until complete. The searing heat will burn off diseased cells so that they can regrow properly. Many have had Babaji time line healing many times in their developments. Some adepts at this time may require longer periods of treatment if the life form was badly damaged in non-karmic infractions with the demon-phonics that oscillated on to Earth. Some may require many months of treatment. The Babaji will be a close resource during the life line healing but may withdraw to focus upon other pertinent issues of human development following.


Please be sincere with the Babaji and bless him each time he enters the field to perform his function. Please honor all the dragons and planetary Tao that is attempting a healing of each dragon dreamer that has fallen due to demon-phonic action at this time to allow for a rise beyond the original levels of mastery attained. Most dragon dreamers are to rise to twice the octave that they had previously developed within to overcome demon-phonic action. Most shall succeed at compassionate action levels of mastery into the 18-18 to 30-30 range of binary encoding at this time. It is very important to foster the body in the right diet and substances to avoid physical ailments that could escalate during one’s recovery into your dragon coats of self.


The 30-30 Hypothesis of Mastery: Deep Care of the Planetary Tao


There is a gift in a rise into the 30-30 hypothesis of existence as a master of self. The 30-30 is a fostering of deep care of the planetary Tao for each consensus keeper through time. The care is fluxed from the planetary Tao and Dao into one’s life. The deep love and care do not abate in death but carries on post death into other nonphysical service options. Many current developments may remain with the planetary Tao until he departs for Sirius and in service out of deep care of the heart.


Tao comes in many orderings of existence through time. There are small Taos present on Earth to understand something when they are very large elsewhere. There are large Taos upon Earth such as the planetary Tao that take on a huge role of managing all dreams that all Taos of smaller derivations foster. There are Taos behind each archetype of mastery. There are Taos behind each kingdom. There are Taos behind each system of development to be fostered.


Generally, three or more Taos foster each human development into realization through time. Taos care when one cares. Tao’s help when one is helpful unto them in dreaming with them. Taos are beautiful and love humans deeply that they have developed within the associated archetype through time. There is a history between each Tao fostering oneself and the archetype of one’s birth. The development Taos understand the nature of each human of a given archetypal stature enough to aid in what is needed to be experienced in order for compassionate action to be fostered through time.


All Taos are to be cared for and honored whether they be of the land, the sea, a kingdom, a region, a human or a group of humans, a whale or a pod of whales or dolphins. Tao always cares back fostering your life dreams and continued mastery. All demonic strife is easily remedied in the love and care of all Taos that affluence one’s life.


Natural World Blessings


There are five kingdoms blessing you today through this chapter associated with the Demons of Care. Eagle is restoring a mastery level system that is associated with the Creator-Creation concepts of the Native Peoples of the world. Eagle is also a vast Demon of Care that reposes deep and sincere love unto each who fluxes the heart accolade in compassionate action blessings. Much like the planetary Tao, Eagle will only bless in return if one blesses himself.


Deer is restoring its flavor of gentleness for the meek and mild who need care to nurture their journey through nemesis and the rebirth process to follow. Crow is present to witness Tao law restoration in each development. Badger is present to foster the flavor of sentiment of care of nature so that realizing humans do not abate nature as a resource of love through time. Other kingdoms may join in but are very distressed at their own damage within.


Lion has something to say to all humans reading this chapter: “I am very, very sick at the stature of demonic affluences over nature and kind humans that demonstrated compassionate action through time. There is a sadness of fate that is oscillating within all kingdoms that there is no hope for any type of future other than nuclear annihilation. Humans have festered three development cycles in the past eighteen hundred years and into such deep hatred that a “Hitler” type human arose into power and fostered damage unto the whole through armament too great for us to heal from thereafter. The threshold of hatred is again at an all-time high in your development cycle leading to a possible nuclear strike in 15-20 years from today. Lion and many kingdoms are through now and are choosing to retract with the planetary Tao in less than one hundred years.”


The design of the human dream has been torn. Nature is unwilling to attempt another recovery if a nuclear strike is too great and soon. At this time, the planetary Tao is attempting to forest the nuclear strike dream into a minimal 9-11 fostering that will not lead to world war. We are saddened by this outcome all the same. We strove very hard to foster humans in another direction. Human mindset is incapable of thinking in any other manner other than damage unto the whole. We are sad and it is time for us to motion on to other kinder creations after learning many hard lessons as natural world nonphysical resources of deep care here upon Earth.


We of the Demons of Care entered Earth as former humans who hated. We hated until we annihilated a planet not far away that Earth may be torn apart as she enters this galaxy. We were awarded time in nature to resolve our issues within. We have learned our lessons. We know that our audience has studied with us a long time in a format of thoughtform of development fostered in the care of Mother Earth foray of mastery.


We have now witnessed the mindset loss that prevailed at the time that we too struck out at the natural world and fostered a nuclear winter in a planet almost forgotten within us. We have learned our lesson now and we forgive you and each. We bless today only those who bless in return and foster compassion in the life flow of the heart accolade of self. We have given much; we have lost some; we choose to abate and run and recover.


We are not to foster development of humans any longer. We did our part and now the Planetary Tao will foster only Tao realization. Ascension is an abated path at this time. We witness the deep loss of sincerity of heart and how it can flux the health towards disease or the life towards discord or losses that are deeply personal due to sick demonic fanfare. Some of you may have fallen nearly as hard. Please persevere and rise out and the four above kingdoms will aid you in your repair of field.


We are sad about the change in the dreaming of human lives. Many have lost so much dream fabric that poverty may rise into former dragon dreamers of deep care but who are not capable of rising into self-realization pursuits. Those self realizing will learn to foster dreams through light motions of field.


We witness the mind shift changes in each of you as a result of reading the Light Wave series. We are not new to mindset development either and have aided humans in other cycles in the changes that are physical in the synapse growth and light infusion process. We are sincerely departing in deep magnitude of our own compassion for a failing species of your own and a loss of consciousness so great that there is little hope for another tomorrow other than loss of the whole. The nuclear war may be forced into a future that will one day play out at this point and as the light motions off in about three hundred years. We choose to go now due to our own attrition of consciousness consumed in the demonic fanfare of false mastery level humans.


We bless each of you that has cared deeply in your hearts for our species and each species that has communicated with you, healed you, loved you, cared for your dreams, and desired nothing more than for you to evolve and reincarnate elsewhere that can better foster your continued existence in care of the whole. We see that those remaining in your association through time will succeed at this goal. It is a difficult time of development and many variant levels of possibility and many potential trip ups that did indeed act out. Many of you who loved the deepest were damaged along with us. We have in our own damage been unable to reach out to foster a healing of those like you. Please forgive us and allow those kingdoms that are capable of fostering a healing of your body, mind and spirit aptitude with nature to do so now.


We forgive humanity in full. We bless you and each always in deep gratitude for all the spiritual lessons witnessed through time. We love that we are. We care that we know that we too are the I am that I am to return to human incarnations ahead. There are some in human form that not unlike ourselves shall reincarnate only in the natural world where they cannot destroy again. They like ourselves will learn their lesson too through time.


Some take longer than others to learn not to destroy and to love. Love is all that is and all that has ever been and all that matters through time. Love is pure Tao. Pure Tao is all that ever was that invented this entire experience to learn, grow, evolve and find peace in each creational experience through time. Love is the only resource that heals. Love is the only motion that allows life form to understand, to witness itself and to grow beyond its limitations in form.


Whatever you have learned, make peace with it within and you will find your joy again. Dream your dreams big, always fostering what brings you the deepest satisfaction to experience within. Bless the Dao and Tao of yourself and of Earth and of each kingdom always for their deep care is the most precious gift of all always. Do not confuse false tao with Tao. This is perhaps the hardest lesson of all as it leads to destruction wherever it plays out as false tao is only demons or something else that misleads one or all in the wrong direction as spirit or as form. We of the natural world bless you. We will continue to bless you through the four kingdoms providing care of those mastering realization theory of self.


Dragon Relays of Self


The dragons entering for the fostering of Earth in her repair are new unto this world but not new unto the issues at hand of a loss of mastery levels in many. Those humans passing their dragon dreaming tests shall foster dragon relays of infusion of self of the self. Many self of the self of the former consensus keepers are too badly wounded. Most self of the self of the consensus keepers is choosing to pass through death gates to be rekindled in consciousness by the planetary Tao elsewhere. There is a deep period of nemesis awaiting each consensus keeper self to foster understanding and abate the patterns at cause of human strife.


The self of the self forms as a star system beyond physical development of the chakra system and subtle bodies and the self-striations of self contained within. The self of the consensus keepers is another vast repository of self-striations that foster consciousness of the whole of the development of humanity or the dolphin and whale kingdoms. The self of the self of the consensus keepers was damaged in a demonic interplay that came from without and rose up through human physical developments beneath. Those whales or humans destroying the self of the self above are to be acquitted from mastery this cycle.


Many archetypes are to be defused from future developments who failed many times in fostering care of the heart and harmlessness towards others or nature or the Taos or Daos of the planet. Fourteen human archetypes are to be defused and twelve whale-dolphin archetypes are also to be defused this cycle. Six human archetypes, four dolphin archetypes, along with seven whale archetypes remain for Tao realization cause.


Rising into Star Formations


The loss of self above oneself can deflate dreams. The deflation of dream has to be abated lest it leads to a loss of job or capacity to foster one’s life. Some are already experiencing the ramifications of the loss of dream as the self of the self above was destroyed in its star formation. The best solution is to restore the self of the self above oneself as a dragon dreamer and as an infusion from their kingdoms that will ignite a star beyond the subtle bodies once again. The planetary Tao will ignite the keys to foster a star around one’s field. Only those uncovered as having been harmless to the former star self are to be fostered in this time of recovery. Not all self developments foster star formations. Only those in the 30-30 binary encoding foster a star surrounding the subtle bodies and participate in consensus keeping from the physical.


Many developments will now rise into star systems that were previously destined not to. The underlying cause of this shift is the rising light through infusions to abate demon-phonic actions upon Earth. The rising light will renumerate the molecules into 3030 encoding triggering a rise in light that a star formation of self can be ignited and then fostered.


Rising into a star system is a glorious experience of beautification into one’s personal truth this lifetime. Some who had fostered star formations that fell also lost the light synthesis beyond the subtle bodies. Those rising will be ignited again first as the numeration of the biology is already at a 3030 encoding. Those rising into 3030 encoding takes time to assure that non-disease is fostered ahead. Altering the diet is one means of fostering a 30-30 hypothesis in this life without realizing into disease.


Dragon coats are also to be restored that sustain and suspend the self of the self to rotate the dreams into the life for each self-development into the 16-18 range of gate. Ten dragon coats are minimum to foster conscious dreaming capacity at this time in a 16-16 octave. Some with less coats now lose the capacity to consciously intend dreams due to how intention fluxed into a damage force that rendered spirit and form. Those losing the capacity to consciously intend their dreams will receive the dream associated with their karmic habitat of fate in a fate restoration also underway at this time. Those rising again in dragon coats and into gates of the 16-16 and above will restore sound-based dreaming first and then arise into light-based dreams ahead and as the 30-30 hypothesis of self-realization unfolds.


Those with star formations dream at the speed of light. Sometimes couples in twin unions form a star above the two at lower thresholds of binary encoding of the 20-28 levels. Those in single stature of star formation must rise into the 30-80 levels of encoding. Dreaming at the speed of light will alter dreams resounding at the speed of sound instantaneously and into more delightful nuances to be experienced and expressed through time.


Those fostering dreaming at the speed of light must align dreams daily with one’s Dao and the Dao of the planet. In aligning one’s dreams with the Dao, the Tao will take action to hold boundaries for one’s safety and livelihood. The Tao will cast dreams to meet all one’s needs in sacred equations that allow enough to prevail so that internal realization of self can continue to be fostered. Sacred service is an action of deep care of the Tao of the planet. Tao will oversee the dreams of you in a grander manner yet assuring larger aptitudes of self-realization to unfold within and then be realized into the life. Realization leads to deeper care for the whole along with each through time triggering the birth of a realizing community of humans devoted to the path.


There are four levels of star development that flower within. The first level flowers as four motions that spawn a spark that ignites a self of the self outside the subtle bodies. The self is in the formation of a flower and not a star system at this time. The second level is witnessed as ten flowers of self notions develop. The four notions ignite another spark that motions into a flame of a heart accolade of the self of the self outside of the subtle bodies that accords to one’s own heart accolade. One’s own heart accolade expands triggering the flavor of deep care of oneself and the whole. The third level is fostered as twenty-eight flowers of self notions are embraced. A galaxy forms at this level fostering deep compassionate action for each and the whole. The fourth level is fostered as one hundred and forty-four flowers of self notions form triggering realization into oneness theory of self.


Please be well in your life line healing at this time. Please bless nature and all the resources supporting you in your personal assertion to master into self-realization aptitudes of fate this lifetime. Please bless the consensus self that is retracting so that it can find its way where it needs to go next. Please bless each dragon and demon that witnessed and supported your journey to date as a self-development into self-realization aptitude. Please bless all Taos and Daos near and wide to foster their capacity to self-heal. Please be well with your life and allow it to unfold in new directions as the 20-20 and 30-30 levels of light are embodied.


Dragons of the Lake


The dragon dreamers foster union

In a unity divine

In the sea of Self

To cadence an accord

Unto the dolphins and whales

In soma mindset

For happiness and gratitude

For all of life

And love of each upon the path

In the love of the whole of the Earth


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Light Wave Art & Glossary




Pure Love



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The Ascension Insights series and related books offer information on consensus ascension. This type of ascension involves rising up the dimensions with Earth and as she ascends. These books disseminate information on having a complete ascension with the potential of taking the body with you.


The Light Wave series offer information on another type of ascension known as transfusion. Transfusion is an inward focused process where the Consciousness returns Home to the Source, All That Is, or the Tao, through one’s hologram, and the body is left behind in ascension.



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Asur’Ana. Light Wave 2: Poetic Prose. Aligning With Earth, 2019. Digital.

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