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Earth Archive #1: The Earth Motion-Healing The Heart Of The Planet


The Earth Walk


The dance of the Earth

Is a motion divine

To foster the sustenance

Of each through time

In a cadence of care

In the heart notion of truth

In the freedom

Of the people

To dream of the whole

In the love of the Tao


Caring for the Whole of the People of the Planet


The Tao of Earth and the Self of the planet is a consciousness that directs the dreams of the whole. The planet is a system of awareness that is filled with polarities of extreme magnitude of self. Extreme poles are difficult truths to realize through in times of evolutionary fulfillment such as now. Extreme polarity triggers consciousness to cascade in dark to light configurations. The darker configurations destroy the person and the whole. The light configurations save the person or the whole. The medium dreams cascade a notion of a balanced polarity through which one may master ascension or self-develop. It is the medium pole that provides sustenance for the whole and the individual mastering spiritually through time.


Those mastering today face the strife of those who desire to destroy self. Often those destroyed attempt to save those who destroy in a false belief that this is required in care of the whole. Care of the whole does not require anything to sacrifice itself for another or another kingdom. The attempt to save others or the whole is a perilous happenstance of fate amongst those mastering light synthesis at this time.


Saving those who destroy generally destroys oneself unless one finds one’s way to balancing the extreme poles within. Extreme poles are a part of the Earth walk. The Earth walk fosters the need to relinquish destructive systems of self and integrate systems of self in harmlessness through time. Harmlessness is often sustained in light only dreams in some. In the darker dreams, destruction unfolds. Those who cannot sustain harmlessness in dark dreams are precluded from light synthesis of field in this cycle to offset the harm that would be caused against other initiates mastering in harmlessness.


All damage of field occurs within first. Damage is the result of archetypal sequences of hate, murder or other issues of deep magnitude of darker emotions within. Dark emotions are to be forgiven and light synthesized beyond in order to foster harmlessness. Harmful acts can occur between initiates when karmic only in order to sustain harmless states mastered. As long as the karmic habitat of fate fosters each action, harmlessness is sustained.


Some abated the karmic habitat of fate fostering harmful actions outside of fate. Those damaging the karmic habitat of fate are to be abated from light synthesis notions of further mastery at this time. Some went so far as to damage inside out this cycle of mastery. Damaging inside out damages oneself first and then another. Those fostering damage inside out are precluded from self-development this cycle.


Compassionate Action in Life


The Earth walk is a continuous motion of the Divine to foster those who can out of extremes leading to fear, strife, dishonor, non-forgiveness, non-compassion, non-truth and non-love into another interpretation of existence that gives birth to compassionate action in life. Compassion must be for everyone and every being and every kingdom and the whole when mastered in the birth of self-development fostering. Compassionate action is an act of honor of each through time regardless of role or happenstance of fate. The Earth Tao fosters compassion in self-development and light synthesis fostering at this time.


Compassionate stances in life leads to wholeness theory of self. Wholeness theory leads to non-destruction within or without. In wholeness each has a place upon the wheel of life including those who destroy and those who do not. Each is needed in the wheel of life regardless of role. Some who destroy aid in fostering those who do not into harmless positions within the wheel of mastery. Bless each and all that has trespassed in your lives to witness another level of compassion to flux open within in association with the Earth Tao.


Wholeness Theory of Self


Wholeness theory is also a system of truth in which each is sustained. Sustainable existence allows for recycling but not destruction through harmful actions. In sustainable principles each is to be sustained. Destruction fails to sustain some. Failure to sustain some is non-wholeness in life. Non-wholeness is so common today that most befall strife due to those who need to destroy to pretend to be whole.


For those pretending to be whole, the destructive fabric of self invades the self of oneself drawing upon your mastery thresholds to foster sustainability in the dreams of life. The one losing self-mastery then fosters diminished dreams through time that sometimes become unsustainable for a time. As the one pretending to be whole is forgiven, the dreams flux back unto oneself to foster a better time ahead.


Light synthesis of field often fosters strife between initiates who shatter the self of one another in an attempted mastery that through time and in nemesis fostering is witnessed as failing and then disbanded. Those fostering self-development often feel fearful to damaged within until others who are failing at their development are weeded out of the system of Earth mastery. There are many who have been weeded out already at this time and a few others to allow those developing to be freed up into sustainable resources of self in this cycle. Many are witnessing a shift now that those who are difficult are weeded out of the system.


From Ascension into Self-Development


The journey from ascension into self-development is a shift away from shared mastery consciousness. Ascension levels of development are a shared mastery consciousness thresholds founded upon vibration. The vibration works one’s way through principles of forgiveness, empowerment, compassion, integrity, unity, honor and the fostering of truth within. Each octave of mastery hosts a color, principle, herb, mineral, notions to be balanced to the middle polarity of self and is measured by the Tao of Earth through time. Shared consciousness allows all to know what one or some know in their self-development thresholds of mastery above oneself. Shared consciousness is kind in its oscillations of understanding that is interpretive in common knowledge.


Ascension dreaming fosters an interpretive understanding of light, medium, and dark dream base. Those choosing for light only dreams foster a beautiful dream for a time and then flux into darker dreams through time. Those choosing for middle dreams foster balance and generally witness success in ascension development systems. The middle path dream choice has evaded many ascending this cycle. The lighter dreams chosen for worked for a time and many mastering ascension are now motioning into darker dreams in counterbalance to personal choices made through time. The darker dreams cannot be motioned out of unless one light synthesizes or self develops. Light synthesis is fostered as one masters the first ten principles of ascension. Self-development is fostered beyond this in non-damage theory of life that triggers transfusion.


Many attempting self-development to offset darker dreams of happenstance of fate went into destroying the whole and others mastering self-development in this cycle. Those who witnessed primarily light dreams in ascension mastery have failed in their tests of harmlessness in self-development theory of mastery. They could not foster a state of harmlessness as darker dreams rolled over them due to extreme choices in the polarity of a life of mastery.


Those who failed are to be weeded from the system of self-development possibility freeing up those who are succeeding at this time in harmlessness. Self-development numbers are about 5 percent of the current human population and 20 percent of the ascension mastery levels of development. Although small, the self-development fostering will aid the Earth walk in brightening into a cycle of light motion of field.


Post Life Self Realization


Self-development is difficult in the physical. Self-realization is almost impossible in the physical due to density and incapacity to master transcendental states in this cycle. Self-realization is fostered as the development enters the physical in full triggering a departure from the physical in a transfusion crossing at this time. The body cannot handle the wave motions of the realization in the physical and perishes in the actions of realization of self.


Self-realization occurred for Yogananda and most Yogi’s including Sai Baba only following their transfusion crossings. The post death experience is of the realization of self and not in the life. The post death transfusion systems are often filled with strife in this time period and post life realization is not always easy. Those mastering post life self-realization are to be blessed, forgiven and honored for their life of fate. Please bless each mastering transfusion system as most are struggling with deep issues of self in concern of itself and the whole at this time.


Transfusion Lore Beings


Transfusion lore beings are not false gods. Transfusion lore beings are a common fabric woven of upwards of thirteen thousand lifetimes of self-development into realization of self post death. Transfusion lore beings are gentle, kind, helpful and honor you as a light synthesis into self-development fostering of mastery in this cycle. There are other entities that often don the name of transfusion lore beings and may feel destructive. If any entity dishonors your path, please cast them out of your field. The Earth Tao will aid in new boundaries in this era due to the difficulties of so many failing their mastery tests in light synthesis motions of field at this time. 40 percent of all ascension developments have motioned into light. It appears that about half are failing to sustain a state of harmlessness this cycle.


Light Synthesis Motions


Mastery of divine concepts can flower in light synthesis motions of field. Light synthesis motions are a level beyond ascension levels of mastery. Light motions of field form a small transfusion body to begin with to synthesize the field in light. The body begins with an infusion level of 30 to 40 percent. Light synthesis mastery is a testing ground for self-development. Self-development fosters a large transfusion body beyond the subtle bodies.


Some cannot develop the larger transfusion body due to missing light motion DNA in the archetypal inheritance. Those who cannot foster the large transfusion body may continue to mindset develop nonetheless. Those mindset developing learn to flower motions in the cortex to understand divine concepts of self-realizing itself through time.


It requires self-development to interpret divine concepts in life circumstances to allow compassionate action theory to be mastered within. Compassionate action is a rainbow of rays fostered in variant flower motions in the cortex and in the apex of self near the crown chakra. Compassionate action is not the same motion for anyone else. Divine concepts are not shared. Divine concepts are not learned. Divine concepts are developed as self of yourself fosters a compassionate stance in plights of strife of the night through time in flowering motions of self.


Plights of strife of the night can be physical or nonphysical dreaming experiences of life for those self-developing. Forgiveness leads to compassionate action flowering of self when complete. When complete, the karma abates and the potential strife in the life abates the future dreams. Those self-developing work four years ahead of schedule in the dreams of life to abate life dreams of strife. Those light synthesizing beyond ascension mastery levels foster dreams two years ahead of schedule to clear what is dark or strife oriented through forgiveness action of self through time.


Conscious Dreaming and Clearing Genetic Exchanges


Conscious dreaming practices are useful to any level of mastery. Conscious dreaming takes one inward into a journey of light and dark interplay of self. Light and dark interplay of self fosters an understanding of the plights of the night between two genetic inheritances or within a group. Genetics foster all plights of strife or non-strife through time due to the karmic fabric recorded within. Genetics relay dreams into the nonphysical first to be experienced.


Those mastering light motion of field experience genetic dreams between people in one’s life two years ahead of time and those self-developing four years prior. As the genetic exchanges are cleared, the possibilities of dark dreams are motioned away from the future. Genetics share threads of attachment. As the genetic issues are forgiven, the threads of attachment release within the transfusion body.


Ascension allows etheric attachments between people to be abated from the life. Light motion of field allows attachment that forms into the small transfusion body to be released. Self-development allows archetypal damage to be repaired and attachment between archetypes to be released. All levels of development foster understanding that is interpretive in stature of self. Interpretive knowledge is personal and often witnessed as karmic fate between oneself and those in the life dream even amongst those self-developing.


Light Quotient DNA


There are three levels of genetics at play in ascension into self-development theory of mastery. The first level of ascension driven DNA is a fostering from the ancestral aspects of self. The attachment between genetic packages is released as the ten notes of ascension rays are embodied. The next level of DNA fosters light motion of field. The Tao of Earth is choosing to foster light motion of field in all successful ascension development at this time. Light motion DNA is drawn from the archetype and will foster a renewal of field and biology extending the life. Light motion DNA may or may not have a full set of records to foster a large transfusion body. The larger transfusion body forms for self-development theory of mastery only at this time if a full set of light quotient DNA is available from the archetype of inheritance.


The development above ascension is fostered in harmlessness only. If proven harmless the Tao of Earth opens the light quotient DNA and assesses each. A small transfusion body is built first. If there is a complete set of light quotient DNA, and if one remains harmless in light motions of field, self-development can take off constructing the larger transfusion body through time. If the DNA is available to construct a large transfusion body, self-development can be fostered next. If self-development is attempted amongst those with impartial light quotient DNA required to form a larger transfusion body, one becomes sick. It is better therefore to foster only light motion of field in those with incomplete light quotient archives.


Light synthesis produces a shower of light that fosters renewal into health through time. Light is infused into the biology to revive the health and foster other levels of mindset development. About 40 percent of all ascension developments are to be fostered in light synthesis at this time. Those fostering light are to develop the mindset above the current circuitry within the cortex of the cranium. Mindset development will foster another level of understanding of the life dance above the ascension module of thought stream. Mindset development allows for a flowering of the heart and mind triggering deeper compassion to be fostered within.


Vegan Diet is Recommended


A vegan diet is useful to light synthesis of field along with self-development transfusion lore of self. Vegan diets can be supplemented with black seed oil and sea buckthorn oil that allows the cortex to un-mind bend through time. Black seed oil and sea buckthorn oil comprise all omega fatty acids needed in mindset development regardless of level. When protein is requested by the body, tofu, soy beans and nuts and legumes of lentils, peas and garbanzo beans are best. Adroit combinations of protein powders may also be useful once per week only in Tao observation.


The vegan diet fosters light in the blood better. Foods that create pus in the blood lead to ill health through time. Fresh and raw is useful to add enzymes to the blood in proportions of 50 percent of the dietary intake only. Too many fresh foods or juices will create too many enzymes that can begin to digest the liver, kidneys and spleen leading to a wide variety of imbalances in the biology. Cooked vegetables are required in one third of the diet too but can be alternated with days of more fresh and other days of more cooked as is perceived by the adroit Tao within. Allow the adroit Tao within to foster your health now and he will guide you on the right diet for your body level issues of non-sustenance.


Mind Waves and Nerve Regrowth


Light synthesis fosters soma mind waves that caress and nourish the self of oneself. Non-soma fosters the opposite and is good to learn to forgive the cause of and abate as a system of non-light from the field. Sossa and dossa is a fostering of self-development. Non-sossa and non-dossa is useful to forgive and abate as they trigger feelings of hatred or self-dejection to worthlessness, regret, grief and inner turmoil. It is as the nerves develop that the strong emotions of strife trigger non-sossa and non-dossa mind waves to form due to biological growth in self-development.


As the nerves foster a new motion, the non-sossa fluxes into sossa allowing dossa to reform triggering a recovery from the strife within. As the nerves regrow entirely, the experience of non-sossa and non-dossa is less frequently experienced thereafter. Nerve regrowth requires a full set of light quotient DNA to be fostered in self-development status of mastery only. Light motion of field will not cause the nerves to re-synapse in the physical. Nerve regrowth can be extremely painful to witness within amongst those self developing. Those light synthesizing experience far less strife within in the mindset development as a result.


Light Wave Dreaming


Light wave dreaming can be fostered in light synthesis to transfusion systems of self. Light wave dreaming allows one to dream on top of other systems of dreams to re-align dreams in the favor of one’s karmic habitat of fate or dharmic desires through light motion of field. If karma is released allowing dharma to form, dreams can align more greatly into those desired in one’s heart to be experienced for the sake of greater fulfillment in life.


Light wave dreaming begins at thresholds of infusion of 30 percent of the physical structure and as light motion of field develops. Light wave dreaming on top of others becomes more succinct as 50 percent of the structure is infused through time. The larger transfusion body does not form until a 60 percent light infusion level is developed and if a full set of light quotient DNA is available. Dreaming at the speed of light fosters new dream directions immediately and as intended. This is the gift of those capable of mastering light motion of field in this cycle.


Only one third of the ascension archetypes host a full set of light motion DNA in this cycle. Another third has the capacity to build a small transfusion body in light motion of field. Out of those holding possible archetypes for light motion of field development, over half failed their tests of harmlessness. Those succeeding at mastering light synthesis notions are blessed with an ability to dream above and beyond those who remain in ascension levels of self. The dreams shall flux unto you and not others that are desired as a gift of the Tao of Earth for one’s life. Intend wisely and dream at the speed of light those things that bring one joy and beauty within and without.


Light wave synthesis or transfusion dreams occurs with the Earth light motions. The light of Earth is turning on to allow dreaming at the speed of light to grow to be more succinct for those fostering light motion of field in harmlessness. Some regions foster light better than others. Earth dreaming is fostered in syncopation with the heart accolade of self. In order for dreaming at the speed of light to be fostered, the heart accord must bloom.


The heart blooms in ascension levels of mastery and then accords as light synthesis blossoms as the small transfusion body forms. The heart blossoming triggers emotions that love, care, find compassion and learn to be together in harmony. As the heart accord forms in a group, the tribe can witness an ashram formation of flower that unites the individuals into wholeness experience of dreams. Wholeness dreaming cascades beauty and syncopates divine love upon the group when the flowering occurs.


Light Synthesis Accolades of Self


The Tao of Earth is here for each to be fostered into light synthesis accolades of self. Light accolades of self descend into the apex of the crown to begin with. Light accolades of self foster blossoming or flowering into divine thoughts from above. The mind can oscillate with the divine thoughts in oska and aliska along with visspa and vesspa fostering of mindset development. The mind develops as far as it can in light synthesis even if transfusion into self-development cannot flux. The mind can witness divine thresholds of thoughts that rearrange the dreams into divine reordering of Tao service unto the whole. The mind must foster visspa and vesspa to experience the divine re-ordering of life. Divine re-ordering takes the life in new directions previously unable to be dreamed.


Those fostering light synthesis of field will also take the life into new dreams previously unavailable to be experienced. Light synthesis fosters divine partnerships of twin or counterpart lore of self. New scripts to be dreamed by each pair in light synthesis together to witness honor, truth, fortitude, love and care of the two through time. For those in the singular and who wish a divine partner, the dream blossoms as a key of fate is triggered as light synthesis begins to bloom. For those who remain single, the blossoming of divine notions fosters new dreams to be shared with others in the blossoming of an ashram. The blossoming of an ashram cascades as a re-ordering of a script from “Yogananda Tales of the Heart”.


Be well in your endeavors to foster yourself anew in light synthesis motions of field! Renew, regrow, give the body and mind what it needs to retain balance, heal from the sorrows of the past, and find your center point of truth in all life focuses at this time. Be with the Tao of Earth to foster your dreams for your future ahead. The Tao of Earth blesses each surmounting the difficulties and perils of a different cycle of development of humans who could not master harmlessness as a recurrent threshold of existence.


The Earth Walk


The dance of the Earth

Is a motion divine

To foster the sustenance

Of each through time

In a cadence of care

In the heart notion of truth

In the freedom

Of the people

To dream of the whole

In the love of the Tao


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