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Dream Control


Once you have a firm grasp on the core foundational exercises (Keeping A Dream Journal, Preparations For Lucid Dreaming, and Tips To Optimize Your Sleep) and have successfully initiated several lucid dreams through one of the various lucid dreaming techniques, then it’s time to learn how to control your dreams.


Beliefs and Expectations


The key to all dream control is beliefs and expectations. The only thing limiting you from doing amazing things in your dreams are your own self-limiting beliefs.


Your level of conscious awareness and expectation will determine the level of dream control you can achieve.


Basically, our dreams are created from our lifetime of knowledge, experience and expectations. We have been taught, programmed and perceived how the 3-dimensional world operates, such as societal rules, gravity and other laws of physics.


However, the rules of gravity and societal rules no longer apply in the dream world. We are free to do things that are impossible in our waking lives.


Therefore, if you believe you can travel to another universe in a dream, you can!


Your dream world is your playground; you get to set the rules. You are the creator of your dream reality. Any limitations you have exist only in your mind.


Other deep-rooted expectations are not as obvious. For example, in a dream there are no indoors or outdoors. They are simply a mental construct.


You don’t have to have to fly to Honolulu, you can teleport if you wish. In a dream, you won’t get burned by living in the Sun, you won’t get cold in the Arctic, you can breathe underwater, etc. We carry so many beliefs about the world without even realizing it.


Dream Stabilization Techniques


Once lucid, many beginners get so excited that they wake up. Or they become lucid for a little bit and then quickly become absorbed in the dream again, missing the opportunity to implement their dream goal. That is why you must learn how to stabilize yourself once you realize you are lucid.


Next time you become lucid, immediately perform one of the simple dream stabilizing techniques below to ground yourself and increase your awareness:


1. Pay attention to your breathing

During a dream you have control over your breathing, so breathe deeply to help maintain conscious awareness.


2. Use inner speech

Remind yourself that you are dreaming by repeating phrases like “I’m dreaming”.


3. Try doing some math

Basic math like adding 1+1 can engage the logical part of your brain.


Dream Manipulation Techniques


Once you have learned how to stabilize yourself in a dream, you can use the following techniques to shape your dreams according to your will:


1. Wishing

Simply wish to transform the dream to your will.

Even though this technique is the simplest, it is difficult for beginners, because they still have strong ingrained beliefs about what is possible.


2. Create a different dream scene

If you become lucid, but are not in the location you want to be, there are two powerful techniques you can use to change your dream scene. One is to use the “Dream Spinning” approach and the other is “Behind Closed Doors”.


A. Dream Spinning

Dr. LaBerge created this popular technique.

Decide on the place you want to go to.

Spin around like a ballerina until the new dream scene has formed.

Note: Sometimes dream spinning will cause the dream to go black. Don’t worry; use it as an opportunity to imagine the next dream scene. In a few moments a new dream scene will emerge.


B. Behind Closed Doors

What lies behind closed doors is not predetermined like they are in the waking world. You can determine whatever is behind closed doors based on your expectations.

Example: If you want to travel to the beach, imagine there is a beach behind that closed door before walking through it.


As much fun as dream control can be, I usually just let dreams run their course. Rather than actively trying to shape my dreams, I play the role of passive observer. It can be very interesting and astounding to see what your subconscious mind comes up with.


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