Image of several dolphins jumping up in the air against the lovely ocean background. Dolphins And Whales Explain Music And Sound

Dolphins And Whales Explain Music And Sound


The Cetaceans teach us that the kingdoms of life throughout the Universe weave the music of consciousness into one magical golden thread: the master DNA chord of the Cosmos: the God Code. They explain the cosmic significance of sound, light and vibration as we have yet to recognize it from within the narrow bandwidth of the human experience. Through them, we experience reality beyond the tunnel of our limited perceptual spectrum, through which many still believe we are experiencing absolute reality.


Tapestry of Light and Sound


The Great Whales and the Dolphin Beings are known as the Q’iquoq’i, [pronounced khi’-ee-KWO-khi’-ee]. The Q’iquoq’i understand that all of reality is a tapestry of light and sound—a reflection of the conscious mind of all Creation and the exquisite artistry of our existence.


They understand music to be light. They hear the colors of sounds as tools with which the material world is woven together.


Their song encodes and reflects the cosmic wisdom in the oceans. It plays infinitely within the waters, reverberating through the Cosmic Sea.


The dolphins and whales thread the elements of earth, fire, and air with their aquasonic vibrations so that they become imprinted with the universal patterns of the Cetaceans’ song, reflecting into all aspects of reality. Their music is heard across the Heavens as an accompaniment to the Music of the Spheres, so great is their reach. 


Sounds Before Sound


The Q’iquoq’i are the weavers of sound through the fields of planetary boundaries and beyond. They are masters of the art forms of vibration.


They are always aware of the vibratory fields or the “sounds before sound”. Everything is vibration and they see and feel it. Their ability to feel sound before sound through their skin as it moves through their entire bodies is a capability that the whales and dolphins of all dimensions carry in their genetics. They have mastered the ability to both send and receive those waves.


The truly spiritual being understands that it is capable of emitting sound that is not sound—music before it is played—energy that sets the field through which the harmony will reverberate. Some of us have explored and begun to understand the mechanics of sound before and beyond sound; we understand how our vibrations set the stage of what occurs around and within us.


You enter a room and feel the vibrational levels of the beings around you rise up to reach resonance with the brilliance of your own energy fields. Some human beings can sense the shift.


At this hour of Gaian evolution, the whales and dolphins are eager to explain to us how they use sound before sound to hold the planet in absolute light, where the darkness of ignorance cannot anchor its insipid cords within the body of the Great Mother. It is the time of our reunion, a time when the Cetaceans will once again enjoy direct communication with humankind—as we did before, so very long ago.


The Q’iquoq’i Teach Us About Sound     


If humankind truly wants to understand the workings of the material plane, we will need to consider how all of the world of the living—all units of consciousness, all life forms—react and create form from sound. Sound is the primordial ingredient of creation in the physical realm, not light. Visual perception is secondary.


The Cetaceans believe that one of the causes of our great distraction is that, as a species, we are almost totally dependent on our sight stimuli, while they use sound to navigate and perceive reality.


Many humans have forsaken the ability to interpret sound because of their hypnotic fascination with vision. This is the main reason that we have become addicted, as a species, to the constraints of the material world, a world of form.


Sound speaks of spatial relationships—of ratios, of waves and vibration. Physical light speaks of far more illusory aspects.


Dolphins and whales see sound in their brains. Because of this, they see the structure of the woven multiverse. They see the harmonics, the rhythms of the realms, and how they blend into the unified field.


They see the wavelengths, and they can see the speed, the size of sounds as they move through their bodies as pressure, as energy.


They navigate the vast oceans by listening to their own sounds echoing back to them from the ocean floor, the rocks and coral beds of the sea, recognizing distance and space from the time it takes their messages to bounce back to them. Nature is bound together with sound.


Fully Conscious Abilities


Through their elevated capacities as beings with massive brains, whales and dolphins are capable of separating their cerebral functions so that they can operate one hemisphere in the physical realm, navigating the third dimension, while the other explores the multidimensional realms.


One hemisphere of the brain can go into deep sleep, in order to rest the body, while the other stays in absolute awareness—the totally awake state—observing and recording all activities in the environment.


Like humans, dolphins and whales have dream states. They also have out-of-body experiences. They travel the multiverse in different forms, even as geometric shapes, experiencing even what it must be like to be human.


Like humans, they hold the divine light and all the wisdom of Creation within them. But unlike us, they are absolutely aware that they are able to access it whenever they desire. They know that they are co-creators of the Universe and that they are immortal, divine beings. There is no veil, no lost memory of their beginnings—of Source itself. They can access all the memory, even that glorious state of Oneness as the light of Creation, the state of being before individual experience, before the separation.


Everything is accessible through song and the vibrations of conscious, light-filled sound.


Healing Power


Those of us who have come into their realm in the great oceans and waterways have experienced the Cetaceans’ capacity to move sound through our bodies. They deliver the pulse and the flow of the light of Creation from their cellular memories to ours.


Some humans believe that the Q’iquoq’i have the power to heal. They love it when we bring our children, asking for their assistance to bring them back to harmony. They bounce their sonar through our precious young ones’ bodies, sounds that are inaudible to us, and others that we can hear, to understand where the music of the body has become dissonant or silent. They often find pockets of discord, which they then attune to the music of life, and the melody of our children’s health is restored.


There is no great mystery to this healing process. The Q’iquoq’i simply remind the physical body of the perfection of all things: helping humans to feel the celebration of life as they feel it, when love permeates all realms. They play the notes of our perfected forms and our own cellular makeup resonates with those patterns of consciousness. This creates peace and harmony and harmony within us and dissolves the shadows of disharmony and the disruption their discord creates on all levels.


They are eager to teach humans the song of the Cosmos and bring us back to joy—the pure, limitless love for all things. The Earth Mother and all of her inhabitants need us to remember with great urgency how effortless it is to love without conditions, and how to bring the world back into harmony.


The whole Earth needs humans to remember, Now.




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