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Does Time Exist?


What is time? If time does exist, when was it created? Did it always exist? Did it exist before humans came along?


We never really see time. What we see are clocks that measure the movement of its own hands. Clocks do not really measure time. Instead, they define the time standards for the globe: Time is defined by the number of clicks of the clocks. There is no clock to measure time outside in the universe. Is time defined by the rotation of our planet around the sun?


Some physicists believe that time does not exist, while others argue that it does. I will attempt to explain that there is time, and then there is no time.


Time is a Creation of Consciousness


Believe it or not, we create time (and space). Time is a creation of Consciousness. Before entering the realms of Time and Space or the Time Matrix or Manifest Creation, we as Divine Beings or Spirits, do not experience time nor space. We are one with everything and reside in no-time (or Eternity) and in Infinity. 


There are 5 simultaneous coexisting multidimensional universes (Harmonic Universes) in a Time Matrix of the Cosmos. Our physical universe overlaps these other universes, but we cannot detect them because they resonate at different dimensional frequencies. The Harmonic Universes coexist within the same framework of the Time Matrix, but are separated by dimensional frequencies.


[Please refer to the article The Levels Of Creation According To The Masters for more information about the Multidimensional Universes of the Cosmos.]


Time Matrices and Multiverses


In the article, Time Does Not Exist, Robert L. Vaessen explained that theories about time not existing “rest primarily  on the belief in the existence of Multidimensional Universes, and the Simultaneous Coexistence of these Multidimensional Universes.” He called these simultaneous, coexisting multidimensional universes a ‘Multiverse’, whereas I called it a Time Matrix because of my study with the Guardians. Vaessen did an outstanding job explaining that there is no time, with the use of probability paths of a probability tree in simultaneously coexisting/overlapping, multidimensional universes.


Fields of Consciousness


As Spirit, our Consciousness is too huge to enter this Time Matrix in its totality.  [There are many Time Matrices.] If we do so, we would blow up this Cosmos.  [There are many Cosmoses.]  Instead, we would down-step our massive Field of Consciousness by sending fragments or holographic projections of our Divine Self from Infinity into all dimensions of Time and Space, simultaneously. The further the hologram is projected into Manifest Creation the more densified it is until we reach the physical level which is the densest of all. The fact that you have a physical body meant that you also have other fragments of your Consciousness coexisting simultaneously on other dimensions of the Time Matrix. You also have ascended parts of yourself beyond the Time Matrix.


Families of Consciousness


These other living beings are You residing in other time tracks (and other lifetimes) in other dimensions while you are here on Earth. Collectively, they can be termed your Family of Consciousness. However, you are only responsible for your own enlightenment while having a physical body here. Your enlightenment would leave a trail for other fragments of your Consciousness to follow. Understand that everything you do here in the physical on this planet affects every other lifetimes. Your line goes all the way through the dimensions.


Eternal Now


In Truth we have never left Eternity. We are always Home, residing in Infinity. Our physical body on Dimension 3 is a tiny holographic projection of who We Truly Are. When we realize this, then we can say that there is no time and no space. Meditation is one way to dissolve the illusions of time and space, as we ascend the higher/inner levels of Consciousness (or higher/inner Harmonic Universes) until we reach the True Home on Level 5, where Eternity and Infinity start. Having attained the True Home while living in a physical body on Earth, the advanced initiates, would live life in the Eternal Now. They would be Home wherever they are while living here on the planet.


Examples of experiencing no time and transcending time are when one meditates, when one dreams, or when one is being regressed into “past” or “future” lifetimes by a hypnotherapist. When you meditate, time stops and you enter eternity. You experience no-time when the past, present and future merge together in the NOW; you transcend time altogether. When you dream, sometimes you are able to perceive your past or future lifetimes and sometimes even receive guidance from your Eternal Self; perhaps many of us can identify with déjà vu experiences. In another instance, when an individual is regressed, (s)he enters a world where time does not exist because (s)he can have access to information from the past, the future, and sometimes guidance from Spirit. (S)he truly transcends time and is in a place where past, present and future are all one.


Illusion of Time


While living on Earth and having a physical body, time (or the illusion of time) does exist because our 3rd dimensional consciousness can only experience existence in a linear fashion. The human mind/consciousness is not capable of processing/experiencing all of its simultaneous incarnations from other dimensions simultaneously. Instead, our mind orders experiences into a linear series.


We all experience the passing of time. Morning passes to afternoon, which then passes to evening, then to night time, and then begins again the next morning. The days pass into weeks, which pass into months, and then years. There’s no denying that our bodies age and we grow older as the years passed. We perceive the passage of time as a continuous, contiguous series of linear experiences. Our mind interprets this ordered linear progression of events as the passage of ‘Time’.


In the article, Newsflash: Time May Not Exist, Tim Roger wrote that Einstein found solace in his revolutionary sense of time. In March 1955, when his lifelong friend Michele Besso died, he wrote a letter consoling Besso’s family: “Now he has departed from this strange world a little ahead of me. That means nothing. People like us, who believe in physics, know that the distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.”


In another article, Does Time Really Exist?, Robert Lanza wrote: “We’ve spent a lifetime believing that time and space are external realities. To place ourselves as the creator of time and space, not as the subject of it, goes against every bit of our common sense, life experience, and education. It takes a radical shift of perspective for us to intuit the idea that they’re tools of intuition because the implications are so startling.”


Scientific Evidence


Lanza provided examples of two experiments that suggest we create time:


In 2002, scientists carried out an amazing experiment, which showed that pairs of particles knew in advance what its twin would do in the future. Somehow, the particles knew what the researcher would do before it happened, as if there were no space or time between them.


More recently (Science 2007), scientists shot particles into an apparatus, and showed they could retroactively change something that had already happened. The particles had to decide what to do when they passed a fork in the apparatus. Later on the experimenter could flip a switch. It turns out what the observer decided at that point, determined what the particle did at the fork in the past. The knowledge in observer’s mind is the only thing that determines how they behave.

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