Image of the Eightfold Path in Everyday Life. Developing Our Human Quality And Noble Quality

Developing Our Human Quality And Noble Quality


HQ and NQ Measure Spirituality Much More Than IQ


IQ is the intelligence quality. HQ is the human quality. NQ is the noble quality.


HQ is given to you by Heaven according to the merit you have from your past lives. It’s just like karma, more or less. HQ is the human quality that everyone must have in order to be human. To have a human body, you have to have at least sixteen percent HQ. So, the more HQ, the more you are benevolent and the more you are like a human. The less HQ, the less like human and the more you are like a vicious animal.


Noble quality is also given to you, according to what you have from the past lives.


Human quality is the amount of human cells that you earn. The more noble you are, the more human cells you have.


You’d be surprised how many people in very high offices or in some of the most powerful positions of the most powerful religions don’t have enough HQ and NQ.


Some people do not have enough NQ or HQ because they had been doing very bad karma in their last life: For example, being vicious or killing people for a low motive, like killing to rob possessions, or killing just for envy or jealousy. Any kind of low motive like that degrades them into a hellish or animal kind of existence. Even after they have paid their debt, and they come back as a human again, they do not have enough NQ and HQ. But once they are in a human form, they will have a chance to develop their NQ and HQ. 


Some Animals Have More NQ Than Humans


Not all animals are lower than humans. They don’t have the human quality to become a human body, but there’s another factor they do have, which is NQ. The NQ is even more important than the HQ, because if you have enough HQ you become a human, but if you don’t have enough NQ, which is noble quality, then you will degrade again and go back to a kind of hellish existence, or go back to the vicious or very frightening kingdom.


The animals that are born naturally, for example, by choice or by heavenly creation, have very good HQ and very high NQ. Because of the NQ they have, they live peacefully with each other and they will go back to where they belong later on, not necessarily to be a human; they may even go higher.


Many people eat the pigs, but they don’t know anything about them. A pig has a lot of IQ, HQ and NQ. The NQ of the pig is thirty percent. Some humans have only two or three percent NQ!


That is something that people don’t know. That’s why they continue to eat pigs and chickens. Even chickens have four percent NQ, for example. The NQ quality enables you to be more selfless, more protective of your loved ones and just more unconditional. The chicken doesn’t need a lot of NQ, so in his own position or his own world, the NQ is enough for him or her to protect his or her own kin and his own folk. With that, the chicken does very well; he or she is very noble. For example, if you see a chicken with her little chicks, if some big animals come and try to attack the chicks – even though she is so much smaller in size – she will try to fight. She will scratch whatever she can and pick and do whatever to protect her chicks, even if she has to die.


But we kill anything: We kill bigger, smaller, the fish in the sea who do no harm to us, the birds in flight who don’t even go near you or bother you or anything; we shoot them down and eat them; we feed some up and eat them; we go into anywhere and eat anything. People eat all the beings that are more noble than us. They are much more noble than us; that’s why humans are the most scary living beings on the planet. They have to change. They are changing. There are more vegetarians and more vegetarianism, which is even encouraged by governments now.


We have many food choices to choose from. Maybe tigers and lions don’t have any choice. But humans, we have choices; we are intelligent and we can find anything to eat. We can cultivate, and we can do agriculture. We have enough food for everyone – but no, we have to go and eat the more intelligent, the more noble beings than us, just because they’re more noble and they don’t defend themselves. That is why they don’t defend, because they are noble.


Many Animals Have High HQ


Many animals have a high HQ. Many dogs, for example, look like their caretakers. Even some wild birds and so on, they have a high HQ. But the tiger and the lion, for example, they don’t have any HQ. All animals are not alike. The good animals have more or less some percentage of HQ, the human quality. People who go around bombing and killing others have very low HQ. Or, even if they have enough HQ to be human, maybe they have been dragged down by the past karma and by the associated karma.


Associated karma means the people that they associate with, the situations they are in, the places they were born, and the DNA they inherit from their parents. Many different things contribute to that. And if they do not somehow try to rise above it, by chance, by luck or by coming in contact with the good teaching of a Master, then they will stay like that, or sink lower and then go back to where they belong again, to a hell-like or vicious animal life.


Easy to Develop IQ


You can attain the IQ by learning, worldly knowledge or by being practical. The more you work in different and various fields of life, the more IQ you will develop. IQ is similar to natural reaction. If you have been exposed to many, many different fields of work or many different situations that force you to think or react fast for your own survival, then your survival instinct skills will surface. That’s how you develop IQ.


Just by being exposed to various circumstances, various situations, various jobs or various ways of life, you develop more IQ. That’s why people who travel more or who do a lot of different jobs are more intelligent. Actually, it’s just a habit. If you develop different or quick thinking, then the brain will just get used to that way and it records different data and just springs it out in the time of need. It’s just like a good computer with a lot of data in it: The more you download in it, the more information comes out.


So, we can develop IQ easily. In contrast, NQ and HQ are not easily developed.


Practice Noble Quality to Help It Grow


The noble quality is just like the IQ; you can also practice and enlarge it.


Suppose someone only has three percent NQ from the last life. Why? Because he was just a very ordinary and a simple man; he didn’t do anything good, or he didn’t feel anything about anyone; he didn’t feel love or compassion for anyone. Perhaps it’s because he wasn’t required to do so, or perhaps because he wasn’t acquainted with a group of compassionate people, and thus he wasn’t motivated or taught or trained by those people, by associating with them, so that his NQ didn’t go any further than that. Or, he was not exposed to any situation that evoked his compassion.


Suppose you have compassion in your heart, but you have never seen any situation where you need to show your compassion. It doesn’t touch you, because you don’t see anything that is suffering. So, how can you have compassion? Therefore, even God, Buddha or the son of God has to come down here in order to see. In Heaven, there is no requirement for anything like that. Everything is blissful and happy and peaceful. So, if you want to develop compassion, it’s only in this world, in the physical world, or in hell perhaps, if you can survive it there.


Anyhow, suppose that guy or that girl has been in the past some animal, maybe a low NQ animal, like those predators or animals of prey, where they have to kill to survive. Those have lower NQ than other animals. The very peaceful animals, like elephants for example, have thirty percent NQ! So, to develop NQ, you just take what you have, the ‘capital gain,’ the capital that you had before you were born. It will be with you at the time of birth, and it will continue to be with you. But unless you use it to maximize or to multiply, then it won’t grow any further than three percent or four percent, or whatever percent you had on the day you were born.


The majority of people have only three, four or five percent NQ. Why? Because that’s what they had when they were born. They were born with that, and then they don’t have a chance to develop it. They could develop. The more you are exposed to the sense of the needy’s suffering, the more you feel your compassion being touched. Then, you want to do something for that person or that animal or that situation, and then that’s how your NQ grows, like the interest rate in the bank. You can have the capital and just put it in the bank, doing nothing, or you can invest it. You can do business with it, and then it will grow.


So, HQ and NQ can be developed. The quality is inborn, but then it can be developed, and like everything else, the more you use it, the more you have it. It’s not like the more you use it, the more you don’t have anymore. It’s not like that. It’s not like money, where the more you give, the more you don’t have.


These things, the more you use, the more you have. Saints are developed from ordinary people. So, it’s like that. It’s not like everyone was born with three hundred percent NQ. Many of you have only three, four, five, six, ten percent, or fifteen, twenty or thirty percent. That’s very good already. But you are expanding it; that’s the difference. Because you are exposed to the noble teaching, it’s like nourishment for the NQ.


If you are exposed to some other different situations, your NQ might even be less, or it might just stand still. If you are exposed to noble teachings and you know how and you go about doing it, then it really becomes real. Maybe at first you don’t feel so much, but it will become real. Because if you’re touched by the sense of suffering, then you really want to do something, and your love really awakens in your heart. That is when NQ begins to germinate and grow more.


If the person is just in a position from birth or from inheritance, or from tradition, then that doesn’t develop their NQ or compassion. Compassion and NQ have to be in real life, real action and real exposure to suffering. Not by yourself perhaps, but if you see someone else suffer, then something will be awakened in you: The love that is pure and unconditional, a true love. Then your NQ will develop.


Even if you’re not doing anything much or you cannot do anything for that suffering person, just your sympathy, your desire to do something to lessen the suffering of that person in front of you, that is already good potential nutrition for your NQ. So, do not feel afraid of suffering, and do not feel afraid to help other people, because it’s only good for you.


Developing Our Human Quality and Noble Quality


We should develop the noble quality and the human quality. The more loving, benevolent and selfless you are, the more NQ you have. And the more NQ you have, the more HQ you have. Then that level will also measure up to Heaven, and that’s how you develop your level of Consciousness. The past karma we cannot help. But the present is important; the present we have to cultivate. Every minute of every day of our lifetime, we have to do good things, anytime possible. Think good, do good, and be good; that’s all we have to do. There’s no other way to elevate ourselves from this terrible suffering illusion of the physical world.


But even if we lack NQ or HQ, we can still modify them if we meditate or if we follow the teachings of a living Master. This would be best for anyone, whether low IQ or not. Low IQ is okay, but even low NQ and low HQ can still go high. The person can be a noble person; they can be a saint; they can ascend to high Heaven by the teachings of a living Master who teaches the Inner Light and Sound Meditation.


But any other method, the ‘model’ ones such as the good religions or theories, they’re still helping. They help beings a lot and are better than none. It boils down to NQ and HQ, noble quality and human quality. So, you must try to develop that, by being unconditional, by being loving, by being kind, by being selfless. Also, meditate, and follow the teaching of the Master.




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