Image of a person standing on a yellow crescent moon, reaching his or her arms toward the star. Dare To Dream

Dare To Dream


Let yourself dream and expand your thinking about how you can transform your life. What vision of yourself do you dare to imagine? What dreams lie within you that you might discover and follow?


What would your ideal life look like? What activities would you do? How would you spend your time? Who would you spend it with?


Dream Career


If your dream goal is to work at a job that you love, then ask yourself this question:


What do I dream of doing and how can I be paid to do it?


Another way to ask yourself this is, if money, time, health or anything else impeding you, were not a factor, what would I love to do with my life?


Now you could also add an altruistic angle, if you want:


How will this make the world a better place? What can I do to be of service (for others and ultimately for all humanity)?


Dream Life


How might life be if you had every material object you needed, and had so much abundance you were challenged to find enough good places to put your money and resources where they could create good for others?


What would it be like to change your primary focus from the material world and all the daily duties that need to be done, to a primary focus on your inner, spiritual life? Can you imagine having enough time to think quietly, to dream, to meditate, to imagine, to create, to be in nature, to get adequate sleep, be in the sun, and spend all the time alone that you desire?


Do you want to expand your consciousness, experience more love and step onto your higher path? Are you ready to release those things that are not for your highest good, and open to those that are? Ask yourself, “How much joy, love, and light can I allow into my life? Am I willing to have an incredible, beautiful life, to create a life worth living?”


Use the Three Alignments to Create Your Dream Life


Have you wanted to create your dream life, and yet feel unable to do so? Do you feel that you lack will power, or that a part of you sabotages your efforts to do what you know is good for you?


You do not need to suffer or struggle. You can align with your Infinite Self, align with Divine Will and align with Mother Earth to bring every area of your life and your consciousness up to a higher level, into more beautiful patterns, so that you can manifest your dream life.


As you allow your life to change for the better by making the three alignments, you make a wonderful contribution to humanity. One life well lived, aligned with the Infinite Self, guided by higher energies, and in harmony with the souls of all life can impact thousands of lives in a positive way. You do not need to be famous, give speeches, change professions or do anything differently with your life to serve humanity and to make an important contribution. It is your vibration, your inner light and the qualities that you embody that are your greatest gifts to humanity.

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