Creating Ascending Communities


Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS) and the Community Program


Asur’Ana and Per are directing the Community Program in their Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS). The Community Program is open to those who will master 3,000-6,000 segments of DNA in this lifetime. [One strand of DNA contains 3,000 segments of information. 12 DNA-(full tube) strands contain 36,000 segments.]


The dreamtime work associated is to ascend a group of humans into a Sirian dream that is harmonious together. Anyone who is interested is welcome to join DAS by making the intention to participate during dreamtime just before falling asleep nightly.


In time, those who desire to create a self-sustaining environment together to live within will be guided to locate land and develop a new form of community. Ascending communities will have an opportunity to anchor patterning from past human civilizations that were peaceful and unity based and existed during the Grand Master cycles that prevailed throughout Earth’s history. This information is to be gathered through DAS dreamtime meetings in the year and years ahead and be applied to the collective Sirian human dream. Over time, this shall lead to peace amongst all humans and peace in and between all nations, as the Sirian dream becomes the dominant dream for humankind.


The communities of the future shall demonstrate non-death or non-deterioration upon the physical plane. The reason for the non-deterioration of the clothes and building structures associated with ascending community shall be the mirror that the community’s internal biological structure reflects back upon those who are living together from the land. If each in the community has ascended into regenerative biology, then the mirror of the structures upon the land that they reside should also regenerate, or in other terms, fail to age or degenerate.


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Ascending Communities and Biological Ascension


Through ascension, humans can learn to work together in unity, harmony and joy. Creating community requires coming to harmony, unless one is going to carry the difficulties from one’s family into the group. As one heals the patterns and roles that one has assumed in family in this lifetime, there is an opportunity to alter the role that one plays with the group to a more joyful purpose and contribution.


Ascension allows the patterning, thoughtform and personality to be modified into a new language known as the Language of Light. As one begins to work with this language, the role that one plays inside a group changes. Group relations founded upon the Language of Light become unity based; humans naturally begin to flow together for the greater good of one another and what the group has convened to accomplish.


This is Mother Earth’s vision for ascending communities worldwide: Many groups of humans coming together in each continent in unity principles and living in such principles under one roof or within a community.


For more information on the Language of Light, the Language of ONE, and Biological Ascension, please click on the link below:


Ascension Insights Series


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Regenerative Biology and Thoughtform


As humans ascend into regenerative biology, they shall also ascend into regenerative thoughtform. As regenerative thoughtform becomes the foundation of the global dream, so will all other kingdoms ascend into the regenerative paradigm and cease to age or die. As this occurs, all materials from the natural world will cease to lose molecules over time; therefore, anything constructed from materials in the natural world will also cease to age or deteriorate over time. Ascending communities may therefore wish to construct their living environment from ascending trees or other natural ascending materials. In so doing, the community structures, clothes or gadgets need not age or lose molecules over time.


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Non-Electrical Technological Comforts


One of the visions that Earth holds for the Community Program in DAS is to develop communities that are free of electricity, but filled with technological comforts that are non-electrical in nature. It is perceived that electricity is one of the main causes of friction between humans and if humans are to learn to live together in enough peace to ascend as a group, then electricity may require being left behind in the now.


Earth has no problem with gadgets that make life in the physical more comfortable; however, she asks that the gadgets be resonant with her field and ceases to interfere with her ascension. Electricity as well as radiation interferes with global ascension from Earth’s point of view.


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More Time for Introspection and Spiritual Focus


Humans also need to work less and make time for more introspection, as this is the foundation of the spiritual evolutionary process. There have been many communes and communities that have formed in the last century. One of such communities was known as the “Amana Colony”. The Amana Company produced many types of products including a stove, heater and refrigerator that were well known in the United States in the 50’s and 60’s.


The Amana Colonies were formed as some German families relocated to the United States and purchased land together in the mid 1800s. They created a self-sustaining community amongst them. The Amana colony grew their own food and raised their own cattle. One colony member was sent to medical school each generation to become the community doctor.


When the community was at the height of its creative expression, each of the 100 members worked no more than 4 hours per day. This was all that was required to manufacture the products that they sold, but also to raise, harvest and cook the food. The Amana Colonies also ran a restaurant where they served the public on weekends. Over time the family members chose to separate and eventually sold off some of the land. The community no longer exists today, although there are still restaurants that serve some food grown from the land along with wines made of elderberries, cherries and dandelions.


The point Earth wishes to make here is that each of the residents only had to work four hours per day to fulfill upon all tasks necessary to the community, including cleaning, laundry, cooking, farming, harvesting, and producing products for sale, and running the restaurant. Earth perceives that this sort of set up would work again in present time for the ascending communities that may be born through this program, and that each will have time for their own spiritual inner work as a result. This is perhaps the largest gift of pulling together as a collaborative in a self-sustainable format.


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New Scripts for Community


In a community environment, a set of scripts will be offered that will allow each to contribute something and receive something in return and in equal balance to what was given. As each gives and receives in balance, balance within the community shall be retained. As balance is retained, there will be fewer struggles between the individuals, and folk will find themselves living in harmony and unity with one another.


There need not be boredom in community. Each can rise to fulfill upon a particular script that would bring the body joy to make manifest. Does one wish to cook for the community for a time? Then one will attune to the script for the cooking and the recipes that Earth is providing to create something delicious from whatever is harvested each season from the community garden. One will find oneself having creative experiences in the kitchen in this role.


Does one wish to work in the garden? Then one will attune to the script and learn to work with the consciousness of each kingdom in order to create beautiful and tasty fruits, nuts and vegetables that all in the community will enjoy eating. Does one wish to create herbs that support the health and ascension of those in the community? Then one will attune to the script for the herb garden and fulfill upon raising the herbs and making the tinctures; and then perhaps diagnosing the needs of others that are having ailments of one sort or another.


Does one wish to create beautiful art for the grounds or structures of the community? One may be involved in creating all kinds of useful utensils and objects from natural resources upon the property where the community resides. One may attune to a dream for basket weaving and the weaving of fabric for clothing, bedding or furnishings and fulfill upon this. Perhaps one will attune to a dream of jewelry making to adorn oneself or others; or the dream of furniture making from ascending wood or bamboo.


Does one wish to beautify the grounds that surround the property for each to enjoy? Then one may attune to a dream for planting flowers and trees that allow a garden to grow for all to live within. The dreams of the future will have humans working with nature to produce the vision called for in the dream. If one envisions a tree growing only so high or a bush only so far, the bush or tree will attune to one’s vision and only grow so big, allowing the remainder of their energy to be put towards regeneration and continued ascension. In so being, pruning the garden may not be necessary, and one can leave behind such acts of violence unto nature in so doing.


There are many new dreams surrounding the creation of community in the new paradigm to be explored in these written materials ahead. Humans create what they do as it is the only dream that they can envision. In these transmissions, Earth hopes to offer a new ascending dream to which humans may attune.


Within this dream, the concepts that are assumed to be an inherent way of being and that are accepted only because it is all that one has known up until now shall be challenged; new concepts shall be presented that will offer the opportunity unto each to weave a new dream that allows for a new day to be born for the human species. As enough weave this new dream and enough ascending children are born to anchor the dream into their respective families and communities, humanity shall evolve as a collective into a new paradigm; a paradigm of regeneration, unconditional love, unity and joy for all.


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Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension Workbooks 1 and 2


The path to this goal may not be an easy path for many. There is more in the human genetics that would prefer to war or create chaos than peace in any group. These genetics are modified as the body becomes increasingly crystalline. Therefore, ascending communities cannot be created unless all in each community choose a biological ascension. As the genetics are modified towards unity, peace together can then be created.


It is Earth’s goal to write extensively unto humanity for the purposes of creating community to map make a pathway to the goal of harmonious human relations. This is the purpose of Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension Workbooks 1 & 2; which are to be of written materials that trigger disharmonious patterning within, and then worksheets at the end of each chapter for introspection and intention, so that one may look within and choose to modify those thoughts that lead to harmful human relations.


It is perceived into the future that if all in any community or group of people work with these materials, that greater harmony amongst the group shall unfold. For those who feel called to the path of ascension, we invite you to consider reading and working with these 2 workbooks direct from the consciousness of Earth. Earth needs ascending humans to test run these materials on along with the associated healing planes. For those who are interested, please join the Community Program offered by Asur’Ana and Per in their Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS). Anyone who is interested is welcome to join DAS by making the intention to participate during dreamtime just before falling asleep nightly.


Workbook 1 has already been released this year of 2021. Additional chapters are being written and will be released by the end of 2022 as Workbook 2.


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Holographic Energy Flow of the Great Central Sun


Mother Earth and the Tao perceive that building ascending community will be a difficult task given the unconscious nature of the karma in the human dance. There is little point in bringing forth a group of humans that will bicker and have conflict either in the physical or nonphysical, as this will create too much disharmony to ascend or embrace the holographic energy flow of the Great Central Sun.


Therefore, the Earth and the Tao are choosing to create multi-chapter workbooks with written discourse and questions and answers for introspection to foster inward settlement of karma for those choosing to create community together into the future.


This information is not only for those desiring to create community. It is perceived that the inner work fostered by the workbooks will create greater peace, unity and harmony between couples, in families and amongst workmates or friends. Those in the Community Program are guided to apply the discourse, moving inward answering the questions through muscle testing or pendulum, and intending the suggested release work within.


Workbook 1 will assist each in better understanding one’s archetypal nature as well as the nature of all others that surround oneself. In understanding the archetypes. one can choose to release the associated karma, patterning and thoughtform that triggers extreme polarity in relationships, creating greater peace and unity within one’s own life dance, each group one affiliates with, and ultimately peace in ascending communities as they form.


The focus of Workbook 2 will be upon human relationship dynamics. It is perceived by Mother Earth that groups of humans have difficulty relating together in peace, unity and joy. The dynamics of group in current human civilization is to compete and create blame, shame, judgment, and disunity, or in other terms drama and trauma. There are many patterns associated with human drama and trauma, and these shall be explored in the second workbook. For those desiring to build an ascending community or create an ascending beloved, this information is also perceived to be of service in creating relationships of greater peace, unity and joy.


The two workbooks will assist ascending humans to gather together so that a harmonious energy flow can be created to embrace the holographic flow of the Great Central Sun into the future. This shall better assure the survival of the human species and the ascending children of tomorrow.


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Earth’s Recommendations


Mother Earth recommends that ascending initiates receive the Initiation into the Inner Light and Sound Meditation that Asur’Ana offers, in addition to working with the two workbooks to create their ascending community. This meditation has been practiced by many spiritual masters and spiritual seekers alike both on surface Earth as well as in Inner Earth since ancient times.


One clears their karma for their entire tapestry of ancestry with daily practice of this meditation. However, if one does not wish to receive the Initiation, then 30-minute daily practice of the Inner Light Meditation and following a vegetarian diet is highly recommended by Earth.


Please click on the following link for the video on the Inner Light Meditation:


Inner Light Meditation


Please click on the following link for the article on the Inner Light Meditation:


Inner Light Meditation


Please click on the following link if you are interested in the Initiation into the complete Inner Light and Sound Meditation:




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