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Counterparts In Action


Counterparts are a foray of dream that allow those of parallel archetypal nature to interact or grow to become beloveds. Counterparts can make delightful relationships of parallel mission and purpose in life. Some counterparts relay in beautiful sequences of dreams and others less so. Those that relay in beauty are the best suited to counterpart relationship lore. Counterparts are more compatible than divine twins. Divine twins often have such great attraction that it is difficult to function in the life when in partnership.


Twins often conceive of fabricated circumstance that is not kind. If twins deeply resonate, then it is the most sanctimonious of unions of great ecstatic accolades of dream. When twins do not resonate, it is the opposite and can be fatal in some circumstance. Counterparts find it easier to synergize systems of light wave mindset and energetic forays of dreams leading to gentle and loving partnerships in more circumstances. Counterparts can also have their difficult forays but can sometimes overcome them through karmic rendition.


Non-Nomenclature and Synergized Mindset


Gentle and loving relationship experiences are not an expression that is prevalent today except for the odd occasion that two of like mind synergize into a glorious foray of an episode in time. Synergized mindset is the result of non-nomenclature derivative of thoughtform. Non-nomenclature is a foray of language that leads to polarities that are positive to experience. Nomenclature is the opposite in language and suspends a negative derivative experiences between parties that can be destructive.


Non-nomenclature is expressed in thessa and thulsa bandwidths of light wave mindset. Nomenclature is expressed in alpha, beta and theta mindset prior to evolution into light wave cranial and brain wave formations. Non-nomenclature derivative thoughtform causes light wave mind synergy to occur that can be exquisite to experience. The exquisite experiences of light wave mind unity occur in one of two experiences. (Please refer to “Light Wave Archive #3” of Light Wave 1: Transfusion for more information on thessa and thulsa mind waves and consciousness.)


Variance of Dream Time and Physical Expression


One experience occurs in dream time that may be conscious during meditation or unconscious while asleep. Dream time is a foray of dreaming that occurs in other attributes of genetic systems of energetic flow that create a body double. Dream time can construct a foray of union that occurs in polarity to non-union of the physical. The union in dream time is often confusing for conscious dreamers as the experience is so beautiful in the nonphysical and often the opposite in the physical. Sometimes the variance between dream time and physical expression is difficult to understand as self may anticipate parallel synergy with someone as expressed in the nonphysical.


The cause of variance of dream time and physical expression is polarity of accolades of disunity and unity portrayed in synergy in one rendition of dream and dis-synergy in the other. Synergy is more likely to occur in dream time theta or thulsa derivative mindset. Synergy is an unconscious octave of expression and does not filter to the physical experience in most cases. Amongst those evolving into light wave mindset, the experience of unity becomes a more frequent physical expression.


Physical expression of non-nomenclature nature is the result of a polarity reversal in which destruction ceases and unity is enforced in the support of self. As self is supported by spirit in a foray of delight, destruction ceases and light wave mind synergy is created. Light wave mindset has two accolades of systems of support. One accolade is a synergistic momentous occasion that can occur as a crescendo of movement in the dream variation of self. The second is an ecstatic movement of non-crescendo that is also beautiful to accolade. Each variety of non-nomenclature dream requires dharma to sustain.


Karma Does Not Occur in Light Wave Mindset


Self requires dream variations in order to create non-incarcerated moments in which karma is no longer at play that are the result of dharma. In light wave mindset, karma does not occur and dharma relays the dream as a gift of spirit into the physical foray of possibility. Physical forays of possibility are limited by nomenclature and non-nomenclature languages spoken as a variation of circumstance at the cause of all dreams. Language plays an underlying circumstance in the happenstance of time in all dreams. All dreams are the result of language that is united with genetic forays of possibility so that the two or the many may gather into a possibility of happenstance in a given moment in time.


Happenstance that is non-nomenclature is a foray of beautiful prose of self. Prose is poetry that accolades the moment in a beautiful foray of dream that allows spirit to adjoin the physical to encompass a non-rendition in time. Non-rendition is a time space that is accoladed into synergistic momentum of soul. Soul synergizes and the dream is then non-incarcerated by karma. Incarceration to karma rarely fulfills upon synergistic dreaming. At best karma can drive the dream in one direction or the other but not into divine union between self and spirit.


Spirit and Self Unite to Orchestrate Magical Moments in Time


The happenstance is accoladed in a rendition of derivation of theme of self. Self is a part of the holographic archetypal nature that relays a synergy between spirit and the physical expression in a particular accolade of truth. Self has an expression of its own truth and spirit of parallel truth relays into self to express an expanded nuance of understanding. Spirit and self are often a missing attribute of human experience in present time due to soulless nature of un-accoladed expression in which spirit is missing. When spirit and self unite, magical moments in time can be orchestrated in the dream of the whole.


Spirit causes the dream to align in a particular sequence of cadence of rhythm and sound variations of light wave formations to express the meticulous variations of thoughts that entertain, delight and inform. It is spirit that enhances the experience into heightened moments of thoughts amongst those of light wave mindset. Light wave mindset is an osculation of dream that vents itself in a particular sequence in the given moment. Self accolades its expression in a synergistic manner that is a light wave derivation of synergistic systems of non-nomenclature experience.


Non-nomenclature is a high level of dream language that cascades synergistic plays in action upon light wave individuals allowing for synergy to occur between the two or the many. Synergy is a non-nomenclature system of dreaming that unites self, and self with self, and spirit with spirit, and spirit into a syncopated rhythm of divine union of a triad, quad or larger number of humans that synergize into an ecstatic system of dream. Ecstasy is a fortuitous moment in time in which the two or group can unite into a foray of possibility of harmony to syncopate the rhythms of dreams into variations of tantric delight. Tantra is not to be confused with sex but is really a happenstance of circumstance that cascades down the dimensions allowing joy to accolade in the group.


Tantric Forays of Atlantis


Tantric forays were more the experience in times of Atlantis prior to the nuclear attrition of the human foray. In the earliest time periods of tantra, the expression was a foray for the entire civilization of humans living in particular regions upon Earth. Today the likelihood of a repeat of the ecstatic moments of other time periods are not anticipated but might occur for small numbers of light wave mindset in this era. If an age of enlightenment unfolds, then the mindset that allows for the joy of the prior era may recur for larger numbers. The off chance of this happenstance is the purpose of this particular chapter.


The foray of tantric triads and quartets is a beautiful synopsis of counterparts in the dichotomy of a viniculture of thoughtform of synergy that is spectacular to experience. Those in Atlantis or earlier time period discovered triad and quartet synergy in tantric systems of dreams were delighted in their rendezvous. The triads and quartets were not sexual but rather a synergy of minds that resonated. The synergy led to an understanding of the group that was superfluous to express on the part of spirit united with each self.


Self requires understanding to feel whole and accepted. Today, self is isolated and derived of nomenclature derivations of non-possible moments of dis-synergized circumstance that cannot foray a dream of unity with self. Dis-synergy of self leads to accolades of depression and other un-fortuitous moments in time. Dis-unity of self is perhaps the single most important clearing that those mastering evolutionary sequences of dreams require fostering in order to cause another mindset to unfold.


The accolade of those venturing into the healing of self is not large in this moment. Those that desire to heal self of difficult happenstance of light wave mind bend are special. Mind bend is a phenomenon where mindset is bent in a nomenclature direction of destruction that is either purely internal or external as in the happenstance of abuse. Abuse is the result of extreme mind bend in which the nomenclature moment derives sustenance from the torment of another. Torment is really an accolade of non-mindset in which the mind is not functional and is impure. Impure mindset can be forgiven in self or another leading to a restitution of healing within.


The following are accolades of three stories of circumstance of counterpart glory of dreaming. The stories enhance the possibility of what counterpart dances are capable of in association in divine partnership derivatives of experience. Divine partnership is about synergy. Synergy is a treat when present and is a gift of spirit amongst those mastering relationship ahead.


Twins and Counterparts in Love


There were two beautiful sweethearts Amara and Harlan that were counterparts. Amara was a priestess of sorts of great beauty within. Accolades of synergistic moments in time prevailed in her dream. The two met to synergize into a union divine. In this time period, humans syncopated regeneration of self in divine union. Amara and Harlan were considered mature enough for a twin partnership by their relationship consorts.


Relationship in this time period was deemed a highly important factor for civilization. Relationships did not foray into just any happenstance. Relationship accoladed into synergistic fortuitous moments that kindled reunion in human dreams. Relationship was monitored by those who were willing to take the time to counsel and guide those seeking partnership into forays of synergy. Synergy was deemed more important to existence than dis-synergy due to the destructive fabric caused. Those favoring synergistic unions were favored and those that did not were disfavored and often aborted in the dream.


Those monitoring relationship dreams were the elders of spiritual focus and understanding that had vast understanding of the human happenstance. Dreams of twin accolades of union were favored when synergized and kindled. Dreams of counterpart unions of divine order were also supported in greater numbers. Those maintaining dreams were few in number but accoladed a system of dream holding that provided a structure in which the cause and effect of positive relationship happenstance could be enforced.


Cause and effect can be modulated to provide one circumstance in the physical and another diverted to the nonphysical accolades of existence. As the nonphysical absorbed circumstance of dis-synergy, then synergy could be dreamt in the human life drama. Drama of synergy varies and provides vast accolades of suggested circumstance to choose from allowing each to feel sustained.


Supportive happenstance is not unique but rarer in the current revenue of karma of dis-synergy. Dis-synergy causes happenstance to align in a manner that is non-conducive unto union. Happenstance that is circumcised causes dis-synergized moments in time. Happenstance that is whole and complete holds a beautiful foray of dream to be lived. The dream weavers focused upon causing dream forays that were uncircumcised which played out in the circumstance of wholeness.


The dream holders of this story were known as Isadora and Edrie. Isadora and Edrie was a couple that synergized their union through vast focus upon spiritual mastery of partnership. The mastery took over a hundred years of focus before the two were requested the journey of managing the dream and accolade of union of the region. Dream management was a select purpose and only those gifted and synergized would focus upon the goal in order to offset happenstance that was dis-synergized.


Isadora and Edrie were in a serious confrontation with another couple who had moved into partnership and were gifted at dis-synergizing the dream of others in the region. The couple inflated in themselves and had become popular with certain level of fame of an artistic vein. Amara and Harlan were invited to meet the famed couple of musical and artistic stage talent. The four accoladed into a synergistic moment in time in the dream of the event.


The time of arrival of the event drew many in the region to attend. Those offering food or artisan gifts in trade set up their venue nearby. The region filled with travelers from all other circumstance to participate in the venue of the music. Music had become a popular relief of boredom and congestion of difficult happenstance in this time period. One musician Pennant was a tantric priest and gifted at taking beloveds into his tantric swing widening the avenue of synergy for his foray. Pennant was keenly focused upon the beauty of Amara who was a dancer who offered to perform with him.


Amara in her utmost stunning transfiguration of the synergy of the moment performed in grace. The audience was in awe of the beautiful accolades of harmony of her presence that synergized the group into a foray of ecstasy. The tantric waves uplifted the group into a beautiful symposium that was etheric as well as physical in the resounding performance of the musicians. Amara was considered so glorious that Pennant chose to spend time with her personally to follow.


Pennant and Amara were twins with deep magnetic resonance. Following the event, the two strolled along the banks of the seashore accolading to the rhythms of the waves. The scent of the flowers perfumed the air and suddenly Amara found herself in Pennant’s arms and later in the synergy of his heart. The moment was glorious and the accolade of the group synergy heightened the awareness and caress of the two who chose to create a reunion at a later time.


Amara’s beloved Harlan was deeply dis-synergized in the tantric romance of the twins and befell a sad fate of a heart rendering. The heart dis-synergy did not lift and in a short period he fell into deep distress and near capitulation over his life. Isadora was called upon by the local priests of health that became aware of Harlan’s plight. The priests perceived a heart circumstance at cause of his ailments. Isadora became clear that Amara’s twin romance might be the cause of the rendering.


Amara was deeply in love with her twin and could not reunite with Harlan. The priests accoladed a ceremony of bereavement so that he could recover. Amara went on to marry her twin and carry on in a special union of a tantric nature that accoladed her truth. Harlan discovered that he could not intrude upon a twin partnership regardless of how mesmerizing the union might have been.


Cascades of Partnership-Less Happenstance


The beautiful and hopeful Deidra was persistent at uncovering hopeful partnerships that failed her. Deidra was beautiful and synergized and often the counterparts that arrived in her dream of relationship were not. Although the partners were delightful to behold, they could not foster a union in her heart. Partnerships came and went and Deidra was unhappy in each choice and departed the union. Unions that could have made her happy made others happy and she did not understand why.


In time, Deidra procured the help of a form of advanced therapy from a tantric partner who graced her with a synergization of the heart. Deidra was able to sustain a synergy of motion in this union that allowed the heart motion to sync in a manner that was divine. The therapist was not to be a long-term union but allowed Deidra to be reborn. Although disappointed in the loss of the union, she discovered something about the happenstance of love that allowed her to begin to heal.


Deidra was a part of a tantric community who had participated as a child with a family reunion of a sustained syncopated rhythm of synergy with one another. She was accustomed to a group of people holding her heart synergy. Deidra learned in her tantric therapy the art of holding synergy in a partnership rather than in a group flow. The journey took her many places inward to heal and soon she was ready to find a partnership of self of the heart accolade of divine union.


A partner did arrive that was capitulating himself from another union of deep dissatisfaction. The union flowed and Deidra was surprised when Gideon desired her for a longer-term union given his life change. The couple went off into a tantric foray that was divinely sweet and synergized. The two conceived a child by happenstance and not through conscious choice.


The child was received well by Gideon who relied upon the conception as a means of keeping Deidra in the union longer than she might have forayed otherwise. The two were counterparts and not twins, and Deidra desired a twin partnership of deeper synergy. She remained for eight years in the parenting and until the child was old enough to fare on her own in her energy flow. As the child matured, Deidra separated from the partnership.


Deidra found another beloved, a twin of non-nomenclature derivative thoughtform. The union was special as they were twins. Kienni was a vastly gifted spiritual foray of systematic systems of life. He desired a highly mature and beautiful mate for his foray of teaching and studies that drew students from near and far. Deidra was a gifted poet and spokesperson that heightened the synergy of his foray.


The former spouse Gideon carried on in his counterpart foray with his daughter Nova. Nova was a magical child and he adored her. She grew up in the beauty of her father’s heart that synergized her until adulthood and beyond. Gideon was jealous of any partnership that his beautiful daughter might discover. He educated his daughter to take her time and seek out understanding of herself prior to flowing into any union. Her father’s adoration was a tough match for any man, and Nova found herself partnership-less for the rest of her life.


The Sour and Sweetness of Self     


There was a delicious bell of the ball named Zafrina. Zafrina was scrumptious in all her synergistic movements of delight. She forayed for a beloved of a Fairienn order and he came to her in prose and known as Bristol. The prose was of the beloved of the beloved within of the most magnificent duet of synergy she could imagine. The beloved of the beloved within was not something Zafrina knew much about but she was gifted at prose magic.


Zafrina delighted her counterpart as he dined with her one primrose filled evening. Zafrina had magnificent blond hair and a soiree of jewels that sparkled around her shoulders. The jewels were from her grandmother who was a countess of the region in her day. The soiree ends with prose exchanged that delighted the senses of each. The two depart with romantic notions and potions for a future soiree of deeper delight. There was an accolade of synergy dis-synergy in the air.


The evening comes and goes and the romance thickens. The thickness is a prose ckantor spell that is rushed into Bristol’s heart accolade. He fails to notice the spell and is incarcerated for marriage when there was no marital key to allow for the union. The manipulation of marriage keys is one fundamental foray of non-dreaming that often occurs causing two to appear as counterparts to marry when they may not be suited.


Zafrina coincides a joyful holiday with a friend’s wedding to create bliss of a tantric nature with Bristol. The two rendezvous following in a quaint habitat suited to tantric beloveds. The champagne and other elixirs are concocted with special spells by Zafrina who is an expert at such derivatives of ckantor prose. Bristol’s senses are titillated and an infatuation emerges in which he is most sincere in his accolade of the divine beloved within. “Is this she?” he accolades to his tantric coach guidance.


The marital keys between Bristol and Zafrina appeared valid but the archetypal counsels were not sure. The counsels chose to test the pair in the next rendezvous to measure certain motions of love and light and heart mind interplay to see if the pair was sincere. This time period was an increasing dream of accolades of false counterparts and twins and the archetypal counsels were beginning to take greater care in all unions.


Zafrina and Bristol meet again at a special happenstance of a Gregorian chant and spiritual function that they each revered. The chant was amazing to Bristol but bored Zafrina. The counsels watched and wondered why she could not accolade with those chanting. The prose offered synergized him and not her but she veiled in the accolade of a mastered initiate and Bristol did not perceive beyond it. “This must be my beloved within” he feels and relays this to the archetypal counsels. They are unsure and relay the message back that she is not accolading with the incantations of the event as they test her for suitability.


Bristol fails to hear the communication of his guidance due to prose magic spelled over him in a manner that his perception and language derivative of knowing is usurped. He goes on to accolade another soiree with his potential beloved and they agree to meet high on top of a beautiful mountain in the coming months. Bristol salivates in his anticipated meeting with his beloved who appears far to present in dream time than he is accustomed to. He had yearned recurrently for his beloved within and had been told by his guidance he would meet her one day. He thought that this must be her as she was more present than others; he failed to witness that she was not within his heart center and therefore most likely a false counterpart dynamic.


The soiree upon the mountain was delightful. A cabin that is private and beautiful is fostered allowing the two to spend their weekend accolading prose for marriage with one another. Zafrina is magnificent and Bristol is out of his mind in his desire for weeks to follow. He chooses to present Zafrina to his spiritual master who has been fostering his development for decades.


Zafrina is less than keen about meeting his teacher. She communicates that she feels uncomfortable and that the decision for the union should be his and not anyone else’s. She communicates that the self of the self within knows its beloved and does not require anything else if the right happenstance. Bristol accolades that he is not going to test the union and chooses for marriage against his better knowing.


The wedding is sublime and the friends all cheer the two on in accolades of synergy. He synergizes along making the community of support his new home. The honeymoon is divine. The first year raptures Bristol further into the union along with the community. The community adores Bristol and tells him how special he is for Zafrina. What they fail to present is that she has been an ongoing problem of dis-synergy for the group and they forayed for someone to take charge of her. Obviously, he is the one and now they can all be at peace.


A child is conceived and Bristol is uncertain. The months following the first year diminish in the synergy that was sustained by the family. Bristol fails to acknowledge that Zafrina does not know how to synergize into his heart accolade. The child is now an uncertain agreement to remain with her for seven years until he can separate from the mother in honor of the child. Bristol chooses to abort the agreements and Zafrina miscarries. He travels to see his teachers and asks for their support in a marital annulment.


The teachers are not surprised and cause the agreements to be aborted as they claim them to be false in the birth tapestry. Bristol returns telling Zafrina that the birth marital agreements appear to be false and he needs to enunciate the marriage. Zafrina swoons and tells him that she believes she has conceived again; and it may be not of his seed but of her own as she desires a child and is capable of procreating alone. Bristol returns to his teachers to examine why this might be so and what to do. They advise that he depart as the agreement to have a child was only hers and perhaps this is why she self-conceived.


Zafrina is disappointed and the family and tribe more so. The tribe chooses to barbiturate Bristol into remaining confusing his light wave mindset and bending it into agreement with a dream of non-fulfillment of self. A powerful elder spends an afternoon with Bristol speaking with him about the agreements and why Zafrina may die or the child may perish if he fails to carry on in his responsibility to her as her husband.


Bristol becomes confused and remains. His health begins to decline as the tribe continuously defuses him into subordination to cause him to remain. The child is born and is a beautiful boy and she names him Bristolian after the father. Bristol is even more confused by the love for his son. The love is not really true as it is relayed from another child of another in the tribe to cause him to remain.


Bristol departs as the child celebrates his sixth birthday. He cannot live any longer in the dis-synergy of the systematic rendering of his soul and knows he will die in a few years if he fails to depart. Bristol disappears to his own tribe without an announcement or any further communication. Zafrina’s elders send an expedition of females of priestess capability in search of Bristol.


Bristol hides growing a beard and transfiguring himself into someone new. The brigade comes and goes from his region three times and no one recognizes Bristol as himself, even his former teachers. Bristol feels a relief and tells each that he is really of a neighboring region and new to them. He is embraced as a beautiful synergy of self that is only mastered as he departs Zafrina and her tribe.




The above stories are an example of counterpart lore that synergizes or fate that dis-synergizes in the notions of light wave mindset. Light wave mindset can move in either direction in thessa and thulsa bandwidths of notion. Thessa mindset tends to dis-synergize when motions are unfamiliar and ckantons of prose do not resonate. Thulsa mindset will dis-synergize if accolades of resounding music fail to harmonize as they are dreamt together. The above synopsis of relationship elaborates upon the troubles with either types of dis-synergistic motions and what it causes in a union that either succeeds or fails.


The point of this analysis is that union that fails is associated with mind bend phenomenon. Mind bend is an accolade of distortion that causes the waves produced by the brain to waver into formations that cause thoughts of distrust, non-love, non-hope, non-union and non-support. Mind bend phenomenon occurs between non-resonant mindset. As one accolades the mindset of other creation thoughts, the other may bend into serendipitous accolades of insincere happenstance of dis-synergy of self.


Dis-synergy of self is experienced within as a loss of love. As self dis-synergizes, a rejection of self occurs that is experienced in the dream as the loss of love. All loss of love begins first as an internal formation as loss of self. As self is lost, the soul guiding the incarnation is also lost leading to a sensation of a rejection of spirit. Spirit never rejects really but may not be capable of synergizing within self that has become fragmented elsewhere in time.


There are serendipitous fallacies of synergy and dis-synergy that often accolade in the  dance of preparation for union. The fallacies can convince self that a union divine will manifest in the accolade of synergy. Synergy occurs only in sincere counterpart unions. Counterpart union is a synergistic moment of accolade that causes a dance of beauty between the pair. The beauty accolades down the dimensions towards the pair until synergistic dreams occur. The accolades fade a day or two following the experience to allow each to find their soiree within.


Often the first year is a test for any couple incarnate in the cycle of counterpart union foray. If the synergy fails to be sustained after the first year of union, generally the marital agreements are aborted in an archetypal sequence of dream. A year in archetypal time management equates to eight years in human time sequences of dreams. The conception of a child may offset in abortion of the union. As the dream dissipates of archetypal marital prose then the union fades in the physical.


Counterpart happenstance is unique to each union. Each union is a foray of karma and dharma of sequences of dreams aligned in time to foster a particular union and notion of alliance. Alliances of counterparts can be powerful forays of synergistic moments that accolade hope and other derivatives of positive mindset bandwidths into human dreams. Accolades of synergy between couples are often relied upon to sustain harmonious happenstance in the dream of the family or community.


The information offered is from another time in human history when counterpart theory was more greatly active. Through light wave mind notion development, counterpart theory can again become another dream realized in partnership ahead.


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