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Consultation by Email


Asur’Ana is a gifted healer, medicine woman, and channel of the divine fostering new information in support of the emerging Golden Age of Light. Light is taking flight and humans are beginning to transfuse and embody Light Wave DNA. There are many needs for the biological blueprint to take flight in health and wellbeing. Asur’Ana is in divine service unto humanity to foster those needing to understand the journey into transfusion and realization of self. She is available for email consultations for those in need of support.


Over the years, Asur’Ana has explored many healing modalities. Asur’Ana couples several healing theories in each session. She offers sessions on relationship theory and issues of partnership, inner child and family therapy, conscious dream weaving attributes of self, opening the heart and blessing theory, language and mindset development, issues of synergy and dis-synergy and self realization theory. Health issues can be assessed from a theory of ascension and transfigurative and transformative principals of evolving biology.


Asur’Ana fosters many nonphysical systems of support in her consultations. The presence of the Masters of Light who work with her include Kwan Yin, Saint Germain, Yeshua and Kuthumi. The presence of the Baba is a love-oriented resource for healing the body, mind, spirit connection. Yogananda systems foster an understanding and balancing of light quotients and light motion of field. Archangel Gabrielle aids in monitoring and motioning transfusion light-based systems. The Ancestors aid in fostering the light wave genetic blueprints into healthy and sustainable biological blueprints. There are many resources from the realms of Spirit that support each session. Healing is provided within 3 days of your order to foster your life changes in light motion of field.


Transformational Focuses for Each Consultation


1. Understanding Your Divine Soul Purpose

2. Finding Your Divine Twin Flame

3. Understanding Divine Partnership Lore Fable Unfolding

4. Forgiving Difficult Life and Ancestral Karma

5. Healing the Wounded Inner Child, Adult or Parent

6. Fostering the Law of Attraction

7. Dream Weaving and Abundance

8. Fostering the Path into Self Realization

9. Fostering Renewal and Anti-Aging in Light Motion of Field

10. Fostering Light Wave DNA

11. Fostering Mindset Development

12. Healing Difficult Family or Partnership Disturbances

13. Healing Mind Bend into Depression or Anxiety

14. Diet and Health for Light Wave Synergy of Field

15. Fostering Divine Understanding Within

16. Assessing Karmic Circumstances of Life Strife

17. Assessing Life Purpose and Destiny Keys

18. Understanding Life and Partnership Lore Dream Cycles

19. Healing the Wounded Heart

20. Assessing Dream Weaving Issues of Self

21. Healing the Inner Family of Karmic Life Happenstance

22. Assessing Ascension Development of Field and Biology

23. Assessing the Development of Light Wave Mindset

24. Assessing the Development of the Transfusion Body

25. Working with Transfigurative Knowledge

26. Healing the Mind Body Spirit Connection

27. Assessing Nutritional Requirements for Ascension or Mindset Development and Health

28. Assessments of Biological Disturbances

29. Polarity Reversal Assessments

30. Tarot Arcana Lore Consultations


Each consultation fostered is unique and purposeful to the opening unto oneself as a realizing force of greater awareness in the continued spiritual mastery of life. Each healing is sustained through the Masters, the Archangels, Shaktar and Yogananda or Dragon Dreaming teams of nonphysical resources. The consultation occurs in a dreamtime accolade of session with support from the orders of dreaming prior to you receiving your email report from Asur’Ana. A forensics treatment is offered for each consultation to balance the mindset and nervous system while asleep. Full body transfigurative renewal is also offered.


Asur’Ana works with many forces in dreamtime including natural world medicines of herbs and tinctures, teams of nonphysical forces that support forensics motions of self and the biology, angels that aid in the recasting of field and etheric systems of self, dragons that support the assessment process of the life happenstance, and ancestral resources for karmic review, destiny keys and lore dream cycles incanted prior to birth. All forces are present during dreamtime at night within 3 days of your order purchase.


Consultation by Email with Asur’Ana


Consultation by Email: Receive Energy Healing without an Appointment


This service is wonderful for busy people or people with a demanding schedule. You will still get the benefits of energy healing without having to attend a scheduled appointment.


Asur’Ana will do an energy healing session on you, in her own time, and then send you an email explaining what happened.


What do you need to do? Nothing. Doesn’t that sound perfect?


About This Service


This service was designed for people who cannot fit an appointment into their lives. You deserve help, too. And with the power of remote energy healing, it is possible for you to receive that help, without you being present for it.


All that you need to do is:


1. Purchase this service.

2. Email Asur’Ana at

3. In your email, please write a short description of what’s going on in your life and what you would like Asur’Ana to work on. You can choose one of the above 30 transformation focuses or write your own.


She will then do the healing session within 3 days of your purchase, and send you an email report (in PDF) directly afterward. Included in that report will be a description of what happened during the session, as well as suggestions about how you can integrate the work and continue your healing journey.


Please note that there is no phone call or two-way discussion with this product. Once Asur’Ana sends your email, then the service is complete.


Please click here to place your order for Consultation by Email: $120



Asur’Ana Jasminia Vita Maha

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