Image shows humankind's best friends, the animals

Conscious Sentient Friends: The Animals


All living beings (including humans, animals, plants) have consciousness. Various spiritual teachers and animal communicators uphold the belief that some animals are beings from very high levels of consciousness who came down in animal form to help humankind, other beings and the planet. They have healing power, blessing power, telepathy and other extra-sensory perceptions that most humans do not possess or have forgotten how to use them.


Humankind’s Best Friends


Animals have been humankind’s best friends since time immemorial. The presence of these beautiful beings is a gift to humanity. They have immeasurably enriched our lives by way of their unconditional love, devotion and friendship. Animals love unconditionally. Their love is pure and absolutely unconditional. Animals teach us (human caretakers and companions) to think things from the heart, because they only work through the heart, they don’t use their head. Love, to them, is the most and the only important thing to live for. They help us to open our heart and to develop our compassionate when we love, care for and protect them.


Animals are highly intelligent and have deep feelings like us, but their world is simple and their needs are few. According to those who are able to communicate with them, animals view us humans as being disconnected from the source of our strength and intelligence because we pay attention to the less important aspects of life. They feel that we need help to awaken from our sleep and recognize our Divine Self or Eternal Nature or Spirit. Surprise! Animals are a source of joy and wisdom for those who appreciate them.


Many animals are very deeply in tune with the Cosmos and can feel the rhythm of the Earth. That’s the reason why during the 2004 tsunamis, no wild animals perished because they knew well ahead of time what was coming. They convey messages of good news or warnings of misfortunes ahead if we can learn to observe and listen to our knowledgeable animal companions.


Planetary Ecosystem Balance


All life forms have some role to play in the balance of our planetary ecosystem. It’s important that we know how to live with our animal friends harmoniously and respectfully because they carry out special functions in the world.


For example, vultures clear up garbage to keep the environment clean; bees, birds and butterflies pollenate flowers and trees—critical to fruit and seed production. Trees and plants are here to provide oxygen to the planet. Without them, there would be no more photosynthesis, no more oxygen and we would all die.


The destruction of a single species can have an effect on the entire ecosystem. All living beings, including us humans, are interconnected and interdependent; we help each other to balance Nature and to make our life more comfortable.

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