Image of harmonious wild flowers to represent living in communities on the New Earth.

Communities On The New Earth


During the transition period, a tremendous opportunity is being offered to all those souls who are willing to accept it, to live in a cooperative way, working together for the highest good as we build communities for the Golden Age.


The Call


Some of us have had the long cherished dream of living together in conscious community. As duality is no longer our predominant reality, it feels appropriate to live with others who are also consciously inhabiting Ascension Earth.


We want to create the foundations of a New World. These new foundations are so vast that they cannot be created by us as separate individuals. Instead, we want to come together in unity. Living together in community is a natural way to live where we can express our full being on a daily basis. This might be the natural next step for those of us who feel called.


An important component of the new communities is their interaction with the people and communities around them. They are not closed off colonies. Instead, they must find ways to serve the nearby people and their environment – for they are also part of our collective unity.


Since conscious communities exist in a different frequency band of energy than most of the world, we will not be as susceptible to the fluctuations of duality as before. Here we will be able to live more fully on Ascension Earth, surrounded by those who support us and resonate with us.


Different Functions of Communities


There are many incredible conscious communities already manifested, and more are coming into existence each and every day. Many communities will be established in remote areas of the planet, while others will be located in more populated places.


It is understood that each community creates its own special energies, characteristics and purpose within the New Earth.  Each one is of great importance in its own particular unique energies and function. Some communities’ function is to anchor the immense amount of Light that is streaming into the planet and birth the New. Each community holds a unique blueprint. When these blueprints of the various communities are combined, they create the New Earth.


Benefits of Living in Communities


Because we are currently living in a dense world, it is more difficult to live in the vibration of Oneness. We forget; we get distracted by the physical world and all it has to offer, the disguises and the trappings. We need to remember the Light in the midst of density. Light Workers want to come together and find ways to support each other; they want to create healthy, abundant and fulfilling lives.


People of like mind could come together in a cooperative community as a home base with a mutual purpose of receiving the community’s support. They could travel out into other communities who have different levels of consciousness and then come back to their own community for support and to be reminded that they are the Light.


Light Workers are increasing in numbers and strength; we are remembering that we can be in this dense world in the form of a community. We remember who we are; we can help others evolve and thereby continue to evolve in our own strength and purpose.




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