Image of a peaceful lake with the forest and mountains in the background. Transcending Seduction and Illusion

Chapter 6: Transcending Seduction and Illusion


Becoming the Authentic Self             


This chapter is devoted to the patterns of seduction and illusion in all the many and varied ways that it occurs amongst humans. Humans have fallen into the need to appear other than whom and what one is in order to please, make peace, unite others, or feel loved and accepted in the dance of life. This is the underlying cause of the need to seduce from Mother Earth’s point of view. Underneath the seduction however one can often feel incompetent or as though one must bend the truth in order to play the role that the seducer or seduced one participates in. Therefore, seduction is the underlying cause of why humans bend their will as explored in Chapter 5 of Workbook 2.


Seduction is so common in the human dance of life that there is hardly one relationship that does not sustain itself somewhat on the act of seduction. Those gifted at seduction are more popular than those who are not. Those least gifted at seduction are the most disliked or even hated in the dance of life. Seduction does not rely upon abusive techniques that are verbal or behavioral in nature; instead, they lure others to oneself but then abuse in the unconscious energetic dynamics instead. So, one could say that seduction is abusive and destructive in the unconscious and not the physical.


The Origins of Seduction         


Where does seduction originate? Seduction originated with Zeus and Innana primarily. Zeus and Innana archetypal natures seduce sexually, and through attracting others to them through the sexual flow. The sexual flow creates a mirror through which one is mirrored whatever one desires to perceive about Zeus or Innana archetype that portrays them in a favored manner. All the negative attributes of Zeus or Innana archetype are hidden behind the mirrors so that one simply does not perceive them, unless of course one lives or works closely with those of Zeus or Innana archetypal nature.


Seduction is difficult to sustain in an ongoing and recurrent manner, as it requires 100% more chi to sustain the mirrors or veils of illusion than spin a field. Therefore, in an ongoing living or work circumstance, the veils of seduction fall away and the real nature of the person underneath is revealed. It is for this reason that romance often only lasts as long as two do not live together, as once the truth of who the other is becomes revealed, the love founded upon seduction dissipates. Often amongst couples that are extremely variant in genealogies where one is primarily red nation and the other Pleiadian or Anu, there is an ongoing misunderstanding of one another beyond the original seduction. This is where most conflictive partnerships arise from; the two simply do not understand one another upon a molecular level.


If two understand one another as the inheritance parallels from Sirius and is red nation in origins, then there is an innate acceptance of one another that leads to more greatly peaceful unions. It is for this reason that Mother Earth advises that humans build ascending partnerships with those who inherently parallel and have harmonious ancestries, as ascension together requires more harmony in order to sustain a balanced divine union flow and field rotation. Relationships that are disharmonious take away from ascension and lead to failed ascension beyond a certain point, and therefore those devoted to mastery over Bodhisattva level evolution are guided to release those partnerships or associations that do not serve.


Seduction of Love, Sex and Beauty   


The seduction of love and beauty occurs through pelvic, heart and third eye chakras. Veils are constructed through a particular movement in the chakra system that creates a fan of mirrors. The fan of mirrors can be constructed in any and all chakras for the purpose of creating illusion. The most famous fashion models or actors and actresses often construct the fans in every chakra as this provides a whole body image that seduces. Most humans do not run veils in all chakras but rather only one to three for seduction related to love, sex or beauty. Generally, the pelvic chakra, heart and head are the three chakras most humans run love, sex and beauty veils from.


Pelvic Chakra Veils: Sexual Seduction


Pelvic chakra veils are run for sexual purposes and used to seduce one into engaging with another’s sexual flow. The veils are enticing and draw the movement of sexual energy to be exchanged in the seduction. As the sexual energy exchanges, manipulations can occur between two parties, with chi, information, inheritances and grid work flowing from one party to the other. Those most gifted at sexual seduction are often sex strippers who can seduce an entire audience with their veils of illusion, constructing a group sexual flow that is then used to strip each individually and the group as a whole. The Kumara of lust sits behind the sex tease and uses the group flow to foster the planes of seduction.


The planes of seduction are a lust-based set of dream time. Lust originated upon Earth as a series of dreams constructed by the Anu for their sex working slaves. For the first half of the Anu cycle of 10,000 years, and prior to the breaking of the ice shields that created your oceans, there were fourteen resorts global wide that were the Disneylands for entertainment of Pleiadian guests. Some were family resorts; and others were for adults with gambling and sexual activities of all kinds.


The slaves were trained by Innana herself into how to pleasure Pleiadian men, and all kinds of dance and strip tease as well as prostitution was orchestrated. Las Vegas and all of the shows associated is a part of the left-over dream from one of the Anu resorts that was originally located upon the grids of Nevada. Family based resorts such as Disneyland were also located in grids nearby; hence the resorts of this nature in Los Angeles and Florida.


Lust planes were used for the sex slaves to run their veils of beauty and illusion, capturing the attention of the Pleiadian guests. Sex slaves were both male and female and engaged in both homo and heterosexual activities. Most of the slaves of this nature were of Eros archetype in both male and female form, and sometimes Hercules. The slaves enjoyed the sex and group endeavors as this was their nature. Many involved in strip tease or other sexual group endeavors such as prostitute houses or even tantric communities today are really reliving a slave nation dream of this nature from the era of the Anu. The group dream is for lust and engaging with sex along with trading partners, without long lasting relationship or the creation of offspring.


Lust planes were used for Innana and Zeus primarily to rejuvenate themselves through a group sexual flow of their slaves and the Pleiadian guests alike. Zeus and Innana engaged in sex with their slaves recurrently to sustain the group flow and draw upon their collective chi. Zeus had special rooms constructed with all kinds of devices for his pleasure and for the slaves to pleasure him. It was not until Zeus III that the sex turned abusive and destructive, which Zeus gaining pleasure in killing the female mid orgasm.


Zeus I enjoyed sex but not in a destructive manner; two generations later and many falls in vibration and consciousness, the lust turned into very destructive patterning related to sadomasochism today. Those dancing in sadomasochism are really reliving a sex slave dream of Zeus III in present time. As the lust planes cease to be along with those of slave and Anu inheritance, the dream will be redirected for sexual exchanges that are harmless and loving in nature, both physically and energetically.


Innana would use her own seduction to seduce Pleiadian men always in hope that they would marry her. Alas this never was fulfilled upon. Perhaps her energy flow had gone into such great distortion that the relationship could never last beyond the initial seduction. There are many Innana’s today that move from relationship to relationship much like the original archetype. Asur’Ana recalls one realtor that was always in a new relationship. No relationship lasted more than eight months or a few months after moving in together.


In the decade she knew this individual, they had 17 relationships, none of which worked out. They were reliving Innana in her dance of seduction and relationship due to the lineages of their inheritance. Asur’Ana also pondered why this was so when this individual was not particularly beautiful; and yet in the seduction, veils of beauty are spun over the face and body, and this is what the one attracted unto her perceived, and so was drawn into the dance for a time. As the veils ceased to be run in living together, or in spending too much time together, then the attraction ceased and they parted company.


The Nature of Second Chakra Seduction


In seduction involving the pelvic region, often cords of attachment run between the uterus and prostate and become intertwined with many others seduced or who have seduced oneself over the lifetime. The ongoing loss of chi due to increasing cords of attachment can lead to prostate and uterus cancer over time as a result. The lust planes also host sticky energy that is like a poison or glue. In the ongoing exchange of sexual flow of this nature, it causes the sexual channels to eventually glue shut, particularly in later age, and then as not much energy flows in this region, sexual interest diminishes and disease can set in.


Those who tend to be seduced by second chakra seducers will tend to lose sexual energy in the exchange along with knowledge on how to run the sexual flow oneself. Therefore, learning to retrieve all sexual chi and knowledge is an ongoing useful intention for those prone to falling into this pattern. Also disbanding the patterns, thoughtform and programming that engage with the fan of mirrors associated with second chakra seduction fans will cause one to cease to be sexually seduced into the future. Generally, one allows for sexual seduction due to the desire to be desirable. As one learns to be desirable from within and in opening to the love of the Tao, Terra and nature along with one’s ancestors, there is no longer a requirement to feel desirable from the outside and in the dance of life.


Those using their own sexual chakra to seduce will be prone to weaknesses in the pelvic region, and so it is best to intend to disband the programming, thoughtform and patterns associated, disbanding the geometry associated with the fan of mirrors. Then one will move more into one’s authentic self and cease to seduce. Most often one seduces to fit in or be accepted or loved. As one learns to love oneself from within in the divine union unto Nature and Mother Earth along with Soul and one’s Ancestors, then the requirement to feel loved from the outside in ceases and one can more readily disband the dance of seduction as a result.


Heart Chakra Veils: Seduction of Love


Heart chakra veils are used to seduce another through love rather than sexual energy exchange. Many spiritual teachers in the current paradigm along with gurus are good heart chakra seducers. Asur’Ana’s psychic teacher of long ago was good at heart chakra seduction. She too was related to Innana, and would cause others to believe that she really loved them; when in reality her heart was not open enough to do so. Those getting too close to her in relationship would ultimately perceive through the veils, and would leave. Her teacher was subject to relationship after relationship with red nation Hispanic men that never fulfilled her as a result, playing out karma for seduction between Innana and her red nation lovers over time.


Asur’Ana herself was seduced into her teacher’s circle of love for about 3 years, until she rose above the vibration of the seduction and instead of love, the relationship began to feel like control, imprisonment and ownership. As Asur’Ana released the patterns of ownership at this level of her ascent, the relationship naturally ended and the karma was completed between their inheritances. Many in relationship to those of primarily Anu ancestry may discover that beyond the seduction of love is really ownership patterning. As you release the ownership with those of this nature, the relationship will end or the red nation ancestry will be called forth instead, creating another dance that is more unity based.


One may discover that families and friends can be molded towards supporting ascension by bringing forward red nation inheritances and ancestors to dominate in relation to the group dynamics at home or at family gatherings or in gatherings with friends. This is useful and the ancestors are willing to assist as long as the inheritances can fulfill upon this goal.


Those desiring to bring forth red nation patterns at home may require having at least 40% of the tapestry of each in the family to be red nation. If this is so, then a red nation family dynamics can be orchestrated in the ascent of the group ahead and as the other slave or Anu inheritances are completed upon. Many in our Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS) with families that are ascending together are demonstrating this expression and it is supportive of each along with the map maker driving the ascent of the group forward. Just call upon the ancestors to support your goal if you are in an ascending family of your own.


For those living away from home and desiring to visit the family and create an experience that is more unity based, one must intend to complete all karma associated with the Anu inheritances in the various tapestry of ancestry of the family to your level of ascension. You can then call forward red nation ancestors in each to orchestrate a more greatly unity-based time together in any family get together or holiday visit. Red nation patterns do not tend to seduce, and in so doing, you rise above the game of seduction as an ascending human and are less likely to become stripped of chi, information, grid work or moving energy systems in the visit.


The Nature of Heart Based Seduction


In heart-based seduction, cords are exchanged via the heart and some of the love of each that is seduced is pulled into the heart fan of veils. Then love is mirrored back to another and the other falls in love with themselves in the mirror. Interestingly enough, this dance caused Asur’Ana’s former spiritual teacher to develop breast cancer. Over time, she released enough of the patterning to transcend the cancer and self healed, but did not cease seducing as she had not enough red nation inheritance for the records to do so. Often those developing breast cancer are good heart-based seducers and the ongoing exchange of cords of attachment in and out of the chest and breasts compromises the region extensively enough that the region decays and cancer forms.


Those that tend to be seduced by others running heart-based seduction generally are looking for love from outside of self rather than from within. In the exchange of energies in the seduction, one will lose one’s love along with chi and information on love. It is therefore best to intend to gather up all love lost along with chi and information on love lost in heart seduction over time as an ascending human as a result. In learning to feel loved from within, the need to feel loved by another through seduction ceases; and one can then step out of the game, disbanding all thoughtform, programming and patterns that create a flow of energy between two heart chakras founded upon seduction.


For those that tend to use the heart to seduce, you too desire to feel loved by others out of what they desire and you bend your will to be what others prefer rather than who you are within. As one disbands the dance of seduction through the heart by releasing all patterns, programs and thoughtform, one can move one step closer to becoming your authentic self in the dance of life.


The authentic self is the truth that your red nation ancestors expressed at another time before they fell into the dance of love through seduction. Truth need not seduce as it simply “is”. Red nations’ peoples accepted another’s truth unconditionally in times past. As one moves more into the dance of truth with others who are likewise emerging into their truth from within, there is no need to seduce one another but rather simply “be yourself” in all circumstances, which is what the authentic self is.


There is another pattern that replaced seduction in the heart region that flows through the 1,000-petal lotus of the Bodhisattva. This pattern begins as soon as the lotus opens at around 2,600 segments of DNA. The lotus creates an ongoing shower of vibrations that blesses all around oneself and the land. The outer blessings allow others to feel loved around you by receiving the love of the Tao, Terra and nature through one’s field. One also feels loved in return as the love flows through the heart from the nonphysical and unto others. Those that have lotuses opened in their ascensions can return the love also in blessing you through their field. It is the act of blessings that allows real love and unity to begin to be restored in the dance of life.


Third Eye Chakra Seduction: Seduction of Beauty and Vision


The seduction in the third eye region will create veils over the face so that the face can be perceived as beautiful. Many models and actresses display this type of seduction. The camera captures the veils and not the real sincere face underneath, as do the eyes which are miniature cameras of their own. Third eye chakra seduction can also be used to seduce one into perceiving the world from another’s point of view. Many teachers of all kinds are gifted at this kind of seduction, including spiritual gurus. Athena was gifted at this type of seduction, and used it with her red nation spouse Onton and the group that became professors in her university to cause them to view life from her perspective.


In the third eye seduction, a fan is created that calls for an exchange of energy between one’s own third eye and another’s. In the exchange, one perceives what the seducer desires, whether it is a beautiful face or a point of view. In the exchange between third eye chakras, information can be lost along with chi or visionary knowledge. Some who suffer from poor eyesight can actually be good third eye seducers; or in other cases, it is those who are frequently seduced through the third eye that also damages the visionary center leading to deterioration of the eyes. Stepping out of the game of allowing oneself to be seduced in the third eye region or to seduce others from this region is another means of improving eyesight.


The seduction of the third eye region can lead to cataracts in extreme cases and in old age. Asur’Ana and Per found themselves diminishing in eyesight due to all the third eye seduction that would occur between their website and the audience that would affect their visionary chakras. Finally, and as the website was separated from their field and held by Terra in another manner, the damage ceased enough that they could resurrect and reconstitute their eyes. The information upon the website causes those who wish to press their point of view back upon Asur’Ana and Per to do so. Seduction is so common it goes off even if there is no one present in the physical.


The Nature of Third Eye Seduction


Those prone to being seduced through another via the third eye region will discover patterns that allow for an exchange of energy between one’s own third eye and another’s. This will allow information on vision or perception to be transferred from one to another. Also, one’s own visionary capacity can be obstructed. Therefore, it is best to dismantle the patterning, programming and thoughtform associated with third eye exchanges so that one’s own vision can remain clear to perceive the next steps upon one’s spiritual path.


Generally, one allows this type of seduction in order to understand what another’s point of view is. One need not exchange energy between visionary centers to understand another; one can read the other via the heart chakra or holograms, or request information from the ancestors, Earth or nature about another in order to understand.


Those prone to seducing through the third eye tend to do so to make a point about what one believes is so, or in order to appear to have a beautiful face. There is no need to press one’s truth upon another as each has a unique truth that is to be expressed. Beauty also comes from within the eyes as soul is perceived through human form. Therefore, it is best to cease to seduce others through the third eye chakra region by dismantling all programs, patterns or thoughtform at cause of forcing your truth upon another or in order to appear beautiful. Then one will learn to allow all others their truth while expressing one’s own, and to allow the beauty and truth of soul, Earth, nature and the ancestors to shine through one’s face and eyes. This too results in a restoration of the authentic self.


Third Eye Media Seduction


The media strips humans unconsciously even though there is no one physically present. Humans engage with those upon their television shows or in their movies or even in the secular books that one reads through the dance of seduction. As one reads or watches, the body responds as if the person in the show or in the book is a real person. The television, movies and books construct dreamtime planes associated with a dream of the characters represented, and then one is seduced or seduces in return in the unconscious with the cast of characters. The dreamtime planes are then used to move information and dream back and forth. This is how humans are losing dream to the media so extensively that in time if ascending humans did not call it all back, civilization would collapse overnight.


This is what occurred at the end of the era of the Anu and Atlantis alike. So many dreams had been stripped to extend the lives of the Anu or famous in Atlantis through media-based pyramids that the civilization-based dream became very thread bare. As there were not enough threads in the dream to hold a dream together, a nuclear annihilation occurred as a reflection of the imploding dream of human civilization. In so doing, their eras ended overnight, and all fell into chaos due to the nature of nuclear fission.


At this time upon Earth, so many dreams have been stripped again through the media pyramid that the human dream is becoming threadbare overall. Those regions with the least dream end up with starvation occurring through extreme droughts, natural disasters, or in war torn circumstances, as this is the nature of an imploding dream. Implosion of dream creates natural disasters, lack and chaos.


Chaos can be due to war or due to natural disasters. Lack is generally due to lack of enough water to grow anything leading to the formation of a desert. As ascending humans learn to call back the entire dream taken by the media for themselves, their neighbors, the region that one lives and your country of origin, one can begin to fill in the missing gaps so that chaos related to a financial collapse, war or a natural disaster or drought can be redirected into a different dream. This is how the ascending children of tomorrow will create enough for all and cause world peace, in filling in all human dreams enough that a dream for peace can be caught and then experienced.


Reweaving the human dream requires many more ascending children to be born. It also requires adults who are more conscious to aid in directing the dream from the physical. This is why this information is shared. As enough work with these materials and begin to gather back dream from the media, more dream will be available again, and people will begin to live their lives rather than watch possible life circumstances upon television or in the movies. This then will allow for greater inner fulfillment as well, and happier people tend to create peace with others wherever they go. Therefore, this also is a part of the dream for world peace ahead, and shall allow fulfillment in each culture and each region that humans live within.


Movies and movie makers rely mostly upon third eye seduction than any other part of the field to seduce. Why is this so? Well in watching a film, there is no real human in front of you physically to seduce you with; third eye seduction is therefore the best form of seduction to use in such a circumstance as it is not felt as much as perceived. Perception associated with movies can also include emotions; and the dream time planes of movies and books also host mental, emotional, intuitive and creative bodies of energy flow that enter the theater or living room as one watches. This is also so for secular books. One then engages with a group set of subtle bodies and feels for the characters; but this is not seduction as much as group energy flow that is exchanged, often in a pyramidal rotation.


Those watching in the bottom of the pyramidal group energy flow are stripped of dream during the movie or in reading the book. Those in the middle fare better receiving parts of dreams of others and losing parts of dreams to the media. Those at the top receive the most dream, and these are generally the actors and actresses along with the producers of the movie one is watching or authors of the book one is reading. The actors, actresses, authors and producers then go on to live a rich and fulfilling life while everyone else has less and less dream and more and more non-fulfillment in the dance of life.


Interestingly enough, television shows or secular books unite people around the world in a pyramidal flow if enough engage in the movie or book from various countries. It is this union of fields that is then used to strip human dream giving it to the media giants who only then produce more movies and books founded upon human dreams that have been lost. Many reading these materials may have lost as much as 90% of your life dream over time to movies and books and you may wonder why you are so unfulfilled. Time to retrieve all dream lost and then you can begin to weave a fulfilling dream for yourself upon the physical plane.


In any case, participating in the media does not serve ascension as it only mixes up energy fields and dreams of the audiences. If you are vying to rise above the current consensus vibration, the ongoing watching of television or reading of books or going to movies will pull you down into consensus dogmatic thoughtform and to a point that you cannot master much beyond 1,024 segments of DNA.


This is one of the largest reasons that Mother Earth suggests that humans stop watching the TV, going to movies or reading secular books for recreation. Instead, create recreation in open spaces and in the enjoyment of nature or with home-based art projects that bring one joy and allow for co-creation with your ancestors; and of course, spend your time doing your inner homework of ascension and reading those materials in support of this.


Seduction of Power, Creativity and Knowledge    


The seduction of anchoring, power, creativity and knowledge occurs through movements in the grounding, power, co-creation and crown chakra regions. These types of seduction are different from the seduction of love, sex and beauty in many ways as they do not involve a fan of mirrors that reflect something back as much as an exchange or intertwining of energy flow. In the exchange, many can be united to give enough power, knowledge and co-creative energy unto a corporation to allow it to form and grow into a large business that employs thousands of people; or a president or prime minister to be elected to govern a nation; or a queen or king to be born; or a spiritual group to grow into a world religion.


How does this type of seduction work? Humans are intertwined in group energy flow anywhere that they congregate in groups of three or more. We explored group dynamics in Chapter 4 of Workbook 1, and showed how the dynamics of groups that tend to cause one to rise to the top in various positions around the clock, and others to fall to the bottom often experiencing travesties of one sort or another. This is extreme polarity in nature, and it involves pyramidal flow. Pyramidal flow does allow for a form of seduction that causes leadership to rise to the top and those who are unable to seduce the group move into positions of extreme dislike where they are then rejected, expelled, go into fear, or become diseased.


Generally, the one who rises to the top has the capacity to seduce large groups of humans and this is why they are placed into a leadership role, whether it is leader of the family or leader of the neighborhood or region or country matters not. The same types of seduction allows for the game of extreme leadership and power. This is also so for the box pyramid system which creates its leaders who are singled out above and beyond all the rest, whether they are business leaders, spiritual leaders, governmental leaders or royal families.


Grounding Chakra Seduction: Seduction of Anchoring


There are those gifted at anchoring for groups. Per was a good and gifted anchor for groups and was one of the reasons Asur’Ana really appreciated him joining her and co-managing the school with her. What does an anchor do? The anchor provides stability for the dream of the group. The anchor may or may not have any recognition for what they do, and are often close to the leader in some capacity upon the physical plane. The leader knows that they rely upon this person or group of people more greatly than most, although they may not understand exactly why. It is the anchor that will form the geometry of pyramids or boxes or Figure-8’s to sustain the dream for each member of the group along with the leader.


Per was gifted at pyramidal flow in the beginning and eventually the group evolved into Figure-8 formation. Per has a natural gift of using magnets to hold geometrical patterns along with creating sound tone and movement amongst the many, much like a conductor orchestrates a symphony. Per’s task of anchoring has been even more greatly expanded upon in the current formations of DAS along with the human dream, and Earth is learning from Per how to orchestrate music to create harmony, love, joy, fulfillment, hope, peace and unity amongst humans in the experiments of the DAS dreamtime workshops and meditation retreats each year.


From Terra’s perspective, anchors can have a positive purpose as well as a negative purpose depending upon geometry spun. As more anchor Figure-8 and Triple Lotus anchoring in harmony with the new dream, then the groups will be more supportive of global ascension. At this time, only 30% of the human populations global wide spin Figure-8 dreams, and only a few Triple Lotus dreams. This will change ahead as more ascending children are born that hold a Figure-8 or Triple Lotus dream global wide. It is anticipated that this will take at least another decade of ascension to accomplish; but is coming and at such a time, Terra can enter the Great Central Sun Dream more fully, as this requires a bare minimum of a Figure-8 dream that is global in order to accomplish.


Pyramidal anchoring has to do with setting up the triangular geometrical patterns within each quadrant that sustains those associated in their positions, some in the bottom, some in the middle and a few at the top or upper half. Box shaped pyramids are no different and those anchoring unite the boxes that each human sits within and places them in the region that they are suited in relation to dreams that are received due to their position in the box. The one at the outer edge receive the most dream, the middle layers less and those in the center of the box the least dream of all.


Over time, Asur’Ana and Per have mapped out pyramidal flow that tried to form at their dreamtime events in times past. Generally, one holds the center of the pyramid and rotates it, four others form the outside edges, another holds the base, and another casts the spells to sustain each in their position within the pyramidal flow. Box shaped pyramids are similar. There is one who holds the center and rotates the boxes; there are four that construct all the edges of the box in a third dimensional sense, there is another that manages the foundation, and one who casts the spells as to what position each receives in relation to the group. The geometry of each anchor is spun through their personal energy field.


The larger the group, the more anchors are required to sustain the pyramids or boxes as geometrical dream patterning. In large corporations, there may be as many as 100 to 1,000 or more anchors necessary to sustain the pyramids as intricate formations that appear as a 6, 9, 12 or 18 pointed stars with bases that interconnect in the center. The same is true for larger eastern corporations that are an intricate interconnecting series of boxes or matrixes.


Royalty over many nations can have thousands of anchors that create pyramidal or box formations in each town, region and nation associated. This is also the same for Prime Ministers or Presidents of any country. All within the country are intertwined through the formations of complex geometry that interconnects each, and each in turn receives their positions within human civilization, whether they are poor, middle class or wealthy in the dance of life.


Many countries host Figure-8 dreams in addition to pyramidal or box geometrical formations. Generally, Figure-8 dreams are at the bottom of the pyramid or outside the box and regions spinning such dreams have less wealth as a result. However, the Figure-8 dreams can also cause greater unity amongst those living in such regions, and they are good choices of places to live for ascending humans.


Asur’Ana noticed that many regions in Greece spun Figure-8’s along with Italy. Resort regions also tend to spin Figure-8’s as this is considered a more nurturing dream for tourists. Figure-8 dreams can also occur out in the countryside and in the farmland. Why? Pyramids would destroy the crops due to all the electricity that is associated, and so a Figure-8 dream is required to sustain plant growth. It may be for this reason that farm towns are a good place for ascending humans to relocate unto.


Those who are gifted anchors can develop their skills in support of ascension of a group or Mother Earth. Earth will foster the development of this role as it is required to anchor a Figure-8 dream for humanity to ascend into; and in addition, and into the future a Triple Lotus dream as enough humans spin this pattern to attune unto. It shall be as humanity ascends into the Triple Lotus pattern of geometry and dream in enough numbers that peace shall be restored upon Earth.


This is coming in the next 25 years of continued ascent beloved, and each working with these materials supports this goal in the now, and will provide the genetic and energetic changes to allow for the incoming ascending Bodhisattva births. It will be as there are enough Bodhisattva children to anchor that the new dream shall become global wide, and this requires a minimum of 250,000 born in Terra’s estimation.


Solar Plexus Chakra Seduction: Seduction of Power


There are those gifted at seducing through their power or will center. Many governmental leaders are examples of those who use their power center to seduce. How exactly does this work? The will center will inflate outside of the etheric body and generally in front. Sometimes this leads to indigestion and gastric distress for those who use their will center to seduce. In the seduction, an exchange of power spins between all that engages in a pyramidal or box shaped formation.


Power flows to those at the top and upper half of each pyramid in an algorithmic pattern with the most at the top and the least in the bottom. Sometimes cords develop between the solar plexus of the seducer and another chakra region in the one seduced. This is how power, love, and sexual energy generally is transferred to the one in power who then uses the chi and power to inflate themselves to the top of the pyramidal geometry or to the outside of the box geometry.


Those who take power of others generally are solar plexus seducers. Per was once a solar plexus seducer, whereas Asur’Ana was more of a love seductress, until both released the associated patterning in their early years of ascension together. Per would gather the power and Asur’Ana the love flow to sustain themselves at the top of a pyramidal formation of the early formations in DAS, and until the group evolved as well as themselves into Figure-8 flow.


Over time, Per has learned to retrieve his multidimensional power lost in many falls in his inheritance and this is enough power to sustain the geometry he supports within DAS in collaboration with Mother Earth. Asur’Ana has learned to use free energy to sustain the love flow without the requirement to take chi from the group; this leaves each with enough chi and power to continue to ascend. It has only been in the past few years of ascension that this new type of movement has become possible leaving each free to ascend within the organization.


This is the map for all to follow and is a free energy map and free power map. Free energy is a blueprint from the Tao of an energetic flow that is self-empowered and self-sustaining. Within free energy, there is always enough for whatever you are to accomplish without lack, whether it be love, power, sexual flow, chi or truth. In the new dynamics that free energy causes, group dynamics are going through a vast restructuring that will lead to a new day of abundance for humanity ahead. This all kingdoms look forward to as they too are undergoing parallel revisions of energy dynamics in their own ascent and in support of Terra’s ascent.


The Nature of the Seduction of Power


Those gifted at seducing through power will tend to take ascending initiates power away in the exchange. Ascending initiates require all their power to hold their boundaries and continue to evolve. Therefore, retrieval of power from all that you have given it unto throughout the course of one’s life along with one’s ancestry is an ongoing intention in ascension. The more power that one retrieves that was lost, the more one can return the power of nature and Earth that had been stripped over time to shore up your ancestors; and this allows Earth and nature to have enough power to also ascend.


Over time, the Red Nations’ Peoples lost their power to the family of Anu and later the Pharaohs. As the Red Nations’ Peoples lost their power, they took power of the nature kingdoms to shore themselves up. Over time, this depleted the land leading to starvation of the kingdoms due to lack and vast droughts. Asur’Ana recalls standing in a beautiful Native American shop in Banff, Canada and looking at all the beautiful instruments created by the First Nation’s Peoples of the region, and realizing how much power of nature was trapped in the instruments.


Asur’Ana recognized that this was not right, and sought from this point forward to return nature’s power and retrieve her own ancestral power from wherever it went. This was the beginning of the restoration of enough power for nature to begin its ascension journey. Now each of red nation descent can begin to restore nature’s power by returning whatever was stripped over time and throughout one’s inheritance, and retrieving the power lost to the Anu and Pharaohs in their time periods. In so doing, all may have enough power to ascend.


Those that are gifted at seducing others and taking power in the exchange of energies can choose to dismantle the programs, patterning, and thoughtform associated and learn to allow all others their own power in the dance of life. Often those of red nation descent gifted at hoarding power are afraid of the misuse and abuse of those who also hoard power who are of Anu or Pharaoh Ancestry; and so, they strip others of power to control unconscious abuse.


Mastery over power causes power to increase as one masters harmlessness and ceases to abuse in the unconscious. Therefore, ascension takes care of the power mongers by reducing power that is misused in any manner over time. Ascension counsels and ancestral counsels are now in place to reduce power of those who misuse their power in the unconscious against ascending humans. As a result, there are now checks and balances in the ascension movement and karmic boards that allow those ascending to release the requirement to hoard power to make themselves and others safe from those who unconsciously abuse. Ascending humans can also fill themselves with their own ancestral power as it is retrieved and this suffices to allow for enough power to fulfill upon one’s intentions.


Power is necessary in the act of intention. The more power, the more rapidly the intention will affect one’s dream and energy field. Therefore, power is required to sustain intentions and boundaries in the choice to ascend. Hoarding other humans’ power does not empower intention however, and may even cause the intention to become confused. Why is this so? Power that comes from another has its own signatures and thoughtform.


If you rely upon others power to intend, then the thoughtform associated with the false power also is relayed to the solar manifestation planes. This then can confuse the manifestation planes as to what you meant in the intention, leading to a confusing response. As one relies instead upon one’s own power gathered up throughout one’s inheritance, then the intention will remain pure to one’s truth and have a more greatly likelihood of fulfilling upon the dream intended.


As one releases the requirement to control others to make oneself safe, a tremendous amount of energy frees up to further the ascension of the field and form ahead. One also begins to rely upon their power of command over the unity based thoughtform to drive the dream and hold one’s boundaries with others who tend to abuse in the nonphysical or are host to a load of nonphysical forces that abuse. There are many intentions that are helpful for this purpose that will be explored later in this chapter.


Co-Creative Chakra Seduction: Seduction of Self Expression


Seduction of self-expression occurs amongst those who are gifted orators that can sway the masses, or gifted speakers that can sway the audience; or gifted authors at expressing their perceived truths to cause many others to agree or follow them as teachers or leaders. Seduction of self expression can also occur in many forms related to the media from news anchor people to journalists to singers, actors and authors of all kinds. Seduction of self-expression also occurs as a non-verbal artistic expression such as dance, music, paintings, landscape design, interior design, clothing design, jewelry making, pottery making and so on.


In the seduction of self-expression, there is an exchange of energy between neck chakra centers. The seducer takes creative flow from the one seduced and then uses it to further their position in the art pyramids or the media pyramids, whether they be pyramidal in nature or box shaped in geometry matters not; the more creative flow that is taken, the higher the position in the art or media pyramid or box.


Asur’Ana was shocked at an artist that was really not very gifted and painted a blue dog in a cartoon like style that became a famous painter in San Francisco art galleries for a time. She came to understand that the fame was not due to how gifted or talented the artist was, but what position that they held in the art community. These silly paintings would sell for $5,000 at the time, and Asur’Ana thought that they held no artistic expression whatsoever, except perhaps if the artist had been five years old and painted something of this nature. It was the fact that the artist climbed to the near top of the art pyramid that they created such success. One could say that they were a gifted seducer of self expression as a result if not a talented artist.


Seduction of self-expression is the result of laying veils of illusion or dreamtime surrounding one’s art projects or books or dance or music that causes others to believe it is more talented and beautiful and gifted than any other expression. The veils are dreams of creative endeavors stripped from others that then cannot create as the dream no longer is present to do so. This leads to one famous musician instead of 10,000 musicians that each has a dream to express their music out of joy. This leads to one famous actor instead of thousands of story tellers gifted at expressing their truth and sharing their spiritual lessons for the benefit of others. This also leads to a few “New York Times Best Selling” books and hundreds of thousands of authors that receive little or no attention, but may have something important to say.


Amongst red nations’ peoples, there is not seduction related to art, music, or oral traditions such as storytelling. Red nation Figure-8 dreams allow for the expression of each within the community or tribe. Each has a portion of the creative expression of the whole, and one’s creation is not veiled with the dreams stripped from thousands of others to inflate it into a super gifted or talented position, thereby requesting thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars in exchange for the gifts offered.


This is the interesting thing about the art pyramids as they will hoist one to the top who will get paid exorbitant amounts for a single concert or art piece, when thousands starve in the streets who are just as talented if not more talented than the one who is paid so well. This is what pyramidal and box shaped geometries do; they allow only a few to rise to the top leaving the majority struggling to get by or starving. This is where the concept of starving artists comes from.


In the 80’s, Asur’Ana recalls starving artists’ shows where beautiful art was imported from around the world and sold for relatively small amounts, with most likely the distributor reaping most of the benefit for orchestrating the entire show. This dream was the result of a change in the energy flow that brought art to the forefront of western civilization for a time, with humans desiring real hand-crafted items rather than prints or reproductions.


Perhaps for a time, humans began to see and perceive the love and energy in that which was hand crafted and desire this more. This also was the time that the art festivals began to occur and many more artisans began to prosper by selling their own wares at fairs and shows. This is a Figure-8 dream where many can participate in artistic endeavors and be provided for, not greatly and not in great fame, but in receiving enough. This is a red nation artisan dream.


Most red nations’ peoples never had a written tradition, only an oral one. Written tradition and all that accompanies this today including computers, CDs, SD cards, digital downloads is really a Pleiadian dream that may fade in the next cycle. However, Terra also perceives the gift of allowing written materials to be shared across continents of humans to foster awakening, and so it may be that written tradition also becomes a part of the future human dream ahead, and carries on from this cycle but in a new and revised format to foster human evolution rather than strip humans of dream.


Many written materials today strip humans of chi, sexual flow, creative flow and dream. This is causing human dreams to become hollowed out, until enough that recognize this and are ascending choose to retrieve all dreams lost over time in the engagement with the current written paradigm. This is also so for art and theater; many theater and music productions of largely famous artisans strip the audience of dream just as greatly as television or movies.


Asur’Ana recalls going to see a famous acoustic guitar performer in Honolulu and were badly shattered in the dance. She also frequented Hawaiian performers recurrently that were not well known, and never experienced a shattering; only a lovely exchange of sexual flow that enhanced her ascension and the love between the artist and the following. This is red nation co-creational energy exchange, and it is harmless in nature.


Red nation co-creative flow occurs much like energy dynamics of the Ohana (family). The co-creative flow moves around each artist expressing in the band and each in the audience in a crescendo of movement that leads to each feeling good and energized at the end of the evening of entertainment, instead of only the artist feeling good and the audience shattered. This is the movement for co-creative flow that Terra is weaving into the new dream for humans to ascend into. In so doing, co-creativity will cease to be a harmful place to share within, and lead to another day when the love can be restored within all creative endeavors.


Many who try to place their love into their creative projects such as art, music, clothing, pottery or other endeavors may find that their hearts are stripped by those who really wish to take and not give anything in return. Therefore, artisans will have to set up boundaries with those that one may sell one’s creations unto or perform for; as others may strip one dry and leave one without enough energy to ascend. One way to accomplish this is to work with the ancestors who will use one’s creations to reach others to trigger ascension instead. In so doing, the ancestors will create special planes to host one’s creative expressions without the need to worry about losing too much chi to those who hoard to an excess in the current dance of life.


The Nature of Co-Creative Seduction


Those gifted at seducing through co-creativity may discover that the throat region is an ongoing irritation due to the exchange of energies associated between parties in this region. As Asur’Ana first began to express herself in written materials, she found herself coughing and having frequent sore throats as others gave her chi to allow her materials more exposure and interest. It took Asur’Ana several years to move the co-creative flow of DAS to an outside energy movement that no longer involved her throat region.


The movement of co-creative flow outside of self was done in agreement with Mother Earth and Nature who desired to rely upon the written materials to aid others in awakening. Therefore, Terra now holds the energy dynamics behind all the written materials for DAS and the Aligning With Earth website or audio recordings and other products that Asur’Ana and Per have produced, and this has freed up Asur’Ana to ascend.


The ancestors will assist those who are guided to create to foster the ascent of others in creating parallel shifts so that one’s co-creative chakra center is not increasingly debilitated in the dance of life and success of one’s creative endeavors. The ancestors are learning from Asur’Ana and Terra’s shifts how to orchestrate planes outside of one’s field that host dreams that will allow one’s creative endeavors to inspire as well as heal. Therefore, if one has a creative project one desires to bring forth, intend to work with your ancestors as well as nature in your projects. This may even be more easily accomplished if the art, music or other projects themselves involve the mineral or plant kingdoms in their creations.


Learning to co-create outside of the pyramidal formation is also useful and less harmful to the throat and chakra system. Pyramids tend to press electrical flow through the throat. Figure-8 dreams will create an electromagnetic flow that is more greatly harmonious; and the most harmonious of all will be the completely magnetic Triple Lotus. It is the Triple Lotus that allows for a movement of energy around an audience that does not pierce through a field causing harm. Therefore, the ancestors desire that artisans of all kind move towards Triple Lotus flow in all creative expressions, as this will then restore co-creativity into harmless and healing energetic movements.


Not too long ago, a famous opera singer video was playing in a restaurant Asur’Ana and Per visited while in New Mexico in the US. They watched the flow and the ancestors entered and proclaimed how they were very disappointed. Where are all the healing energies that should accompany such a beautiful voice? This the ancestors pondered, and also were very sad about. This singer used pyramids to draw the entire dream for fame unto herself and badly shatter many at the bottom during the performance. Once long ago the ancestors told Asur’Ana and Per, voice was used to heal and sound tones that would heal the entire audience. Yes, indeed records have been uncovered from very unity-based civilizations that used music and song to help the masses remain in harmony with one another, or to heal those that were ailing.


How does music and sound heal the field? Disease is generally due to sour music in the blood and molecular structure of a particular part of the body. As sweet harmonious music is sung and reverberates through the body, that which has gone sour can turn sweet again and self-heal. The civilizations we speak of existed in ancient times prior to the arrival of the Anu, and many living within them lived 1,800 years due to the use of music to attune the body so that it could self heal out of any ailment. Alas, with the arrival of the Anu and their exploitation of electrical flow that was launched globally to regenerate their own physical forms, all music went sour and the life spans of those who once lived 1,800 years dropped and dropped over time.


In order to reverse this process of sour music that causes disease and shortened life spans, music must become sweet again. This requires the cessation of electrical geometrical patterns as this is the primary cause of why music has gone sour in human and earth based molecular rotation. As electrical geometry fades and Figure-8 and later Triple Lotus geometry becomes the dominant dream for humans to attune to, it will be easier for humans to sustain sweet music within and self heal, as well as produce sweet music without in all forms of artistic self-expression that allows others to tune up and self-heal. This is the new dream for co-creative self expression ahead, beloved.


Crown Chakra Seduction: Seduction of Knowledge


Seduction of knowledge occurs amongst those who possess the crown chakra of others determining what one will or will not think or believe. Athena was one of the main Anu family members that controlled the crown chakras of all other Anu, and also went into control patterns in her university system over the thoughts of the slaves. Athena III also went into control patterns with those of red nation descent and in her marriage to a red nation spouse known as Onton, as well as other red nation professors that came to teach in her university. The pharaohs fell into parallel patterning with the Mahavishnu and also attempted to control their thoughts and beliefs as well through the crown chakra.


Long ago, Asur’Ana looked at the energy of a famous guru and saw beneath the veils. There was a large black octopus on top of his head that interconnected him to billions of others that followed this guru as their “god”. The whole game shocked Asur’Ana who soon discovered that he also wished to control her knowledge and capacity to ascend. Over time, she disassociated from the dream time of this guru as it would have prevented her ascension otherwise. Asur’Ana was determined that she as a spiritual leader would never control the crown of others as a result of her dreamtime experience with this guru.


Truth is a unique expression that emanates from the crown region in the 1,000-petal lotus of the Bodhisattva. The truth flame rises up from the Aurora and through the kundalini flow igniting in the flame of divine union in the heart region and the flame of truth in the crown region. The hologram in the crown hosts the flame of truth. It was as the Mahavishnu became heavily corded by the Pharaohs that the flame of truth became extinguished over time, leading to delusion and another fall in consciousness. It is in igniting the truth flame again that humans will begin to restore themselves to a more fully conscious state of being.


Those who are ascending will need to free themselves of all others that desire to control you via the crown. Crown chakra seduction involves a series of planes constructed over the guru that makes it appear as though they know it all. Indeed, there is much knowledge in the planes above the head as this is where all the knowledge that is stripped is stored.


The octopus’s mechanism is veiled underneath and reaches into the crown of the following drawing the knowledge of each into the planes above the guru’s head. Those following the guru admire their own knowledge that sits within his or her crown chakra; however, it is not the guru’s knowledge but compiled information from many others. Therefore, the guru has no truth of his or her own; only a compiled truth of the following. The truth of the guru is also not a reflection of his or her mastery.


There are many types of gurus. There are gurus in business that function from the same seduction of the crown, stripping technological knowledge from all that they cord into to foster the products that their company manufactures and markets. There are gurus in the media that also seduce via the crown chakra, stripping knowledge from the audience to create more and more fame. Often media gurus are producers, but not always. Some actors and actresses can be just as gifted at crown chakra based seduction, and will appear wise and knowledgeable as well as gifted and talented.


Some politicians or prime ministers are also gifted crown chakra seducers, and the following conclude that they are the wisest to lead the region clan or country. Athena often plays the role of the one who seduces via the crown and appears wise due to everyone else’s knowledge that she has acquired in the dance of life. This is the origins of this pattern upon Earth.


Innana and Zeus did not seduce via the crown chakra but Apollo did. Often Apollo will appear also as a wise leader of one sort or another, especially in relation to business or art. Apollo was a talented artist and this is one of the reasons Rosetti fell in love with him and married him. He used his power of seduction to take the knowledge for various talents of many others and then express it in art and business.


The Pharaohs are related to Innana and Zeus having been the descendents of a larger headed human incubated with Innana’s eggs or Zeus’ sperm in a laboratory by Merduk. As such, the Pharaohs were by and large more gifted at sexual seduction or love-based seduction than in seduction of knowledge. The pharaohs surrounded themselves however with those related to Athena and Apollo who provided the wisdom behind their leadership.


Innana and Zeus also relied upon Apollo and Athena for their wisdom and called them often into their business deals in the Pleiades as a result. Later it was Athena that took on the task of educating the masses of slaves that were bred to extend their lives way beyond where they would have naturally lived. It was Athena that controlled the family through a web hooked between her crown chakra along with each crown of the growing slave civilization. Over time so many cords formed that Athena III ended up with epileptic seizures trying to retain control over it all.


The Nature of the Seduction of Knowledge


Those studying these materials generally are not crown chakra seducers, as you would have the wrong inheritance for the inner work that ascension entails otherwise. Those of genealogies related to Athena, Apollo and the Pharaohs are prohibited from map making as they have the wrong thoughtform from another creation associated, and spin geometries non-resonant with the Great Central Sun. However, many spiritual aspirants have known one or more that are crown chakra seducers in the dance of life, or studied their materials.


Often crown chakra seducers will publish famous self-help, psychology or spiritual materials. Through the materials, the seduction occurs nonetheless, even if one has never met in person. Much like third eye seduction, crown chakra seduction can occur without the physical presence in the exchange. Therefore, one may discover that one has lost a load of spiritual knowledge due to the spiritual or self-help books you have studied over time, and there may be cords into the crown region from the associated gurus.


In order to step out of the game of giving your truth and spiritual knowledge away to the gurus, one must release all programming, patterning and thoughtform associated with seeking truth outside of self. Most look to others for one’s truth as truth has become externalized in the dance of seduction of knowledge. As one retrieves all truth lost over time and ceases to participate in the dance of seduction of knowledge, then one will have enough information not only to ascend, but recall one’s truth within.


There is a dance of how knowledge was extrapolated from others that has recently come to be understood by the map carvers in association with DAS. What has been uncovered is that Athena moved holographic information in the human holographic planes into pyramidal formations to understand it all herself. Alas as human holographic planes became pyramidal, those related to the grand masters and with larger heads ceased to be able to access their own holographic information.


This led to a vast fall in consciousness, as incoming children also ceased to be able to access all genetic information in all bandwidths associated with the Grand Master holograms. As such, the larger headed children were born with missing segments of DNA and failed to develop a fully crystalline cranium; and this created the first major fall in consciousness of the grand master descendents in the era of the Anu.


The knowledge Athena moved into pyramidal formations is in the process of being restored to the proper formations for magnetic holographic energy flow. As this occurs, many missing archives will suddenly become available to propel humanity into an era of awakening ahead. In particular, those of red nation descent directly or from more ancient times will awaken more unto their truth. This will allow another type of leadership to come forth in which truth is recognized, appreciated and expressed rather than illusion.


Humans are concluding with the last Anu Cycle related to Dionysus, who is the “God of Illusion”. It is perhaps for this reason that leaders are powerful if they are gifted at running veils and hiding the truth of their intentions and actions alike. As this cycle concludes, the era of illusion will fade and the next Grand Master cycle is born. All wisdom will be available again for humans to recall; and this is the result of the work of the map makers who have ascended and are restoring the holographic planes as the karma is released.


Powerful Intentions          


The map makers have anchored powerful intentions that support and sustain the authentic self. The intentions are a form of algorithm that spins within the field to support and sustain one’s boundaries. Algorithms cause the energy to flow in a particular manner in any field. Movements either support and sustain ascension or cause one to break apart. Algorithms that cause the field to break apart are erased or released over time as they are non-supportive of ascension.


Algorithms can be edited through intention; however, they are also related to the DNA; and so, the DNA must also be edited to support and sustain the new algorithms one is learning in ascension. Sometimes there are ancestors that are related unto oneself that were gifted at algorithms one is attempting to learn; it is these ancestors that offer the best genetic records to draw into the field to replace old algorithms that are non-supportive. One can also request that one’s ancestor enters the field and teaches one how to move one’s energy in another algorithmic manner that is more conducive to the continued ascent.


One can think of seduction as a series of algorithms that causes exchanges in the energy flow between humans. The algorithms will be directly related to thoughtform, programs and mechanized parts of the field that are also related. As one not only intends to remove all thoughtform, programs and mechanization related to seduction, one can also intend to remove or erase the algorithms for seduction as well. As one releases algorithms for seduction, or any pattern for that matter, one must replace what is leaving with something new that will create a new flow or movement within the field. This is what the dual tones of the Language of Light cause as they are the movements that will allow for the emergence of the authentic self and the transcendence of all patterns of seduction.


We have created intentions related to particular dual tones that are the most useful in the transcendence of seduction. As seduction patterns release, the new algorithms will allow for the anchoring of energetic flow between body, soul and Earth, increasing the capacity to bless others around oneself and feel blessed from within. As seduction patterns release, one will find a means of expressing oneself founded upon one’s truth in action as an ascending human, and this is what the authentic self is from Terra’s point of view. This is the purpose of the following intentions, to allow the emergence of one’s authentic self.


Intentions for the Expression of the Authentic Self



God Goddess/All That Is




I INTEND ABSOLUTE COMPASSION. Absolute compassion is a command that is related to the dual tone #50 Unconditional Compassion. The absolute compassion command allows for movement out of guilt and into forgiveness as an ascending human. Humans like to blame and shame one another as if somehow one is not also responsible for the current dance as it is expressed in human form. Absolute compassion allows those who are ascending to cease to feel blamed or blame and shame others, recognizing that we have all participated in this dance and it is only through forgiveness that the dance may change. This is a useful algorithm in the transcendence of pelvic, heart and vision chakra seduction of sex, love and beauty.


God Goddess/All That Is

Non-Conditional Love




I INTEND ABSOLUTE LOVE. The absolute love is a command that is related to the dual tone #51 Omnipresent Love. The absolute love command causes the field to align unto itself in a manner that is self-sustaining in rotation. Love is the glue that holds creations together, and your field is your creation and love is the vibration that allows your creation to flow and ascend. The absolute love command was also spoken to greatly in an article from the Amethyst mineral kingdom. This is a useful algorithm in the transcendence of pelvic, heart and vision chakra seduction of sex, love and beauty.



God Goddess/All That Is




I INTEND ABSOLUTE RESONANCE. Absolute resonance is a command that is related to the dual tone #52 Omnipresent Jurisdiction. Absolute resonance command causes that which has not come together in resonance to disband itself. It is the law of the Tao that only that which resonates can be drawn together. Electrical geometry often brings others together founded upon non-resonance. It is often the non-resonant patterns of others that creates discord within one’s field. As the absolute resonance command is intended, that which is dissonant within one’s field must leave as it is not one’s own creation. This is a useful algorithm in the transcendence of pelvic, heart and vision chakra seduction of sex, love and beauty.


God Goddess/All That Is





I INTEND ABSOLUTE DREAM. The absolute dream is a command that is related to dual tone #56 Unconditional Magnitude. The absolute dream command allows for the freewill choice to choose one’s own dream. Often those who are related to the Anu or Pharaohs in an archetypal sense confiscate dream and exchange it for dreams that they do not desire. The absolute dream command allows your dreams to remain in your field, dreams that have gone to others to be retrieved and the dreams of others to be returned to their fields. This is a useful algorithm in the transcendence of grounding, solar plexus, throat or crown chakra seduction of anchoring, power, co-creation or knowledge.







I INTEND ABSOLUTE SERVICE. The absolute service is a command is related to dual tone #58 Service. The absolute service command allows for one’s ascension to support the ascent of all other humans, all other species and Mother Earth consciousness. The absolute service command will cause one’s dream to align with the dreams of all other ascending sentient species so that one’s continued ascension is supported by the dream of the whole. This is a useful algorithm in the transcendence of grounding, solar plexus, throat or crown chakra seduction of anchoring, power, co-creation or knowledge.







I INTEND ABSOLUTE TRUTH. The absolute truth is a command is related to dual tone #62 Unity Based Truth. The absolute truth command allows for the full expression of one’s truth in action. Truths were often swapped between those of red nation and Anu archetypes. As such, truth tends to be swapped again leading to feeling as though one does not know who one is. The absolute truth command will assist in retrieving one’s truth and returning truth that is not one’s sincere inheritance so that one can experience one’s truth in action in the dance of life. This is a useful algorithm in the transcendence of grounding, solar plexus, throat or crown chakra seduction of anchoring, power, co-creation or knowledge.



Breath of Life




I INTEND ABSOLUTE FREEDOM. The absolute freedom command is related to dual tone #63 Evolution. The absolute freedom command creates an energetic configuration that allows each to free themselves from the ties of attachment that prevent continued evolution. It is the law of the Tao that no force can prevent evolution Home. Often there are forces that like to reinstate sticky cords of attachment through shattering of one’s field causing one to drop back into patterning previously transcended. The absolute freedom command will push such forces off enough that one can recover; and also prevent back sliding into earlier thoughtform or patterning in one’s ascent. This is a useful algorithm in the transcendence of grounding, solar plexus, throat or crown chakra seduction of anchoring, power, co-creation or knowledge.







I INTEND ABSOLUTE INHERITANCE. Absolute inheritance is a command that is related to dual tone #64 Region of Domain. The absolute inheritance command allows for real ancestral lineages to be present at any phase of one’s evolution home. The absolute inheritance command will also call one’s Ancestral Counsel and the Ancestral Planes into one’s field to support and sustain one’s true genealogy as an ascending human. The ancestral counsels and planes are newly restored as the karma from Atlantis was released on the part of Terra this year. This is a useful algorithm in the transcendence of pelvic, heart and third eye chakra seduction of sex, love and beauty.







I INTEND ABSOLUTE CONSCIOUSNESS. Absolute consciousness is a command related to dual tone #65 I Am that I Am. The absolute consciousness command allows for only the consciousness sincere to one’s truth to be present surrounding one’s field. Consciousness has become vastly manipulated in the dance of the Anu and Pharaohs alike that traded consciousness with others to extend their lives. Consciousness is the energy flow that is generated in the rotation of field. The rotation of field also catches consciousness as it emanates from the light of the sun in the form of waves. The intent of absolute consciousness will have the effect of purifying one’s consciousness unto one’s truth in action and then will allow one to more readily catch a life dream associated with one’s truth as an ascending being. This is a useful algorithm in the transcendence of all patterns of seduction.







I INTEND ABSOLUTE FORGIVENESS. Absolute forgiveness is a command related to dual tone #78 Unlimited Expansion. Absolute forgiveness was spoken to in depth by the Rose Quartz kingdom in an entire article written in recent years. It is the law of the Tao that spiritual lessons only need to be learned once and not a multitude of times in the dance of ascension. As absolute forgiveness is invoked, the mineral kingdom will open the archives of one’s future and multidimensional ancestries and allow the slate to be wiped clean and clear of parallel karma that would affect the future ascent of oneself or one’s ancestors otherwise. This is a useful algorithm in the transcendence of all patterns of seduction.


Non-Conditional Governance

Unity Consciousness




I INTEND ABSOLUTE CONSENSUS. The absolute consensus command is related to dual tone #80 Communion of All Species. The absolute consensus command allows for the power of the consensus group to hold the group together through group boundaries. Each ascending human is a part of a consensus of ascending others and also a part of the larger consensus known as Earth and all species therein. Sometimes ascending humans fall out of the ascension consensus when one becomes distorted enough to do so. As one commands absolute consensus, one will be restored to the consensus and the boundaries held therein by the group will then be invoked within one’s field allowing the support that the group and Earth can offer in one’s continued expansion of field. This is a useful algorithm in the transcendence of all patterns of seduction.







I INTEND ABSOLUTE POWER. The absolute power command is related to dual tone #84 Director. The absolute power command allows for all the power that one requires in the intent to ascend, direct one’s dream and hold one’s boundaries. Power is often manipulated and passed on to gurus or other perceived leaders in the dance of life that use one’s power for the purposes pressing themselves to the top of the pyramid. As the absolute power command is invoked, one’s own power is retrieved from wherever it has gone so that one has enough power behind one’s intentions to direct one’s dream and dance of life. This is a useful algorithm in the transcendence of all patterns of seduction.


Unseen Worlds

Unspoken Worlds




I INTEND ABSOLUTE COMMAND. The absolute command is related to dual tone #85 Creation. The absolute command allows for the power of command that one has mastered in one’s ascension to date to be available to command one’s creation and cease to be tampered with by nonphysical forces. Often nonphysical forces like to strip one’s power of command and then use it to command one’s own field into distortion. Absolute command states that it is the law of the Tao that all power of command resides with the physical in relation to the physical plane and not the nonphysical. As such, the nonphysical has no right confiscating one’s power of command and using it against oneself. This command shall dissipate all manipulations associated. This is a useful algorithm in the transcendence of all patterns of seduction.



Unseen Worlds




I INTEND ABSOLUTE UNITY. The absolute unity command is related to dual tone #90 One World. The absolute unity command causes one’s field to align with all others in unity and in a flow of energy that allows for the experience of Ohana. Ohana is a state of being in which no one is excluded and all are honored as a part of the clan. Each in the clan holds a particular position in the dream of unity that expresses its inherent truth. Each truth gives something back to the ohana that the ohana requires to sustain itself or celebrate its joyful moments. One is also a part of a greater ohana known as Earth, and this command allows one’s own ohana to align with all other species as ohana in the dance of life. This is a useful algorithm in the transcendence of all patterns of seduction.


How to Work with the Commands


Each of the above commands is related to a Language of Light dual tone that must be mastered in order for the command to have a continual and ongoing effect over one’s field and boundaries. Therefore, learning the dual tone is the first step to mastering the above algorithms. The Language of Light is also a scale that builds upon itself, and therefore one must also learn all other notes upon the scale preceding the one associated with each of the above intention in order for the command to have an ongoing effect over one’s field.


Ascending humans in Terra’s observation often lose the Language of Light that one has mastered. Sometimes it is the earlier notes in the single octave scale that become lost, and then wherever such notes are represented in the dual tones, they also are not present inhibiting learning the new tone or mastery over the algorithm associated. Therefore, calling back all single tones and dual tones in the Language of Light scale that one has mastered to date is a good daily or weekly focus to assure that all notes are present to sustain one’s rotation of field for the continued ascent.


Each single tone and dual tone creates a particular movement within one’s field. Some tones unite as dual tones creating yet another movement or series of movements that sustains the rotation of the ascending field. Missing notes create gaps in the algorithmic flow of the field and if the gaps are great enough, it will lead to a shattering or a sensation of falling apart rather than continuing to build towards one’s next level of ascension and expansion outward. Therefore, each note upon the scale must be mastered and then two notes can be combined to create dual tone algorithms and further movements that support and sustain ascension.


The above commands are dual tone algorithms; however, they are key to sustaining an ascending field. Each command also requires all tones that precede the one associated with the command to properly sustain the movement associated. Movements build upon one another, much like the intricate movement of the gears of a clock. If one part of the movement fails, then many other parts fail leading to a wobble or shattered feeling in the dance of life. Learning to cease to give your thoughtform and Language of Light away is a good way therefore to offset most of the struggle associated with bad ascension days.


The entire family of Anu exchanged thoughtform with red nations’ peoples over time. The red nations’ peoples found themselves giving up their unity so that the Anu could retain peace in their household. The red nations’ peoples found themselves giving up their love and compassion so that the Anu could feel loved. The red nations’ peoples found themselves giving up their power so that the Anu could extend their lives. The red nations’ peoples took on dark dreams of disease, depression and struggle in exchange.


Most reading these materials will be much like the red nation ancestors that you represent in present time. One will have the tendency to give one’s tones away to the Anu archetypes in one’s life dance and then will not have the movement necessary to ascend over time. Therefore, learning to cease to give your tones away and provide for those of Anu archetypal nature will foster your ascension. This is accomplished as each layer of karma that causes the dance to go in one particular direction is released allowing another dream for one’s field to retain its sovereignty to be experienced instead.


Karma causes the dream to skew in a particular direction. If there is karma in the inheritance for giving certain dual tones to Innana or another of Anu inheritance, then each time those of this archetypal nature cross your path, you will give the same tones yet again unto them. Release the karma and the dream will cease to be skewed in such a direction and one will retain one’s own tones necessary to hold one’s boundaries and carry on in the ascent ahead.


Karma is released through forgiveness. Forgiveness is an act of love. Absolute forgiveness can also wipe the slates clean and clear for all times in all inheritances that your ancestry experienced the same dance, over and over again like a merry-go-round. As you learn the absolute forgiveness command, future and repeated experiences of the same nature can be washed clean and clear allowing an easier time of ascension ahead. (Please refer to Mineral Treasures Chapter 6 “Blessings for Absolute Forgiveness and Receiving the Pink Ray of Love” for more information on absolute forgiveness.)


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Language of Light


Language of ONE



This workbook is lovingly dedicated unto each who is willing to go within and look honestly at the patterns playing out in one’s dance of life. In choosing to understand the unconscious and choosing to forgive, one can choose to reprogram oneself into unity-based thoughtform so that a new life of integrity, honor and peace can be born.

Love and Namaste,

Mother Earth



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Asur’Ana. Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension: Workbook 2. Aligning With Earth, 2022. Digital.

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