Image of white dandelion puffball in the dazzling Sun. Managing One’s Grid Work and Biological Ascent

Chapter 6: Managing One’s Grid Work and Biological Ascent


The focus of this chapter is the nature of etheric grid work, molecules, atoms and sub atomic particles or elements of air, water, fire and earth and how they work to sustain life. So much information has been lost over time within the human species that it may be difficult to imagine what one’s ancient Grand Master ancestors understood; for although one may understand much in dreamtime, it is difficult to bring through to the consciousness of the biology. This is so for Asur’Ana and Per as it is for each in our Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS). Earth therefore strives to bring through enough information that one can understand the interplay between the various levels of energy structures that allow the living dream to catch in the third dimension leading to the experience of life in human form.


The Elements      

The elements of air, water, fire and earth are the energetic building blocks of life. The element of earth constructs atoms associated with fats, proteins, carbohydrates and minerals. The element of water constructs atoms associated with any fluid including water, spinal fluid, blood, lymph fluid, or the fluid that surrounds the brain. The element of fire constructs atoms associated with the energy that fuels life, such as kundalini energy flow or photonic energy. The element of air constructs the space between or gaseous substances that support life.


Much has been spoken about the nature of the elements and health in Chapter 9 “Balancing the Elements to Retain One’s Health in Ascension” from Ascension Insights, Volume 4. This article explored the nature of the elements in association with disease and how to rebalance the field for health. This article along with Chapter 2 “The Energetic Dynamics of Disease” from Ascension Insights, Volume 5 may be worth re-reading in conjunction with this chapter as we are striving here to get to a deeper level of understanding of the purpose of the elements and etheric structure than these two articles went into. However, they will provide a nice introduction and overview that will lead into the following information.


About the Elements     


Elements are directed by the DNA of the biology to construct atoms and then molecules. If the DNA is from a foreign creation such as the Pleiades, Orion or Jyreion, then the elements that shall weave the atoms will be electrical and not magnetic. If the DNA is from Sirian or Black Assyrian origins, then magnetic elements will be called to weave the atoms. Therefore, before one can really change out electrical elements and call in magnetic elements into the field, one must bring forward DNA from one’s own magnetic ancestry.


How is this accomplished? One has lineages of ancestors that one is associated with. The further that one ascends, the further back in time one assembles a tapestry of ancestry that one is related to. The further the tapestry goes back in time, the larger the number of ancestral templates of DNA one has to draw upon. So, let us say that one has ongoing difficulty with ascending the spleen; perhaps one has yet to find a red ancestor with a definition of DNA for a magnetic spleen. As one carries on assembling more of one’s ancestral template, then suddenly a group of ancestors show up with the right encoding for the spleen that is magnetic. Now one can bring this encoding into the ascension grid work and allow the spleen to ascend. Now one can alter the spleen’s elements causing magnetic elements to replace electrical ones.


This is the primary manner that ascension has been occurring for the past ten years or so that it has been triggered amongst the first wave of map makers. Ascension has occurred from the top down through the ascension grid work and the ancestral DNA one has researched and brought forward into present time. Now there is another way to ascend that involves ascending from the bottom up.


In order to accomplish this, one will bring forward a magnetic language to reinstruct any region of domain holding electrical elements, atoms and molecules to re-pattern themselves into a magnetic language from one’s inheritance. As this occurs the magnetic elements will begin to hold the atoms leading to magnetic molecules, and magnetic serpents will be called in to weave the etheric cells. Then a dream can be anchored for magnetic DNA on top of this as soon as it comes to be known within one’s ancestry.


Ascending from the Top Down and Bottom Up   


As one attunes to the Temple of Etheric Languages, one can begin to re-pattern oneself from the bottom up expediting the pace of ascension. For those that join the group associated with DAS, the group intentions to re-pattern the etheric languages has an opportunity to be more thorough due to the nature of group intentions and how they amplify the response in the etheric. Therefore, for those who attend events such as workshops and meditation retreats in dreamtime, one will receive blessings to support the re-patterning of one’s etheric languages to support one’s continued choice to ascend. Anyone who is interested is welcome to join DAS by making the intention to participate during dreamtime just before falling asleep nightly.


If one has ascended into disease, then one can alter the sub-atomic (elemental), atomic and molecular languages into magnetic encoding from their red or Grand Master inheritance, then the magnetic DNA would take hold, bringing an end to their disease. There are some initiates in DAS who were ascending into afflictions of one kind or another who have restored the health to these regions by re-patterning the etheric languages that encode the biology.


How do the etheric languages work? All languages are a form of programming that is much like DOS upon an IBM computer, or the original language used upon a Macintosh computer. The etheric language instructs everything else as to how it performs. Much as how the language used by IBM would fail to cause any response upon a Macintosh, and how the language used by a Macintosh would fail to have any response upon an IBM computer (unless there was some sort of interface), so this is also with etheric languages.


If the etheric language is magnetic, then magnetic DNA can be built on top of it or called into the physical dream. If the etheric language is electrical, then electrical DNA can be built on top of it, but this is non-resonant to this creation or to the continued ascent. As one chooses to consciously construct a system from top to bottom that is magnetic in language, elements, atoms, molecules, serpents and DNA, then one will be able to ascend all parts of the biology into the crystalline structure as well as become resonant with ascending home into the Great Central Sun Dream.


Imbalanced Elements and Etheric Languages  


In the earlier referred article “Balancing the Elements to Retain One’s Health in Ascension”, imbalanced elements were explored in relation to how they created polarized humans that tend to express one to two elements in physicality rather than all four. Polarization of elements is related to blending two different etheric languages in the elemental or sub atomic realm. If there are two languages, the electrical encoding will tend to cause the magnetic elements to polarize expressing one or two only in a given part of the biology.


As long as the electrical language is present at a sub atomic or elemental level, then the lack of particular elements in the associated regions of the biology will remain. As the electrical language is replaced by a magnetic language, magnetic elements will cease to be polarized and one will find that the elements of air, water, fire and earth then are all properly represented and balanced in the shift.


Excessive fire element tends to burn up the etheric body to a point that grid work may combust leading to disease. Excessive water tends to waterlog a region snuffing out the fire to a point that there is too little life force represented and leads to bloating in the physical as well as disease. Excessive air provides too many gaps allowing too many gases to escape through the molecular structure leading to not enough of the necessary gases to retain the life of the cells. Excessive earth element causes too much protein, fat and minerals to be created leading to a larger form than is necessary to ascend, or fatty tumors that can become cancerous over time.


As one reconfigures the etheric languages to become magnetic, the regions with excessive elements of any kind will rebalance themselves. As this occurs, the bloating may disappear in the physical as well as the excessive weight; and enough chi will be present to resurrect all parts of the biology. Gaps or the space between will become just the right size to support the health.


The re-encoding of all etheric languages into a magnetic set of sacred geometry causes many of the manipulations of the dark forces to simply dissipate as there is no foundation for them to be received. It requires a foundation of dissonance to receive curses, hexes, spells and other manipulations of the dark. Dissonance can be equated to electrical elements, atoms, molecules and serpents in a magnetic creation. As the dissonance disappears because the etheric languages all resonate, then the manipulation simply has no place to roost.


Therefore, Earth perceives that the re-encoding of the etheric into a single magnetic language is a vital part of ascension taking hold in the human dream. Many of the other intentions to balance the elements may be useless given this understanding. Therefore, we will have the group focus upon re-encoding their etheric languages which shall then have the effect of rebalancing the elements throughout the biology.


Atomic and Molecular Level Awareness  


The atomic level is constructed as the elements of earth and water come together in appropriate amounts to form atoms. Atoms then gather in particular groups to create molecules which also gather in particular groups to form etheric cells. The molecules and etheric cells formulate as drawn together by the DNA encoding and the angels who weave life. Those who tend to have less earth or water elements will be thin as one will have fewer atoms and smaller molecules and cells. Those who have excessive earth or water elements will be heavier as one will have more atoms, larger molecules and larger cells. Ascension also brings about the recovery of missing atoms and molecules leading to larger cells and body growth over time.


Earth Based Atoms


Earth element-based atoms are directly related to molecules that create fats or lipids, proteins or amino acids, sugars or carbohydrates, and minerals. Although we associate the space between the cells with the air element, in reality this region of domain is constructed from a carbohydrate that is sticky like glue that holds the cells together in the physical, and therefore is of the earth element. If there is a problem at the atomic level with the earth element, the protein, fat, carbohydrate, or mineral may be deformed or excessive in a particular organ, gland or system. If deformed, the dance can lead to disease. If excessive, it can lead to cancerous growth or too large of an organ or gland for the space allotted in the human hologram.


Often organs and glands that are excessive in size then overrun other organs and glands that must remain smaller due to the overgrowth of the others nearby. This reduces the capacity of the organ or gland to do their job, and increases the ability for the overgrown organ or gland to do its job to an excess leading again to imbalance. Therefore, the proper amount of earth element in each organ, gland or system leads to just the right size and proportion of each to do the job that leads to regeneration of the whole of the biology.


Water Based Atoms


Water based atoms are directly related to the formation of all fluids including blood, lymph, hormones and spinal fluid or the fluid around the brain. If there is a problem at the atomic level with the water element, then the blood, lymph, hormones, spinal fluid or fluid around the brain may be deformed. If the blood or lymph fluid is deformed, they may not be efficient enough to carry the right amounts of oxygen, sugar or waste leading to cellular malnutrition as well as toxic buildup that can lead to cancer.


If the spinal fluid or fluid around the brain is deformed, it may not be able to attune to Language of Light or photonic thoughtform or vibrations leading to a non-ascending consciousness. If the hormones in the reproductive or regeneration system, thymus or pituitary are deformed, then regeneration may not occur as it should throughout the biology in ascension.


Hormones include neurotransmitters which stimulate the nerves and create what is known as “consciousness” in the human species, or in other terms, awareness that one is alive and a physical as well as spiritual being. If the neurotransmitters are excessively distorted, then one will have a “retarded” or “brain damaged” human. If the neurotransmitters fail to ascend into the crystalline blueprint, then someone grows in power of field but without an understanding of unity leading to greater dissonance of life expression rather than greater momentum towards harmony.


Air Based Atoms


The air-based atoms hold the space within the atom, between atoms, and space between the molecules. A lack of air-based atoms will cause a lack of space between in the various parts of the molecule, which may translate into a lack of ability to spin the molecular structure in the associated region of domain. If the molecular structure ceases to spin or spins irregularly in any given region, the associated grid work can collapse leading to decay and eventually disease of the cellular structure.


Adequate atomic level air causes molecules to have just the right space to spin properly. Too much atomic air element on the other hand creates too large a space between the atoms within any molecule leading to an inability to sustain the spin to almost an equal degree as being too cramped. This occurs as the chi generated by the molecular spin is dissipated through the excessive space between. Therefore, just the right space between atoms is the desired goal to sustain health, regeneration and ascension of any given region of the biology.


Fire Based Atoms


Lack of fire-based atoms can cause a lack of chi necessary to spin the molecules. A lack of spin again causes disease due to a lack of life force to sustain the health of the associated cellular structure. Too much fire-based atoms can be even more problematic in some ways than a lack of adequate fire, as the molecules begin to combust or vaporize and then the associated grid work collapses due to a lack of proper structure. This will lead to disease over time if left unattended to in ascension.


One can see that disease and dysfunction of any part of the biology is a complex subject in this. There are many components of the elements, atoms and molecules that may be dysfunctional and require reprogramming to create health throughout the biology in ascension. Karma also can cause lack or excess of earth, water, fire or air element in addition to electrical etheric languages. As the karma is released and the languages reprogrammed upon an etheric level, there is an opportunity for rebalancing the elements, recovering one’s health and creating a form that fully regenerates sustaining an ageless youthful state of being. Building such a biological structure will require proper magnetic elements, etheric language, atoms, molecules as well as etheric grid work to fulfill upon.


Karma and Imbalanced Elements  


Much of the karma for imbalanced elements is simply from blending DNA that is non-resonant between creations in the human offspring. Electrical DNA blended with magnetic DNA will cause elements to polarize causing excess or lack. The karma is directly associated with any ancestor who was a scientist who bred humans in a laboratory. This occurred with Merduk, scientists from Orion who incubated the Anu slave races, as well as Sirian scientists who incubated 18 red roots races upon a space craft laboratory and seeded them upon Earth.


As one intends to release this karma, one can release the requirement to experience non-resonant blending of DNA within one’s own genealogy. As one strives to release all electrical DNA and replace it with magnetic DNA, then the problem of imbalanced elements will self correct in all associated regions of the form.


Excessive Fire Element


Anu DNA in and of itself is 100% electrical in nature. Electrical DNA causes excessive fire and water elements in a magnetic creation; therefore, any part of the biology with excessive fire element may also be drawn from Anu DNA if it is a part of one’s inheritance. Intending to replace the Anu DNA with Sirian Red DNA will have the effect of the reprogramming of the region for balanced magnetic fire element.


Anu slave nation DNA is part magnetic (40%) and part electrical (60%) due to the blending of Native American root race and Anu genetics in the incubation process of the slaves. Those regions hosting slave nation DNA may also have excessive fire or water element as a result; as one replaces the slave nation DNA with red nation DNA from the ancestry, then this sort of imbalance may self correct. DNA from Orion and Jyreion is also radioactive. Once again one can erase and replace such DNA with red nation DNA and the excessive fire element will adjust into balance.


There is karma for excessive fire element associated with nuclear annihilation. Sometimes regions of the etheric body hold records of nuclear poisoning and will host excessive fire element as a result. Such regions may run hot all the time potentially leading to disease or other chronic ailments. The intention to release warfare karma recorded in any part of the etheric body will have the effect of the ability to reprogram the region for balanced elements as it is released.


Karma for radiation occurred in many time periods including the Era of the Anu due to the two bombs detonated by Merduk; during the Era of the Pharaohs due to combustion of spiritual initiates in the pyramids which created almost as much radiation as a nuclear holocaust; and the Era of Atlantis where two bombs again were detonated by Anu and Anu Slave ancestors; and of course the more recent experience of the bombs detonated over Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. As one releases and forgives all karma for nuclear annihilation or combustion, then one shall complete with why there is excessive fire element associated in regions that such records are recorded in the etheric body.


How is karma recorded in the etheric body? The karma is recorded in the DNA which holds a memory of trauma. The record is embedded into the grids or ley lines as the etheric body is woven from the DNA instructions with serpents on the part of the angels. As your ancestors fell, the experiences were recorded in the DNA leading to the recurrence of biological anomalies and disease that is associated in present time. As one reweaves the etheric body from non-crystalline encoding to the encoding of new magnetic DNA and serpents that are crystalline, the trauma is released and then erased as the serpents are replaced. Then the health can be restored to the associated part of the biology. This is how karma is settled upon a biological level through the act of ascension.


Lack of Fire Element


Lack of fire element is generally associated with etheric poison. Etheric poison is a tone of creation that chills or freezes the energy flow of the kundalini and molecular structure along with fire element. The Pleiadian and Orion languages are very poisonous unto Sirian energy flow. Therefore, the blending of Anu and Red DNA to produce a slave race caused a biology that poisoned itself due to two dissonant languages present in the same form; hence the shortened lifespan of the slaves. This may be the karmic origins of poison within the human species upon Earth. As one detoxifies and erases all Pleiadian and Orion DNA replacing it with magnetic Sirian DNA, then one also ceases to self-poison.


Poison is also a pattern that the false gods and dark lords participate in. Through the space between, poisonous new languages have been imported to Earth from other deceased creations such as Jyreion. Some of these languages also came to Earth through the few space crafts of humans escaping their own dying planet in Jyreion, who somehow moved through time and space to a future creation known as Earth. The Jyreion DNA represents only 1/10th of the wheel of DNA available to the human species, and is the most destructive due to the poisonous nature of the language associated. One will therefore wish to erase all Jyreion DNA within one’s tapestry of ancestry and the associated language to step out of the game of poison.


Poison has also become a means to create death as humans have lost their ability to consciously intend to die. Agreements have been constructed in many ancestors to poison others unto death with tones from Jyreion or the Pleiades; or receive poison unto death. Karma of this nature can be easily cleared through intention as it comes up in the ascent of the etheric body and the records are released. Then the poisons can be transmuted and the health of the associated region recovered and ascended into the crystalline structure. The Language of Light is powerful enough to dissipate any poison when applied.


Poison freezes energy until it ceases to move. Poison when triggered will be associated with pain in the body. Generally, ascending initiates feel pain that is etheric and not physical beyond 1,800 segments of DNA; therefore, the act of moving the stuck energy will release the pain enough to carry on. Focusing upon the Language of Light to assist in moving the poison will generally dissipate it anywhere that it is located. Physical movement is helpful in causing the chakras to spin more greatly to release the etheric poison as it emerges in karmic records, or in a karmic interlude with another who is poisoning oneself. As one releases the karma for why one agreed to be poisoned, one can also release the karma for how one may poison others unconsciously as well, and step out of the game.


Excessive Water Element


Karma for excessive water element was created in many times periods in human history. Excessive water came with the Anu who imported electrical water element to assist in holding their mer-ka-ba based sacred geometry through the pyramids. The electrical water element was poisonous to the red nations’ peoples along with Earth and nature.


Electrical water element causes excessive water to be present in the associated region of the biology leading to bloating of the form or drowning of the cellular structure. This too leads to disease or chronic ailments. In releasing the karma for how the electrical water element arrived upon Earth, or how one’s ancestry embodied the electrical water element through the creation of red and Anu offspring, one can begin to reprogram such regions of the biology with magnetic DNA from one’s red nations’ ancestors and release the excessive water element, recovering one’s health.


The karmic records of the great floods may also lead to excessive water element in the parts of the etheric body and wherever such karma is recorded in the DNA. Many red nations’ ancestors (7 billion estimated) drowned as the ice shields broke in the valleys of Earth. Most Anu slave nations also died in the great floods as well.


The records of this trauma may cause bloating where they are recorded in the etheric body. As one releases the records of cellular trauma from the etheric body, the excessive water element associated can be rebalanced. Those of Anu inheritance are also responsible for selling off too many minerals and destabilizing Earth to such a degree that the oceans were created and so many drowned. If one is carrying a portion of this karma, it may also cause excessive water element in the etheric body in the associated region of domain. Release the karma through forgiveness, reweave the grid work and elements to be magnetic, and such regions shall recover their health.


The red nations’ ancestors and those who are related to the Sirian scientists that created the ice shields also carry karma for their construction, which was done through a Sirian dream extension and without the will or agreement of Earth. This type of karma for creating the ice shields may also cause excessive water element to be stored wherever it is recorded in the etheric body. Releasing the karma will have the effect of the ability to restructure the elements for health and balance.


Lack of Water Element


A lack of water element is generally the result of combustion. Combust enough of the water element due to excessive fire element and one will have too little water element. Too little water element leads to dehydration of the physical. Dehydration causes all systems to slow down as there is not enough water to facilitate the feeding of the cells or the removal of the wastes. This can lead to slower metabolism. Drink lots of water and one will create enough fluid to increase the metabolism.


In ascension, metabolism increases and the ability of the body to transport food and waste must increase accordingly to lead to regeneration rather than continued decay. Therefore, releasing the karma associated with combustion or excessive fire will allow a return of enough water element so that there can be adequate lubrication in all systems to allow regeneration to take hold.


Excessive Air Element


Karma for excessive air element has to do primarily with the poisoning of air or in other terms air pollution. The Anu did not pollute the air excessively as they were only a small number of them upon a rather large planet. It is the Anu slaves that polluted the air of Earth as well as polluting the land quite heavily. The Anu slave nations received a certain amount of technology from the Anu which was almost as toxic as the technology humans have created in present time. Such technology created “pollution”. Pollution is nothing other than the physical representation of molecules that are non-resonant with Earth. If all molecules were resonant, there would be no pollution; it is as non-resonant elements and their associated molecules are blended with those that are inherently resonant that pollution is created.


The blending of non-resonant DNA causes internal pollution known as pus as well as dissonant gases due to decay. Decay within the biology can be likened to the dumpsites that humankind piles waste upon. Transmute the decay and humankind will clean up the waste sites. First, it must occur within and then it will occur without. Decay is really regions that are rotting due to karma for death or dissonant DNA; in the process of rotting, gases are produced that are noxious within. Transmute the DNA associated and release the karma and one will resurrect the decay and one will not only de-age, but cease to produce noxious gases as well.


Noxious gases also are produced as the body breaks down non-resonant substances in the digestive system. Such gases often become trapped within as there is inadequate ability to release them through the space between the cells. This in particular occurs if the space between the cells fails to be modified to a crystalline form of carbohydrate that is more porous and allows the toxic gases to simply pass through the skin. Therefore, creating a thorough ascension into crystalline biology, assuring that all parts of the form transcend including the space between will bypass this type of problem.


Why do humans eat non-resonant substances? Well it may be that certain foods really cannot be digested as they came from another creation that one’s digestive enzymes do not break down. And yet one holds some DNA associated with such creations one may crave such foods. If one eats foods but the digestive tract cannot break it down as one does not have 100% of the biology from the foreign creation, then noxious gases are produced. What foods are problematic? Well, they vary from person to person but can be associated with “food allergies”. Over time and through ascension and as one reconstructs the digestive system to have a more thorough set of digestive enzymes, then most foods break down with less production of noxious gases.


Some foods that can give some initiates problems include homogenized milk, as the fats are broken into particles that there is not an enzyme to totally digest. Pasteurized milk (with the cream on the top) is less problematic as is goat’s milk. Whole milk yogurt is non-problematic. It may be also that the bacteria in the yogurt assist the milk in digesting.


Hard cheese can also be hard for some systems to totally digest leading to mucous in the bowels. The mucous can interfere with the absorbing of nutrients or even suffocate the cells of the intestinal tract. Those prone to this may be better suited to eating soft cheeses instead such as cottage cheese, cream cheese or goat cheese. Eating foods that the body can easily break down is one way to eliminate noxious gases from being produced in the act of digestion; this then has the effect of clearing the body of excess air element.


Noxious gases are much like the death hormone when they pile up in the intestinal tract. If they pile up in large enough amounts, they may begin to deteriorate the cells of the intestines. This is also so anywhere that noxious gases build up in the biology and it can kill the surrounding cellular structure; which is why ascending the space between the cells is important to one’s health. The more noxious gases that can escape through the space between the cells, the less likely that they will build up to a point of deteriorating the biology. We will focus upon each level of ascension including the space between in the workbook section associated with this chapter.


Lack of Air Element


Lack of air element is really the result of a lack of oxygen in the current living environment that humanity prefers, and especially in the cities. If one were not dependent upon the plants for creating the oxygen that one relies upon, perhaps this would be non-problematic. The lack of oxygen necessary to sustain life in the cities is only a reflection of the loss of the air element.


When was the air element lost? Well in the nuclear annihilation of the Anu, so much air element combusted that the overall level of oxygen available unto all kingdoms dropped by 80%. This combined with the loss of trees and death of plant life caused all kingdoms to experience lack of oxygen for an extended period, including those in the Inner Earth. There is great karma in this and as each strives to release the karma in whatever ancestral cast of characters that played a part in the creation of any nuclear catastrophe, then one will cease to experience lack of air element.


Falls in consciousness have brought about many changes in the breath of life of all kingdoms. At another time many kingdoms were self-sustaining and lived only from the breath. Due to the mummification process in the era of the Pharaohs, many kingdoms lost their remaining conscious breath information. Humans also hold karma for participation in the mummification rituals along with the stripping of the nature kingdoms of their breath of life information. Release the karma wherever it is recorded in the etheric body, and the imbalanced air element will come to balance again.


Often karma for the lack of air is recorded in the lungs. Sometimes the record will be of being gassed to death in the chambers of the concentration camps of the Anu; sometime it will be of experiences where nuclear dust filled the lungs and in parallel to any other poison, killed the body of one’s ancestor. Sometimes the record will be of drowning in the great floods with one’s ancestor’s lungs filling with water. As one strives to release the karma for this type of experience, the lungs will be able to be regenerated to a fully crystalline structure.


Lack of adequate oxygen in the physical today leads to cell death. It is for this reason that initiates are guided to move further into the country and out of the cities that are lacking in oxygen. If in the suburbs, one may also be guided to have many house plants and plants at work to assist in providing enough oxygen to sustain one’s continued regeneration and ascension. Liquid oxygen is another supplement that may be helpful in travel. Over time humans will learn to master conscious breathing and produce all the oxygen required through the out-breath of one’s own etheric body. (Please refer to Dancing with Trees and Plants Chapter 11 “Blessings for the Return of the Conscious Breath” for more information.)


Excessive Earth Element


Excessive earth element can lead to obesity or an over-sized form. What lineages hold excessive earth element leading to a larger sized form? Mostly those lineages related to the Polynesian root race tend to be larger. The reason for this is that Polynesian energy flow creates a form of magnetism that causes an increased size of the molecules leading to a larger size of form. The magnetism was not originally problematic as it did not exist when the Polynesian root race was seeded. It was as the Anu altered the biosphere of Earth adding electrical sacred geometry that global magnetism changed.


The new magnetism pulled upon the Polynesian root race causing the molecules to bloat creating first known cases of obesity due to the stretching of the molecular structure. As the karma for this is released, the magnetism of Earth will alter allowing for a lighter “pull” upon all molecular structures; this is actually already occurring due to global ascension.


The Anu slaves were created in small, medium and large sizes, but not obese. Each size had a particular size molecule that delivered a particular proportion of form. Large sizes were created stocky and strong for the purposes of working the gold mines or other heavy tasks such as construction and farming. In the feminine form, the larger size was used for reproduction primarily and nursing all the new children. Small sizes were preferred as sexual partners to the Anu, particularly for Zeus. Medium sizes were preferred for other tasks such as gardening or housework. As one clears all DNA from their Anu slave inheritance, one will create the proper molecular structure for an ascending biology and come to just the right size for the task of evolution.


Obesity is really a function of a declining hormonal system in present time. The obese person has not the proper hormones for cell nutrition and because the cells do not feed upon the blood sugar, the sugar is turned to excessive fat. The body still is starving and so this triggers more ingestion of food, which then leads to the creation of more fat as the cells do not intake much. As the hormones are corrected through ascension, this type of difficulty can be transcended.


Lack of Earth Element


Lack of earth element can lead to an overly thin form. At this time, since the overly thin form is perceived as beautiful, lack of earth element is preferred. Sometimes models and actresses trade biological traits through lineage manipulation to create or sustain a thin form with little earth element. Excessively thin biology today is also generally the result of the inability of the digestive tract to receive many of the nutrients from the food that is consumed. As the digestive tract is repaired through ascension, most initiates gain weight as they are absorbing more nutrients through the waste management systems of the biology.


The karma for lack of earth element really has to do with starvation. Any time ancestors experienced starvation; they became overly thin and lost earth element. Most starving humans today have their body dream consumed by others who have food to an excess in the dance of life and may be heavy to obese as a result. Starvation in Africa is really the result of those in Europe and the west who consume the dream for body health of those in this region of domain; those receiving excessive dream for the body may also have excessive earth element and then become heavy as a result.


One will note that obesity is on the increase in the US; this is a sign that there are many in the US receiving the body dream of those in other starving nations. As the karma for dream manipulations is release by those who are ascending and the human dream re-orchestrated, obesity and starvation may cease in the human experience, as each will receive enough body level dream to subsist.


Lack of earth element can also be equated to a desire to die; “I would really rather not exist upon this plane of reality”. Many initiates may have starved themselves in times past and particularly in one’s teenage or early adult years simply out of a desire not to be present upon Earth as it was such a painful experience. This is what most eating disorders are rooted in. In retraining oneself instead to ground, commune and enter the bliss and love of Earth, Nature and Soul, one will learn to be here now and love life as it is in the moment.


As this occurs, one may make up for the deprivation of an earlier time in one’s life and “pig out”. However, we will point out that weight gain has little to do with calories consumed in ascension, as the caloric need of the crystalline form is generally 800% greater than what one could consume even if one was binging on ice cream. So, enjoy your food binges beloved.


Ascension brings about increasing earth element in most cases as one recovers the blueprint for lost atoms and lost parts of the molecular structure and creates a crystalline biology. The current biology is a derivative or small portion of the crystalline atomic and molecular structure; as one brings in the entire blueprint, then one expands as there are now more atoms and molecules which constructs a larger etheric body, and then one expands in the physical accordingly. This is not to be feared or rejected but embraced as a sign of regeneration and life.


Inverse Elements         


Inverse elements are elements that support the nonphysical chakra system, subtle bodies, dreamtime self and light body body-double. There are four inverse elements known as vapor (inverse of water), smoke (inverse of fire), lava (inverse of earth) and ether (inverse of air). The inverse elements weave etheric atoms and molecules that are an octave higher in frequency and that construct the energy field surrounding the etheric body.


The inverse element of vapor lubricates the chakra system so that everything spins fluidly and in ease. The inverse element of smoke provides chi that spins the chakras and subtle bodies. Smoke also assists in the transmutation of the density one is releasing. The inverse element of lava creates serpents that weave the positive and negative ley lines of the chakra system, subtle bodies and dreamtime self. The inverse element of ether creates the carbon dioxide that one’s etheric body and dreamtime self inhale to create an etheric “breath of life”.


Inverse elements should only be used to weave the energy field and serpents associated and not the physical molecular structure. Inverse elements if used to weave the physical molecular structure are too light to hold the shape and structure and lead to a collapsing of the associated grid work. In contrast, physical elements are too dense to hold the proper shape of the chakra system, subtle bodies or dreamtime self and create a slowing of movement within the field as a result. Therefore, one will wish to intend to have proper elements in all regions of domain within the etheric body and field.


Imbalanced Inverse Elements


Inverse elements can also be polarized to be excessive or in lack in certain parts of the field. Generally speaking, the karma for lack or excessive inverse elements parallels where elements are imbalanced in the etheric body or physical form. Etheric grid work in chakra systems, subtle bodies and dreamtime self also hold records of karma. The karma has to do with trauma that shattered the energy field at another time in one’s ancestry. As one releases the karmic records in the etheric body associated with a particular ancestral trauma, then parallel records in the chakra system, subtle bodies or dreamtime self can also release. As this occurs, new crystalline DNA encoding for how the chakras, subtle bodies or dreamtime self is woven is anchored and the angels alter the serpents and weaving accordingly.


Vapor Element


Excessive vapor element will create too much water in the chakra system, subtle bodies or dreamtime self. This will cause the rotation to begin to slow due to how the excessive lubrication interferes with the space between the chakras and ether element. In essence, excess vapor will cause the energy flow to become waterlogged and then slow in field rotation. Asur’Ana has learned that if one lives in a wet rainy climate, then one requires calling less vapor into the field as otherwise it becomes too waterlogged and slows down excessively. When a field slows, one drops in frequency and becomes tired. If the field stops, one will become excessively tired and desire to go to sleep until one begins to rotate the field again.


Lack of vapor can occur often due to the combustion created in running excessive smoke element. Excessive smoke element will cause the field to spin less smoothly or “hiccup” and “burp” or “belch” and wobble. If the wobble is great enough, it may tear at one’s etheric body causing complications in the physical health. Sometimes excessive smoke element can be the result of mechanization within the field; sometimes it can also be caused due to mechanization in the land. As one intends to release the mechanization in one’s field at cause of the excessive smoke element and combustion, and requests Earth to assist in releasing the mechanization in the land, then there will be less smoke element and one will cease to lose vapor element due to combustion in one’s field.


Smoke Element


Excessive smoke element will combust one’s water element causing an imbalance within the field. Several years ago in Montana, there was so many machines producing excessive smoke element and combustion in the land that caused one initiate to be thirsty all the time; she drank and drank bottles of spring water all day long and urinated just as much as the body did not really require it all, but her field did. The cause was really the mechanization of the land that led to too much smoke element and combustion. Last year, the mechanization was released through Earth’s continued global ascension; it therefore rained on and off in Montana this year instead, and the feeling of needing water to an excess also disappeared in this initiate’s experience.


When Asur’Ana lived on the Big Island, there also was a load of smoke element and combustion. She learned to add so much vapor that the combustion ceased as it was doused into cessation. Then the rain began to fall which had been badly needed by the Kona (dry) side of this island. When she arrived upon Kauai, she forgot to alter her ratios or vapor element in her field and it rained for 45 days straight until she recognized that she needed to add more smoke to balance out the excessive vapor already present upon Kauai. Now that Asur’Ana is living in Norway, the land on Kauai has learned the new ratios through its own evolution to balance its inverse elements.


A lack of smoke element will compromise one’s ability to clear one’s field adequately of the karma or machinery that one is releasing. It is for this reason that often burning sage or other incense reminds one to increase the smoke element for the purposes of transmuting the density. Smoke element also provides the chi necessary to spin one’s field and so a lack of this element will cause one’s field to slow down. Often it is the smoke element that is consumed or manipulated into the field of another by forces desiring to interfere with one’s ascension. Retrieve one’s smoke element and the field will spin off its density as it should for continued ascension.


Ether Element


Excessive ether element often occurs in the city where there are not enough plants to produce oxygen and leads to the experience of smog or vog. Vog or smog is really excessive carbon dioxide (ether) that then collects other emissions produced by human transportation and factories. The result of living in the city is that one may be breathing in carbon dioxide rather than oxygen due to excessive ether element. This also often occurs upon long plane rides and is why one’s eyes, nose and lungs may hurt or feel suffocated. The body requires oxygen or air element in the physical and cells will begin to die if not enough is received.


Long ago and while living in San Jose California, Asur’Ana found that she could clear the smog for about a 10-mile radius around her home through conscious intention. What did she do? She increased the amount of vapor element in her field which washed away the excessive ether allowing the air element to come to balance again. This also would call in the rain which would clear the air for miles or throughout the region.


For those living or working in smoggy environments, you can purify the air through conscious intention and application also of key Language of Light tones. The Language of Light is associated with air, water, fire and earth; inverse elements are an invisible vibration of the same tones. As one intends the highest possible set of vibrations of certain key base notes in the Language of Light to run through the auric field, one will add vapor, ether, lava or smoke to one’s environment or region of origin.


Elements and Language of Light


Elements & LOL


Lack of ether will compromise your etheric body in etheric health as ether is a requirement to feed the etheric cells through the etheric circulatory and lymph system. Health generally degenerates in the etheric first and then declines in the physical. Therefore, having the proper amount of ether in the field at all times is helpful to retaining the health of the etheric body as well as physicality. What causes a lack of ether for the etheric body? Sometimes living in closed quarters without adequate ventilation can cause a lack of ether for the etheric body. Leaving a window open at night will assist in balancing this as well as filling the room with houseplants, as houseplants exhale ether in the nonphysical.


Lava Element


Excessive lava element will cause the chakras to be larger than they should be and without enough space between. This is less of a problem in reality than having too little lava element and tiny chakras or subtle bodies with large gaps between. As of late we have been focusing upon puffing up the chakras and subtle bodies along with dreamtime self and reducing the space between; in essence this increases the lava element in the field so that one can have more chi running through the entire system. This is necessary to ascension at this time as there are so many forces who feed off of human energy flow in the nonphysical that most ascending initiates are depleted in chi. Puff up the chakras and this will less likely to be so, as the more lava element that is in place, the more chi that the field will hold.


Balancing the Weather


As each works with Earth in one’s region of origin to balance the inverse elements, the elements of the land will balance out and one will also then be able to hold more balanced elements in one’s field; as ultimately the field intermixes with the energy and dream of Earth and therefore one is affected by shortages or excesses in the inverse elements of the land. This shall also have the added effect of altering the weather to be more balanced in one’s region of origin, as weather is also associated with the inverse elements.


Too much smoke element and there will be a desert like region; too much vapor element and it will be a rainforest or flood. Too much ether element and there will be “air pollution” or smog/vog, and too little lava element and there will not be enough chi in the given region for the land to ascend. Have proper proportions of all inverse elements, and one will have clear skies, enough rain to create green valleys, enough sun to make the flowers bloom and the vegetables grow, and enough chi to ascend.


One can also alter one’s home or work environment by adding water, smoke and plants to one’s indoor sanctuary. Running water in every room will add the element of vapor to one’s field; burning incense will add the smoke element to assist in releasing density; having live plants will offer air element for the body to breathe and ether for the etheric body to breathe. Eating chocolate will assist the lava element in puffing up the chakras to generate more chi. One can assist in balancing one’s indoor environment in this manner.


Consuming What Is Consuming You


Learning to consume what is consuming one’s elements, molecular structure, dream or field or has consumed your ancestor’s fields has become another means of bringing an end to an ongoing loss of chi and consciousness that plagues ascending humans. All this requires is intention. Humans have been consumed by the nonphysical for so long that there is a load of karma for consumption to be settled. As one consumes that which has consumed oneself and one’s ancestors over time, one will settle the karma and put an end to the consumption game as well as retrieve one’s lost knowledge and consciousness enough to continue to ascend.


Many are in fear of consuming as it is perceived as “wrong”, “bad”, “negative” and “impure”. In reality, this is simply programming laid into your DNA by the very souls that have consumed your Great Central Sun for eons of times and in many expansion cycles of the Tao. Such programming is present to ensure extinction. Therefore, release the fear of consumption and one will transcend extinction as one will consume that which would cause extinction and settle the karma bringing an end to the game.


The Etheric Cells  


Etheric cells are constructed by drawing many different kinds of molecules together founded upon the DNA blueprint. Molecules appears as varying sized moving energy forces often hosting a triple sphere pattern with certain combinations of atoms woven from the elements of air, water, fire and earth. The blueprint for the etheric cell then calls the appropriate molecules together which are woven into a fabric by the angels or devas into etheric cells. Serpents of varying vibrations that are primary or Language of Light are used to weave the molecules into etheric cells.


Etheric cells are then woven into the organs, glands and systems associated with the human hologram. The DNA blueprint is very specific and each cell has a particular signature to assure that only liver cells exist within the liver; and only gallbladder cells exist within the gall bladder, and so on. Sometimes there is a mix up and the wrong cells wind up in the wrong organ, gland or system. This is more common than one may understand, and generally such anomalies are sorted out in the ascension process, where all cells of each organ are re-encoded to have the appropriate associated signature within the crystalline blueprint. This is also one of the reasons that ascension leads to increasing health.


Crystalline cells are different from non-crystalline cells in many ways. Crystalline cells are coated in fat or lipids that hold a higher frequency and are more permeable allowing a greater amount of oxygen and sugar into the cell and more wastes to be released. The crystalline cells continue to consume sugar primarily to provide the chi necessary to regenerate and retain the health of the cell. Sugar is taken in from the blood stream or lymph fluid and broken down upon a molecular level with the use of cellular enzymes or catalysts; as the sugar breaks down, chi is released which provides life force unto each cell. One can see in this that cells consume sugar just as the body consumes food and nutrients.


Over time and as a photonic blueprint is ascended into by one’s future ancestors, cells will no longer require sugar to subsist as the photons will be gathered by the blood and provide the chi necessary to each cell for its health and well-being. This will be the next phase of ascension into self sustainable photonic biology and requires moving beyond full consciousness to begin momentum into.


About the Etheric Body         


The shape of the etheric body is an exact replica of the physical. There are etheric lungs that breathe in ether or carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen or air. There is an etheric circulatory system with golden blood and lymph system with silver etheric fluids. The etheric heart pumps the golden etheric blood through the etheric circulatory system; when one walks or swims, the etheric lymph moves at the same time as the physical lymph.


There is an etheric stomach and intestines as well. As one eats, one’s etheric body also dines upon the etheric body of the vegetables, fruits, nuts, and grains that one physically consumes; these are digested with waste leaving the kidneys or intestines at regular intervals also in the etheric. As the etheric body and physical body becomes a single vessel due to continued evolution, your future ancestry will move into the fourth dimension.


Let’s discuss about etheric blood sucking. In this dance, a form of needle is inserted into the etheric body within major arterial junctures to remove etheric blood and send it to etheric blood collection devices. If one loses enough etheric blood, the etheric body begins to collapse which will lead to a parallel collapse and blood loss in the physical. Often excessive blood loss in the female during menses may be a sign of losing blood in the etheric. Generally, such devices are inserted founded upon karma and as one intends to release the karma, then one dismantles the machines associated and steps out of the game.


Why are the nonphysical forces so interested in collecting etheric blood? Etheric blood is transported to the False Intervention to sustain the lives of the nonphysical vessels left over from other dying human creations. This is one direct way that the false intervention has fed off humanity over time. Many of their mechanisms have been removed by Earth as of late as the dance prevents ascension; however, karma may cause the pattern to recur for a time until it is transmuted in full.


Those of guru or pharaoh inheritance often coat their fields with the etheric blood of real ascending humans or their devotees to appear loving and wise. This tends to be the karma for this pattern; one gives their blood to the guru or pharaoh. Often it is the sorcerer that casts the spells to cause the transfer of etheric blood from one unto another. Release the karma with the sorcerers and pharaohs and one will step out of the game.


The game of etheric blood sucking also occurred with the Annanuki. The Anu not only drank blood to extend their lives, but created an extensive form of etheric blood sucking out of their slaves and in particular in the second half of their reign, after the ice shields collapsed. Sometimes karma for etheric blood sucking can also be a part of one’s slave ancestry. Release the karma and the game will end.


Most of Anu inheritance today is not interested in spiritual pursuits as much as money making. However, since the birth of the “New Age Movement”, there are many of Anu descent that has moved into this arena to try and amass a fortune. Some have succeeded at this. Some have gone into false ascension patterning. If they have become a famous and wealthy guru, they may also strip their following of etheric blood to support the false ascension underway. Release the karma and one will step out of the game.


Ascension in the Etheric       


Ascension causes the etheric body to first embrace the changing crystalline cells and then the blueprint steps into physicality. Sometimes there can be mechanisms or entities that block the blueprint from becoming physical. Release and remove the entities or mechanisms and then the ascension shall fully step down. It is for this reason that Earth has decreed that the etheric shall only ascend 200-400 DNA segments beyond the physical, so if there is a problem it can be detected and undone rather than schismed over. Therefore, the etheric body should be 200-400 segments beyond the physical in all regions of domain; anything blocking the physical ascent from taking hold can then be addressed and released and as the body matches the nonphysical without any gap, then one carries on with the next 200-400 segments in the continued ascent.


Gaps between nonphysical and physical vessels are problematic in false ascension patterning. In false ascension, the nonphysical is woven thousands of DNA segments above the physical; this leads to a supercharged field with a large gap that can be used to shatter others or destroy oneself. Generally light body or nature kingdom grid work is also used to supercharge the field as one has yet to retrieve and reweave one’s own grid work through normal ascension procedures. The intent to remove any foreign grid work from other kingdoms and then reweave the field with one’s own grid work will assure a more complete ascension in this lifetime.


Incomplete ascension will ultimately result in disease. Those regions that have failed to ascend in the physical will receive a load of chi from the nonphysical that the molecular structure is unprepared to handle; this will create combustion of the molecular structure which ultimately causes the grid work to collapse and then disease to occur in various parts of the body. We are already beginning to see physical disease develop in those who have tried to create a false ascension in this lifetime, and so this will be even more so in the decade ahead. The solution is to intend a complete ascension and be as thorough as possible in making sure that each phase of DNA is mastered all the way into the physical.


Casting One’s Own Grid Work        


For those that discover that one has parts of the grid work associated with false ascension patterning, one will begin to reweave the region with the proper grid work recast from one’s own genetic blueprint of one’s ancestry. All grid work or serpents are cast in one’s own recasting temple under the supervision of Earth and nature. The serpents are cast founded upon one’s ancestral blueprint from the genetic level that one is working upon.


Therefore, if one is working upon 2,200 segments, templates for serpents cast in Sirian red based ancestors who lived at 2,200 segments is called forward; then the serpents are cast in parallel manner and rewoven into the etheric body in present time. The serpent blueprint for 2,200 segments will then host genetic changes associated with a body at 2,200 segments that will be delivered to each organ, gland and system through the ascension grid work. The serpents will therefore then pull the genetic template from the ascension grid work to the associated cells throughout the etheric biology. As the new DNA is embraced in the etheric, then it steps down into the physical.


It is for this reason that foreign grid work prevents physical ascension and in some ways also prevents etheric ascension. The etheric cells receive the new encoding through the serpents cast from ancestral temples at the appropriate genetic encoding and vibration; then the etheric cells become crystalline or alter into the new blueprint; and then the physical follows suit. If one has the improper grid work or grid work from other species, humans or the light body planes, then the crystalline genetic blueprint never arrives to the etheric cells, and then they cannot possibly be integrated; and physical ascension simply cannot occur.


Karma for False Ascension   


What is the point of false ascension anyway? This is the ascension that the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt went into and it is really a life extension practice and not an ascension practice. The Anu stripped other kingdoms (plant, animal, mineral, whale and dolphin) and other humans of grid work to shore up any grid work that was going sour or dissonant within. This extended their lives but was never meant to ascend the physical, as they had no interest in evolution anyway.


Pharaohs who were part Anu and part Grand Master confused life extension practices with ascension practices and therefore tried shoring up their fields with the grid work of others and other kingdoms. They also believed that they were ascending because they were extending their lives; and that the pyramids would foster the necessary energy to leap into the next dimension. Perhaps pyramids are useful in Pleiadian ascent as this is their inherent sacred geometry; with a partial magnetic system, pyramids cannot ascend the vessel and the bodies of those attempting this type of ascension simply combust instead.


Many who have lineage to the pharaohs or initiates that studied with the pharaohs and combust in the pyramids have the genetic record of the experience of life extension energetic practices. As ascension has been triggered, many with this type of inheritance have gone into the same life extension practices of the Anu and pharaohs thinking that they are ascending. Alas this does not lead to ascension and will only lead to combustion of the form again leading to disease in this cycle. For the supercharged field will ultimately combust the molecular structure that is not prepared to hold such a frequency and the end result will be disease and death, unless the false ascent is corrected through conscious understanding and choice.


Some reading these materials may discover that they are having a partial to full false ascension as a result of studying these materials. If you are not ill, then it is not too late to alter the course of your ascension so that it will lead to resurrection, reconstitution, de-aging and life. One will also settle the karma from one’s ancestry that participated in life extension and false ascension in the era of the pharaohs as well as the Anu. And so, it all serves. In the workbook section of this chapter, we will give intentions to assist in moving out of all false ascension patterning.


Ascending the Molecular Structure         


Another focus that will assist in building chi to foster a more rapid pace of ascent is to spin up the molecular structure. As one focuses upon increasing the spin of the molecules, one can also focus upon embracing magnetic molecular rotation. In essence, by 2200 segments, 25% of the molecules begin to take the shape of the triple lotus or triple sphere “consciousness” symbol of the Language of Light. By 3000 segments, 50% of the molecules hold this shape. By 4600 segments 75% of the molecules hold this shape and by 6000 segments, 100% of the molecules should have the triple lotus shape. As one focuses upon causing more of one’s molecules to rotate as a triple sphere, one will also speed up the process of ascension.


Ascension occurs in two ways. As the etheric languages are brought into magnetic encoding, magnetic elements are drawn into the dance creating magnetic atoms and molecules that host the triple sphere rotation. The triple sphere rotation produces more chi than the solar system type of molecular rotation associated with one’s pre-ascension state of being; this in turn provides more chi for the etheric cellular structure to embrace new encoding as it is provided through the serpents that weave the etheric cells and one’s ascension grid work. This is how one can ascend from the bottom up and top down simultaneously which shall allow ascension to come forth at a more rapid speed.


Photonic Energy


It is the photonic energy that causes the genetics to grow and embrace new encoding once the encoding has entered the etheric cells. It is also the photonic energy that allows molecules to receive more chi to move from the solar system type rotation to the triple sphere rotation. Photonic energy enters the field by passing through the physical into the etheric body and then into the molecular structure. The ascending biology calls for the development of photonic carriers in the blood and spinal fluid which catch the photon particles and carry them to those regions of the biology requiring them.


What regions of the biology most require photon particles? The nervous system and spinal cord as this is how the new thoughtform of unity or Language of Light and the Language of ONE alters the consciousness and perception of the ascending human. However, every cell requires a small amount of photon particles as it is this that triggers DNA to grow and alter itself. All parts of the molecular structure also require photon particles to assist in the momentum into the triple lotus rotation.


The more photon energy that the spinal fluid stores, the more photon energy that bathes one’s cells day and night; this is in addition to the photon particles provided through Earth as emanating from the Star Gates of the Great Central Sun. Recently, we have had a large increase in the amount of photon energy available surrounding Earth due to entry into the Great Central Sun Dream; and this shall lead to a more rapid ascent of the land and sea along with all kingdoms including the human species. Earth estimates that it is this increased photonic energy that may now lead to the awakening of the human species.


One can also intentionalize calling photonic energy to oneself to speed up the process of ascension. Some regions host more photonic energy than others and as such, it is easier to gather more of this energy for this purpose. The Aurora also has ample photonic energy and one can create an etheric fountain of photonic energy that bathes one’s field day and night through intention. This will also have the effect of triggering ascension in others nearby you who will also be bathed in the photonic fountain.


If one is going to amplify the pace of ascension, one must also amplify one’s detoxification processes to assure non-ascension into disease. Asur’Ana and Per draw as much photonic energy into their fields day and night to ascend as rapidly as they can; they have ongoing detoxification rituals to support this choice and it may be why they have survived. Daily walks or swimming, sun baths and bathing along with weekly mud baths all support a more rapid pace of ascension and will assist in preventing disease along the way.


Manipulations to the Grid Work     


Manipulations to grid work of the etheric body or field abound in the dance of the sorcerers and during the era of the Pharaohs in particular. We uncovered that there is another era where the same lineages associated with the Pharaohs of Egypt played out again in the era of Atlantis. This information came directly from the records gathered due to Hurricane Katrina that so badly hit the southern United States almost 2 decades ago. The hurricane gathered unknown records of humans who lived in Atlantis and combusted due to a nuclear bomb that was detonated over a major city the size of Los Angeles and that was the capital or where the national governance was sustained.


The records clearly show that there were those who had moved into the position of famous Western based gurus who had lineage to the pharaohs. In essence a parallel set of circumstance occurred to the Pharaohs but with the technology available that is not unlike technology today. Scientists developed large laboratories to grow minerals. Some minerals were grown large enough to be used as glass and cut in thin plates for windows or for glass furnishings. One Atlantean guru in particular funded the growth of a large mineral pyramid that was as big as a two-story home. Many chambers were developed. The mineral was a form of quartz. The mineral today sits under the region known as Bermuda.


This large mineral pyramid was used for life extension practices; the gurus utilizing this large pyramid for this purpose extended their lives roughly 250 years. Each year, one initiate in their spiritual school was chosen due to their apparent purity of heart and sent into the apex of the pyramid where they combusted. All believed that the initiate ascended; instead they descended into a void of fire or eternal “hell”. (Please see Chapter 3 for more information on combustion of initiates in the pyramids of ancient Egypt.) The combustions of these initiates led over time to increasing radiation over Atlantean civilization which caused a dream for warfare to take hold; this dream led to the destruction of Atlantis which was devastated by radioactive poisons following the nuclear annihilation of their capital.


Radiation slows down chakras causing a fall in consciousness as well as a desire to sleep. Radiation will also twist grid work inside out or splinter the field in time. Each time one seeks to resurrect parts of the biology that hold records of radiation poisoning in the grid work from a nuclear fallout at another time in one’s ancestry, one may find the grid work and field turned inside out or twisting in time. This is the primary karma for why the grid work responds in this manner due to excessive radiation.


Sorcerers have learned to create energy flow that is so radioactive in the unconscious that it can mimic a nuclear fallout. In twisting another in time or turning grid work inside out, the sorcerers can manipulate others into catching a dream for death. This is how sorcerers use black magic to destroy others in the unconscious during the era of the Pharaohs and Atlantis alike. Dark lords and false gods also participate in the game for the purposes of power. As a field or grid work is manipulated in this manner, one will go into a destructive cycle, and the sorcerer can then strip one of power, chi and spiritual knowledge. The sorcerer then uses this knowledge to increase his or her power or the power of the guru or pharaoh in charge. This is also a game that occurred during the era of the Pharaohs of Egypt as well as Atlantis.


Having a karmic encounter with another of sorcerer or pharaoh ancestry may trigger the dance to occur in present time, especially if one’s ancestry was compromised in this manner at another time. One may find one’s field or grid work turned inside out or twisted in time. Therefore, releasing karma for sorcery in one’s ancestry or how one’s ancestry lost power to the sorcerers will allow one to step out of the game, and untwist and correct all grid work within the etheric body and field.


Turning Grid Work Inside Out        


The pattern of turning grid work inside out causes parts of the etheric body to be twisted and twisted to a point that it may cease to hold their structure and function in the associated region. This leads to the experience of deformative forms of arthritis in present time. Many older folk’s toes become twisted over one another, or whose hands become twisted and convoluted and painful to live with. This is the result of the twisting around and around of the etheric grid work of the fingers or toes due to radiation karma or sorcerer manipulations. If an etheric arm has been twisted inside out, one may break the arm in the physical and then have difficulty restoring all of the movement after the bone heals. If the etheric leg or knee is twisted inside out, so this may occur in this region of domain.


There is also the pattern of twisting the space between the grid work inside out again and again to a point that the grid work collapses in upon itself and the etheric body then ceases to hold its shape. If this occurs recurrently enough and is not corrected, then the part of the body may become diseased or compromised in the physical. Many types of conditions that are the result of a rapid cooling of the biology and the decay that is associated can be the result of this includes leprosy or gangrene.


Generally, there are devices that twist the grid work or space between inside out repeatedly. As the devices are removed and the karma with those of sorcerer nature that inserted them or karma from radiation poisoning is released, then the region can be twisted back to the proper shape and structure to support life. If a region has been inverted 100 times or more, it will require un-inverting it 100 times or more to rectify; or so we have discovered; as this occurs the grid work holds its proper shape for continued ascension into health.


Splintered in Time       


If the etheric body or any part of the field is rotated to the right and then held in this position with etheric magnets, this part of the field or etheric body moves into the future. If the etheric body or any part of the field is rotated to the left and then held in this position with etheric magnets, this part of the field or etheric body moves into the past. If parts of the field or etheric body are held in the past and future concurrent, one splinters in time. This causes those parts of the etheric body and field in the future to go into future karma where machines, karma and the associated patterning will take affect; and the parts of the etheric body and field in the past to go into past karma where old patterns and karma one has long transcended suddenly recur.


This is a grand manipulation of the sorcerers, as once one is splintered in time, now one is more easily torn apart. One’s grounding will fail when one is splintered in time as well as one’s connection to source, as grounding and connection require one to be in present time. As one cancels and shatters the magnets holding on split between the future and past, one can twist the field or etheric body back into present time and then the manipulation and game ceases. We will have each assess this type of manipulation in the workbook section of this chapter.


Development of Crystalline Organs, Glands and Systems     


We have written extensively about the changes associated with ascension in Chapter 4 “Ascending into A Regenerative Biological System” of Ascension Insights, Volume 4. Each may wish to reread this article in conjunction with this chapter of the workbook. We wish to create an overview of changes that should be watched for in the ascent to 6,000 segments so that each may check for such shifts in the workbook section of this chapter.


The layers of grid work become increasing numerous over the course of ascension. There are 4 layers of grid work in each organ, gland or system at 2 segments of DNA. By 1800, there are 16 layers of grid work that have developed; by 2400 segments there are 26 layers of grid work; by 3000 segments there are 38 layers of grid work per organ, gland or system. By 4600 segments, one will have 48 layers of grid work; by 6000 segments, 96 layers and by 9000 segments, 144 layers. One can see in this why one has a more vibrant etheric body the further that one ascends. One way to perceive how well each part of the biology is coming along in the ascent is to measure the layers of grid work that have been woven. We will focus upon this in the workbook section of this chapter.


The Crystalline Bone Structure      


Crystalline bones are derived from a slightly different combination of minerals than non-crystalline bones. Many with Anu or Anu-Slave inheritance may have a load of silica in their bone structure, nails, hair and teeth. Silica is released and another molecular structure defined that is less dense in the crystalline form. We perceive the difference between silica-based bones and crystalline bones as the difference between a very hard mineral and marble or sandstone. Crystalline bones are more like sandstone and are less brittle and therefore less likely to break. The surface of non-crystalline bones is hard; crystalline bones are coated in a substance not unlike the cartilage in one’s nose or ears. This creates a softer surface that also bends more easily upon impact.


Teeth are coated in a shiny resin that dentists call enamel. Crystalline enamel will not wear off and can be reconstructed through intention as well as during one’s regeneration cycles. Asur’Ana has been surprised when surface decay or cavities have appeared and then been repaired through the regeneration capabilities of her ascending biology. The enamel will also be repaired in a two-month cycle year round. Regeneration requires the rotation of the regeneration chakras; and so, if one is having difficulty regenerating the teeth or any part of the body for that matter, the regeneration chakras may be missing. As the regeneration charkas are retrieved and reconstituted and spun each day, regeneration of the teeth should occur on a two-month schedule.


Brushing the teeth with baking soda or sea salt each day is good to retain the health of crystalline teeth. Per has found that brushing his teeth with sea salt is very good not only to keep his teeth white, but to assist with the regeneration cycles of teeth and gums. One can also mix a little of green or white clay with sea salt. One can also add peppermint and eucalyptus to create a better flavor. The clay will assist in the dissolution of plaque. Lemon oil is also useful for dissolution of hardened plaque but will also wear at enamel; so, brushing once per week only with lemon oil and sea salt or baking soda is recommended.


Asur’Ana has found that combining 15 drops tea tree oil, 5 drops lemon oil and 5 drops eucalyptus with water in a four ounce mister is a natural way to remove stains from the teeth. Just mist the teeth as many times per day as desired; one can also spray this upon one’s toothbrush as well. Tea tree oil also kills bacteria at cause of tooth decay.


Crystalline bones require a different type of calcium than non-crystalline bones. Asur’Ana and Per discovered that combining vegan yogurt with coconut and pumpkin seeds was one way to provide all the necessary ingredients in their diet for crystalline bones. Often, they would place this on top of a large fresh fruit bowl and make it a lovely ascending meal.


Crystalline Bone Marrow


Bone marrow hosts the growth of red blood cells along with two types of white blood cells in the crystalline blueprint. Crystalline red blood cells are capable of carrying more oxygen and sugar or waste than non-crystalline blood cells. The difference is directly related to the surface of the red blood cell which in the crystalline form hosts a type of lipid that can attract more oxygen, sugar or waste unto each cell. The two white blood cells formed in the bone marrow are the most common throughout the body and therefore are produced en masse; they absorb most viruses, bacteria and other foreign waste in a less “specialized” manner than other varieties.


Asur’Ana has not a medical background and so we speak in layman’s terms here. The two forms of white blood cells as well as the crystalline red blood cells develop around 1800 segments in most ascending humans. Sometimes not all bones are easily converted to the crystalline structure due to the density of thoughtform carried within the minerals in certain regions of the body. Bones are the densest substance of the body and take the most cycles of ascension to completely ascend. Those having difficulty with all bone marrow converting to the production of crystalline blood cells will find that there are herbs that will support this transmutation in ascension. (Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 3 Chapter 6 “Language of Light and Herbs” for more information.)


The Crystalline Muscles and Ligaments


The primary change in the crystalline muscular structure is the presence of fat surrounding each cell. The fat allows for less density and a higher frequency to be run through the muscles. Those ascending beyond 3,000 segments may begin to notice how one floats in fresh water; this is because the density of the bones and muscles has lessened in ascension causing one to not sink as rapidly. Per has been known to float across the pool so gracefully as he swims making others wonder how he does it as they struggle so hard just to keep their head above water. The sign of a much less dense biology!


Ligaments stretch further than in non-crystalline structures. One initiate has accidentally twisted her ankle all the way to the ground; not only did the ankle not break but she did not experience much of a strain either. This is because the crystalline ligaments stretch without damage or breaking, much like a rubber band.


Crystalline muscles will hold their tone without exercise. One can intend to run chi through the etheric body to the same degree as when exercising and one will tone the muscles. This is important as toned muscles will also better hold the organs, glands and systems in place within one’s biology. Sometimes women who have given birth suffer from the intestines pressing upon the bladder or uterus as well as lost tone of the abdominal muscles. As one tones the muscles of the pelvis, then they will pull the organs into the appropriate place so that they cease to press upon one another. Intention is good for this; also, one can hold one’s hands over the pelvis as one naps or sleeps with the intent to tone the muscles of the abdomen.


Exercise is important to move the lymph and one can also intend to tone the muscles as one walks or swims. As one does so, one will get twice the tone normally received from one’s exercise. Yoga and Tai Chi are other exercises to intend to tone the muscles through. We do not recommend working with weights or jogging as this can damage crystalline muscles and bones.


Crystalline Circulatory System       


The heart expands into a 6-ventricle system by initiation 4,200. By 9,000 DNA segments, an 8-ventricle system is developed. The added ventricles create greater blood pressure to assure that all veins receive the blood necessary to nourish the regenerative cells and receive their waste as well. The chest expands to make room for the larger heart as well as the increased size of the lungs in the crystalline blueprint. Sometimes as the new ventricles are set in motion, one may experience brief period of fluttering of the heart until the heart learns its new beat. If this occurs, one need not panic but breathe in and out slowly asking the heart to find its new rhythm. This can also occur as one ascends from the 6 to 8 ventricle system in the journey to 9,000 segments.


The veins change in crystalline blueprint to be much more elastic by initiation 2,200. It is the fat surrounding each cell in the vein that allows also for the elasticity. With a more elastic form of vein, it will expand without breaking if the blood pressure increases due to physical exertion or energetic exertion. This prevents buildup of plaque due to leaky veins that leads to heart attacks and strokes amongst those at 2 segments of DNA.


If one really moves the energy in a meditation, the blood pressure and heart rate will go up as high as if one were walking up hill. Sometimes the sweat will begin to drip between one’s shoulder blades and perspiration will develop upon one’s head. The increased circulation supports the increased metabolism to move up in vibration for short periods for the purposes of clearing the field of heavy karma or holding energy at an event.


The Crystalline Lymph System       


The crystalline lymph system fluid alters to carry white blood cells, hormones and nutrients along with waste to cells that are less reachable through the veins of the circulatory system. This is the major change of the crystalline lymph; however, the lymph still does not move itself; it requires walking or swimming each day to flush the lymph from head to toe adequately in support of ascension. As the lymph turns, then all cells are assured of receiving enough nutrients as well as releasing the associated toxins. Toxins are collected by the lymph glands and then transported through the blood to the waste management systems (kidneys or intestines) of the biology.


Massaging the lymph glands is another useful means of purging the built-up toxic waste that gathers there each day. In the shower, one can use a shower massage to massage the underarms and buttocks. This is good to do after taking a walk or swim when the lymph has already turned. One can press upon the lymph under the arms in particular to assist in moving the toxins. Having a full body mud bath is useful to turn the lymph and also pull toxins from the pores; one can also liberally coats the underarms to receive the toxins from the lymph glands as well.


The Crystalline Master Glands        


The Thymus gland and Pituitary glands are considered the master glands of the crystalline biology. The Thymus grows up the sternum to connect to the thyroid and lymph nodes in the neck by initiation 4,600. The Thymus is involved in the maintenance and distribution of all hormones that involve biological regeneration of the body. This includes hormones produced by the Thyroid which involve cell metabolism along with hormones produced by the reproductive and regeneration systems which involve regeneration. The Thymus also connects to the brain stem allowing for communication between the master gland of the nervous system or Pituitary Gland.


The Pituitary gland buds many nodes that each produce a chemical necessary to ascension. The Thymus then monitors the hormones produced by the Pituitary that come down through the brain stem making sure that they reach the appropriate destinations in the biology. There are ducts that run through the brain stem to allow ascension chemicals produced by the Pituitary to flow through to the body. Sometimes these ducts are small or nonexistent. If the ducts are nonexistent, then ascension does not occur in the physical. If the ducts are small or narrow, then ascension occurs more slowly than could occur otherwise. The intent to create or widen the ducts will resolve this problem.


The Pituitary begins to bud by initiation 1024 with the first nodes which number 14. By initiation 2200, there are 27 nodes. By initiation 3000, there are 48 nodes that should have budded. By initiation 4600, there should be 96 nodes; and by 6,000 there should be 144 nodes. By 9,000 there are 288 nodes. It is especially in the ascent to 6,000 and beyond that the cranial cavity may expand to make room for the budding nodes of the Pituitary gland. Each node produces a different chemical necessary to ascension and to the biological understanding of the Language of Light.


The Crystalline Immune System    


The immune system involves the production of 16 additional types of white blood cells (in addition to the two produced in the bone marrow) to assist in the removal of viruses, bacteria or other agents of destruction from the cellular structure of the form. The white blood cells are manufactured in the spleen and sent to wherever they are required by the Thymus gland and through hormonal communication in the blood stream. Often ascension brings about the release of many viruses and bacteria along with pus and decay as regions that are heavily compromised are resurrected. It is the region that is to be worked upon in any given month that receives the majority of the attention of the immune system; this is to prevent any disease from spreading as the given region is resurrected.


Sometimes in spite of all of the care, regions that are highly toxic will still cause flu like symptoms or a case of the cold. We recommend taking hot baths or a mud bath in such times to pull the excessive toxins from the pores rather than leaving the immune system to the task; this generally reduces the infection enough that then the immune system can do its job and remove any remaining destructive agents. Making sure that one has developed each type of white blood cell associated with the crystalline immune system is one way to assure that one is better prepared for the continued ascent.


What are the types of white blood cells? This is complex but Earth will explain. There are two types of cells that are most gifted at absorbing pus. Due to the amount of pus that can be created in the resurrection of decay, these are often the most prevalent type of the white blood cells present all of the time within the blood stream. Three additional types of white blood cells are gifted at absorbing toxins that are held in scar tissue or decay and may be very different from the toxins that one lives within. Sometimes these toxins can be from former time periods that one’s ancestry was poisoned by different substances; and so, these white blood cells are gifted at absorbing foreign poisons not from this time period.


Four additional white blood cells assist with viruses or bacteria that are also not prevalent in this time period. These viruses and bacteria created diseases that one’s ancestry died of long ago. When heavy radiation was added to the environment due to nuclear holocaust, certain bacteria and viruses suddenly bred and invaded all living animals including humanity leading to new diseases as well as death. These viruses and bacteria are not seen much today as the radiation is not excessive enough to create them. However, they exist in the associated genetic scar tissue and then are released as the scar tissue is resurrected, becomes active again.


Understand that the amount of nuclear materials imported to Earth during the era of the Anu and before Merduk’s cataclysmic choice to annihilate Earth was 90% greater than today. Today what humans harvest is so small in comparison that they are not capable of creating armament as destructive as Merduk; and perhaps this is good as it prevents humans from preventing global ascension.


Earth is also in the process of speeding up the half-life of all remaining radioactive substances so that they will dissipate within the coming 100 years. As one ascends however, the remains of these viruses or bacteria as recorded in the scar tissue from periods of nuclear annihilation will emerge. As such the immune system has to learn how to deal with these substances and render them inert so that one does not get ill or develop the symptoms of radiation poisoning. This is the purpose of these four white blood cells.


Three additional white blood cells are created to absorb fractured pieces of cells as they are taken apart in ascension, or damaged for any reason in other parts of the biology. Resurrection releases a load of bits and pieces of cells that have no use; these three types of white blood cells absorb them and either carry them to the waste management systems of the biology, or dissolve them with special enzymes.


The remaining four types of white blood cells produced in the crystalline spleen have to do with tracking hormones. Crystalline hormones become a complex set of commands that cause growth in particular areas and regeneration in those regions whose cycle is up to be worked upon in the continued ascent. The four white blood cells accompany hormones that cause cell growth making sure that they are relayed where they should be, and bring back samples of what is breaking down so that the immune system can respond to the needs of each given cycle of evolution.


The Crystalline Thyroid         


The crystalline thyroid produces three types of thyroid hormone that modulates body fat. Level 1 thyroid causes minimal body fat to be constructed in the liver out of excess sugars in the blood. This occurs at times that one requires no added body fat to hold one’s vibration. Level 2 thyroid causes twice the fat to be constructed in the liver as level 1 for times that one is struggling with density and requires the added fat to hold one’s frequency. Level 3 thyroid is used for times that the body knows one is going to need a load of assistance holding frequency, such as preparing for lengthy air travel or a visit with one’s relatives over the holidays.


Excess fat can also be rapidly broken down creating blood sugar so that one does not lose consciousness in such extreme circumstances as air travel. An initiate once gained as much as 13 pounds to get her through a 17-hour flight; all of which disappeared over the course of her travel. Those who have been low of thyroid, one should be able to go off synthetic thyroid as the new forms of thyroid develop in ascension, as synthetic thyroid will be a very different chemical than the new variations of crystalline thyroid that one produces naturally. The new thyroid hormone generally develops by initiation 2,800 in most initiates.


The Crystalline Pancreas      


The pancreas grows to develop 5 different types of insulin that modulates cell metabolism in crystalline biology. This occurs by initiation 3,600. Each form of insulin causes cells to consume blood sugar at various levels. Level 1 and 2 forms of insulin causes cells to feed minimally, such as when one is asleep at night or in deep meditation. Level 3 insulin is for waking consciousness where cells need more chi. Level 4 and 5 forms of insulin are for times of physical movement or exertion or spinning up the field excessively for the purposes of transmutation in ascension. Level 5 will cause one to experience sweating if the climate is warm enough.


Some initiates produce level 5 insulin at night leading to the experience of “night sweats”. The body does this to burn off karma and cause the field to spin up perhaps because one does not do so adequately during meditation or fails to exercise frequently enough. If one instead takes time for exercise each day, the body will be less likely to require the night sweats to continue to ascend. Those prone to diabetes will find that they can cease to consume the insulin that they inject over time. Many initiates have recovered from diabetes through ascension over the years. The five levels of insulin develop around initiation 2,900 in most initiates.


The Crystalline Liver    


The liver produces four types of fat necessary to the crystalline biology. Type one body fat is cholesterol based and coats every cell in the crystalline form. This is the most produced and required fat in ascension. Type 2 body fat which is also cholesterol based is used for storage. Storage systems for fat generally occur under the skin and in the space between the organs and glands of the abdomen and chest.


Storage type fat hosts pockets that will contain other fluids or substances that the body knows it will need in larger supply to support the next cycle of ascension ahead. What is needed with each cycle will also trigger “food cravings” if one is connected enough to one’s body spirit to feel what the body requires to evolve. The craving for cholesterol-based foods is to support and sustain level 1 and 2 body fats in the crystalline biology.


Type 3 body fat is used in the nervous system. Nervous system fat allows for understanding of the Language of Light or unity based thoughtform. This fat is created from avocado along with nut and nut butters generally speaking and is non-cholesterol based. Type 4 body fat is used for gathering photon energy and holding it in the nervous system and spinal column. The spinal fluid is filled with this fat to also create a photonic storage facility for one’s own ascension requirements.


There are two other organs that develop by initiation 3,000 that filter the blood. The crystalline liver ceases to filter blood as much as produce and maintain the four types of fat required by crystalline biology. The filtering of the blood for toxins and other wastes is therefore deferred to what we have called Liver 2. Two additional livers grow along the waist region of the body causing one to expand the waistline substantially as this occurs.


Each of these organs known as Liver 2 has many ducts and storage glands to assist in filtering the blood. Some ducts filter nutrients so that they can then be sent off to where they are required for ascension or regeneration of a particular part of the biology; other ducts filter out waste and decay and send them off to the kidneys or intestines for disposal. The two liver glands develop by initiation 3,000 in most initiates. One’s ability to detoxify the blood increases dramatically as this occurs.


Crystal Fat Deposits Creating Crystal Grids      


As of late, the school has discovered another type of fat drawn from a Jyreion blueprint that many ascending initiates are creating. This type of fat holds a storage pocket that hosts salt; the salt is then used to program electrical energy creating a crystal grid that looks solid in the etheric. We’ve discovered a crystal pelvis and a crystal skull constructed of this fat. The crystal pelvis and crystal skull attracted a load of radiation from the environment that had caused these regions to go cancerous over time in a couple of initiates.


Furthermore, the grid associated is used to capture a dream for death projected upon them by dark forces. There is no karma to justify the presence of this fat, and it is best to erase the genetic blueprint if one discovers that one has embodied it; and replace it with the other forms of crystalline storage fat that are harmless.


The Crystalline Spleen


The crystalline spleen manufactures the 16 forms of white blood cells explored in the bone marrow and immune system section above. The spleen also manufactures the fluid that transports the red and white blood cells, platelets or hormones to their destination within the biology. Platelets are tissue that is used to repair breaks or ruptures anywhere in the biology. Platelets patch the region until new skin or tissue grows in its place, much like a scab that forms upon the skin until the new skin grows underneath.


The spleen also filters the blood of deformed platelets or red and white blood cells that have gone dysfunctional. In the crystalline system, deformed platelets or blood cells are repaired rather than destroyed. The crystalline spleen has many “factories” for repair that grow by initiation 3,800 allowing for regeneration of the blood and immune system.


There are two additional organs that grow that we have referred unto as Spleen 2. Spleen 2 is involved with the creation of photonic carrier cells that are emitted in the blood to provide enough photon energy to assist in triggering a more rapid rate of genetic growth for the continued ascent beyond 6,000 segments. These organs associated with Spleen 2 grow just above the sacrum adding to the expanding width of one’s mid-drift in the ascent to 6,000 segments.


The Crystalline Lungs 


Crystalline lungs expand to be up to two times the size of one’s original biology at 2 segments of DNA. This too adds to the expanding chest and bra size or shirt size of ascending adult humans. The lungs formulate 50% more cavities for the purposes of collecting more oxygen from the air that one breathes in each in-breath, or releasing ether or other noxious gases in each out-breath. Sometimes in the transmutation of the lungs, one will end up with symptoms of bronchitis as the pockets are revamped creating a load of mucous therein. Learning to move vibrations that transmute mucous both energetically and physically can be helpful in such times.


Detoxification tones are related to compassion and non-conditional love and appear as pale blue, pale green and pale silver in color. Asur’Ana has run these tones through her head when her sinuses were plugged and vaporized all etheric mucous, which had the effect of minimizing the physical mucous. This was at a time that she had a long plane flight ahead, and the excess mucous could compromise the ear drum in particular. Running these tones also makes one feel better in such times of biological transmutation. Taking mud baths or more frequent baths with Epsom salt will also pull the excess mucous out of the pores of the skin leading to a more rapid recovery from such symptoms of ascension.


The lungs go through yearly reconstitution. In the ascent to 3,000 segments, the lungs will more or less become complete with the crystalline blueprint. No further alterations occur much in the ascent to 9,000 in the lungs (unless one has schismed over part of the genetics.) The crystalline lungs are capable of gathering as much as 900% more oxygen from a single breath than one’s pre-ascension state of being.


Half of oxygen collected by the lungs in each in-breath is sent directly to the cells through the blood stream. Cells require oxygen to subsist. Oxygen “aerates” the cells. Much as carbonation in spring water adds bubbles, oxygen adds bubbles within each cell that allow the various components within to be able to move around each other in the act of cell metabolism or the breaking down of the blood sugar. Too little oxygen and then the components of the cells become too sticky to break down sugar or move out wastes; if this occurs long enough, the cell will become sick and begin to die. It is for this reason that the city is not a good place to ascend; and one may wish to have many house plants at home and at work to provide the body with the oxygen requirements for cell aeration.


The Crystalline Diaphragm   


The other half of the oxygen gathered in each in-breath by the lungs goes into the blood and to the diaphragm. By 3,000 segments, the diaphragm has grown up to 18 pockets that protrude outside of the rib cage. Each pocket hosts glands that take in oxygen and apply enzymes to formulate eight types of blood sugar. The size of the pockets will increase or decrease depending upon the level of sugar that is being produced in the moment.


The eight types of blood sugar are various sized molecules from small to medium to large that provide the sugar necessary for various levels of cell metabolism. When insulin level 1 is released by the pancreas, level 1 and 2 blood sugars are produced in the diaphragm and released into the blood. Level 1 and 2 blood sugar are the smallest molecules that resemble glucose and are released when one is resting or asleep. When insulin level 2 is released, level 3 blood sugar is produced in the diaphragm which feeds the cells a little more sugar that resembles fructose in molecular structure. This is for times one is in deep meditation.


When insulin level 3 is released, level 4 and 5 blood sugar is produced in the diaphragm which is 3 and 4 times larger in molecular structure than fructose. This level of sugar provides enough to the cells to bring consciousness to the day to day activities of one’s life. When insulin level 4 is released, this occurs when one engages in physical activity, and level 6 and 7 blood sugar is released, which is 2 to 3 times larger in molecular structure than level 4 and 5 blood sugar. This is for times of mild physical activity such as taking a gentle walk or other forms of movement.


When insulin level 5 is released, the largest blood sugar is produced known as level 8. Level 8 contains all types of blood sugars 1 through 7 combined into a super-sized sugar molecule; this is produced during heavy exercise such as walking up the mountain, or during times of holding a load of energy; such as holding space for an event or releasing a very large series of karmic patterns from one’s field. This is also a time that one’s skin may produce a dripping sweat as the body heats up due to the cells consuming so much sugar and producing so much chi upon a biological level. The heart rate is also guaranteed to go up along with one’s blood pressure when this occurs. It is also a sincere sign of real biological ascension underway!


Sometimes Level 5 insulin is released during the night and creates night sweats. Many initiates with busy lives do not have time to focus upon the karma up to be cleared. The body then heats up at night to clear the day’s worth of karma to assist in the continued ascent. Many ascending initiates therefore sleep with few covers even in the winter as a result. We suggest that each embrace the night sweats as a sign that real ascension is underway.


The diaphragm is the most obvious ascension organ that develops due to the protrusion of one’s stomach. If one has yet to develop the Buddha belly in ascension, then one may be missing the genetic blueprint for this structure. It is very difficult to ascend the rest of the biology without the blood sugar necessary to feed the crystalline cells. We will use the worksheet section of this chapter to examine what may be missing from one’s blueprint in one’s ascension to date so that one can begin to release the karma for how one may have lost their crystalline genealogy in this lifetime or throughout one’s ancestry.


The Crystalline Digestive System  


The crystalline digestive system is comprised of the glands in the mouth that produce saliva, the esophagus and stomach, and gall bladder and glands that secrete the digestive enzymes, along with the small and large intestines. The crystalline digestive system goes through many levels of transmutation to 3,000 segments.


The glands in the mouth produce an enzyme that breaks down simple sugars. Most embody this blueprint by initiation 2,200. This brings an end to cavities caused by glucose or simple sugars as the sugar is broken down through the saliva enough that it cannot corrode the teeth’s enamel any longer. Why if this is so, do some initiates develop cavities? The cavities generally are due to psychic machinery or cords of attachments to others that impair the grid work of the teeth or gums; as the machinery is released and cords returned to sender, then the teeth have an opportunity to regenerate.


The crystalline esophagus and stomach hold a mucous that is thicker than the pre-ascension experience of digestion. The thick mucous is to block digestive enzymes that are as much as 40% more potent in the crystalline digestive system from digesting the esophagus or stomach as one eats. The stomach also is constructed from muscles that are stronger and more gifted at grinding up one’s food if one does not chew it well enough. This occurs by initiation 2,200 in most initiates.


If one is prone to eating too fast and not chewing long enough; one’s crystalline stomach can handle it in most circumstances and grind up what one has consumed enough that it does not ferment in the small intestines. Often fermentation and gas is really a lack of chewing one’s food thoroughly enough; chewing each mouthful 10 times will assist with this; chewing 20 times will ensure that there is less fermentation and gas in digestion.


The crystalline gall bladder produces 12 new enzymes associated with the breaking down of fat. Those who had difficulty digesting fats in times past may find that this becomes non-problematic with the crystalline digestive system, even more rancid fats associated with deep frying. So, enjoy your French fries or chips! Level 1-4 bile breaks down simple fats much akin to the original form of bile produced by the gall bladder and easily breaks down nut and vegetable oil. Level 5-8 bile breaks down cholesterol as it is ingested. One may find as this form of bile is produced that one no longer has difficulty digesting milk, cheese or eggs. Level 9-12 bile breaks down fats that are more rancid that humans like to consume; such as the fat from French fries.


The stomach also secretes 16 new enzymes including acids that are more powerful than hydrochloric acid at killing bacteria or viruses one may consume with their food or water. It is for this reason that ascending humans may not succumb to the diseases ahead in the times of cleansing. Four of the new enzymes within the crystalline digestion are used to break down carbohydrates and sugars. Those who may have been subject to food allergies for wheat or gluten may find that they break down without gas due to these new enzymes.


Eight new enzymes are used to break down protein for those mastering 3,000 segments. This allows more protein to be drawn from a vegetarian diet that includes eggs and cheese. Four additional enzymes are created for the breakdown of fiber in one’s vegetables. Those who have tended to produce gas after eating salads or raw foods may find that these digest with less disturbance as the crystalline digestive system is embodied.


The small intestines and large intestines are replaced completely by initiation 3,600. A new intestine grows over the old, and the old is released into the new much like one would pull a sock through itself. When this occurs, one will have cramping and many bowel movements over a 4 to 6 day period. One will also not be hungry and one’s intestines are filled with itself. Some initiates found eating pineapple and goat cheese or yogurt helpful with the turning. The pineapple helps to dissolve the old intestine allowing for a more thorough release through the tract; the yogurt or goat cheese helped to replace healthy bacteria into the digestive system, leading to a more rapid normalization of bowel movement.


The Vegetarian Intestine      


In the ascent from 6,000-9,000 DNA segments, the small and large intestine formulate into 6 pockets, 3 pockets in the small intestine and 3 pockets in the large intestine. Each pocket has more enzymes secreted into the waste to digest more of the food therein before it is released to the next pocket. This is a vegetarian digestive tract and allows for no need to consume flesh to gather the protein one requires to continue to regenerate or ascend. Another turning of the intestines occurs in phases as the vegetarian tract develops. First the small intestines turn and then the large over the course of 6 to 8 weeks. The turning may produce large bowel movements for a couple of days as the old small or large intestine is sloughed off.


For those going on to develop the crystalline vegetarian tract, each pocket in the intestine produces more enzymes to break down proteins, fiber, carbohydrates and fats to a more refined degree than before. This system of digestion is taken from the crystalline structure of the Tibetan Root Race. It is a similar digestive system that once existed in the East and in India where many humans carry on with vegetarian diets to this day. Those without Tibetan Root Race ancestry may not have the genealogy to pull this blueprint forward into present time. However, your future ancestors can weave in lineages in their tapestries to make up for this weakness.


Remember genealogy did not come down the lineages evenly. Information splintered off going to some branches and not to others. Sometimes it is not possible to ascend beyond a certain level as there is no genealogy to support it. It is far better than to ascend all parts of the biology to the genetic encoding one does have available, as this will create the strongest possible crystalline biology to weather the coming times of cleansing ahead.


The Crystalline Bladder and Kidneys       


The crystalline kidneys develop many larger pockets to hold substances that once were not allowed to pass through with the urine. As such, one may also release unnecessary fats and proteins with one’s urine causing the water in the toilet to bubble. The filters of the kidneys are enlarged to allow for this for a more rapid pace of biological transmutation by initiation 1,800-2,200 in most initiates.


By initiation 3800, the kidneys also develop the capacity to create oxygen from water through a simple enzyme that breaks off the oxygen molecules from the hydrogen molecules of H2O. This allows one to create as much oxygen as necessary if one is deprived for some reason through the breath. Additionally, the kidneys can create as much water from oxygen and hydrogen as necessary to prevent dehydration. This alteration in the kidneys is formed by initiation 6,600. The blueprint for this system of creating water as necessary comes from the Inuit Root Race. Again, if one has not lineages of this nature, one may not have the genealogical information to build such a system in this lifetime.


The crystalline bladder grows to have multiple ducts leading to the urethra. One of the ducts allows for toxins to be pressed into the urine straight from a small holding tank near a large artery. This increases the capacity to detoxify excessive pus and other toxins in the blood straight through the urine. The blueprint for the holding tank comes from the Aboriginal root race (Australia). Those who have not lineages to this root race may not have a genealogical template for this in one’s ancestry.


The Crystalline Reproductive System     


The crystalline reproductive system offers the capacity to balance the hormones so that one does not conceive. Much like taking the pill, one’s hormones adjust to a state of “non-conception”. Although Asur’Ana has had these hormones in place for a long time, she continues to menstruate each month although no egg has been produced in many years. Why is this so? The push and pull of the tides due to the electrical geometry that has yet to be fully released from Earth’s biosphere presses her body to build blood and then release it, much as the tide ebbs and flows. Why are energy systems so invasive upon Asur’Ana’s field? It has to do with collective consciousness that believes that women menstruate and are fertile each month and this has overridden her system.


In the new dream, Asur’Ana is striving to shut off her cycles now. It will be interesting to see if this can be accomplished. However, the balancing of hormones does create a natural birth control as there are no eggs produced or ripened for conception. This is the true crystalline biology in action. The ability to shut off reproduction or the creation of eggs within one’s hormonal system can be accomplished by initiation 7,000. The information for this lies in most ancestries as it was once a way of being amongst all red nations’ tribes. Reproduction was intended; it did not occur unless there was a conscious choice to bring in a child. In time so this will be into the future and as more master 7,000 segments or higher in vibration.


The Crystalline Regeneration System     


For women and men, a more refined hormonal system develops in the crystalline biology in support of regeneration of the cellular structure. Hormones are substances that allow for communication between the master glands and the rest of the biology; they are also substances that hold the holographic blueprint for the regeneration of the crystalline cellular structure.


Testosterone and progesterone are two hormones associated with regeneration. Primarily these hormones lubricate the cells so that they stay soft and moist. It is for this reason as humans age and cease to produce as much of these two hormones that the skin becomes hard and wrinkled. Those ascending will begin to produce these hormones again if they have shut off as the testes and ovaries are resurrected enough to do so. Some women who have gone through menopause may begin to menstruate again; this too is a sign of regeneration and should be embraced.


The crystalline regeneration system develops 12 additional hormones for this purpose. In the female, 12 new glands grow under the labia major and mons pubis that produce these new hormones. In the male, the 12 glands grow in the testes causing them to become twice as large as one’s pre-ascension state of being.


Each of the 12 hormones has a specific type of regeneration that they accomplish. Hormone 1 holds the blueprint to regenerate the skin and hair along with hair follicles. Hormone 2 holds the blueprint to regenerate mucous membranes such as one’s eyes, inside of the mouth and inside of the vaginal area or anal areas. Hormones 3 and 4 hold the blueprints necessary to regenerate the muscular structure and ligaments. Hormones 5, 6 and 7 hold the blueprint to regenerate the organs such as the kidneys, liver, spleen, pancreas and heart.


Hormone 8 and 9 hold the blueprint for the regeneration of the circulatory and lymph systems. Hormone 10 holds the blueprint for the regeneration of the bone structure. Hormones 11 and 12 hold the blueprint for the regeneration of the nervous system. Each hormone hosts a holographic blueprint for the structure and function of each cell within the associated organ, gland or system so that it can aid in the regeneration of the associated part of the biology. The crystalline hormonal system develops by initiation 4,600 in full.


One can see in this that the body is moving back to a holographic state of being. As the holographic state of being becomes cellular, then each cell recalls what it is to do in support of the overall health of the whole. The hormones hold key roles in this; it was as the hormones forgot how each organ, gland or system was to be regenerated that humanity fell into aging and disease. As this is rectified through ascension, regeneration can again become the norm for the human species. Humans will regain their health and longevity allowing for more spiritual understanding of the life experience; this adds to the “awakening” of the human species out of its slumber.


The Crystalline Skin and Sensory Organs


Crystalline skin becomes soft, subtle and youthful again. Wrinkles disappear as enough oils are present upon the skin to fully regenerate. Pulling off dead skin cells will increase the capacity of more of the epidermis to become crystalline. We recommend that initiates use salt scrubs daily along with taking weekly mud baths, as these pull off the dead skin so that the skin underneath can regenerate more readily. The regeneration capacity of the skin increases with the further ascent, but generally is well underway by initiation 2,200. Regions that appear not to regenerate adequately, such as the face, feet, hands or other areas may be lacking regeneration chakras. It is as the regeneration chakras spin that the skin is regenerated along with all other regions in the biology associated.


Crystalline skin may become darker in color with more melanin (the substance triggered as one tans). This is due to red nation DNA encoding for the skin. One can also pull more red DNA encoding to make one more resonant with your current yellow-orange sun and protect against sunburn. Long ago, Asur’Ana learned that she could create an energetic shield over her face and body when sun bathing to filter out those rays that would damage her skin. She rarely burned as a result. Per also learned this technique and it is one that each can intend to create for themselves if one enjoys spending time in the sun.


Crystalline skin will have more hair follicles, even on the face and in places that hair normally does not grow. This is due to the fact that it is the hair follicles that not only protect the skin from the sun by creating a small amount of fine shade, but also can create warmth in the winter. Per could easily grow a fur coat, so thick has the hair covering his legs, arms and body become of very fine blond hair. Asur’Ana of course still shaves her legs and underarms due to current standards of beauty. The animal kingdoms have watched her shave and likened it to molting in the summer! Nothing is right or wrong and it makes her happier to have smooth legs and underarms. Embrace the increased hair as a sign of regeneration and if you like, much like Asur’Ana, shave it off!


Crystalline eyes will improve sight to a point of not requiring glasses any longer if one so chooses to intend it so. Near sightedness is associated with the shape of the eye that is too round; the round shape causes the inner screen that sight is projected upon to be curved making vision blurry at a distance. Intend to reshape the eyes to be more flat, and step the change into the physical and one will have 20-20 vision again. Far sightedness is from the opposite where the eyes are too flat and the screen then causes blurry vision up close. Intend to reshape the eyes to become more round and one will ascend into 20-20 vision. One may also have to release karma in the ancestry for how one became near or far sighted in the process, but it is doable.


Crystalline smell may increase to perceive the nonphysical aromas around oneself. Nonphysical aromas can be good and bad. One initiate noticed that sometimes her son smelled like baby poop even after she had changed him. Then she noticed that he had picked up a load of stinky entities on the playground. As she had her son return the entities to the playground, he would smell sweet again. This is so for 90% of smells that are bad; most is nonphysical and one can intend that they be sent off Earth through the kundalini of the sun for transmutation. In parallel manner, one can call pleasant odors around oneself such as floral, wood or spicy scents. Asur’Ana often does this in conjunction with placing essential oils upon her skin or in aroma burners in the room.


Crystalline taste may amplify the number of taste buds upon the tongue as well as receptors in the nose. One may be able to taste and smell more as a result causing certain herbs or foods to be more complex to experience while dining. Asur’Ana noticed also that the taste buds can expand leading to communion with the associated kingdom that is quite beautiful to experience. This is triggered as one rubs the tongue with some essential oil for a minute or so until the taste buds open. In the expanded state, even more taste is experienced.


Asur’Ana found certain essential oils were sweet, bitter and salty at the same time if placed upon the tongue when the buds had opened in this manner. She also experienced the energetic communion with the associated kingdom. She cleanses her tongue generally to clear her spoken communications so that they will be a sincere reflection of the kingdom she is channeling for or Mother Earth or the Tao. Rubbing the tongue also triggers the entire digestive system to run.


Long ago, the Grand Masters would balance themselves with small amounts of tinctures and sacred oils by rubbing certain tastes upon the tongue. The Grand Masters did not consume to subsist; and so, they would use tastes to assist in retaining their balance. If they required more water element, they would rub salty tastes upon the tongue; if they required more air element they would rub sweet tasting oils upon the tongue; if they required more fire element, they would rub more sour tasting substances upon the tongue; and if they required more earth element, they would rub bitter tasting substances upon the tongue. The expanded taste buds would relay the information to the brain which would alter the hormones to balance the biology for health.


Crystalline hearing includes an ability to hear telepathic thoughts or words as well as hear in the physical. Telepathy is really just an ability to hear the nonphysical that is present in one’s field. There are also nonphysical music planes that one can attune to and hear music without a CD player. These are abilities that were present for most red nation root races who could clearly hear nature as a result and at the time that they were first seeded. Opening to telepathic hearing is the first step; but one must be careful about who one is listening to as the false gods will like to communicate with you through these as well as Earth and nature. Far better perhaps to ascend into holographic communication instead in the long haul as then one will be more assured to have clearer guidance in support of ascension more of the time.


Holographic communication flows through the heart chakra as the human hologram therein spins. The human hologram is anchored around 2,400-2,600 segments and as the heart lotus begins to bud. As one spins the hologram at certain rotations, one will hear nature kingdoms, Earth or one’s soul. It takes time to learn to sustain a particular spin to attune one to a particular bandwidth to hear the thoughts of Soul, Nature or Earth, but the more that one practices, the easier it becomes.


Touch may become more sensitive as the crystalline nerves prevail under the skin. Sometimes the nerves will fire when there are etheric stuck points making the pain that is really nonphysical feel physical. Sometimes muscles will even spasm in response and if the associated nerves are triggered enough. Moving the kundalini and spinning up the field while taking a gentle walk or swim or hot bath will cause the stuck point to release; then the nerve shall cease to be triggered and the spasm cease. Another focus can be to take the stuck point at cause of the feeling of pain and stretch it out over one’s entire field; most experience instant relief with this intention, and it allows one’s entire field to spin off the density of the current ascension moment instead of just the regeneration chakras.


The Crystalline Nervous System    


The crystalline nervous system has a series of changes that occur in ascension to various levels of vibration. We will strive now to shed light upon how the brain and nerves alter in the crystalline blueprint so that each may better understand. The brain is made up of two hemispheres that act much as a circuit board in a computer. Within the hemispheres are neurons and synapses and as they are fired in a particular algorithmic pattern, they cause consciousness or the experiencing of being alive as a human. Underneath the hemispheres is the interpretive center of the brain, or what scientists call the hippocampus. In the core of this is what scientists call the “pain or pleasure” center.


From Earth’s point of view, the region under the hemispheres is where the algorithmic pattern of neurons firing upon the two hemispheres is interpreted or understood. What causes the neurons to fire? Primarily the energetic exchanges between humans or between kingdoms; there is an energetic exchange between any two humans that meet for any reason; the neurons then fire in a particular algorithmic pattern that then leads to the experience, conversation, sharing and exchange that occurs.


When there is fear between two or more humans, an algorithmic pattern associated with fear goes off within the neurons of the hemispheres. When there is anger, a pattern associated with anger is triggered. When there are thoughts of judgment or non-judgment, greed or generosity, lust or rejection, suffering or harmony, pain or pleasure, fear or peace, death or life, there is an algorithmic pattern associated with each that is triggered in the firing of the neurons of the brain.


Ascension brings about a reprogramming of the neural algorithmic patterns to bring about a response of unity in place of polarity. We have witnessed those who ascended without reprogramming the neural system; this led to more extreme expressions of polarity in the life dance. Generally, those with a brain drawn from Anu lineages in the tapestry when the brain was constructed in the womb are incapable of ascending into unity. This is why they are restrained at 1,800 segments in vibration at this time as increasing emotional upheaval is the experience beyond 1,800 segments due to an inability to understand the Language of Light or move towards unity in the dance of life. The reason for this is ultimately the brain chemistry which cannot be altered towards red Sirian DNA from an Anu blueprint.


Those with a Sirian brain and brain stem can begin to alter the algorithmic response of the neurons to that of unity-based patterns of forgiveness, truth, peace, unity, non-conditional love and harmony. This occurs first as the biochemistry makes a shift from a system that is reactionary or in other terms fires all day long whether there is something justifying the neurons to be triggered or not. Humans associate this with “stress” today. Stress comes from interactions with any other human or group of humans causing the neurons to literally fire all day long causing tension in the muscular structure, particularly in the back of the neck and/or lower back amongst most at two segments of DNA.


Ascension brings about a restructuring of the biochemistry so that it ceases to fire all day long and inside of human interactions. Crystalline neurons only fire if there is conversation or some sort of verbal exchange, and then in association only with the nature of the exchange. So, if the exchange is amongst other ascending humans at a workshop or meditation retreat, unity based algorithmic responses occur in the brain of those whose hemispheres have been altered enough to allow for it leading to greater experiences of unity together.


The experience of unity is directly related to the perception of the circumstance, and the perception is directly related to the algorithmic patterning of how the neurons fire in the brain in each exchange. The alteration to the neurons and algorithmic patterns of the brain are continuous throughout one’s ascension; one is forever learning new patterns that increase one’s perception in the unity paradigm. Therefore, one will never cease ascending or understanding new concepts even though one may be limited to a particular vibratory rate in this lifetime due to limited genealogy. Once the brain becomes fully crystalline, it is unlimited in the number of algorithmic unity-based patterns it may learn allowing for continued evolution nonetheless. The brain becomes fully crystalline by initiation 3,000 in most initiates.


The perceptive center interprets the algorithmic patterns that relayed from the right and left hemisphere. The left hemisphere is associated with language and so the words associated with any experience come from the algorithmic patterns in the left hemisphere. The right hemisphere is associated with emotion or nonverbal language and therefore the experience of feeling or kinesthetic knowing comes from the algorithmic patterns occurring in the right hemisphere.


The two are combined in the perception center to allow for both verbal and emotional understanding of any circumstance. This is vital to the understanding of the Language of Light which is both emotional and verbal in nature. The perception center also continues to evolve throughout the life and is unlimited in its ability to make new interpretations regardless of one’s limitation in crystalline DNA in the rest of the biology.


Ascension does not stop just because one has not genealogy to the next level of frequency in the human biology; as one’s perceptions and experiences will continue to evolve and change nonetheless. This is more important than ascending in genetics from Earth’s point of view, as it is the emotional understanding gained as one learns the spiritual lessons of the karmic dance around oneself that leads to the momentum of the emerging unity paradigm in the dance of life. As humans can learn to relate again from love and unity, the entire dance can change and one is not limited in moving towards this goal regardless of where one rests in their ascent in this lifetime.


The perception center also goes through a biochemical alteration along with the biochemistry of the neurons and synapses of the hemispheres. Asur’Ana does not have enough of a medical background to put these changes in anything but laymen terms. The alteration has to do with the release of limited bandwidths of thoughtform and the embracing of more expansive bandwidths of thoughtform. The Language of Light is a more expansive thoughtform that begins at roughly 2,200 segments and ends around 48,000 segments of DNA in vibratory bandwidths that surround Earth. It is beyond 48,000 segments that one begins to move towards photonic biology and the Language of ONE; prior to this one is working with the Language of Light and attracting this thoughtform to the field and perception center.


The perception center gathers Language of Light thoughts through a pocket of photonic fluid that is constructed in the center of the brain beginning at 2,200 segments of DNA that host fat cells that carry photon energy. The more photonic pockets in this region of domain that develop, the greater one’s ability to begin to perceive life from the vantage point of the Language of Light rather than disunity or polarity-based thoughts. What is it like to transcend into the Language of Light? From Asur’Ana’s and Per’s own experience of it, one begins to perceive all sides of any given experience in a very personal way.


One may perceive the pain and suffering that another is going through in the physical, as well as the pain and suffering one is feeling in the nonphysical due to psychic abuse. One may perceive that the other has no control over the unconscious game and does not understand it in the physical. One begins to perceive all truths and then can have compassion for all scripts in the cast of characters in one’s life dance. From this, one will then learn to have compassion for those who do not understand and from such a state of being, they judge or are harmful; and for oneself in how difficult it is to ascend inside the current destructive paradigm. This is how compassion in action is learned in ascension.


As one forgives, the dance also concludes in the unconscious. Forgiveness requires that one cease to participate in the unconscious abuse by oneself in this life or within any other ancestral life; as one forgives all sides, then the dance changes and one pulls out of the game of harmful energy flow. How does this work within the hemispheres and perception center of the brain?


Forgiveness releases a chemical that alters the algorithmic patterning in the neurons; as the patterning changes, one no longer creates the pattern that causes one emotional or energetic suffering. As all algorithmic patterns at cause of suffering are transmuted to new patterns that allow for balance and joy, then one steps out of any experience of suffering into the future. Many initiates are just beginning to move into this direction of greater ongoing peace, as there are so many algorithmic patterns associated with non-joy and suffering encoded into the human brain.


Where did all the patterns of suffering and non-joy come from? Humans upon Earth have taken on all the patterns associated with Sirian humans and Pleiadian humans and many other human civilizations that did not want to transmute their patterns of suffering but simply slough them off elsewhere. In so doing, the associated neural genetics were moved to humans upon Earth rather than transcended in their ascent or continued existence.


Machines were probably created to remove patterns within their civilizations and fractured them off into the unconscious where they were then moved to Earth. This of course resolves nothing as humans have really never moved out of their biological state of suffering; they have only deferred it to other relations in other creations. This does not work, and so Asur’Ana and Per set out several years ago to transmute all patterns that created suffering, and have accomplished this goal more or less as of late.


This is where they work well together in dreamtime. Asur’Ana is very good at bringing in new algorithmic patterns as she scopes out information from the Tao or Great Central Sun; Per is very gifted at finding a way to make the new pattern fit into the neural transmitters that he and she have. Then they are each gifted at stepping the pattern down so that others in vibratory rates beneath them can embrace the new algorithmic patterns as well, leading to greater forgiveness, compassion, non-conditional love along with life experiences of unity and joy.


One must still transmute the old algorithmic patterns associated with suffering or non-joy or pain as well as the associated karma to embrace the new. However, much of the original cause of these patterns came from other creations, and so one can intend simply to press the original cause of any algorithmic brain pattern that is not from Earth to its creation of origin and step out of the game.


Certain foods are also helpful for humans to embrace new algorithmic patterns of the Language of Light in ascension. One of such foods is chocolate. Chocolate hosts an acid that is useful in restructuring neural patterning. It is for this reason that we recommend eating chocolate whenever possible to assist each in embracing the new thoughts offered by Earth and the Tao. Another helpful food is peanut butter or other nuts or nut butters. Nuts host fats or lipids also useful in the reprogramming of algorithmic patterning of the brain. Humans also love to combine chocolate and nuts, and so perhaps in this they recognize that this is a necessary food now at this time of ascension. So, enjoy your chocolates and nuts beloved!




To reprogram the biology for unity, regeneration, and health, all parts of the biology must ascend so that a complete crystalline structure is created that encompasses each organ, gland and system. We hope in going through the nature of the crystalline structure that each will better be able to assess where they are strong or weak in this process in their ascension to date. The worksheet section of this chapter will be useful in making one’s own assessment of one’s ascent to date.


Earth reminds each that intention is everything. Intend to repair and replace a particular set of encoding or DNA where one is weak or one’s ascension is behind, and the nonphysical strives to deliver upon one’s commands. However, if one is surrounded with non-supportive nonphysical forces, then it is highly likely that one’s commands may be only partially fulfilled upon or perhaps not fulfilled upon at all. Learning to manage the field in a way that causes such nonphysical forces less to no say over one’s ascension is therefore useful before one endeavors to command parts of the biology that are behind to catch up in the ascent. (Please refer to Chapter 5 for more information on managing one’s field in ascension.)


The next chapter shall focus upon managing one’s dream. The order and sequence of the chapters build upon one another. It is for this reason that we guide each to read and work with the worksheets in the order that they are presented. Also, one may return to certain chapters again and again to assist with the next level of ascent one is mastering as a sort of template to assure that one is thorough in this process. As more ascending initiates are thorough, the better the map constructed for the incoming children shall be. This shall birth healthy ascending crystalline children that will be able to handle the energy enough to assist in holding a new dream for humankind. This is the hope and dream of Earth.


Please click here for Chapter 6 Worksheet


Ascension Meditation Recordings


Ascension Insights Charts & Diagrams


Language of Light


Language of ONE



This workbook is lovingly dedicated unto each who is willing to go within and open the heart in order to forgive oneself and all others. As it is only as one forgives oneself and one’s ancestors along with all others and their ancestors that a new life of unity, honor, joy and peace can be born.

Love and Namaste,

Mother Earth



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Asur’Ana. Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension: Workbook 1. Aligning With Earth, 2021. Digital.

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