Image of a serene forest in Tibet with violet colored wild flowers. Transcending Usury, Ownership, and Patterns of Non-Love

Chapter 5: Transcending Usury, Ownership, and Patterns of Non-Love


Today we write about patterns of usury and non-love. The human species has fallen into the belief that somehow being used and owned is love; and that owning and using others is also love. This was not the original casted nature of the Red Nations humans or Grand Masters as they were seeded upon Earth; although you could say that patterns of usury, ownership and non-love were embedded in a hidden language within the DNA. As long as the hidden language remained buried, it did not act out in the dance of life. If the hidden language surfaced, suddenly Red Nations humans and Grand Master relations allowed themselves to be used and owned and perceived this as a loving thing to participate in.


How exactly does this work? First, we must define what love is in Red Nation terms. Love is ongoing blessings that flow between the two or the many. The blessings contain the love of the human hologram, the love of Mother Earth and the love of soul combined. Love sustains life, health, wellbeing and longevity.


When the communion was run in an ongoing and sustainable manner within red nation tribes, those existing in this type of flow lived 1,000 to 2,000 years upon the physical plane, as the love supported the regeneration of crystalline biology. The love also sustained Mother Earth and those regions that the Red Nations’ peoples lived also regenerated, providing amply for their populations along with all other kingdoms residing upon the land. The love also sustained soul such that soul could continue to incarnate and dance with the human species.


Souls upon Earth are not innocent. The souls that came to dance with the humans that were seeded from Sirius had an alternative purpose. Over time, they began to strip love from the dance of communion between humans and send this love to Sirius. This was to propel Sirius upwards in vibration but at the expense of humans upon Earth. As this occurred, the usury and ownership language hidden in the DNA was drawn to the foreground and then began to act out in tribal life. How does usury and ownership alter the dance of life? This is an interesting topic all of its own that we are going to thoroughly explore in this chapter.


Ownership Signatures   


Long ago, Asur’Ana wrote about ownership patterning that occurred between the nonphysical and physical. These signatures are a part of the hidden language in all human DNA upon Earth. The original set of signatures brought forth through Asur’Ana long ago were not a complete set, and all signatures of ownership whether they be earth related or multidimensional have been mapped and are available for review in the Temple of Ownership for all ascending sentient beings at this time in history.


The signatures number into the thousands and therefore it is not possible to map them all in the physical for review as this would take too much time away from other more important information Asur’Ana and Per have to bring through. However, they are available in the nonphysical and during dreamtime to aid in the release of ownership-based language within all ascending human DNA.


For a long time, these signatures remained invisible and in the background, and did not affect Red Nation life upon Earth as they were hidden in the DNA. As the signatures asserted themselves as triggered by soul causing an imbalance in the communion energy flow, everything changed. Suddenly there was not enough chi; not enough chi for humans and not enough chi for the land, as humans began to rely upon the love of Mother Earth to subsist due to soul’s choice to drain the love for another purpose in another creation (Sirius). The weather began to change over time; creating vast droughts wherever humans lived, causing the flora and fauna to be deprived enough to produce fewer vegetables and fruits. Streams and rivers dried up causing lakes to shrink, leaving the water kingdoms likewise deprived.


The droughts were not a global phenomenon at the time and only occurred wherever Red Nation humans lived. This dance occurred long before the Grand Masters were seeded upon Earth to manage the dream for the Red Nations’ peoples. Our earliest record of droughts due to human interference occurred 15,000 Earth years (60,000 human years) following the original seeding. Sirians seeded humans upon Earth approximately 75,000 Earth years ago (300,000 years as humans measure time).


Earth had known starvation through freezing but not drought up until this time in the natural world. Six million Earth years ago, Arcturian humans froze Earth to contain the sulfur dioxide that was poisoning one of their galaxies. The Arcturians transferred their poisons upon Earth causing her to go into a major ice age. This is the last major ice age that your scientists measure and occurred 24 million years ago as humans measure time. Earth restored herself to the beautiful terrarium that she had always been since the last ice age. However, Earth could not sustain the heat that she once knew before the Arcturian freeze; one of the reasons for this was the many glaciers that never fully thawed.


We now understand that frozen grid work from other planets was added to Terra’s field to cause this to be so. The frozen grid work is being removed at this time and returned to its source of origin in Terra’s ascent and as such, all glaciers are beginning to melt. This shall signify a restoration of a vibration that was inherent upon Terra prior to the arrival of the Arcturians; and may take another 1,000 years of continued ascent to accomplish in full.


The frozen grid work from many creations held thoughtform that is ownership related upon Earth. As such, there are many cords of attachment from other creations such as Sirius that hook into Terra’s glaciers. It was through these inter-creational cords of attachment that Terra continued to lose love and chi. This is the nature of ownership; if one is owned then one is used; and if one is used, one loses chi, information, moving energy systems, regeneration and ultimately love to another.


As there is less and less love available unto the whole, a dream is caused to manifest that allows that which is loveless to appear within the dream. Humans are the loveless mirror for Earth to perceive her own loveless state within. As humans ascend into a state of love again, Earth shall also restore the love she has lost over time and return to love being the foundation of her existence.


Cause of Destructive Creatures Upon Terra         


Red Nation humans were seeded upon Earth with a buried language of usury and ownership. This language connected to the regions that were owned by other creations near the glaciers. Humans over time moved to regions near the glaciers as this resonated with the hidden thoughtform within their DNA. Humans also often relocated to regions once vastly populated by dinosaurs. Dinosaurs were another creature with vast destructive thoughtform buried in the DNA. Dinosaurs arrived upon Earth at human cause via space craft from another creation known as Alpha Centauri, the home of the Reptilians.


The Reptilians were considering moving unto Earth and seeded another creature known as Dinosaurs to see how they would fare. Alas the creature turned destructive to all other kingdoms, consuming the birds, animals, flora and fauna natural unto Terra. Over time, Terra decided to cause the dinosaurs to go extinct; and this occurred as a vast asteroid hit her surface near what is Death Valley in California today, and caused the temperatures to sink just enough to cause their entire kingdom to instantly die overnight, as they required the subtropical climate for their blood to flow.


As the blood cooled enough to cease to flow, all dinosaurs perished. This was a great relief unto Terra, but did not settle the original cause of why this type of destructive life form was attracted unto Earth in the first place; which was due to thoughtform held in the destructive grid work that was frozen into Terra’s glaciers.


For a long time, Terra and her souls believed that they held no cause for the destructive nature of creatures like the dinosaurs appearing upon the scene. This was also so for the human species, that the souls of Terra decided to also cause to go extinct. The intent to cause human extinction manifest as a nuclear annihilation in the era of the Anu that almost caused all of Earth to go extinct; and this dance of cause and effect and nuclear annihilation has repeated each cycle since.


Ultimately, the cause of human nuclear annihilation however was Terra’s desire to cause human extinction pressed back upon her. You see you cannot intend to destroy another without destroying yourself; and you cannot destroy a part of the whole without destroying the whole. This is the spiritual lesson for Terra from these experiences; and it is due to this understanding that Terra now supports human evolution instead of extinction.


From supporting human ascension, the karma for nuclear warfare could be released in collaboration with the map makers in recent years. To date, the release of nuclear warfare karma has been fulfilled upon, and now the possibility of a nuclear war no longer lies ahead in Terra’s dream. Ascension is only possible when all kingdoms pull together to learn their individual and collective spiritual lessons, and then forgive all that has transpired before. When what has transpired before is forgiven, the karmic repetition ceases and a new day can be born. This too has been a part of Terra’s spiritual lessons.


Terra as A Part of the Tao Intervention     


Terra recently has come to remember that she is a vessel that extended into this dance within the Great Central Sun as a part of a Tao based intervention to understand why this region of domain is going extinct. Inherent within Earth’s biosphere are attractors to attract all experiences at cause of extinction. This has to be so, as the only way to understand a particular dance is to experience it; and then to gather records of the experience so that they can be analyzed and understood. The Tao extended a part of itself into this region of domain as Terra to understand. In so being, all destructive patterns have been experienced by Terra over time to allow for this understanding to be born.


Humans likewise chose to extend into this region of domain with Terra. Humans were not always a part of the Great Central Sun dreams of past contraction cycles in the Tao. Humans, whales and dolphins alike extended in as fully conscious species to provide aid to the understanding of the Tao in this experience so that it could be healed and all could be ascended Home.


For twelve contraction cycles in the Tao, this region of domain has failed to go “home”; and this is one of billions of other regions with parallel troubles. The regions failing to go home are tearing at the Tao so vastly, that the Tao could go extinct. Therefore, the Tao has no choice really but to extend in to correct this very dark and lost place, allowing all to be known and all ultimately to be gathered again unto itself. All creations ultimately emanate from the Tao; all creations must return therefore in the homecoming.


Humans, dolphins and whales like Terra have chosen to have all experiences at cause of why these regions of domain go extinct. Therefore, each fully conscious species has experienced destruction and ownership that underlies their original agreements of why each extended into this region of domain, which is to understand. This may be hard to comprehend, as often Terra and humans or whales and dolphins alike, believe that they are victims to something inherently much greater and larger than self that destroys us. Alas, we are actually extensions of that which is far greater than the largest darkness controlling creations in this region of domain known as the Tao, that has entered the dance to understand.


Now the understanding gained from Terra’s ascent is beginning to flow back to the Tao; and the Tao is beginning to absorb the large forces that destroy and are at cause of Terra’s demise over time. As such, and over time, the dark forces shall cease to be; and Terra and all upon her including humans, dolphins and whales shall return to where we came from, as we originated from the Heart of the Tao. As we accomplish this goal, all other creations shall follow and all shall be gathered up over time and return Home.


Much has been lost since we exited the Great Central Sun Dream. Earth left as a large 24th dimensional vessel and now returns as an itty bitty third dimensional vessel that is very dense and somewhat putrid due to the required detoxification from this era of human pollution and destruction of Terra’s surface. However, the Inner Earth is aglow with possibility and the Inner Earth’s peoples are finding their way to technological resonance with Terra. If this can occur for the Inner Earth’s peoples, so it can also occur for the outer Earth’s peoples.


To a great degree, the discord upon the surface of the Earth is directly related and a mirror of the discord within the human species and all other species incarnate therein. As the discord ceases within through ascension, then it shall also cease without and humans will come into living in balance with Terra again, just as the Inner Earth peoples are accomplishing at this time in the physical.


Discord and Ownership


Terra’s condition upon the surface of the Earth is a reflection of the dissonant biology that exists within humans, whales, dolphins along with other nature kingdoms currently incarnate. Humans, dolphins, whales and nature alike have become a hodgepodge of genealogy from other creations that does not resonate with the magnetic Great Central Sun Dream we are about to enter. The hodgepodge of dissonant genealogies creates the dance of ownership in the first place. Therefore, what is required is a purification of genetics, and a purification of thoughtform to allow for momentum out of the dance of ownership and into the dance of love. This is not a small feat to orchestrate, however those who are ascending in small numbers and carving the maps for other humans, whales and dolphins to follow, are succeeding at this goal.


What is required to purify the genetics of DNA that is non-resonant? First it requires intention. Then it requires researching the ancestry for resonant DNA to ascend into. Sometimes resonant DNA is unavailable in one region of the biology or another and if so one ascends into dissonant DNA for a time until the next vibratory bandwidth offers ancestors with DNA that is resonant. In so doing, one traces the discord of the many falls in one’s ancestry backwards through time, re-experiencing what one’s ancestry experienced in the dance of ownership, and then forgives what was experienced and learns the spiritual lessons behind the dance.


As the spiritual lesson is learned and forgiven, then another type of genetics becomes available, and one ascends into the next phase of DNA creating a different experience upon the physical plane that is more harmonious with others.


Harmony and non-ownership are synonymous. How can there ever be harmony if one is enslaved to another through ownership? It is only in ascending beyond the ownership and into a state of equality again that real resonance can be born. This can be accomplished through ascension and we can clearly perceive a path to this goal at this time. There are those in Asur’Ana and Per’s dreamtime study program that are moving beyond ownership and into harmony and unity.


This is how unity is to be born within the human species again along with dolphins and whales; by working backwards through time and clearing out the debris in the genetics that does not resonate, and anchoring instead unity-based genetics from ancestors who fared well upon the physical plane together, living in non-ownership, unity, harmony, communion and love at the time that they were alive.


In any time period, there are those ancestors who lived in non-ownership, unity and harmony together. These are the ancestral memories that must be anchored and brought forth and fostered for the human species to ascend into ahead. However, it has been a long era of many falls into dissonance. Ascension requires all dissonance also to be explored and healed and forgiven, as this too is how unity is born.


One cannot simply enter a state of unity without understanding how the discord was created, as this would then assure that discord would occur again due to a lack of understanding of the energy dynamics at cause. Once the energetic dynamics of disunity are understood, then they can be transcended, and if they appear again in a future part of the tapestry of ancestry, they can be forgiven without the requirement to manifest the discord ahead. This is the gift of absolute forgiveness that the Rose Quartz Mineral Kingdom speaks to in their written materials. (Please see Mineral Treasures Chapter 6 “Blessings for Absolute Forgiveness and Receiving the Pink Ray of Love” for more information.)


Ascending humans will continuously research ancestral archives for missing knowledge about sustaining non-ownership and unity-based flow, and what DNA served in creating such an experience is the best DNA to ascend into. As one erases and replaces DNA that is discordant with that which is resonant and embodies it, then one comes to harmony within. The discord of humanity and in the life dance is only a reflection of the discord within the DNA, with one part moving energy in one configuration that causes the body to die; and other DNA moving in another configuration trying to regenerate and allow the life to be sustained.


As the DNA at cause of movements that lead to death is transmuted, then the movement of field can become harmonious enough to allow for regeneration of the physical vessel. Death is the ultimate end to the dance of ownership; if one is owned then one can be killed, take on the disease of another or sacrificed in the dance of life. Therefore, death is also at the root of ownership; as humans transcend death through ascending into regenerative biology, then ownership can also be left behind.


Many attaining Bodhisattva level evolution are purging enough of the discordant DNA to create a much deeper level of harmony and peace within along with physical regeneration. This is the goal of Terra to foster, as it is only as humans restore harmony within that harmony within your civilization and relationship unto Earth shall also be born.


The Nature of Ownership and Dream         


Non-resonant DNA creates stuck points of energy flow which either spin slowly or cease to spin at all. It is within the regions that do not spin at all that ownership is seated. Ownership is a brand or stamp that is imprinted into the etheric grid work and creates cords of attachment extending from one person to another person, object, plant, pet, land or other possessions. The cords of attachment create ongoing loss of chi between parties and therefore must be continuously released in order to ascend upwards in vibration in each phase of the ascent.


It is interesting to note that in the early days of exploring ownership patterns, Asur’Ana and Per discovered that they owned objects related to the ownership patterns in their own field and etheric body. Many may wonder why they purchase the brands of clothing, food, toothpaste or laundry detergent or any other item that one does; or why one purchases this car or that car over time. One will discover that the car or brand that one prefers is related to the very patterns of ownership within one’s own field.


Sometimes the ownership signature appears in the logo of the company that distributes the brands that humans purchase. Asur’Ana and Per laughed at the time as they saw that most car ornaments of this shape or that shape are also a part of the ownership signatures inherent in the people that purchase such cars as well as their manufacturers. This is also the same for any product that one purchases, or even the land that one owns or lives upon.


Here we point out that dreams are attracted to a particular vibration of movement and sound in the field. Ownership signatures have their own movement and sound run in the subtle bodies and chakra system of the field and tend to attract dreams that resonate. Therefore, if one holds the signature and sound of say the Toyota car company, one will be more likely to attract a dream for a car that is of the Toyota brand than any other possible dream.


For Asur’Ana long ago, this was for the Hyundai brand of car, and for Per the Volkswagen brand. One will see that some car company’s share the same signature, for Infiniti it is related also to Nissan, and often Infiniti and Nissan dealers share the same car lot or are a part of the same dealership. For those ascending, as you clear your ownership to any signature related to any manufacturer in present time, and then you will be free to purchase whatever you like as well as cease to attach to your possessions.


By and large, freeing yourself from ownership signatures in full requires transcendence of the Kumara planes that were created following the nuclear annihilation of Atlantis. The Kumara planes of greed, lust, judgment, pain, suffering, fear and death were the result of other planes prevalent in the era of Atlantis falling into another bandwidth of density where they split into even greater polarity and non-joy in the vibration of antimatter. Generally, ownership signatures in the etheric grid work sit in antimatter tones of creation and it is for this reason that they create stuck points where the chi fails to move. Each signature within the etheric grid work is related to two of the above Kumara dreamtime planes that is also a part of the thoughtform of one’s biological archetypal nature from birth.


Transcendence of the Kumara based thoughtform occurs as one masters Bodhisattva level evolution (6,000-9,000 segments of DNA embodied.) Mastering Bodhisattva level takes one back in time to prior to the emergence of Atlantis technology, which is where ownership signatures originated and used in the mass marketing of merchandise, not unlike today. Prior to this time period, there was not technological advancement, other than for the family of Anu, who retained their knowledge for themselves fearing that the slaves would rise up against them otherwise. It may be from the desire of many slaves to have the technology of the Anu that the dream for technological advancement was then created en masse for the time period known as Atlantis.


The Era of Atlantis        


Atlantis was far more greatly technologically advanced than anything known in present time. During Atlantean times, humans were controlled through their technology. No one was immune from being spied upon in their own homes or offices or hotel rooms through the media devices with which Atlanteans preoccupied themselves. In particular this occurred in the latter half of their civilization, from 10,000 to 11,000 Earth years ago (40,000 to 44,000 years ago as humans measure time). This is where the concept of “Big Brother” comes from in human genetic memory.


Although technology could be used in parallel today, the remembrance of the fear that Big Brother generated has caused humans to rebel against the use of technology for this purpose and restrain the dance more or less through national and international laws. You will see in the times ahead that many of the terrorist laws passed in the US that have allowed a certain level of spying of their own people will be removed. This too comes from the remembrance of how information can be misused as it is collected to imprison or charge the wrong individuals for the crimes committed.


There were those inside the Big Brother system of Atlantis that were just as corrupt at those that they were spying upon; and often they doctored information to make it appear as though someone was committing a crime when they were not, to offset the guilty party who would carry on in the criminal game for profit and greed. Some of those today wrongly charged with crimes that they did not commit have karma in Atlantis for manipulating the gathering of records through technology to make others appear guilty when they were not. As such, these individuals are experiencing the return of their cause in Atlantis.


Much of the karma playing out in the world mirror today or even in the local mirror is really the return of Atlantean karma, and humans are experiencing their own trauma in return incurred in this time period. As an ascending human, it is best to allow others to experience their karma as this then settles it for another era to be born in the human dream ahead that moves beyond the karma of Atlantis. As an ascending human you can choose to forgive your karma and step out of the cause in this manner, giving birth to a new day.


One initiate whom we shall call Remi recalls how her former spouse and father to her child desired to have her committed to an insane asylum and take their son away, considering her “nuts” due to her experience of opening to her unconscious. He tried to convince Remi’s parents that she was going insane. Remi’s parents defended Remi, and this was the result of releasing the karma from Atlantis, where his ancestry had thrown her ancestor into a mental hospital for parallel cause. Due to the clearing of the karma, the pattern reverted back upon the former spouse, who desired to take Remi’s child away. In the end, Remi met her twin partner and he relocated to Colorado with her. Together they were guided to give full custody of the child to the former spouse anyway, as there was no further karma for the dance in their ascending lives.


However, her former spouse’s next partner took him to court for his parenting style and tried to prevent him from seeing his second child, a baby girl. In the end, he wound up experiencing his own cause return with another calling him “nuts” and vying to take away his child away as a result. You see how karmic settlement works? The dance is thrown back upon those who have failed to forgive, and then they too must live to experience a parallel dream. “Live it or forgive it” as Mother Earth would say.


Attachment and Programs, Dreams and Algorithms      


Any predicament that one finds oneself in can be forgiven altering the outcome of the dance. This is the gift of forgiveness. Forgiveness also allows the ties of attachment through ownership signatures between oneself and others to dissolve and dissipate. One will find that the Language of Light dissolves the ownership signatures recorded in the etheric vessel or space between. The cords of attachment through the ownership skew the dream in a particular karmic direction.


How exactly does this work? The attachment will magnetize one dream to be drawn to one party in a particular polarity, and the other dream to be drawn to the other party. In the above example of a spouse that desired to have Remi considered insane, the dream was drawn to her through the attachment and due to the karmic cause held within the ownership signatures in her field. As she erased the ownership, released the attachment, and forgave the karma, the dream reversed onto the former spouse and then was lived to be experienced in the following seven-year cycle. This is how dreams alter as one releases attachment, ownership signatures and karma associated with why a particular drama that is called into the life to be experienced.


Ownership patterns will also have program beads of cause and effect associated along with machinery and non-unity based beliefs. The program beads and machinery hook into the field through the ownership signatures. Erase the ownership signatures and the programming beads of cause and effect and machinery will also dissipate as the emotional trauma and karma is released. This is a level of work deeper than deprogramming mechanical thoughtform spoken unto in Chapter 3 of this workbook. Ownership is also related to disease algorithms as explored in Chapter 4 and how they flow in an imbalanced manner leading to over and under stimulation of the nervous system. Underlying algorithms that are imbalanced will be ownership signatures recorded in the space between of the subtle bodies.


How does one erase ownership signatures? One can focus Language of Light movements and tones into the etheric body at the root of the etheric body level attachment associated between oneself and any other person, place or object. As the Language of Light spins, the ownership will be dissipated as the energy begins to flow or move more rapidly. As the ownership dissipates, then the cords of attachment can be dissipated between parties. As the attachment releases, serpents that extended outside of the etheric vessel can then be rewoven inside, leading to more chi moving through the etheric body over time, leading to a higher vibration form. This is how one recovers lost grid work that has extended outside of the etheric form in the game of attachment.


The Origins of Attachment      


Where did attachment originate? Attachment was not a part of the Red Nations’ peoples dance of life in the original seeding. Energy flowed in a rotational manner surrounding the field of each leading to the experience of “Ohana” or belonging in the early Red Nations’ peoples. There was no attachment in the rotational flow. As the Grand Masters arrived, they shared an even larger rotational flow with the Red Nations’ peoples. The Grand Masters tried to ascend a small number of those of Polynesian and Tibetan root race lineages and this failed. The group went into hidden destructive languages, and this led to patterns associated with attachment forming amongst Red Nations’ peoples of related root race.


It may be the early forms of attachment occurring due to the emerging destructive language that is ownership based that then called another race of humans from the Pleiades to relocate unto Earth, as there was a language that they resonated with in the human dream. It may also be for this reason that the Reptilian race was called to Earth as well. Attachment occurred in the early Red Nation humans only in the space between and therefore went unnoticed. Space between attachment has its origins in the destructive languages inflated in these early human ascensions. As one erases the destructive hidden languages in the DNA, then space between attachments that are associated can also release, as it is all associated.


The Book of Death and the Book of Ascension     


The destructive language associated with space between attachments originates with the false tao. The false tao is a part of the Tao left behind in many contraction cycles. The false tao has inflated itself into dominion and manipulates creations into extinction and life extension practices. The false tao believes itself to be the creator of all, and has manipulated all creations in this region of domain.


In order to control creations and press them either towards life extension or extinction, the false tao has altered all genetic languages to carry a hidden language of either life extension or extinction. Those creations receiving a language of life extension experience a long period of love and light; and those receiving the language of extinction fall and fall in consciousness much like Terra. As the destructive language of the false tao is erased, one can also step out of the game of how the false tao manipulates creations to extinction.


The destructive language is related to a “Book of Death” that holds scripts that humanity attunes unto. The scripts skew humanity into destructive patterns that lead to falls in consciousness. The Book of Death has recently been replaced upon the holographic planes with the “Book of Ascension” by those mastering the initiations to Bodhisattva. The Book of Ascension makes possible life scripts that allow for an evolutionary journey ahead with Terra into the Great Central Sun. As each chooses to attune to the new Book of Ascension, one will receive new life scripts that will better support your continued evolution ahead.


Space Without Attachment     


Space without attachment is the result of the Pleiadian Anu who created a Slave Nation of half Native American Root Race DNA and half Pleiadian DNA derived from the Anu biology. The Slave Nation was half magnetic or rotational in flow and half electrical or straight lined in geometry. The mixture of straight lined and rotational geometry created an energetic system that was inherently dissonant and caused the field and form to age and die in a much shorter lifespan than the Red Nations’ peoples of the time experienced. The slaves aged and died in 300 to 500 years whereas the Red Nations’ peoples with only magnetic flow lived to be 1,000-1,500 years on average in this time period.


The slaves themselves were inherently attached to one another. There was so little holographic knowledge available unto their nation to sustain enough rotation of field that the etheric bodies of all slaves intertwined. This was also the underlying cause of why they so rapidly aged. The intertwining is the root cause of positive energy attachment today between humans and their friends, family, pets, property, workmates and homes.


Most ascending humans have some slave lineages that one utilized the DNA from to construct the body in the womb. As all slave lineages DNA is converted to red lineage DNA down to the physical vessel, the attachment that is associated with the positive ley lines of the etheric vessel can be released in full. Most ascending humans will transcend all Anu slave DNA in their journey to 3,000 DNA segments. As all attachment is released, one quite naturally will ascend into Figure-8 energy flow in 100% of the energy field.


Ownership Signatures and the Land


Over time and as the Anu proclaimed Earth their “kingdom”, they sank ownership signatures deep into Terra. These signatures were pyramidal energetic formations that were foreign unto Terra up until their arrival. The Anu based pyramids run upon the land caused droughts and loss of life of all kingdoms, as the vibrations were from a foreign creation that cannot sustain life upon Earth. The Anu thereby destroyed everything that they claimed as their own territory; however, they were small enough in number that it more or less went unnoticed on the part of Terra and all other kingdoms.


It is as the slave nation populations grew into the millions and later billions that there were significant patterns of demise upon the land due to the energetic pyramids spinning in their culture. The pyramids were used by the Anu to feed out of in order to extend their lives; they also fed off the soul and chi of the land that their slaves existed upon. Over time large droughts caused starvation of certain slave cities as the food ceased to grow due to lack of water; the pyramids spinning upon the land combusted the water element leading to droughts. This was long before the nuclear annihilation of the Anu.


The Anu intervened on behalf of the droughts and imported water from other regions to irrigate the slave farmlands. This then deprived the Red Nations’ peoples of enough water to subsist as their own streams were diverted and lakes were drained to irrigate slave nation farms. This too is another reason why the Red Nations’ peoples living nearby chose to relocate to the new land, building large boats and sailing half way around the world. Later and as the warfare between Merduk and Innana became the primary focus of the Anu, they ceased to intervene on behalf of the slaves over their droughts, and many slaves starved. This is also the origin of starvation in the human dream.


The ownership over the land continued in the era the Pharaohs. Parallel patterning of pyramidal formations began to occur to extend the lives of the Pharaohs, who were part Anu in archetypal nature, and this too led to droughts significant enough to cause starvation. In the era of the Pharaohs, starvation was pressed into neighboring valleys by inverting the dark side of each pyramid away from Pharaoh Island. Pyramids split into light and dark factions in this time period; those sitting in the dark pyramids not only aged and became ill, but struggled with droughts and lack as well as fear.


The dark pyramids were host to severely radioactive energy flow and literally dried up the element of water to such a point that no rain would fall season after season, leaving the farmers empty handed to feed the local populace. This is the first time that starvation was experienced amongst Red Nations’ peoples in human history. Although the Red Nations’ peoples did experience droughts in their early history, none really starved as they simply moved into other regions that amply provided for each tribe in neighboring valleys.


The Red Nations’ peoples did not own the land per se, but lived freely from the land as long as they paid their taxes to the Pharaohs. The Pharaohs however “owned the land” Anu style and opened massive pyramids over each region that they conquered. They also owned the people and harvested their chi to extend their lives. Over time, the regions conquered were the equivalent of North America and half of South America and Mexico today.


The configurations of light and dark pyramids split over the land, leaving some regions with enough and other regions with lack due to droughts. Those living in drought torn regions attempted to relocate, but the populations had multiplied to a point that even the abundant regions could not support those without food, and lack for all in the attempt to share was the end result. This was the first time also that the Red Nations’ peoples experienced extreme lack.


Ownership over the land carried on in the era of Atlantis. Atlantean populations were primarily Anu or Anu slave in origins and repeated the same patterning with the land that had occurred in the Anu era. The ownership was less strong due to fracturing of field; however, the pyramidal formations over their civilization did cause droughts in some regions and abundant rain in others. The droughts were handled by moving all farming underground so that the land above could be sold as real estate for expensive country living. Underground springs were tapped into or water was imported from elsewhere as necessary to assure that there was enough food supply.


Food was liberally modified by scientific genetic manipulations to create the tastiest, fastest growing and beautiful food source possible. Underground, all attributes of farming were controlled, from the light that the plant received in a given day, to the water and fertilizer it received. Ultimately, this created such a weakened food source that as the nuclear winter set in, Atlantean food source dried up and could not self heal, as there was no nature kingdom directing the plants associated with their crops to allow for a healing. Billions starved as a result.


There is a strong remembrance of this experience in the land of Europe today which sits within the grids that once embraced the continent of Atlantis. Those in the EU therefore reject genetically modified crops as well as farming in such restrictive and controlled environments as a result. In North America, there is little recollection of how weakened food supplies caused starvation in times past, and so the karma repeats today. As the karma for human control over the natural world for the purposes of farming is released, humans will return to working with nature consciously again.


The Red Nations’ peoples did farm in many time periods, and the cycles of the farming drove the civilization. Each harvest was honored with celebrations in which love was exchanged with the land and plants that the Red Nations’ peoples consumed. This ensured another cycle of harvest ahead without the requirement for fertilizers, as love is the biggest fertilizer of all and the foundation of all life.


Atlantis took from all other continents drawing upon resources necessary to sustain the Earth or sustain other humans, leading to starvation in other countries. This is not unlike the western nations today who consume much of the world’s resources. As a result of starving other nations, ultimately those in Atlantis experienced starvation themselves, as this is the nature of karma, it will return and you will experience what you have caused, both individually and collectively.


In the times of cleansing ahead, there may also be starvation in the western and other wealthy nations that have left others starving in other regions, such as South America and Africa. However, there is also an opportunity for humanity to learn its lesson surrounding deprivation, and learn to share more greatly allowing enough resources for each population of humans global wide. This dream of balance shall also come more greatly to fruition as humans that spin pyramidal formations upon the land cease to exist in the coming times of cleansing ahead.


In Lemuria, the land was shared up until greater numbers of Atlanteans arrived and chose to purchase land from the natives either to live or build lavish resorts for others to visit. As the Atlanteans owned the Lemurian land, pyramids began to flow in the regions that the resorts were constructed. The more and more resorts were developed, the larger the pyramids that spun all told upon Lemurian land. Over time more land was owned by those from Atlantis than the remaining Lemurians.


The pyramids split in light and dark, and the dark pyramids were pressed to another part of the continent causing droughts and not enough for those living upon the land. The dark pyramids combusted the water element leading to a massive drought, causing many Lemurians to starve. The cause of this was karma from the era of the Anu and Pharaohs repeating again in the Atlantean time period.


Ownership of the Land in Present Time     


Ownership of the land in present time human life is worse than in prior periods of human history. The reason for this is that humanity by and large has fallen into dogmatic thoughtform of right and wrong. Dogmatic thoughtform is founded upon the vibrations of antimatter. Antimatter creates holes in matter. As humans own the land with their dogmatic thoughtform, they cause holes in Terra’s molecular structure causing the energy to cease to move. This is why cities and suburbs in this timeframe are so dense compared with the countryside; too many humans living therein in dogma and causing holes in Terra’s infrastructure of energetic flow.


Most reading these materials have most likely owned the land in this time period, either land one has purchased with the help of the banks, or land that one is renting from a landlord. Landlords also own their land with large non-moving ownership signatures, along with those who live in their own homes. The non-moving ownership signatures cause the energy to stick and not move very freely under the land.


For ascending humans, this is very difficult, and the more non-moving energy upon the land surrounding oneself, the more difficult it is to ascend beyond a certain vibration in this time period. Ascending humans can learn to work with Terra’s consciousness to free the energetic ownership from the land that one rents or owns, along with one’s neighbors for as far as necessary to create enough free flowing energy to allow for continued upward momentum in ascension. In so doing, one causes the land to ascend and triggers ascension in others surrounding oneself.


Over time, Asur’Ana and Per have through intention freed the ownership signatures from many properties that they have lived within and from the surrounding region. Generally, this caused the property to be remodeled and sold over time. Why was this so? The light and energy moving upon land without human ownership magnifies causing the imperfections of the property to come to the attention of the owners who then choose to remodel as it does not appear as they wish or dreamt of. When the ownership is released, the owners no longer “own” the land and they may feel called as a result to pass it on to another. If the next buyer cannot place his or her ownership stamp upon the land, the property may be sold again.


Ownership is endemic to dream weaving in the current electrical paradigm. Dreams are attracted founded upon ownership. The larger the ownership stamp one can place upon a property, the larger the number of possessions and properties you can own in the current paradigm. Those who are the wealthiest of your human civilization and sit at the top of major pyramidal flow have the largest signatures of all, as they are made up of each in the pyramid adding their signature unto the one who sits upon the top, who then can own more than anyone else underneath, becoming the billionaires of your world.


In the new dream that Terra is weaving for the first phase of ascension of humanity ahead, Figure-8 dreams shall prevail. These dreams do not lay ownership signatures upon the land that cause the energy to cease to move in Terra’s grid work; but rather allow for an ongoing movement of chi between those humans living upon the land and the land itself. The ongoing exchange of love between humans and the land will foster the ascent of each and the life of the land as well; as in the balance of the elements, it will restore a lack of water, allowing the rain to fall again if the region has been drought stricken. This dream will step down now in more rural regions that already spin a Figure-8 dream, and into other regions as enough humans ascend into Figure-8 flow, in the collective ascent of humankind ahead.


Possession and Usury    


When one owns something, whether it is a person, place, object, possession, tree, plant or pet, one can use the other as one desires, as one is the master. Possession and usury are a master-slave paradigm in which one is the master and the other the slave. Often the nature in which humans treat pets is a good place to begin to understand usury. Pets are animal kingdoms that were once wild. Now they live indoors with humans. Some humans treat their pets better than they treat themselves or their family or spouse. This is the archetypal nature of Hestia and Hera who each enjoyed surrounding themselves with many small animals, giving and receiving the love with their pets that they did not experience in their loveless marriages or life in general.


Yet other humans treat their pets with great anger and out of the desire to control their every move. The pet cannot urinate or defecate at will; it must await going outdoors for a walk, even if this is hours and hours after the will to move the bladder and intestines has come and gone, and they are in great pain. In the ownership, the pet owner can demand when the animal relieves itself. If the pet misbehaves, it can be punished, which may include being left in the cold or without food, or beaten or threatened or even killed. The animal may cower in the exchange and subordinate to the “master’s” demands.


By and large, this type of treatment also occurred between the Anu and their slave nation servants and lovers as the Anu were the masters. The Anu perceived these humans as pets that could be punished if they misbehaved, tormented by determining when they could relieve themselves, and killed at will if they displeased the Anu enough. The Anu owned their slaves absolute just as humans own their pets or farm animals or zoo animals absolute in present time.


The Anu “possessed” their slaves. Now here we will get in the dynamics of running one’s will over another. The Anu would override each slave’s field that served the Anu, and bend the slave’s will unto doing their bidding. The slave could have no dream other than the one that the Anu determined. Those with slave lineages in present time may discover that there are those who you have related unto either in your family or in the workplace in this manner. If the Anu is the boss or parent and in charge, he or she will determine the fate of the family or many employed under them, sometimes treating those beneath with great disdain.


As one clears all karma in the slave lineages and seals them off as one is complete, the dance will change and one will no longer bend one’s will to any other; or so many in our Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS) program have discovered, along with Asur’Ana and Per themselves. Generally, it requires transcendence of 3,000 segments to release all slave nation karma if this is a part of one’s inheritance. Then one will have more say over the dream that one can choose for oneself in the dance of life.


Red Nation Ownership Karma         


Red nations’ folk did not respond to the Anu ownership patterns over their dream at the time that they were alive. However, some red nation characters did subordinate unto the Anu and in particular this included Persephone, Rosetti and Onton. Onton was a red nation spouse to Athena and professor in Athena III’s university. Over time, Onton lost his will to dream weave his own dream and subordinated in full to Athena’s spells; as did Rosetti with her adoptive mother Innana, and Persephone with her spouse Merduk. Those related unto these three cast of characters may discover that one subordinates unto the Anu in the dance of life as well due to karma within one’s red nation’s inheritance.


The Anu never possessed or owned the Red Nations’ people en masse. However, as their slave nations grew in number, they collectively overran the Red Nations’ peoples living nearby pressing their dream further and further away, causing them to vacate the land and ultimately to move to the new world. The slave nations possessed the land and the Anu possessed the slave nations, owning the land through their slaves. So, this is for each at the top of the pyramid today; they own the masses within each pyramid and own the land through the masses. As each steps out of spinning pyramidal flow in one’s field through ascension into Figure-8 and Triple Lotus flow, then one frees oneself from being owned by those at the top of each pyramid that one associates with.


How does one associate with pyramids? Pyramids must spin inside one’s field in order to associate with larger pyramidal structures spinning in the region that one exists and amongst the Anu who sit at the top. As one spins pyramids within one’s own field, then one is subject to the spin of the entire mechanism, and if at the bottom will lose everything; if in the middle will fare a little better, and if closer to the top will fare better than most.


Those closer to the top of the pyramids are generally others of Anu descent; those in the middle can often be certain privileged slave lineages such as those related to David who was Innana’s husband and lover for 250 years. Often those of Rosetti, Onton and Persephone inheritance also will sit in the middle of the pyramid, faring well, but never becoming wealthy as they were never allowed to be on top of the pyramid when they were alive. As one ceases to spin pyramids, then one is not subject to loss or gain of that which is not one’s own truth. As such, one can learn to stand more in one’s truth as an ascending human.


It was the Pharaohs that owned the Red Nations’ peoples en masse. The Pharaohs are related to the gurus of today that also own those of Red Nation descent, whether they be white with ancient red ancestry or red in present time matters not. What occurs when one owns a group of others? One may use the others for one’s own gain. Those on top of the guru pyramids strip those beneath of spiritual knowledge, magic, dreams, information, moving energy systems, and the capacity to ascend; just as the Anu stripped the slaves in the same manner and en masse. It is for this reason that those vying to ascend will desire to pull themselves out of any spiritual or religious pyramid, whether it is triangular or box shaped matters not, as one will continuously lose the knowledge necessary to ascend otherwise.


Ownership of Others Upon A Personal Level       


Personal ownership, usury and possession will follow the archetypal models related to the karma in all inheritances. Those of Anu descent will own those of slave descent absolute, with the one with slave descent bending their will and abiding by the dream that the one of Anu creates for one to experience. If in a family, it will be the one of Anu inheritance that will determine the dream for the rest. If the rest of the family is mostly slave inheritance, then the others will subordinate greatly to the one in charge, and then can be used.


Child factory laborers or prostitutes are examples of those who are of slave inheritance and bend their will to live the dream that the Anu has cast, whether it be the parents or some other outside force. Asur’Ana and Per read about the slave trade in some countries like Cambodia where young girls are sold into prostitution rings by parents unable to feed them, and for profit. In the prostitution ring, the goal is to be so good that someone purchases the young girl as a slave. You see the slave dream goes on to this day, with the dream moving from place to place over time, and in the cyclic changes of geometrical patterns spun within the human dream.


Even if one is not sold in this life into prostitution or slavery, the dance with the Anu can feel like being prostituted and enslaved as well as used. How does this work? When one subordinates one’s will to another, one is prostituted, and enslaved and used to create the dream of another. Perhaps the slavery is to the family business, as in one initiate’s case. We’ll name this initiate, Fran, where she worked much of her teenage years and young adulthood to provide for the family. So much of Fran’s dream went into the family business that she struggled in Real Estate after she ceased to work for the family as a result, until she came to understand how she was keeping a dream alive for her parents.


As Fran pulled all her energy out of the family dream, the family business went near bankrupt, until her brother pulled in another associated with parallel karma who knew how to dream weave. Then the dream of the family business flourished again, and Fran was free to use her dream to weave her own tomorrow, which led over time to becoming a gifted sustainable fashion designer and creating her own successful clothing business. It took transcending all slavery karma to fulfill upon this in Fran’s life dance.


Perhaps the slavery is to one’s mother, as in another initiate’s circumstance. We’ll call this initiate Spencer. Spencer’s mother determined his dream along with the dream of her three other sons. When Spencer through his own freewill chose to marry someone that his mother disapproved of, and went against her will, she never associated with him or his new wife or her own grandchildren thereafter. Why? Spencer had defied the will of an Anu. However, the wife was also Anu, and Spencer found himself just as enslaved to another Anu as to his mother thereafter, until later breaking free in the completion of all slave karma. It was at this juncture that Spencer moved on to a new life of his own making.


The journey out of ownership and possession and allowing the Anu to determine one’s dream is the path of the ascending map carver of sincere red nation descent, whether it be present day indigenous or white with ancient red ancestry. One will climb out of all karma associated with slavery, usury, possession and allowing others to determine one’s dream and fate, and enter a new day in which one consciously dreams and then lives the dream to be fulfilled upon, without manipulation or distortion.


The Dance of Subordination and Shame     


Each who is vying to move into their power and truth again and to reclaim their capacity to dream one’s own dream will come up against many beliefs that restrain one in the current box or life dance that one has known. Working one’s way out of the box of slavery based thoughtform is not always easy, as there is more within that desires to subordinate unto another rather than take charge of one’s life, determine your dream, rock the boat and make changes within and then over time, make changes that are related in the life dance.


The Anu are very good at keeping the slaves or relations of Rosetti, Onton and Persephone in so much shame that they do not feel powerful enough to rise up and choose their own dream. The dance of shame was so great that both Persephone and Rosetti committed suicide at the end of their lives as they felt so unworthy within.


We have yet to compile all the records for the lives of Persephone, Rosetti and Onton, however, at the end of this workbook an entire chapter is set aside to explore how their experiences in living so close to the Anu created cause and effect so powerful that it has affected most Red Nations’ peoples to this day. In present time, we see that each of this cast of characters was kept subordinate unto the Anu through the dance of shame.


Electrical energy causes shame in a magnetic emotional body. Many reading these materials were born with magnetic biology, as this is what you required in order to fulfill upon your goal of ascension this lifetime. A magnetic body is very sensitive; and perhaps one cried often like Asur’Ana in her childhood and teenage years, or in the ascension to date.


Ascension can be emotionally difficult for sensitive people, as one feels not only what your ancestors felt when they were alive, but also the emotions of others around you who do not like how one may be changing the energy flow surrounding oneself. Those in one’s life dance that are not ready for the changes one is making within may rebel, and unconsciously project shame upon the field so that one contracts rather than continues to expand and ascend. This is how the Anu retained control over the slaves and those Red Nations’ peoples that they married or spent time with.


How does one deal with the emotions of others projected upon oneself causing shame? The best way to handle projections is to “mirror them in return”, sending them back to the field of the sender. In so doing, one will cease to feel the shame of others projected upon oneself, and find one’s own truth within in greater ease. However, in order for this to work most effectively, one must also transcend the shame-based programming within one’s thoughtform. As there is little to no shame-based patterning remaining within, then the projections of others have nothing to “stick” unto within one’s field. Each time one feels ashamed therefore in a circumstance in the dance of life, one can seek to release the shame-based programming and then return the projection of shame back upon the sender.


Finding Truth Within    


The largest struggle to find inner truth in ascension comes from allowing others to determine one’s truth. The slave nation’s peoples looked to the Anu, their gods, for their truth, and were told exactly what their truth was individually and collective, each day, month and year that they lived. This is also the same today for the masses of slave descendents who look to the movie stars or media magnets or experts in this field or that to tell them what is true; as well as their parents or teachers or employers or spouses to tell them what their truth is and how they should behave in each circumstance.


Red Nations’ peoples did not look to their elders to tell them what their truth was; Red Nations’ peoples were born with an inherent truth within. The elders were only there to aid in counsel in times of crisis or loss, not to determine one’s truth. Therefore, there is greater truth inherent in the Red Nations’ lineages than in the slave lineages. As one ascends out of the slave lineages and into Red Nations’ lineages and DNA, then one quite naturally moves into a place where there is greater truth within. As one knows one’s truth, then one will be more likely to make decisions in the life dance and intend dreams that resonate within.


Those Red Nations’ peoples who lived in close proximity to the Anu however, such as Rosetti, Onton and Persephone, turned inside out and allowed the Anu to determine their truth over time. Those related to these three cast of characters therefore may discover that one looks to others to determine one’s truth, rather than feeling the truth from within as a part of one’s Red Nation inheritance. As one ceases to search for truth from outside of self, then it is a sign that one has turned right side out again and is discovering what is so for oneself or one’s life dance from within.


What is truth? Truth is the foundation of vibration that allows one to know that one is worthy of existence and that one belongs. Humans belong unto the human hologram, the blueprint from which all human life extends. Humans belong unto one another in a dance of unity that does not shame or deprive. Humans cannot create a circumstance where all belong until they transcend the need to shame one another or compete with one another in any manner. As shame and competition are transcended through ascension, the unconditional acceptance of one another begins to emerge, and this creates a very different dance in any group. For if one accepts one another without question and without judgment, then the dance flows, and each will find one’s way to contributing unto the group as they are most gifted in expressing.


Belonging and Ownership       


Most who have felt ashamed much of their life also feel owned. Feeling owned may create artificial sense of belonging. “I belong because I am owned” is a belief that extends out of the paradigm of ownership. As the Anu came to Earth, they did not belong, and so they owned a part of Earth claiming it as their own and then they could belong. The Anu owned the slaves and as long as they subordinated unto the dream woven for them, then they belonged. Rosetti, Onton and Persephone were owned by their Anu partners, and as such belonged in the family life dance. Stepping out of the belonging was too frightening for these three Red Nations’ peoples to ever leave, even though they desired to, with two committing suicide in the end to create their departure from the Anu.


So, what is the underlying cause of believing that ownership is belonging? In Terra’s estimation, it has to do with feelings of safety. The Anu slave nations were never grounded unto Mother Earth. Grounding is an energetic connection to the core or Aurora of Earth that allows the body to feel safe upon the physical plane and know that it belongs. The slaves felt recurrently unsafe and the Anu incubated this to be so. Why? As long as the slaves were in fear, they would subordinate and not rise up against their “gods” or masters. Therefore, the choice to fail to add information on grounding to the DNA of the slaves was a deliberate choice so that the slaves could easily be controlled. The slaves also then looked to one another and to the Anu to feel as though they belonged.


Belonging is an inherent part of existence for species within the consensus. The nature kingdoms do not therefore question if they do or do not belong; only humans, whales and dolphins that have lost their connection unto Mother Earth question belonging. As the connection to the Earth is restored in what is known as a state of grounding, then one will know that one belongs from within. In so being, one will cease to search for one’s truth as directed by others outside of oneself.


Those letting go of slave nation programming therefore will have to gather records on grounding from one’s Red Nations’ ancestors. Once records of grounding are integrated, and one finds a magnetism that causes a relationship unto Earth, one will belong to Earth and Nature, and need not belong unto another through ownership. Asur’Ana recalls how nice it felt to draw information on grounding from her Native American Root race ancestors.


Polynesian Grounding (WB 2, Ch 5)



The grounding information allowed for a connection from her feet and tailbone unto the core of Earth that finally allowed her body to feel safe in the world. Later, when Asur’Ana integrated yet another level of grounding from her Polynesian ancestry, yet a greater sense of safety over her physical body followed. Polynesian grounding is a magnetic rotation that flows from the base chakra and the Aurora in a continuous flower like pattern.


For some of red nation inheritance related to Onton, Persephone and Rosetti, grounding was also lost during their incarnation and as they fell into pyramidal flow in their dance with the Anu. Spinning pyramids even if only in the space between will begin to reverse polarize the field, causing the sexual energy to move backwards. As the sexual flow moves backwards, the connection between the body and the core of Earth rolls up and one ceases to ground. Onton, Persephone and Rosetti ceased to ground as they became programmed significantly enough in pyramidal flow in their life with the Anu. As such, they too lost an internal sense of safety, and this then caused them to lack power within to leave their dismal circumstances with the Anu.


Many reading these materials may discover that they are caught in jobs or marriages or other relationships in which pyramidal flow occurs, and that one relies upon this flow in order to feel safe and feel as though one belongs. Some may even go so far as to believe that the sense of belonging is love. Alas this is not love, it is ownership, as the one on top of the pyramid owns all within it; and out of ownership can use, possess, prostitute oneself and determine one’s dream to do so. In stepping out of the dance of participating in pyramidal flow, then one also ceases to be owned or possessed by any other.


The Dance of Possession


Possession is a dance where the energy flow of another overrides one’s own energy flow. In many relationships at two segments of DNA, one possesses the other’s field. The other then feels suffocated and runs away. One chases and the other continues to run away, until one quits chasing and withdraws one’s energy from the field. Then the one chased turns around and chases the one who withdrew, only to begin the entire dance again. Many single folk find themselves in this type of dance with a lover recurrently, and it is the dance of possession.


Although those who are single can dance in the possession of one field over another, so do many marital couples or those in longer term relationships also possess one another energetically speaking. One initiate whom we shall call Gisselle recalls long ago a lover who she missed terribly as they departed. Gisselle would possess his field, and he would then find a reason to return to his wife. She would withdraw, and he would return to Gisselle, longing for her company. She finally chose to step out of the game and he returned to his wife, finally divorcing her, after Gisselle met her future husband.


In another initiate’s case, whom we shall name, Yadriel, his wife possessed his field. This caused Yadriel to withdraw by creating reasons to live away from home, studying for his master’s degree at University, and later procuring jobs in other states. The distance eased the feeling of being suffocated, until Yadriel finally had the courage to leave the dance altogether when the karma with his wife completed, and upon meeting his ascending beloved.


Asur’Ana and Per never possessed one another; they had already embodied enough rotational energy to learn to rotate their fields around one another rather than one field merge with another. This is the journey out of the game of possession between parties or beloveds; to cease to merge with one another and learn to rotate the field around each other. The rotation of field around each other allows each their own truth without one determining the other’s identity.


In the dance of one smothering the other, one loses their identity and becomes what another desires in a partner. Many reading this may have found themselves on either side of this game in this lifetime. If one determines the identity of another, then one wonders why they always do what one wishes and becomes bored with the relationship over time.


If one allows another to determine one’s own identity, then one feels suffocated, unable to be whom one is within, unable to express how one feels and ultimately imprisoned in the dance of the relationship. Either side of this game does not allow for real love to be experienced or expressed; only ownership. It is out of ownership that one then sacrifices of one’s truth to the other that is the master or the one in charge of the relationship. It is in the sacrifice of one’s truth that one loses one’s identity in relationship to another, or in a group of others.


Many reading these materials have also belonged to other spiritual groups. By and large, it is the guru or leader or minister that determines the truth of each of their following. Each subordinates their truth; giving their spiritual knowledge to the guru. The guru then shows one their own knowledge, and one follows the guru as it appears as though he or she knows one’s truth. The pathway out of this game is to retrieve one’s truth from each spiritual group or organization that one has danced with, and along with one’s knowledge; and then one will begin to know who one is from within, and stand in one’s truth in the dance of life.


Identity Machinery        


There is machinery that is associated with identity. The identity machinery ties into ownership signatures and programming one received at home, at school and in the workplace or with friends to determine one’s identity in all four places. The original identity machines are actually psychic constructions of the Anu to provide a script and personification for their slave populations as they expanded in numbers. Identity entities, also known as personality entities, were imported from many creations to animate the persona of the slave nation. The personality entities are so fractured that they cannot evolve; and this was intended on the part of the Anu in the creation of the slave nation so that they would not evolve beyond Anu control. This is the origins of personality entities in present time.


The pyramidal dream supports identity machinery and personality. Outside of the pyramidal dream, one enters another type of identity or truth that is Red Nation based. Red Nations’ peoples never relied upon persona to determine their identity or truth. Truth was an internal vibration held in the genealogy of the biology. Therefore, the truth is genetic of the Red Nations’ peoples. Red Nations’ peoples may have channeled Ancestors or Soul, Nature or Earth, but they did not channel personality entities. Therefore, the entire game of channeling personality and the ego and negative ego that it creates is associated with slave nation lineages. As the slave lineages are transcended in full, one will also transcend the requirement to embody personality entities, which know so little that they really cannot guide anyone to ascend.


Identity machinery is founded upon ownership signatures and beliefs surrounding archetypal patterning of the slaves. The archetypes of the slaves are very limited and were spoken to in Chapter 1 and Chapter 3 of Workbook 1. The Red Nation archetypes and truth were also limited, but less limited than the slaves as there was an inherent connection to an internal truth as well as a connection to the natural world and Mother Earth.


Most reading these materials most likely have Grand Master archetypal nature which is the least limited and hosts the largest truth within. The truth of the Grand Masters is to evolve and lead consensus realities in their evolutionary process; this is the purpose of their holographic nature, and those who are map makers hold this nature as this is what is required for the process of ascension at this time. Most resonating deeply with these materials will discover that they have Grand Master body level holograms, or one would simply not understand from within the truth that Terra is expressing through these materials.


In order to move into the Grand Master truth that may be of one’s inheritance, one will require dismantling all beliefs and thoughtform associated with an identity founded upon ownership. The beliefs will vary from initiate to initiate; however, most will host beliefs around shame, false belonging, false love and false truth. As one dismantles all programming and beliefs in these categories, one will begin to retrieve one’s Red Nation truth within, and create a new dream for the dance of life that is associated.


Pyramidal Flow and Projections       


Pyramidal flow whether it be triangular or box shaped allows the one on top to project what he or she needs upon each underneath. This is how scripts and dreams are determined by the one on top for those underneath. It is the pyramids as they spin within the field that then catch the dream for how one is to behave and the dream that one is to have in the dance of life. As the pyramids cease to rotate in the transcendence of the associated thoughtform and beliefs, then one can begin to catch the dream that one intends instead.


Humans spin pyramids in many places in the dance of life. There is the family pyramid that spins at home, and the work pyramid that spins at work. If one attends classes, then there are the school or university pyramids that spin. If one participates in spiritual gatherings, then there are religious pyramids that spin. There are also pyramids for other aspects of life, such as the food pyramids that spin surrounding grocery stores and restaurants, the health and beauty pyramids that spin around shopping malls, and the monetary pyramids that spin surrounding banks.


Each pyramid has projections for the dream that one has in association with how one relates to the family, work, school, food, one’s environment and the banks as well as governments of your world. Any interaction with the dance can trigger pyramids to spin within the field that then catch another dream other than the one you are choosing for your life experience.


What to do? The best solution is to remove the pyramids spinning in the field, and then you will cease to catch another dream other than the one you are intending for in the dance of life. To the degree one can complete with the dance of pyramids and enter Figure-8 flow, to such a degree one will be less limited in the types of dreams that one can call unto oneself. However, even Figure-8 dreams are polarized, and this too we wish to explain for those entering this flow at this time.


Figure-8 Polarity Based Patterns      


Figure-8 patterning has another type of flow that does not involve attachment, but rather movement of the Figure-8 flow between or surrounding two parties or more. In the dance of polarity of Figure-8 dreams, one dream is drawn to one party at the end of one part of the movement of the Figure-8, and another dream to another in opposite. So, in any group of 100 spinning Figure-8 dreams, one party will sit in judgment while another accepts, one party will sit in poverty while another sits in greed; one will sit in rejection while another lusts, one party will sit in peace while another is in fear; one party will suffer while another is excited; one will sit in pain while another is in pleasure, and one will live while another perishes or dies. Such is the nature of polarity-based dreams within the Figure-8 flow.


The Figure-8 flow therefore is not the ideal flow to co-create unity within, as it polarizes some in the group into extremes. There are many polarities and so there will be those in any Figure-8 dream that are not pressed into extremes. Out of 100 or more in any Figure-8 dream, only 14 are polarized into extreme opposites. The extreme opposing life circumstances however may be very unpleasant for those existing in the negative side of the polarity. As the Triple Lotus flow is embraced in lieu of the Figure-8, then the extreme polarities cease for the 14 in any group of 100.


Figure 8 Polarity (WB 2, Ch 5)



Ascending humans shall first leave behind pyramidal flow, as this presses one to the top at the expense of all others, and it is a most extreme polarity of all as a result. As humans enter the Figure-8 flow, a less extreme form of polarity shall follow in which fewer in the dance of life are pitted against one another to extremes. It shall be as ascending humans master Triple Lotus flow however that the greatest unity shall be born in the human dream. This can be so now for each choosing to master their initiations moving into more ancient energy flow in this lifetime. To the degree one masters Triple Lotus flow, to such a degree one also shall enter the dance of unity in this lifetime.


Monitor Dream (Workbook 1, Ch 7)


In the Triple Lotus flow, a deeper level of acceptance of self and all others emerges. There are many truths and there are many manners of viewing one’s truth within. If one focuses upon the inner family components and watches how one’s inner children relate, this is one way to assess one’s truth in the moment within. If one looks at one’s inner beloved or parents, and assesses how they relate, this is another manner of assessing one’s current truth within. One can also attune to the kinesthetic feelings of the body. The body knows what is true for itself if it is asked. For those who are sensitive and magnetic, they will feel the truth within their body and know what is so. For those who are less sensitive, one can muscle test the truth of the body.


One of the major problems with muscle testing or even knowing one’s truth in a kinesthetic sense is due to the intermixing of energies between humans. Attachment causes energies to intertwine. When one goes to assess truth and one’s energy is mixed up with the family, workmates, or the spiritual group at a gathering, then one will attune to the truth of the clan or group and not one’s own truth. As the energies of others are flushed from the field, then one will be better capable of assessing one’s own truth within. It is for this reason that Asur’Ana and Per offer up many recorded meditations to aid initiates in learning to self clear their fields to better understand one’s truth within.


Intermixed energies do not subside with either Figure-8 or Triple Lotus flow. However, to the degree that one learns to wrap energy around others and cause others to wrap energy around oneself rather than blend or intermix, then the greater the individual knows their truth in a group environment. The energy flow of unity is experimented within DAS dreamtime events to perceive what flow allows each their sovereign truth and yet allows for a unity dream and relationships together to flow. Over time, these movements of energy that create sovereignty of truth will be the movements Terra incorporates in managing the human dream ahead, leading to a new day of unity for human civilization.




We have explored many patterns of usury, ownership and prostitution or self-sacrifice in this section. The workbook section will go on to provide focuses for internal release work that has been triggered in the written materials from this section. We will close with saying that Terra has also been used, owned and possessed, sometimes at human hands. The usury is at an all-time high now with humans taking more resources than Terra can regenerate. Terra also releases her karma and patterns and thoughtform associated with usury as each ascending map carver also does the same. This is how we work together to transcend, supporting one another and the whole simultaneously.


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Ascension Meditation Recordings


Ascension Insights Charts & Diagrams


Language of Light


Language of ONE



This workbook is lovingly dedicated unto each who is willing to go within and look honestly at the patterns playing out in one’s dance of life. In choosing to understand the unconscious and choosing to forgive, one can choose to reprogram oneself into unity-based thoughtform so that a new life of integrity, honor and peace can be born.

Love and Namaste,

Mother Earth



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Asur’Ana. Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension: Workbook 2. Aligning With Earth, 2022. Digital.

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