Image of a gorgeous place in nature with concentric rings on the ground and the rising sun in the background. Transcending Fear and Loss of Information

Chapter 2: Transcending Fear and Loss of Information


Assessing and Transcending Birth Archetypal Nature


This chapter is to take the information shared in Chapter 2 of Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension: Workbook 1 to a new level. In Chapter 2, thoughtform was spoken to in association with how it is related to fear, pain, suffering, greed, lust, judgment and death as humanity currently operates within. In this chapter, we desire to have each assess the 18 thoughtforms that one was born with as the archetypal nature that one is associated with. One can also use this information to assess the birth nature of anyone close to oneself, including one’s spouse, children or other family members or partners.


Why is understanding one’s own birth nature important? It is in understanding the 18 main thoughtforms as drawn from one’s tapestry of ancestry to create the body and persona that you have known as “you” in this lifetime that one will more greatly perceive all the patterns that one must transmute in order to master 3,000 DNA segments or higher in frequency. Why is this so? It is as one masters 3,000 segments in vibration that one also transcends all birth thoughtform and karma from this given lifetime, and also transmutes and transcends the DNA and persona that one was born with that was non-unity based or founded upon polarity.


Polarity and Limitation


The state of polarity causes limitation in the dance of life; for in polarity one can be one way and not another, or have one thing and not another. It is also a state of polarity that pits one person against another in competition over dreams. Dreams gravitate to those who think thoughts associated; each who think antithetical thoughts to the desired dreams find the dreams naturally gravitate to another. This of course leads to disappointment and non-fulfillment in the dance of life. Therefore, to create and catch the dreams that one desires to make manifest through intention, one must integrate the language that will allow the dream to be caught within one’s field.


This is how the Language of Light serves to draw a dream of greater unity and fulfillment into the dance of life. As one embraces this language and erases the old language that one created with in earlier times in one’s life, one will then attract dreams that are associated. Because the Language of Light is a unity-based language, dreams of unity are more likely to be attracted than dreams that are polarity based. This allows those embodying the Language of Light through ascension to create dreams of less extremes leading to a life of greater abundance, fulfillment and balance.


About Dogmatic Beliefs


Within the Language of Light, the extremes of dogmatic thoughtform are left behind through the transmutation process of ascension. Dogmatic beliefs and thoughtform lead to extremes of all kinds in the human expression. Why is this so? Dogma is founded upon electrical pulsations. Electrical pulsations press more energy or dream in one direction and less of energy and dream in another. This is why electrical thoughtform creates extremes of greed and poverty, acceptance and rejection, love and hate, peace and war, etc., as more dream of a particular nature accumulates in one direction and less in another. The more extreme the swing, the greater the disparity between what is accumulated in one direction and is deprived in equal measure in another direction.


This is why there is extreme wealth at this time in counterbalance to extreme poverty, homelessness and starvation. The nature of electricity causes dream to gather in excess in one place and in amounts that no one human could possibly spend in any given life, or eat in terms of food. Then, in parallel, dream gathers in another place in amounts so small in comparison that there is not enough for at least one meal per day or a roof over one’s head. This is also why places of extreme peace and orderliness develop along with yet others of great chaos or war. Dreams of hatred gather to an extreme in some regions leading to ongoing turbulence and conflict while in other regions dreams of love gather to an extreme and create areas that are considered sacred such as national parks.


The wealthy do not have to give away their money or possessions to cause starvation, homelessness and hunger to cease; nor do sacred regions need to become chaotic in nature for war to cease. It is that electrical thoughtform of such extreme polarity must be phased out of the human DNA. Dream will then naturally redistribute itself into a newfound state of balance. In so doing, all humans and kingdoms can have enough. The two poles of extreme wealth and extreme poverty will balance out leading to greater abundance for all. Furthermore, world peace can then be attained as the hatred held captive upon the land dissipates and is transmuted by Mother Earth.


Nuclear Annihilation and Extreme Polarity         


Dreams of extreme poverty or regions of extreme turmoil and hatred did not exist as we know it today in the era of the Anu. However, there were incidents that led to extremes that have become the experience of today. What caused the extremes in polarity currently experienced by humanity today? Primarily, the cause was the effect of the radiation of the two nuclear holocausts in humanity’s past that are at cause of the extremes of today.


Following the nuclear annihilation of the Anu, all life died upon the surface of the Earth leading to extreme polarity or lack in the experience of every kingdom including the human kingdom. The fraying of DNA also led to insanity and chaos to an extreme in most human tribes as well as in nature. As the nuclear dust settled and the sun was able to shine through Earth’s atmosphere again, Earth’s surface regenerated enough to sustain life. Although abundance resumed as the flora and fauna were restored, the memory of the extreme lack and chaos created a genetic memory in all species; for the fraying DNA leads to a lack of information. As humans, as well as all life upon Earth, lost enough information, all life forms moved into a deep sense of fear.


Lack of Information and Fear


In the Tao’s perception, fear is really a lack of information to weave a dream for one’s life. As enough information is lost, humans along with all kingdoms go into great fear as they forget how to sustain life as they have known it. The recollection of a lack of information and the fear that it generates then calls to the human dream the re-experience of such a state of being again and again.


Those living through the lack of information then go on to create experiences of lack again and again as such are the nature of the emotional charge behind the experience. Much like a magnet, the same experience is magnetized again and again each cycle. Each period of lack leads to greater loss of information and then greater fear of how to weave a dream to sustain oneself as well as another fall in consciousness. This is the spiral of fear that humanity as well as Terra has dropped into since the nuclear annihilation of the Anu.


However, the Tao points out that nuclear annihilation is not new; humans have experienced deep periods of deprivation and loss of information for parallel cause upon each dimension that one’s multidimensional ancestry existed upon. Each fall to the dimension beneath was generally the result of the same nuclear annihilation cause as well as the loss of information necessary to sustain existence within a certain bandwidth of frequency. As enough information was lost; each creation fell to the bandwidth of vibration beneath or into greater density or matter.


The fear of lack and loss of information is so great that many humans live today in constant fear. Even those of great wealth often live in the fear of lack. What could those in extreme wealth possibly lack, one might wonder? Lack is not only deprivation of enough to eat or the roof above one’s head; it is also a lack of fulfillment. Many of great wealth also feel deeply unfulfilled, regardless of how seemingly glamorous their position in life may be perceived from the outside.


Princess Diana was a good example of this; for all her beauty, prestige, privilege, title, wealth and possessions, she was deeply miserable within and shared of this in her own videos post-death. For you see regardless of how much one may have, one’s body recalls deep lack, loss of information and the fear associated, and even if one is not sensitive, one lives in such a state nonetheless.


Asur’Ana can recall how long ago she was in constant fear about making enough to sustain herself as a school teacher, and later on transitioned to work as a substitute teacher to give her more time to write and focus on her ascension path, even though there were funds in the bank. She was aware enough to recall ancestral lives in which there was no fear at all from ancient times. She said to herself at the time, “This does not have to be this way; I should be at peace. Why am I in such fear? I intend to change or transmute the fear and find peace”. This was the beginning of her ascent and quest to understand and transcend.


Over the years, Asur’Ana has come to peace. Periodically, a wave of fear would overcome her, alhough she is now married to Per and has plenty of funds in the bank as her spouse is wealthy. Sometimes, she worries that she would lose Per to death or that her marriage would end up in divorce before they complete their ascension mission together, even though Asur’Ana and Per both love each other greatly as divine twins. You see, although she has transcended far beyond many others in her personal ascent, the fear of deprivation and loss of information is so deep in the biology and DNA and from so many dimensions of related experience that it does not go away easily.


Through absolute forgiveness, the fear of deprivation and associated loss of information and dream can be erased upon all dimensions and in all bandwidths of DNA associated with each human form as well as Earth at large. This is a grand shift as Asur’Ana notices, there is no longer the ongoing backdrop of fear that all will be lost, and as such, she is less likely to create experiences of a large loss of dream or information into the future.


It is always thoughtform that calls a particular dream into the life experience. If there is no thoughtform associated, then the dream cannot be attracted. Therefore, if there is no thoughtform of loss of information or dream, the dream of loss cannot occur. This is the gift of absolute forgiveness at this time in history. Therefore, this can be for each that masters absolute forgiveness and erases the fear of deprivation and loss of information from one’s genetic memory banks. (Please see Mineral Treasures Chapter 6 “Blessings for Absolute Forgiveness and Receiving the Pink Ray of Love” for more information on absolute forgiveness.)


Transmutation of Thoughtform        


Given that thoughtform is the attractor for any particular experience in one’s life, then it is so that one can assess the thoughtform at cause of any particular creation that one has made manifest in the physical. So, what thoughtform attracted you to the job that you now hold or held in the past? Or what thoughtform attracted you into your current or past bad relationship? Or what thoughtform manifests as a struggle to have enough to sustain oneself or provide for travel to events that one might like to attend? Alter the thoughts and one will attract the dream that one desires so that it can manifest into the future bringing one greater joy and fulfillment.


How does one reprogram one’s thoughts? Intention begins the transmutation process. For example, one may discover that one believes this or that to be so, and one can intend to replace the polarized beliefs with the non-polarized thoughtform of the Language of Light. How does this work? The intention to reprogram thoughts acts at a macro level to alter the energy flow within one’s field. The alteration of energy flow then begins the process of transmutation. First, in the choice to transcend, the larger mechanized patterns associated with fear-based thoughts are transmuted by the larger chakras.


However, to complete the process of transmutation, one must release the emotionally charged experiences from this life within one’s inner family or release ancestral life experiences of parallel nature that lock a particular thoughtform into one’s DNA. For this reason, we have initiates focus upon healing the inner family as well as releasing ancestral karma for any pattern or thoughtform that one is transcending.


As all emotional charge surrounding any particular belief is released in full from all parts of the DNA, then the old thoughtform is erased and the new thoughtform associated with the Language of Light can be integrated. The DNA can then be restored to an earlier time period of records prior to the trauma. This restoration allows the recovery of a different and crystalline biological state of being which was previously unavailable to draw into the physical. This is how thoughtform transmutation steps down into the physical.


Generally speaking, releasing emotional charge inherent in the DNA and cellular structure associated with the thoughts that one is transmuting may cause one to feel as one’s ancestors felt at the moment of the traumatic life experience. This can also be so for traumatic memories from childhood. As one goes into the emotions and experiences a catharsis, the pain and the trauma are released from the DNA and etheric cells. Ascension therefore can be a very emotional experience, especially for those who tend to have a larger emotional body than many others. However, it is also as the emotions are experienced that one understands the spiritual lesson behind the dance and can forgive. Therefore, emotional processing is a necessary part of the transmutation experience and allows the trauma to be released from one’s cellular structure.


How does trauma record in the cellular structure? Trauma records as pockets of scar tissue or decay. Why is this so? Scar tissue is generally densely packed pockets of cells that have collapsed in upon itself along with the DNA associated. As a traumatic incident occurred, DNA tends to fray and collapse. This leaves records that are incongruent within the DNA. Due to the incongruence of the DNA, the tissue formed from such encoding tends to be hardened or scarred, or is weak to a point of easily decaying as one passes one’s teenage years in age.


As one releases the trauma through emotional process of catharsis, the DNA can be recast and the missing information lost in the ancestry recovered from an earlier time period before the trauma occurred. As the DNA fills in with all crystalline records, the angels or devas can then create the cells from a proper genetic blueprint and restructure what was previously scarred or decayed into healthy crystalline cells. Moving from scarred or dead cells to living crystalline cells is the process of resurrection and reconstitution associated with ascension.


In the current paradigm, DNA spirals at two segments due to the loss of information that occurred over time and in the many nuclear holocausts experienced by the human species. The lost genetic records cause the DNA to pucker or collapse in upon itself into a spiral. As one releases the negative emotional charge held within the DNA, then one can recover the information and piece the DNA back together to be whole, congruent and complete.


As one restores the DNA, the records rearrange themselves to appear as a stack of CDs that are interconnected rather than a spiral. As 3,000 segments of information are reconstituted, one forms the first of twelve tubes of records in the form of 144 CDs stacked upon one another. This is the first of twelve tubes of information required to create fully conscious biology at 36,000 segments of DNA.


Loss of Information in Childhood     


It is the loss of information that has created the deepest fear in one’s ancestry. Fear in childhood also is associated with a lack or loss of information. Sometimes one was asked to do more than one knew how to do as a child. When we speak of this, we are speaking really of weaving the family dream so that there would be enough to sustain oneself as well as one’s siblings and parents. Often in early childhood those who were bringing ancient knowledge forward for ascension this cycle had more information available on dream weaving than one’s parents. As a result, one may have fallen into the pattern of believing that one has to weave and keep the family dream. From deep fear of lack, many destined to ascend learned to hold the family dream in early childhood and have never ceased to do so since.


Although to hold the family dream may appear as a loving thing to do, in reality it is each human’s job to weave one’s own dream. Dream weaving for another only translates into others never learning how to dream weave for themselves. So perhaps it is wise to cease to dream weave for others and allow each to learn to weave the dream themselves, particularly if they are ascending. If they are non-ascending, then one can turn over the job of keeper of the dream to Mother Earth or another who has karma to do so and step out of the game. In so doing, one will be able to hold one’s own dream and have enough chi available to allow the dream one intends to step down into physicality.


Long ago, Asur’Ana discovered she was the family dream keeper. She wove the dream for her family to immigrate to the US for a better life after the Vietnam War ended in 1975, when she was 2 years old. Because Asur’Ana’s father was a colonel in the South Vietnamese Army, he was imprisoned when the communist government of North Vietnam ended the war by seizing control of South Vietnam in 1975, and the country was unified as the Socialist Republic of Vietnam the following year.


Life was difficult for Asur’Ana’s family, and they lived in poverty when the war ended, due to the communist government’s confiscation of all of their properties and money. Therefore, when Asur’Ana’s father was released from the re-education camp 3 years later on good behavior, he along with his brothers and sisters and their families chipped in all of their savings and purchased a boat to escape to the US in 1982. They were rescued by the Indonesian people and government and stayed there for a year before they were sponsored by Asur’Ana’s maternal aunt to move to US. Everyone in Asur’Ana’s mother side of the family left Vietnam before the war ended, except for Asur’Ana’s mother, who stayed back because her husband was imprisoned.


Asur’Ana not only wove her own dream of becoming a school teacher but also the dream for her parents’ home in California, and the dream for the lives of all her family members. She also wove the dream for her former spiritual teacher along with her spiritual “family”.


To the degree Asur’Ana wove dreams for others, to the same degree she was prevented from weaving her own dream of a focus as a spiritual teacher, and gathering others who resonated to form a school. Over time, she chose to only weave her own dream; and in so doing, had enough capacity write books on the spiritual path of ascension and to form the Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS) with Per; and later in collaboration with Earth, weave a dream for ascending humanity. Therefore, this can be for each reading these materials; as one ceases to weave dreams for others, one will be able to weave the dream for oneself that is one’s heart desire and live to experience such a dream in the physical.


Loss of Birth Knowledge         


There may be many memories of fear in childhood that ascending adults must process in order to move more fully into the Language of Light and the unity-based dream that this language can weave. Childhood fears are often associated with loss of birth knowledge. Often children destined to ascend who came in with a load of spiritual knowledge were stripped of such information before the age of 16. Generally speaking, the loss was experienced hand in hand with childhood diseases or accidents. As the information one came in with was stripped, holes and gaps were created in the field leading to a cold, bout of the flu, or a case of measles, mumps or chicken pox or even rubella or pneumonia, or an accident.


Generally speaking, measles is the result of the loss of information in the crown and third eye chakra or spiritual and visionary knowledge in childhood. Mumps is the result of the loss of creative or dream weaving information in the throat chakra. Pneumonia is the result of the loss of information on love in the heart chakra region. Chicken pox is the result of the loss of information on power in the solar plexus chakra. Rubella is the result of loss of sexual knowledge in the pelvic chakra.


Accidents such as broken arms, legs or concussions are the result of the loss of information on how to weave a healthy body level dream. One may wish to reexamine one’s childhood experiences of disease or accidents and retrieve the birth knowledge for ascension that one lost in the experience. The end result is that one will be able to create a more complete template of information that will support one’s continued choice to ascend into the future.


For Asur’Ana, she recalls her mother’s stories of how she had “colic” as a child; or in other terms was so under attack by the dark that she cried incessantly for her first three months. The attacks were to strip her of spiritual power which gave her gas and an upset stomach as a young baby. There were also many bouts of stomach aches throughout her childhood as well as teenage and young adult years which was the result of the consistent loss of her power.


It was as Asur’Ana retrieved the dream weaving information and all her power lost to her family that she was able to weave a dream for her emergence as a spiritual teacher in 2015 and meeting Per in 2019 and forming DAS. She also recalls having the symptoms of “walking pneumonia” at age nine and again at twenty-two. Each time this occurred, information on love that she had brought forth at birth was stripped. As the missing information on love was retrieved, her heart could open enough to master Bodhisattva level evolution many years ago now, and then full consciousness level several years ago.


Per had a case of Chicken Pox at age six where he lost a load of spiritual power he had brought in at birth. When he was eight, he also had measles and lost a load of his birth knowledge on vision and ascension. When Per was nine, he had a case of mumps and lost the knowledge on dream weaving. As all the birth knowledge was retrieved, Per had the information he required to master Bodhisattva level evolution some time ago now, and then full consciousness level a couple of years ago, as well as hold the dream for a growing DAS.


Per also recalls having ongoing earaches in childhood. The earaches were the result of the loss of visionary information as well as other psychic knowledge that he had brought forth as birth knowledge. The ear and eye problems have continued to be problematic to Per throughout his ascension. It has required healing multidimensional karma to release the patterns at cause of the inner ear and eye troubles only as of this year. Perhaps this speaks to how much of any weakness has multidimensional cause and may require absolute forgiveness in order to release in full. Due to the assistance of the mineral kingdom, absolute forgiveness is possible not only for Asur’Ana and Per, but for each as well.


Per also developed a sudden lower back problem at age twenty-six that put him in bed for two weeks. This problem continued to recur periodically with massive lower back spasms and a case of sciatica. Although the symptoms were not felt until age twenty-six, Per’s loss of sexual energy information began at age thirteen as his sexual energy began to flow in puberty. Over time, the ongoing loss of his sexual information caused a lower back problem. Over the course of his ascent, Per retrieved all his knowledge on sexual energy movement and kundalini flow and is no longer troubled with lower back pain or sciatica.


Sometimes one will begin to lose information in teenage years, particularly surrounding the sexual energy flow, as young children do not run sexual energy. It requires puberty for sexual energy to be triggered, and then one may have lost their information associated that one had brought in as ascending birth knowledge. In the choice to retrieve everything lost over time, one will fill in gaps in one’s genetic knowledge that will assist the ascension to be complete in this lifetime.


The Nature of Thoughtform and Dream     


Each human born at two DNA segments entered the world founded upon only 18 thoughtforms. Although this may be hard to believe, it is why humanity today is so limited. The 18 thoughtforms humanity relies upon today is less than 1/18 of the information of the Grand Masters at the time that they were seeded and less than 1/10th of the information of the red nations’ peoples were seeded with. Just imagine, your red nations’ ancestors had over 180 thoughtforms to dream weave with; and your grand master ancestor 360 thoughtforms to manage the dream of others along with themselves. For this is the purpose of the larger headed human; to manage the dream for others of less awareness, or so it is upon Sirius and human civilization upon Earth took upon itself a parallel human dream.


The problem with having others weave one’s dream is that it leads to codependence. Less aware or less conscious humans cause codependence from Terra’s point of view. Why is this so? Due to a lack of information, those with less capability rely upon other humans or Earth to weave their dream. It is therefore the goal of Earth to restore the human blueprint to full consciousness with the larger cranium of the Grand Masters for all humans incarnate through the process of ascension over the coming 500-year cycle. As all humans understand how to weave their own dream, they can then fulfill upon their real purpose upon Earth, which is to assist Terra in the co-direction of Earth’s dream.


Humans have fallen into such great limitation at two segments that there is no dream weaving capacity left. Humans have learned to rely upon false gods who move dreams from one to another in order to sustain their existence. In essence, humans have fallen into a state of codependence with the false gods who have confiscated the information on dream weaving that was once the knowledge of the Grand Masters. As the false gods hoarded all knowledge that was once a part of Grand Master human genealogy, the false gods then controlled the human dream. To have enough dreams to subsist and experience life through, humans are forced to barter with the false gods in dreamtime.


Earth is choosing to intervene upon the dance of bartering with the false gods for dreams, and will offer to weave one’s dream instead until one can learn to manage one’s dream for oneself. In so doing, one will no longer need to barter away information necessary to ascend to receive a dream to subsist within. As Earth weaves the dream, one will also receive a sincere reflection of one’s thoughtform in the dance of life; as the manner in which the false gods manipulate dreams causes those who have destructive tendencies to fail to experience the return of their own thoughtform. Also, those with poverty based thoughtform often experience a life of ease or even wealth due to the manipulations of dreams through the false gods.


What is the point of experiencing a life that does not reflect one’s thoughtform? How can one possibly evolve or alter one’s thoughtform as an ascending human if one does not directly experience cause and effect of one’s own thoughts? Well, this is exactly what the dark lords vying for non-ascension and extinction of Earth desire, beloved; to so confuse humanity in terms of what is made manifest in the physical that they do not perceive the real thoughtform at cause so that they do not know what they require transcending in order to ascend. The only solution to this is to restore thoughtform, cause and effect unto the human dream.


Watching the Life Mirror       


The dream for those within the new consensus who are ascending to 2,200 segments has been corrected for cause and effect. Within the new ascending dream, one will receive a direct feedback loop of the thoughtform that one holds that is within one’s DNA. The dream that one manifests in the physical will therefore reflect one’s thoughts. It is for this reason that Asur’Ana suggests that initiates pay attention to the small mirrors in the life dance such as the little crawlers that cross one’s path as well as the nature kingdoms. In watching the life mirror closely, one can then discern the thoughtform that requires transmutation of today in order to continue to ascend and avoid a bad catastrophe such as an accident.


How does one alter thoughtform offered within the mirror? One intends. Let us say that one passes a dead animal on the highway. The mirror of death is a sign of the thoughtform of death within one’s field. Intend to release the karma, patterning and machines associated with the thoughtform of death, and one will be less likely to manifest not only death, but an accident. Let us say that ants are invading one’s home and kitchen. The mirror of the ants warns of an “invasion”. So, what is invading one’s field that does not belong? As one searches for who is violating one’s field and chooses to release the karma and thoughtform at cause, one will step out of the game. One might attune to Chapter 5 in Workbook 1 to assist one in clearing the entire field of the invasion. The ants will then most likely also leave one’s kitchen.


Intention is everything. Thoughts as well as energy move with one’s intent. Intent is an act of will in which one commands the nonphysical to do this or that. If one intends to release karma, then the nonphysical angels and guardians comply by igniting one’s kundalini so that one can burn off the karmic contracts within one’s field in any given day.


If one intends to transmute thoughtform, the nonphysical angels and guardians comply by spinning up the Language of Light so that one can release the denser thoughtform patterning associated with electrical tones of creation. If one intends to forgive and embrace compassion, an entire pattern spins up within the field and the lotuses within the heart, pelvis and crown in a particular sequence of pink and turquoise colors that allows emotional trauma to be released from the etheric body and cellular structure.


Absolute forgiveness offers another pattern in which one communes with the mineral kingdom who open a gate to allow karma upon other dimensions of DNA related to one’s field to be transmuted. The pattern of absolute forgiveness is also an intention that commands the nonphysical angels and guardians to spin the pattern that opens the gate to the mineral kingdom for this purpose. One must however have an open heart and an ability to love for the absolute forgiveness command to function properly. For this reason, the focus of opening the heart and expanding the lotus to become increasingly larger in the numbers of petals is important to ascension, as it is the absolute forgiveness command perhaps more than any other that allows ascending humans to transcend fear and the loss of information associated.


The Nature of Codependent Love     


Each was born with a birth thoughtform that causes not only the experience of extreme polarity, but also is at cause of codependent love. Why is this so? Extreme polarity presses one into a state of being where one swings between two extremes rather than sitting in the middle point between the two. The swings themselves create at best a codependent form of love in which there is great fear of losing someone or being rejected.


This is a very different form of love than what occurs as the heart opens. For as the heart opens and there is enough energy flow within the movement of the lotus petals to allow for communion, one then begins to share in the dance of love with the nature kingdoms surrounding oneself and Mother Earth as well as one’s soul in the act of communion. As this occurs, love is restored inside the field and one is no longer dependent upon another to be fulfilled upon which brings about an end to codependent love.


Codependent love creates so many cords of attachment between the heart chakra and pelvic chakra that often the lotus itself cannot open in either region until the cords are released in full. In releasing the cords of attachment between self and one’s spouse, beloved or partner or family, or close friends or workmates, there may be a sensation of loss. In reality, there may be no loss of the relationship unless the karma is complete; instead, one will be able to repair, reweave and open the heart and one will also leave behind codependent forms of love in so doing. As such, one becomes loved from within and will feel less worried as a result about rejection or loss of the beloved or spouse or partner or family. One may find in the opening of the heart a new level of freedom that is quite expansive to experience.


Fear of the loss of love or rejection is really a fear of the loss of information on how to love and be loved in an energetic sense. Love is the main source of chi that sustains life. As love is exchanged between humans or between humans and nature or between humans and Earth, then life is sustained for each. It is as love ceases to flow that aging, disease, death and a fall in consciousness is assured. As the capacity to love was damaged through the radiation of nuclear weaponry, humans fell into fear. It is for this reason that love and fear are often considered opposing forces; when in reality, it is love and hate, and fear and peace that are opposites as well, as life and death. Love sustains life, and as humans restore their ability to love, they will collectively work their way out of codependence.


Death and A Loss of Information      


The experience of death is the ultimate loss of information on how to sustain physical existence. First the loss is energetic and the field collapses in upon itself; then systems fail in the physical and death is the end result. Nuclear annihilation created the most rapid shifts from healthy moving energy fields and living bodies to unhealthy fields and death. Some ancestors died instantly in the actual explosion; others who were close by died rapidly; those who were further away from the epicenter died a long lingering death of great suffering and pain. All deaths from nuclear annihilation however were ultimately due to the loss of information on how to love and how to sustain a field enough to continue to live.


How did this occur? Radiation frays DNA. Each strand of DNA hosts information that tells the field how to be woven together and rotate in a particular manner that sustains life. As enough DNA frays, the field will go from being woven together to being torn apart; as enough of the field is torn apart rapidly enough, the field collapses and ultimately the body will die. As the DNA frays, information is transferred from one person or creation to another and then is unavailable unto the next generation born following the annihilation. Unless a period of ascension is created to restore information from a holocaust, the fall is sustained until it stabilizes.


The DNA that is badly frayed creates scar tissue in the next generation that hosts a record of the trauma associated with nuclear annihilation. The scar tissue or weakened tissue created from incomplete DNA results in shortened life spans in the next generation. This is how the red nation ancestors fell from a time when 1,000 years was the average lifespan to only 300 years following the annihilation of the Anu. Following the annihilation of Atlantis, the 300-year lifespan was reduced again to less than 150 years. Disease also became more prevalent as the capacity to regenerate the entire form was also lost due to the loss of DNA. Ascension allows one to work one’s way backwards through the nuclear trauma of one’s ancestry, retrieving lost DNA for each frayed section, restoring the body to its crystalline and regenerative blueprint.


Ascension and the Transcendence of Death


Ascension brings about the transcendence of death. Ascending initiates may face their death or the desire to die again and again in the act of transcendence as a result. Why is this so? Ascension brings about a retrieval of all information lost over time that led to a loss of life or death as well as a fall in consciousness. Information can be equated to a holographic template of knowledge necessary to sustain each form and field of each kingdom.


Over time, nuclear holocausts fractured the hologram so that a large portion of the knowledge contained within the original wheel of information was lost. As large portions of holographic knowledge are lost in any dimension of existence, a fall to another vibration is assured. This is how the red nations’ peoples fell from 15,000 to 8,000 segments due to the nuclear annihilation of the Anu; and from 8,000 to 2,200 segments in the nuclear annihilation of Atlantis.


The fall from 2,200 segments to 2 segments is really a fall of the Anu slave nations and not the red nations’ peoples per se. The Anu slave nations were a blending of 40% red nation and 60% Anu DNA in a pared down form of 5,000 segments and a limited hologram that was not interconnected with any other human hologram. Those of this nature fell from 5,000 to 2,200 segments in the nuclear annihilation of the Anu; and then from 2,200 to 1,024 in the nuclear annihilation of Atlantis.


There was also a slave nation bred for terrorism on the part of Merduk that held only 1,024 segments in its original form; this genetic package was the first to fall to 2 segments following the annihilation of the Anu. The dark used this particular genetic package to strip all others through those of terrorist nature. This is how the other slave nations fell from 2,200 to 2 segments of DNA over time following the fall of Atlantis.


Over time as enough slave nations peoples vibrating at only 2 segments of DNA moved into regions inhabited by red nations’ peoples remaining at 2,200 segments, the slave nations were used also to strip the red nations’ peoples en masse. It is for this reason that the red nations’ peoples fell into diseases such as smallpox, rubella, and measles and then died en masse as the white man relocated unto their continents this cycle. The real cause of the diseases of the red nations’ peoples was the fact that they were being stripped of their remaining unity consciousness and crystalline based DNA through the descendents of the Anu slaves.


It has been discovered through analysis of all human falls that the Hawaiian nation was the last to be stripped falling from 2,200 to 2 segments of DNA in the past 400-year cycle. The gift of this is a more recent history of human crystalline biology and unity-based relations that can be drawn upon at this time of ascension to reverse the continued fall into extinction into a rise into greater awareness and a time of ascension ahead. It is for this reason that Terra and Asur’Ana worked so closely with the Hawaiian ancestors and upon the land of Hawaii-Nei, before Asur’Ana’s relocation to Norway, as here are recent records for all to draw upon to ascend.


The Anu Slave Nation and Codependence  


The Anu slave nations were pared down in such a manner that competition and codependent love were the only kind of love that they ever knew; and therefore, there is no manner to open the heart of such a human ancestry for the purposes of ascension. It is also due to an inability to love unconditionally that red nation peoples do not understand the Anu slave nation very well; for this nation existed in an entirely different paradigm of slavery and codependence that was not a part of red nation’s culture. Due to an inability to love, humans of Anu and Anu slave holographic nature will simply become ill and pass away the further that Earth ascends, as those that cannot love ultimately will self-destruct in the coming times of cleansing ahead.


Why is this so? If there is no love, the only alternative is destruction and death; for it is love that sustains existence. The Anu slaves were bred to die; it is only the Anu that desired immortality through life extension practices. The Anu deliberately blended DNA that was so dissonant in their slave nations that the result was death in a short period of time. The further that those of this inheritance have fallen, the more rapidly their deaths have been; hence the short average lifespan currently prevalent for the human species.


The slave nations are therefore the original source of codependent love. However, as all other nations have fallen to the same level of vibration of the masses of white humans related to the original Anu slaves, all have fallen into codependent love. Those with red nation ancestry however have the knowledge and information to move out of codependent love and restore real love as an energetic exchange between humans and Earth. In so doing, one will pull oneself out of the falls that have occurred in one’s ancestry and restore a more ancient way of being that is unity based and crystalline in biology as well as regenerative in nature.


Fear and Grounding      


Those of Anu slave nation DNA have always existed in fear. The reason for this is the lack of enough holographic information to connect to the consensus known as Earth. Physical fear or fear of the body ceases the moment one establishes a connection unto Mother Earth; for body level fear is also the result of a state of ungrounded-ness. Those of solely slave nation inheritance can never ground; the reason for this is the lack of information on grounding as it was never a part of their genealogy as bred in a laboratory on the part of Merduk and the Orion scientists.


Why would the Anu deliberately create a slave race that was ungrounded? An ungrounded state of being left the slaves easy to control as well as to exterminate if they gave the Anu displeasure; for it is difficult to kill that which is grounded. Why is this so? Grounding unto Earth creates a protection that prohibits death. It is why Asur’Ana has spoken to how important it is to remain grounded, particularly in transit through trains, planes or automobiles, as in so doing, it is virtually impossible to have an accident or harm oneself.


It is also a big game therefore of the dark to try and usurp one’s grounding in order to cause one’s death or demise, or put one in body level fear. Such a game has come however from the Anu and their actual breeding of a whole race of humans that is ungrounded and in an ongoing state of fear. Those ascending with some slave inheritance can complete with the dance of ungrounded-ness as well as body level fear by clearing the karma associated in one’s slave nation ancestry.


In the anchoring of information from one’s red nation lineages on how to sustain an ongoing state of grounding, one will learn to ground at all times. As one pulls forward ancestors who know how to ground, remaining grounded becomes less difficult as one learns to remain connected to the core of Earth in a kinesthetic sense. In a grounded state, one’s body will also move out of fear.


Competition and the Anu Slave Nation       


The perpetual state of fear that those of Anu slave inheritance exist within is the underlying cause of competition in all of the forms that it affects human relations today. We will devote an entire chapter to transcending competition, but let us suffice to say that as humans of red nation ancestry fell to 2 segments, they too fell into a state of competition. Competition seeks to better oneself at the expense of another. Competition seeks to destroy another from fear for one’s own safety or life. Competition seeks to control and imprison another and call it love when this is not love at all but a form of codependence. It is the competitive dynamics that are founded upon fear that must be transmuted in order to enter a state of unity and equality with others in the dance of life.


Those of Anu slave hologram and lineages have no pathway to unity or another state of being. Often ascending initiates try continuously to assist others around oneself of either Anu or Anu slave inheritance to embrace the concepts of unity and equality; and yet they really cannot and so one is not only wasting one’s time, but often gives one’s information and dream away in the process. Why cannot those of Anu inheritance embrace unity? The electrical sacred geometry of the Anu is antithetical to unity as it separates light and dark leading to extreme polarity in a magnetic creation such as Earth. Therefore, there is no manner in which those of Anu descent can embrace unity any more than their slave nation as they lack the understanding of the proper energy flow to do so.


Anu Red Nation Bridge Patterning   


There are those of red nation ancestry that became bridges to the Anu later in their life extension practices. Later on, the life extension of the Anu began to fail to enough of a degree that the Anu began to bridge into red nation peoples drawing upon magnetic chi to continue to extend their lives. This occurred for the second and third generations of the Anu as well as Innana and Merduk later in life.


Innana learned to bridge into her many red nation lovers as well as Rosetti, a grand master descendent that she raised as her own child. Apollo bridged into Rosetti after he married her at age 26. Rosetti later became so depressed that she committed suicide. The depression was due to a blending of magnetic and electrical signatures due to the bridging with her spouse and foster mother. (Please note that Rosetti was named “Rosaletti” in Workbook 1 before more records were revealed in Light Wave 1: Transfusion.)


Merduk bridged into Persephone, his beloved and wife. Persephone also committed suicide in the end and as she discovered that Merduk was bleeding her son to death in order to extend his life. Athena II married a red nation spouse that she met through her university system. Athena bridged into this spouse and his entire tribe to extend her life. Later Athena’s spouse died of a heart attack due to the magnetic and electrical pulsations that overstressed the heart. Zeus II bridged into the many red nation women that he raped over time. (Please refer to Chapter 3 (Part 1 and Part 2) of Workbook 1 for a complete history of the Anu and Red Nations Peoples.)


In the bridging, a semi-pyramidal semi-rotational flow was constructed between the Anu family member and the other holding the position of the red nation’s bridge. The flow between the two was used primarily to strip chi and to press the dreams for disease and death upon the red nation peoples and strip the dream of life for the Anu. Dreams of boredom and depression along with other life travesties that the Anu did not wish to experience were also often pressed upon the red nations’ peoples through the bridges; and the sweet dreams taken in exchange.


Many initiates today who are of red nation ancestry of either present time or more ancient times often find the Anu relations in one’s life taking one’s dreams in present time and then one receives dark dreams in exchange. The underlying cause of how this happens occurs through those holding direct ancestry to the red nation bridges to the Anu from ancient times.


Within any organization of 100 or more, there will also be the entire cast of characters as spoken to in Chapter 1 and Chapter 3 along with the group dynamics spoken to in Chapter 4 of Workbook 1. There will be the Anu and their slaves of each archetypal nature, and there will be the red nation’s peoples of each of the root races and of each archetypal nature, and there will be those of grand master inheritance as well. The bridges will allow those of red nation or grand master nature to be stripped by those of Anu nature through the movement of the group pyramid or box shaped geometry.


As those who are ascending step out of the group pyramids or boxes of others, one can then retrieve enough of the information lost to carry on in one’s ascent. One can also return dreams of death and accidents as well as depression so that they need not manifest in the physical, and retrieve one’s dream of ascension and other sweet dreams so that they can step into physicality to be experienced. This is the ongoing dance of karma between those of Anu and Anu slave inheritance and those of red nation and grand master inheritance.


Loss of Information and Falls


Any ascending human spirals up in vibration the same pathway that one’s ancestry spiraled down in genetic fall after fall in one’s personal history. Each fall was the result of a loss of information. Sometimes the information was lost at a time of nuclear annihilation. If this is so, in releasing the emotional charge that occurred at the time that the DNA frayed due to a nuclear holocaust or testing, then one can retrieve the information lost and repair the associated DNA. There may be great fear, suffering and pain to be processed as the karma and emotional charge releases in the etheric body for each experience of radiation poisoning or death due to fission recorded as scar tissue.


Where did the information go from the nuclear annihilation of the Anu? Primarily, the information went to the Pleiades where the family of Anu was from. All Anu family members either died during the annihilation itself or committed suicide; it was only Innana that returned home to commit euthanasia in the end. Because Innana returned home to the Pleiades, she took all information with her that was released as Terra was blown apart. Therefore, one will retrieve genetic information from the Pleiades as one clears karma from the nuclear annihilation in this time period.


The False Intervention and Nonphysical Immortality    


During the nuclear annihilation of Atlantis, information was not transferred back to the Pleiades. Instead, information went to a nonphysical force of human afterlife without a physical form to sustain itself. Earth has called these human nonphysical forms the “false intervention”. The False Intervention is a group of humans that exist as discarnate form that has continued to exist after creation upon creation went extinct over time between Great Central Suns. The false intervention continues to exist by stripping dying creations of grid work and information as well as etheric blood to sustain themselves. Much like the Anu who desired physical immortality, the false intervention is a representation of the desire for nonphysical immortality on the part of a large group of humans from many (100,000 or more) extinct creations.


Why would any human or nonphysical human desire immortality? The desire for immortality may be a biological remembrance of a time in which all humans inside the Great Central Sun lived forever without birth, death and rebirth cycles. Immortality is also a vast distortion on the concept of ascension from the Tao’s point of view. Ascension allows for a homecoming and the dissolution of physicality and non-physicality so that all consciousness can return to the Tao in each contraction cycle. The desire for immortality will never fulfill upon ascension; the desire for immortality is simply the result of humanity becoming lost and failing to find a pathway to go “home” through.


The Tao is making a pathway Home available to all humans associated with the hologram from this Great Central Sun. This is the gift of the Tao that needs to understand what has happened in this region of domain so that other related problems throughout creation can be resolved. However, those of Anu or Anu slave hologram will not be able to join us as they are from a different Great Central Sun and not one that the Tao is working with in this time period. Therefore, those of Anu or Anu descent will probably not resonate with the choice to ascend at this time or the information coming through the Tao to assist those who are choosing to go home.


As one discovers that information was lost to the false intervention during the nuclear annihilation of Atlantis, one can intend to retrieve the information as the trauma from the experience is released and processed through the act of transcendence. Information has also been lost over time to those of Anu ancestry. As one discovers that one has lost information and dream to those of Anu inheritance in this lifetime, one can also intend to retrieve information for each ancestor who also lost information in parallel unto oneself as one forgives. In so doing, one will repair the genetic tapestry of ancestry to include the fullness of all the genetic information that is the rightful part of one’s crystalline inheritance.


Red nation magnetic information is of little use to those from an electrical creation and causes distortion to the same degree as electricity causes distortion in a magnetic creation such as Earth. The best solution to move out of distortion therefore is for all information associated with Earth and this magnetic Great Central Sun that has been lost over time to be retrieved and recast and restored; and for all foreign information to be returned to its creation of origin. This is also so for each ascending human of red nation and magnetic ancestral origins. All of this can be accomplished through intention and in association with working with the healing temples for ascension. (Please see Chapter 5 in Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension: Workbook 1 for information on the Healing Temples for Ascension.)


Beehive Energy Flow     


There is a new energy flow that is magnetic that is beginning to be embraced by those who are ascending. This energy appears similar to a beehive. Mastery over the Triple Lotus movement is required to begin to run Beehive flow. Beehive flow doubles and triples up the Flower of Life movement creating pockets of thick magnetic pulsations that assist in repelling or removing electrical pulsations from one’s field sending them back into the environment or to sender. This is the gift of magnetic flow that is stronger and more layered in nature; it will make it easier for humans to continue to navigate through the density of the suburbs and continue to ascend.


Flower of Life & Beehive (WB 2, Ch 2)


As enough of the field becomes Triple Lotus, one can intend to layer the field more extensively by anchoring the Beehive energy template from the Temple of Grid Work in the Aurora. Mastery over the Triple Lotus also allows polarity to cease and unity to begin. For one begins to erase the fear-based thoughts and replace them with the Language of Light. As one integrates the Language of Light, the Beehive flow is the next step and will allow for greater numbers of layers in the field that shall tend to bend electricity back upon itself pressing it outside of one’s energy flow. In order for this to work, one cannot be spinning pyramids or boxes in the space between; and both the space between and space without must host the circular patterning associated with the Flower of Life.


The Planes of the Kumaras     


As one masters the first ten notes of the Language of Light, one begins to transcend the fear-based planes that Mother Earth has called the Planes of the Kumaras. As humans were designed to live in fear on the part of the Anu and Orion scientists, fear-based planes were constructed that were designed to control the slave populations. This is the origins of the planes of the Kumaras. A false god known as Sanat Kumara oversees these planes and this was his job in agreement with the Anu and not Terra. At this time and as humans transcend, the Kumara planes are being rolled up and exported back to the Pleiades as it was Pleiadian humans that anchored them here in the first place.


Embracing Triple Lotus Flow (WB 2, Ch2)


The Kumara planes (planes of fear, pain, suffering, death, greed, lust and judgment) were originally only present in regions where small numbers of Anu slaves lived upon Earth’s surface and were not global in nature. In the second half of the era of the Anu and after the formation of the oceans due to the melting of the ice shields, the Anu chose to increase their slave populations to extend their lives. Reproduction was increased so that women became fertile each month and as a result the slave populations grew into the billions over time. Most of this was in the region known as Europe in present time, although the continent associated is under the ocean. As the slave populations increased, the planes of the Kumaras inflated to cover the region now known as Europe.


Over time and in the era of Atlantis, technology was developed that allowed for global travel not unlike in this era. The Anu slave descendents took off moving to other continents global wide not unlike today. The result was that the planes of the Kumaras grew to become a global phenomenon as a result. Wherever enough Anu slave populations lived, the red nations’ peoples discovered themselves pulled into a dream of fear and subordination destined for the slaves as a result.


How do planes associate with dreams? Planes of reality are associated with the manifestation planes that step any dream into physicality. The Anu set up their own manifestation planes for the Anu slaves that included a dream of subordination and the master-slave dance. This dream was held in place through the planes of the Kumaras. The red nations’ peoples had their own manifestation planes that the Sirians who seeded them had created and included a life of peaceful and unity-based relations.


The red nations’ manifestation planes were held in a language that is similar to the Language of Light. As enough Anu slaves relocated to red nation continents, suddenly the Kumara based manifestation planes of the slaves overran the manifestation planes of the red nations’ peoples. The end result was that the red nations’ peoples discovered themselves living a life of enslavement unto the Anu slave descendents as a result.


This has occurred in many time periods. As the red nations’ peoples who inhabited the land of North America were invaded by enough white Anu slave descendents, they fell into a dream of slavery and were forced to relinquish their land and live upon “reservations”. Africans have been enslaved by white people in the Southern US as recently as just a few hundred years ago. This too is the result of red nation peoples of African descent moving into the Anu slave manifestation planes and then manifesting a dream of subordination and slavery unto the Anu slave descendents.


The Anu slave manifestation planes have dominated everywhere that they are created through the collective unconscious. Electricity always dominates over magnetism in a magnetic creation. The red nations’ manifestation planes are magnetic and therefore overrun by the electrical manifestation planes of the Anu slaves. It is for this reason that the red nations’ peoples have fallen into slavery of one form or another again and again throughout history and since the arrival of the Anu upon Earth.


Violence and the Anu Slave Manifestation Planes


The Anu slave manifestation planes were not originally violent in nature. Merduk reprogrammed a few of the slave manifestation planes for violence to create his warfare upon Innana. As the planes were reprogrammed for violence, over time the Anu slaves within such dreamtime began to act out in violence for no apparent cause. The same regions hosting violent dreamtime often became the large battlefields where slaves of one god (Merduk) fought with other slaves of another god (Innana).


Wherever the violent manifestation planes occur again in present time, there is always violence of some sort that erupts, whether it is regional uprisings or actual warfare between nations. As all Anu slave dreamtime leave Earth, peace upon Earth will occur; and Terra is working upon this goal at this time to redirect human civilization towards awakening and evolution.


Over time the warfare manifestation planes moved around to other regions. In recent centuries, warfare planes appeared in North America and drew the red nations’ peoples into warfare between their own tribes over land and resources. This occurred long before the arrival of the white Anu slave descendents. Later warfare broke out between the Anu slave descendents and the red nations’ peoples over territorial disputes, with the red nations’ peoples falling into a dream of slavery in the end where they were forced to retract onto reservations.


In Africa, a similar dance has also occurred with first the white nation’s peoples moving in and overtaking the black peoples’ land and resources. This has placed most black peoples in shanty towns and in greater poverty than when they lived freely from the land in a tribal sense. Now at this time of ascension, the black nations’ peoples are retrieving their power and rebelling but are catching a dream for warfare and violence from the Anu slave descendents own collective unconscious. In many places, the black nations’ peoples are retrieving their land through force. This occurred in the Ivory Coast region in recent years.


One may wonder, is there no possibility for another dream other than force to create restitution of lost land for red nations’ peoples? There are other places where restitution will play out peacefully because there are no warfare manifestation planes to create otherwise. This is so presently upon the North American continent where Native Americans will create new homesteads over time and due to reclaiming their own power to manifest their dreams. In this region, there will be no violence associated with restitution as there are no manifestation planes that call for violence.


In Hawaii, there will be a gradual reclaiming of the land by those who are Hawaiian and Hawaiian at heart as enough people who own the land perish in the coming times of cleansing ahead. Again, there will be no violence associated with restitution as there are no manifestation planes hosting violence associated in the islands.


Terra desires to anchor a non-violent dream for humanity all over Earth. Up until now a new dream of this nature has not been possible. Even the dream Terra has been anchoring for the human species cannot step down immediately. It will take 7-8 years for this new dream to begin to be realized in physicality. As the new manifestation planes take hold, there will be a different dream that catches upon each human that attunes to the new dream. By 2030 to 2036, it is anticipated that enough of the Anu slave manifestation planes shall be cleared global wide to lead to a renaissance and potentially global peace by 2043. This shall come hand in hand with most of Anu and Anu slave inheritance also leaving physicality primarily due to disease and inability to ascend.


Removing the Anu Slave Manifestation Planes


For those who are ascending, one can learn to consciously choose which manifestation planes that one works with. One can consciously choose to utilize only those manifestation planes that Earth is holding for those who are ascending that creates a peaceful and unity-based dream. Earth’s manifestation planes are designed to create a complete ascension. They are designed to assist one in mastering unity, while providing mirrors and direct feedback about one’s own thoughtform so that it can be transcended.


One can also begin to consciously remove the planes of the Kumaras in the region where one lives or travels to assist Earth in this process of creating new manifestation planes for humankind that shall be peaceful and unity based. How does one eliminate the planes of the Kumaras? Sometimes one may go out onto the Anu slave manifestation planes in dreamtime to locate them in time and space. Then as one awakens from a strange dream associated with pain, suffering, fear, death, lust, greed or judgment, or violence, one can through intention roll up the associated plane and send it through the solar kundalini for dissolution.


Over time one will discover that one can clear up to 90% of the kumara based planes within one’s region of origin through such intentions. As one does so, the region that one lives within will become increasingly peaceful and unity based. As more attune to dreamtime with the goal of hunting down planes that create violence and slavery and remove them from Earth, more and more of the dream associated with the current human difficulties can be dissipated leading to a new day ahead.


Some of the Anu slave manifestation planes will naturally dissipate as Earth’s vibration increases enough to dissolve all associated that is dissonant. It is always the suburbs and cities that host the greatest density and therefore have the largest numbers of kumara based planes remaining. It is for this reason that life in the countryside may feel entirely different than life in the city, as one will not be attuning to a slave-based dream and then manifesting a life of slavery as a result, or worse yet a violent life experience. This is another good reason for ascending humans to relocate to the countryside and it will lead to a more peaceful and unity-based life in the now.


For places like the Middle East, this region appears to have gathered the most violent warfare manifestation planes from Merduk and Innana’s battlefields and subsequent nuclear annihilation. It is for this reason that this region is such a hotbed for potential nuclear war, and why others in current human power do not wish those in the Middle East therefore to get their hands upon nuclear weaponry. From Terra’s point of view, it will take the next generation of incoming ascending children to mature in this region to begin to dispel the dream for warfare. In the meantime, the dream is observed carefully to make sure that it does not lead to potential nuclear war. Any dream that appears to be heading in this direction is canceled by the consciousness of Terra as it would prevent her evolution home otherwise.


Analyzing One’s Birth Thoughtform


In the current paradigm, humans, when born at two segments of DNA, create their persona and life dynamics through 144 algorithmic thoughtforms that are dogmatic in nature and are in extreme polarity. The 144 thoughtforms were thoroughly explored in the worksheets for Chapter 2 in Workbook 1. Each may wish to bring this information forward to support the work associated with this chapter.


Incoming human children at two segments create their algorithms from 18 of the 144 thoughtforms which then direct the DNA to construct the body in the womb. Most working with these materials entered the world at two segments, although a few may be Indigos in their late teens to mid-sixties that came in with genetics at 1,024 segments of DNA. Those of Indigo nature also still sit in polarity that is less extreme as one will have double the thoughtform and some polarities will cancel out the opposite leading to fewer extremes in the life dance. Therefore, those that test that they entered the world at 1024 will search for 36 thoughtforms of the 144 that they are associated with and see how some extremes will cancel one another out, leading to a life path that is a little more in the middle of the two ends of the poles.


One can see in this how extreme polarity has been constructed over time. As one pares down the number of thoughtforms one constructs the archetypes and algorithms from for the life, the more extreme the polarity becomes due to limitation of thoughtform. The greater the number of algorithms, the less limitation and the greater the level of unity as any thought that is upon one side of the scale and the other upon the other side will cancel each other out if both are embodied leading to a middle path between the two. It is for this reason that the Anu slaves lived in somewhat peaceful circumstances in the beginning as they had all 144 thoughtforms to draw upon to create the algorithmic patterns for the life at 5,000 segments of DNA. This led to a far more balanced human expression than if only 18 thoughtforms direct the life and persona.


You will also see that red nation thoughtform was not unlike the Anu thoughtform in nature. The red nation peoples at 15,000 segments had 188 algorithmic thoughtforms that constructed the persona and life dance. At another time we will bring forth the additional 44 thoughtforms associated with the red nations’ peoples as they were originally seeded by the Sirian scientists in the continued chapters of this workbook. At this time, it is more important for those upon the path of ascension to focus upon the 18 thoughtforms that one was born with so that one can intend to transmute all polarity and integrate the Language of Light in its place.


There were 7 languages seeded associated with each root race on the part of the Sirian scientists. In the original seeding there was a North American Indian language, South American Indian language, Tibetan language, Inuit/Mongolian (Eskimo) language, Aboriginal (Australia) language, Polynesian language and African language. The Language of Light is closest to the Polynesian language than any of the other original root race languages seeded. The reason Terra and those nonphysical forces guiding ascension over time chose the Polynesian language over any others is that it hosts the least polarity of all. Perhaps it is for this reason that Lemurian peoples along with the Polynesian race have known long periods of peace and unity in the dance of life.


Although the Polynesian language is the best choice of all possibilities, the language itself has gone through a load of alterations and modifications to foster ascension and is no longer similar to the original Polynesian language as a result. The alterations have been created to allow for ascension not only of humanity, but each kingdom that is also choosing to embody the Language of Light at this time. The Language of Light has had modifications drawn from Asur’Ana and Per’s own experience of evolution along with DAS and each ascending kingdom, particularly the map making dolphins and whales. The Language of Light has also had modifications anchored from the Tao in support of continued evolution.


The Language of Light leads to the mastery of Language of ONE as all 144 concepts of the entire scale of single, dual, tri and quad notes are integrated. However, at this time we are beginning to alter the tones in the Language of Light scale again through the process of amalgamation or the blending of the denser and lighter tones of the scale into a new set of tones altogether. Amalgamation leads to an even more greatly stable rainbow of synthesis and it is for this reason that ascending map makers are heading in this direction at this time. More will be written about the process of amalgamation in later chapters either this year or next depending upon what Terra deems best as a focus for those working with these materials.


We will provide a list in the worksheet section of this chapter of all the thoughtforms and how they are associated with the planes of the Kumaras or the Anu manifestation planes. In analyzing what the main 18 thoughtforms one used to create the algorithmic patterns at one’s birth, one therefore will also understand which of the manifestation planes and thoughtform of the Kumaras one is more greatly tied to. For each is generally more greatly tied to two to three of the Kumara based planes than any others.


Here is an analysis of Asur’Ana and Per’s birth natures to give you an idea of what we are speaking to for your own analysis.


Asur’Ana’s Birth Nature


Thoughtforms of birth archetypes in association with the Anu manifestation planes:



Transmutative Tones: Compassion

I Fear

I am Unsafe

I Compromise

I am Non-Communicative



Transmutative tones: Freedom and Divine Union

I Give my Dreams Away

I Foster Success in Others

I Judge Myself

I Am Non-Beautiful

I Am Healthy

I Lie

I Undermine



Transmutative Tone: Power

I Feel Deeply

I Suffer

I Repress my anger

I Heal Others

I Acquiesce or Give In

I Subordinate

I Never Argue


Per’s Birth Nature


Thoughtforms of birth archetypes in association with the Kumaras:



Transmutative Tones: Non-Conditional Love and Breath of Life

I Demand

I am Empowered

I Dream for Others

I am Seduced

I Negotiate

I Succeed

I Dominate



Transmutative tones: Freedom and Divine Union  

I Observe

I Am Superior

I Perceive

I Cheat

I Begrudge

I Give In



Transmutative Tone: Structure

I Witness

I Control

I See Clearly

I Repress my Pain

I am Depressed


Algorithms and the Language of Light


There are many tones in the Language of Light that assist in the process of transmutation. The goal of those working with these materials is to master the first 48 symbols and then go on to master dual tone concepts. The Language of Light creates different algorithmic patterns in one’s field as well as a different firing of neurons within the brain and nervous system of the body. The Language of Light will trigger biological ascension of the entire body as each note is mastered as an energy flow along with within the nervous system. The mastery in the nervous system allows for a new and different way of perceiving life from a unity-based vantage point rather than judgmental and shamed based point of reference. For this reason, ascension can be vastly life altering to experience.


To master the first 48 notes of the scale, each of the 18 polarity based birth thoughtforms must be transmuted in full down to a genetic level. This is what causes the integration of unity-based biology. As the algorithms are learned by one’s nervous system, the firing of the nervous system in Language of Light patterns will bring forward the DNA from ancient times that resonate to be integrated. This is how language and biological ascension are interrelated. One must however have sincere biological inheritance to red nations’ DNA for this to come to be so.


It was discovered in DAS that initiates of hidden Anu inheritance could never master the Language of Light or integrate red nation DNA in physicality as it was not a sincere part of their biological inheritance. DNA cannot grow on top of DNA that exists today unless one has a direct physical path back in time to those that embodied the DNA in physicality at another time. Anchoring false lineages or ancestors does not work to create real physical ascension. Therefore, if one confirms within that one has mostly electrical DNA at this time, the pathway of ascension must await a future ancestor who will blend one’s tapestry with a tapestry of a red nation person creating a body that has real inheritance through time to red nations’ genealogy. Then one’s future ancestor will be able to ascend beyond perhaps where one can go in this lifetime.


Our final point in this is that there is no end to consciousness. Through the blending of DNA that can ascend, future ancestors will master. One will experience the mastery of one’s future ancestors from the nonphysical afterlife associated with human ancestors. Ancestors that are from foreign and electrical creations will split off at some point returning to another creation to carry on in their choice to evolve.


There is no end to existence except in the cessation of life of the physical. The physical however is only a shadow of many other planes of existence that have far greater understanding and truth within them. Over time as humans ascend, they shall reunite with other planes that hold greater understanding and truth and then shall anchor the understanding and truth into the physical. This is what ascension is all about; bringing the wisdom and knowledge back to the physical plane that has been lost in the many falls in consciousness throughout time, space and form.


Many of the ancestors that one is related to know much more than one can ever bring into physicality due to the limitations within the cranium and nervous system of the current genetic structure. One however can channel the wisdom even if one cannot embody it all. Asur’Ana and Per are good examples of this. They channel wisdom 1,000-fold greater than they can embody; however, the wisdom drives the life as well as their school and organization in a manner that fosters evolution. This is the gift of being a fully conscious species.


There is no limitation to the number of algorithmic thoughtforms one can learn once the brain becomes crystalline; as such one can think thoughts that one’s future ancestors may not embody for 1,000 years into the future. However, in thinking such thoughts now and learning to live one’s life from a more expanded perspective, one will foster a dream in which such thoughtform will become physical and humans shall be restored to a fully conscious state with a large cranium into the future. Thoughts precede all other events; first one must think the expanded thoughts of full consciousness and then your future ancestors will become fully conscious. This also is the purpose of these teachings.




As each chooses to assess one’s birth thoughtform, one may perceive that one has been working upon transcending these thoughtforms for one’s entire life. There may be some thoughtforms that are already 70% or more transcended. There may also be others that one has yet to address as the thoughtform appears to be a part of the foundation of whom one has thought oneself to be since birth. As all thoughtforms are transmuted, one will construct a new foundation from the Language of Light that shall lift one into a new unity-based paradigm in this lifetime. This is the gift of ascension and the Language of Light.


Each working with these materials may perceive oneself as a map maker. Map makers forge a pathway that few others have walked. You may consider yourself therefore on the leading edge of a new human dream. Walking on the leading edge is not necessarily an easy path, as there may be few that one can share with that will understand or support oneself in one’s life changes.


Life change is the outcome of the integration of the Language of Light. The Language of Light moves in a manner that frees up the sticky ties of attachment so that one may complete one’s karma in any dance and then create a new dance that better resonates with whom one is becoming. There is always more karma. However as one works one’s way back in time to red nation ancestries and the genealogy associated is integrated, one then begins to create a life based upon red nation karma that may be gentler and more harmonious in nature. This is how many ascending humans shall carve a path towards a unity state of being that is not of your original birth nature.


As more humans carve the path of unity, the path will widen so that more can follow in adult form, and children that will master in the womb and in early childhood, shall be born. The gift of these little ones is that they will have no prior history of polarity or distortion to affect their thoughts or life choices as they mature. Many of these children will simply learn to walk their path as they mature enough to do so, regardless of how it agrees with friends or family. This will be a sign of the return of biological truth unto the ascending humans of the future. As the truth bearers mature, some will take on positions of leadership in the regions that they live and begin to lead others in a new direction founded upon truth. This is how truth shall be restored to the human civilization.


Ascension is a long-haul project. Each generation will do their part to ascend and allow a deepening of unity to emerge amongst those who are evolving. Over time, the evolving ones will be the only ones left; and then human civilization will take on the path of evolution as a collective and conscious endeavor. The times ahead will be quite amazing to witness and experience. Each reading these materials will experience this through one’s future ancestry, a future of greater unity and joy and the conscious choice to evolve as an equal partner to Terra and all other kingdoms! This is what Terra intends to come forth. Perhaps you will intend so with me.


Until our next communication.



Terra and The Tao

Asur’Ana and Per


Please click here for Chapter 2 Worksheets


Flower of Life and Beehive in PDF


Embracing Triple Lotus Flow in PDF


Ascension Meditation Recordings


Ascension Insights Charts & Diagrams


Language of Light


Language of ONE



This workbook is lovingly dedicated unto each who is willing to go within and look honestly at the patterns playing out in one’s dance of life. In choosing to understand the unconscious and choosing to forgive, one can choose to reprogram oneself into unity-based thoughtform so that a new life of integrity, honor and peace can be born.

Love and Namaste,

Mother Earth



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This book has Creational Copyright. This information is offered for Theoretical Exploration only. Please accept only information that you resonate with and let go of the rest. Please use any or all information, to share and evolve. All information belongs to God Goddess/All That Is, You. As you integrate the information you receive, you evolve and radiate new truths via your own unique portal of expression, assisting Humanity and the Planet on its evolution Home.



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Asur’Ana. Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension: Workbook 2. Aligning With Earth, 2022. Digital.

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