Image of fruits on a cherry tree. Intention And Thoughtform Transmutation

Chapter 2: Intention And Thoughtform Transmutation


Now that you have assessed your archetypal nature and the nature of all others surrounding yourself, you can begin to analyze the thoughtform behind the archetypes in the dance of life. Often the patterns occur today as they did long ago; or in similar variations upon a theme. For example, at another time, one archetype may have seduced another and produced an offspring. One never remained to raise the child, but instead leaves the other to its own experience of child rearing. In present time, this is reflected in a parallel set of circumstances where a child is conceived, but perhaps one parent never completes upon raising the child; or perhaps even abandons the other before the child is ever born.


The dance of patterning associated is karmic. Sometimes such karma may be of one’s ancestry. Sometimes the karma may be a manipulation in which it was transferred upon one’s ancestry. It may be hard to imagine that a seemingly tragic life circumstances was not even one’s own karma to bear, and yet due to the manipulative nature of karma in the human dream, this occurs much of the time. It is also what makes karmic settlement almost impossible, as one often does not really recognize that it was not one’s karma until much later in the ascension and as one rises to a higher frequency.


What to do? Forgive; forgive it all anyway. In the forgiveness, even karma that is not one’s own melts away allowing one freedom and the ability to enter a new dance with all others in the life dream. Later and as you recognize that the karma was not yours to begin with, you can return it to the real origins; and then it will be up to those ancestors in present time to forgive the karma themselves in their personal ascensions.


The Nature of Forgiveness   


Forgiveness changes everything. Forgiveness states, “I understand that you trespassed upon me and that I and my ancestors have trespassed upon you and your ancestors in like kind. We have gone back and forth and back and forth, each trespassing upon the other, wounding ourselves in the dance of rejection, mutilation, pain, torture, heartbreak and annihilation. As I forgive my ancestors for the atrocities that they perpetrated, I also forgive yours, as we have all participated in the human dance throughout this experience upon Earth. No one is innocent; no one is to be blamed. One can only forgive, and in the forgiveness, enter a new dance of freedom and unity.”


Forgiveness requires intention. The intent to forgive will bring about the circumstances that allow for the release of the pain and trauma recorded in the etheric vessel and cellular structure associated with the karma. Generally speaking, it is in the act of catharsis that one also learns the spiritual lesson associated with the patterning. As one cries a heap of tears, then one understands how one’s ancestors have hurt others in a particular dance or another. In the feeling of the pain with one’s own heart and emotional body, one learns the associated spiritual lesson; one will not harm another again as a result. As one learns the lesson, then the associated pattern in the field shifts, and one is free to attract a new dance in the human dream.


Rejection and Mutilation of Field   


It is often the energetic dynamics between humans that hurts the most. A beloved rejects you; he or she tells you that you are not enough; that they do not love you; that you are not beautiful enough, do not manifest enough, are not wealthy enough, are of the wrong class or are born to the wrong family or of the wrong inheritance for a partnership. What really occurs in such a dance? The rejection is compounded; now every ancestor that was ever rejected for parallel reasons surfaces. Here is the dance again; we are rejected yet again. The pain is enormous; the heart contracts, and in the contraction, the one who rejects shatters the heart again; stripping you of your information, love, grid work, spiritual knowledge and so on.


The dance of rejection is just a game really, and a game for human to shatter human and strip information. Where does the information go? It goes to the nonphysical mostly and then up the dimensions to support other creations thriving out of the death of those upon Earth. You see, humans have information that nonphysical forces wish to harvest, as it is useful to other dances that they enjoy. Therefore, humans are pitted against humans so that humans will destroy one another so that they are more readily “harvested”.


Harvesting occurs in any form of rejection. Rejection occurs not only between beloveds, but also between parents and children, family members, friends, neighbors and work associates. What happens when one is “laid off”? One is rejected. The same pattern plays out in the lay off as between beloveds; one is stripped of one’s spiritual knowledge by the group energy of the corporation.


What happens when one’s mother chooses to send one to boarding school? One is rejected, and in the rejection, one loses one’s spiritual knowledge to one’s mother. What happens when one’s mother or father or other loved one dies? One is rejected; and one loses one’s spiritual knowledge in the death of another. This is what most mourning really is; one has lost so much knowledge as a beloved dies that one has fractured; and in the fracturing there is depression, pain and suffering.


One initiate whom we shall name Haisley recalls a rejection of a 7-year relationship in her 20’s. He would not marry her. She was not “enough”. Haisley recalls feeling as though she had a hole blown through her heart for many weeks thereafter; and she did. She also recalls having massive pain in her hips, as so much was stripped of her sexual information and grid work in the rejection. It took her a year to recover. She recalls being pulled to walk in nature extensively during the recovery; nature assisted her in piecing herself together so that she could carry on and fulfill upon her spiritual life mission.


Relationships after this were never as cataclysmic for Haisley as she was the one to reject the other in the end; and in so doing, she stripped the other instead, feeling all the better for it. Although being the one to strip feels better, Haisley eventually recognized that the dance of rejection had to cease along with the stripping of anyone else in the life dance that she chose not to associate with. In so recognizing that it was in the greater good of the whole not to strip, Haisley ceased to strip anyone in her life. Each ascending initiate may need to learn to do the same; to be harmless and end the dance of stripping in rejection.


The Nature of Fear Based Programming


Programming also occurs between humans in friendships, at work, at home, and with the beloved, spouse, and significant other along with children. Programming is a series of spells laid into the field to suspend polarity in a particular set of thoughtform. In relationship, significant others program one another to be the “good spouse”; parents program children to be “good little boys and girls” or conversely “the family black sheep”.


Now, why would parents program one child to be the black sheep? So that they have some place to push their own darkness upon. The family black sheep takes on the darkness of the family and then acts it out in many preoccupations including drug abuse, stealing from neighbors, or many other patterns such children go into. Sometimes teachers or counselors will “reprogram” the black sheep and they will recover. Many good counselors and psychologists along with psychiatrists know how to reprogram others to become what they believe is a “good human citizen”.


Does this really resolve anything? Actually, no it does not, as the parents will only go on to press their darkness someplace else. Perhaps another neighborhood child will now become the black sheep taking on the darkness of the family; or perhaps one parent will reverse polarize in middle age from depressing darkness onto others, and then take on the family darkness themselves thereafter. As this occurs, perhaps the parents will have an accident, or become diseased, lose their job, end up homeless, or any one of a series of possibilities that a dark dream can manifest.


There are organizations that are also gifted at “reprogramming” humans to be good citizens. This is what Alcoholic Anonymous offers to those in the West who associate. The group reprograms each associated to cease to drink; this does not resolve anything, for as many recover from the reprogramming, as many others then become alcoholics as the programming for alcoholism is pressed someplace else in the human dream. One can consider this polarity reversal; the alcoholic reprogrammed by AA ceases to drink, but continues to drink upon a parallel plane of reality. In counterbalance, another outside of AA ceases to drink upon a parallel plane and then begins to drink in the physical.


How does this work exactly? The programming to suspend the alcoholic in the dance of alcoholism is moved into a parallel life; and programming to “not drink” is brought into physicality. Programming and the associated spells can be pushed from plane to plane and cease to affect physicality. However, this does not release the programming. Ascension is about releasing the programming upon all planes of reality that it resides so that one can be free of the associated polarity based thoughtform thereafter.


About Reverse Polarization  


Reverse polarization does not allow for evolution or ascension out of a particular pattern. Sometimes reverse polarization can aid ascension. If one has a disease, addiction, or other pattern that prevents further ascension, reverse polarizing the pattern to a parallel plane of reality through conscious intention may allow for enough of a recovery to allow for continued evolution. In health issues, this may be important; if a disease compromises a significant organ, gland or system that could kill the body before it ascends, then reverse polarizing the ailment to a parallel life is a good thing. As the health is recovered, the ascension can take hold, and one can then address the underlying patterns, karma and thoughtform at cause of the disease in the first place. This is important so that the disease does not re-manifest into the future.


We have had examples of those that have had surgery to remove a fatty tumor or cancerous growth. It is not wrong to work with the current medical system if necessary; and sometimes there is karma settled in the experience. However, if one does not release the underlying cause of why one created the growth or disease, then it will only re-manifest again into the future and following surgery. Therefore, it is wise to intend to release all associated patterns before having surgery, and then the surgery can be a success.


Reverse polarization therefore is a tool that can assist ascension when applied under certain circumstances that would prevent ascension otherwise. Reverse polarizing those things that one does not like in the current life experience without transcendence of the underlying cause of why one created the dance in the first place will only have the effect of one recreating the experience into the future; as one has failed to learn the spiritual lesson behind the manifestation. Therefore, perhaps it is better to learn the lesson, release the karma through forgiveness, and then one’s dream can alter through ascension and never recur again, as one is complete.


This is the definition of completion, a thorough erasure of all thoughtform and trauma from a particular vibration of experience in one’s personal life and ancestry that locked the dance in a particular polarity of expression. When there is no longer a record of any prior experience of such a nature, nor any spells or machines to call a dream of such a nature into the life dance, the dance will not recur, and one is free to manifest a new dream without the old patterning associated.


About Completion


Completion may take time with those that one has a load of karma with in the associated ancestries. If such a person is one’s employer, then perhaps one will continue to work for the employer for years into the future, while releasing the karma layer by layer through forgiveness until one reaches a point of completion. As the completion occurs, one will free oneself from the employer and find a new occupation that better resonates. However, one is not obligated to remain with the employer, as any other employer with parallel karma will serve in the same karmic settlement. Therefore, one can alter jobs without completion, completing what one can in the now, and carrying forth the next segment of karma with the next employer.


This also can be so for spouses. One may have lengthy karma in the ancestry between someone that one married in this lifetime; or the beloved that one is in relationship with. The karma can be settled by remaining in the marriage or relationship until it is complete; or perhaps one will choose to release the karma with others ending the union prior to completion. There are many ways to settle karma; one need not be married to those that one has difficult karma with. One may bring in such karmic associations as clients, friends, workmates, bosses, family members, or as acquaintances. This is what Asur’Ana did; she polarized the difficult relationship karma into her associations within the Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS). This allowed Per to show up as a beloved who was supportive and nurturing of her. One may choose to do the same.


There are no absolutes in the dance of ascension. Many would like to create rules such as “you cannot leave the relationship or job or region until the karma is complete”; and yet if the karma is causing one to become diseased, then perhaps this is not wise. Ongoing dissonance is also non-supportive of ascension. Therefore, a dissonant relationship can deter or prevent ascension. Learning to listen to the body along with one’s soul is important in such major life decisions. If the body says “I will not make it if this relationship or job continues for another year or more” or “I will not be able to master due to the ongoing dissonance in this relationship or job”, then perhaps one will end the relationship or job now, and settle the associated karma in another circumstance.


About Karma      


Karma is a dance of polarities that create a specific energetic exchange between two fields. In the example earlier in this chapter, as one is rejected, there is also an energetic exchange where one may be mutilated in the unconscious, losing records, grid work and information. There are many other dances that occur between fields as karma is activated. The origins of such patterning occurred so long ago that even your ancestors do not recall. In some cases, the origins are from other creations or dimensions that one’s multidimensional and multi-creational ancestors once lived.


Karma cannot be settled if it originated in other creations or dimensions of human life. Karma can only be settled if it occurred upon Earth. Therefore, Asur’Ana and Per have chosen to intend that all karma from other dimensions or creations that cannot be settled here, as the original cause is elsewhere, is “null and void”. One may be required however to release the karma for parallel incidents that occurred in one’s ancestry upon Earth. For completion with any pattern to occur, one must get back to the original cause of the first incident that occurred upon Earth in one’s inheritance. This is what completion is; forgiving the original cause of a particular exchange between ancestors upon Earth.


As the original cause is forgiven, all associated spells holding thoughtform in a particular polarity of dynamic releases, and one can come to the middle road between the two polarities. As one comes to the middle road, one can replace the polarity thoughtform with the Language of Light in its place. This is how one masters the first ten base notes of the Language of Light and each part of the scale thereafter; one releases the original cause back in time to when one went into the extremes of polarity thoughtform in their place.


About the Language of Light


One’s ancestors once existed in a thoughtform akin to the Language of Light. This language created a cellular structure that was regenerative and “crystalline” in encoding. The lineages that held a crystalline genetic structure and Language of Light encoding are primarily red nation or Lemurian in history. As one works one’s way back through the past karma gathering ancestors associated with one’s red lineages, one begins to recover both the DNA and language from the time that they existed in physicality. Then one must integrate the language into one’s field in the NOW. As the language is integrated into the field, it will trigger the DNA that is crystalline to grow first in the etheric, and then in the physical.


Integration of thoughtform can be likened to erasing the old thoughtform and replacing it with the new or Language of Light. In order for the Language of Light to take hold, all thoughtform associated with the old encoding must be thoroughly erased. If portions of the old thoughtform remain, then there are holes and gaps in the Language of Light and in one’s synthesis. Through the holes and gaps, one is more likely to lose chi and information than if they are more thoroughly interwoven at any given vibration. It is for this reason that Earth is guiding each to be thorough about one’s integration of the Language of Light.


One can determine if one is incomplete with embracing the full range of tones by choosing to recall missing sections or missing tones of the first 10 base notes of the Language of Light upon a daily basis. Earth brought through the “Elements Meditation” in Chapter 13 of Ascension Insights, Volume 4. As one intends to retrieve missing notes upon the scale of the Language of Light, one will more readily perceive where there is other thoughtform remaining in the field that blocks the retention of certain notes or portions of notes upon a recurrent basis. Then one can begin to intend to release the old polarity language that one is holding on to for a more thorough integration of the Language of Light.


Thoughtform analysis is a good way to begin to work upon where one is held in polarity-based extremes of pain, suffering, greed, judgment, fear, lust or death in one’s field. The Language of Light assists in releasing the extremes so that one may move towards the middle path within. Earth would like to give each a better understanding of the energetic dynamics of polarity-based thoughtform.


The Thoughtform of Death





Polarity Based Thoughtform: Begrudges and Never Begrudges

Transmutative Frequency: Forgiveness (pink)


Death is a frequency in which the energy ceases to move altogether and is more or less frozen in time and space. Such non-moving energy is generally black in color. Those regions of the form frozen in the vibration of death are numb; one does not feel the pain that the region is in as the energy is not moving, and one cannot feel unless energy does move. When the energy of death first moves, one may begin to feel the pain that the body is in. As the black dissipates, generally anger or red is the first frequency that occurs. The anger is the remembrance of the original violation that caused the energy to cease to move or freeze. Sometimes one will feel angry as a result of moving the vibration of death. Feel the anger and eventually the red will dissipate becoming pink in color, which is forgiveness.


As the grudges of the past are forgiven, they release. It is grudges in the life experience or ancestral life experiences that create the vibration of death in any field. It was as one or one’s ancestors said “I can never forgive them for what they have done” that the vibration of death is locked into one’s field within the associated trauma. As one chooses to forgive the atrocities of the past in present time, then the death frequency can be released and transmuted.


About Etheric Programming and Spell Casting


Etheric programming is laid in utilizing the vibration of death to hook the spells or machines into a field. Spells are energetic webs hosting a particular thoughtform. The mechanism that the spells hook into the grid work looks like a tiny needle; the needle is coated in a poison so caustic it causes the energy where inserted to freeze so that it holds. Spells are hooked in generally with 12 or 18 of such needles.


The spell then polarizes the dream in a particular direction; if the spell is for good behavior, then one attracts a dream for good behavior and ceases to be the black sheep of the family or neighborhood. If the spell is for being sober, one will cease to drink. If the spell is for marriage, one will find a partner and wed. If the spell is for a particular career, one will find oneself pursuing the associated career, or going to school to acquire the necessary credentials.


Schools lay in countless spells for this behavior or that behavior, or this career or that career. Corporations lay in layers of spells so that one will be the “good employee”. The spells then attract a dream for the associated behavior or career into the life dance. Teachers or bosses along with parents that are gifted at spell casting in the unconscious are the ones who cast the spells. Sometimes teachers or bosses lay in spells for failure, and then one fails to earn the credential thereby failing to manifest the career or is fired from the job. Generally, those in power in any given corporation, school or organization are the ones who lay in the spells determining the outcome for each individual in association. Underlying the spells is karma where parallel spells were laid into one’s ancestors.


All spells are laid in with the vibration of death; over time, more and more spells are laid into any individual through their life associations and the ancestral karma triggered. The more spells that are laid in, the less the field spins freely over time. It is the continued spell casting that one receives throughout the life that contributes to the experience of aging and death in the current human dance.


The media also lays in spells. Through the media, one can receive spells in watching television, reading magazines or newspapers, reading novels or books, searching the web, playing video games, or engaging with electrical media of any kind. If one becomes sensitive enough through ascension, one will feel the spells as they go in, and will feel “ill” or “not so well” after engaging with such activities.


Generally, Asur’Ana and Per have learned to erase the spells after engaging with activities such as searching the web for accommodations for travel. But what if one cannot reach the spell as it is in frequencies one cannot erase at this time in one’s ascent? Ah, here is why Earth guides ascending initiates to give up the media; there may be dark spells laid in through such sources that will then skew one’s dream in a direction of great difficulty that if one simply chose not to participate, would not occur. Spells can be laid in any frequency surrounding the field, including layers of DNA one has yet to master in the ascent.


Receiving spells through the media works against ascension where one is trying to clear patterning to evolve. Engaging with media has the effect of laying more patterning in, and as such more fear-based programming is created. Some ascending initiates feel the depression that they go into as result of the programming entering the field through the media. Leave the media behind engaging with nature instead, and one will not find oneself programmed. Instead one’s field will move even more freely, allowing for feeling energized along with supported in the experience of transcendence.


Drugs and alcohol are also problematic. Drugs and alcohol often attune one to the planes of death; the vibrations of death numb the field and one “feels better” or in other terms, ceases to feel the pain that one is in. Ascension requires processing all emotions; pain, fear or anger that is not one’s own can be returned to the source of origins; then one can process what is sincere to the trauma of one’s life and inheritance. As one clears the trauma by moving the energy, one will feel the pain as one catharts; in the catharsis one comes to understand the associated spiritual lesson and can intend to forgive. In the forgiveness, the spell is released and one is free to attract a dream that is no longer skewed in the manner that the associated spells cause.


One initiate whom we shall call Lincoln consumes alcohol in moderate amount to support his ascension. He blesses the alcohol to aid in the act of transmutation. The alcohol is used to allow Lincoln to connect to the elements of air, water, fire and earth. In so doing, there is a push from the elements moving his field even more freely and as if he were out in nature. The freed field then pushes the regions that are locked in death vibrations or spells allowing them to be easily released. In so doing, Lincoln does not engage with the death planes in the use of alcohol.


Lincoln has also learned that it is all in the “intention”. Drink to clear and ascend, and so it will be; drink to get drunk and so it will be. There are also machines and mechanisms associated with alcoholism along with ancestral karma; and so even in the blessing one may have to be careful to dismantle all mechanisms and spells and release all ancestral karma that causes one to become drunk. As all mechanisms are cleared, then one can freely enjoy the alcohol and it will support ascension.


Shopping malls and products also can be used as a means to program humanity. Often initiates do not feel well after a trip to the mall or grocery store. Generally, this is because stores and the products within them are utilized to create spells in the nonphysical that transfer karma into one’s field. The karma causes one to buy more at the mall or given shop or of a particular product. Ascension requires settlement of karma and not the continued addition of more karma; so, becoming aware of how this occurs is important. One can intend to return all karma and release all spells after a visit to the mall or grocery store. One can also request guardians to block such an energetic exchange from occurring unless there are agreements for it. This is one manner in which guardians may be very useful in the dance of life.


The Thoughtform of Pain





Polarity Thoughtform: Stubborn and Acquiesces

Transmutative Frequency: Structure (lavender)


The thoughtform of pain occurs due to energy that moves but barely enough to allow for a release. The subtle movement of the energy leads to the experience of pain wherever the energy barely moves in the etheric body or field. As one applies more energy to the region through focus, gentle exercise or sun bathing, the chakras speed up in rotation surrounding the region allowing for greater movement of what is only slowly moving and in pain. This releases the pain. As the stuck energy dissipates enough, the pain ceases. First the dissipating energy may turn red as a reflection of the anger that was felt by the body at the time that the body went into pain.


It is often out of a stubborn state of being or the unwillingness to change that energy slowly moves. Change requires a speeding up in the frequency; as one releases instead of holding on, then the pain can be released. Holding on to the past often occurs as initiates move into fear about the uncertain future that the change ahead will bring forth. As one surrenders to the change, allowing oneself to move into the void of unknowing, then a new foundation can be constructed underneath oneself in the Language of Light. The intent to allow the change is often useful in such circumstances. This is transmutation in action along with the birth, death and rebirth cycles of ascension.


About Etheric Machines        


Generally, there are mechanisms that cause regions in any field to spin poorly. The mechanisms can be associated with programming or spells, but are more likely to be associated with etheric machinery. Etheric machines have come to be as soul and angels became bored with the human dance and created machines to spin the DNA, chakras or move the energy so that they could focus elsewhere in a dance that they enjoyed more. By and large, humans at 2 DNA segments are so highly mechanized that there is no soul or nonphysical remaining other than fractured bits of soul known as personality; the personality is small enough to fit between the gears and straight lines of the etheric machines that soul orchestrated so that it could vacate the form.


As one ascends, one moves into a new structure of field rotation that precludes machinery. The new rotation is much like the consciousness symbol in the Language of Light; there are three spheres that rotate around one another. There are no edges to cut up soul; so, soul can dance with a field of triple sphere that rotate and not be diminished, fractured or shattered. Soul has a hard time dancing with human fields that run straight lined flow as it shatters their nonphysical fields causing a fall in soul consciousness. Therefore, as humans ascend into a rotational field precluding mechanization, then soul can return to the dance with human form in the physical.




What do the machines do? The machines lock one into a particular polarity of thoughtform or beliefs. The polarity then attracts a life dream that is associated with the beliefs that one holds. One then experiences the life dream that the machines attract. This is different from spell, which is a web of non-moving energy that locks in a particular set of beliefs in the field as well. In order to transcend polarity and embrace the Language of Light, one must remove both the machines and the spells within the field associated with each segment of fear-based beliefs that one holds.


How does one remove machines or spells? Intention. One intends to release and erase the regions that the machines or spells hook into or cross through the etheric body. As one erases where the machines or spells are hooked into the etheric body, the rotation of the chakras and subtle bodies dissipates the rest of the spell or machine from one’s field. It is for this reason that having a daily sun bath, walk or swim is so useful in ascension, as in the physical activity, the chakras and subtle bodies rotate faster allowing what one is releasing to be spun off in greater ease.


De-mechanizing the field is a large part of the ascent to 3,000 segments. As those ascending to 3,000 segments continue to remove mechanization held inside the etheric body, then soul can more greatly infuse the vessel entering the lotus energy flow of the heart, pelvis and crown. As soul can enter the moving energy systems of the chakras, subtle bodies and lotus, one may begin to have clear guidance from within from one’s Soul, Oversoul and Source. In the meantime, one may rely upon muscle testing or messages from the personality. One can also intend to hear clear guidance from Earth.


Earth reaches into the field without fear of being fractured. Earth energy pervades the kundalini and field running through the mechanization and spells. This is because Earth is such a large body that the human machines cannot really have any affect over her consciousness. Long before one may have clear guidance from soul, one can have clear guidance from Nature and Earth. This guidance comes through the Earth frequencies that one can pull into one’s heart and then listen; listen to what Earth or nature has to say about one’s ascension. Because Earth energy pervades all things upon Earth, Earth will understand one’s intimate and internal dance, as she is a part of it all.


The Thoughtform of Suffering





Polarity Thoughtform: Helpful and Helpless

Transmutative Frequency: Power (peach)


The vibration of suffering moves slightly faster than the vibration of pain, but not enough to allow for a release or change of the associated patterning. The associated experience therefore is one of suffering, depression, and feelings of helplessness and hopelessness about the life experience and creation. As one learns to retrieve the power that one has lost to others, the power will foster a more rapid pace of rotation of field lifting one right out of feelings of helplessness or hopelessness and into a state of change. In the change, one has an opportunity to retrieve one’s information lost over time, and in so doing, will find a new way of being that rises above the depression. One will begin to find one’s hope again.


Over time, one’s ancestry lost power and truth to others. Often the others holding the power and truth are of Anu inheritance in present time. As one retrieves the power and truth that one lost, one will build a new ascending truth founded upon the Language of Light. In the thoughtform of the Language of Light, there need not be suffering; there can be continued transcendence as one continues to retrieve lost information and power in the ascent. The moment one feels depressed or helpless, one can begin to intend. In the intention to overcome the current difficulties, so it will be. In the intention to retrieve one’s power and information, so it will be.


Both Asur’Ana and Per have witnessed periods where they suddenly forget how to intend, or how to retrieve their information or power, or how to ground, or how to muscle test or work with the pendulum. Why does this occur? Information flows in an ascending field in two regions of domain; there is the moving energy system, and there is the akashic record (or information) that instructs the moving energy system on how to function. Lose either aspect, and one will find one’s systems failing.


About Intention


Intention depends upon the subtle bodies. For intention to work, one must have all four subtle bodies intact. In addition to this, one must have the Language of Light present in the field to intentionalize with. Lose a large enough portion of any subtle body or enough of the Language of Light, and one’s intentions will cease to work. Retrieve the missing information and tones of creation, release the karma for why one gave it to another, and one’s intentions will begin to flow again.


About the Kundalini


The kundalini is required to clear karma. If one intends to release karma and has no fire flowing in the kundalini to burn off the contracts, then the karma will not lift. Retrieve the information for the kundalini if one has lost it to another; or retrieve the sexual moving energy system if one has lost it to another, and one’s ability to release karma will be restored. Often a sign of the loss of kundalini is feeling cool or cold, although this can also be a sign of death pictures. Death pictures are remembrances of ancestral deaths or mutilation of all kinds and are usually black or gray in color. Some humans throw death pictures to manipulate others into fear. Grounding out the death pictures is one way to cease to be manipulated by those that play this game.


About the Digestive System


The digestive energy system is necessary to integration of the new information that one’s soul, oversoul and source have decoded from the past ancestral knowledge and DNA. If the digestive system is not working, one will cease to receive new information or release the old. If this occurs, digestion may also cease in the physical leading to gas, belching and indigestion. One may have lost the akashic records for the associated movement, or the chakras that move the digestive system may have been shattered. Restore the digestive system, and one’s physical ability to digest will also be restored.


The digestive system is an energetic movement that propels information down the chakras above one’s head from one’s soul, oversoul and source to the akashic record keeper in the neck and hologram in the heart. The akashic record keeper keeps the new information while pulling and replacing old information from one’s field, sending it down the grounding cord to be transmuted by one’s larger chakras in the Aurora of Earth.


One sign of losing the digestive system is a lack of grounding. As one seeks to retrieve the lost information on grounding and restores and reweaves the chakras under the feet, then the digestive system can be restored. Another sign of losing the digestive system is a lack of incoming information. Often this occurs as the chakras above the head are shattered. One sign of shattered source chakras is a headache. Reweave the chakras above the head and there is a pathway through which one’s information can flow from soul again, and the headache will also lift.


Digestion is paramount to ascension, and when digestion ceases, ascension ceases. Cessation of digestion can create its own form of suffering as one sits in the patterning rather than releasing it. One way to get the digestion flowing again is to go for a 30 to 45 minute walk. During the walk intend to ground, repair the chakras above the head and below the feet plus anywhere else one may be compromised, and the energy will begin to flow again. Intend also to retrieve any information one has lost in a karmic encounter and to restore one’s guardians. One can also ask nature for support in one’s healing.


About Muscle Testing or Pendulums       


Muscle testing or working with a pendulum has two components necessary to their function; there is the information on muscle testing or pendulum movement, and there is an energy system that allows for proper polarization so that one will get a “yes” answer when the body knows the truth. A yes answer occurs as the energy flows to the right along the horizontal etheric ley lines of the grid work in the feminine form; for the masculine form, the energy flows the opposite or to the left in order to receive a yes answer to the truth of any question.


The mechanism that supports muscle testing allows the energy to flow in the proper direction in the etheric body. If one loses this mechanism or the information to support the proper energy flow, muscle testing will cease to work. Intend to retrieve the missing information on muscle testing or the mechanism through which one properly polarizes the energy flow, and one’s muscle testing abilities shall be restored.


Those who tend to run the wrong frequency for one’s gender on a recurrent basis (running female energy as a male or male energy as a female) will have recurrent problems with muscle testing or use of the pendulum. Running the wrong gender-based movement causes the energy in the etheric body to run in the wrong direction giving one the opposite answer (a no for a yes response). Intend to run the appropriate gender-based tones and one’s ability to muscle test will become more accurate. Intend to release all the ancestral karma for why one has reverse polarized, and proper polarization will become an ongoing state of being allowing one’s muscle testing and pendulum work greater accuracy.


Muscle testing also is dependent upon whose body level energy is present in the field. If one is heavily intertwined with another such as family or friends or a beloved following a get together, one may have so much of another’s energy in one’s field that one’s muscle testing will give one the truth for their body and not one’s own. Intend in such moments to ground, synthesize and press out the energy of others down one’s grounding cord, and one will receive more accurate answers to one’s questions.


The Thoughtform of Fear





Polarity Thoughtform: Accepts and Rejects

Transmutative Frequency: Compassion (turquoise)


Fear is a frequency that moves but is so agitating and in such friction that it causes the body to go into terror. Fear or terror can be a flight or fright response of the biology, as if someone is chasing one down the street and one is in fear for the life. Memories of fearful experiences from one’s ancestry will elicit the same response in the biology; suddenly one is in terror and for no seeming physical plane cause. The cause is simply karma that is up to be cleared where one’s ancestors were in great terror due to a traumatic experience during the time that they lived. As one spins the chakras more greatly through exercise, bathing, swimming or a sunbath, the terror recorded in the etheric body will be spun off and one will recover.


Sometimes large pieces of karma may take days to release in which one feels the emotions of one’s ancestry from the time that the traumatic incidents occurred. It is in the experiencing of the emotions that one also learns the deepest spiritual lessons in ascension. As one transcends one’s fear and retrieves one’s power that was lost in the trauma of long ago, then one transcends. This is also how one gains compassion for others in traumatic life experiences in present time.


Asur’Ana’s spiritual teacher once claimed that fear was only a lack of information. If one retrieves one’s information from wherever it has gone, then one would not be in fear, as one would know how to do what one was intending to accomplish in the life dance. To a great extent this is true. If one goes into fear, then it may also be a sign of missing information and one can intend to retrieve one’s information from whomever one has given it to in this life or in one’s ancestry. As the information returns, the body level fear will cease.


There are those who manipulate by pressing fear into the field of others. The terror of others is often more dissonant than one’s own ancestral terror leading to extreme discomfort. In such circumstances, it is best to ground the fear that the other has manipulated one into down one’s grounding; and then intend to release the karma for participation in the use of fear as a manipulative tool.


Retrieving power and information lost over time and in one’s ancestry is perhaps one of the largest fundamental shifts that ascension brings forth. One’s ancestors lost power and information to each that rejected, terrorized, tortured or harmed them over time. As one retrieves one’s power and information, one then will cease to allow others to harm or manipulate oneself in present time. One also learns the vital lesson of why harming others is not wise; as it only assures that one will be harmed in like kind in one’s future due to karmic return.


Out of the pain, compassion is born; compassion states “I will not harm another even if they harm me; I intend to retrieve my power so that they are powerless to harm me any longer. I intend to retrieve my information so I know how to become the dreamer and the dream, determining my own fate. I have compassion for all others who are harmed in present time, as I understand what it feels like to be in their position in the life dance. I hope that they too retrieve their power and information and work their way out of the dance of fear and harm.”


Grounding and Body Level Fear     


Body level fear is also associated with becoming ungrounded. Many of white inheritance have no genetic records for retaining a grounded state of being. Many in the West also run the wrong gender tones that prevent a connection to the Earth, as one’s field is improperly polarized. When the body is continuously in fear due to a state of ungroundedness, the fright or flight mechanism continuously runs. This causes many health problems including what is often diagnosed as “chronic fatigue”. Chronic fatigue is really the fatigue that the body goes into due to the continuous running of the flight or fright response due to a state of ungroundedness. Learn to ground more hours than not out of any day, and the body will relax, as it feels safe, and one will expend less energy out of fear thereby having more energy to work with overall.


Grounding creates a connection to the Aurora of Earth. When one is connected, true spiritual law reigns; one will not create an accident or problem unless there is karma for it. Release the karma before the accident or problem occurs, and one will bypass the experience altogether due to the choice to ascend. The high level of fear that is prevalent today amongst most humans is more the result of a lack of grounding. This is less so in regions where there are proper gender frequencies run, such as in Mexico, Greece, Spain, South America and Africa; in such nations, grounding is also a genetic way of being.


As one pulls forward one’s ancient red roots, one can integrate genetic information on grounding contained in one’s red nation DNA. It was as Asur’Ana accomplished this task early in her ascent that grounding became an effortless state of being. Therefore, for those that struggle with improper gender vibrations or a state of ungroundedness, intend to pull forward one’s ancient red genetic information on grounding. Also intend to call in an ancestor who is a powerful medicine woman or man to teach one how to run proper tones of creation for one’s gender. In so doing, grounding will become a natural state of being that supports one’s continued ascent into the future; and ongoing body level fear and the fatigue that it creates will also cease to be such an ongoing problem.


The Thoughtform of Lust

Breath of LifeNon-Conditional Love




Polarity Thoughtform: Creates and Destroys, Praises and Invalidates.

Transmutative Vibrations: Breath of Life (yellow) and Non-Conditional Love (silver)


Lust is a frequency that moves slowly from one extreme to the other in a sticky form of frequency that vacillates to and fro. In one extreme, one lusts after another or lusts after a project or creation or a position of authority. In another extreme of the dance of lust, one rejects the other, destroys the creation and vies to destroy those in authority. It is the thoughtform of lust that swings the polarity from creative to destructive cycles in the dance of life.


Each human has times of lust and times of destruction in one’s life to date. The times of lust are the life experiences in which everything goes one’s way; one gets the job and marries the spouse, and has the children, and buys the house. Then middle age polarity reversal hits, and the spouse wants a divorce. Now one loses the house and must pay a large alimony, living in poverty thereafter even though one has a well-paying job. This is an example of lust in action in the dance of life.


Lust also causes attraction that is karmic. All karmic relationships are generally created through the frequency of lust. Lust attracts or repels. Lust that attracts utilizes the art of seduction. Seduction causes the sexual energy to create an illusion of desire surrounding oneself; the other then acquiesces to the seduction and to one’s desires. Over time and in any long-term relationship, the veils of seduction cannot remain, and one perceives beyond the illusion that one’s partner originally seduced one with. Then one sees the other for who they really are, and perhaps they are not what one wished or expected. Over time, this may cause one to reject the other, which is only the opposite polarity to the original pattern of seduction and attraction.


Poison in Seduction     


Lust frequencies are a sticky form of poison that over time slows down the movement of the chakras and subtle bodies. Those who are the most gifted seducers then poison themselves as well as others over time. This contributes to the experiences of aging, disease and death in the human dance. Seductive frequencies also allow enough slowing of field to program another. As one seduces, the field slows, and then programming can be laid in. This is how the media works; one engages in the poisonous sexual energy of the newspaper, magazine or television, and then programming is laid in while the field slows down due to the poison inherent in the thoughtform. This is also how the government controls and subordinates the populace through the media.


It is also for this reason that Earth guides each choosing to ascend to give up the media and focus upon other preoccupations instead. The media if engaged with for hours each day can lay in more programming than one may be able to release in a single day of ascension. In so being, one may be ascending sideways, so to speak, or unable to rise in frequency beyond where one has mastered. The added programming also adds pain to the field that then must be processed in order to be released.


In transcending lust, one ceases to create and destroy as cycles in the life dance. Instead one moves into the middle ground of “breath of life” where one creates from the foundation of one’s truth as an ascending being. Creating from one’s truth is a joyful experience in which there is fulfillment in the act of manifestation. One is fulfilled in the writing that one brings forth, as in Asur’Ana’s case; or in the painting or art that one creates, or the music that one writes and performs, or in the food that one lovingly prepares in the kitchen. The act of creation need not be poisonous and destroy. One can add the Language of Light to one’s writing, art and meals or anything else that one chooses to do, and as a result, create a supportive ascension environment for self and others.


And here is one of the fundamental problems with the current paradigm. Most restaurants fill the food with poison in the seduction. The seduction seduces those who frequent the restaurant or chain of restaurants into eating there often; however, following the initial seduction where the food may taste quite good, the digestion slows and perhaps one will even feel slightly ill. While the digestion is slowing, the nonphysical associated with the restaurant strips one’s field of information or moving energy systems or grid work, or may lay in programming that is non-supportive of ascension.


Asur’Ana and Per have found that regardless of how expensive the menu or how talented the chefs may be, most restaurants seduce in this manner. They have learned to bless the food and ask Earth and their ancestors to cook for them instead, pushing their ancestors into the waiters and chefs. As a result, the seduction and poison that would normally flow through the food is blocked and Asur’Ana and Per can enjoy their meals out at a restaurant. This is especially important as they travel and have no kitchen of their own to prepare meals within.


Actors seduce in the acting; musicians seduce in the performance. Often in the seduction, one’s field will be badly mutilated or one will have spells laid in while enjoying the entertainment. In music, one also has to watch the words. If the words illicit thoughtform that is nonproductive to ascension, one may find oneself intending the discordant, depressing, invalidating or abusive thoughts while singing along, which will then have the effect of calling a related life experience into one’s future.


How does one divert such patterning? One may not be able to listen to all forms of music or attend many live performances. What kinds of performances are supportive of ascension? Before relocating to Norway, Asur’Ana has found Hula and Hawaiian music more supportive than many other kinds of performances that she could attend. Hawaiians tend to run rotational sexual energy as they dance or perform; this kind of rotational energy is not harmful in most cases. With recorded music, Asur’Ana and Per have intended to create their own planes of reality to listen to the music through which they cannot be seduced through or harmed in any way. This has worked best with instrumental music in their experience.


Seduction is also an interesting karmic pattern between individuals. Often one will seduce and in the dance strip the other of information, chi or power. Perhaps for a long time, one will enjoy the company of the one who seduces in the life dance, as they are entertaining and enjoyable to be around; until after a time one rises above the frequency of the seduction and feels the harm to the field.


Perhaps one will find oneself ill following each gathering with the seductive individual. Now one may have a choice; does one continue the affiliation or does one separate as it harms one’s field? One may intend completion, and if one can release the original cause, then perhaps the guardians will hold and block the act of seduction in the continued dance with the individual. Sometimes getting to the original cause is difficult until further ascension; until which one is continually compromised in the association. Perhaps it is better for ascension to cease to associate as a result.


Becoming the Authentic Self


One may also discover that one seduces to be charming and well liked as well. In the seduction, one may also run veils and strip others in the unconscious. This only creates karma, and so is a good pattern to intend to release in ascension. In the intention to release the requirement to seduce, one may move increasingly towards becoming one’s authentic self. The authentic self need not put on masks to be something that they are not; the authentic self is comfortable enough in their own truth to simply be who they are in the moment, even if one is in pain or fear or turmoil. It shall be as many moves towards being their authentic self that group relations can shift, as there will be room for the self-expression of each founded upon how one feels in the moment.


In tapping into how one authentically feels, one begins to discern what requires releasing in ascension. As one looks inward, one will see where one is seducing, or in judgment, or in lust, and can choose to release the associated patterns, belief systems and thoughtform, moving ever towards unity as a new foundation. Therefore, acknowledging how one authentically feels is important to continued ascension and can only be understood as one ceases to seduce or be seduced by others.


Often those who are sensitive are also prone to feeling the emotions of others. In such a state of being, one may have little knowledge of what one authentically feels as it is clouded by the feelings of others. This is especially so for those who tend to find their emotional body enmeshed with many others in the dance of life. As one disentwines through ascension, retrieving one’s mental body and returning the pieces of the emotional bodies that belong unto others, then one will reach a point where one can feel what one’s body legitimately feels in any given moment.


Lust or seduction is the primary means that folk become enmeshed; as one seduces another, sexual energy intertwines and as this occurs, the two fields become as one. Then one does not know where one begins and another ends. As the dance of seduction ends, then one can disentwine and remain sovereign in one’s own truth. In so being, one can become their authentic self in all moments and in all relations.


The Thoughtform of Judgment

FreedomDivine Union




Polarity Thoughtform: Master and Slave, Male and Female or Yin and Yang

Transmutative Vibrations: Freedom (pale yellow) and Divine Union (pale lavender)


The thoughtform of judgment is also a sticky energy that tends to transfer chi from one party to another. Those who are praised are inflated with more chi and into the dominant or “greater than” position; those who are invalidated are deflated into subordinate or “less than” position in the dance of life. Those in judgment transfer the chi from the one that they perceive as less than to the one that is perceived as greater than. Many who transfer chi to another who is perceived as greater than then inflates the individual into fame in the dance of life.


There are many levels of fame. There is minor fame as in the director of an organization or group. There is medium fame as in the governor of a city or region or CEO of a profitable corporation. There is major fame as in the stars of Hollywood or gurus of the current metaphysical movement or president of a country. Fame collects chi and power from all who follow the famous one and the chi and power is utilized to inflate the field into regional, national or global proportions without evolution or spiritual mastery.


Through famous folk, the dark strip the human species and in particular from whomever has given of their chi and power unto the famous folk. Therefore, retrieving one’s chi and power from all famous folk that one has touched upon in this life is important to one’s ability to step out of the game and cease to be stripped by those forces present to cause humanity to fall to extinction.


In feeling less than or subordinate, one feels enslaved or less than free in the dance of life. Those in the dominant position may feel good in their position for a time, until the polarity reverses and they must take the back seat instead. No one likes to be on the “bottom” or enslaved. Often those upon the spiritual path have humble backgrounds with little power, and feel enslaved to circumstances in marriage, work, with family or with children, or in association with one’s ability to manifest. It is because this type of human is humble that they are appropriate for the spiritual path of ascension.


Humility As A Teacher


Humility is a grand teacher. Those who only experience life flowing in the direction that they prefer do not understand the struggles that allow the lessons of the spiritual path to be fostered. It is through the struggle that humans evolve at this current time in history. As one struggles, one is forced to retrieve the power that one has given away; forced to retrieve one’s chi; and forced to transcend the very thoughtform at cause of the manifestation of the difficult or traumatic life experience. If life is good, there is no requirement to transcend; if life is difficult, there is the motivation necessary to transcend into a better life that one can then dream weave for oneself.


Struggle varies for many. Some are happy in the life dance that they have created regardless of economic circumstance, the dance of relationship or living environment. Some just are not suited to evolution. Those suited to evolution know that they can be greater than they are. Sometimes those destined for the spiritual path confuse “greatness” with the desire for fame or fortune.


“Ah, I will contribute the most if I gain a following by writing an important spiritual book; I will contribute the most if I can create a healing foundation that many can work with to evolve; I will contribute if I can amass a fortune through which I may purchase land and build a temple devoted to ascension.”  Beloved, if any of this was necessary to ascension, Asur’Ana and Per would have accomplished this long ago. This is not what is required to ascend and is perhaps the largest trap upon the physical plane.


Judgment is often an internal state of being in which one criticizes oneself. Sometimes one feels “good” and superior; sometimes one feels not so good and “inferior” due to the internal voices in one’s head. Where do the voices come from? All thoughts are associated with personality for those beneath 3,000 in frequency. As one masters 3000, one can begin to hear Soul along with Earth and Nature with greater ease. However, the personality lingers and continues to give voice to its thoughts of fear and judgment, even for those mastering Bodhisattva in Earth’s experience.


About Personality        


The personality sits upon the mechanization that holds a particular polarity of thoughtform in the field. Each human sits in a multitude of mechanized thoughts that drive any given day, week, month or year of the life. The thoughts attract a particular dream that resonates with the polarity that one sits within. In association with judgment, the thoughts will create circumstances where one is belittled, invalidated or reprimanded if one is in judgment of oneself; or conversely praised, awed, put on a pedestal and worshipped if one believes one superior to most others. Generally, humans have areas in the life dance that they are praised and validated and areas that they are reprimanded and invalidated instead.


For example, one may be a gifted co-worker on the job that the boss and other workmates really appreciate and love. One may receive bonuses and assessments that praise one’s capabilities. And yet at home with the family, or with one’s mother or spouse, one feels invalidated; one is never enough; one is not beautiful enough, accomplished enough, capable enough and so on. Why is this so? One is inflated into the “better than” position at work and takes chi from others; at home one gives chi to others in counterbalance playing the “less than” position outside of work.


Intend to transmute the patterning, and the dance will change. As one ceases to give chi away at home, one will hold one’s vibration and be perceived in one’s truth. As one ceases to take chi from others at work, one can still stand tall in one’s ascending truth, but make room for others to be equally appreciated as oneself. This type of shift leads to balanced giving and receiving and unity where each is validated for the contribution made in the dance of life.


As one alters the patterning within associated with judgment, one will also remove the personality entities associated with the judgmental thoughts. Asur’Ana learned long ago that all internal judgment was associated with the persona. As she commanded all judgmental beings out of her field, her self-judgment and judgment of others ceased, and a deeper level of inner peace resulted. Asur’Ana learned that the personality entered her field upon “perfect pictures” along with the mechanization. Perfect pictures are the pictures that one has been programmed with since childhood surrounding perfection and beauty. Such pictures tend to be white or opaque in color.


As one begins to intend to erase perfect pictures and then dismantle the associated mechanized thoughtform, one will begin to transcend self-judgment along with judgment of all others. As one ceases to judge, one also ceases to take chi to puff oneself up or allow others to do the same. As one ceases to judge, one learns to accept all others unconditionally in the dance of life; as one accomplishes this goal, one will also find that others accept oneself unconditionally as well.


The Thoughtform of Greed

Unity ConsciousnessNon-Conditional Governance




Polarity Thoughtform: Positive and Negative, Dominant and Subordinate.

Transmutative Vibrations: Unity (pale pink) and Non-Conditional Governance (gold)


The thoughtform of greed is a sticky vibration that causes dream to stick in one field and to be removed from the field of another. This is how one manifests a fortune; one may have the dream for the manifestation of 100 to 1000 to 100,000 other humans. One then manifests 100 times or 1,000 times or 100,000 times the money and all associated possessions that a single human might manifest otherwise, such as property, furnishings, yachts, clothing, jewelry and so on.


Those that lose their dream to those of wealth struggle to manifest enough in comparison. Some live with 100 times less than they require; such humans may have all their needs met, but not in the style that they would like. Some live with 1,000 times less than they require; such humans may just get by with enough to eat each day, week or month. Some live with 100,000 less than they require; these are the starving ones worldwide.


Over time, humans have learned to magnetize more dreams than they ever could fulfill upon in a single life. Such humans manifest houses that they own and never live within. Such humans manifest more clothing than they can ever wear. Such humans manifest so much that they have all needs met thousands of times over. And yet such humans may still be very unhappy within, as possessions cannot fill one, nor do possessions allow for a feeling of love or communion with soul. If anything, the attachment to so many possessions will leave the wealthiest more vacant within than those that live a modest lifestyle, as the field is an even greater leaky sieve due to all the attachment extending outside of the etheric body.


Those with wealth do dominate the world scene; sometimes they vie for positions of power within politics, the government, the banking system, or in whatever industry that they work. Success at this time in history is deemed the “be all end all” to existence. Alas, it does not fulfill the human heart. If anything, those of greed are filling themselves with all of the possessions that they could not have in a thousand lifetimes of poverty that their ancestors have lived in counterbalance.


Alas, the wealth accrued in this life only means another 1,000 lifetimes of poverty ahead, where the sense of starvation builds yet again, fostering the return of the same experience of greed into the future. The only other option is to ascend out of such a dance. Many ascending humans who may have only known a modest lifestyle in this life have ancestors who amassed a great fortune in times past; and one has thousands of ancestors who starved or had minimal needs met in counterbalance. As one chooses to release the patterning that creates the extremes of poverty and greed, then one will come to balance in which there is always enough to fulfill upon whatever one is desiring to make manifest in physicality.


Asur’Ana and Per are walking examples of this; they choose not to own much of anything outside of their simple house, car and clothing. They always manifest enough to travel in comfort when it is required, and live a modest lifestyle in Norway that fulfills their personal needs. There is always enough for their worldwide travels, as travelling to these destinations serve global ascension and therefore are required. This is an example of co-creating together for a common purpose that serves the whole. As such, Earth assists Asur’Ana and Per in the manifestation of their dreams and global service work, as all is necessary to Earth’s continued evolution.


Earth can only assist the dream weaving of those who have broken down the patterns of extreme lack or greed in the field. Lack and greed occurs within vibrations associated with group relations. In any group of 100, 6 rises to power. Some take all the beauty of the group, some the chi of the group, and some the dream of the group. Those that take the dream of the group tend to manifest more than they require. Groups are also intertwined and there are those groups that rise to power amongst a group of groups. 6 out of 100 groups rise to power, stripping the dream of the 94 other groups. Some nations also rise to power stripping the dream of 94 other nations. This is how some nations have a higher standard of living than others due to how more dream is allocated to some nations over others.


Dream and Regions     


Some initiates have also discovered that dream allocation is a regional experience. One newly married couple moved to a small country town in Oregon. This town was impossible for them to manifest much other than just getting by. Earth perceived that there was too little dream per person in the region. Earth guided them to move to a larger metropolitan area where there was more dream; and sure enough, it has been much easier for each of these two to manifest their dreams ever since. As an ascending human and until community develops, it may be easier to live in regions that supply more dream than there are humans available to receive it, as there will be more dream available to weave into one’s field, allowing one more life choices.


Years ago, Asur’Ana had also witnessed how much more difficult it was to manifest upon the Big Island of Hawaii than upon Kauai. The Big Island fosters a region with fewer dreams per number of people living upon the land, and an energy flow that evenly divides the dream amongst the inhabitants. She moved to this island to understand balanced giving and receiving, as this is what the energy flow fosters. During her time upon the Big Island, finances were always available but sometimes there was a struggle to retain the dream long enough so that it could manifest in physicality. Earth assisted in these times and all transpired, as it should nonetheless, allowing Asur’Ana to fulfill upon her spiritual goals.


Why do certain areas have more dream than others? Within the human dream, there are pockets of greed and pockets of poverty. In the pockets of greed, there are more dreams available. Often this is also where the wealthy live or purchase investment property. Also, there are those regions of domain that offer more dream than other regions of domain within the human dream. Therefore, it may be easier for humans living in wealthier regions to manifest their dreams due to the availability of more dreams in the first place.


Universities and educational systems of all kinds always offer more dreams than most other human systems. This is because those entering the university are defining their identity; therefore, dreams for all identities that the curriculum offers are available to draw upon. It may be for this reason that ascending humans will find it easier to go back to school to alter their dream to a new occupation; or one may also enjoy working for the university as there is so much more dream available to foster a new type of life for oneself.


Amassing a fortune while hating what one does is a contradictory state of being; and yet it is the state of being so many working long hours live to experience. One initiate was a prime example of this; he had put himself through graduate school in computer engineering and could earn almost $200,000 per year as an independent contractor. And yet he was miserable with his job, miserable with his marriage, miserable with his life, and depressed most of the time. What good is it to earn large amounts of money and have no joy? And yet this is what polarity does; one can have the money but not the beloved; one can have the possessions but not the joy. Alas, the ongoing hatred of what one does also sends messages to the body of hatred, which tells the body to die.


The Birth of Fulfillment Within       


Earth is striving to allow another pattern to emerge amongst ascending humans, and that is associated with fulfillment within. If one is happy with what one is doing, then what difference does it make how much one earns as long as one’s needs are met? Or how much dispensable income one has?


Ascension is not about amassing a fortune. It is about creating the time for internal transmutation, and living in a region that supports one’s biological evolution. Some have left behind careers for simple jobs such as house cleaning or becoming a waiter at a local cafe. It matters not what one does; one can bless the land or bless the food anchoring Earth and nature into the dance. The people then love the food, or really appreciate one’s housecleaning due to how the home feels thereafter.


One can be in the joy while one works in collaboration with Earth and in the communion with soul. This is why Asur’Ana enjoys writing so much as it places her in the communion and joy. This is why Per enjoys working as the Founder and CEO at his small ethical, sustainable and socially responsible organic coffee and tea company as it too puts him into a state of communion and joy.


Ego and Negative Ego  


Humble lives are what are required in order to ascend. Humble lives enjoy the beauty around oneself however it manifests. Humble lives lead to one who is willing to let go of their ego; and in so doing transcend. Ego is perhaps the largest obstacle to internal transmutation along with arrogance; ego must be surrendered the further that one masters. And what is ego anyway? Ego is body consciousness plus personality that thinks it knows it all and is superior; or conversely negative ego is body consciousness plus personality that thinks it knows nothing and is inferior. As one dismantles the ego and negative ego, one expels the personality and makes room for a new relationship with soul, oversoul and one’s source.


Soul has little interest in the pursuits of ego. Soul has spiritual evolution in mind. An experience that is humbling therefore offers the possibility of learning a spiritual lesson in the dance of life. Soul may therefore allow a humbling experience or a time of struggle to allow the lesson to be learned; and in the learning there is transcendence of more of the ego, which gets dismantled along the way. Such is the path of ascension.


As soul enters the dance, one will begin to feel loved and fulfilled from within. Such an experience leads not to superiority or inferiority, but to an internal feeling of the power necessary to accomplish one’s physical plane goals and fulfill upon one’s soul’s purpose. What is one’s soul’s purpose? One’s soul’s purpose is to ascend and to trigger the ascension of others. Any occupation or preoccupation that accomplishes this task therefore fulfills upon one’s soul’s purpose upon the physical plane from Earth’s point of view.


One can trigger ascension in self and others while blessing the food served at a restaurant, or the land of the homes that one cleans, or in working on a farm or with an organic garden, or any one of a million other creative possibilities including refurbishing houses. One can trigger the ascension of others by creating music or art that anchors Earth and nature. One can trigger ascension of others in starting a socially conscious and virtuous entrepreneurial business or becoming the teacher and healer of ascension. The key to fulfillment is to love what one does; this requires one to find what one passionately desires to do and that the body enjoys participating in, and then to take the strides to alter the life to fulfill upon such a dream.


It is Earth’s observation that if all humans were fulfilled from within, there would be no wars, nor would there be dissonance between neighbors. Therefore, the restoration of an internal state of fulfillment and love is key to world peace in the human dream. It is this dream that ascension makes possible. As one dismantles the patterns that leave one feeling unfulfilled, one’s life will begin to change. First perhaps one will leave behind the occupations or partnerships that leave one in misery. Then one may leave the region where one lives for a more supportive region that brings the body joy to live within.


Then in time one may relocate into a community of ascending others to co-create a new form of civilization in which unity, honor, abundance and joy are the foundation. This can only occur if each is willing to assess their patterning and karma within and choose to transcend; for fulfillment and love is an internal state of being, and no creation outside of oneself can provide that for anyone.


Thoughtform Transmutation


How does one find one’s way to fulfillment and joy? One begins to examine the thoughtform behind why one feels depressed, anxious, frustrated, filled with body aches and pains, filled with incessant thoughts that are unpleasant or self condescending, or any other predicament that one finds oneself in. Underlying any predicament is a series of beliefs that lock in the experience upon the physical plane. The beliefs then attract life circumstances into one’s dream that are associated.


Therefore, for any experience that one has manifested, or any experience one finds oneself in that one desires to release and transcend, one can begin to examine the beliefs that created the circumstance. Then one can create intentions that incorporate the Language of Light to reprogram one’s polarity-based beliefs into a new foundation of unity-based thoughtform. As one reprograms oneself for unity, a dream for unity can then be called into the life dance.


One is a living movie script that is founded upon beliefs. Whatever one believes is what one lives to experience. Alter the beliefs, and one will alter the foundation from which one creates one’s life dance. Reprogram the beliefs with unity-based thoughtform, and one will begin to live a unity-based life. What is a unity-based life? It is a life where forgiveness, unconditional love, compassion, abundance, freedom and joy can reign.


Most humans live their lives founded upon 12 beliefs. These beliefs create the life one has known as one existed below 3,000 segments of DNA. Each of these beliefs will be transcended in the ascent to 3,000. For those who have yet to master this level of transcendence, this is what one is working upon today. There are two sets of beliefs listed below; one is for white or Anu or Anu-slave inheritance; and the other is for those of red indigenous inheritance. Those with ancient red indigenous lineages will find that they may operate with both sets of beliefs.


Each belief has machines and personality associated. As each takes time to acknowledge the beliefs that one is still operating within, and create intentions to reprogram oneself towards unity, there is an opportunity to transcend. As one modifies oneself from the inside out, the external life experience will alter accordingly.


One initiate whom we shall name, Brynn, recalls working on her beliefs surrounding invalidation and subordination primarily. She was surprised to witness how her mother changed in behavior towards her the further she dismantled her own internal beliefs. Her mother was abusive and extremely invalidating. There was never a visit where Brynn was not criticized for what she was doing, how she was raising her son, or how she dressed, or how her hair looked or was cut in the moment. Over time as Brynn modified the beliefs surrounding invalidation in her field, her mother changed and began to compliment and validate her instead. Why was this so? The personality that formerly invalidated Brynn could no longer dance in her mother in Brynn’s presence, as there was no mechanization and programming left to call them into the interaction.


As each takes the time to analyze the beliefs that one holds, and intends to dismantle them from the inside out, life will change. One’s internal state of being will first change; and then the outer reality and reactions of others will also alter accordingly. This is the gift of ascension. Through ascension one has the power to alter one’s reality from the inside out. As the reality alters within, then there is an opportunity for changes in the life dance and dream.


Anu and Anu Slave Beliefs    


  1. I Love or I Hate. I intend forgiveness.
  2. I Consume or I Am Consumed. I intend unity.
  3. I Am Fearless or I Fear. I intend to retrieve my power for in one’s power there is no fear.
  4. I Win or I Lose. I intend compassion and there are no winners or losers, only spiritual lessons in the dance of life.
  5. I Succeed or I Fail. I intend breath of life and co-creation with soul, oversoul and Earth in all that I do.
  6. I Am Superior or I Am Inferior. I intend non-conditional love and the dance of unity where all is equal.
  7. I Justify or I Am Unjustified. I intend freedom to stand in my truth.
  8. I Analyze or I Intuit. I intend divine union where I receive guidance from soul and Earth.
  9. I Trust or I Distrust. I intend unity where all supports my choice to ascend.
  10. I Control or I Am Controlled. I intend non-conditional governance where all are allowed their sovereign journey.
  11. I Validate or I Invalidate. I intend unity in which all truths are honored.
  12. I Live or I Die. I intend a complete biological ascension in this lifetime.


Red Nation Beliefs


  1. I Honor or I Dishonor. I intend unity and honor in the dance of life.
  2. I am Free or I am Imprisoned. I intend freedom through completion of karmic debt through ascension.
  3. I Support or I Undermine. I intend the power I need to fulfill upon my spiritual goal in this lifetime.
  4. I Accept or I Reject. I intend to unconditionally love and acceptance of self and all others.
  5. I Am Friends or I Am Enemies. I intend forgiveness and unity amongst my ancestors and with all others in the dance of life.
  6. I Am Powerful or I Am Powerless. I intend to retrieve my power from whomever I have given it unto in this life and throughout my ancestry.
  7. I Am Prosperous or I Am Impoverished. I intend bounty and enough to fulfill upon my soul purpose. I intend to become the dreamer and the dream.
  8. I Am Truth or I Am Non-Truth (Takes on another’s truth). I intend my truth in action.
  9. I Foresee or I Am Blind. I intend opening to my inner knowing and inner landscape along with holographic communication with Earth, nature and soul.
  10. I Participate or I Witness. I intend to be at peace with my role in the dance of life.
  11. I Take or I Give. I intend balanced giving and receiving along with bounty in the dance of life.
  12. I Subjugate or I Am Subservient. I intend to stand tall in my ascending power and truth, and honor the power and truth of all others.


Sub Beliefs


There is no end to beliefs. Each belief may have twelve sub beliefs that are associated. In order for a complete transmutation to occur, each sub belief must also be assessed and transmuted. Let us take the belief of “I Am Powerful” and “I Am Powerless” and analyze the twelve sub beliefs as an example.


I Am Powerful


  1. I Dictate. I intend to allow each their self-expression and contribution to the dance of life.
  2. I Rule. I intend to allow each freedom to determine their own fate and make their own life choices.
  3. I Dominate. I intend unity and equality.
  4. I am Inconsiderate. I intend to listen and understand what others have to say.
  5. I am Uncompassionate. I intend compassion in action.
  6. I am Demanding. I intend honor in the dance of life.
  7. I am Fierce. I intend peace in all relations.
  8. I Argue. I intend unity in the dance of life.
  9. I Win. I intend equality where there are no winners or losers, only the spiritual lessons in the dance of life.
  10. I am Corrupt. I intend integrity.
  11. I Bargain. I intend to stand in my truth and retrieve my information to ascend without making any bargains with the dark.
  12. I Destroy. I intend to end the dance of destruction giving birth to unity in the dance of life. In unity, nothing is to be destroyed as everything serves the whole; each has a place in the whole and each can contribute something that supports the whole in its choice to ascend and evolve.


I Am Powerless      


  1. I am Dominated. I intend to stand in my truth in all that I do.
  2. I am Controlled. I intend to follow my truth in all that I do, turning inwards to determine my path.
  3. I Subordinate. I intend to retrieve my power from all whom I have given it unto. I intend unity and equality.
  4. I am Considerate. I retrieve my power to speak my truth from all whom I have given it unto. I intend to speak my truth regardless of how others react.
  5. I Emphasize. I intend compassion in action. I intend to separate from the fields of others and learn how I feel alone and in a sovereign state of being.
  6. I am Used. I intend to honor myself and have all others honor me in the dance of life.
  7. I Give Too Much. I intend balanced giving and receiving in each interaction.
  8. I Lose. I intend unity in the dance of life where each has their place and there are no winners or losers.
  9. I am Inferior. I intend equality in the dance of life. I intend to cease to give chi to those in power.
  10. I am Easily Corrupted. I intend integrity towards all others and myself.
  11. I Give In. I intend to stand in my truth and retrieve my information to ascend without making any bargains with the dark.
  12. I am Destroyed. I intend to end the dance of destruction giving birth to unity in the dance of life. In unity, nothing is to be destroyed as everything serves the whole; each has a place in the whole and each can contribute something that supports the whole in its choice to ascend and evolve.




As one begins to assess all of the beliefs associated with any particular polarity that one has founded one’s life expression upon, one may find many other sub beliefs associated. Each sub belief can be dismantled through intention to embrace a Language of Light alternative. As one intends a Language of Light alternative, one then commands one’s DNA and patterns along with personality to be modified accordingly.


Making intentions for unity are macro commands to the field and nonphysical that supports one’s ascent. The nonphysical then brings up the next layer of programming and thoughtform requiring transcendence for the intent for unity to be mastered. In analyzing one’s own thoughtform, one can then drive one’s own ascension “home” to a life of unity and joy.


We hope that each has found the information useful in this chapter. Next, we will have a worksheet for examination of one’s own current state of being and the thoughtform and sub thoughtforms that are required to be released and transmuted in order for the Language of Light to be more greatly anchored as one’s new operating system to weave one’s dream.


Please click here for Chapter 2 Worksheets


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Ascension Insights Charts & Diagrams


Language of Light


Language of ONE



This workbook is lovingly dedicated unto each who is willing to go within and open the heart in order to forgive oneself and all others. As it is only as one forgives oneself and one’s ancestors along with all others and their ancestors that a new life of unity, honor, joy and peace can be born.

Love and Namaste,

Mother Earth



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Asur’Ana. Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension: Workbook 1. Aligning With Earth, 2021. Digital.

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