Image of a secluded valley in nature. Transcending Gossip, Judgment, Shame and Unconscious Harm

Chapter 1: Transcending Gossip, Judgment, Shame and Unconscious Harm


This first chapter is devoted to patterns that humans have a tendency to move into that causes unconscious harm. From Terra’s (Earth’s) point of view, gossip and judgment of others points energy from one’s own field into the field of another. If there is anger associated, one may also mutilate the field of another unknowingly. As a group gathers and gossips, they can throw blows of harm from the group towards another really causing some major harm or disease to form over time. It is for this reason that initiates should learn not to participate in gossip or judgment by disengaging with the personality entities that desire to express in this manner.


One can see gossip taking hold in the media in a large manner in present time human civilization. Look at all the small newspapers that express gossip about this star or that famous or wealthy one, or show photos of them that are taken without permission and just because they are well known, and possibly showing them in less than a beautiful light or circumstance. This is gossip in the media and what it causes is harm towards the famous one and their fans on the part of groups associated with the media. Often the star themselves does not end up suffering from the harm, but those in the bottom of their pyramid will take on the harm and become diseased or suffer from an accident or other life travesty as a result. Such is the nature of harmful group dynamics between groups.


What Exactly Is Gossip?         


Gossip is any judgment of another about any attribute that one perceives within them. In speaking about the judgment of another to others, the judgment is inflated and one then engages with the planes of judgment associated with the Kumara’s. The planes of the kumara of judgment are an electrical dreamtime plane that elicits shame of all kinds. As one enters the shameful dreamtime, one can throw electrical barbs at others in order to diminish their field; this is how the one who is superior causes the one who is inferior to succumb to diminishing themselves. It is why Asur’Ana has offered up the intention to prick the field of the one inflating themselves up in size in order to subordinate oneself. In so doing, one collapses them back to size and ends the entire dance of shame sent towards oneself through intention.


Gossip amongst a group of others causes the group to inflate from the energy of the one judged who gives their energy to the group in order to be in the subordinate position. Therefore, groups inflate in parallel to those individuals who like to be in power, control and in “charge” and in so being, strip others of power and chi to puff the group up. Group gossip can cause groups within the group to inflate itself larger than life and then overrun the leader as well. This does not serve unity or building community relations in spiritual groups or ascending communities and so the members may be asked to leave the community as they were ascending into disunity-based patterning.


For those finding themselves in the subordinate position due to group dynamics, whether the group is one’s family, friends, workmates, spiritual associations, or any other group one convenes with, one can also prick the puffed up group that is using one’s chi to inflate itself. Then one can intend to retrieve all chi lost and push one’s own field back up in vibration to hold a balanced ascending energy flow. As one does so, groups of any kind will cease to manipulate oneself into the subordinate position.


What Underlies Disunity Based Patterning?        


From Terra’s point of view, the primary cause of disunity amongst humans is diverse patterns of genetic inheritance. If one has DNA from electrical sources as well as magnetic sources in one’s inheritance, then one will naturally be in disunity within. In ascension, electrical based DNA can be phased out and magnetic DNA integrated in its place. But some prefer to ascend into increasingly diverse DNA rather than DNA from a common resource that is magnetic. If humans ascend into more electrical DNA than magnetic, what then occurs is increasing disunity-based behavior as well as a false ascension.


False ascension occurs as one inflates the space between up and up the dimensions by adding matrixes to the field rather than unifying light and dark within. The matrixes may build a field that appears to be at a very high frequency, but it will be mostly the result of inflation of the space between rather than increasing light and decreasing density. The inflated space between offers a large region of domain that the false gods can work through to interlink humans in pyramidal formations or box shaped formations.


The purpose of these formations is to extend the life of the leader and not necessarily to ascend. This is an Anu pattern and comes from ascending into electrical DNA rather than magnetic DNA. As many ascend into electrical DNA, they collectively go into the same patterning as the Anu and their slaves in which those of Anu descent feed off those of slave descent to extend their lives. One will see that in present time, many a guru has fallen into this patterning along with those of fame and fortune.


It is true that there are some inheritances that do not have magnetic DNA for a complete ascension. This is the purpose of the limitations in ascension; to restrain those who do not have magnetic ancestry to a certain level where the false ascent cannot be inflated to a point that it prevents global ascension or the ascent of those with magnetic DNA within the human species. Those of an electrical inheritance are in the wrong creation and cannot enter the Great Central Sun Dream by running non-magnetic adverse geometry. They therefore cannot return Home with Earth and will conclude their karma through death, returning as a consciousness to another electrical creation where they may be able to ascend home utilizing the patterns and geometry that they do understand.


Those who have magnetic ancestry may also have electrical ancestry. One will therefore desire to be careful about what DNA one does ascend into, and will desire to choose the magnetic DNA over electrical DNA wherever possible. This can become an ongoing intention for each choosing to ascend in this lifetime. The tapestry of ancestry also grows with each significant phase of ascension mastered, providing yet other magnetic DNA to be drawn into the physical to allow for increasing magnetism throughout one’s energy flow as well as biology.


What Is Magnetic Biology?     


Magnetic biology translates into blood that uses magnetic energy within minerals rather than electromagnetic energy within minerals to transport nutrients and wastes throughout the system. Electromagnetic minerals tend to carry too much of one substance causing an overabundance of food or waste to accumulate in certain regions of the biology. The overabundance of sugar and oxygen feeds some cells well but deprives others that consequently suffer. The overabundance of waste in a particular region suffocates the cells further that may not be receiving enough nutrients or oxygen. Electromagnetic biology simply leads to disease and decay in ascension and does not serve.


The dolphins and whales have acknowledged that ascending both magnetic and electrical biology does not work as it leads to disease. One must instead transmute the electrical DNA and replace it with magnetic DNA and then a body that retains its health enough to continue to ascend can be made manifest. Some initiates associated with Asur’Ana and Per’s Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS) will attest to this as the parts of their biology that went cancerous were ascending into an electrical blueprint. As they modified such regions with magnetic blueprints, the region could recover and continue to support their evolution. This is so for each ascending human reading these materials; one will intend to draw magnetic DNA encoding in for each part of the body and replace electrical DNA wherever possible throughout the form.


Retaining Health in Ascension


By and large, Earth perceives that for those mastering 3,000 DNA segments, a 60% magnetic and 40% electrical biology retains health. As one proceeds beyond this, the requirement to transmute the electrical biology into a more greatly magnetic form also increases if disease is to be prevented in the continued ascent. The tapestry of ancestry also increases at this point to 288 lineages from 144, and so one has a vastly larger group of potential red nation or grand master ancestors from which to draw information to anchor magnetic DNA encoding for any electrical region of the biology. [One strand of DNA contains 3,000 segments of information. 12 DNA-(full tube) strands contain 36,000 segments.]


By 4,200 segments, 70% magnetic and 30% electrical DNA appears to allow enough regeneration to not ascend into disease. By 5,500 segments, 80% magnetic and 20% electrical can still be allowed. However, many proceeding to this level may be able to create a 99% magnetic field and physical form; this would be the optimum biology to create that will regenerate 99% of the cells allowing for the greatest health and sensation of being youthful and energized for the continued life dance. So those who have ancestry to allow ascension beyond 3,000 may wish to strive to create a 99% magnetic biochemistry and cellular structure as a result.


Magnetic biochemistry hosts magnetic minerals that do not rely upon electricity to latch on or hold on to any substance, or attract one substance towards another, or attract nutrients into the cells or wastes out of the cells. Generally speaking, the salts are the main form of mineral used for attraction along with iron in the blood. Electrical based iron and salt have a slightly different biochemistry than magnetic salt and iron.


Often in just modifying a single molecule, a salt or iron formation can be transmuted from electrical to magnetic in nature, offering up a gentler and more efficient form of transportation of nutrients and waste inside the blood stream or lymph as well as in and out of the cells. Therefore, focusing upon altering the salts and other minerals such as iron to a magnetic molecular formation is an easy intention that can have vast consequences of better supporting the body in its regeneration and retention of health over time.


What Is Geometry?


It is the minerals that also create the geometry within the ascending field. Geometry is the energetic flow that is directed in a particular pattern through the minerals in the bones primarily. The minerals in the bones are much like a crystal upon one’s altar; they have a particular manner of moving energy that runs either in pyramidal or box flow, or a rotational pattern such as the flower-of-life. Rotational patterning leads to unity based thoughtform and a loving expression between humans in a magnetic creation. Therefore, movement towards this type of sacred geometry also creates harmonious relationships between humans.


Electrical DNA in the bones will create electrical formations of pyramids and boxes in the sacred geometry of the field. Electrical geometry also depresses the electrical tones of creation on to the emotional body as well as all other subtle bodies. Electricity sent into a magnetic rotation of subtle body will generate the experience of shame and judgment that is either internal to self (self belittling) or external to self (judgment of others). Many who may have been magnetic in bone structure from birth may have felt ashamed of self or judgmental of others most of one’s life. Why is this so? If one is surrounded by many others running electrical pyramidal or box shaped flow, one will consistently have shame sent into one’s subtle bodies leading to the experience or shame, judgment, invalidation and often emotional abuse as well.


Those running electrical flow generally perceive themselves as superior to those running magnetic flower-based flow. Why is this so? The Anu felt superior to the barbarian red nations’ humans who lived in simple dwellings and without technology. Their feelings of superiority however were really more a reflection of hosting an adverse geometry to a magnetic creation.


In the adverse geometry, the electrical tones associated with pyramidal or box shaped flow have a tendency to take chi from those of magnetic flow. As the pyramids puff up and up in size due to the nature of electromagnetism to take chi from magnetic only creations, the natural emotional outcome is “feeling larger than life” or in other terms, having a big ego. This is how the nature of the Anu in living upon Earth altered over time. They became increasingly egotistical due to the continued inflation of their geometry as it took chi from all others upon Earth in their magnetic flow.


Those of large fame today tend to be equally egotistical as the Anu in their time. The cause of this is the same as when the Anu were alive; those on top of the pyramids tend to take chi from all others leading them to believe that they are superior; and as a result of the dance, they too develop large egos. Although this occurs in the setting of great fame, it also occurs in almost any other group experience of the human species.


There are always six out of 100 that rise in power to the top of the pyramids or boxes in any group; these individuals tend to inflate themselves “bigger than life” and tend also to have large egos as a result. Six out of 100 are also diminished greatly often falling ill or being exiled from the group in counterbalance. (Please see Chapter 4 in Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension: Workbook 1 for a thorough analysis of group roles and dynamics).


Group Power Dynamics


What Is Ego?


Ego is the result of the inflation of the mental and creative bodies to such a degree that they are larger than the entire group energy flow. This is what occurs in small, medium or large fame; the creative and mental bodies inflate to larger than the group in size. As a result, the individuals of fame then channel personality entities that are extremely arrogant and believe themselves to be larger than life in nature. The persona of great fame tends to be the same entities channeled by the Anu themselves when they were alive.


Often those of fame will go from feeling larger than life to feeling like the scum of the Earth. Why is this so? This did not occur in the era of the Anu to the Anu themselves; perhaps if it had, they would have become more humble and then sought to relate better to one another or their slaves. However, at this time of extremes in polarity, it is difficult to stay in extreme arrogance for too long.


Hence, how and why those of great fame often swing between feeling greatly superior to feeling greatly inferior over time. Perhaps from this experience then, they choose to drink or use drugs to appease the pain that they are in because of the extreme swings in persona and size of field. For sooner or later, a field so large is going to collapse. To the degree that it had been puffed up and over inflated, it will then collapse to even a smaller size. Hence the feeling of worthlessness that often accompanies fame and was beautifully described in the sharing of Princess Diana following her death.


For performers or those of fame, being in the spotlight will inflate the mental and creative bodies excessively allowing entities of great arrogance or gifts and talents to be channeled for a time. This probably feels good. Then as the event or spotlight ceases, the field collapses back down to size and inverts to be even smaller in counterbalance to the degree of inflation above the normal size of field.


Then the negative ego asserts itself to equal degree as the ego. This then calls in extremely belittled personality entities to the dance, leaving the individual feeling deeply ashamed or invalidated. This is especially so for those who feel deeply and have active emotional bodies, such as Princess Diana. For those who do not feel (such as Prince Charles), then the dance is less caustic and they may not understand how or why their wife feels as she does as a result. This of course will lead to a divorce over time as in the above two’s circumstance.


All humans have an ego and negative ego. Humans will often inflate themselves larger than size in certain circumstances; and then collapse back in equal amount to smaller in size in yet other circumstances. Perhaps the swing is not to the degree of one of great or medium fame, but it occurs nonetheless; and often with equal discomfort in an emotional sense for those who are sensitive. When one is in ego, one will tend to turn the shame outward causing one to judge others, and this feels better for a time. Then when one swings into the negative ego, the shame will turn inward and now to the degree one judged another, one now judges oneself. Perhaps the self-judgment feels worse; however, the entire game can be released allowing one to move into a dance of unity instead.


Learning to Retain A State of Balance        


In a dance of unity, one retains the same sized field day in and day out; in this is a certain level of balance in which there is stability. The stability does not create the expansive push upward of ego, or the downward sliding associated with the negative ego, but rather sustains a more ongoing state of inner peace. The inner peace comes from maintaining a field size and rotation that is a reflection of one’s sincere vibration as an ascending human and not an over inflated or under inflated field. As the field balances out with all chakras remaining the same size and rotating in a syncopated manner to one another and with the Earth’s field, with equal weight in the top and bottom (between spirit and matter) and left and right (between the male and female), then one begins to enter a state of unity within.


Unity within does not seek drama and trauma in the dance of life, but rather peaceful relations with others that allow each their unique expression of truth as well as gifts and talents to support the group at hand. It is in the inflation of one field above and beyond all others that then unity is lost because one inflated in ego desires to be “the one” or “the leader” with all others following their truth rather than allowing for the unique expression of truth within each. It is also in the inflation of one field above all others that one ends up expressing the entire dream for the group rather than each member of the group expressing their part in the dance of life.


As of this last year, Earth released from the Dreamtime Ascension School (DAS) all that desired to take the entire dream of any endeavor from the group and express it from ego. Those that left were students who were continuing to run pyramidal flow in dreamtime, pressing themselves upon the top and in so doing, taking the entire dream for manifesting the art and creativity of the group for themselves. As these individuals departed, the dreamtime group transitioned into unity movement that is beehive in nature which allows for the unique expression of each member of the group however they wish to express themselves. It was a long hard road to group unity, but DAS is finally emerging into a flow that allows for unity-based group relationships to become the foundation of the continued evolution of the group.


Stepping Out of the Box or Pyramidal Flow


For each choosing to move towards unity in the dance of life, one will first need to step out of the pyramidal or box like energy flow that perhaps has been a flow that has defined oneself for one’s entire life. If one has a tendency to like to be on “top” or the voice of leadership for the group, then one will have to look at how much one may enjoy one’s own ego. Ego as well as negative ego must be surrendered to enter a state of unity. However as one surrenders ego, one also surrenders a false truth that is really not who one is anyway. Why is this so? Ego and negative ego are personality based; non-ego is a soul based expression along with ancestral holographic knowing. Non-ego can only come forward in the life expression as ego and negative ego are relinquished.


What is the best way to relinquish ego or negative ego? In Terra’s perception, the best solution is to watch oneself incessantly. Watch oneself as one puffs up one’s field allowing larger than life entities to merge with oneself and make one feel better than all others. Intend to dismantle the associated thoughtform and machines, release the contracts with the persona removing them from the field and integrate the Language of Light movement in its place. Watch also as you swing into opposing patterns or the negative ego and feel like a worthless piece of dirt. Intend to dismantle the associated thoughtform and machines, release the contracts with the persona removing them from the field, and integrate the Language of Light movement in its place.


It is as one spins the Language of Light that soul, Terra, nature and ancestors can dance with one’s field in lieu of the fractured personality entities that have plagued human history for a very long time. As one learns to channel only Soul, Nature, Mother Earth and red nation Ancestors, then one will cease to spin up into a larger than life state of ego, or spin down to a smaller than life negative ego experience. As such, one’s inner life comes to a greater state of balance and peace, and one also begins to live one’s truth in action rather than being pushed and pulled by the ego and negative ego in the dance of life.


Maintaining A State of Inner Peace  


Maintaining a state of inner peace should become the goal of each reading this workbook. Now Terra understands that this is easier than it sounds. In the intention for inner peace, you will come back to the peaceful state again and again as you release each piece of ego and negative ego remaining in your thoughtform. This is the purpose of intending inner peace daily. However just as you come to peace within, you are assured to encounter someone that throws you out of balance, as this is the nature of the current paradigm.


Perhaps it will be an encounter that will inflate your ego, and then you will require transmuting this to come back to balance. Or perhaps it will be an encounter with someone really gifted at shaming, and now you feel smaller than a rock and wish to simply go home and hide under the covers for a few days. This encounter was not an accident; it triggered just the next piece of thoughtform requiring transmutation to come to peace and balance again within and surrender yet another piece of the negative ego.


Healing the Wounded Inner Child    


It is the inner child that is often triggered in shameful life experiences. For the child was shamed again and again and again, by parents, siblings, neighbors, friends, schoolmates, teachers, and later beloveds, workmates and bosses as well as in-laws and other acquaintances. There can be thousands if not hundreds of thousands of instances of shame recorded in the inner child, teenager and young adult that can be easily triggered in a karmic encounter that is belittling in nature. It is as one goes out into the fractured piece of one’s child or teenager that suddenly one feels 8 or 12 or 16 years old again, and just as ashamed as in the moment of a shameful childhood or teenage experience.


Now as an ascending adult you can heal your shamed inner child, teenager or young adult. How does one do so? Well, one begins to erase or to transmute the shame back at the original time that it occurred and to retrieve the fractured pieces of self that shattered in the moment of being ashamed. Then one can bring the part of the child, teenager or adult that was trapped in time and in the moment of the shame into present time, releasing all contracts for the shameful persona that continue to dance with one’s field as a result of such experiences. Then as the shameful persona leave the field, one will come back to their center again and find one’s truth again.


There are those gifted at pressing one into shame from childhood or teenage years; sometimes this can be a mother or father, or mother-in-law or father-in-law, or a spiritual teacher or friend or sibling or child. Whoever it is that is gifted at putting others in shame also is equally ashamed and has their own moments of guilt and fear just as oneself; for one cannot swing into one side of the ego “bigger than life” patterning without also entering the other side of the negative ego “smaller than life” patterning.


So, understand that those who shame you are also ashamed, and must learn to heal within just as you are doing if they wish to step out of the game of shame and blame. In understanding this, perhaps it is easier to forgive them rather than holding onto grudges; it is through the forgiveness that then the very interaction can begin to change into one where instead of shame there will be validation and genuine sharing that becomes possible.


Over time, one initiate whom we shall name Kori, experienced this with her mother who had been one of the most shaming, condescending and invalidating humans that she had ever known. The more of the persona that Kori released that left her in her negative ego and feeling extremely ashamed, the less patterning was available for her mother to press her into. Eventually, all childhood experiences of shame had been erased and replaced with other experiences from other parallel lives of great joy. At this point, there was nothing for her mother to relate to of this nature and she turned into a more validating and supportive type of relationship to Kori than ever before.


Earth makes this type of inner child healing available for each who is ascending so that one can overcome some very difficult childhood experiences that have left one wounded and therefore unable to release the entire negative ego. As the shameful experiences are erased and replaced with joyful experiences from parallel lives, then all of the negative ego can also be transmuted leading to a new day where shame is no longer a large part of the life experience.


The Inner Children of Others


There are those that like to take their own childhood shameful experiences and attach them on to others. Kori also discovered this as she healed her childhood of shame. Suddenly, she would discover the inner children of others who had been shamed and fractured, and then discovered herself going into old patterns of shame and invalidation that she had transmuted and transcended as a result. Sometimes it is difficult to discern if the inner child is all one’s own or belongs to another, particularly if one is a “mother earth” or “father earth” type who tends to make others feels safe and secure. Often the inner children of those feeling safe and secure would rather be your children rather than of their own source of origin, and will leave their fields as a result attaching to your field in the dance.


The body may not know the difference between the inner family members of another or oneself; the body will instead simply react founded upon the patterns of shame or ego and negative ego within each inner child, teenager or adult. The inner children of others will bring with them all the patterns of shame that may emulate those patterns that one is working upon or has transcended. Learning to return the inner children of others projected upon oneself (canceling the projection) is one way to return what is not sincerely one’s own to process and complete with a particular level of shame-based patterning for good.


About the Inner Teenager and Shame        


The inner teenager or young adult may actually host more memories of shame than the child in many a human. The reason for this is that the personality of children is self-accepting in nature, and baring some traumatic incident of one type or another such as physical or sexual or emotional abuse, many children grow up in environments where large amounts of shame are not the family control game. As such humans enter the teenage world where many others were vastly shamed by their parents and siblings, now they encounter others who have developed shaming others as a skill to subordinate and control. Now the teenager finds itself not as accepted as they were in childhood due to the dance with others at school.


Teenagers much like the media today that finger points at anyone of fame to shame them will tend to shame each other incessantly to create a pecking order that is hierarchical and pyramidal (or box shaped in the East) in nature. In essence, the childhood personality retracts about age 13 to 14 allowing the adult persona to enter the dance. It is the adult persona that is interested in belittling others to be “on top” or the “very best” or “most popular”.


Child based persona are not interested in competitive actions, but rather in pleasing others and feeling loved. As long as the adults and teachers around such children respond to their pleasing nature in love, there is no requirement to shame. Therefore, it is in the teenage years in particular that those who did not experience shame in childhood get a full experience of the current paradigm of shame and blame.


Most are not the most popular or the very best in their teenage years; however, as a result of this thoughtform those that succeed at being at the top of the pyramid subordinate others who then may not fare well in school. In Europe, one must pass tests to go on to receive advanced education in the universities; this is also the same in many other countries associated with British colonization.


Often the shame of failing the tests leaves those of this nature so ashamed that they never strive to accomplish anything else, even if they develop gifts, skills and talents later on through adult education or their own evolution. This is very sad indeed; however, in releasing the shame that the teenager went into in failing their tests, there is an opportunity to construct another childhood memory of passing the tests from a parallel life, and then going on to succeed into the future founded upon a new childhood memory in which shame was not the foundation of the life dance.


There are those in other regions such as Canada and the US who did not experience school testing; however, life at school prior to university was based upon popularity, sexual desire and essentially being on top of the fame pyramid. This is the type of schooling that Asur’Ana and an American initiate whom we shall call Nash experienced. Neither of them ever ended up on top of the popularity pyramid. Instead, they retracted into their spiritual interests (for Asur’Ana) or other mind-altering experiences such as drugs (for Nash).


Later Nash left the drugs behind recognizing that they interfered with his capacity to succeed. Eventually, Nash found his way through graduate school and into a high paying position as a computer contractor for the government. One could say that he reverse polarized from non-success into success; and although he created a high income for himself, it still left him less than satisfied and fulfilled. Hence Nash was willing to leave this type of career behind in his late forties (which was also killing his body and making him ill) to work as a community development consultant, in his choice to ascend.


About the Dance of Fame        


Popularity only breeds the desire for fame. Fame has become perhaps the largest goal for many humans in the West that vie for higher and higher positions up the corporate ladder; or for the chance opportunity to hit it big through the media; whether it be through television, movies, magazines, books, or spiritual endeavors; or for fame through sports. Fame is not a sign of spiritual mastery. If anything, those of famous spiritual backgrounds are really the foundation of false ascension and are used in the unconscious to attempt to prevent global ascension and ascension of humanity alike. They are therefore far from transcending anything or mastering anything other than fame.


Fame is perhaps the biggest ego trip of all. In a state of fame, all underneath oneself in the pyramid or box shaped geometry worships oneself and gives of themselves in chi, dream, energy flow, knowledge, regeneration and life; while all the time taking on one’s disease, death, and accident karma. This leaves the famous one having a life of relative ease and those at the bottom of their pyramid having a life of misery in counterbalance.


It is estimated by Terra that for each famous one there are 144 that lead lives of great misery; and 288 that lead lives of medium misery; and 1024 that lead lives of mild misery to suspend the nice dream of fame of the famous one. This was also so in the era of the Anu where so many slaves were sacrificed to extend the Anu lives. The dreams of the slaves were also sacrificed so that the Anu would not experience any form of misery ever. This is such a prevailing game at this time of the height of the Anu energy flow that the group dynamics prevails in almost all human circumstances around the globe.


Fame and Inheritance


Fame only occurs for those of sincere Anu inheritance in Terra’s examination. Even those of medium to small fame in any circle tend to have direct Anu lineage. The lineages of the Anu are to be blocked from ascending beyond 1,024-1,800 segments due to their tendency to inflate pyramidal thoughtform to such an extent that it would carry over into the Grand Master Cycle ahead. This cannot be allowed, as it would delay the cleansing to such a degree that Earth would miss her opportunity to enter the Great Central Sun Dream. Therefore, those of this inheritance are destined to complete their lives through death and settle their karma through polarity reversal.


At this time, the polarity has been reversed in full. This means that those at the top of the pyramids will experience being at the bottom; the dance of experiencing the worst possible dream when all that one has known is the best possible dream cancels the karma for fame created in the given life. This is why many leaders or famous actresses and actors or others of fame in the media may have disastrous life experiences of one sort or another ahead. It is a sign that the polarity has reversed and those of great fame will experience now what they have caused thousands of others to experience – misery and miserable life dreams.


For those that are ascending, desiring fame or choosing a dream that would lead in this direction is in opposition to the intent to evolve. The reason for this is that fame creates cords of attachment that are so great that one cannot fulfill upon the ascent as one will be losing too much chi to continue to build a field and biology that moves up and up in vibration. Asur’Ana and Per have written about this and have blocked themselves from fame. This could have interfered with their ascension if their dreamtime school had grown excessively and probably caused them to die.


Earth chooses not to grow DAS any further than needed to create the ascension map for humanity; and this is to protect not so much Asur’Ana and Per who exist in the Great Central Sun dream already, but the map makers or map carvers from receiving so much attention that they would fail at their task. Therefore, DAS will always be a small organization, although those reading the website or working with these materials may grow to be larger and larger in numbers over time. This shall foster the map making of the map followers and is necessary and hence the dream for the growth of those working with the materials but not necessarily involved directly in the school.


Those map making or map carving know that this is one’s role and goal and has been one’s entire life. One knows this from the inside; and it is not necessary for us to explain; one simply knows. This is the gift of holographic knowing and most in the school have pulled their holographic knowledge forward from birth to fulfill upon the task of map carving. Each knows within that map carving ascension is one’s truth; and in following one’s truth one fulfills upon the task. Now the group will learn to fulfill upon this in greater unity, joy and peace than ever before. This is a reflection of the mastery of unity within each; for without internal mastery this would not be possible.


Mastering Unity Within


For those reading this workbook, equivalent mastery is possible in one’s own dance of life. How does one master unity within? First and foremost, one intends to master the flower of life patterning within and without. What we mean by this is that one learns to run the flower of life in the space between and space without in one’s field and etheric body. What does this mean exactly? Well, it translates into running the same sacred geometry within the space between and without in the positive ley lines of the field and form.


Due to the interbreeding of electrical and magnetic biology, there is a tendency to split the geometry that is spun within the field into two variant patterns. Generally, this occurs as one spins the pyramids or boxes in the space between or negative space of the field; and then spins the flower of life in the positive or space without of the field. The end result is a splitting apart of space within and space without, as the two sides of self do not harmonize with one another. For how can one find harmony within if one’s field is split between two variant and discordant patterns? One cannot really and the end result of this type of ascension is greater discord and disunity rather than unity-based relations in the human dance.


Synthesized Field (WB 2, Ch 1) Sacred Geometry Mahavishnu (WB 2, Ch 1)Therefore, an ongoing intention of those who are mastering should be to unify the movement of the space between and space without in the field. In so doing, one will integrate magnetic DNA and encoding that supports this goal, which will in turn allow the space surrounding each cell of the biology to become increasingly permeable to allow toxic gases to pass through rather than collect and create disease in ascension rather than regeneration.


For here lies the crux of the problem of failing to master unity movement in both the space between and space without; one’s own physical space between the cells will not be transmuted into a new genetic blueprint that leads to an ability to detoxify gases through the form. This leads not only to a bloating of field but an overly expanded form that can grow to be overweight; and ultimately create disease in those regions of the biology that are compromised due to a lack of an ability to allow toxic gas to pass through the space between the cells.


This is a mistake that many an ancestor made; to ascend only the positive side of the biology and not the negative. Long ago, the negative space between the cells held a different blueprint that allowed for greater permeability. This genetic encoding was lost over time leading to incomplete ascension; for if one does not ascend all parts of the biology including the space surrounding the cells, then one takes only a part of the body to the next dimension.


What does this cause? Well ultimately Buddha who ascended into the fourth dimension, died. He died less than eight years after arriving to the next dimension. Some may say that he died from boredom, as there were no other humans to relate to. We see in review of his existence that he failed to ascend 30% of his space between and as a result, was missing 30% of this part of his biology; the lack of adequate space between to hold the cells together caused his biology to begin to fall apart and eventually become too diseased to continue to exist. Buddha died under the same Bodhi Tree that he ascended under as a result.


We must learn from our ancestral mistakes and this is why we point out this significant problem. If one does not ascend the entire biology including the space between, one’s ancestors will simply die in the fourth dimension. In present time, if one fails to ascend all parts of the form including the space between, one is far more likely to ascend into disease due to the buildup of toxic gases than ascend into a regenerative form that lives to witness the coming times of cleansing and birth of the new age ahead. Therefore, it is best to intend a complete ascension by ascending both the space between and space without of the field and etheric body and physical biology alike.


How Split Geometry Came to Be      


The space between exhibits a different geometrical movement of energy flow primarily due to the blending of electrical and magnetic DNA; the electrical DNA calls for pyramidal or box shaped movement; and the magnetic DNA calls for flower of life movement. Over time, those who had blended of electrical and magnetic DNA have learned to spin the boxes or pyramids in the space between or negative energy flow of the field and spin the flower of life in the space without or positive ley lines of the field. This is most prevalent for those who have part Anu slave and part red nation DNA; therefore, the first clearing one will wish to do is erase all DNA that is associated with the Anu slaves and complete upon this part of the tapestry, sealing it in full.


Box Geometry (WB 2, Ch 1)


Generally speaking, one completes with all slave nation lineages in the ascent to 3,000 segments where one may work seemingly incessantly upon patterns of worthlessness and subordination associated with being enslaved in one’s ancestry. As the karma for slavery is completed upon, one enters a new time and a new dance of karma that is more unity based and may be founded upon red nation lineages rather than slave lineages. As one does this, one will pull forward red nation DNA and embody this in lieu of slave DNA in all parts of the biology.


Pyramid Geometry (WB 2, Ch 1)


For those who are more indigenous in ancestry, one may not have direct slave lineages per se. However, if one hosts many Native American lineages, one will find that one’s ancestry was used in the formation of the Anu slaves. Forty percent of the Anu slave DNA came from the Native American Root Race, which was used in the genetic experiments of the Anu and Orion’s. This is primarily because they lived nearby and were easy for the Anu to prey upon. Therefore, those of Native American root race inheritance will desire to go back in time and release the karma for having one’s ancestral karma used to breed another race of slaves. As one intends this so, one can retrieve all the information lost from one’s inheritance to those of slave inheritance.


Extreme Polarity and Figure-8 Geometry   


The Native American Root Race fell from a Triple Lotus Flower of Life pattern to a Figure-8 pattern. Although when spun up in the field the two patterns look very similar, the Figure-8 is less balanced. The Figure-8 flow causes the field to wobble like a teeter-totter. One can imagine this if one places the Figure-8 upon its side and how one end could be pressed up and the other end down, leading to experiences of extreme polarity in the dance of life. Indeed, the Native Americans have experienced extremes in their history due to this pattern of the wobbling Figure-8. At the time that the Anu slaves expanded as a culture due to excessive breeding, they overran the natives that lived nearby, throwing them off their land, and hunting them down or creating small wars to assure the Anu slave dominion.


Eventually, most of the red nations’ peoples living near the Anu slaves chose to vacate the continent of Europe altogether. They constructed large boats and sailed to the “new world” or North American continent en masse. This was the result of swinging from one extreme pole of being imprisoned by others of white skin to freedom of a new continent to build their lives upon. The freedom to live from the land peacefully lasted through the last era and fall of Atlantis.


However, polarity being what it was, sooner or later the dance has to change or invert. The slave nations’ peoples and Anu also chose to vacate the continent of Europe en masse and move to the new world in this era. The result was the same with those of Native American root race losing their land and being overrun by the slaves; and this time there was no new continent to run off unto and inhabit.


Although this is a sad dance, it is the result of losing a part of the sacred geometry originally associated with this root race. As enough ascend with Native American inheritance of either present time or ancient descent and retrieve the lost knowledge to construct the Triple Lotus in lieu of the Figure-8 geometry, the need to polarize into extremes will cease. As such, those of present time Native American inheritance will move increasingly to balance and unity, and in their own ascensions will live to inherit the land as the masses of those of Anu and Anu slave descent die off due to plagues and the inability to evolve in the era ahead.


Most other root races including African, Aboriginal (Australian), South American Indian, Tibetan, and Inuit (Eskimo or Mongolian) have also lost their Triple Lotus geometry. The only exception is the Polynesian peoples who still run a Triple Lotus Flower of Life geometry in their dance, song or other activities such as paddling. For all other root races, the Triple Lotus fell into the Figure-8 geometry after the nuclear annihilation at the end of the era of Atlantis. The Polynesian peoples were spared a further fall perhaps because they were on the opposite side of the world and suffered less radioactive side effects.

Figure 8 Geometry

Radiation has a tendency to slow a field. As most other root races and indigenous peoples experienced the radiation unleashed as Atlantis was destroyed, the fields slowed enough and collapsed, and the end result was losing a petal off the lotus of the sacred geometry spinning in their individual and collective fields. This in turn led to movement into extreme polarity for all root races other than the Polynesians thereafter.


In the past few hundred years and in the migration of white peoples to their islands, the Polynesian peoples of Hawaii in particular have experienced a fall. It is estimated by Terra that the Polynesians were the only root race to retain a vibration of 2,200 segments and the Triple Lotus flow following the nuclear winter of Atlantis. This was so up through about the year 1700 as humans currently measure time. Then white peoples began to travel and discovered what Captain Cook called the “Sandwich Islands”. The interaction with white people brought a load of diseases that the Hawaiians were unfamiliar with and over a 100-year period, up to 80% of the population died. Leprosy also became prevalent thereafter leading to a large leper colony that developed upon the isle of Molokai.


The real cause of the diseases that the Hawaiians experienced was a fall in consciousness; for the white folk had anchored pyramidal flow and began to strip the Hawaiians of consciousness and DNA. This was a karmic repeat of another time when many white folk immigrated to the Lemurian continent causing a parallel drop in consciousness from 5,000 segments to 2,200 segments. The development of leprosy is the result of losing an entire limb of grid work in the etheric. Such mutilation of field to an extreme was not known in the era of Atlantis, but has become prevalent since the nuclear winter created at the end of their era. Now those of Anu descent swipe entire limbs in etheric mutilation that will lead to the development of leprosy if left unattended to.


At this time the Polynesian root race is on the repair of their fields and consciousness through collective ascension; many of a direct descent have embodied the 2,200 DNA segments that they lost only a few hundred years ago. As such, they are returning to a Triple Lotus flow as a collective and as such, are retrieving their power from the white nations’ peoples. In time, the Polynesian land will revert to those who are Polynesian in inheritance or Hawaiian at heart (hold ancient Polynesian inheritance.) This will restore their land lost to those of wealth and of Anu inheritance that have turned the Polynesian islands into a vacation playground. There will be more written about this in an upcoming book, With Aloha from Our Hawaiian Ancestors, to the Hawaiian Peoples (or those who are Hawaiian at heart).


The Loss of the Triple Lotus in Other Root Races          


It is primarily the nuclear annihilation in Atlantis that caused all other root races to descend from a Triple Lotus to Figure-8 in energy flow. This tipped all other root races and the indigenous cultures associated into extreme polarity. In the extremes, many have also lost their land to an emerging white force and way of being that emulates the Anu slave civilization in its height of expression. At this time, few indigenous peoples live freely from the land; most are forced from the land and into the current system of housing and livelihood that is associated with a “white” way of being.


The reason that the Anu thoughtform dominates at this time is the result of the Anu cycle that humanity has gone into. The Anu cycle began over 6,000 years ago. The rise and fall of Rome was a repeat of the rise and fall of the first era of the Anu culminating in the breaking of the ice shields. The rise of the technological era is a reflection of the second era of the Anu where the slave nations overpopulated their own continent to a point of pushing the red nations’ peoples to a new land; or as it has been expressed in the US and Canada, on to reservations or reserves.


The fall into the Figure-8 patterning for most other roots races underlies why indigenous tribes have lost their land and way of living that was harmonious with Earth. For the Figure-8 geometry will create periods of freedom followed by periods of non-freedom. Now through ascension and as indigenous peoples recover their geometry and move into the Triple Lotus patterning again, they will also recover their power to determine their own fate and how they wish to live upon the land again.


As such, they may throw off the land the white and slave nation descendents who threw the indigenous off their land in the century or so past. One can see the results of this in the drama and trauma in many an African country at this time. Some African countries are overthrowing the white people through force and rebellion at the hands of armed forces who simply evict them and take over their businesses, buildings and land. Although this may be very difficult, it is a reflection of the ascension into greater power on the part of those of African descent.


Other regions that host a large indigenous population may also discover that the red nation way of being begins to dominate again. In Bolivia, the first indigenous president was elected in 2006. This too is a sign of the recouping of the Triple Lotus energy flow in the ascent of those of South American Indian inheritance; and it is pressing for another way of being, nationally speaking, in South America. In time, the continued ascent of the people living upon South American soil will retrieve the dreams given away to those living in North American or European soil. This dream retrieval will allow a greater dream of prosperity to reign, and those living in South America will simply find a way to work their way out of poverty due to the retrieval of a dream to do so. This too is a sign of ascension in South America.


Retrieving the Triple Lotus Energy Flow


The next step for all ascension of those with red nations’ inheritance is to retrieve what has been lost this last cycle and in the fall of Atlantis. As red nations’ peoples embody the Triple Lotus in the space between and space without, they will come to greater stability and unity together. From unity, each city, region and country will begin to find a way to support one another without the need to impoverish one nation to enrich another. This will be so upon all continents around the globe over time leading to a new day in which all remaining in physicality and in human form share the resources equitably.


Those ascending to 3,000 segments in white form but with ancient red inheritance bring forward their red nation lineages and energy flow as well as biology and embody this through intention. As one moves towards the Triple Lotus movement in both the space between and space without, one also releases the same karma that those of indigenous origins are releasing; for all red nation lineages experienced loss of land and subordination to those of white inheritance over time.


As one completes with all slave inheritance and then moves into karma for one’s red nation inheritance, those upon this path will work upon the loss of power, chi, information, and dream to those of Anu, pharaoh or sorcerer descent. Pharaohs and sorcerers were ultimately half Anu and therefore they are all Anu in terms of the games of life extension that play in the unconscious.


Since for most root races other than the Polynesian race, the Triple Lotus flow was lost in the nuclear annihilation of Atlantis, one will need to settle all karma for nuclear holocausts associated in order to retrieve the information necessary to ascend into the Triple Lotus flow. The ascent from 3,000-6,000 segments is all about the retrieval of the information necessary to move from a Figure-8 magnetic flow to a Triple Lotus flow that is more stable and less likely to fall into extreme polarity.


Extreme polarity creates trouble for groups as well as community. Extreme polarity will pit one against the other; or press one group into having more and another into having less. The Native Americans fell into this dance in many time periods after their DNA had been used to create the slave nations’ peoples on the part of the Anu. Following this in falling into Figure-8 flow, the red nations’ tribes upon the continent of Europe began to war upon one another over territory and resources when this had never occurred before in their lengthy history upon Earth (30,000 Earth years or 120,000 years as humans measure it).


Later the Native American peoples left for a continent or the new world (North American continent) where there was ample space for all and enough for all, and in so doing they moved into the opposite polarity of abundance for a time. However, over the course of history, soon the populations of the Native Americans grew and grew across the land of North American and to a point that there was less available for some tribes than others. Once again, they fell into warring over territory or hunting grounds between tribes; this occurred long before the white man relocated to the new world. All of this was the result of the movement of the Figure-8 geometry, which pressed the Native Americans into times of great abundance and times of lack.


Following the nuclear annihilation of Atlantis, all other indigenous peoples except the Polynesians fell also into the Figure-8 flow. This also led to times of abundance and times of lack, and then one tribe warring upon another for resources upon all other continents. In the continued rotation of continents, continents moved into different weather patterns over time. Once the Middle East was in a lush region and filled with trees and waterways; this was so in Ancient Egypt. Now the Middle East experiences great deserts and a lack of rain. Therefore, this is so for each continent; they have rotated into regions that have created abundance followed by lack followed by abundance again.


The Triple Lotus flow upon the land will begin to balance out the elements enough that ample rain can flow in regions that were once deserts; and less rain flow in regions that are rainforests and perhaps receive too much rain. As the weather balances out over time, Earth will return to being green all over, and this will provide amply for all living upon the land, including the animal kingdoms. In so doing, Terra will return to a state of abundance; and this shall be mirrored in all other kingdoms that will have enough; and in humans who will learn to share all global resources with each nation.


Mastering the Triple Lotus Flow      


Earth perceives that it is not how high one evolves in genetic materials that determines Figure-8 vs. Triple Lotus flow as much as releasing the karma for how one’s indigenous ancestors lost the added loop of energy movement in the nuclear annihilation of Atlantis. As the karma releases, one will quite naturally retrieve the information necessary to run the Triple Lotus energy movement, as to begin with one’s ancestry may have been no higher than 3,000 segments at the time that they lost this flow and fell into the Figure-8 movement. Therefore, most ascending to 3,000 segments and even if one is limited to this level due to a lack of biological information can move into the Triple Lotus flow through intention to release the karma and retrieve the information to do so, leading to a life of greater unity and peace.


The Triple Lotus creates a far more stable field than the Figure-8 movement. Those running the Figure-8 can still vacillate between an overly puffed-up field and an overly downsized field leading to experiences of ego and negative ego in the dance of life. The Triple Lotus in comparison does not have the tendency to over inflate or under inflate; instead, the added loop in the geometry creates a stable field that tends to remain in balance over time. It is for this reason that the Triple Lotus energy flow leads to greater unity within as well as a state of inner peace and truth in action. It is from a state of inner peace and balance that one can then channel soul, ancestors, nature and Earth leading to the self-expression of one’s truth in action.


DNA Associated with Red Nation Inheritance      


For those proceeding beyond 3,000 segments whose intention is to embody 99% magnetic biology in the current life ascent, one must be aware that red nation lineages are not entirely magnetic in their original casting. The only exception is the direct grand master lineages; these tend to be 99% magnetic Sirian DNA in origins. All other root race lineages however were a blending of 80-90% magnetic DNA and 10-20% electrical DNA. One will not wish to embody the electrical portions of the DNA therefore associated with one’s red nation inheritance; one will desire instead to search out magnetic DNA from another lineage for each part of the biology.


Analysis of Root Race DNA (at time of seeding)


Polynesian Root Race: 70% Sirian magnetic DNA, 12% Arcturian magnetic DNA, and 18% Pleiadian electrical DNA

North American Indian: 50% Sirian magnetic DNA, 14% Arcturian magnetic DNA, 24% Jyreion magnetic DNA, and 12% Orion electrical DNA

South American Indian: 40% Sirian magnetic DNA, 30% Pleiadian electrical DNA, and 30% Jyreion magnetic DNA

Inuit/Mongolian: 50% Sirian magnetic DNA, 20% Jyreion magnetic DNA, 15% Arcturian magnetic DNA, and 15% Pleiadian electrical DNA

Tibetan: 60% Sirian magnetic DNA, 30% Arcturian magnetic DNA, and 10% Pleiadian electrical DNA

African: 60% Sirian magnetic DNA, 30% Jyreion magnetic DNA, 5% Pleiadian electrical DNA, and 5% Orion electrical DNA

Aboriginal (Australia): 30% Sirian magnetic DNA, 24% Arcturian magnetic DNA, 21% Jyreion magnetic DNA, and 25% electrical Pleiadian


The first goal for those ascending from 3,000 segments and up will be to embody magnetic DNA from all red nation or grand master lineages within one’s inheritance. However, we will also point out that some magnetic DNA is more compatible with the Great Central Sun dream than others. Sirian DNA is the most compatible to the new dream. Therefore, if possible, one would desire to anchor Sirian DNA from all red nation and grand master lineages into all parts of the biology. As a second choice and if nothing else is available for a given part of the body, one can anchor Arcturian or Jyreion DNA, Arcturian being more preferable.


Why is this so? Sirian DNA hosts a magnetism that is Triple Lotus. Arcturian DNA hosts a magnetism that is U shaped with intersecting U’s that create a lotus that is almost square but with rounded corners. Jyreion DNA hosts the strongest magnetism and therefore has a tendency to cause a field to become oval rather than round if DNA from this source is used excessively in the ascent. This can cause the field to wobble almost as readily as the Figure-8 patterning.


You can learn from the mistakes of your predecessors. Per ascended into a load of Jyreion DNA in the earlier part of his ascension; later he had to ascend all parts of the biology (which was about 70%) to Sirian and Arcturian blueprints as the Jyreion DNA was making him ill. Later on, the Arcturian DNA also had to be purified as well as this too was making him ill in the continued ascent. So, you can see in this how future ancestors will continue to purify the DNA again and again each cycle of ascension to be what is most resonant with the Great Central Sun we are returning unto; and the DNA that is most resonant happens to be purely Sirian.


New Elements That Can Evolve


There are also other modifications and changes occurring to the DNA and the entire structure that ascension will make possible ahead. Many of these changes are being stepped down to vibrational bandwidths so that those mastering 3,000-6,000 segments can embrace new DNA or elements that better support one’s boundaries and continued evolution. One of the more recent modifications that Asur’Ana and Per first embodied and is now being stepped down for all ascending humans and kingdoms is an alteration to the elements as a gift from the Tao.


The old elements are incapable of evolving. So much consciousness has been lost that there is little hope of the current elemental system upon Earth to be able to stretch to meet the requirements of an ascending field. Elements that do not stretch leave holes and gaps that then one can easily become manipulated through. Earth is now casting new elements from a new blueprint from the Tao that do not host this problem; they will stretch to meet the requirements of an ascending field.


Here is a description of the new elements available as one attunes to the Temple of Elements in dreamtime. Each may wish to intend to replace the old elements with the new to better support one’s ascension from the bottom up.


Conscious Fire Element


The conscious element of fire acts as a bridge to meld realities so that they dovetail. This better serves in the act of dream weaving where two or more realities of different humans or species must come together and dance. As there is greater melding of dreams through the new fire element, then unity can be born.


Much of the dissonance between humans or between humans and Earth comes from incompatible fire element. Melding electrical and magnetic dreams translates into electrical and magnetic fire elements competing for the job of magic. Magic is an attribute of fire that when added to the dream allows for divine timing between parties as well as divine union. If the two parties are primarily electrical in DNA, then electrical fire will accomplish this goal and the two will resonate in the dance. If the two parties are primarily magnetic in DNA, then magnetic fire will create harmony and unity in the dream.


Alas if one is electrical and the other magnetic, fire cannot create resonance, and often fire competes with itself as to which will dominate, electrical or magnetic. Electricity dominates in this Anu based cycle leaving those with magnetic DNA out of sync within the pyramidal system. In being out of sync, then one ends up on the bottom where one is stripped or receives the difficult dreams of struggle, poverty or disease or war. As the dream returns to a magnetic dance of energies, those of electrical nature will find themselves out of sync in return. Then the polarity may reverse and those who were at the bottom and running magnetic geometry will experience being on top for a time; and then the pyramids will fade altogether leaving only a unity based magnetic dream remaining.


It may take 25 to 50 years to orchestrate this shift in full, but Earth is coming to understand what requires to be shifted inside the human dream in order for a magnetic dream to take hold for humanity. Much of the struggle is really about how to disband pyramidal energy flow enough that magnetic flow can begin to dominate. This is the purpose of the new element of fire; to cease to compete with electrical fire altogether and weave a new dream that is magnetic and allows for ascension and the birth of a new reality for ascending humans.


Conscious Smoke Element


Conscious smoke element will allow for the pressing out of one’s field the radiation that tends to slow down the chakra system. This may make it easier for ascending humans to live in the density of your suburbs yet continue to move up in vibration and evolve. Conscious smoke element will also evenly distribute itself throughout the field so that it can assist in clearing the karmic contracts or patterns that are held in the chakra, subtle body and dreamtime self regions of domain.


Conscious Water Element


The element of water is necessary to the transmutation process known as erasure. Erasure is a function of the lavender tones of creation (structure and divine union) and allows for karmic contracts, machines, entities and electrical based thoughtform to be erased in the act of transcendence. Holes and gaps in the water element led to incomplete ascension as not all karma or patterning is released in any given level of ascent. The new water element is designed to assist in a thorough act of forgiveness and a thorough erasure of all karma, thoughtform and patterning at each level of ascent to assure complete ascension.


Conscious Vapor Element


Conscious vapor element will assist in the proper lubrication of the ascending field by going wherever it is in lack, and ceasing to gather in certain places to excess within the field. This will assist the field in spinning with greater ease and in balance.


Conscious Air Element


The element of air allows enough space between molecules so that they can spin, as well as cells throughout the etheric body. Sometimes there is too large a gap between molecules or cells and this gap allows the dark or false gods to puff themselves up and overrun a field. Sometimes there is too little space between molecules and they cannot spin properly leading to distortion or too much heat in a given region. Conscious air element will assist in finding just the right space between each molecule and cell for continued evolution and health.


Conscious Ether Element


The ether element assures that there is enough space between dreams so that each may spin a sovereign field and yet collaborate in the dance of life. The current ether element often creates too little space and then dreams run together and become confused. One ends up manifesting one’s neighbor’s dreams as a result, particularly those living in the density of the city. The new element of ether will allow dreams to remain separate enough that one will manifest what one intends.


Conscious Earth Element


The element of earth allows for the proper density of form to remain grounded upon the physical plane as well as ascend. As many know, one may expand in ascension due to increasing earth element so that one has enough strength and fortitude to lift through one’s patterning. Conscious earth element will assist each in finding just the right weight and size to ascend. If one is too large and tends to attract earth element of others, one will lose the earth element and come down in size. If one has too little earth element giving it always unto others, then one will retrieve and retain one’s element and move up in size.


Conscious Lava Element


Lava element allows for proper pressure within the field and size of chakras to retain one’s boundaries in any given day. If one has too little lava element, then boundaries do not hold, as the chakras are too thin to foster the separation of one’s field from the fields of all others. If one has too much lava element, then one’s field can become overly puffed and spin too slow. Conscious lava much like conscious water element will cause an even distribution of itself in order to allow for a more greatly balanced field and smoother rotation of all moving energy systems.


How the Elements Work Together


Forgiveness requires the element of fire to first burn off the karma so that the rest of the patterning associated can be transmuted. The new conscious fire and smoke elements will do a complete job of burning off karma as well as returning karma that is not one’s own to its source of origin. Then the new conscious elements of water and vapor will create the right level of tones to erase the ashes and other patterning in the field for a more complete transmutation of one’s thoughtform. The new elements of air and ether will create just the right amount of space within that the field can spin up more greatly but remain balanced in the act of transmutation to burn off the patterning at hand. The conscious elements of earth and lava will allow just the right size of field and form for an efficient process of transmutation.


We invite each to attune to the new Temple of Conscious Elements and begin to replace the old elements with the new in dreamtime. As each group gathers for DAS workshops or meditation retreats, there will be a meditation to replace the elements that will be more powerful than one can invoke upon one’s own; and this will allow for a more thorough shift upon an elemental level for all gathering this year. This is the purpose of these dreamtime gatherings; to foster a more rapid pace of evolution. Anyone who is interested is welcome to join DAS by making the intention to participate during dreamtime just before falling asleep nightly.


New DNA for the Space Between


The space between is also receiving a new modified blueprint to allow for ancient information from the dimensions above of human life to be anchored into the third dimension in the now. The blueprint is for a space between that hosts the same magnetic Triple Lotus pattern that the space without also hosts. However even perhaps more importantly, the new blueprint hosts new DNA that provides a transcription in which the space between the cells can become increasingly permeable so that gases that are toxic and noxious to the body can simply pass through the skin. In so doing, one does not require sending noxious gases out the intestines leading to great flatulence or out the lungs leading to bad breath. (Please refer to Mineral Treasures Chapter 7 “Blessings for Absolute Love and the Lavender Ray of Transmutation” for special blessings for the space between.)


Up until the space between the cells is modified, flatulence and bad breath are almost the norm for most humans, even those who are ascending. Some associate bad breath with “ketosis”. Ketosis is the process through which the body converts fat to sugar to feed the biology; indeed, a very noxious gas releases in the process that will cause bad breath. The reason for this is that the lungs are the major organ that releases noxious gases until the space between is modified in the ascent.


One of the gifts of this is that one is less likely to have bad breath when the modification is complete into the physical of the space between the cells; the gases may however produce body odors that were not prevalent before. One will know that the gases are passing easily through the skin as tiny bubbles gather upon the skin as one bathes. The more gases that form during one’s bath, the more permeable the space between the cells have become.


As one ascends to an increasingly higher vibration, physical toxins in the molecular structure of the biology are simply burnt off through the fire element emanating from the molecular structure much as one burns off density with the kundalini. In so doing, a more efficient manner of detoxifying emerges the higher one climbs in frequency. This allows one to clear many toxic substances as a gas without the requirement to send them as a solid or liquid through the blood to the waste management systems of the form. As the transmutation of toxins becomes more efficient, the healthier the form will become through continued evolution. The permeable space between in the new genetic blueprint offered allows the gases to pass straight through the skin rather than collecting for passage through the lungs.


Clearing Space Between Attachments and Exchanges


The new blueprint for the space between will require the clearing of space between attachments. Many in their ascent to date have cleared attachments between the positive ley lines of the etheric body to other people, places, pets, plants and possessions in the dance of life. It is easier to detect space without attachment as it generally causes pain in the etheric body that feels physical when it is ready to be released. It is for this reason that most will release this attachment as the body remains in pain otherwise.


Space between attachments exist in a region of domain that is generally numb to feeling. However engorged space between can cause body pain the further that one ascends due to a lack of chi moving down the ley lines in a given part of the etheric body. Puffed up space between can become like a wedge in the grid work where no chi passes through. As one releases the wedge and reweaves the grid work to allow for movement of energy, the pain subsides.


The space between is like a giant soup that all humans connect to one another or the land within. Most who are sensitive feel their way around the world through the space between. Although this is one way to discern whether another or a particular region feels comfortable or not, the reality is that this is one region of domain that ascending humans can be heavily manipulated through. Therefore, the new blueprint shall allow for a sovereign space between that no longer connects to others through this region of domain. This ultimately shall lead to a greater sense of inner peace wherever one is and whomever one is with in the moment.


Sometimes initiates exchange space between with one another. Such exchanges may go back to early childhood where one desired to fit in or feel as though one belongs. In the unconscious desire to belong, one bartered away a part of one’s space between with one’s parents, siblings and later as one went to school, classmates and teachers. The dance of exchanging space between continues into present time with beloveds, partners, friends, workmates and bosses or spiritual associations as well.


Exchanged space between causes another problem that we shall address; and that is one of agreement. All patterns that occur in one’s field are founded upon agreement. If one has the space between of another that one has exchanged with, then one will be subject to their life agreements and karma. Some also take on karma of the one that they exchanged space between with and stuff the karma into this region of domain. If the stuffing of karma or records occurs in the space between to a great extent, it can cause the body to grow excessively into an overweight form.


Those of the tendency to hold on to karma or records of others in the space between tend to be of “record keeper” descent. For most of the history of humanity, there has been little attempt to keep accurate records. Much like the whales and dolphins, humans have learned to store records of their life experiences or the experiences of others in the space between so that they would not be lost. Although this was a necessary pattern perhaps in ancient times, now there are holographic temples to hold all records and one does not require keeping records within one’s own form.


Therefore, in addition to undoing exchanges with all others in the space between, Earth is advising that each return all records and karma stored therein to the healing temples for ascension where the records and karma will be added to the karmic archives if they are not already known. In this way, one will contribute to the record keeping of the whole without compromising one’s own size and ultimately health. An overly large form is subject to its own problems in terms of regeneration; for the more cells that one has, the more cells have to be regenerated. Therefore, coming to just the right size is the best for the overall health and wellbeing of the continued life of each ascending human.


Space between exchanges also lead to potential manipulation unto one’s field that would not occur if such exchanges are undone, and one retrieves all the space between that is one’s own; the manipulations could occur due to agreements of another becoming active in the field through the shared space between. As all space between that belongs to another is released and all space between that belongs unto oneself retrieved, this region of domain can be recast and the agreements of others no longer will affect one’s field. One will also create a sovereign space between in so doing.


The space between is really the void from which one weaves one’s dream. As the space between is exchanged with others, it is equivalent to giving the possibility for one’s dreams to another and taking on the possibility of the dreams of another. In sorting out the space between, one will no longer exchange the void with another, leaving one more sovereign in one’s own dream weaving. As such, one is more likely to intend a particular dream and then live to experience it rather than experiencing another manifesting one’s heart’s desire in lieu of oneself.


Pyramids and Box Shaped Geometry and the Space Between


Pyramids and box geometry will spin in the space between of the chakra system and subtle body system or dreamtime light body self. The reason that this type of geometry spins in this region of domain has to do with DNA transcription that hosts electrical encoding. The electrical DNA transcription then forms boxes or triangles and pyramids inside the space between of the greater auric field. As the electrical DNA is erased and replaced with magnetic encoding, then one will embrace a parallel flower of life patterning in the space between of the auric field as to that which one spins in the space without. Then one will cease to split between two patterns in the field and enter a deeper level of unity within.


Pyramids and boxes can share sides with others. This is how one participates in the box shaped or pyramidal flow with others. Much like a condominium in which walls are shared, pyramidal walls and box walls are also shared in association with all others who are in the same pyramid or box as oneself. Sometimes walls of pyramids or boxes are also exchanged with others. If this is so, one may not be able to collapse the box or pyramid without it recreating itself within one’s field repeatedly. Therefore, pulling back all sides of all pyramids or boxes that are one’s own and giving back all sides of all pyramids and boxes that are not one’s own will allow one to collapse the geometry and not have it recreate itself.


Generally, geometry recreates itself due to an exchange with another who shares a side or wall of the pyramid or box. Therefore, if this occurs repeatedly, one will now know how to separate by retrieving the entire pyramid or box that has one’s own signature upon it; then one will be able to break all agreements to participate in the dance and collapse the pyramids and boxes for good. However, in order for this to work, one must also erase all DNA that is at cause of the formation of the pyramid or box and replace it with magnetic DNA that hosts a rotational pattern in the space between.




Spinning of boxes and pyramids in the space between of all humans individually and collectively elicits shame, blame, judgment and a lack of acceptance of all others. It is also the dance of shame and blame upon an international level that leads to war of one country towards another. Only as humans move collectively to spinning a rotational pattern as a whole will human civilization move towards peace and unity. As enough ascend into rotational patterning, they will pull the remainder of humanity into a new dream that is unity based. As this occurs humanity as a whole will move towards honor, love, and peaceful regional and international relations. This is the hope and dream of Earth for the human species.


That which spins electrical geometry in the space between will not make it through the boundaries of the new dream of the Great Central Sun. Much like trying to force a round peg through a square hole, those spinning electrical patterning will move further and further away from Mother Earth’s energy flow the further that she enters the Sun’s dream. As this occurs, those spinning electrical geometry will begin to combust from the inside out in their own molecular structure and become diseased. This will cause the times of cleansing ahead where any species including the human species, dolphins and whales, plants, animals or minerals that cannot come into alignment with the rotational holographic movement of the Great Central Sun shall cease to exist in the physical.


We remind each reading these materials that life does not cease to exist in death; life carries on as does ancestral consciousness for the human species. Those humans from other creations in genetic origins will return to their creation of origin as a consciousness. There they will carry on and will provide the lessons learned here upon Earth to their own creation of origin. Perhaps in the long haul this will allow more creations to ascend rather than fall to extinction. In so being, it is in the greatest interests of the whole of all creations that exist that those of foreign DNA return home to share of their experiences here upon Earth. Perhaps if this had been orchestrated in another creation other than Earth, there would not have been the eight billion creations gone extinct upon the third dimension over time.


Those ascending into rotational thoughtform and patterning today will contribute to your species greatly. Earth shall work with each capable of mastering Triple Lotus patterning in one’s field in both the space between and space without. The more adults that accomplish this goal, the stronger the rotational energy flow will be; and this is required to support the incoming ascending children of tomorrow. Therefore, we invite you to intend to embody magnetic only DNA preferably from Sirian sources, and the Triple Lotus magnetic energy flow in all parts of the field, including the space between and the space without.


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Ascension Insights Charts & Diagrams


Language of Light


Language of ONE



This workbook is lovingly dedicated unto each who is willing to go within and look honestly at the patterns playing out in one’s dance of life. In choosing to understand the unconscious and choosing to forgive, one can choose to reprogram oneself into unity-based thoughtform so that a new life of integrity, honor and peace can be born.

Love and Namaste,

Mother Earth



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Asur’Ana. Mother Earth’s Complete Ascension: Workbook 2. Aligning With Earth, 2022. Digital.

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