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Change Your Frequency, Change Your Reality


“Energy is everything. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”Anonymous


“If you’re looking for a happier, more successful and more enlightened life, then you should aim to overcome your energy blockages and raise your energetic frequency to a level of Love or Above.”Christie Marie Sheldon


Remember back in the article “Your Energy Can Influence the Environment”, I have explained the Ultimate Consciousness Scale formulated by Dr. Hawkins? This is the scale that Christie Marie Sheldon, Founder of Love or Above, is referring to in the above quote.


If you change the frequency, like what thoughts, beliefs and judgments that you allow to come through your energy field every day, then you can change your reality.


How Consciousness Influences Your Life


Not only do your thoughts have a direct influence on your body and mental state, but on your surroundings, circumstances, opportunities and everything else in your life. Your consciousness affects all areas of your life including: love, health, relationships, career and wealth.


You can have different vibrations for each level of your life. For example, you can be stuck in money, but be good in love and relationships. Or you are successful in your business or career but lousy when it comes to attracting love and harmonious relationships.


Be conscious of what your thoughts, beliefs and judgments are. Judgements are things that are blocking you from reaching the higher frequencies of Love or above.


If you want to raise your frequency and keep them high, then you should meditate every day for about 30 minutes. If meditation is not your cup of tea, then do something that you enjoy and uplift you, such as painting, writing, gardening, singing, creating music, etc. Be LOVE. Be JOY. PLAY more! Healing energy happens at Joy. You want to heal something in your life? Go Play!


Additionally, don’t judge everything. Judgments can limit what you pull into your reality. For example, if you are female and you have judgments on what a female is supposed to be in a society, then that judgment could actually limit that which you pull into your reality or do with your life, such as a female doesn’t earn as much money at work, etc.


Have You Ever Been Blocked in Making Your Dream Happen?


If you have negative beliefs or judgments that are in your subconscious mind, then when you want to create something, these things kick in and that’s where you say, “I started to manifest something and it didn’t happen.”


That’s because your soul loves you enough to bring up all of your rubbish so that you can see them and clear them. Once you have cleared them, then you will be able to manifest what you want.


To find out what your judgments are, it’s very simple, if you said: I can’t do this because ….  All the things that come after because are generally all your beliefs and justifications. If you consciously pay attention to them, that’s your clue for what actually are blocking you.


To clear any judgments, you just need to replace a negative thought into a positive one.


Negative: “I am a failure.”  Positive: “I am a success in all that I do.”


If after having cleared the judgments, you still cannot manifest your goal, then there is a higher reason why it doesn’t come to fruition. Tune into your Infinite Self for insights and guidance. Make sure that you have adhered to the three alignments of holistic creation that we’ve covered in the last lecture.


What Happens When Your Thoughts Are Vibrating at Love or Above?


Your vibrational frequency will attract emotions and physical manifestations of things that vibrate at the same frequency. If your energetic frequency is low, you’ll be attracting into your life disharmonies and difficulties. But if you shift your energetic frequency to higher levels, you’ll start attracting a life that serves you, one aligned with your True Self.


People operate from one of two parts of themselves: the lower Self or the higher, Eternal Self.


People will operate from either the lower or the higher self based on their dominant thoughts and emotions. If you live with love, joy, and happiness, you will operate from the higher aspect of yourself.


If your thoughts, beliefs and ideas are often attached to fear, anger, guilt, shame or one of the other lower energetic frequencies, then you will operate from the lower aspect of yourself.


Your Infinite Self or Divine Self is connected to higher energetic frequencies like love, peace, joy, gratitude, and It acts like a magnet creating powerful attractor fields that bring all the fantastic things you desire into your life.


The best part is that it’s very easy for anyone to change their lives if they simply choose to connect and allow in their Infinite Self.


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