Image of a humpback whale giving a bottlenose dolphin a lift. The Cetaceans' Ascension Mission.

The Cetaceans’ Ascension Mission


The consciousness of the Cetaceans carries the missing records of our Planet Earth. As humans awaken, we begin to recognize the Cetacean consciousness. This recognition is what will take us to the next step in human evolution. This is why it is vitally important at this time in human history that Humanity make direct conscious contact with the whales and dolphins.


Dolphins and whales are the living representation of our planet’s history. Our evolutionary process is directly linked with the Cetacean consciousness. By making a conscious connection, we unlock the archaeological history of our whole planet. The transformation of consciousness, and the evolution not only of the Planet but also of Humanity, occur when these two consciousness merge.


Serving as Humanity’s Teachers


The Cetaceans have come far to be on Earth. They have traveled from their home planetary system many light years away, to incarnate on Earth to help her through her evolution to Light. They have also come as teachers, to teach humans to care for their planetary home in the stars.


They are very spiritually evolved Beings and have always lived in peace with each other in Earth’s Oceans. Their families are closely knit and they have been living harmonious lives ever since they arrived on Earth millions of years ago. They have so much to teach us about living peacefully on Earth and to improve the harmony in our lives. 


They continuously broadcast their love for us over the waves of the sea. They hope in the near future to join us on land as one species joins another in love and respect for our combined future on Earth. They invite humans to join them in their swim through life, as they share and experience Source-God’s Love directly from within their hearts.


They openly express their hearts to all whom they come in contact. They purposely incarnated here at this time to help bring in the energies of Ascension so that humanity could lift itself from the mire of decline that has set in. Humanity will either rise in consciousness or descend in chaos. Those are the only two choices available. They encourage us to choose wisely, and rise with them in consciousness.


Life is a continual spiral of evolution that lasts throughout eternity. We are ever spiraling and climbing to higher and higher states of consciousness on our eternal journey through the stars. The Cetaceans look forward to meeting humans in a higher state of consciousness, where we will all recognize all of us as truly ONE.


Love and Play


Whales and dolphins are playful and love to have fun. They frolic and play most of their days, as this is the best kind of activity to do while still accomplishing their tasks. Their tasks are varied and many, all for the plans of the Ascension of Earth.


We humans on land are also working toward accomplishing our plans for the Ascension of Earth, through the various activities we’re involved in. There are many ways to accomplish plans; one is through work and the other is through play. The Cetaceans choose the play method, as this is the least difficult and most pleasing form to them.


Dolphins and Whales’ path is Love. Their destiny is love and their purpose for Being is love. They are surrounded by love that they feel and connect with as they journey through the stars.


Humans have the same purpose that the Cetaceans have. We were brought to Earth to be its Guardians and Care Keepers. However, many of us got lost along the way, so they have had to take over, to be the Guardians of Love that Earth needs as she floats along her path through space.


Monitoring the Oceans


The Cetaceans make many discoveries daily in their journey through the waters that help remedy and stabilize the grids surrounding the planet. There is much adjustment going on daily to keep our planet from wobbling on its course through the stars.


They report atmospheric conditions to the Galactic Command. The Galactic Command would use the atmospheric information to correct Earth’s wobble and axis alignment.


Their job is to report conditions that interfere with the workings and mechanisms of the unique grid system of Earth. As long as the whales and dolphins are here, they will continue to report their findings to Mission Control, until the time when humans, as Caretakers of Earth, will be able to continue on our own.


Helping Mother Earth


Dolphins and whales are connected to the vast network of Enlightened Beings in the Galaxy. They are connected by radiating their love out to the Universe and connecting to the Grids of Light that plug Earth into our Galactic Communications Center. They send out information about Earth to the Galactic Command and receive back information that’s crucial to life on Earth. They are in direct communication with Mother Earth herself, and she depends on them to relay information to her about the whereabouts and conditions of her human children on the land.


All the minerals in the Earth are a part of Mother Earth’s body. The uranium is her brain. As humans mine these minerals in ever increasing amounts, Mother Earth’s body is being depleted and she is losing her ability to track and monitor population centers. She is losing control over her body. She needs the Cetaceans’ information and guidance to stabilize and balance herself without harming areas where there are large centers of population.


The Earth is in such a flux, going through many changes, that monitoring the grids is essential to ensure the welfare of all species. Many are leaving the Earth plane and being relocated to their home in the Stars, that the ones remaining need constant surveillance and help.


Soon all life will have a new home. There will be a shift in consciousness as the Earth stabilizes its grid system and moves into alignment with the Great Central Sun — pushing humans online and plugging them into the Creator’s mainframe.


Assisting the Galactic Command and Confederation


The Cetaceans monitor our planet and skies by using their sonar to pick up deadly and destructive devices that could harm Earth’s children on land and in the sea. They have the vast capability of detecting those devices that are out of sync with the natural surroundings of Earth. They use this gift of detection to report their findings to the Galactic Command, which in turn investigates their sightings.


They work alongside the Confederation in many areas and in many ways. Although their bodies remain in the seas, their consciousness goes wherever they direct their thoughts. Because whales and dolphins are fully conscious and multidimensional, while they swim in Earth’s oceans, they are on assignment in other dimensions simultaneously.


They keep track of the many different locations where the Earth’s magnetic grid is weakened and in need of repair, and where the Confederation is trying to strengthen it.


They watch our water and our sky, and they know if anyone transgresses Earth’s code of ethics in regard to humanity as established by the Galactic Command. If so, they immediately contact the Galactic Command and report their findings.


They work in unison with all who are here as conscious caretakers, in order to correct and rectify Earth’s etheric and physical structure. There is so much that has been destroyed and weakened through humanity’s misuse and carelessness, that on some days it seems this is all they do.


Some Souls are Leaving Earth


The Cetaceans sing of a new day on Earth, a day of great Love and Light that is dawning on the horizons of hope. Not everyone here will experience this day in their present form. Some humans will be leaving because of the intensification of energies. Some may not want to remain on Earth because their energies are not compatible with Earth’s energies, and the Light is just too bright. Therefore, they will leave Earth at their earliest possible convenience through death. Some are making their departures now. The souls left will be the ones who will bring the Earth through her ascension.


Whales and dolphins will remain until the Earth is fully ascended. They invite humans to stay here with them, as we all need each other to bring through the Light on our planet.


Transferring Earth’s Stewardship to Humans


Dolphins and whales have been protecting our biosphere for eons of time. They are delighted at the turn of events on Earth at the rising of humanity’s mass consciousness.


Our consciousness levels are increasing daily, as more and more Light is filtering into Earth from our Great Central Sun. All Beings of Light, who are here from other star systems, are converging and focusing their Light to all life on Earth for the great emergence into the Fifth Dimension.


All species are rising in consciousness as Earth is rising in consciousness. Earth is floating through the starry Universe on her way home to Sirius B.


The Cetaceans feel that it is time for them to transfer Earth’s stewardship over to humans.




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