Image shows a brilliant sun with a blue sky background which symbolizes the Golden Age.

Transitioning To The Golden Age Of Light


What is the Golden Age?


Ancient Egyptians, Maya, Hopi, Laika and Inca elders understood the Great Central Sun to be a portal that redirects energy from the Galactic Center. With advanced knowledge of astronomy and astrology these ancient cultures noted a perfect alignment of the Sun and Earth every 26,000 years. This happened on December 21, 2012.


The Hindus divided this 26,000 year cycle into four Yugas: Kali, Dvapara, Treta and Satya; the ancient Greeks into four Ages: Iron, Bronze, Silver and Golden. Modern astrologers refer to this 26,000 year cycle as the Precession of the Equinoxes whereby the Earth travels backwards through the entire 12 signs of the Zodiac. Every 2,100 years we enter a new Zodiac Age.


The 24 hour cycle of day and night, the 365 day cycle of the seasons, 2100 year cycle of zodiac ages and the 26,000 year precession of the equinoxes are all caused by the Earth’s spins on its axis in relation to the Sun. Each cycle an ongoing evolution of consciousness as we ‘fall asleep’ and ‘awaken’ from night to day, winter to summer and equinox to equinox. One complete 26,000 year cycle of the equinoxes transitions us through the dark ages and into ages of spiritual enlightenment. Read more

Image shows children holding hands around a globe signifying the transition period to the Golden Age of Light.

The Transition Period


The world is currently going through tremendous labor pains at an accelerated pace to rebirth itself at a higher level of consciousness. The Great Shift or ‘2012’ was the moment we have all been waiting for although it has been a very challenging ride. For the first time as a species, we have the opportunity to co-create a New Earth through being conscious about our evolution.


Cooperation Not Competition


Humans are the only species “that have a choice to destroy ourselves or to evolve.” Without a doubt, we will need to evolve in order to sustain our planet and survive.


In fact, humankind is actually hardwired for cooperation and democracy although this is often not evident. We can actually co-create the New Earth by “evolving by choice and not chance” as we have done for billions of years. “Crises always precede transformation.” The problems and challenges we are experiencing are our evolutionary drivers. Read more