Image of the Plasma Sun above obelisk in Hollow Earth.

Blessings Of Love From Inner Earth


Image Credit: Cosmic Disclosures Episodes at Gaia


Our Hollow Planet


The Earth is hollow at its core. Not just our Earth, but ALL Planets are hollow. Our Sun, Helios, has a hollow core as all Suns do. All planets are created with openings at the North and South poles that lead to a hollow interior with an Inner Central Sun, smoky in color. The Sun gives off soft and pleasant full spectrum sunlight, making the inside surface highly conducive to growth of vegetation and life with never ending days and no nights.


A Paradise Inside Earth


Inner Earth is inhabited by highly spiritually evolved and technologically advanced human beings who are communicating their existence to us at this unprecedented time of Planet Earth’s Ascension.


These advanced civilizations live in peace and unity consciousness inside the interior core of our Hollow Earth. Their oceans, land and mountains are still in their pristine state. They don’t walk or build upon their land. There are no buildings, shopping malls or highways. They travel in electromagnetic vehicles that levitate a few inches above ground. They walk softly along streams, rivers, and oceans and climb mountains; but that’s the extent of their foot contact with the ground. They leave the rest of their land to Nature, because the land belongs to Nature as well.


Their cities are located inside the very center of the planet, and can be accessed through the holes at either the North or South poles. The Northern and Southern Lights that we see in our skies are actually reflections from our Hollow Earth’s Inner Central Sun, which emanates from her hollow core. Their Spaceport is located inside the Hollow Earth, in direct alignment with the Openings at the North and South Poles.


The Inner Earth’s two main portals are at the Holes at the Poles. They have put a covering, or force field, over the Polar Openings to camouflage the entrances. This way, the openings are protected from air and land sightings. In the past, there were entrances to Hollow Earth’s Library of Porthologos on the surface. One such entrance was the Library of Alexandria, which was destroyed by fire in A.D. 642.


They use free energy to light up their home, cities and tunnels. They use crystals, coupled with electromagnetism, which generates a small sun with full-spectrum lighting that gives them all the power they need.


The Earth’s crust is approximately 800 miles from the outer to the inner surface. Because our Earth is Hollow, and not a solid sphere, the center of gravity is not in the center of the Earth, but in the center of its crust, which is 400 miles below the surface.


There are entry caverns throughout the planet, where interactions between residents of Inner Earth and surface Earth can take place. However, only a few are currently open.


There are 3.6 million people currently residing in the Hollow Earth. Compared to our height, we would consider them Giants.


Over the centuries, there have been some surface humans who have been invited to live inside.


We Send Our Love


The following messages’ excerpts are from Mikos who lives in the city of Catharia, located beneath the Aegean Sea, inside the Hollow Earth. They’re telepathically received by Dianne Robbins in her book, Messages from the Hollow Earth:


Our Purpose for These Messages


You have waited for thousands of years to hear our messages, and it is only now that the vibration is high enough for us to come forward and speak to you. These messages you read come directly through our hearts, relayed from the heart of God. Your heart is God’s receptacle — so open it wide, my dear readers, and receive our words directly into your heart — where their vibrations will raise your consciousness enough to meld into us directly as your eyes perceive our words.


We await the great day when we will be able to show our selves to you, when you will be able to peer directly into our eyes and fathom the God within our souls — including yours. Many are now still separated from the God I AM of their being, but our purpose for these messages is to bring you the reality of your own God Selves and help you connect to the Light within your own soul.


Our Galactic Connection


We are a very advanced race of Beings who have never resided on the surface. We have come from other planets in your solar system and other galaxies from the far out reaches of space. We came here to oversee the Earth, and we came here to continue our own evolution without interference from any race or ET’s. We are securely encased in the core of the Earth, sufficiently to protect us from all outside intrusion, so that we can evolve as quickly as we can in order to secure this planet as an outpost of Love and Light. For the quicker we can evolve, the quicker we can come to the surface to help struggling humanity gain its freedom into the Light of God’s Love. This is why you have not seen or heard from us. It is because we have self-imposed this seclusion.


We now wish you to acknowledge Us, standing free in the Light of God, in the midst of you; constantly radiating out our Light and Love to you to grasp and hold onto as we pull you closer and closer to our heart’s flame, until you meld with us into God’s mighty stream of Light, enabling you to then go forth into the world, where you’ll shine as a beacon, and where all who encounter your radiance become magnetized from within to begin their transformation in consciousness and increased awareness of the multitudes of Beings who are here to help you and all life on Earth to evolve into higher and higher states of consciousness until all of Earth, together, explodes into her ascension of Light, and all are freed of Earth’s density forever.


This is our role, this is our final goal to carry out on Earth, and then we will all, en masse, move up the spiral of evolution into the realm of Light and Love, and become who we truly are, living in a place of peace, beauty, and prosperity, together as one cell in God’s heart. So make this journey into Light with us, by opening your hearts to our existence and welcoming us into your life, so that we, too, may guide you onto the steps of continual glory, where we step with you, side by side, on our path to God. So walk with us, hand in hand, and whenever you’re weary, think of us holding you and supporting you as we all, as a planet, move closer and closer to our ascension. You are close, very close, and we are here to give you that extra push into the Light, where we all await your presence.


We bask in the Light of the Hollow Earth, where we have created a paradise within the womb of Mother Earth. And, we wish you, too, to experience this paradise along with us. We are now working closely with you, our brothers and sisters on the surface, and we cheer you on.


We Travel Freely Inside Our Globe


I speak to you from the Great Cavern under your cities. This cavern spans the whole circumference of the center of the Earth. Our lives here are blessed with abundance in every way you can think of. Were you to let your imagination roam the Stars, all you can conceive of and more, we are blessed with. All we can imagine, we can manifest for ourselves. Such is the nature and natural law that exists everywhere you go in our Galaxy.


We are all Free Beings, free to travel and free to remain inside our cherished Earth. You may think our living space is cramped, but it is spacious, as our population is few compared to your billions. We travel freely inside our globe, needing no passports. Our means of travel is non-polluting, using only electromagnetic conveyances and crystal power.


We are free to come and go as we please, and we often leave our homes for short trips to other star systems. We seldom visit your surface cities, but prefer to view them on our computer screens. This is the safest and most comprehensive way to follow your activities worldwide.


We are always awake when you call to us, as we are attuned to your frequency and can instantly hear and feel your call. With over-brimming love in our hearts, we salute you for your dedication to our mission.




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