Image of a bunch of yummy rambutan on a tree branch. Baba Mastery Tales of Truth #4

Baba Mastery Tales of Truth #4


The Fable of the Rabbit


The Love of the Sway


The Rabbit of Self


The love of the sway

Causes a beautiful day

To be aligned and be lived

In the love of the two

With each I know

That cares with me

For the project that serves

The community

I am that I am

An orchestrator of sway

Of the clan


Introduction: Baba Mastery Tales of Truth


The Rabbit is a Baba lore fable of care of the sway of the clan. The clan or tribe always fosters more synergy and joy if they sway together day to day and through time. Swaying many together is an art all of its own. By and large, the sway of the whole has been lost upon Earth for a very long time. Those who gather in small clusters may sway some if there is one who can organize the motion for the group. Swaying in light brings about kinship and a flavor of happiness between two or within an entire group.


For those of this tale, there are small numbers perhaps you can sway with that allow you to feel grand or beautiful in your dreams of life. The rabbit motions close encounters only with those who sway and push those who cannot sway far away. The rabbit can become a leader that gathers selectively those who foster bigger sway to notion group organization into something beautiful and healing to experience. Sway heals and synergizes two or more into motions of beauty and grace. Sway is a lost art amongst most except those who are gifted at light wave motion.


The tale of the rabbit is not always of a leader of a group but a person who is gifted at holding space with others. Sometimes those of this lore fable are healers; sometimes they work with nature or farm; sometimes they are gifted at music or dance; sometimes they are a conductor of sorts of meetings that work out better due to the nature of swaying in light motion. The rabbit is a beautiful human who cares always for those who care back. Those who fail to care are not people the rabbit ever chooses to remain with unless forced to due to family or work circumstance.


The Lore Fable of the Rabbit: The Love of the Sway        


Those gifted at sway are intoxicating humans to spend time with. Those gifted at the rabbit lore fable have lots of friends as a result of their capacity to sway. The friends come and go and often cause and affect something beautiful to arise between the two. Those who do not sway well foster the exact opposite as the dance diminishes the well-being of the one in the rabbit role. The rabbit prefers people who cause them to feel well and not unwell and sometimes this is difficult and leads to strife with parents, children, mates, workmates or bosses through time who sway not.


The rabbit prefers the background to the foreground of the dance of life. They prefer to hide if they need to in order to feel better following a negative encounter. The rabbit loves nature and is one who adores farming or taking very long hikes or horseback rides into the countryside far away from people. Those in the rabbit fable often love the sway of the land and more than people in general. Living a remote life far out in nature is not difficult for those in the rabbit lore fable in some cases. The love of the land is a theme that carries hope for each who are rabbits in nature.


The lore of the rabbit is a foundry for community building. With many in the rabbit fable, communities flourish. With few rabbits present, communities fall apart. Generally, one out of four need to foster the rabbit fable in order for community to work in the long haul. In this time and age of human dis-synergy, only one out of one hundred foster the rabbit lore fable in this cycle. The problem is a genetic issue and not personal. The genes of humanity have fallen by and large too low in light motion to sway grandly any longer. Those in this fable are best to foster small communities of kinship that sway and you will feel better through time.


The Grace of the Ashram        


I, Ferelith, am an executive chef for a resort in an amazing countryside villa. The resort is posh and the people above average in their taste category of delight. The meals are always divine at The Resortta Lelina due to myself. Lelina is a country all of its own with a small population and only one village. It rests on the mantle between the ocean and the mountain range. Travelers are abundant due to the need to rise to the Ashram Lelina that lies above and hosts a very popular Yogi named Divanshi. Yogi Divanshi is a posh person herself with a mission of fostering the devotees in directions in life of creative pursuits. The ashram produces more crafts than any other and they are delivered via a tram down the hill and then via boat to other regions.


I have studied with the Yogi some but discovered the art of cooking rather than sewing. I am a beautiful black-haired female who is slight in stature and gifted at gathering my own herbs from the many forests in the region. The food is always divine at Resortta Lelina but the Yogi never stays at the Inn. I often ponder this having cooked for her privately for many years. Over time, the Yogi grew into another diet due to the need to revive her aging biology; and she needed a chef specializing in Yogi food. Tommo arrived from a faraway place and became the chef of her heart for a time; and the meals did foster her revival into what appears as a beautiful age of thirty. No one knows the actual age of the Yogi but some estimate her to be over ninety.


I miss the culture of the ashram not as I departed. The devotees were not the love of my heart as much as nature. Finding the herbs on the hillsides was more delectable always. Cooking for hours until the food delighted my senses was more palatable than socializing. For a long time, I was a recluse in the separate palace of the Yogi. The midnight swims under the starlight was the only time I cared to bathe as I could be alone. The paths were known all over the mountainside unto my feet. I loved every view and each meadow and lake far away from the ashram. Often, I would adventure for more than a month with a backpack only when I was not needed or the Yogi was away.


The position at the Resortta Lelina was a personal gift of the Yogi who knows the owner well. Cairbre is a kind older gentleman who has run the Inn for over sixty years. He too renews and revives on my presentation of herbal cocktails that accompany each meal. Cairbre is not married and never desired partnership but we are good friends as we sway together easily. We spend time sharing of our love of nature.


Often Cairbre disappears with his backpack for two to three weeks enjoying the reserves nearby with ample fishing. We serve fresh fish on occasion and generally Cairbre has caught each one and brings them back for a weekend special. The townspeople know of his summer fish menu and arise and dine filling the restaurant fully. I always have a load of fun on such evenings as there are local musicians that perform and I can sway and dance the night away and feel like a goddess in myself.


I am bold with my black hair tied high upon my head. After the meals are served, I foster a bath and attire in something beautiful that I have cherished for a time due to gifts of the boudoir of the wealthy femme that often remain at the Inn for a month or longer. They donate something beautiful for me to dance within having witnessed my ballroom expertise many a weekend. One of my favorites is of red chiffon that flows in layers to the ground. The motions move gracefully as I dance and I always have two or three males that show up equally gifted at the ballroom soiree of myself.


One famous dance teacher spent a month at the Inn for rest and relaxation. In each soiree he chose me to dance with and I felt like the queen of the eve. Namon was tall, dark and handsome and always wore a tux just to entice the audience to applaud. Often there were quite a few present for the fish menu and this he loved to the day he left. Namon taught me a few private lessons and I enjoyed each one immensely. I have hoped he would return again but alas I understand he passed the physical last year. We were not romantic but I adored Namon as the best dance partner I ever swayed with.


A few months later another dance teacher arrives at the Inn to remain for a month of rest also. Ezzard is handsome not but very gifted upon the dance floor at sway and motions that are new to me as they are from a foreign land. A few musicians arrive of his culture and the next thing I know I learn a whole new repertoire of movements that are exotic and beautiful to experience. Soon a group desires dance lessons in town, and Ezzard asks me to be his dance partner for the classes. I adore fostering the experience of each class with Ezzard. He is a magician with even the most ungracious of larger femme or men; and somehow, they find their toes and ankles again and motion into a sway of joy with him on the dance floor.


Ezzard is in love with me and I am unclear what to do about it. He smooches me endlessly on the couch one night. Cairbre is out fishing and so we have the palace to ourselves by the fire that eve. He proposes the next week with a diamond ring in hand. He asks me to be his wife and dance teaching partner in many other lands. The opportunity is amazing and I cannot resist. I adore Ezzard but question if it is love or just the joy of the dance? I accept and he is overjoyed; and the wedding is held only two weeks later. A seamstress arrives to sew a wedding costume for each of us. The tux is white and so is my ball gown; and we can perform dance later in these costumes in the future.


The wedding is sacred and the Yogi Divanshi fosters the vows for us high on the mountainside and in the ashram. I have many friends who have witnessed my dance and also enjoyed the meals I have prepared at the Inn. The hall is full as I walk down the aisle with a bouquet of roses in my hands. I feel like a newborn child somehow with the concept of becoming a wife. The Yogi is beautiful and also dressed in white. The champagne flows and the tidbits of morsels delight the senses. The music begins and we dance the night away before retiring to the honeymoon suite at the Inn beneath.


Ezzard and I make love not as we do not desire children. Ezzard is gifted at sway in a tantric fashion I am not familiar with. He studied with a Tantric Priestess name Prunda, a Yogi he wishes me to meet one day. I sit in a puja pillow upon his lap and learn about the sacred breath exchange and other beautiful techniques that foster the sway of the two in romantic highlights of experience. I adore Ezzard even more as time goes by as our tantric rituals occur every other night for the first year. It is our honeymoon year and the tantric sway is so high I often fail to sleep but never feel tired the next day.


Ezzard and I foster dance classes in a region he has performed within nine times. There is a performance ahead to be prepared for and often we spend four hours per day working upon our duet upon the ballroom floor of his heart. We sway together really well and he is pleased with the new costumes that are red, black and white in color. His tux has a red belt and a fresh red rose pinned upon the lapel with a white shirt; and my dress is red and white in layers that are graceful given my slim silhouette. I am tiny and lean and a new bustier arrives from the lingerie store in town that amplifies my bosom some which is fun.


A little make up here and there adds to the intrigue, and soon we are off to a dance hall performance of ourselves and many others too. The King and Queen are in attendance of the land of Norney, a place the goddesses once landed and fell in love with long ago. Norney is a seaside village of stunning beauty and grace. King and Queen Ahland live in a mansion nearby and all the people adore them as the most charismatic of the land.


We perform just as we prepared our dance duet in deep care and grace. Ezzard and I win first prize that includes a trip to another land of deep beauty, a pocketbook of some cash, and dinner with the Queen and King in about a week’s time. I am nervous about the King and Queen somehow but Ezzard claims they are very fun people and he has dined with them now four times as he has won first prize in the years before. I foster a light blue costume that is very beautiful from a trunk of dresses from Ezzard’s former dance partner. The seamstress arrives and makes some adjustments to better suit my figure. I go through the trunk and pick out four more for her to work upon and Ezzard laughs heartily. His former partner married another and disappeared one year ago; and now is having a child he hears recently at the local café.


The costumes are all grand and I feel like the princess of the year in each of them. Ezzard never fails to make a compliment about my appearance each day of our lives together. I blush sometimes as it is such a sensual comment now and then about the beauty of myself in his puja the night before. I fall in love with Ezzard after all and this surprises me somehow inside myself. We sway with the King and Queen like royal bunnies of ourselves. Juanito (King Ahland) is a round and merry character with a load of inspiration about how to improve his township. Ximena (Queen Ahland) is a gregarious complement that adores her spouse and also has missions of her own to expand the prosperity of the businesses in town.


Ezzard is invited to teach dance in another region over the summer of our hearts. We accept and enjoy our months holiday at a gracious Inn to the north which was the gift of our dance competition prize. Inn Stredezo is a magical place of rivers and lakes. There are walking paths everywhere with gracious views and natural world delights. I have longed for nature and enjoy the space some on my own as Ezzard is not fond of long hikes. We dance all night and this is enough he says. I walk by day and dance by night and I am very energized at this time in my life. Ezzard still enjoys the pujas sometimes into sunrise; and then sleeps the day away while I walk into the sunset.


The town of Silverville is very gracious in its horse raising focus. There are beautiful horses that prance through time and in the countryside in the colors of black, white and sometimes spotted. The horses are famous for their gait in performances not unlike the dance we also foster in our classes. The purposeful need for dance instructions is a famous horse gathering that will prance during the day and the attendees will dance in the ball to follow. Many in town wish to know how to dance or improve their motions and this is our work for the coming two months.


There are twenty per class and three classes per week. The classes are four hours long and within a short time there is much improvement due to Ezzard’s touch with each. I am always amazed at his capacity to foster the motions that allow others to learn the steps easily. There is always one musician that provides the sound behind the teaching. Soon five others choose to join us three afternoons per week out of the love of the people and the upcoming ball that they are to perform in. It is good practice all around they each say.


Many are preparing very beautiful ball gowns or tuxes for the occasion ahead. The people are merry about their event as the King and Queen of Ahland will also be present to witness their horses. The horse keepers provide new mares to the royalty in three neighboring lands nearby; and this fosters their income through time.


Ezzard and I enjoy the horse show which last four days. There are competitions and awards for those who are the most gifted show people. The beauty and grace of the riders and mares is stunning in many cases. Ezzard and I are not inspired to ride horses but enjoy our time together greatly during the performance. Often, we are invited to dine with those who win first prize each evening and this is enjoyable too. Generally, music arises later in the eve, and we take to the dance floor with many others who have been our students.


The ball is a festive preparation indeed. Flowers are gathered from the local hills and adorn the hall along with handmade candles scented with the flowers of the region. The ballroom is grand and laced with pink marble. There are mirrors on most walls, which is nice as you can witness the dancers more readily as a result. The tables are filled with delightful tidbits of morsels of food not unlike those I used to prepare. We wine and dine and dance and celebrate the night away until dawn turns the sky pink and finally each walks home. We retire in the villa gifted to us by a local who has enjoyed our dance lessons too.


It is time to motion back to Ezzard’s region in a few days. My heart feels sad as I sense a loss of new friends that we cared for the past few months. I know we may return prior to the next event and we are indeed invited for the summer to follow. The invitation causes me to feel better somehow in my heart. Ezzard accepts not as he is unclear that there is another prospect for the summer to follow in another land; but will see. I sigh as we board the boat and then a train to return us to the land of Norney.


The classes begin again in the autumn for the local townspeople of Norney. They are full as many wish to study in private to prepare for the competition the next spring. We have four amazing couples to work with that desire to win first prize. All are gifted and I discover that I enjoy the sway with each of them during the private lessons more than the group lessons. Ezzard on the other hand prefers the group lessons somehow. We laugh about this in our puja one night and he whispers that I am just perfect as what I enjoy, he does not; and what he enjoys, I do not; and we can foster what we prefer next. Soon Ezzard bows out of the private lessons allowing me to take flight with the four couples in a flair all my own to prepare for the competition.


The dance routines I aid in flourishing in certain capabilities of each pair that are their best motions to witness. Over time the routines grow to be a full fifteen minutes as this is the length of the performance of each in the competition. As the motions grow very natural, I know that they are each ready and we are still a month away from the competition. Ezzard and I also have a routine we have worked upon greatly that is very different in style for me. I find myself growing as a dance teacher in the new moves I have learned also. I aid the four couples in creating the right costumes that allow them to shine together on the floor of themselves.


The day of the competition arises and I find myself nervous not about our routine but of each of my couples performing. Somehow, I am like a chicken sitting on a group of eggs about to hatch and I wonder if they will mess up or not; and know only I may know as no one else has witnessed the grand routines of the four. In the end, they each shine taking second, third and fourth positions beneath ourselves; and one pair chooses not to perform as they are too nervous after all. I try and encourage them nonetheless but they just cannot it seems; and so, I allow what is best for them and me too as their dance purveyor.


Once again, we dine alone with the King and Queen in the merriment of themselves. They gift us a room in their castle for a holiday alongside a private mote and dock with a boat. We accept and choose to journey to the space right away as we are each in need of a long rest it seems. During our holiday, we bask in the sunshine and enjoy the lake and sail across to the other side to enjoy little lakeside port where we can wine and dine and shop some too. I discover I love this little lake village that feels like another home of my heart. My beloved Ezzard chooses to buy a flat with a balcony with a view for us to stay in on our days off weekly as it is not such a long tram ride from home. I love the idea of having an escape place and so does he.


In the little village, the people do know of us due to attending the dance competitions. They are all eager to know us better. I feel the joy of new friends coming as a result and those who are not our dance students for a change. Ezzard is not as interested in friendship but I adore gathering with people to visit and play together in some way. Ezzard rests often on Sunday mornings in our flat and I tour the village meeting up with this one or that one, shopping in the markets for the evening meal. I have tea with one and a treat with another and a glass of wine with another and my day and heart is full with the sway of many. This I delight in the most each week and think to myself I would love to live in this village long term; but our dance studio is too far to commute each day or night it seems per Ezzard.


Ezzard has the stamina of a lion, I think; but seems to need to rest too. I on the other hand need to move and this is how we differ in our aspirations through time. Ezzard would like to design a series of dance costumes for men and women. He hires a seamstress and creates four ball gowns that can be custom made in any choice of beautiful fabric. One of each is made in my size to model upon the dance floor; and he sells many at the monthly ball held in the Queen’s palace for the village people.


Ezzard designs one special costume for the Queen as a gift of her fortieth birthday. She appreciates it so much she wishes all four of the other designs to be custom made for her too. There is a nice profit from the costumes and Ezzard is overjoyed in his creation; and loves to witness others wearing his gowns at the monthly ball or other occasions such as weddings.


Couples often come to the dance studio to learn a special waltz for their wedding day. Soon Ezzard is designing wedding costumes too. I receive one of each which is kind of odd but later I gift them to someone who cannot afford such a costume as a good deed for another in the village. Ezzard does not dislike this as it spreads the word of good deeds on our part as designers and dance teachers. We are invited to many weddings as a result of our work, and in the spring and summer it is often one per week or more. Oddly enough we enjoy the vow exchange along with the celebration and dance the afternoon or eve away as a pair of beautiful swans of ourselves.


Ezzard calls me his beautiful swan often in our puja’s together. I adore him always in this heart of mine. There are swans that grace the lake of our holiday retreat flat. I love them and they often call to me in the morning time to take a swim in the lake of my heart. The travel to and from our getaway is always a delight as I feel a feeling of freedom that flows with me in the escape to our holiday palace. Ezzard feels this less and less through time; and suddenly I find myself going to the flat early expecting him to join me and he does not; and I return at the end of the weekend disappointed. In time, I learn he is having an affair with another that he is attracted to; and I am unclear what to do about any of it.


I pack my clothes and return to the Ashram Lelina of my heart to find counsel in Yogi Divanshi. I put off my private clients and tell Ezzard that he can handle the studio until I return. I confront him about his affair that I have heard of and he blushes a deep crimson red. I tell him that I love him always but need counsel over what to do in this case for myself. I am not the kind to have other lovers I tell him and I am not sure where I stand in the matter. I depart right after thinking this best for him and myself too. I arrive in the Ashram in three days’ time and am glad to feel another homecoming of the past within. The Yogi invites me to counsel right away when I explain my dilemma to her consorts.


Yogi Divanshi is a magical fairy on this day in a pale pink organza sari and sparking pink pearls around her neck. Her long black hair is piled high above her head making her appear taller than she really is. The green eyes sparkle like emeralds that I will never forget. She looks still thirty years of age always. She tells me she misses my cooking but must stay on a devotional diet at her age to renew. Her cook has changed three times to foster different cuisine of Yogi fare; but she loves me and remembers my tender herbal tinctures always. I spill out my heart about my partnership and how much I love my Ezzard. But he is having an affair and I do not know how to handle it.


We sit together in a puja too and I am amazed at the care space that heals me somehow of my emotional wound. The Yogi looks deep within and tells me that the nature of the affair is destroying Ezzard’s heart space and sway. He is tired as something has gone wrong in your puja. She explains that sometimes the sway can change in partnership after two to four years. When this occurs and if another is tired, it may be time to motion on as ill health will follow. Ezzard has been taught by a tantric master and perhaps knows this also. He has found another who sways with him better and probably feels more energized again too. I am very sad for what she shares but understand in principle now what is going on and why Ezzard sleeps so long in our weekend getaways for the past six months.


I remain in the ashram ten days and enjoy the solitude of the mountain paths again. I pick wild flowers and bring them back in baskets to adorn the dining tables for all the others. I gift the Yogi a small sum that is a part of my savings in support of the ashram. Divanshi thanks me in person as I depart and wishes me to return if the union is not right for me in the end. I open the door to my home with Ezzard and he is nowhere to be found. It is late and I am assuming that maybe he is with his lover and this makes me very sad. He finally returns in about two days’ time from a holiday with Manini, a very wealthy femme of some years but who is also very pretty.


I ask Ezzard what is wrong with our union. He claims it is something he cannot always understand; he has grown increasingly exhausted in the pujas. He thinks there is something wrong with our sway and needs to depart the union. He feels he is aging and growing ill and somehow the new romance inspires him to feel better in his life. He cannot explain why it is so, but something about our union is wrong. He knows from his partnership studies with his Yogi that this is a sign to depart as the union is no longer a good match.


I desire to remain and try to repair the union and try to repair the circumstance for a few months. Ezzard does agree. Alas, our puja time dies and the intimacy is lost and the love in my heart flies away. I choose for the divorce after all and a return to the ashram life where I feel more supported in who I am at this time. Ezzard is not surprised at my need to be home in my ashram and with my Yogi somehow as the legal documents are signed. I am gifted the flat along the lake as a divorce settlement. I choose to move there for a time and see if this is where I belong. Somehow the lake is not as inviting without Ezzard to puja with. I cry all the time and choose to sell the flat and look for something else maybe in the village near the ashram.


Ezzard carries on with his dance hall theatrics. Soon there is another beautiful partner for him to share his lessons with. I am sorry somehow about all the loss of friends as I return to my homeland of birth in Lelina. The Yogi is warm as she fosters her first healing of me since my last visit. I cry on Divanshi’s shoulders as I am really devastated about my loss of heart. She invites me to consider partnership classes with another Yogi in another village in the countryside on the other side of the mountain range of Lelina. I choose for this as I think it wise to learn more about the puja and perhaps foster another partnership ahead to fill my heart again.


Ashram Fleurette lies in a beautiful valley that shimmers in green as the wind blows through the long grass and wild flowers that bloom all summer. The wild flowers are pink and blue and yellow and the fields are filled with butterflies and birds that make me tinkle again. I arrive late one afternoon to be greeted by Yogi Prunda’s consorts who are all beautiful females. I have packed my dance clothes and offer to teach classes if they are interested. They are indeed and have music every Friday; and can arrange for an early performance for a class beforehand. I smile for the first time as something about Ashram Fleurette is just delightful.


Yogi Prunda is a most handsome male with long blond hair and many consorts. I have a private session with him early on and speak of my loss of partner; and how my heart broke due to his loss of care for me. I felt all the love and care but he apparently did not. Prunda explains. Sometimes love is filling for the two for a time and then fades. Sometimes love of the two can be rekindled. For you, the love flourished enough but not for himself. This is a common problem in partnership that occurs in many pairs through time in my observation. Sometimes with knowledge about puja, love can be rekindled. Often it cannot due to loss of sway of one.


Prunda claims he has had many partners too. Only one could last more than three years in his younger days as a Yogi. One beautiful femme of his heart was his twin flame; they remained together as fellow Yogis for fourteen years. Glenise was the love of his life. In the end, she went home to her nation of origin and disappeared. Glenise was from a foreign land far away. Prunda heard nine years later that she died suddenly of a heat stroke. He did know she had passed as her field appeared for him around the ashram for about nine months. She blessed me as much as she could post death and finally had to return home to her Tao and departed. I mourned her more after her etheric field departed than I ever thought I would; and it took me another nine years to recuperate from my twin loss.


You may wish to find your twin flame and some do accomplish this in a given lifetime. Many do not however, and so often short-term partnership is more the norm in this time period, as the love and sway of the two concludes often after three years. Those devoted to child rearing sometimes remain together due to the sway of the family; but many upon the spiritual path desire children not. This may be a time for you to truly introspect over what you desire in your life, what type of partner, and whether or not you also may desire a family to surround yourself with. I thank Yogi Prunda and spend a load of time hiking through the hills that summer and in between dance classes thinking about what my sincere truth is for my life ahead.


I decide in the end it is difficult for me to be alone and without another partner. I choose to remain in the ashram for a longer time period hoping to find a new mate. The Yogi is happy with my choice as the dance classes are popular and I am most elegant in my ball gown attire. He gifts me a beautiful sari to perform ashram dances too at his sacred services every other Sunday. I feel deeply honored at his request and also choose to purchase two more saris as I have some income set aside for small expenditures. One sari is white and the other pale blue and the other bright turquoise; and all are stunning against my darker skin and black hair.


I perform the magic of the Yogi as I dance. Somehow this mesmerizes the crowd that gathers not only from the ashram but also from the village nearby who also enjoy attending the summer services. The money flows so that the ashram can revitalize itself in the autumn with new furnishings. No man adventuring to my classes or ashram appeals to me. The furnishings arrive by autumn and are most elegant in a pink and white fabric that matches the pink marble floors and ceilings. The ashram looks more like a palace after this and I find the new look much more enjoyable for myself to live within.


The dance classes are always full. I also take on private clients who wish to learn more and this is also fun for me. The autumn is the time of harvest of the garden and cooking and canning condiments needed through the winter. Although I once had cooked sacred meals, the idea is not of interest to me as much as my dance classes. No one seems to mind as they are preparing for their autumn harvest ball long with new year’s ball at the end of the year and wish to know more. Each appreciates the time I take to share of my dance motions. One young man of about eighteen years grows to be my demonstration partner and is very gifted. He is tall, dark and handsome and we appear to look like a good match as dance partners.


Ossian is a kind young man who has lost his mother as of late. He has joined the ashram to learn about love and partnership. He is learning about puja and relationship theory from Yogi Prunda and wonders if I am seeking partnership too. We have many long talks about life and I feel that he is like a son to me. I share this with him and he laughs as he says that I am filling his heart like his lost mother and this is very healing and nurturing for him. Somehow the sway of our hearts mends something within me too; as I find myself merrier and perhaps ready for another beau as a result.


Ossian’s partner arrives first, a lovely femme who is maybe only a few years older than himself and quite the opposite in appearance with long blond hair and an ample bosom that bounces as she dances; and a beautiful smile with sparkling blue eyes. The two find their way to a romance and soon are taking classes together in preparation for marriage. I am surprised but love the two nonetheless as Wafia grows to become a missing daughter in my life too. The wedding is fostered in the spring and I am very happy to organize the party after with music and dance and all the food and magic. The newlyweds depart the ashram for their honeymoon and never return, and I am sorry to lose such kind kin of sorts.


My heart now aches more for a partner of my own than ever. The Yogi explains that I entered the heart space of their partnership and healed some; but that the work obviously is not complete for my personal healing if I now ache in their departure. I am saddened as I thought I had mended enough to foster a union of my own. Prunda observes that I am always well as I dance; and asks me why I cannot bloom in the sway all the time? I ponder this too through the spring retreat to realize something important about my life.


There is another Yogi who has adventured unto the ashram to teach. Yogi Vasilla is a complement to Prunda in so many ways; and soon I hear that there is a marriage of the two planned in the autumn. I feel blessed to know that they shall unite to allow for classes between the two to be offered by spring the following year; but they will retreat through the winter to foster the kinship of their marriage in preparation.


I know I will miss the ceremonies and my sacred dances with the Yogi in his ceremonies through the winter. I ponder if another will foster ceremonies and am told no by the Yogi himself. He takes me aside and suggests I return to Ashram Lelina and the Yogi Divanshi and see what else may be in store for my life ahead. I am a bit sad about his suggestion but also see the wisdom in the change. As I pack my wear, many visit and hug me and claim they will miss me greatly. I am very surprised as I think that each who is sad in my departure had not gotten to know me very well through time. I realize that I did not give them enough of a chance, desiring to walk in the wilderness too much perhaps. This is sad for me to recognize as I am unclear I will return now; but know I will change my attitude as I return to my ashram of origin.


Ashram Lelina is beautiful in its winter coats of snow high upon the mountain tops above. The land itself is still green and beautiful in its pine tree whispers of the wind rippling through the valley beneath. I feel blessed in returning home again. The ashram has changed some in the past year. Yogi Divanshi is gearing up for a musical celebration with many varying styles of sound and theatrics in the summer to come. I am glad to contribute dance lessons or performances and she is delighted at this thought. The Yogi feels that I belong home with her and the ashram of all of their hearts.


The dance classes flow and soon there are five of us choosing to create a performance of sorts to a particular composition that is popular in the ashram. The dance is not of couples but a stage of motion that will be quite exotic of five beautiful femmes. We are all different and unique in appearance; but in the same costume it will all align, I think. I take command over the performance and soon we are motioning in new manners that really are beautiful and flow well together. The performance is only a week away and we share it with the ashram in a rehearsal of the clan. All applaud and I am happy with the feedback of the Yogi along with the clan at how stunning we sway as femme.


The event comes and goes and is most mesmerizing. Soon a theater requests that the production be offered again in the village not far away. The entire clan chooses to create the performance and enjoy the grace of producing the production on a real theater stage rather than the ball room. The theater is packed each day we perform and we feel blessed at the response of the village people. Later we are invited to take our troupe on the road to four other regions to perform the production in other theaters. We all choose to accept and soon hit the road for a summer of fun in other regions. I feel alive again for the first time since the loss of my spouse. Oddly enough one of the regions we shall perform is in the village of Norney. I ponder this some but feel it will be delightful anyway.


The four regions receive us grandly often with a ball in celebration at the conclusion of the performances. We all feel special in our own way too. The productions are beautiful and all enjoy them in each region we adventure unto. The last village is Norney and I feel a little in fear about the upcoming performance having known so many in town. In the end, the performance fosters a larger sway than usual as the people know the rhythms and sway along with the troupe.


The King and Queen are most mesmerized and call upon me, knowing who I am, and for a private meal. I feel blessed to be in their presence again and have a wonderful time. They tell me that Ezzard has remarried another dance teacher. They claim that the two are not as gracious as myself and ponder why I departed? I share that he needed something else and I honored this too. I am enjoying my performances with my ashram now and am fine.


The Queen and King of Ahland introduce me to a count that is seeking partnership. This is odd to me as I did not feel I was of a class to consider this; but perhaps they are thinking of this as something else. In the end, Count Zoltan wines and dines me royally; and I enjoy his company some. He is a little older but very gentle; and ponders partnership from an ashram perspective. I share with him that I have studied much with two Yogis and love them dearly; and it is useful to understand how to retain a union long term. He is seeking a bride of royal affairs but desires a coach for her in puja. Somehow, I agree to this with the Count but wish to take his fiancé to Yogi Prunda for the best guidance and classes possible. Alas Count Zoltan informs me that royals really cannot mix with others. I feel sad about this somehow.


The bride to be is known as Reminisce. She is tiny and from a foreign land that is in need of regrouping some. The royal wedding is planned between the two lands as well as the two royals. The countess is a kind but short woman with red hair and grey eyes. Zoltan is also short with blond hair and blue eyes. The two appear to match some in the physical. Reminisce is concerned about learning something more about intimacy than she understands. I teach her the puja in a female style I learned in Prunda’s ashram. I explain that the puja is a ritual to hold love space of the two every other night or so to retain the grace of partnership together. Reminisce is intrigued but unclear it is something that the count will desire. I share that he requested that I teach her something about partnership in a tantric sense; so, he must be interested.


The wedding is a grand affair and I wear my best ball gown to the event. I am also Reminisce’s personal care person who aids her in dressing and changing into another attire after the vows are exchanged. I feel that it is an odd reality that the royals live within as there is no privacy in their lives with so many butlers and maids taking care of them all the time. I am unclear the puja will ever occur for Zoltan or the countess. During the celebration ball to follow, I take to the dance floor with many men who recognize me from my teaching days in the dance hall of my heart. One man catches my attention and we dance the night away as if we were meant to be together maybe for life.


Kemuel is a brilliant merchant with several art stores in the region. I ask if he receives arts and crafts from Ashram Lelina. I invite him to join me and investigate the incredible artisans of the ashram of my heart. Indeed, Kemuel does find me somehow in my ashram life and discovers the artisan goods are very amazing and above average in his experience. He consigns many gifts of the ashram art to his store that is on waterfront and attracts many tourists. We dance some that night but I recognize that he does not fit in with ashram life. I am unclear about my goals personally in relation to ashram life this year ahead. I share this with him as I love it here but need perhaps to do something else.


Kemuel invites me to attend a gala event in another region nearby that he is invited to. I dress my best for the part of his heart for the glamour of the occasion. We dance well together and he knows of me from my dance hall days with my former spouse. I bless him some as his awareness of partnership is not much. In a few months of romance, there is a proposal and I choose to accept. I am unclear what I will foster in town again but choose to offer dance hall lessons.


Kemuel rents the studio with a nice hard wood floor and mirrors are added to each wall. I find a few musicians that are willing to play on certain days of my classes. Oddly enough, some of my old students find me again for private lessons; and the group lessons also form in smaller numbers but in a manner I can handle. I swing and sway as I teach dance and this is glorious for me to foster.


I foster Kemuel puja into a puja every other night, teaching him of the romance of the sway. The love flows and seems to fill my heart again along with his. I love walking arm in arm together to dine in a beautiful tavern many nights per week. The love grows some and Kemuel is gracious with the intimate moments that we share every other eve. He is curious more about the teachings of partnership offered by Yogi Prunda. He chooses to take a private retreat to the ashram for several workshops he hears about in town. I am surprised but he does not ask me to go with him. In many ways, I think that this is better as he can learn what it is that his heart is in need of to foster partnership ahead direct from the Yogi.


Kemuel returns home very relaxed and content with what he learned. He whispers that I am beautiful and sweet and a sway artist all of my own many times per week. The romance lasts for over two years. Suddenly I find myself growing tired and unknowing what to do to revive the gracious sway we once knew before. Kemuel fails to notice as he appears content with ourselves. I find myself in the position of Ezzard who may have felt tired and worn out towards the end of our union. I ponder what to do and adventure back to the ashram to meet with Yogi Prunda once again about my personal dilemma.


Prunda greets me kindly. We have a long talk and I explain my position this time. He smiles and laughs some and tells me I am learning about another type of intimate dejection that can occur from one to the other. I dejected Ezzard in some manner causing him to tire and failed to feel it within; and now Kemuel dejects me in parallel and I feel tired. This is the result of the loss of the sway in many couples through time. Sometimes you can revive the union in the puja motion and sometimes not. It is an issue of sway. He sways and you do not now when before you swayed together more than not. It is often unclear why one ceases to sway but it is a prevalent problem within many partnerships.


I depart with some guidance but not an assured solution. I am not sure I can speak to the problem fully as it is an unconscious motion and not one controlled by the mind. I choose for more puja time with Kemuel and he is more than willing. The sway flows more and I feel better for another year. Over time the sway fails to occur again and I grow very ill and bedridden for one month. I choose to move out returning to the ashram once again to revive myself. I know Kemuel is possibly heartbroken as I was once long ago. He seems not as lost as I was due to his own commerce and other interests through time. Later in the year I discover he has remarried again. I am pleased for him as I feel free now to be who I am within.


I recover in the ashram life after four months and bloom once again. I ponder if another union is really right for me ahead. I love my independence as I did when I was younger and before I met my first husband. Somehow, I have matured maybe into a new level of understanding within myself. I choose to aspire not to the ashram life entirely. I retain my business in town but modulate my schedule to motion back and forth. I flow every other month between Ashram Lelina and my hometown. I purchase a small flat on the lake and transit to and from to fulfill upon my dance lessons. I find myself feeling somehow very well in a life of much variety of people and focuses that are both secular and spiritual in aspiration of the sway.


Analysis: The Lore of the Rabbit      


The lore fable of the rabbit is about sway. Sway causes friendships and aligns dreams into beauty and grace as long as it motions. Sway and sway not, is a problem for most humans upon Earth, including those in the lore of the rabbit. The rabbit would prefer to sway all the time to renew and revive and retain a union in deep care of the heart always. Human infrastructure accepts the love and the sway only for so long before the sway not occurs.


In a sway not, the body of the one who is cancelled in the motion of light grows tired. If the sway not lasts too long, the individual ages and grows ill through time. If the sway is restored, the individual recovers and finds others to sway with ahead. If not, the individual grows ill and perishes in death of some kind. Swaying and sway not need not be polarized against one another. Upon Earth, polarity is so steep that sway and sway not is a common issue for most humans.


Humans who sway together play together and grow to be friends or beloveds. Sway not causes those who do not sway to motion away as they feel unwell in the group or in the association. Group dynamics are often unpleasant due to all the sway not that is a part of human society in this cycle. Sway not is ultimately the cause of aging, disease and loss of life span too. Sway not is also the undercurrent of dejection in all the forms of loss of the heart. Sway not is a light motion not. Sway is a recurrent and repeated motion of light that renews, revives and fosters care space of the two or of the whole.


In the care of the Baba,

Master Babaji


The Rabbit of Self


The love of the sway

Causes a beautiful day

To be aligned and be lived

In the love of the two

With each I know

That cares with me

For the project that serves

The community

I am that I am

An orchestrator of sway

Of the clan


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Asur’Ana. Light Wave 5: Yogi Tales of the Divine. Aligning With Earth, 2021. Digital.

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