Image of the etheric body and its 7 main chakras for the Pure Love Meditation.

Awakening To Pure Love Meditation


You can record the following meditation and play back for your personal use. Or you may click on the following link to listen to the video recording: Awakening To Pure Love Meditation


The purpose of this meditation is to awaken three chakras in your etheric body. I want to show you this image of the seven primary chakras before we start this meditation so that you know where the three chakras are located.


The 7 main chakras of the human etheric body.


We will first awaken your heart chakra which is located in an area around your physical heart. Next, we will awaken your crown chakra, located in an area near the middle of your head. Finally, we will awaken your solar plexus chakra, located in an area near your navel. When all three of these chakras are working together, you can express a wise, expanded love known as Pure Love.


Pure Love is a radiation of Source Love which is the very essence of the Universe. It is the state of being a part of the Oneness, where you feel connected to the greater whole of which you are always a part. Love is all around you. Love is who you are.


You can do this meditation in a sitting or lying down position.


Meditation Instructions


1. Get in a comfortable position and when you are ready, close your eyes. Take a deep breath and then relax. Take another deep breath and then relax. Take a final deep breath and then relax.


2. Imagine dazzling golden silver light in front of you. Connect and feel the light. We are going to fill your entire body with this loving light from Source.


3. Allow the light to come into your head, your face and your ears.


4. Let the light move into your throat and your shoulders.


5. Allow the golden silver light to move through your arms, your elbows and out your hands.


6. Let this light continue from your throat down into your chest and your heart area. Feel it go deep into your rib cage, your abdomen, filling in all the nooks and crannies with light.


7. Allow this liquid light to move into your hips, your thighs. Then move the light into your knees, your calves and your feet.


8. Next, imagine that you are sitting or lying down inside a pillar of golden silver light that is 6 feet in diameter.


9. Above your head, allow this pillar of light extends all the way up to God-Source. Below your feet, let this liquid light pillar extends all the way to the center of the planet, grounding you firmly to the center of Earth.


10. Allow the Earth or Mother Earth to send you her love, energy and support. Send Earth your love and gratitude for the blessings.


11. Picture yourself now at the Temple of Enlightenment. As you enter the Temple, many Beings of light joyfully greet and surround you with their love and beautiful light. They are happy to provide their service to you.


12. You join the Beings of light in forming a circle, leaving an open space in the middle. A profound silence comes over everyone as a great Being makes an appearance in the center of the circle. This Being descends from a higher dimension, first appearing as a shimmering light, and then taking on more substance as it comes more fully into view. The Being is androgynous and has merged its male and female aspects. However, it may take on a specific appearance to assist you in knowing and recognizing its presence. This Being is known as the Being of Love.


13. Sense the Being of Love who has come to work with you and to teach you more about pure love. This Being embodies the highest principles of love, and is a model for you of a fully awakened heart center.


14. Take a moment to pause and greet this Being. Note its radiant heart center and the light that radiates from this Being.


Allow the Being of Love to radiate love to your heart center to prepare it to receive more of your Infinite Self’s love. As you receive the love and energy it is sending you, feel your heart center becoming more radiant with love.


15. Next, the Being sends you love that allows you to know that you are always safe, protected and watched over wherever you may be. This is a broadcast of love that calls high Beings and angels to you who will be your helpers to ensure you are always safe.


16. You are ready to join with your soul to awaken your heart center. You heart center is located around the area of your physical heart. Like your soul, your heart center has a beautiful, exquisite central jewel surrounded by twelve petals, arranged in four rows of three petals each. Some petals are open, some are partly open and some are closed like a rosebud. The jewel in the middle is hidden by the unopened petals. When your heart center awakens fully, all its petals unfold and its central jewel shines out in its full beauty.


17. Imagine the jewel in the middle of your heart center as a many-faceted diamond with light pouring out from within it. All the colors of the rainbow shine out from the facets of this jewel. Picture this jewel revolving slowly, with sparkling, glowing light coming out of it.


18. Watch as an enormous, magnificent sphere of light which is your soul comes closer to you until it is right above the top of your head. Gently and easily your soul descends, moving down through your head center to your heart center.


Your soul descends to your heart center, until its jewel surrounds your heart center’s jewel. Your soul’s jewel is much larger than your heart center’s jewel; your heart’s center jewel fits inside it. These two jewels exist in different dimensions. Your heart center’s jewel begins to vibrate in harmony with your souls’ jewel.


You can almost hear the tones they are sending out if you listen with your inner ears. Their tones blend and become one, creating a symphony of sound so exquisite, powerful and profound that it heals and soothes everything it touches. This tone sends love into the atoms and cells of your body. Its melody goes out into the Universe, like a beacon of love, nurturing all it touches.


19. Invite the Being of Love into your heart center to help you in expressing and embodying pure love. Take a few minutes for this before moving onward with the meditation.


20. You are now ready to awaken your crown chakra center located near the middle of your head to experience the oneness of love. You may experience the awakening of your crown center in your daily life as increased compassion and a growing desire to serve and to add light to the world in some way.


Your crown center is also known as the thousand-petaled lotus because it has approximately one thousand petals or energy vortexes coming out from it. Your crown center looks like an upside-down flower. The petals point downward toward your heart center, with the stem extending upward into the higher dimensions.


The very middle of your crown center looks like your heart center with its twelve petals surrounding a magnificent jewel.


21. Imagine your soul increasing the light it is sending into the jewel of your heart center. Light rises out of the jewel of your heart center and streams upward to your crown center like a fountain.


Watch as light flows back down to your heart center from your crown center. As you breathe in, imagine you are drawing energy from your heart center up to your crown center. As you breathe out, let energy flow back down to your heart center. Do this for a couple of minutes.


22. Explore the way these two centers work together. Light from your heart center stimulates and awakens its correspondence in your crown center. Light returning from your crown center balances and expands your heart center, and makes all the energies of your heart center more beautiful.


As your heart center stimulates your crown center, your consciousness expands. You become aware of your connection to Source, to Spirit, to Oneness. Every aspect of love is expanded as your crown center awakens. Your love grows wiser and more inclusive as you become conscious of the larger Universe you are a part of. You feel drawn to do those things that make a contribution. With your expanding awareness and greater love, you join a higher flow, harmonize with the energies about you, and you are in the right place at the right time.


You become a force of love that empowers and serves the larger group you are a part of. Everything you do adds love, bringing back to you all the best the world has to offer.


23. Now, you are ready to awaken your solar plexus center located in an area near your navel, to experience your soul’s will to love. With your souls’ will to love strengthened, you can love in situations where you might have withdrawn your love in the past. You no longer try to feel loving; love becomes your natural response.


You can experience your soul’s will to love by joining with your soul to stimulate the hidden point of light in your solar plexus center. This center has a bright point of light and a hidden, awakening point of light surrounded by ten petals. The hidden point lies within the bright light of your solar plexus center. Both affect your ability to express love.


24. We will now stimulate the hidden point in your solar plexus center. Observe as your soul sends energy to your heart center until light rises out of it, streaming up to your crown center. Sense your crown center growing radiant. You expand into the Oneness of the Universe, connecting with all life.


25. Next, your soul prepares to awaken the hidden point in your solar plexus center. Imagine your solar plexus center with its ten petals surrounding a central jewel. The jewel is composed of two points—a bright point of light, and a dimmer, evolving point hidden within the bright point. Focus on the hidden, awakening point.


26. Join with your soul as it sends its will to love to activate the hidden point. Observe your soul send a waterfall of light from your crown center to the hidden point of light in your solar plexus center. Imagine the hidden point growing brighter with your soul’s will to love, increasing your desire to love.


27. Practice this movement of energy of the waterfall of light descending from your crown to the hidden point for several times so that you can recreate it in different situations and at various times to increase your desire to act, speak and think in loving ways. You do not need to force yourself to love. Instead, you can connect with your soul, stimulate the hidden point, and let your soul’s will to love flow through you, increasing your desire to love.


Your soul’s will to love is steady, reliable and always present. Your soul can be counted on to love, no matter what the circumstances. There is no mood, thought or feeling that affects its will to love.


28. Take a moment to feel the constancy of your soul’s love for you. It is always pouring its love into you. Imagine loving yourself as your soul loves you—with a consistent, steady love that does not come and go based upon your thoughts or moods.


29. You are now ready to make the third and final link as you raise the energy of the hidden point in your solar plexus center into your heart center.


As you stimulate the hidden point with your soul’s will to love, it gains in radiance. The hidden point begins to interact with the bright point, absorbing this energy into itself.


30. Observe light flowing up to your crown center, until your heart center and crown center are connected with a line of light between them. Pay attention as your soul sends its will to love from your crown center into the hidden point of your solar plexus center.


31. Then, lift the energy from the hidden point in your solar plexus center into your heart center. Imagine light rising from your solar plexus center into your heart center.


As the hidden point awakens and your solar plexus center evolves, your emotions become calm and flowing. You have no fear, anger, depression, loneliness, self-pity or blame. Each thought, perception and belief becomes one that supports you in loving yourself and others.


After you have done this meditation one time, you can quickly embody pure love during ordinary moments and make it a part of your daily life. To do this, imagine golden silver light flows up from your heart center to your crown center, then down to the hidden point in your solar plexus center, then up into your heart center.



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