Image of multicolored orbs or holograms. Overview Of Holographic Counterparts

Overview Of Holographic Counterparts


Divine counterparts are variant parts of the same holographic nature that join hands in some type of partnership. Divine counterparts can come together in all types of configurations, from friendships to parents and children to working or creative relationships of all types to the dance of the beloved. The dance of the beloved is perhaps one of the greater interests than other types of divine counterpart relationships. The beloveds are the two that come together in a dance of synergy and then in so doing love; love one another, loving others in the dance of life and in whatever role each may play. In ancient history this was the gift of the divine counterpart beloveds; they provided love to the other counterparts in other dances of relationships that were not as intimate in nature.


Divine beloveds play many roles in the counterpart circumstance. In this chapter, we will explore the divine counterparts of the beloveds and other natures of archetype that may be more secular based. Divine counterparts hold the light wave synergy of the tribe in special sequences of movements that provide a foundation for the dream to be dreamt for the individual and the tribe. Whereas the twin flames hold certain sequences of waves that provide for a clearing of the energies of the tribe, the counterparts hold space for the foundation of dreams to be fostered. Therefore, the counterpart beloveds and each relationship is very special and important unto the whole of the tribe.


Over time counterparts fell into polarities related to Tantric Lore. Tantric Lore is a dance of relationship that is founded upon nemesis thoughtform. Nemesis thoughtform is about mirrors; and on one side of the mirror is the light and the other the darker attribute of self. Each of ancient holographic knowledge and in present time shall be more related to the patterning of Tantric Lore than of the original counterpart nature. It is our wish now to go into the nature of each counterpart.


The Unique Nature of Each Counterpart


Counterpart of Resonance


The counterpart of resonance holds the resonance of the whole. Resonance is a state of being in which each part of the whole aligns in magnetism that is whole and complete. Those of this nature are gifted at holding resonance within the individual, family or tribe. The resonant one is harmonious and filled with joy and laughter in the dance of life calling dreams of resonance unto themselves. Resonance is a very beautiful manner to dream as it calls to oneself that which brings one joy.


Counterpart of Service


The counterpart of service is one who in service to the whole, which translates anything necessary to sustain the tribe. Service is a state of being where one is in the dance with others in a helpful manner. Those of service characteristics are not servants but those who offer themselves up in numerous manners in support of the whole. Read more

Image of a variety of condiments. Condiments

2. Condiments


Asur’Ana has learned over time to make her own mayonnaise and yogurt along with salad dressings. Fresh homemade mayonnaise is not only delicious but is also a good base for dressings and coleslaw. She has learned to use olive oil for the dressings and mayonnaise as olives appear to be ascending as a species. This is not so for “canola” which is a genetic modification of corn oil. Sunflower and safflower oils are other good options. On occasions, she also treats herself to almond, walnut or macadamia nut oils which are even more delicious upon fresh salads or upon pasta.


Milk and milk products can often be loaded with substances that add toxins to an already toxic system one is trying to ascend out of. We therefore advise the use of organic milk and milk products whenever possible. Skim milk is very hard to digest as some of the enzymes necessary to digest milk are in the cream; remove the cream and you will have milk that cannot assist in its own breakdown. It is for this reason that we suggest drinking whole milk or half and half instead of skim milk.


Raw milk is the easiest to digest as it has all enzymes available to break itself down, however raw milk can be difficult to obtain in many regions. Not all the enzymes from the fat are destroyed in the pasteurization process which may be why whole milk, half and half or cream is easier to digest even when it is not raw.


Italian Condiments


Basil and garlic are excellent blood cleansers in ascension.


Basil Pesto 

Read more

Image of sparkling gold and silver orbs. The Karmic Cause Of Disease

1. The Karmic Cause Of Disease


We have begun to explore the karmic roots of disease. Indeed, much of such information has already begun to be revealed out of the records obtained in Greece. Greece was the center of the Annanuki dance for close to 18,000 years in a place known as Mt. Olympus. Mt. Olympus sank in the second fall of Atlantis about 40,000 years ago under the ocean. As the records of Mt. Olympus were opened, the beginnings of an understanding to how disease became a part of the human dance has begun to be compiled.


In Chapter 15 “Solar Counsels Take Charge of Human Ascension” of Ascension Insights, Volume 1, the holographic nature and origins of the human species were explored. There were 18 red holograms seeded by the Sirian Race about 200,000 years ago. An additional 12 came from a foreign and non-resonant creation known as the Pleiades, and are also known as the Annanuki. Another 8 were created as the Annanuki bred with the Red Race producing what is known as a half and half human hologram.


(NOTE: In our writings, the family of Anu is called “Annanuki”. Other authors have called this group of humans “Anunnaki” or “Ananaki”. The actual name of this family was “An-na-nu-ki” from the karmic archives of the human species. If one intends to release karma with the Anu or Annanuki, then one must pronounce the name as it is recorded to trigger the karmic archives in one’s ancestry. It is for this reason that our writings spell the name as we do.)


Radioactive versus Magnetic DNA


In essence, the holographic nature and DNA structure of the Annanuki was radioactive in nature. The cells of the Annanuki were designed to collect and run out of radioactive chi. The Pleiadian sun likewise is not only primarily radioactive, but a blue-green color that is very different from Earth’s solar sun. The Pleiadians also had blue blood, which caused their pale skin to have a turquoise sheen. Blue blood is radioactive and designed also to collect radiation from the atmosphere to sustain the life of those related to such genetics.


The Red Race from Sirius was magnetic in nature with brown to honey colored skin. They had a cellular structure and red blood designed to collect magnetic chi. Your solar sun was primarily magnetic in nature until a group of 5th dimensional Pleiadians altered the energy flow therein much like the Annanuki altered Earth’s energy flow in setting in motion electrical sacred geometry. In so doing, your solar sun ran radioactive sacred geometry long before humanity arrived upon Earth. Per solar records, this manipulation occurred about 72 million years ago. Read more

Image of an exquisite Milky Way Galaxy rainbow fog. Light Wave Archive #5

Light Wave Archive #5


The self of the self within is a complex synergy of systems that requires rendition in association with the accolades of light wave mindset. Self is a phenomenon that accolades with spirit in a synergy of symposium of sound that allows soul to dance with the physical. Without self, soul fails to manage the physical dream octaves and humans fall into a sad incarcerated state of loss of abundance. Abundance is a state of renewal. Loss of self appears as a loss of renewal in the incarceratory state of degeneration.


Self is sustained through the holographic systems of management, and sometimes it is rendered leading to a lack of self. At this time, we are clearing the karma for light wave mindset loss of self in the holographic archives through time. The karma for loss of self has to do with order dreaming and also karma with foreign creation archetypes. Foreign creation scripts often render self of another to sustain itself. Rendering of self is a phenomenon that occurs when difficult accolades overwrite the script of the archetype due to incompatibility with the system of dream.




Archetypes have synergized upon Earth for thousands of years due to anthology of the ancient ones of larger spiritual aptitude. Archetypes also synergized from transfusions of long ago when spiritual aspirants migrated to Earth and evolved into nonphysical formats of being. Nonphysical formats left an imprint of self that accoladed down the dimensions as aspirants continued to transfuse. The accolades of synergy remaining attracted the ancient ones who were compatible in their mindset and accolades of resonance.


Accolades of resonance are a self-derived attribute of archetypal nature. Archetypes synergize between spirit and self in four mandatory methods of precept. The precepts include accolade of self, accolade of synergy, accolade of motion and accolade of truth. Precepts are formations of derivatives of notion that include aspects of archetype. Archetype translates into infrastructure for human existence that offers accolades of genetic holographic information for forming the biology and energetic field. Self is an attribute of the energetic field that amalgamates with spirit.


Self plays a demonstrative role in synergizing physical and nonphysical precepts of existence. Self is an archetypal structure inherent in the forensics of the biology and energetic flow. Forensics is a topic that has been less focused upon in association with light wave mindset. Forensics is an attribute of the nervous system relays that synergize the memories of the physical into certain precepts of formations that cause thoughts to align with soul. The nervous system is designed to sense reality in the physical and create thoughts of light wave mind derivative nature. Read more

Image of delicate white and pinkish violet flowers. The Love Within

The Love Within


The Love of the Love Within


The time is right for infusion

out of the darkest of nights

which are only suspended

in the waking moments

Of truth that are about to unfold


Truth and darkness are opposites of nemesis

That arise in periods of deep introspection

Unto the meaning of life and love

Of which all of existence is founded upon

And aspires to return unto


What is the meaning of existence

Without love

and the breath from which it unfolds?

Love is the center of existence

And all that is and all that ever shall be


As for not for love

There is nothing left

Other than pure utter emptiness

Of which the darkest of truths unfold

In an unfeeling story of demise


This is a place

where the darkest of truths have unfolded

Only to teach those who are in the truth

The meaning of love in its purity

In which the love of loves unfolds Read more

Image of a happy African or black couple. Change Your Frequency, Change Your Reality

Change Your Frequency, Change Your Reality


“Energy is everything. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”Anonymous


“If you’re looking for a happier, more successful and more enlightened life, then you should aim to overcome your energy blockages and raise your energetic frequency to a level of Love or Above.”Christie Marie Sheldon


Remember back in the article “Your Energy Can Influence the Environment”, I have explained the Ultimate Consciousness Scale formulated by Dr. Hawkins? This is the scale that Christie Marie Sheldon, Founder of Love or Above, is referring to in the above quote.


If you change the frequency, like what thoughts, beliefs and judgments that you allow to come through your energy field every day, then you can change your reality.


How Consciousness Influences Your Life


Not only do your thoughts have a direct influence on your body and mental state, but on your surroundings, circumstances, opportunities and everything else in your life. Your consciousness affects all areas of your life including: love, health, relationships, career and wealth. Read more

Image of a lovely scene in nature. The Thoughtform Behind Disease

20. The Thoughtform Behind Disease


The records are beginning to come together through the continued ascent of the map carvers to document the cause of the experience of disease, aging and death in the human experience and upon Earth. This is a part of the work of all ascending initiates in the year of 2020, to explore and compile all records for disease, aging and death so that the karma can be released in the years ahead. It is also our wish to bring such records to consciousness so that one may go within and release such patterns assuring that one shall not ascend into disease.


It is possible to ascend into disease. When patterns are unknown, they can manifest in the physical. One can ascend into disease and out of it, and so it is not to be feared per se, but ascending into disease is a major sign that something has gone wrong in the ascent, as the body is so out of balance that disease is created upon a cellular level. For those that are having a physical ailment that has emerged due to one’s ascent, we also recommend reading Chapter 15 “Symptoms of a Problematic Ascension” in Ascension Insights, Volume 2, and following the suggested intents.


The record gathering has taken ascending initiates to Greece in dreamtime to unlock the records of Mt. Olympus. Mt. Olympus was a region inhabited by the Annanuki long ago, and was where they reigned from more or less for their 20,000-year dance. Mt. Olympus exists under the Mediterranean ocean near the island of Crete. From Mt. Olympus, the thoughtform of the Annanuki continued to be broadcast. This has since been shut down as Earth has gained a better understanding of how such thoughtform originated, releasing all of her karma therein. This allows the only remaining languages to be broadcast now upon Earth to be the Language of Light, and the Language of the ONE, which unifies the Language of Light into a yet higher frequency and understanding of unity.


Returning to Unity-Based and Magnetic Patterning


What does it mean to alter thoughtform in this manner? It means that Earth is returning to the unity-based and magnetic patterning and energy flow that was once a part of her heritage. Such magnetic unity-based thoughtform is a pre-requisite for ascension within your creation. Those that cannot transcend and embrace the new thoughtform will be left behind, or in other terms, complete through death. The human species along with all species upon Earth are modifying the genetics of the form to embrace this new languaging over the coming 20 generations.


What does altering the language broadcast upon Earth or within any species do? Such a shift alters the very fabric of creation. The fabric of your creation has been badly blended into a dissonant set of patterns and tones that sound much like a bad high school band that is out of time and playing in different tunes. It is such dissonant sounds that lead to not only warfare and dissonance between humans and between species, but also disease and aging. For disease and aging is simply a reflection of an internal cellular dissonance that is the result of drawing genetic materials from the dissonant fabric of tones of creation. Read more

Image of Dream Weaving Diagram. Charts & Diagrams, Volume 3

Charts And Diagrams For Ascension Insights, Volume 3


The following are charts and diagrams for Ascension Insights, Volume 3:


3. The Language of Light Tri Tones 97 – 136


Please click on the link below to download the LOL Tri Tones in PDF:


Language of Light Tri Tones 97 – 136 in PDF


5. The Seven Pitfalls Upon the Spiritual Path


Please click on the link below to download the Seven Arrogances Chart in PDF:


The Seven Arrogances in PDF


6. Language of Light and Herbs


Please click on the link below to download the Language of Light and Herbs in PDF:

Read more

Image of a beautiful white horse running on the snow. Horse Power

2. Horse Power


Blessings for Power, Strength and the Fortitude to Ascend


The Horse Kingdom


Horse extends greetings and salutations to all involved in this ascension extension of the One; greetings as in hello, welcome on this path and salutations as in honoring your willingness to extend yourself for the greater good of the whole. We, the Horse species, admire those who undertake the work of ascension and we understand what a work it is.


Work has two connotations to humanity. One connotation of it is the amount of effort required to do a particular job as in how much work is that task. The second connotation is the task at hand being called work as in “I am going to go to work now”. For ascending beings, the entirety of the life is the ascension work and therefore to say how much work is the work is accurate as is how much effort is the ascension.


Why is horse, known for strength and power in the fleetness of foot as well as in the ability to do much work in the course of a day, talking about the work or effort of ascension to the human ascending initiates? Horse is about the power and strength to persevere until the completion of the task at hand. The ascension path is for those willing to extend in each moment the effort required to transcend all issues at hand, each day, week, month, year and decade of continued ascension.


For each the effort in the moment will be different although each is pushed to the extent of capability to see how will each choose in the moment of decision. Why is this testing embedded in the ascension process? Is it not enough to have to release the pain and heal the karma of the lineage?


Genetic Package and Karma


If the point of ascension were only to acknowledge the past and get on with the future, then perhaps the tests of life would not be necessary. However, ascension is the culminating experience for any genetic package and therefore ensuring the quality of the package is of paramount import to the whole of creation; as the movement forward for a genetic package says that this creational unit understands all lessons and can be trusted with creational knowledge and responsibility. Read more

Image painting of an eagle flying high. Dancing Upon The Wings Of Eagles

1. Dancing Upon The Wings Of Eagles


Blessings of Multidimensional Awareness


The Eagle Kingdom


The Eagle Kingdom has been invited to speak to the human species through our channel Asur’Ana. She has a long history of working with all kingdoms from the earliest moments of the beginning of her ascension. She has depended upon us for wisdom, encouragement, and hope during moments of great distress, and healing. The healing the animal kingdoms offer is one of harmony. We bridge our human brothers and sisters into harmonizing with Earth, and in so doing, one’s most distressful moments can pass, and one can learn the underlying lesson as to why one created such difficulties.


Eagle has always represented unto Asur’Ana as “higher wisdom” or better stated, wisdom coming from the whole. Within the relations to all species, Eagle holds the role of advisor, advisor as to how all species may better collaborate and better support one another. At this time of global ascension, we are busy with such a role as ancient conflict between species is melted away into harmony as the karma between is released. Our role often involves pinpointing when the karma was incurred, the souls involved, where they originated from, how they came to dance upon Earth, and what the related solar, universal, cosmic or creational karma is.


Multidimensional Consciousness


Eagle holds links to one’s multidimensional awareness. For Earth, we provide the necessary keys for Earth to link up and clear karma that is related to other dimensions of experience. Once Earth existed at the 25th Dimension, and this occurred from the original expansion of your creation many of eons of time ago.


Earth over time has fallen and fallen and fallen, until she dropped from the 25th to the 18th Dimension, and then from the 18th to the 12th, and then from the 12th to the 5th and last from the 5th to the 3rd dimension of awareness, density and thoughtform. Earth therefore has matching karma that she is releasing upon all dimensions now that she is reversing the many falls in consciousness or vibration in the choice to ascend. She is clearing all like karma so that a new state of being may ensue, and one of joy and unity amongst all species upon Earth.


Humans also have a multidimensional relationship to other humans in your creation. You are not the only group of humans therein, but are one of 500 human civilizations that reside upon Dimension 3 through 144 that is governed by the creation that you reside. Many human civilizations have experienced similar travesties to human history upon Earth, and are learning from the records shared in your ascension. It is eagle that delivers such records to all species upon all dimensions that are related to those upon Earth, and this is another function that we hold. Read more