Image of a cute looking brown and white fur skunk. The Smell of a Skunk

34. The Smell of a Skunk


Blessings for Standing in One’s Truth


The Skunk Kingdom


The skunk kingdom has much to say to our ascending humans today. We are a small species with black fur with a white stripe down the entire length of us, from head to tail, and associated with the Porcupine astrology sign “Fulfillment Bearer”. Skunk has a notorious reputation for “stinking things up”. We have an odorous mist that can be sprayed if a predator nears; generally, the smell is so obnoxious that the predator chooses not to attack. This has worked well over time, and our reputation is so great that most predators do not come near us even if we fail to release our odorous spray. In a sense, one could think of our odor as giving us a “reputation” that other species pay attention to. Indeed, the odor sticks to the fur and feet of those who intermingle with it leaving its “mark” for weeks thereafter.


Co-Dependence Leads to Non-Fulfillment


Reputation from our point of view is about standing in one’s truth. In the truth, one sets boundaries that are appropriate for one’s evolution. In the truth, one makes changes that resonate within. In the truth, one does not remain in a relationship that is making one ill, or preventing one’s ascent, or that one is complete with the karma of. One moves on, as it is one’s “truth”.


In human relations, there are sticky bonds of attachment known as cords; however, the cords are more than simply ties from one to another, they are a thoughtform of their own. The thoughtform is one of false love and false truth. For in a state of false love, one will sacrifice their truth for another; one will allow themselves to be crucified to remain in the relationship; and one will carry another down their own path rather than allowing others to learn to do so of their own volition. False love and false truth are also known as “codependence”.


Codependence leads to non-fulfillment. Why is this so? There is nothing fulfilling about the dance of codependence, regardless of role. If one is the strong one “taking care of another”, then one is always burdened. How can one feel fulfilled and burdened at the same time? It is not possible. If one is the weak one and being “taken care of by another”, one is a burden to another. How can one feel fulfilled if one is a burden? The entire dance leads to disappointment, failure and a sense of non-fulfillment.


Asur’Ana and Per had to leave their family members behind in their ascension and only interact with them occasionally. Perhaps one cannot imagine doing such a thing! Well perhaps it is not one’s truth to leave the family, as one has karma that is not complete yet. Perhaps one even has karma to see one’s spouse through until death, or assist in the ascension of one’s child. When the karma is complete however, the dance must change, or one’s ascension will cease.  Read more

Image of a dignified black raven. Baba Mastery Tales of Truth #3

Baba Mastery Tales of Truth #3


The Fable of the Raven


The Power of the Tao Heart Within


The Raven of Self


The raven of self

Is an unfolding

Of Tao within

That caresses the spirit

In the heart accolade of self

Fostering union within

That is directed without

To cause the care of the people

And of the land

In a dream of deep gratitude

For all of life


Introduction: Baba Mastery Tales of Tao Orientation


Tao orientated fables are mastery sequences all of their own. Tao realization is a fostering of the birth Tao and Tao of the planet. The birth Tao is an orientation of spirit that is masculine in thought stream and associated with the birth archetype. Archetypes that humans incarnate from and draw upon the DNA of each have a Tao fostering if mastery is the devotion of the life purpose. Some archetypes are Tao-less. It is a sad fate today in which over two thirds of the archetypes incarnating are Tao-less within. When Tao is unavailable, Dao is also non-present in the life blossoming. Tao-less and Dao-less lives are demon oriented and settle karma from the stream of ancestries associated. Many who are Tao-less feel lonely and isolated within.


The purpose of the lore of the Raven is to foster the Tao within into a heart flux formation that bathes oneself and others in recurrent care. The care of those with Heart of the Tao formation can be felt when alongside one of this stature of development. The love blesses as an out-flux of dream of care of each and influxes as blessings in return often fostered with nature. Many humans fail to bless in return due to a state of Tao-less-ness.


Tao blesses the Tao of each including the natural world or Earth foray of dream. Tao of Nature and Earth bless back to fill in the void of emptiness that often occurs with others in Tao-less formations of demonic self systems. Only those humans who bless in return participate in the care of the heart fostered by one in a Heart of the Tao formation of self. The Tao Heart is a formation of self in self-development into realization status of mastery. Read more

Image of a delicate white flower with green center. Mindset Development #3

Mindset Development #3


The 12-12 Gateway


Ascension into Compassion Theory of Self


12-12 Opening


The lore of the opening

Of the 12-12 sequencing

Is a gift of the heart

Of the planet

Attempting to give restitution

In an entanglement with the dark

Fostering a shift

In a direction of polarity

In which the journey of ascension

Triggers the breath of life

To flow for each and for the whole

In compassionate action


Compassionate Action Theory: Mastery of the 12-12 Gateways of Ascension    


Compassionate action is a theory of a life of mastery in many time periods. Compassionate action theory begins at the 12-12 threshold of thoughtform loop and motions upward into the 18-18 octave of development of self. Thoughts are formed in loops of forensics motion of light synthesis around the planetary systems of self. Loops of forgiveness are spirals that form in the cranium as well as in gates of the 11-11 sustained in nature. Nature sustains all gates for development of awareness in all time periods upon Earth. Earth is a natural world foray of dream.


Loops of compassion foster arc formations in the mindset. Loops of forgiveness fosters spirals in the cortex of the mind. Spirals flux into arcs as compassionate action is mastered in life. Arcs that foster compassionate action occur as the mindset develops into theta and meta bandwidths of thoughtform loops. Theta and meta is a fostering of formation lifting life from alpha, beta, love and hate loops of polarized thinking into the actions of forgiveness and the birth of compassionate action within.


Meta is active mindset that occurs during the day. Theta is dreaming actions of thoughts that occur at night while asleep. Conscious dreaming is a rare occurrence in meta theta bandwidths of development. Meta theta development cannot conscious dream due to a lack of forensic motion needed. Meta theta development can foster psychic perception to interpret the messages of spirit and the journey fostered while asleep. For many 12-12 developments in meta theta mindset without psychic perception, forgiveness and compassion occurs while asleep and then spills over into the daytime activities through time. Read more

Image of prickly pear cacti. Blessings for Health and the New Ascending Elements

22. Blessings for Health and the New Ascending Elements


From the Cactus Kingdom


It is the Cactus Kingdom that greets you today. Cactus is often a thorny plant found in very dry climates throughout the world; although Asur’Ana has also discovered large cactus, the height of a two-story building, growing and blooming beautifully on the Hawaiian Islands. For cactus was not always associated with deserts as they are today and once flourished in the lush flora and fauna of the tropical biosphere that Terra (Earth) once knew global wide.


New and Ascending Elements Available


Why has cactus survived in the deserts? Cactus hosts knowledge on the elements of air, water, fire and earth. The elements of air, water, fire and earth are the building blocks of life that molecules are structured from. It is because of our inherent knowledge of the elements that we have learned to withstand incredibly harsh climates on the surface of the Earth, and grow and thrive nonetheless. We have learned to store our own water within our large trunks, and this then suffices to allow us enough water element, although the rain may come only once per year or less in some regions.


At this time of ascension, the elements are expanding to allow for an expansion of the molecular structure into many new patterns that foster a rising frequency and a return of the crystalline biological structure to all life forms upon Earth. Ascension requires change from the elemental level up and the dream for life down; and it is as all structures that contribute to life upon Earth can ascend that ascension then becomes feasible.


Over time it became clear to the Tao, a force outside of time, space and form that is aiding Terra in her ascension, that the elemental structure was incompetent for the role of ascension ahead. The elemental realm had become frayed and tattered over time and in the many falls in consciousness upon Earth. Much like a leaky sieve, the elemental realm did not hold the molecular structure together in a very sturdy and useful manner, but instead left holes and gaps through which there was a recurrent and on-going loss of chi to the second dimension beneath.


As a result of this truth, the Tao began to recast and reformulate the elements to aid ascension from the bottom up. In so doing, there are now new and ascending elements available to reweave the field for continued evolution “home” into the Great Central Sun Dream. The new elements are available to be attuned to through our kingdom and in the Temple of Elements in the Aurora that are made available unto each who is consciously choosing to ascend at this time in history. Read more

Image of a pretty rainbow colored snail's shell. The Trail of the Snail

12. The Trail of the Snail


Blessings for Opening to Holographic Thoughtform


The Snail and Slug Kingdoms


We are most honored to be able to relay our message to ascending initiates through Asur’Ana. Snails and Slugs are indeed a part of the Crawler kingdom. We are neither insect nor mammal; but rather a combination of the two. We breathe like a mammal, which is something that bees and ants do not do, but we do slither like an insect. Our breath is a form of osmosis; through our slimy skin we absorb oxygen prevalent in water or in the air.


We Are Modifying Our DNA to Crystalline


Snails and slugs were once only underwater creatures. Over time, we learned to create a skin thick enough or hard enough to subsist upon the land near water, but not requiring to be immersed any longer. It is also for this reason that our species continues with an underwater form of vacuum traction that propels us from one place to another including upside down or straight up walls and rocks.


One will note however that the suction pads upon the bottom of the feet of most insects along with the Gecko Kingdom hold the same form of vacuum traction; it is why geckos, ants, and caterpillars can crawl up walls or hang from the ceiling. We shared our information from living under water with surface Earth kingdoms, and over time they embraced some of our features.


Where does the snail and slug kingdoms originate? We originated upon the Pleiades; however, we are adapting a cellular structure that is Crystalline at this time in our own species ascent. It is perhaps far easier to modify the DNA of a slug or snail than of a human, as we are far less complex. The building blocks for the crystalline structure were already in our forms; with some slight modifications, now we can ascend home with Earth to the Great Central Sun, and this brings our species great joy!


Difficulty of Transmuting DNA in Humans and Fully Conscious Species


Why is DNA so difficult to transmute in human form, or mammal form such as whale and dolphin? This has to do with the complexity of structures within fully conscious species, and primarily the nervous system itself. The brain and nervous system of the fully conscious crystalline form has 188 types of crystals imbedded therein. Each crystal in the crystalline form is a form of salt and not silicone. Read more

Image of a lovely white orchid with lavender center. Shakti Studies #6

Shakti Studies #6


Divine Partnership Wedding Vows


Wedding Incantations to Foster Divine Partnership Lore


The Wedding Vow


The vows are incantated

By the magistrate of the wedding

To foster a light or dark lore fable

For the partnership

Unless the pair

Choose to incantate one’s own vows

Re-ordering the marital fate

Towards the goal of Divine Partnership

To be fostered in superlative light motions

Through time

Allowing another union lore to unfold

Triggering realization of the pair

Through moments of strife

Into a rebirth of delight


Writing One’s Own Vows


Many couples, whether gay or straight, choose to allow the magistrate of the wedding to choose the vows for the union lore of fate. Most marital magistrates operate upon many levels of awareness that is not necessarily conscious. Some magistrates are very dark sorcerers who motion beautiful karmic fate for loving unions upon others who are less than sublime in their stature of self. Yet other magistrates are good witches within who strive to motion positive dreams upon most.


Magistrates for marriage must be carefully chosen if divine partnership is the life goal. A difficult magistrate hosting the marital ceremony may cause lifelong strife in a kind partnership destined for divine realization and may be difficult to overcome within. All karma can be forgiven but fostering a kind magistrate allows the incantations for union to be supported in the destiny of marriage vow exchanges between the two.


Writing one’s own vows for superlative marriage is useful in the intention to foster divine partnership through time. Vows need to be well thought out in alliance with one’s personal truth in association with the divine partner of choice. Vows that are ego or negative ego based are un-useful through time as the incantations support one and abate the other in counterbalance. Vows that are supportive of each are best. There are many types of marriage vows to be considered in the exchange of a sacred motion of wedding ceremony. Here are some suggested vows to consider in planning your sacred wedding day. Read more

Image of lovely pale pink hearts. Blessings of Love and Self Healing from the Heart of the Tao

4. Blessings of Love and Self Healing from the Heart of the Tao


The Heart of the Tao addresses each reading of our books today. The Heart of the Tao is a casted temple designed to restore love to creations that have become lost in time, space and form. The Heart of the Tao has been anchored upon Earth in recent months to aid Earth in self-healing through love. Love is the essential ingredient to self-healing. Through self healing, all that has been created that led to distortion, disease, aging, death, falls in consciousness, loss of light and loss of love can be restored. The journey of restoration is called ascension which is really about gathering up lost parts of self from the past, and in the reunion, a journey to greater wholeness within is born.


Dimensions Are Illusions


Many have thought of ascension as a pathway to another dimension. Dimensions are illusions in the thoughtform of the Tao. There is only creators and creations that expand and contract at the end of cycle journey, and return Home to the consciousness of the Tao. Expansion is not about falling down dimensions, and so you cannot confuse what has occurred here with an expansion cycle. What has occurred here is the result of failing to go “home” as the contraction cycle was invoked. That which failed to go home went extinct as there was no life force to sustain its existence.


Life force is only generated in the expansion cycle by the Tao for all creators and creations, and then as the contraction cycle is called, all is gathered back, and over time no additional life force is provided, as the creations have all gone Home. Here in this region of domain, creations failed to return home and then as there was no more life force available due to everything else departing, creations went extinct.


That which exists upon your dimension (3D) is generally the creations that go extinct in any given contraction cycle and as there is no longer life force to sustain it. The extinction of creations upon the third dimension then draws the creations upon the fifth dimension down into the third, and all others above them down another dimensional threshold, and it is the bottom level dimension of life that will go extinct in the following cycle.


About the End of Time Bell


This has occurred for 12 cycles now as gauged by the Tao in its assessment of your records as a creational body. The underlying cause is the failure for each creation in this region of domain to choose to go Home. There is a system for homecoming that is embedded into everything cast within the Tao. When the “End of Time Bell” is sounded, all creators and creations conclude their expansion cycle and begin their contraction cycle, working their way out of whatever experience that they have constructed, and whatever distortion that they have gone into, back home to the Tao. Read more

Image of a beautiful aurora borealis in Norway.

3. Assertions for Light Transfusion


Light Transfusion


The Assertion

Is a light wave notion

That fosters a motion

That transfuses you

Into the self of you

And not someone else

In deep care of the heart

In a fostering of truth

Of the Tao of your heart

And the care of

The Dao of the archetype

In a transfusion lore fable

Of the Baba stories of life

In the love of the two

And the many

In soul family configurations

Of fate


Assertions for Transfusion in Peace


There are many assertions that support transfusion. Assertions are a fostering of transfusion gates. If the transfusion gates are not present, assertions have little effect. Transfusion gates are regional along with personal at this time of birth of light wave synergy of field. Those motioning into transfusion are of self-realization caliber of fostering of the spiritual thresholds of mastery in this cycle. Assertions have little effect upon those who are not self-realizing. Assertions foster a light wave notion that affects the transfusion systems of self. Transfusion systems of self develop as each motions beyond the two hundredth parallel in octave. The two hundredth parallel is twenty-seven hundred octaves. Rising to this level requires an infusion light quotient of seventy-four percent into the biological structure of the physical.


Assertions affect the transfusion systems of life form. As you transfuse, you touch upon the life form levels above the physical. Life form resides outside of the subtle body of self striations of field. Life form modulates transfusion along with renewal of the physical and life dreams. Transfusion causes a direct connection between the second level life form at the two hundredth parallel of octave. At the four hundred parallel, transfusion causes a direct connection and interplay with the second level life form. The third level life form is reached only as the eight hundred parallel is transfused into requiring an eighty-six percent light infusion quotient to be fostered by the physical.


Assertions foster an instant transfiguration over the light wave motion of field that affect the psyche and emotions of the physical. Assertions that are needed have a positive effect on the mental and emotional states of you. Assertions re-align the light motion to foster beautiful dreams of the life and in association with others in soul family exchanges. Assertions can also affect those of non-soul family origins as the dreams realign upon the field of those light synthesizing in this cycle. Many aspirants today light transfuse into the two hundredth octave in this time period. Those light motioning underneath the two hundredth parallel are many and can foster beautiful dreams together with those syncopating in transfusion gates and utilizing assertions daily. Assertions require daily focus but only once per stanza of support required.      Read more

Image of a cute and sweet looking koala bear asleep on a tree. The Koala Bear Asleep in the Gum Tree

33. The Koala Bear Asleep in the Gum Tree


Blessings for Harmlessness


The Koala Bear Kingdom


We of the Koala Bear Kingdom have much to say to our ascending human brothers and sisters. Our kingdom is not really a bear, although we share some similar attributes perhaps in appearance to such species, particularly the Panda Bear. Scientists have called us a “marsupial” because our children, much like the kangaroo, travel as young fetuses up our belly and crawl into a pouch to wean until they are large enough to thrive upon their own. We are one of many of such species around the globe that has such forms of childbirth.


We Came from the Jyreion Creation


Why is this so? Our species along with all others that have this predisposition of birth come from other creations. Our species arrived upon a spacecraft about 46,000 Earth years ago (184,000 human years) along with some humans from the Jyreion creation. Such humans were escaping their own dying creation, and much like Noah and his “Ark”, packed up two of every species, one male and one female, and took off hoping to find a new planet to relocate to. Thousands and thousands of craft left; only 17 arrived upon Earth. Others went to other creations; some never made it ceasing to exist.


Upon arrival on Earth, each of the 17 craft had difficulty navigating through the ice shields that were prevalent surrounding your atmosphere at the time, and wound up upon different continents. Although for a time they could communicate with one another via their radios, each craft was damaged enough that they could not take flight again. This left whatever species upon whatever craft to be released in whatever region that they crashed landed; hence the wide variety of species upon different continents in present time on Earth.


Koala Bear and Wombat were two particular creatures that came upon craft that crash-landed near the region now known as Australia. There were many other species that were also set free from our craft; all have gone extinct over time, as they held not the right energy flow for Earth. Giraffe, hippopotamus and antelope are all that remain from another set of species carried upon crafts that crash landed near what is now known as the African continent. Badger, fox, beaver and wolf are all that remain upon what is now known as North America where most of the remaining crafts crashed. Such species are also found in Europe as at another time, there were no oceans and the continents were not so far apart.


The Koala species is magnetic in origins. We can trace our lineages to others related to our hologram that exited your Great Central Sun. Therefore, we are capable of ascending home with Earth at this time in her journey. This brings our species great joy along with most others that also left our dying creation behind. So, you see perhaps that craft that humanity creates is not so bad after all, as now we have our chance to return Home. Read more

Image of a beautiful yellow hibiscus flower with magenta red center. Baba Mastery Tales of Truth #2

Baba Mastery Tales of Truth #2


The Fable of the Lion’s Mane


The Unfolding of a Yogi of the Divine


The Lion’s Mane


The Lion’s Mane

Is a sublime unfolding

Of the one who knows

In an estuary of the Tao

All that has ever been

And all that will ever be

For spirit to unfold into matter

In the sublime success

Of an adroit equation

To foster knowledge

Amongst the masses


Introduction: The Nature of Baba Lore Fables


Baba lore fables are adroit equations of the sublime meeting the divine through time. Sublime notions of self must interplay with the fields of the one, two, three or many to foster Baba lore fables in life. Sublime notions are sequences of thought-stream that fosters light synthesis of self. Light synthesis of self is a fostering of spirit into matter. Spirit causes the dreams to cascade in adroit equations present in the biological habitat of fate in one who has mastered light motion of field.


Light motion of field is not small mastery level. Light motion of field requires a galaxy or star system of self to be fostered in the outer layers of field in one who is realizing themselves through time. A galaxy of self fosters a light show of unique stature of spiritual knowledge. Each galaxy of self fosters a different purpose amongst those self-realizing in life. Realization of self is the fostering of a Yogi in present time. There are both Eastern and Western derivations of Yogi’s mastering in this cycle. Yogi is a Tao name for fostering realization of self within and is not necessarily anything else.


Baba lore of the derivation of a Yogi fostering is not for the average human or even the average mastery levels of those fostering the spiritual path in this cycle. Baba lore is for those who are sincere and capable of self-realization and fosters the ancestral ley lines of possibility of the journey of a yogi through time. Baba lore of fate is a key driven sentiment of development that is fostered in stages through time. Each stage of development takes the persona and dissolves the notions of third dimensional life until the notions of spirit take flight in the life. The dissolution of third dimensional notions is not an easy drama or dream in this cycle of density upon Earth. The fostering of a Yogi is the spirit of the Lion’s Mane lore fable in a unique habitat of fate of a master teacher. Read more