Image of a woman at a spectacular winter scenery in nature. Committing To Yourself And Your Life

Committing To Yourself And Your Life


Are you ready to make a commitment to create your dream life and to allow all areas of your life to move into more beautiful patterns that are aligned with the Divine Plan of your life?


Make Time for Yourself


Committing to yourself requires that you set aside time for yourself. Most people don’t have a lot of free time these days. You have a busy enough life already between work, family commitments and the occasional moment of “me” time.


But let’s be honest. Most of us don’t spend our free moments learning and growing. Instead we spend them checking Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, wading through spam email, watching reruns and the list goes on.


Instead of using our free time to better our life or to learn to manifest our dream life, we find excuses. You might say to yourself, “I’m too tired” or “I’m too busy” or “I don’t have the free time.”


To successfully live your dream, you must make the commitment to yourself and your life. You might say something like: “I now commit to having a life that works for me. I now commit to my spiritual growth and to working with the spiritual forces of the Universe.” Or, “I commit to my higher good, and to growing spiritually as my contribution to all life.” Read more

Image of a majestic scenery in nature with the mountains in the background, and there's a lavender light cast over everything. Ascending Into A Regenerative Biological System

4. Ascending Into A Regenerative Biological System


Much has been written of the emotional process of ascension. Little on the other hand has been written about the biological alterations that accompany the emotional changes. Why? Well for one, Asur’Ana does not relate so heavily to biological changes as much as the emotional responses to her world. She has no background as a doctor or in medical studies, and therefore transcribing detailed biological information is not her forte. There is another reason however, and this involves the desire of Mother Earth to protect the ascension knowledge so that it is not misused by science at this time in history.


Science has misused ascension knowledge before, and this is how a manufactured slave race came to be. Earth hopes rather that humanity will ascend beyond the need to manipulate her or any species upon Earth, and move back to the state of full consciousness that was once the ancestral inheritance of the original red seeded race.


Therefore, the focus upon the biological alterations will always be minimal in our books. However, as one tunes into one’s own form, and the body angels that govern the process of genetic encoding, one may receive a detailed account of the current process of ascension down to the physicality of the form. As humans awaken to their own ability to tune inward to the inner planes of reality, there is no need for another to explain anything. All knowledge will flow, as one needs to know it from within.


Gradual and Generational Alterations to the Original Biochemical System


Now, we would like to explain the changes to the cells that are within the human form known as viruses, and several emerging hormonal systems and transport systems that support a regenerative crystalline structure. This will be an overview, and understand that all ascending forms will develop each system to the degree that there is room inside of the physical structure. Room? Is there not enough room in the inn, one may wonder? In reality, one’s ancient ancestors not only had a 10-foot height in structure, but an enlarged cranial cavity roughly 8 times larger than the present day human skull. To fit all glands, some of which were the size of a banana, into the space of a peanut is not possible.


At best ascension can bring forth a semblance of the original biochemical system, and grow the glands to the degree that there is space. Some glands have had to be forfeited altogether until the alterations coming forth through newborn children allow for a larger head. Into the future, delivering a child via the current process of birth may become increasingly difficult with such large heads. What then? There will be alterations to the pelvic cavity and cervix to accommodate the increased requirement to “stretch” to give birth. Read more

Image of two black crows. Two Crows Dancing In The Wind

6. Two Crows Dancing In The Wind


Blessings for True Law and the Return of Truth


The Crow Kingdom


Crow represents the keeper of true law. True law is founded upon karma, and karma determines the dance of relations in present time and in ascension. Karma holds a particular dance in place until it has been released and transcended in full. It is through transcendence that freedom from karmic relations is found. As karmic relations are transcended more and more in the human dance, unity becomes the outcome with humans dancing together in equality and joy.


It may be difficult for humans to understand that all human relations are karmic. There is not one friend that one has that one holds not a karmic bond to. There is not one family member in one’s birth family that one does not have karma with. There is not one job one has ever had that was not the result of requiring to settle a prior karmic debt. Furthermore, there is not one product that one purchases in human form, nor one institution one relies upon such as the bank, that is not founded upon a karmic debt. Crow is the keeper of the knowledge or karma, what is true karma, and what is false. We are also the keeper of the information on how to balance the scales relieving oneself of all debt over time through ascension.


Blessing One’s Food Source


Crow has an ocean counterpart, which is Salmon. At one time, Salmon was revered by North American Natives as a food source, which sustained their life and well-being, particularly as salmon moved upstream to spawn its young. Much like Buffalo for the Native American plains people, those in the Northwestern regions relied upon salmon fat to endure the lengthy winters.


Salmon like Buffalo has agreements to support human well-being and does so in love, although not much love until recent times was returned by humans harvesting Salmon global wide. This is changing at last as more humans remember to bless their food. In the act of blessing, one honors the kingdoms that sacrifice themselves for the sustenance of one’s existence, and returns the chi in a balanced dance of giving and receiving so that more young ones may come forth to continue to feed humankind. This is true law in action, which equates to balance in giving and receiving.


As salmon moves upstream to spawn, bear feasts. In the feast is a dance of communion between the souls of salmon and bear. In the communion, bear returns equal chi to the life ingested in the feast, which cause more eggs to be laid so that there are plenty of new salmon in the year ahead. The Natives consuming Salmon would remember this law and honor the kingdom, and in exchange were blessed with plenty of salmon in exchange year after year to feast upon. Read more

Image of a majestic tiger lying down and looking up at us. Chasing The Tiger’s Tail

5. Chasing The Tiger’s Tail


Blessings for Holding One’s Boundaries in Ascension


The Tiger Kingdom


The Tiger Kingdom has much to say today about our purpose and how we may serve you in your choice to ascend. The purpose of the Tiger Kingdom is to hold the boundaries of Terra (Earth). Boundaries are thoughtform that set precedence for what one will allow in their field, and what one will not allow or in other terms push out. Thoughtform that is destructive often allows entities that are abusive and harmful to use a field to target harm at others, or receive harm from others causing mutilation of both a nonphysical or physical form.


For a long time, Terra has suffered from the harm emanating from other planets and stars towards her. Such harm has been used to pierce her field, and the blows shattering her grid work, which is then stripped. As more of the grid work is stripped, records, chi, information, moving energy systems are also then pulled apart. This ultimately has led to fall after fall in vibration and consciousness for Terra over time.


In Terra’s ascension, she is learning not to allow such blows towards her field any longer, and to retrieve all that has been lost over time. In the ongoing retrieval of lost knowledge, Terra is able to reconstruct her field as it was at each phase of prior fall in consciousness. In so doing, she is playing out her many falls in reverse, and will continue to build herself until she enters the fourth and then fifth dimension in her global ascension.


Terra’s Illness and Detoxification Process


One might think of Terra as a sick or deformed human. All illness in the human dance is a reflection of the same pattern in which one has stripped another of the information necessary to hold their vibration and form in health, and in the loss of records the other becomes ill. Terra, in her own way, has been a very ill planet, equivalent to one in human form with terminal cancer. It is for this reason that those in human form whom suffer from disease will find much compassion from Terra, as this too has been her experience.


The toxic waste that is emitted by the human dance is just a reflection of Terra’s toxic thoughtform, thoughtform that says “I must sacrifice myself for the well-being of another to the brink of death and extinction”. Any human that has a disease holds a parallel thoughtform. Through ascension, thoughtform can be modified a little at a time until it ceases to be what it once was. As the thoughtform of self-destruction is modified, the damage allowed to one’s field through such beliefs can begin to be reversed. Terra is recovering from cancer at this time. One would equate her current state in ascension with the concept of a “remission”. Read more

Image of a lovely paper with soft, decorated flowers. Light Wave Archive #6

Light Wave Archive #6


The Path of Self Realization


Self-realization is a method of recognizing self as an accompanying attribute of the synergy of soul. Synergy between body, mind and soul is an all-encompassing focus that shall cause a straight and narrow path of self-mastery amongst those desiring to fulfill upon this goal. The goal shall offset numerous influences of light wave mind bend that have affected each over time.


Those reading our book and studying with us are fostering to allow self-realization and mindset of wave synergy to develop. The group is evolving into another formation that shall allow for light wave mindset of thulsa, thessa and thossa derivative of waves. The development of light wave mind presupposes a development of synergy within the heart and mind accolade of self. Heart accolades of self are measurements of love of the beloved within. Measurements of heart accolade are designed to understand and syncopate the soul and self into a synapse formation of heart mind synergy.


Love and Heart Mind Synergy


Heart mind synergy is really an offshoot of self-realization. Self is a supposition of a paradigm of a renewal of synergy of body, mind and spirit. Body, mind and spirit accolades are really a notion that requires rendition in human circumstance of dream for direction of spirit and renewal of self.


Dreams have rendered heart mind interfaces to a point that there is little understanding of the supposition of love of soul. The supposition of love of soul is really a requirement to focus inward and love self. Love of self is not equated to blessings inward or outward. Blessings foster love that enhances the heart mind interface to allow soul to direct the life.


Love of self is fostered through three paradigms. One is to foster the innate knowing of kinesthetic forensics to restore cellular rendition of love. Cellular love is a phenomenon of archetypal influences of DNA that resound in elemental postulations of synergy. Synergy of the elements is a fundamental structure of cellular love. The love of the Tao aids in the rendition of the elements to foster cellular love. Read more

Image of the 12 Chakra System. Changes In Ascension And Transcending Group Arrogance

3. Changes In Ascension And Transcending Group Arrogance


We write to you today about new solar and universal rulings on human ascension and the changes that this incurs for all map makers global wide. Such changes are now making possible an ascent to more genetic material than previously considered possible by the counsels in governance over human ascension. This change shifts the emotional focus underlying the process of ascension for those embarking upon this next phase of work.


Primarily the emotional issues behind ascension have been the main focus for many initiates. Why? Emotions must be processed in order for the biological changes to come down into physicality. If one does not release the painful and traumatic events in a particular part of the form, the new glands or organs will not grow in a particular part of the form, nor will the cells become crystalline. Therefore, it is the responsibility of all ascending humans to focus upon their process and assure that all emotions and patterning is released first in the etheric. Then as the etheric blueprint is modified, the genetic changes will step down into the form.


Problems with Schisms


Sometimes initiates wish to skip over portions of their ascent, particularly if there is a deep trauma recorded in a particular part of the form and within one’s ancestral memories. If one continues to schism over such portions of ascension, disease will form instead. One initiate was going blind due to cataracts. This initiate was given an opportunity to focus through the materials upon the underlying cause of why they had schismed repeatedly over the changes necessary in the brain and eye region. They failed over time and in their studies to focus upon such patterning.


Why? They had such deep arrogance around perceiving themselves as seeing and knowing it all that they were not open to the learning offered, and in so doing, did not avail themselves of the opportunity to ascend out of the impending blindness in their studies. (Please see Ascension Insights, Volume 3 Chapter 12 “Soul Schisms and Recasting in Ascension” for more information.)


Arrogance is a deep issue for all humans. All humans are arrogant to a great degree, and generally around a particular thoughtform. Most humans have two main arrogances. These are addressed primarily in the ascent to 3,000 and have to do with personal relations. (Please refer to Ascension Insights, Volume 3 Chapter 5 “The Seven Pitfalls Upon the Spiritual Path” for more information.) Read more

Image of a dark brown bear sitting on the shallow river water. The Bear News

4. The Bear News


Blessings of Synthesis, Harmony and Healing


The Bear Kingdom


The Bear Kingdom has much to say to ascending human initiates. Bear oversees the healing offered by all species upon Earth. Each species holds tones or vibrations known as the Language of Light, whether they be plant, animal or mineral in nature. Each species administers tones to those who so choose to connect. Connection with each species can come through the physical contact or seeing such species in nature, or through communing via intent of will. In the contact, each species has the capacity to administer tones that will support one’s ascension and aid one in coming to balance. (Please see Chapter 3 of Volume 1, Volume 2, and Volume 3 of the Ascension Insights series for more information on the Language of Light.)


Each Land Species Has an Oceanic Counterpart


Each species is global in nature, with global representatives in form on all continents or within the oceans. Most land species have relatives in the oceans that allow for a global physical presence. One may be surprised to understand that Eagle is related to porpoise, which should not be confused with Dolphins and Whales. Porpoise is a smaller version of Dolphin that is not fully conscious at this time, but striving to become so in the attainment of initiations by 2070. Eagle and Porpoise work together synonymously for the same purpose, and will give on the same advice and tones if connected to. As this is so for Eagle, it is also so for each land mammal we will be writing about in this section.


Indeed, Horse is related to the Manta Ray kingdom that often appears as large birds or bats flying under the water. Owl is related to the Eel kingdom.


Why does each species upon the land have a related counterpart in the ocean? As the oceans were formed, the animals that were the guardians of the land were unable to manage whatever land lay under the ocean. Over time, and with the seeding of your oceans by the Annanuki, each species chose a related form to manage the energy of the land that the oceans lie upon. The energy between such kingdoms is a united force such that each species can have global presence.


Each species choosing full consciousness upon the land will also choose full consciousness in the water. This is not so for all, but for some. Of those we have written of thus far, Eagle, Horse and Bear along with their related counterparts in the ocean shall all become fully conscious in time. Although there will be two different forms, the purpose for each form will remain the same, and will allow individuated souls and light bodies to be formed therein. Each light body will support Earth into the phases of ascension beyond 2070. Read more

Image of a pensive and wise looking owl. The Hoot Of The Owl

3. The Hoot Of The Owl


Blessings to Open unto the Unconscious


The Owl Kingdom


The Owl Kingdom has been invited to speak our truth to those in human form willing to listen. Owl has long been associated with seeing into the dark, or in other terms “night vision”. Indeed, our species sees very well in the dark, and hunts primarily at night to sustain our physical form. Such gifts are also so in the nonphysical realms as well.


For Earth, Owl is gifted at seeing into the unconscious. The unconscious holds parts of Earth’s field that have split off and become separate. At this time of global ascension, Earth is integrating the unconscious on a continual basis. Within Earth’s unconscious is lost knowledge, agreements made without Earth’s consent, or manipulations to Earth’s field and form that have continued since ancient times, but now as the karma is released, can be untangled or undone. Earth is more focused perhaps upon her unconscious than she is on her conscious daily self at this critical time of global ascension.


Owl is often the kingdom that Earth calls upon to sort through her unconscious. Owl is gifted at seeing the details related to karma, unconscious thought patterns, where missing knowledge strayed to, the agreements that were made in unconscious bargains, and the manipulations to Earth’s global field and form. Often, we are called upon when Earth is seeking to release a specific karmic circumstance and she herself is having difficulty finding all of the original cause. In such moments, we put our focus and intent towards uncovering the past along with reading the unconscious and assist Earth to the best of our abilities.


Integrating the Unconscious


For human form, those who are ascending must become familiar with the unconscious. It is human nature to reject the unconscious, project it upon another, or try to sweep it under the carpet so to speak. Although this may have worked up until this time in history, such avoidance of the unconscious shall no longer work in the human dance. Why? Earth is integrating her unconscious and this brings the unconscious to consciousness for all species therein. Most species are integrating their own related unconscious at a pace that serves Earth’s overall vibration. The only species not striving en masse to also integrate the unconscious is the human species.


Humanity has fallen so low in consciousness that they no longer retain awareness of the nonphysical realms. Those ascending in human form will therefore have to open unto their unconscious and begin to relate to the nonphysical realities that surround oneself. Only in seeing the unconscious may one then release the ancestral karma that has come to roost so that it does not manifest in the physical. Read more

Image of a person standing on a yellow crescent moon, reaching his or her arms toward the star. Dare To Dream

Dare To Dream


Let yourself dream and expand your thinking about how you can transform your life. What vision of yourself do you dare to imagine? What dreams lie within you that you might discover and follow?


What would your ideal life look like? What activities would you do? How would you spend your time? Who would you spend it with?


Dream Career


If your dream goal is to work at a job that you love, then ask yourself this question:


What do I dream of doing and how can I be paid to do it?


Another way to ask yourself this is, if money, time, health or anything else impeding you, were not a factor, what would I love to do with my life?


Now you could also add an altruistic angle, if you want:


How will this make the world a better place? What can I do to be of service (for others and ultimately for all humanity)? Read more

Image of a sailing boat on an ocean starry sky. Constructing A Template For The Ascent Out Of Disease

2. Constructing A Template For The Ascent Out Of Disease


We have been exploring in our recent materials the cause and thoughtform behind disease, deformity, and aging. We recommend that all ascending initiates focus upon this work in the calendar year of 2020, as this is the primary focus of Earth and all ascending sentient beings within your creation.


Why is disease such a problem? The Lords and Ladies in governance designated your creation for destruction. Destruction and disease are synonymous. Disease is a form of self-destruction in which certain cells known as viruses and bacteria tear apart healthy living tissue. Why would any creation be designated for destruction? This is a complex issue and one that we would like to delve into, as the karma and patterning behind it is directly related to the experience of disease within the human dance.


The Tao is the center of all creations inside and outside of time and space. One could say that the Tao is what and where all souls emanate or expand from and contract back unto when the evolutionary dance and experience is complete. Long ago, three contractions ago in our current estimation, parts of the Tao were left behind in an incomplete contraction or ascension. A part of the Tao left behind is known as the Heniti Soul Group. Through the recasting of the Heniti Soul Group along with many “like” groups that had been left behind, a better picture of what has occurred after the Tao retracted in full has begun to be constructed.


The Thoughtform of Consumption


Those creations and souls such as the Heniti Soul Group left behind fell into a particular thoughtform that is now destroying the whole of the Tao. This thoughtform had never occurred before, for never before had a part of the Tao been “left behind”, or in other terms, failed to return Home during the period of contraction.


Why would any portion of the Tao fail to return? This is perceived now to have occurred as a portion of the Tao fell into such great distortion that it “separated off” from the whole without any communication remaining between the two. In the lack of communication, there was no understanding that it was time to “contract” or go home, or in other terms ascend, and therefore such portions of the Tao failed to return. Furthermore, because such parts of the Tao had completely separated off, the Tao had no understanding or awareness that a portion of self had been left behind. Read more