ASEA For Mindset Development

A Substance Helpful for Self Realization


ASEA is an amazing substance that is a biochemical duplicate of Redox Molecules that are naturally formed in the biology of all humans. Redox is a Signaling Molecule. Signaling Molecules foster communication that is biochemical and biological through time. Transfusion and Light Motion of Field causes light wave DNA to begin to grow. In order for this to be fostered evenly throughout all tissues, more Redox Signaling Molecules are required.


Redox Molecules aid the body in fostering its health, renewal, revival, stamina and hope for a longer time in life to realize something more than one thought possible about oneself. Redox Molecules is a salt and water bond that is naturally produced in all children. Levels of Redox Molecules dwindle through time leading to aging and disease along with death.


Redox Molecules renew the physiology by reviving each cell. Redox Molecules are a necessary substance to foster in the physical of each spiritual adept in the making who is destined to self realize. It requires fasting heavily in order to create the needed Redox Molecules to grow light wave DNA. Consuming ASEA is another means of causing a complete growth into light wave synergy genetics and developing the mind into divine aptitudes of self augmentation.


The Light Wave Series books are very helpful in understanding Transfusion, Light Wave DNA, Mindset Development and Self Realization.


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