Image of Planet Earth in sky to represent Earth's ascension into a star.

The Ascension Of The Planet Is Gradual


The transition of our beautiful planet into a Star is a gradual process and will take many years to come into fruition, because if everything were to happen all at once, we would simply combust.


The Golden Age of Light does not happen in the blink of an eye nor in the flip of a light switch. It builds in layers and continues to evolve at a marked pace. You will know you have shifted into a higher reality as you step further through the veil in the months and years to come.


We ask that you stay the course and live in truth, for Truth and Love are the most powerful sources to humankind. Love builds and strengthens the crystalline planetary grid. Truth ignites the embers burning deep inside your original memory of Self.


You will make the leap beyond the veil of The Seventh Golden Age as you strengthen and repair the Bridge of Light.


We honor and bless you on your most sacred journey always!




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