Image of the powerful multidimensional Shield of Aquafereion, one Shield of Aquari.



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Aquareion Matrix


The Aquareion Matrix is one of the 3 Eckasha Matrices of the Krystal River Host. The other two are the WEsaLA Matrix and the M31-Andromeda/Aquinos Matrix. These 3 Eckasha Matrices are also known as the Krystal River Tri-Matrix Host Cooperative. They answered our call for assistance during the Ascension Cycle. They are the Guardians that are hosting this Universal Ascension and hosting our planet for ascension. They defend personal sovereignty through The Law of One for all life.


The Aquareion Matrix is on the Parallel Adjacent Eckasha to our Eckasha system. Beings that are from or reside on the Aquareion Matrix are collectively known as the Aquari.


Co-Creation and Seeding the Codes of Aquari


Approximately 450 BYA (Billion Years Ago), the Krystal River Tri-Matrix Host Cooperative engaged the Krystal River Host. One aspect of this Host was a very long-term Krystic Hybridization Program and evolutionary option that was called the Aqualene Transmission, which specifically involved Co-creation and Seeding of the Outer-Domain Guardian Aquari race line within the territories involved with the Krystal River Tri-Matrix Host.


Over many eons, the Aquari prototype hybridized with many other Kryst races, spreading the “Codes of Aquari/Krystal River Gate Codes” among a percentage of the life field of the Tri-Matrix territories. The Aquari bio-genetic form served as the prototype for the original Angelic Human lineage of our Milky Way system 560 MYA (Million Years Ago), through which the Angelic Human/Aquari “Aquafereion” hybrid Krystal River Host Guardian race emerged on Earth and in neighboring territories.


A further, more recent genetic restoration upgrade was gifted to the faltering Angelic Human lineage of Earth in the Aquari-Aquafereion Earth Hybridization Program of 13,400 B.C. – 10,500 B.C., from which the contemporary “Aquari-lndigo” Earth race lines emerged. 


The collective of beings carrying the genetic profile of the Aquari/Angelic-Human-hybrid Aquafereion race serves as the “Aquafereion Shield” within the Tri-Matrix territories, through which the Krystal River Host Frequency Spectra is stepped down from the collective “Aquareion Shield” into the hybrid “Aquafereion Shield”, enabling greater outreach of the Kryst Host into the Angelic Human and human-hybrid race lines.


These 2 collective “Shields of Aquari” (the Aquareion Shield and the Aquafereion Shield) are the “Standard Bearers of the Krystal River Ascension Host,” and the Kryst Ascension-Gate Guardians/Stewards, within the Outer-Domains of the Tri-Matrix territories.


The Shield of Aquafereion


The Shield of Aquafereion is a powerful, massive energetic disc composed of many individual people from all over Earth, in both past, present and future time, who carry specific Aquafereion-NaVA-Ho Spanner-Gate DNA-coding.


When the Shield of Aquafereion is activated, the multidimensional bio-energetic field of the collective generates a Trans-Time, Trans-Harmonic Planetary-Scalar-Standing-Wave Shield-Disc energy platform that runs through the Aurora Continuum and planes of Earth, which serves as a surrogate Planetary-Templar Host Shield, serving as stand-in to fill in the missing frequencies in areas of damage/dysfunction within the organic Planetary Templar Shield and Star Gates.


Through progressive activation of the Planetary Shield of Aquafereion, the Aqualene Transmission Currents of the Tri-Matrix Krystal River Host can directly anchor and activate within Earth’s Templar, progressively bringing Earth’s Templar on line with the Aurora Platforms, Host-Gate-Interface-Systems, organic Spanner Core Ascension Gates and Gyrodome Ascension Field of the Krystal River Host.


Once activated, Earth’s Planetary Shield of Aquafereion progressively comes “on-line” with the many other Solar, Galactic and Universal “Aquafereion Shield” and “Aquareion Master Shield” collectives which exist in many locations within the Milky Way Galaxy, M31-Andromeda/Aquinos Matrix, the WEsaLA Matrix and the Aquareion Host Matrix, progressively opening on Earth the lines of communication, contact and Glide/Slide Ascension Potential of the Krystal River Ascension Host.


Through the hybrid Aquafereion Shield, the Krystal River Host Frequency Spectra is stepped down from the larger collective “Aquareion Shield” into the hybrid “Aquafereion Shield”, and then stepped outward into the morphogenetic fields of the many other race lines that have hybridized with the original Earth Angelic Human race.


This “Step-Down/Step-Out” of Krystal River Host Frequency Spectra, enabled by the hybrid Aquafereion Shield, allows greater outreach of the Kryst Host into the Angelic Human and human-hybrid races lines, and to the animal/plant/elemental kingdoms of Earth, Tara/Alcyone and Gaia/Polaris, to which the Angelic-Human DNA is coded, thus extending to this life field renewed potentials of Ascension that many had lost in the Gaia/Tara/Earth de-evolution progression toward fall.


Closing of the Milky Way Ascension Gates


The 2 collective “Shields of Aquari” (the Aquareion Shield and the Aquafereion Shield) serve under the guidance of the Krystar-Ascended Adashi-Adept Krysted  Eternal Life Elder Masters from the Adashi-Return Krysted Ascension Cycles. They are presently orchestrating the Krystal River Host 212-year Load-Out-EVACUATION Last Ascension Cycle within the currently Black hole Falling Milky Way Galaxy, and will remain in assistance in these territories until the final close of the Milky Way Ascension Gates in 2230 A.D.




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